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DECEMBER 23 1893
Deriba Sacral Coaferea th
twin tbe C"a.rar Agalaat Dr.
Croala and Urlug la Alaxaader
eaillVJB'e Nam Far tfca Fir
Tin The Ueleuse A mot
Cmc.oo, Dea 23. Mr Andrew
Foy, pale and nervous and guarded
toy a police oflleer, appeared iu court
this morning" ready to tetti fy in tbe
Couplilin cite. Her husband, she
at I, did uot appear at her home last
Bight, and guarded b a detail of
rolicemeo she had been undisturbed,
or fear that the woula be intercept
ed on her way to tbe scene of the
trial sua appeared in the court room
long before tbe hour for the conven
ing of court and patiently waited to
be called to tbe witntas stand. Tbe
warning letter received by her is as
Don t be a traitor Look out for yourself
sad little family, aod remember th fate of
Judas, who went out sod bunt ttlmelf, and
Who body burst opes and let bis bowels be
scattered os the ground
Mrs. Foy is the wife of Andrew
Foy, who, it is said, was the first man
to openly denounce Dr. Cronln a
py after Cronin disappeared. It
was at bis bouse, it isclauued.that tbe
alleged conspiracy against tbe doctor
was haUiho I, and it is tbe story of tbe
meetings of the conspirators implicat
ing Coughlln as the leader that tbe
prosecution has been so anxious for
Mrs. Foy to give if possible.
The court room was crowded and
fficers bad dilllsulty in keeping ba k
thj crowds which surged through the
. j. i i .t ,.u i i
After a long consideration of the ob-
jeclions for the defense, cbieny t .at a
wife cou a not testify wtiere ner testi
mony would i i plicate her husband as
one of the conspirators, Judge Tut
hill said quietly, "I have decided the
matter. Call Mrs Foy. Tbe objec
tion for the defense is overruled. You
understand that this testimony is
greatly restricted. Mra Foy can tes
tify only to what she saw aud to what
she said to any of the conspirators."
When Mrs Foy was called tbe spec
tator leaned forward in their seat
and the attorneys crowded toward the
witness stand eager to hear every
wor.l, Du in? tbe examination tbe
defense interposed objections to al
most every question put by the state
and ber story proceeded slowly. She
stated tli at she knewCougbtni, Martin
Burke and Patrick Cooney, all of
them having been at ber borne.
Coughlin first .pi eared there in M arch
or April, 1880, several times, lie bad
visited her husband and the two talked
in whispera On one visit she sur
prised her bus baud and the prisoner,
while reading a Coughlin was
reading aloud. As sbe entered t orn
another room she caught the words:
"Remove bim at all hazards but use
your discretion." Cough. in had staid
two hours that night and then went
away without speaking to her.
Mrs Foy then told of two visits of
Cooney at which be and her husband
had held conversations iu low tones,
always with the door closed.
Asked if Martin Burke had visited
ber husband, Mrs. Foy replied in the
affirmative, telling of a visit before
J&t HL.1
rith her husband in tbe front room
and in tbe hall. The next appearance
of Martin Burke at her bouse was on
tbe night of May 6, 1889 As the wit
ness made this statement Judge Wing
objected and the court said: "I have
decided to admit that evidence, but I
instruct the jury to regard all acts of
Marl n Burke after May 4 as tending
to show conspiracy and not bearing
upon the guilt of Daniel Coughlin."
On the night of May 1, sometime
after Croniu's disappearance, Cough
lin culled at the Foy house and asked
for her huslxind. She told Coughlin
she wis afraid her husband had been
arrested and he replied: "Oh, there
Is no proof ugalust Andy. He is all
"1 said," continued Mrs. Foy,
'"Coughlin, this is au awful thing you
nave uone. l)r, crooin will do you
more nariu ueau limn alive lie
laughed ami said I need not worry.
There is no dangvr,' said he, 'but you
wilt be taken care of anyway. Don't
worry ' 1 asked hitu who was to take i
careoftue and my little children..
'Oil,' lie saKI, Mon't mind about that.
Alexander Sullivan I a good friend of
your huhbind's and of mine and he
will take care f you.
Tho deep silence in court at till
point for a moment was brok n by
tbe prosecuting attorney resuming
the rxatulnat on and then a luua ot
comment among the spectator, a
number of w horn exclu-dly declared
the wouiivu a "trained' witm-a.
... (. I. 1 1 n ........ ........ I.,
time," continued Mrs. Fy, "an 4 told
my husband what luck he ha
ad iu f.H,l
lug Captain fieh.tack and Captain
Ik'tiuetler about lr t'ronln't body and
where they b l put U "
1h wiiuess stid th it oeyeral time
CougUliit kai aured her thil there
wa no dangvr ol her huaband being
rrestod and told her that If she
oul I keep unlet aha would be wall
faro oi This ended hor tliisvt
' S hen did you last Mrs. T. .'.
ConklmV was tbe nrl queatUtn Jud-e
Wing tl the otiuitMH for the defeuse
launehetl al tbe witness. A marked
gins came inrer her To all of the
t roaeeatmg attorney quetluts she
bad snaaand p eastntty and faliy.
Now her erst words, lt uiht,"
taiuo out with au etratirdiiar
alirmitn a, tier ft bsrdal tls
biy sud sba w al on iih ast etfort.
1 b atury for the !! qaaa
Uae4 ber uerlUaly mm all bay
rslalioas with Mr toakha, the ifa
I tbe man wltb whom lie. t'roaia b4
boarded. Tbe aaaibar of ttatea tbe
woetea bsl ssot, aad bow revoutty .
It was develop! that tbe twu wossea
were ta the hUt at vUitiaf togstber
Nflaiarlr aad bad beea tostetber Just
before she bad come to eonrt ike
WtMrn prcsaed closely to give tbe
can of this intimacy Mrs Foy de
clared: "She waa tbe only friend I
For a half boar more tbe attorney
continued tbe severe erase examina
tion and was at last reprimanded by
tbe court, Judge Tuthill declaring that
Mrs. Foy was beina treated different
ly from other witnesses, and was not
receiving common courtesy. Tbe
court added: "I wish this perfroroenoe
"I object to tbe remark of the court,"
botly replied Judge Wing for tbe de
fence. "There is nothing dlscoute
ous in my manner and I am examin
ing the witness fairly."
The Vlee President end Other Kaeelve
Latter front a Polish Auareblst,
WaBuinotox, Dec. 23 A crank who
signed himself "Joseph Donj ira" of
73 l'assaic street, Newark, N. J., is
wanted by the secret service of the
government for writing threatening
letters to a oumbi-r of prominent offi
cials of the government, especially
Vice President Stevenson.
During the long silver fight the
vice president's mail contained many
threatening letters, but the cranks
were mostly of the s anmodic order
Donjam, however, was persistent and
nearly every day wrote letters threat
ening vengeance. These were generally
thrown away until at dinner one
evening Secretary Carlisle informed
Mr. Stevenson that he received several
threatening letters from Donjam and
that Senator Sherman and Mills also
had been objects of attention on the
part of the crank.
The matter was thereupon turned
over to Chief Drummond of the secret
service, who ascertained that Donjam
actually lived at the address given
and was a Polish anarchist It was
said he bad gone to Washington.
An unavailing search was made for
the man and then the matter was al
lowed to rest until yesterday when
upon receipt of another threatening
letter to Vice President Stevenson, de
manding 135 and saying that he was
stopping at 105 Kutaw street, Balti
more, a telegram, was sent to the
chief of police iu Baltimore, asking
ui in uf arret vno man. no answer
ha u.ea reoeived yet
Dim to
4 1 .. T -
Ilaby Hurh, Buy Either and Other Llt
tla On to Gather Arouud Hltf 'term.
Washington, Dec. 23. Mrs Cleve
land is busy with Christmas shopping
to H i the stocking of her little
daughters, Owing to the curiosity
manifested by the public, however,
she is obliged to make the rounds of
the stores when they are deserted; she
visits tliem just before closing time,
when shoppers are few. There will
be a handsome Christinas tree at the
White house this year, as has always
been the custom when there were
children to enjoy K
Christinas toys are beginning to
arrive at tbe White house, seemingly
by tbe wagon Load. There are all
sorts and conditions of dolls baby
dolls, debutante dolls, short haired,
Strong minded dolls, walking, danc
ing and talking dolls. The duplicates
are being set aside by Mrs. Cleveland
for the free hospitals for children.
Christmas night the cabinest children
will be invited by Mrs. Clevelany t
rally around the White bouse tree.
Indictment Agalast Leadlog Politician
for Fraod ta tb Election.
New Yobk, Dec. 22. It wasofflciaH;,
announced in the district attorney'
office to-day that the extraordinary
o-ranrt lurv had tn-anv handM Into
a hlg batch of inulctment, for
fraud. In sever.l election districts
during tbe last election. It is salt
that thirty indictments have been
found in election cases and many of
them were against prominent local
politicians. A number of bench war
rants have boon issued and many im
portant arrests may bo looked for
during the next few days.
Northern I'ao fle
St. Paul, Minn.,
heads of the various
Stan I'roteet.
Dea 23. The
organizations of
Northern Pacific
the employes of the
rai.road met the otliciais ot that road
to-dav, tne lasting until
nearly 2 o'clock this afternoon. Bach
of the organization's leaders argued
against the " proponed reduction in
wages from the standpoint of those
here represented imd at the close the
officials promised to give mi answer
to-morrow morning at II o'clock.
Keuouiicet Ilia Annuity.
London, Dec. ?3. Iii the house of
Commons ,i esterday Mr. Gladstone an
nounced that the duke of Saxe
Cob ig Ootha (the duke of Kdlrt
burgh) hud renounced his KtiglUh an
nuity of 75,isi0 conferred upon hliu
by the act of I so . but thit he re
tained his annuity of M),oou confei red
oron uitu ou his marriage l- 173.
The announcement was greeted with
loud ones of "Out"
Artur In llrd l.lnaa.
Ciiicaoo, Deo. 83 Iu the Ht t ine
In the history of the actor'a fun I in
1 Chlcaifo aid is beliitf lurnl-lti'.l lue tse
.other th.tualeknes'. ami diU. Viier
are more idle member t-f the thea ri
Gal profesKiun to tUv in Chicago than
ever before Wnou. They are f r iu
all ctsMtes and rank
Ibraa at a KlalSI4 farty Kl !.
lloi us, N. II, J3, iho Mohi
Flyoipreas, leaving Nashua lat Might
for Avr Juuctlott co tidod bore with
a sleigh containing four parsons out
for a ride, demolishing the vehicle and
bitting three and mjurlug tbe other
1 svoatad hy aa aTaVlaw
4I.M4 Al., Iioo. 8 -The UsW of
a 3 year old child ot Henry Month
oloied, was found )Wnl tn a
ro. b olio by a psrly of Mar h-r a bo
bad Wa Uklg fur it for a week
It bad beea devoured bf an eagle and
all that Ut ol it w It Uiues.
Oaly t S t laa a I aft.
lwe, Ky.iVe. It -Hy hm death
af 'roIvy M i pMa bore thi'ntointatf
there are new oaly twe.,d!aa
tbe war vf llil living, it, wet ag4
M ysara
The Beport Fraparad ia Haxt Pari by Ka
aaakar Baad Say tha WUitt Bill
Baa AU tha Faelta of tha MeKlar
lay Aet aad Hoaa of It Tlr
taa Importaat t'aatura
of th Minority Report.
WaSihnotok, Dec. 33 The report
of the minority members of the ways
and means committee on the tariff bill
has been made public.
The first part of the re, ort discuss
ing the bill geuerally was prepared by
ex Speaker Heed. The other members
of the minority, Messrs Burrows,
Payne, Datzell, Hopkins and Gear,
prepared the portion of the report
dealing with special featurea The re
port saya:
Tbe moat urprlln thins about this bill,
wblcb w will treat of In detail lomewbat Inter,
la tbe fact tbat tbli proposition to ralae tbe
revenue will lower tbe revenue of tbl cwuntry
71,0uu.0OU below tbe revenue of 18- wblcb
wiu only iiM,M) above our expense Tula
and tbe other fact that by tbi bill tbe Urx
part of the burden of taxation 1 transferred
lroui loreUnera and brought to our own clti
K'D should ulway be kept la mind during th
had the commit toe In msklnir what tbe
chairman on tbe flour of tbe boiue called a
political bill followod tb plain, un ompromls
lu declaration of the party ablub they repre
sent, and abolUbed protection. kIvIiik u tar
Iff for revenue only, our tualc In commenting
upon the retull of tbe cotuuilttee efforts
would buve boon mors aimpla Tho bill would
then have boon s atrai :btfrwrd, manly st
t nipt to carry out p edna. aud would bsre
laced In iaaue two reat principle, and bar
ed to a olear and l oniprenensllile dlaouialoa.
ho far, however baa tue commute departed
from tbe demaml of tbe nation, convention.,
w aboubl bate been much templed to borrow
pbruae from their own platform and dosU
Date the bill a a 'cowardly makeabilt,1' were
It not that tbe reult have been ulready too
serious for mer epithet
Tha WlKoo Tariff Hill CritloUad.
Such a pbruae even tbu sanctioned, would
be out of place In s dlsousalon wblcb Involves
so much Importance to all cl-.e of citizens
it tlll. however, remains a fact tbat tbe bill
prevented can In no way be ju lQed by peoDl
claiming t have obtained poaaeaaloa of all
bronchea of tbe ttoveruinent upoo a dUtfnot
proutlae. whlcn tby now a dlatluctly repudi
ate If It mould b said these p.edi, hoI
emnly made on a yea and nay vote, after full
dlacuMslon were not Intended for action, then
the brnaklni of tb pledxe boa tbe additional
dtaudvantuK of premeditation If aubaequeut
vent and tbey nave been numerous enough
and weiKbty euouiib to atartie the country,
have convinced tbe committee tbat tbe Demo
cratic platform is aa utterly wron aad Inde
fensible a blatory will know it to be, t en It
ia a ureal misfortune to thl country that tbe
committee old not have the courage to openly
abandon the fal e doctr no and leave tb conn,
try undisturbed o it uiiiht convaleace from
tbe abock of lta great uiixlak
But the committee, inn lead of pr iceedliu In
it trreat work of aboliabloK I rotuUloo and
preserving tb people from the load of taxa
tion which they bav al way averred waa tbe
result of protection, ba presented a bill
whlcn It only another tarts tinkering bill, tbe
Ilk of which bai disturbed tbe conditions of
business so many time the last thirty years
It la a great misfortune that such 1 tbe
ae, for bad tb bill been for revenue only, In
tb only enfl possible for that team, the peo
ple of thla country mlht have seen at on
fiance whether they desired the one polU v or
be other, and the que-alon ml. ht have beea
settled once for all and tbe oountry might
have attained to that repose atabUitv and
certainty which our buslne prosperity so
much needs
1 ba other snd fresher plan baa all tbe f suits
wblcb tb tranters of tbl bill charged upon
the old. snd very few of It virtue It Is 0eu
to all the derisive and harsh epithets with
which the prenont Hysteui used to be over
whelmed. It taxes the people with a tariff
tax It creates, or rather proposes to main
tain what tbey used to call privileged oiassos,
snd is defined by It authors by argument
and expressions strangely like those which
they used so frly to denounce. A manufac
turer is told the duty will protect him und bis
claims are listened to on that basis and ar
argued for hlta oa that baa la Just aa In th
brav day of old
Ad Valorem Duties.
An ad valorem duty, as the sum implies, is
one which varlea sooordln: to prloes. If priecs
could be exactly determined It would be fair.
But, unfortunately, price are very muoh mat
ter of opinion, oa which honest men may
differ much and rogues muoh more
Inasmuch as the duty depend on the price,
S cheat oa tbe price Is a oheat ou the duty, it
a piece of goods la worth td a yard and the
duty is twenty-live per cent, the correct duty
Is i 6o a yard, tbe duty collected becomes
proportionately lower, and not only I the
government cbeatod out of it proper duty
but the manufacturer ia cheated out of the
protection bis government ba promised.
This, therefor, is no theory. It is within th
experience of every merchant that vood
wblehuaunot be p iruhased at all in Europe
can be purchased, duty paid, in New York, ut
lower prices tlmu like goods can be purchased
by the honest mor. hunt who values them at
their true market value and pavs the duty
duui.tnded by the government, und yet the
ad valorem duties Ihu- oujectlouahl bav
Uicreoaed In number everywhere, being sub
stituted in nearly all the schedule for speoltlo
Iu discussing the woolen schedule the com
mittee says:
This schedule ss proposed in tbe committal
bill, Is, In M)U respeot. the most reprehensi
ble It proposes to destroy at a blow th
rreal Industry of wool growinr, wbleh now
r.tuks aa seventh in the value of It products
anion.- tbe several branches of a riculture,
snd which has heretofore been reio nixed aa
SB agricultural product deserving aud r.uir
In promotion umlrr vnrv administration and
by every tariff act sine that ol M tv ti Is.'l
.Not hi short of the una! destruction ot
this Important Industry can la counted i.pon
aa lb cunsvitueuia of pi iein twin ool and
mulloa on lb free list The bill deal with
tbe wool nionutaclur la term s. aroely leu
rudlcal than Ihoae ao. ord.i l the wool growing
Industry, upon bUh It so largely depeud
Further on the minority ssy that
while a a party w might rejoice at
ita paxsage, as eitlxens of tbe United
State we think the exigencies of the
resul lime are superior lo even the
utoai delid (olitical advantages, and
advise that the bhldunot pan
After explaining at great length
tbe general oppuotttoii to the bill, the
report thin Iskea np tha echhtte
seriatim, aitute the changes ma le,
and t itiuieuW hhim the ef
fects 1. 1 tbeae rliangr Uon tbe Indus
trial future of the vountrr. Uegard
Ing (he coal aud ateel I usineaa the
minority aay;
Oaa f lb aval awaslsg prpi.aitlai Ik
Ml) la lkl titwali.a wl sii Sa bat awa
laa tra n I. autl ttw a.uie.ns vf tla,Ur pat
anaia last aa r. alt tt-t It tMuriattutt tt
way uf . tfcra Oual
S I'ltia . mis a i at II frvat laU
III ..n a, .!.-. t aoifcn ta !a ..l aM..IJ
t aatak aisuiMta f ftt.iklag a . avl h
tha fu, I w m at.aavt ll la Sal a row
atr. i t aul mvt a4 tola f fiMthal
.) I ul aim i t.-t 4 M al tat
(all II fa VI .1 ta lit toll If tat fi
It itia s a a t t tw i o tiU i "H
Ki a ak , tl aa at1 da
t'adaf tit rataaua tail ul las Sac a dalf
I aw r aval ,aaav N tfca,S ba)
wn sxvl la tSa 4sl ia latS
t ba M li Sill aras. M-l ID a IS
Seaaaat law -f saak psf laa II la as
ad Matki fiea It ta laa ! aia
a4ly atea at aO ! a AasMkaa Us
doali tkar ra fa lta a .ttt
sl a taaa aok II a .11 al if
t aa araaaal dai i ! it at ft A . 4
aa4a iiti aMdtllwaa at,l laiy S f
janad Sal ta ft pt 4sl at So -a
4araa I la4l.aM
Story f th Gaalas Was Waa
Arch I tact of Alaxaadrla.
Dinocrates was a Macedonian, tha
Lesseps of bis time, a genius of dar
ing design, and, it la to be hoped,
quite out of accord with the popular
feeling of hU day 1b hie craving for
self advertisement He had perhaps
contracted the corrupt practice from
Herostratua (or Eratostratus), tha
scoundrel who had destroyed tha
Temple of Diana at Ephesus upoa
the first birthday of . Alexander, ia
order, as be himself eonfessed, that
future ages might not be ignorant of
his name, such being his passionate)
lutt for notoriety that he cared not
whether his fame were good or evil.
ay.i the Nineteenth Century.
Dinocrates had been called upon
to restore this temple, which, in
order that the earthquakes might
not ruin, had been placed in a marah
opon foundations of charcoal and
goat skins. Our architect, after
completing his work at Ephesus, and
moved by the vivid art of tbe por
trait painter, determined to person
ally interview the great monarch.
and therefore, setting out for hi
camp ay he returned from hi Eastern
triumphs, he cast about for a device
by which be could gain his audience
and likewise flatter bis soverign
Now there was one w tkness, or it
may have been a noble .earning, in
the great conqueror's he..rt. just as
his own reputed father had claimed
the god-like hero Ueicules as sire, so
Alexander desired it might be proved
that no earthly parent had begotten
him (Alexander). .Some men did,
indeed, say he was not Philip's son,
but of Nectanobo, an Eygptlan image
and lover of Olympias, and, perhaps,
it was to solve all doubt that Alexan
der thought he would remove hie
parentage beyond human reasoning.
However, he had not at yet finally
fixed u) on Jupiter Ammoo, and tha
crafty sycophant Dinocrates deemed
that he would best natter the great
king by a reference to the grand
father. Anointing, therefore, hie
body with oil, and wreathing his
temples with Herculean poplar, with
the skin of a Nemean lion over his
shoulder, and flourishing a club, he
approached the court of the king
and stood prominently forth in thit
singular garb.
"Who are you?" must have said
his majesty, to which the unabashed
elf-advertiser replied. "Iam Dino
crates. the Macedonian architect, and
bring to your majesty thoughts and
designs worthy of your greatness."
When Alexander heard that it was
he who had restored the Temple of
Diana of the . Epbesians, he a ked
him what next he proposed to da
"I have laid out Mount Athos," re
sponded he, "to be sculptured as on
block, and to be hewn into the fa h
ion of the limbs and features of
your majesty."
"In your left band I have designed
a city of 10,000 Inhabitants, and into
your right I hare conducted all tha
rivers of the mount, and formed them
into a sea, from whenoe they flow to
tho icean. Thus, si, a, shall a
memorial be left worthy of your
greatness" Alexander was amused
at the audacity of the man, and dis
missed him; nevertheless he remem
bered him whin he wanted to build
Alexandria, and the tradition of ita
planning is quite In keeping with
the theatrical character of the clever
He cast his Macedonian cloak
down at the design, .lvlnj it a "cir
cular border full of plaits, and pro
jecting into comers on rightand left,"
as Pliny says, and made the new port
the sweep of the neck and the Tharot
and Lochias promontories the jewel
ed elasx
liscilna of Profanity.
The habit of swearing is dying out
It was, within the memory ot those
who do not like to think themselves
old. very common. I have heard, oa
what I am sure is trustworthy au
thority, of a clergyman of the last
generation, who, summoned to break
last while at his morning devot'oni,
turned upon the unfortunate messen
ger with the exolamatlon: " you!
How dare you interrupt my prayers!"
Much less extreme instances are
known to many of us which would
now be simply impossible. Are we
b. coming more pious? That is not
the general impression. Is the fiber
of the race softening? That is often
maintained, but Id not think suc
cessfully. The civil war is there to
disprove it 'or Americans, at leait
Or are we, as rronch moa a id women
did long sg, learning more ade
quately to master the resources of
our own tongue, and becoming inde
pendent of this crude and rather
st ipld to call it nothing w u so
ds rice?
Tha t ittle Uralhar.
111. Mr. Sappy," whispered
Mania's little brother. "Didn't I
bear you ask mv sister for a look of
ber hair?"
Yes (ieoi'i, but she wouldn't
five it to me "
Well, say, Mr. !-appy. If joull
give me a diino I'll tell yon whore
tbe buy It, and you t a i get all you
ant" Harper's IUai
Mtaasli of
Jo tttdeatruct b e by wear aad de
lay Is tbe .VtrUart leak wood tbat
teaels built tf U have lated fully
liR) years, to be then broken up 'Bly
ta eovount ot their poor Ulnf qual
ities, The wood, ta fact. Is u of
tbe most temamabl employed la
amen Industries oa tbe wore ut IU
very great weight, hardness aa ar
ta a ,
I at rod see ate ta year trie ad aav
1 eaa't rba truth U I tergal
Hi aaata,"
1 kaaw hi aaaaa. U'a Smith
feWall-ar-i forge I wi"-!
Why is Strictly Pnr
White Lead the best
paint ? Because it
trill outlast all other paints, give a
handsomer finish, better protection to
tbe wood, and the first cost will be leas.
If Barytea aad other adulterants of
white lead arc "mat aa stood" as
Strictlv Pure White Lead, why are all
tha adulterated white leads always
branded Pare, or
" Strictly Pure
White Lead ?"
Tbia Barytea ia a heavy white powder
(ground stone), having tbe appearance
of white lead) worthless aa a paint,
costing; only about a cent a pound, and
is only used to cheapen the mixture.
What shoddy is to doth, Barytes is
to paint. Be careful to nse only old
and standard brands of white lead.
"Southern" "Collier"
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are strictly pure, "Old Dutch" process
brands, established by a lifetime of nse.
For colore nse National Lead Co.'s
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Strictly Pure White Lead.
For mIs by tba most reliable dealers In
saints everywhere.
If you are going to paint, It will pay yon
scad to oa Tor a book containing foforma-1
tioo that mar sav you many a dollar; it will
saiy coat you a postal card to do o.
1 Broadway, Vew Tork
St. Louis Branch,
Clark Avenu and Tenth Street.
author of "Looking Backward."
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It In easily, quickly and cheaply lesrned,
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cure his patients Wiiie for full h) formation
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iHair Death
c-J Instantly remove and foraver desttoys j
yt objfcilonabi balr, wsetber upn the I
M band, fsc, arms or neck, without die-
Xj coloration or Injury to tbe moetdeliuat
It sain. It was lor nny ysara me ae.rei
N lurniaia ar Kiasmu wiisoa.acitiiewi
edssd by tibrslclans aa the bis-bent au-
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stmpleat and moHtecnn
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quires oh ly a few
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r s
w W W
lltn aew f afnam bia.
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I wot S.i Ss tk sJ li ati
at ras ifwas Inevai
M,aslsaM iti' Ha
aaa Sa ia aa S etka. a 4 aa
rtiwaM mmJwS esawa, Saasat ss
tawav H Kaa, a4 tsttttwtwsM
Wv bs4. la. ITJ",
TNI Iblill CAkCIR lafttURtMft.c.l
fart Pafi. Aka.
..I P5a3avjr':' I.J5
Wk si. a. .
silli liwa. la t OMsksS
ali taavwja, Ssaa ttsSa as aa. 5
Oacatur, lit.
Own Wordsf
Dsa Ms. Congbeve: Asa rul I hav aa
faith to advertised remedies; but it must now
be some twenty-live year since first I saw ia
th person of one ot my students tb effect
oi your remedy.
He seemed at death'a
door, but he lives
cow, a strong, hearty
then I
have seea
in many,
very many
tha moat
happy rea-ultsfollow-ir
I do nt:7e
KEV. v. H. bl'UKUKUN. ny near-
say, but testify to what I have seen with my
owneves. 1 believe that you have saved nu ot
hers 1 r,.m f'nnsnmntinn. 1 tiava friend with
coughs and weak lungs, wh speak of your
medicine with sincere gratitude. Personally, I
find it most useful in tha case of wearing cough.
Very reluctantly do 1 give testimonials tor
publication ; but I send yoa this as your due.
What I have seen of God' healing power
through you, demand of me that I speak for
th good of other. 1 have those around ma
whose health 1 value, and they are living wiu
neaaes that yours is a very beneficial prepara
tion." "Your heartily, (Rev.) C. H. SPURGEOIC
"WE8TWOOD," Beulah Hill, England." .
d rn r-nnryroTro'e
Message to America
The above letter
from the late emi
nent preacher, C. H.
Spurgeon, i on of
thouaands of test
imonials to the won
derful curative prop
erties of my Ualsamic
Elixir, which not
only cures consump
tion but gives in
stant and permanent
renet in case oi
Asthma, Chronic
Bronchitis. Influenza
and all Chest affec-
For year I hav been entreated
to make my remedy known in the United State,
but my time ha been too much absorbed bf
my European patients to allow tbia Now,
uava wen auia sw sxicnu my organization
so aa to bring America within tha scop of my
personal observation, end my desire l to
make it clear to all eitlxens of the United Statea
that they may henceforth procure from my
American -Depot
A cur for Consumption
which, even in the advanced stages of that
terrible disease, mav be used with certainty of
Every person suffering; from Chest Disease,
and all of weak lungs and delicate habit, should
read my book on Consumption of the Lungs or
Decline, and its successful treatment, showing
that formidable disease to be curable in all its
stages, with obaervations on Coughs, Colds,
Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis: together with
account of nearly successfully cured cases,
any one of which may be like yours, to be haa
Font free for 95 ct., or th book will be sent
ree with every first order of $1.00 bottle f
my Balsamic Elixir. . ,
obtained from many drug stores, bat it will
take some time before it will tie ir.ioducei
into all of them throughout this : ct country.
If your druggist has not yet put it in stack, it
will be sent you, carriage paid, from ny own
depot, on receipt of sects., r.oo, $1.75, or
SVm. according toth size of tha bottle ordered.
London, Eng., and
4 Weestor Street, NEW YORK,
sTMeatiea this paper.
I free guide to the City of Health
will be furnished every Lady who
at j a a f ejl I V
has lost ner way it sne win apply
601 N. K Life Bldg.. Omaha. Neb,
Home Offlce, 2301 Van Ness Are. San Francisco.
Free consultation, Lady ia attendance
Great Rock Island Rooti
1 ?;m&$L 1
1 r ' 1
5 Mr
1 ."
Tbe Kta ll Istantl I l"Wiii la ajopi
In any avlvaiitare cn'ou'sknl Ui In
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nism' Ita up'Hnt I IbortMijf hr v.
em4et mh vsitho!ra trains, W
Blflevnt gluio rsr. slfiwrs and tkslr J
Coeaaea, all tba moat tUtaflt, an4 4
rvtvativ jrttprtmd patwrss.
faithful atl eatle mana4ma
aati jadtta, hael s'r'e 'a
llov nrw (waf tea I'ema. They ar
aiHDit Ui'y w I."Mtpaay aa w
traveleraa'ht It t tte'ls a
tlimeuU ol aortHHUKwaat a
trsoa this lla UI f l i'lVie eaoaa f
r.reti'alt ta tnt .roual
Vt (all tnrvlcu arM W lU aeU,aii
raw., tnt)y Itt set xwta tie lei ("
ta U Ualla4 MtaUa. t'.l Mtsjs
e au4ras; JMl MtnAaTlAN.
uastlW a Paa ( ataa. UW
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