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Hie Alliance-Independent
tt the bestf
Advertising medium
la the west It la especi
ally valuable as a means
of reacting the farmers.
Iti circulation la as large
in Nebraska aa the cir
culation of all the "frnn
Journals" combined.
Give The Axlianck
Indkpendkxt a trial if
you want good results.
To Every Lover
VTJL 1(11V
I .
Dear Reader : We are working for you and yours. And that
our work may be made effective to the utmost will you not help us
in our efforts to reach and educate the people? We have no means
at command to send a canvasser
had, no stranger could do as successful work as one who knows the
people. We must depend on voluntary help to advertise and intro
duce our paper, and we appeal to
us reach as many as possible in the circle of your acquaintance.
It need not be an expense to you. It need not take much of your
time. And by telling the truth about the Populist state paper and
handing copies to your friends you can easily induce them to sub
scribe. Is not this your part, your propaganda work? That we
may know our helpers and communicate with them we ask that you
sign and return the appended pledge, to do simply what you can for
The Alliance-Independent in the way of getting subscribers.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Knowing that in the great impending conflict with the money
power we must have votes to win; and that to gain votes we must
get the people to read the truth; and that this cannot be done un
less those now aroused bring one or more of our papers to the hands
and attention of their neighbors; I, therefore, freely and gladly
promise to do my share, and will exert myself to secure at least
five new subscribers for The Alliance-In e n dent within the
next ten days, sending in subscriptions as I am able to get them at
club rates. '..',.,,.. ' -;; . Vt'.'C,. ..' ,
Dated,.;...;... 189..
Important Industrie Continue to Mint
Down 8,000,000 Employe Idle.
' v Yobk, Dec. 2a llradstreet's
says: "The features of the business
week are the increased uniformity in
reports that general trade is quite as
much or more depressed than previ
ously; that holiday trading has been
unsatisfactory and far below that of a
iyear ago, and continued closing down
of important industrial establish
ments, reduction of wage and in
creased instances where short time is
being' enforced. Nearly all staple
markets are quiet almost to stag
nation, the execution having baen
cotton, the pries of which was stimu
lated late in the week by reviv tl of
confidence in low crop reports.'
Wheat, too, was higher for a time,
but reacted. On the other hand, pig
iron never was lower than at present
"Special telegrams from 119 import
ant cities indicate the total number of
employes iu industrial and other lines
out of work at this time from all
-causes, together with the total num
ber of people directly dependent for
support upon those so rendered
idle, is nearly 3,000,00;)
Ia Attempting to Make an Arrest an Of
fleer Weunded.
Ei.uohado, Kan., Pec. 2U.J. F.
Cory, city marshal, attempted to ar
rest Hen Verbryck for disorderly con
duct in this city about 7 o'clock last
veiling and the affair led to a shoot
lug. which caufted the whole city to
become excited. The fact, aa near
Mean be learned, are tbeao; Ver
bryck resisted arrest and ran Into a
restaurant near by, lie was followed
bv Ortleer Cory and a fight ensued. Date
Whitehead, night watchman, went to
Cory's aHaUtance, when Verbryeti ran
out at the back door and was followed
by the ortleer. A Whitehead stepped
out a bystander whom Whitehead
claims In l lirt lid ward a, tired two
shots at hlui, the latter Intlietiiig a
eriou wound in the nk. Whit,
bead M&4 taken to the iwiet hvti
and now lie iu a aertoua eiid;
heart h w made at onee an I tM-
Vint km Mind In I'lverido and
Idaeed in Jul Yerbryvk It n-t yet
writ captured,
three large titles ltilli4 aa4 t
teal t,Uaril aK tt.ll.Hk
rit,UH. Ma,, Ihv .''t AUmt I
n'rlat'k yU-riUy mrulitar Arm Mas
d. vt 4 lit tavnnt r I'tiil
I'm kir A K..t' (l.ttuiiiir at4
b f,.r It y ) I b eliet l.t hl htirn!
thrve Isryo lw-tory l-r iek buitdiitifs.
toiai U tviki a4 th twl la
swraar t.'MUt
to your neighborhood, and if we
you for the cause' sake, to help
Vietiin of a iannllne Ktnin.
PjTTHiiL'Bfl, Kan., Dee. iJO Vaster-
day afternoon a gasoline stove ex
ploded at the homo of James Ilea ly.
a "Frisco railt'u:id employe, sotting
fire to his wife's clothing and the
house. Every stick of clothes was
burned from the unfortunate woman's
body, unci her entire body with the
exception of the lower pait of her
left leg, was baked and blistered.
The sight of one eye is destroped. It
is not thought potsible for her to re
cover. IU;sit of Way Througn Okl ilnm;i.
Washington, Doc. 20. The presi
dent has signed the bills granting the
right of way for construction of a
railroad through the Hot Springs
reservation, Arkansas, also the bill
granting the right of way to the Kan
sas, Oklahoma and Western railway
company through the Indian aud
Oklahoma territories.
Vhipitnx Tramps Out of Town.
Andkksom, Intl., Dee 26. Owing to
the number of tramps Mayor Mcliune
has issued an order instructing the
chief of police to furnish each night
pu trot men with a blucksnake whip.
Every trump will be whipped out of
the city and given a severe lashing If
lie returns.
,t ,
Itavard for Itohanaa, "Heart or Alive."
Destroy. Tesns, Dee 28. Oorcrnor
Wilson Jones of the Choctiw nation
bas offered t'MH reward for the person
of Diivltl Ilohanan, who killed lieu
Fore in :ii at South McAleMer and Tom
McCoy near Durant. a few day ago;
the reward is said to read "dead or
allrt.." .
X Utt.m M RKK f.
Kass(itt. Mo. Deo. ft - Ma attempt t
do buniivma m ule by raln is l-a
TI.K riipta aere it car of vitoat. I'U v im of
torn, 9tn of oalt, I uar o( bran t r of 111
ami .-i ' bay A $r a ; ia 4 if V t i.w
f wel. Il ar ef ttw ao4 l enrt efail,
were rwive4 A tu,u frtitn tttUti a
l-t it if h' it oa lh.' "i-ib' , A (
) ol I'ufa br t SO i aer yo(turt'4 Ta
(wetUH weak tut b..' era an t vltu
KIMt" Ht titK SftKK.
KaA riTT. Mt, la t Cltl M
t"li. f, t: aSiaM.4 lettarltr.
ix mm mfe f.f iuwh t a.rie.
o.M I'dxl.l i.r, vlar ,a t fu,.,
uler tt ir a 4 taeKr
(I (' I ef I b ia .t
l-'v,t I ah4 eUlui, &j mtitv . liiijli,
t Rff, is, mi. t a. 1 1 Htt
I 1n t l i I a l :
ea. h lr tj ti ,!, I, tt "t
ia II .:! !. IV?!, klpt t,t'4
Ml. I .ike a a lite J i t aw I4
y r4 M a t.i st . t(
mlt ,,a a4 ih buiS af i,i Ihi
Hat'tt A.tlaat tl t . t el yer"4tv
asp H,IU VI at JJMMU. hvp
fiitn m ll4lt fba tkMHtt a,l aat
'fl !;. te ftreaui.e
Wt I'H.e ,N Vt( V
Situ' ! IPV fit,, , , it lea
N H l K I I ll,i ,, M I at
lea a .,, t i I l w
5? iu?Ui,Z
Ijito Advices to Urailiian Mliilitera
Make No Mention of ltebel Haccraa.
New York, Dec. 20. Minister Men
donca, who1 is in this city said to-day;
"I have received telegrams from Rio
this morning, but have no advices to
confirn the reportof Siello's triumph
Lo.N'joif, Dec. 2. The Brazilian
minister here hast received advices
from Itio do Janeiro, dated December
3-', that nosteps will be taken to carry
out the death sentence pronounced
upon the Denchimol brothers, until
furtner advices are received from
London Tne Jtenchlmols are me in
ix' r b ui a former snipping firm, are
charged with bringing firearms to
Brazil and were recently arrested on
an order from President l'exioto
charging them with importing men to
aid Mello.
Washington, Dee. 26. The state
and nary departments nre both posi
tive in expressing their discredit of re
ports that Mello has captured Rio.
Word is believed to have been received
since yesterday in one department or
the other contradicting yesterday's
The following dispatch was received
by the state de artment to day:
Rio, Dec. To Secretary of State,
Washington: American masters,
each of them hold Brazilian 1'aciSc
docks specified arc contiguous point".'
Protection from shore fire promised
by government Instruct Picking to
anchor off that point for convenience
until question equitably settled. In
surgents make lines of fire anywhere
to suit their purpose, thereby indefi
nitely booking neutral commerce
without previous notice.
Mr. Towns is the United States ex-
consul general at Rio. His dispatch
is constructed to indicate that the
regular government of Brand has
granted permit to shipping to land
and receive cargoes at certain wharves
lying near each other, and the consul
general wants the United States naval
forces to see that Mello and DaUama
resppct these permits and not fire
along these lines.
Montevideo, Dec, Sti. News has
been received of a fight Wednesday
Detwoen the rebels a(jd the govern
ment forces from Santa Cattiarina.
General Sarava's men had joined wittt
those under Salgado, making a total
of 8,ooo. The fighting took pla'o in
Itajahy, the insurgent divisions being
led by (ieni-rais I'inheiro. Michado,
Luna and Martins. According to the
latest reports, the rebels had lost -100
men, but the government troops were
so badly penned in that surrender
seemed unavoidable.
The rebels are well armed, having
lately received 2,000 rifles and guus
from Hi) on board the Aqnidiban.
The Republica is taking on coal arid
is almost ready to sail. It is rumored
that she is coming to Montevideo to
fight Peixoto's squadron gathering
One of Mello's steamers, the Meteoro,
reeonnoitering the harbor entrance at
Harra-Itaoahy, ran aground and the
government artillery there opened
fire upon her nnd kept up the cannon
ado till all of her crew were killed.
Forty-Ttvo ThotMiiinl Oollar Miortiiga
in I lie St. XIcIiuIim Hank Found.
Nkw Yokk, Dec 20 Superintendent
Preston aud Examiner Judson while
exa iiini.rg the books of the closed St
Nicholas bank yesterday discovered
a deficit of 43,000 in the ucco.ints of
Lewis A. Hill, the paving teller, nnd
he was arrested at Newark, N. .1., in
the uftcrnooii, taken to police head
rpi"irlra and nbqiintly held In
8 id, in hi boud pending extradition pro
ceedings in New York.
I'rea4erf aat'e t'aee Cloe4 far a tke
Teetlmoujf It l'uueerar4.
(nit aoo, Dee. 3 6. The evidence In
the I'rendergant C4 was completed
trt-d iy. Au attempt to Introduce ur
rebuttal evidence was made, but the
iudge would tu t permit anything of
m I wn-U nee to l atata t. Tlio argu
ment in the eiM will ih beyun ne
Aaolker K t'lly llwer .trrale-i
K sm lit, Ma, lve. A war
raul for tlt arrest f UiIUi.i T.
lloime, president i.f th c n.ity
8.tiiiif Trut lomptny, wlii. ii mtla
au atgmtient .tt June-, mi utiied
linUt by Justice f the IVae llr,.ua
on voiiM'Uutt u( l ounty I'ioo, . tttur
Mtrey K Mron. At In than uf
tue uliier iMUker wtt hava I'emt ar
rvaia t tiw i'Lii ia ,'iiii t tare n, ly
rvliiiMf dein.t Mit'i J it li,.'.ent
baa,t. Mr, UoLtien g4im S I , t nit-
fern Saetel I ataat
I'AKia IteA s4-ltjf ta aa epr
tfautta if sittaUp alrt of th
attMtt fviultt nt fa"allle h 11144
arrange ieuti ht tha tl it a
detr a tkalr aftertf Ktn tas t h
tsni ay U tkit atvlat4 ihrl
turn ta a. aytliw ard art
"enatori and ConR-rettmea Who Arc
Not t'linlrmeu of Cuuimltteai Will
Vow II are Secretarlet at Unolo
i Sain'i Ezponaa The atato
llaok Tas itepaal liauo
WaiblDftoa Kew.
WAsriiNOTOit, Dec. 8a The final ac
ceptance by the house of representa
tives of the senate amendment to the
urgency deficiency bill, providing for
the payment of naUnc of the senate
pur diem clerks for the recess of the
fifty-first congress, probably marks
the close of a contest between the two
branches which dates back to a time
far beyond the employment of these
clerks for this work.
The contest begun in 1883, when,
upon n motion of Senttor Butler, the
senate voted to employ private secre
taries for senators not chairmen of
committee. At that time neither
senators nor members who were not
heads of committees were given clerks,
and although the need of auch assist
anoe had been frequently commented
upon in both houses, neither body was
willing to vote itself aid until the
Forts-eighth congress when the sen
ate teok the initiative. The house did
riot accept the innovation in a kindly
spirit but at once began a war on the
clerks which continued until the pres
ent tune. The senators never failed
to amend the legislative appropriation
nil so as to provide for the pay of the
clerks, but the amendment was sel
dom accepted by the bouse without
vigorous comment and more or less
parleying with the senate. The
clerks were only paid for the time
that congress was in session.
After the long session of the Fiftv
first congress in 18U0. when there were
only two months between the close of
one session and the opening of the
next, the senators, finding a great
deal of accumulated business on their
hands, resolved to retain the ser
vices of the clerks during the
recess. The house objected and
the action of the senate in the
matter had the effect of giving a
stimulus to the conflict, which the
house had shown some disposition to
drop by providing for session pay in
that congress without waiting for the
action of the senate. Every year since
the senate put the item on some ap
propriation bill sent over from the
house and it was just as regularly re
jected by che house until the present
session when the senate, refusing ab
solutely to backdown, the house, after
tying up an apporpriatlon bill for two
months, finally gave way.
The reason of the surrender of the
house is that that body has found
the example of the senate in employ
ing clerks for individual members
worthy of imitation and now employs
such clerks itself. It is now admitted
by a majority of the members that the
business of senators and members is
Auch that it, is almost impossible to
conduct It without aaslstance, and the
war seems to have reached a termina
Am Adveraa Iteport and Settle aaeat
the lull llouae Probable.
Wasui.hoto, Dee. 89. The com
mittee on banking and currency, the
moat discordant committee In the
houae, a. one of its members deelarea
It to be, will very likely reach some
sort of an agreement shortly on
the state bank tas repeat bill,
as the members seem to have
agreed ouUtde f the committee
room upon a plan, which they eould
not do In luiumUte. It now pro
poned to report adversely tha bill I a
troduued ty lUpreseutsttf e t of
Tvnne aud titauihorta Mr, t'n ta
auiuuit a minority report whiett would
give kltti i-harg ,f he bill wit the
tttMio of the ItMuitv, I hi ia s tM to I
tke only war Hie committee can gtit
cut tt t o? rru'iit taiigl'-
Tle elate bank tax repeal question,
has the rlrfht of war In the euntmit
tee and noo.her baittvai cm licn
ti.lervd m title U U undmpiHMnt vf. The
plan nf r purling la a lvral siu
t W tha ,fty ,hol 4, nevllti It
nut f the way It U ttad-l ttt
l4h fettna wutl. bo saUHttkf t
nave it uaeeea km tne (lour,
its !
tpia,iieut U Hating that it
will tM I
d(ea(4. wtitU its Irtaods lalu that I
tne Ihmi wratse tUli rm would -( '
be IwlBilea unit tt saauld be pe-e
Tt.e Tm AUUnvC IsntfRNneir
A Mercbaut's Novel Plan to Attract Cus
tomers Held to Be IllefaL
Washington, Dec. 2d Assistant
Attorney General Thomas of the post-
oflice department has decided an in
tcresting case brought to the atten
tion of the department It was the
proposition of a merchant to write the
name or every purchaser of every dol
lars' worth of goods at his store oppo
site certain numbers following in
rotation, giving the customer as many
numbers as dollars paid lor the goods.
These numbers he Dronosed to eonv
on pieces ol purer and deposit in
I . .. .
box, to select some person to draw out
a name and give a prize to the person
wtiose name appeared opposite that
number. J lie department held that
tne scheme constituted a lottery.
Deputjr Iteglttar Smith JteafcB.
Washington, Dec. 2ft. liar ry H,
Smith, for some years journal clerk of
the house of representatives and then
deputy register of the treasury nnder
ueneral Kosecranz, has resigned
owing to personal and official dl fa
culties between himself and Register
iUinian, -
Kaw Una-land's Oldest Han Dead., Mass., Dec. 28. The man
whom the people of this city claimed
as the oldest in New England, Daniel
nagnerty, is dead at 104. lie waa
nnrn In I Vrl T m 1 twj Iv. 103O
Pardons by tha President.
Washington, Dee. 26. The presi
dent granted a number of pardons to
day, as follows: Joseph 1'. llarton,
William E. Jones, diet l'almontror
and Ntepheu 6. llarton, Utan, poly
gamy; .John u. wallow, Kansas, man
slaughter; John W. l'itts, Missouri,
larceny, commuted to one year s im-
prisontnenti lsaae A. Stanley, Ohio,
violation of the united Mates bank-
ng laws; William W. Palmer, Arkan
sas, assault.
t'alho U- rieuxeil at lloiildnx' Huenei
Mo.NTitii al, Dec. 36. The French-
Canadian Catholia press of Montreal
and Quebec is very enthusiastic over
the election of John Hopkins, Catho
lic, us mayor of Chicago. Prominent
Freneh Canadians in Chicago wired
Senator Tasso that 0,0()(i French-Cana
dians voted for him. La Minerve de
clares that the election of a Catholic
in Chicago is a great event
Ten Year for an Expren Jtobber.
Wichita, Kan., Dec, 26 Judge
Heed this morning overruled the mo
tion fora new trial and sentenced John
Kittrcli, the colored man arrested in
Kansas City for complicity in the
robbery of $7,500 from a United States
express wugon here, to ten years in
the penitentiary.
Frightfully Injured by a H!at.
Sedama, Ma, Dec, 26. A frightfut
accident happened at the Georgetown
quarry yesterday morning. August
llerge, a Swede, aged 33 years, tired
wo charges of giant powder at the
same instant, and it was supposed
mat uom naa exploded. Just as
Berge stepped over the mine a second
explosion followed and he was blown
into the air. Ilia body was riddled
with rock, his right eye was cut out.
the upper part of his face stripped of
nest), me skull iructured aud an arm
and leg broken, lierge remains alive
in an unconscious condition, but can
not surv ve his injuries.
bad I'lared t uder Arrent.
til. DoitAiKt, Kan., Dec. 26. Con
misslonrr J. F. Todd arrived in this
city yesterday morning from Kansas
City with a black eye and several
scratches on his face, and was busy
all day explaining how It happened.
J, 8. Cooper, a constable from Ftor
enee, immediately placed Mr. Todd
nnder arreat, charged with assault
with intent to kill J. F. House of Flor
ence. I'remlueat pullllvlaa Ateaaelaaled.
lSKMTOft. Ill, Ikw. a& Judge W. IL
Williams waa shot In the side on the
street of I'arUh by a concealed aaaas
sin. Two loads of shots were fired,
literally covering hit body. The dKh
tors say his Injuries are fatal Judge
William U a prominent Uepuhlicaa
politician. I airing served two l-rma as
clerk f this county. He waa sImi a
delegate iu the t hleago roitveulUin la
being one of the famous 31.
The would-be sm4)ii lm no Wen
ar treaderfatt I ae.
tHK tiio, Ihjc SO. '-Si well known
and blrfkli respectable dctr told
the I'rendwrgast Jury rraterd that
In ihelr opinti'M the pr u -r Is Mne
and that at thu tiwie of tW murd r be
anew IL tliffafreii. a Uluaii r! til
ud wnif I be Ut witaowi f tke
day was U. Ionaisl 11, J.,he. the
f"r of tke el un wlii.H UUr
rltfe made kit e- li t au.ide.
I ;farlhrtra
a tbkar
tmo tt k'
Ue fai
"aet train
The AHIance-lndependent
The free and unlimit
ed colDaffe of silver at
the ratio of 16 to 1; in
other words, the restor
ation of silver to the
place it held in our cur
rency from 1792 to 1873.
That the Sherman
law should not bo re
pealed unless a law
more favorable to sil
ver is substituted for it
NO. 28
nigheamen Polled the Switch at KaUe
tattoo, lad. Tar., for tha Pnrpoee "
of Side Traeklog and Holdloa; Vp
the Train, but the Switch
Was a "Split" One and the
Trans Was Ha red.
Parsons, Kan., Dea 26. An un
successful attempt was made to hold
np south bound passenger train No.
on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas
railroad yesterday afternoon at 8:30
o'clock at Kelso station, Ind. Ter.
The bandits pulled the swith north
of the station, intending to sidetrack
tne train and then rob it, but their
plana were completely frustrated by
the engineer, George Lyona
The moment the enirlne struck tha
witch the engineer correctly oa-
filcioned that robbers had a hand la
he work, and knowing that he could
not derail his train, the switch being
a "split" one, he pulled the lever of
the engine wide open and the train
shot through the aiding at a high
rate of speed and in perfect safety.
ine roDbers seeing that they were
beaten, opened fire on the fast flying;
train, wounding William Milne the
fireman, in the mouth, r "
For some davs the railroad eomnanv
has been in possession of information
to the effect that a holdup waa an
ticipated and the trainmen have all '-
been on their guard.
Man Who Killed Two Confidence
Men Give lllmeelf Vp.
Sioux City, Iowa, Dec. 26. It has
been established that G. H. Mayer and
George Blum, the crooks who were
killed in a confidence gang's ren
dezvous in this city, were shot by A.
II. Tilla, a well-to-do farmer from
Chadsworth, Iowa. Pilla arrived in
this city from Kansas City last even
ing and gave himself up to the police.
He said:
T was at the union depot Maver
asked us out to have a drink and
coaxed me to the confidence joint
They wanted me to draw in a lottery
to get a suit for 91 and demanded that
I show them more money. I took 85
out of my pocketbook, which con-
tained $ro, and both Mayer and Blum
grabbed for it They held my hands,
and we fought quite awhile before I
got loose. Then they grabbed me
again, and I shot them. 1 would have
given myself up before, but had bus
iness to attend to and did not know
how long I would have to stay, so I
went on and transacted my business.
When I got through I came back here
to stand trial if necessary."
l'illa will be released on his own
bond, and will probably never be
Will Do Ml ftinont to Prevent the
Corbett-Mitchell right.
Jacksonville, Fla., Dea 26. The
Duval Athletic club received a set
back yesterday in its efforts to pull
off the Corbett-Mltchcll fight Tha
attorney for the club appeared before
Governor Mitchell at Tallahassee and
made application for a charter. This
the governor flatly refused, stating
that under cover of the charter the
elub proposed to violate the laws of
Of coarse this proved a surprise to
the sports, and their consternation
was further Increased by the knowl
edge that s strong letter against the
ngbt has been written by the gov
ernor to J. it lynrn. a prominent
gentleman of this eitv.
1 he managers of the fight say the
affair will eome off despite the gov
ernor 'a opposition.
llaey teal liar gee Sank,
Louts vu lb, Kr, Dea 84 Between. and ,i),otH buthele of eoal
are now anchored along the wharf on.
the river front waiting f r more
water ta get away on. The Coat City
sunk four btrges at Caaevvltte, Ky.
The Diamond sunk four bwaU at a
point down the river between fair
and Mentphtt Y, gut bug,, tt the
.t ute feet which was to. by the
luamoud were slraade-l at this point
Ike Heaver l et three kvt at the
Ides Ibo Jlat Wood e!ruk a.
pier at tse Louisville and JtftNreort
ville bridge last If hi and teak
barf. 1 he total Iwea t alt Will b
Ulpaaa Tebute Ulatioa;
tveekt. ft air ekMRk-AiOur Uvr
Ci n