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Th9 Anicsse-Iadspwdsat
Advertising Htedinm
In the west. It ia especi
ally valuable u a means
of reaching he farmers.
Ita elrculatloo ia as large
In Nebraska as the cir
culation of all the "farm
journals" combined.
Giro The Alliancb
Imdstsndcbt a trial if
you want good results.
a u t j l i
w- - wr
H C00UTAliV .
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for - .
Two : Dollars : Only! ! !
No more monopoly prices for art and
literature ef the highest class. Cul
ture for all.
The CoemopcUtaa Magazine ban been
reduoed to 11.50 a year, ita price
cut in two, in order that it may be
l X I A. . 1 1. A r.9 . U rnn
DrOUgUk into VUC uuuicb ui mimg
who hare boen compelled to deny
themselves luxuries. But it is not
diminished in size or intrinsically
eheaoened. It will contain the
coming year .5Jff pages of reading
by the ablest living authors, with over
1200 illustrations by the best artists.
Three articles in the September
number, occupying but small space,
cost the publishers the sum of 91660.
All thle-and The AluancvIdb
pendent for half price.
Among fee contributors to the Septem
ber Cosmopolitan were William
Dean HowelU, Mark Twain, Kx
President Harrison. Walter Besant,
. the famous English novelist, Julian
Hawthorn, and Murat Halstead.
In the list of artists at work upon this
great magazine are found the ioi
lowing famous names: Rochegrasse,
Hamilton Gibwn, Guillonnet, Kern-
ble, Schwabe, Saunter, uooanue,
Meaalle, Alice Barber Stepbeos,
and others.
The circulation of
The . .
has reached a monthly mark of 211000
and it is fast making itself a place
in the homes of the world.
In addition to the facts above stated the
editor of The At iance-ikdkpen-dent
can say that (he Cosmopolitan
la on the oeoole's side, a foe to in
justice and oppression. Howell's
'A Traveler from Altruria," which
has been running this year, should
be read by every populist, f-nd by
wbever cares to seo the selfish
dtandard of business morality ex
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ie -
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b Offer to Canvassers.
A itample rnv of our pttpr and
THE (,0MOOUrAN will bu
iat U anyone who will canvat his
or hrr neighborhood, ut or
wunty aad sevure ua what tuUwrip-Uoasi-aa
Hm obiatacd upua the
wvnderlully altrac Uv U-ro..
Friends of Our Paper
and th pnl' m who caa
the tlm, will dt inu ut UtU
as m'wiwaary wnk. Mut th wha
would uvit nue Uiw tw tt Ma
p agtau' trrws by wrltg
We ipp
Young Friends
Miwt'ltllv to take
I...IJ ef this
MiiaferarhMtl wwth i4 latr4otf
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Hnl's 1 Pi t
gis i t th it4t printed.
Ad.lrM all vrders. artwdlnf to
atiuve Wrw, w
AUIanoo Pub. Co,.
Chiefly the Vote in Some of the Oitiea
and Tewna, 1
When the Newa Cemea in from the
Country Precincts Doabtlaee the In-'
dependent Majority Will
Grandly Up.
Some of the Figure ia If and. ' .
As we go to press early Wednesday
morning returns have been received
from but a very small percentage of the
polling precinct of the state, and this
earliest news ia from the cities aad
towns, where the republic party Is
strongest. But the nows is neverthe
less of the most encouraging sort, show
ing that the lndopeneents have mad a
some gains in the strongholds, and indi
cating that Holcomb has, carried the
state beyond a perad venture.-
Unofficial figures from various towns
in the state which wo here select will
be of interest. Fremont, Judge Max
well's town reads as follows: for Harri
son 476, for Holcomb 461. In J189 the
figures stood, for Crounse 64 ( tor Van
Wyck 139. WahK for Harrison 320,
for Holcomb 330. In 1802 Wahoo gave
Crouase 22a and Van Wyck 150. Hol
comb carries his own county (Custer)
by about 500 plurality and the entfre
Independent county ticket is elected.
From telegraphic reports reoeivid
the Republicans have carried Iowa,
Massachusetts, New York and Ofc'o.
The Damocrate claim a clean sweep of
Virginia. Later fuller returns may
greatly lter the figures In these states.
It is too early to study the situation.
Fine Spcechea by Messrs, Kent
Cary and Devine.
A good audience gathered at the
courthouse in Lincoln Monday evening
and listened to stirring, convincing,
able speeches by some of the best talent
4u Nebraska. -
The chairman of the meeting was
Judge Leese. air. Kent of this city,
national lecturer of the American
Federation of Labor, was the first
speaker Introduced Mr. Kent has tut
jubt returned from an extended lectur
ing tour throughout the nation and In
addition to bolng well poOed a a
student o( political needs and issues, Is
Informed respecting the eptrlt and
tientiracot of the halt million organized
men la the mechanic trade. His ad-
dres was elewcly listened to.
He wai followed by Judge Carey of
Fremont who confined himself to giving
the brief but brilliant record of tho
People's party In Nebraska referring
to the Australian Ballot law, tho law
brvakleg up tho loaning by county
tnaurcr of the funds for the prlvato
U'ocflt of a ring, aud tho NewWrry
Maximum freight bill. He alo howd
tho rt'tuabltint-M of d practical
itatrmanuhlpotntainul In the demand
t f the IVopU" party, It the kind
oftch to aUri ouildf k'the
The rrlMl4l sich ef the e.onteg
howevr md by Mr, UotIm. It
MS iMturehruhe handllaf wf the
iay inwttu which we caoaet ar
enl)ne Into a paragraph aad da aey
itk to va tta omUIjmk
Uur'.af the Mtlag a Wlrgraiw was
nc lrU Iwn Jodga Uoleoesh, eaytag
it .uld U tm!HalhU fof hltw lO ho
Nr IVaHM. .
T the ptrwtH swadlag iathUrgwt
IUI ( yearly auh Hbr to TM AUt
Uuaraai'kxt Wtaa the lth
day of OwWUr u4 th 1st daf U Jae,
al, will ship thoughhrd Uff
KaitUh IWiltUIre pig, eivte t ta worth
1 1 1 It M rYai.utfttaa.
r ; 3" , . -, w-' , - ,
Tha Wrangta Onr tha' Election
la tha Selection of Swift.
Cbicaso, Nov. U. The wrangle over
the election of a mayor pro tern was
settled last night by the choice of
Alderman O. B. Swift, be receiving J
votes to 5 for Alderman McOillon, one
blank being cast The leaders of the
two oppohing parties got together
during the day and patched op their
Crawl iurj In4totinaiifa taralld..
MlLWAUKKB, Wia, SOV. ljBdg
Johnson has decided that Indictment
found by the lute grand jury against
Eugene a Elliott aad F. W, Noyea,
directors of the I'Unkintoo bank,
were invalid because the grand jury
returned them at the October term of
the municipal court, whereas tha
grand jury's t jrm bad expired with
the Heptcmbcr term for which it was
called. The decision invalidates all
the indlctuwnt return ainst the
officers of the l'lankin arid South
Mde Msvings banks.
Worktof Bulanca of tha Traaanrf,
Wasiii.votos, Nov. 8. The treasury
department yesterday had an actual
working balance not to exceed 3,000,
000. If this becomes exhausted, the
department will have to meet enrrent
obligations from tlie gold reserve.
The treaaury officials hope for better
times, and hope further loss will be
It is predicted the present coinage
of gold at Philadelphia and San Fran
cisco mints between now and January
1 will amount to g'jO.POO.OOO.
Krboul lwi of MlMourL
jKFmtsox Citv, Mo., Nov. 8. The
state superintendent of public schools,
L. K. Wolf, baa . Just tteut ont 30,000
copies of the school laws for use in
various parts of the state by school
officials and others. The volume ia
neatly bound and contains all tha
laws relatiug to the pnblie school sys
tem, with a syllabi of supreme court
rulings at the bottom of each page.
There are fifty pages devoted to a
comment by the superintendent touch
ing the laws.
Denies 111 Authority.
Torts ka, Kan., Oct 8. Hank Com
mbtsioner Breidenthal has wired At
torney General Little from Chanute
asking to come to that city at once. It
seems that the Ualley tank ut Chan
ute refused to allow Krcldcnthal to
make an examination of its affairs.
The principal officer of the bank is
the receiver for tpe JIailey estate ana
claims that ar he is an officer for tho
probate court tbo bank commissioner
has no right to interfere with the
property In his hand
Tnrribla Mordtir and fcuiolile.
Euvku, Ohio, Nov. 8. A frightful
murder and suicide occurred last
night Charles Manning shot his
wife, killing her instantly, and then
shot her cousin. Mrs W. It. White.
He followed up the double tragedy by
committing suicide. Mrs. Munuing
hod begun proceeding for a divorce,
and her husband had often threatened
to kill her. Last night, crazed by
drink, he carried out his threat.
Wm a Gul.lo to Fremont.
Kokt Scott, Kan., Nov. 8. Louis
Nash, one of the interoKtiugchuructcrs
of Fort Scott, died here last night
Natih was a guide to General Fremont
ou his "Mtlli-iiudiif" trio across the
mountain In the early 40o, and came
here at a very arly day. He was
married to a Sioux squaw In early life,
but hhe died many yours ugo. With Train Mahlwrjr.
Ixoh;.( k, Kan , Nov. h.ltob
Jackftun has b ou arrentml at Ul homo
In lialciia, charged wilh participating
in the Mound VulU-v train robbery.
M Ilium I'radbnrn, who U now con
fined in i.til at tsrsrn un the him
cliarjro, bail U-eu UleiitiUel an uit of
ttu ruliU'ra wha he l up the traia by
lud w ho w on Hie train.
'Uaa lr MA.
Jouix, Mo., Nov, .Mr ltynn IX
Slowry, wlli ut tha mayor of Carter
iUe, irvnd mtu butt, r luUl with
tr,linin ou a 'iH' t Wea4 t ttmi
tt raK but lh Weal fell lata th
ban. I f hr lu)ear-tit , wha iM
a irtkK of it, 'H U.y UUt wlUtw
a I liinvi
yrit IN irrail rouavil ef tha ItMa
aatka eunteiKit at rwhik h Up
MallV buailirwk , hig wkwiw SS
Hi nistUd ttifl aa warm a Um la a
ihwhm w al im ina ! atMA
tt i'wrrva
Waala ttaha t'.Ma
f aaS m. , ,Nw ft. . ffrKbl tla
ftdutf stMitS ww tk. huia I t alhl
an tal i sa wlUh, diWMtt;
itgat ear. 1 1 U saiiM't tu hatw
t-'a IHj w,fk tf 'tu Hi) U
WhwritUf V adMtlea pl.l
e4tua UU pajww.
Statistics From the Tmrarj Department
at tha lational QapiUl
Value of Bkporteatd Iropor a of Mercban-
d. stand Oeldard Bilvev Coin and
jBuIMon for iteo, iSgi aad ilea.
By Chief of ihellnreaai ofettatiatioii.
. .
Wisui.ioTOK, Nov. 8. The chief ol
the .bureau of etatlstica baa issued av
statement of the Importa and cxporta
of the Vnlted 8Utes for September.
Itsbowa the total importa of men-nan
ditto during the month mentloued were
valued at f46,303,5UO, aa compared
with importa of the value of to7,46ft,(MI
durisg bVptember of laat year. Of
the Imports this year 125,418,671 were
free of duty and ,'0. 883,919 were duti
able, ' The imports for nine months
ended September 80, 1893, were I03
331,07a, aud for the nine months ended
bcblttniber 30, mi, were 43l),IO.009,
Thi exports of domestic murchan
diae for rkptemWr were 170,014,403,
and for September ox last yeaa, toa,
031, iti'X The exports for nine months
end. A Heptttnbcr 30, were $687, 040, 111.
and or nine months ended September
30,, V.m, Wii'S, 83(5,630. During (Septem
ber the ngricultural ex porta were val
ued , at 818,330, U0, and the exports of
ms.n ('.icturea at tl6.38V.431. The
tolaTYalue of toe exports of foreign
merchandise was 91,008,380.
Ibe statement also contains a table
showing by calender years the values
of the exports and imports of mer
chandise during tho years 1800, 1801
and J8D3, from which the following
figures are taken: Exports, 1800,
fH.17,504,!02; imports, 9823,307, 720
1801, exports, 070,M)9,64o, imports.
988,30,043; 180'J, exports, 9038,420,060;
importH, 8l0,040,0u.,i. Nine months of
180X Exports 9003, 177,874; Imports,
9025,331,078. '
The exports and Imports of gold
coin and bullion were as follows:. 1800,
cxporta, 934,003,073; imports, 930.330,-
000; 1801, exports, 970,080,728; imports,
944,070,110; 180?, exports, 87&.ft.ia,05fl;
imports, 117,470,030. Nine months of
1SU3: Exports, 970,878,514; imports,
915.603,632. '
The exports and Importa of silver
coin and bullion -were: 1800, exports,
926,530,789; imports, 833.420,111); 1SUI,
exports, 937,603,879; imports, 918,103,-
750; 1893, exports, 93, 975,834; imports,
93l,T30,2.r3; nine months of 1893, ex
ports, 933, 119,714; importa, 915,000,354.
Tho exports in all the above cases in
clude both domestic and foreign pro
Congrats railed to I'rovldn Money
Carry Oot tha Law.
tVAsiu.NOTOX, Nov. 8. Although
congress amended tho Geary act so as
to allow the Chinese six months more
within which to register, it adjourned
without milking any appropriations to
carry out tho provisious of tho act.
The chainuun of the committue on
appropriations hud cognizance of the
necessity of the treasury department's
need of some tuonry to carry out tho
law. ami il is probable if the urireut
deficiency Mil h'l been pussed, a
clause appropriating enough money
to ut leut begin ieraUoii would
huvo Uin luserttut lu the bill. As it
U regWrntbms under tho a.t will not
begiu until an appropriittluu Is mude.
('plain Haifa Apiiulalmaal.
Vai.him.t.n. Nov. Tho president
hu aiHilutetl W. '. Hall nsUtat
adjutant general of Ihw army. Cajv
lain IU1 wan Uim in MiMurl In
liiM He graduttted al Wt IV.Int In
Mt and ha klni'O t een in aolivo herv
Ue tin the plain aiul HirtU')4led hi
ararly rvcry In Man war ntt lrtj.
i lh t in f t Atiiain Hail's Mtlnt
airul he wnaiaplain uf the FtllH r.v
alrv, w atiliona t at t rt
NaU II t tho ih of ,l .tw VN tliitin
A, IUU tf Mi-Mmrl att a tfller of
t ngrrMiwin ItaU f M.rL !( la
tha wu ii l.w of iaitur UUehtttira.
ltaiiitM alMlla,
W nnm, t leaty
Iriwat hrf-uaa iti i4 UK ii.SU la
atiiraata artiva i la tK failed htle
dartwg h.-j.U j.lwr. ant ttut H'.U
arrival drihiT tl ami ataih ritiWd
NfVwU IM' srtlt,l t'f U
aiaa imwU f t- ,atr.
Ilanirrr trtUhit 7 ( thi
tMMla Sifra:al, lrwH,
i'.tt ;., vvfi-t l.ii.l VI.', fWa
sH.t N.rat, i,U", ! lh l ul t t
I,fw4 A4jmai i,ak
W 4i'Mt', N. itirl
li,fi it, Ugs ' y ) j"
!..! 4 a4HUnt tatter! t i
Uoggloe ha participated In ten or
twelra of the moat Important battles
of the war and waa breveted brigadier
general for gallant services during
too closing campaign aroand Kicb
mond leading to tbo aarrender of Lee
and his army at Appomattox.
at, toala Maw' CMIaotorv
Washikotom, Nov. 8.Charlia Hpeek
waa yesterday appolatad eolUtetor of
internal rovenwe at 8t Lonla The
appointment waa a big victory for
Representative Cobb, who alone of
the Miasoari delegation, urged Hpack's
appointment Bchlierbols, tho oppos
ing eandldate was Indorsed by both
senators Vest aad CoekrelL and had
in addition the indorsement of nearly
tho entire Missouri delegation.
Hoaalvar far tha Matshlasow Watloaah
Wabriiotoit, Nor. 8 Comptroller
Eeklee baa aopoiatad Josaph T. Leon
ard of Olrard receiver for tho Batch
laaon National bank which failed
mom time ago.
Got mom for a taa
BooxKVIt.I.B, Mo., Nov. 8. Tbo Jury
in the case of William Soahn va Tho
Missouri Paelfio railway brotight In a
verdict for 90,000 damages for plaintiff.
March A, 1880, Spahn jumped from a
Missouri Pacific paasenger train and
oae hl lnr.
iMarajwala Tali Ik lit af Konws, Kaa
, arob af AahaaUa,
LivKVOOL, Nov. 9.-Lettore front
Aeera, oa the West African coast, aay
King Koffee of Ashante waa atoned
to death recently by insurgents on
the atreeta of Coomaasie, hla capttaL
King Koffee waa warrior monarch
and ruled with , a severe band.
He . U the same king who
declared war on thy IXtish i tSStf
A native who stvled himself king of
the Denkara tribe, took refuge within
the limits of the itrttish protectorate
of the Fantee and other trilxts; but
King Koffee declared the Denkaraa
anbjecta of his and demand for the
surrendor of the natives buln r refused
he declared war. The affair was set
tled four months later, after a bloody
campaign, King Koffee paying 2,000
ounces of gold as a penalty and mak
ing an apology to Queen Victoria He
also agreed to atop the practice of
human sacrifice. King Koffee's sub
ject numbr about 2,003.000. The
population t Coomassie Is estimated
at 15.00A
Oh'swbjr" C ran tad ad AposaL
Hpriwofikld, I1L, Nov. 8.Tbe
"Uenton-Newby" pension fraud case
wilt go to the United States supreme
court. Judge Allen In the United
States district court to-day approved
the bond and ordered It filed as of Oc
tober 27.
Wlthars Mhaly to Win.
Wasiunotox, Nov. 8. it is general
ly believed here to-day that Web
Withers will be appointed collector of
internal revenue at Kansas City and
the partisans of all the other candi
dates have about abandoned hope.
Cleveland Keeeive tha Itetaru.
Wasiiikotos. Nov. 8 . IVesidcnt
Cleveland received the election re
turns at oodley over a apoctai wire.
During September 34,519 imm igrunta
arrived in the United Mates.
The president has reappointed all
' pout in oxters who faiied of conttrina-
. tion by the senate.
Evictions are agitating Ireland
1 again and rarnelllto leader are busy
i maatug sKechut.
In an order jt Issued Eui)ertr
William condemns gambllut; In the
army and threaten heavy punish
meat t omcer.
The baut of standard silver dollars
from the mints and lrea-ury ottUt
tr the wek elided Novcmtirr 4 was
fU',v.'5, f,.r tint NirreM.m!mg H'riotl
of I ;.U,3li.
JoliB KelirtirU, 31 Vran old, W
rwa over and ktl M tr an riectrb car
la ImuW Ketlvher lay dwn
aettm tun traek and the imtorm
did Hot sea hliu In tiuu.
Th ).r f tha Nrw Kth V!mi
miuvt sl exhibit at thw World a tir. at
t liivMjrt. U regid'd at hulaey as
having Inh'w wbUlaiKt hy Ktil' envas
mcrt l a ai lef tUtn Hif
At IsjUaa, Tvax tl.arW Mrlia
ht h' fatly tle, I urea
tiuiew. VUliiiir her. ita thru shut huu
suif fUilj, d in? hour lalvr.
tK.truw .4i. vt tVUaa saa
that h wiU a alt in hi ite lu i ia-
vant lh I vm UivMtUhaii Hht laWmjf
d at Nw tit l.aH.
It M itert.s ty taa l-avry f
f(i: ! tta t .. wtttta f tti
bv Jsfcaarv I, at t'hiU.UHtMa. aid
) 'V wentr, t lh wtv't U v
hi 4 Ihmhi u li ! at the
! .t (mm id 4' taalaoi. Im ladiag
a.l tly, iXt'ik liaaa
WMta ial, t.t, "tV imWv vl
jAUht witU ?jlf,t during h
The free aad oaiiavV
edeoinageof eUrer ct
the rt io ef 16 to 1; la
other words, the rcawoe
atloa of Oliver to the
place it held tn ourow
reacy f ran 17V2 to 1SX
That the Shenaaa
law should not be re
pealed unlets a law-
more favorable to ail
Ter ia substitute for 11
NO. tt
tt 1ae Cda Tie lew Yet ,
: Carts. ' '
ThearWateaeta BJfwd aad Tbeai aV
fatted at Oravee Ceid-Uaaty Depeny
' Chariffa Shot at Caaadae) at .
Troooto at rtttaimra:.
New toM, Nov. e At Oraveeea
a anburb of Brooklyn, there wma
fleree flghl at tho polla thla eaoraSxj
in which the pott watchers ef tho Be
publican general coammtttee werena
aanlted and very badly used, ailer
which some of then were arras tod by
Boos MeKaaa, who rnaa what m
known aa the Coney Island distrtssV
Tho party, aocompanled by ColeI
Bacon, one of the eonnael to tha '
publican general committee, and bp
Oaynor'a law partnera, Edward li
Grout and G IL liyde, arrived aa tla
town hall a few mlnutea before tit
opening of the poUa. They had aoaroo
ly time to get out of their carrlatj,
before thry were act upon. Berhorl
8. Worthly waa atrock violent Uow
in tha face and Dr. Marshall had
portion of his whiskers torn off. TYf
Rav. Mr. Kent was knocked down a4
trampled upon. Another one of tao .
watchera had his head out and all 1
Obr m awo aaoro oy ea , bruiafd. a j .ju
According to toe atory of one of the)
watchors the party were about to
alight from their earrlagsa when Oof
onel Bacon waa accosted by McKanOj
who remarked that he had been look
ing fori him. Bacon prodoooi
the Injunction which had bees
secured from the . anpreme court
yesterday afternoon and attempted
to serve it upon McKane. The latte
refused to take the papers and called .
bis officers to take Bacon into cuatody
which waa immediately done. Th
reatof the party were ordered to gel
ont f town aa eoon aa possible. Oroat
excitement prevails and more trouble
is feared.
The injunction restrained McKane
and hla officers from preventing the
watchers from entering the various
polling places and remaining there
throughout the day and until the
count should be completed.
A number of prominent citiaensof
Brooklyn, members of the Republican,
committee and Citlsena' union, hare
sent a telegram to Governor Flower
requesting him to call out the milltia
to quell "Boas" McKane and hla banal '
at Oraveaend and to enforce the order
of Justice Barnard of the' supreme
court. Sheriff Courtney having re
fnsed to Interfere.
Tha riaotloa al Caaadaa, h. 4., HartaA
by Dasparata ta4as
Camokx, N. J., Nov. 8. The eleotiom
in this city to-day resulted in rlota ba
sercral precincts. The Democntlo
policemen and ward workers tools
possession of many of the polta and
the Hcpublicans appealed to Shartal
West to place the military at tho potlav
Many deputy sheriff have been shoe
mid beaten, none seriously.
It appeara that the city l in tho
hands of a despcrata gang of thnga
repi atera Many deputy sheriffs hav
(teen aiotipad on tha strants and their
weapons taken from thcoi
night Slu-rlff West, oa the ap
pii -i' of a number of eltUna ap
.leil MM! d (ill ties. Whun this
a ne ktioMM the ptiie eontutiaionera
i i,l I n'eioeli and decided to anpotal 'ba to uteet th depatp
tu r:"- k-ttr far ot serious trouhlo
i i ,uiMr ortljmt a f uard p!i534
. ti r ( tl, rrjiuieni armory, aftro
.., . i 'jilnirf t)i wln loas aad door
.mil eilutf tha a.awtiitiou ia tho
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