The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, October 12, 1893, Image 4

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Om-otuuucm of me
Firatrs SllluceScbraska Independent
.rilLHUlD Kvrxt Thiksdat bt
The Alliance Pcblishing Co.
mo M Street. Lincoln, Neb.
iaj of mncTi.
1 V, Ir-. H. S. Tlowru. lc'y
O Ksuto.
Svicriptiox Okk Dou.ah per Yfak
(w.u.: H..X1UU t:itiso .-. Editor
( u T. tiHlKHX HukIocm !iUftHr.
J s Htat? AdvertMnit i utr.
j; h Mortar. Su'm ripil .n lx- t
-If any man muM fall for to rise,
Thm teek I not to cllrub Another' rain
I choe not for my uood. A gol'ton chain,
A robo of honor, I tuo good P'l
To taint my hamy band to do i w ror,g
Unto a fellow man. Thl life natb woo
Sufflehmt, wrought by man atatite fo;
At& wbothi hath a lir would darprolor,
Or add a oifow to a strlck' n a ml
Tiiai wfka a heallniebalm torn It whole'
lly tKHomowna tho brotherhood of man.
S. I. P. A,
Publisher Announcement,
Th iubwrlptlon prloa of dba AfXiAKoK Ik-
fiKPKNDeirT l ii.uh our yoar, Invariably In ad
area J-'aper will b promptly dlaooo tin tied
at expiration or worn puiu ior. uuie r-
niv order to continue.
Ai.r.sre to soliciting aubMifibllon should dm
r f'urefui mat ail
anm am corriwtly
1I mi and proimr poumu given, isiuika
fur rmuru subset tntlon. return en 1pes,
ate., ran bo bad on appllrailuB to this offio.
Ai.watb itm ywsir name. No matter how
nfteuyou wrluu do uot neglect tn I linport
nt, lnsuer. livery weak waive lettur
with incomplete addiemi a or without, slima
tnres and It la eome iluies difficult to locate
the to.
Chaho or ADDHBn. Jiiibserlbors wlfblss
to i baiitf tbulr poaUifno adilrnaa innat ul way
HiHr former as woll aatbnlr wumiiit ai-
(ii-m when (linire will l tirowptly mal.
Aiiiri l) itt w and mla all rmHuu!M
fufuMu to Til h ALLJ ANCK VUH. (X).,
Lincoln, Kelt,
o Supreme Judge,
' P. A. UoLCOMM, (l Cuator.
for llfgenh 8ae t'nlrenitu,
Iong: term K. h. IJicATii of MuM-
don; A. A. JIomioe of Voulun
Short term C. L, linAlNAitn of
two voiors.
Fibst votCK, Sxats, frankly, for the
rOhtenUd conerca!cti, Htpubtiram and
heoond vok h, Stiah for the proirm
he lilUri and tolltrx, the lJniulint;
VVIiHt hint bmn limit alwnya romiilii,
Tim iiuifiiin muht tituy on Ih'ilr am en;
For "tha nnttiral rnlfr" will irin,
And live In liixorloiia nmn.
Thoy'r annrohUiK only, or fool,
ho talli of "the jH'opld'a dorrm-ai
Tor tiller and toller nm twola
ThrimnlnicuQ tm an tlicy plais,
Or lt!uv t Until io huiiftnr and tw.t
Tim worlmr ara iirofjM'roua now
An nnvt-r buforit, wa iliclni-e.
And wa'll ahoot thrm foi rnlnltiu a row
Over what tlmv intmt tukr a tt,lr cIkiip.
Tln,ra mimi ha t bottom dl,tnKi,
And bexiiiin lor work anil dijinlr ;
tint thnia who ara nuiTertus If km,
bhotild bond to tu bunleiu thpy bear,
Ami gruteftilly lilt up it pmyur,
(Stl'OSO VOllU.)
Till bPRUtlftll t'Ifwl Of ronit'llt
Mas nlwayn hmoi preached fimn t top;
Hut ilio worltetx' enilKhtf ueil illnaitot
lltiH ajirend to the i-liHoon that prop.
1 ho middle ''laM, inl(t ho Iour
A world prMHlnff down cannot atop;
And thH alow, from boneivth, with the
t ho bear itpthotyraMtftnd foiK
lluvtiatai'tfd to give thorn the drop
You m vrvi-1 that worktoa abov
The lov.., wni Injuml we know,
ShonlHie found with the wntchrd who
To throw off lb ImnUma of wt o.
t Ive h-l. t'icit, ytm tuttiloil bruit;
PeriinpK yoc h.tvn goods to bratow,
Vet, thm1! yon oor Hp would bp nmtp, '
If robbera ahavH we ahould alnw.
Iteuchliig dowu to your aurplini liolows
temsr voU K )
lint whom can yon n.akfl ovir m" ?
T1m law of aup(!y aiuldi-miiud
Unn MUMlHltWt li.op4iljr, to; '
I'Muamo yon canuot utiitaratand.
Tha is!riiK: wa oihu for alt,
With irtijirty ate in this ltttjd ;
' in J ja hav l(n iihm1 to tho wai!
j l!y iiianitf a crirtlt-r httml,
Uhlrb fomimm na-u vaitnot withat.tnd.
1l.uwtif t,dowiiUti,lin ortn
1hr oo,y have n tocivato
t ho . Id ! h,vr c'!!;!!! him to wnimo
Din f4ktt imi-t h-'l'i i U iv'.
(HHi l vol, )
foti wr hm th WorSn'r rl.
To I'.t.a tu couitvl of t kt
Von top up)o'ir .ir tti tin-tr n ,
And the il.iun yoi lotut o ! i
Hut li nd. j au'in a ceniuty ;,
'1 a n..i,iM wi foujiKl to ' f ; . ,
Avl 4i l thai a nitt a t.ia
TH at t! r! o r t h
1tovt hi;'Cs!.-jti thy hl jw4 hW
"Thlr iohrv thy U !t la U m-:4"
Tvi-'Hur tba fcto.t ut ia I tt
And thnn joii ht mit Muf
I b aid 'M ifti t -''- I 'U.
t'a aHjt iti'ii m a ( i ta ii
Xhm uf pr"l'V lil! rlv
tf I Aiini bi.r U .ll".t
Ah4 thy h lb b-u.a at l '',
I 4UkUt) .J1 HlVt ti'
h thm a attd .lvf-
yilrb hm, kt ha'f . akl,
'W r)l U. !! .
tf . tn aaih tni4 f tvwl
Au.t U vr y UMlMt v
the mm or the hour.
Tuo INmulUt or iwojJ' ptty ha.I"T t j
tv. emUcd ml-. cxUtence to cU ith . "PeJ-1 munff.:rt it can cor.ffr; p.'
new coalition, snd prclit poll-i.-al Mul! d ".ry hn o pre.
ni, l h r.l.plP.fn the war cf
hi rty which our father o:U not Iiave,
... . i, MBiiM- tr, I
n,u:.itua, 'father and frrlo- tbeir!
!inin?i from ti;em ono hundrrd jer
ago " The (near) world waa nl b.fore
thnn." Without a?ital thty cou'd
plcngc Into tho primeval foresilt, or
pueh u: on tht fertile plain, u nve
io nolle comfortAbloi'jderwndncfl- As
lut.j si twenty yearn ago men were etill
aioplBjr, ' Unco Sam 1 rich enoug!
to trlvo us all a farm." IJut the excited
croad which ao lately lined ihe border
of the Cherokee strip, waiting for -the
tlguul Hhich allot.d taedcHcraierush
to n-gln, wan not nitiKln song.
No; freedom, room to live, !a cot o
t-bfy to accure aa It wii. Too averne
mm, ttandlnjf a'one, can not defend
him-tclf, can not retain what liberty 1
kf', Lliti. Jio ha not, becueo of
chargr-d condl'Jotja, tho power Ui ii.ake
frco orjtratita.
'J'he foea of freedom havo advanced
jfrta'ly in ctinniuff and legal invention
In new mid obaeura niethotlaof ttanfcfer
ring the land und Hbeitieaof the people
to the mue I vc. Our father loved JPxTty
and fought for It lonif nod wrll. 1'bey
declared, in the laitnortal word of
Jcffd'aon, that "All men are created
equal, and endowed ty tbeir Cre ttor
with certain Inallonuble rfgblc, amor,g
which uro life, liberty and tlio pursuit
ofhappmcM." And In the fense that
rlglitacun never ixue to bo tlghtci, they
uiv InalktuLle; butiuotkally therlRht
to life or lib'.'rtl , i not In 0H"emloti of
tbo latidlt'M, tho mmirykbH, thu unem
ployed. Moio than luif oui'i-eopUown
no lund and mutt pay tribute to laud
ioropollaU. Moro tlmn half of tho
people ure dependent on cap'titllatii for
etiiplo)inent, and the capitallnU invar
tally aubmlt ttrni which aro unequal,
term of nt profit V ibtickclvoc, and
of corrfBpotxllntf' los to the
employed. Th'ii( btlda thlt, thtro
are certain gr a1 corporation aud trubta
which havo aoourcd ower through
elut icglUtion to tax us all at pleutmru,
to mako monopoly prlcei for commercial
acrvieea and livlty neccisltlet).
lu theeo wnya under a njlcm of out
grown laa and elufa leglulatlon, our
pooplo aro faat loeoraing a nation of
deupo'.H and K'.uvtti. And atatebtimuat lp
broador and mora enlightened than tho
past hat required or known, la now im
peratlvely demanded to ret cue and per
petuatoutilvtraul llrwty. Tho hlp of
atato la drilling aUadily toward tho
foaming breaker, and now handf, wUo
uliI patriotic, niuub grattp the helm
He two old partleH long aluco came
to be, Hlniply, political bulniM ma
c lii new, iua('bliie run for private protit
SuteiK bj uoy meaim aim tnHthodn, i
tho leal watenword of both. I'rufui
aloriul politlclana aro In fullccnlro1, are
animated by love of guln and putver,
and are making mtrcbandi-e of our
aai-red, blond-buught libertlv. The
democratic party i now tho ,-ct party
of the money power, and lu muohluo In
run by tho ofllco aeekera, fortlieptuloo
rcy, Tho profownlonul cro, of tho ro
publican putiy, hat aluo made it a party
of the corporatlonH, by tho politicians,
and for plutocratic denpotlnm. Proof of
tbcHQ charge la aeen rlgbt hero ut
homo lu the Relion of tho old party atato
conventions last week. Cotigros&man
Hryan, brilliant, bravo and true, tho
pride of Nebraaka aud the west, hud
offended Wall Street by bin manly tight
for ttiu money of thocontitutlon. Aud
so, at plutocratic dictation, tho NeLrau
kit tmtoiibe-run democracy phMineleshly
itplt, lu his face, iramp'od on Mm, and
kicked him out of tho parly. Judge
Maxwell of tho supremo bench, tho
univewully houored and incorruptible
friend of too people, offended tho rail
roads and the impeached buodler gang
of BlutB officials. And cf caurao he,
hIko, was ordered r-ack to prlvalo life
and scut thero by the tato repjblicm
rititoerucy, or the people,' wtljli?
Tho hour of bat tle has again muck, A
conflict with tho mightiest of earth'
despotisms confronts u, and leader
with groat minds and heart ara tioedoJ.
Mi it whom lliti Inn of onVt' will not buy,
Moa v lioin ih . putt of offit'o van not kill;
yru who wi; Unit, to f.tif atiUi,Oiin
Anil il.unu hi.-. trui'hmu muerla ai.boiii
Tll 1 1 u, u,f ri vv u -d, who llv abovtt tUv foa
lu pnUile hi' ton unU In prtvMwihluklnj."
An l la e;ich erlrl lit tho tuuo t.f
liberty gr V bro pittriotlovtatoaiueo
d'litrlit', rn'shty ni 'iut iumi, uptrluul
psit if tho uneUot divlno laglve'1.
N't o'l the nv r of li, of name and
Ihanw, of aelfl j) trau! aloisa and a.
utuid pu'i UlUut-oot tit brlof advu
tasfj of H-pjUed and pttmaai
lektd e-'bvenlioi wUlHl. tlf ndortl
ly tho daily p va not all the eomVt 1
furw of avai ko auvi amhlti to, rt nop
them. tUmlrr alidea from Ihem, I t
tf f rlixu! tln-y e-tiv not for, tut
no.' t,unrd f'.ro.U all auosu wod
li. -iifiweut U'.t all tUj wotl4 wottOcr
at t?. 1 .r Tlfjf t'hi!e
jit'innTa w lu f)va flh li d like lii o,
o. lii !a '4 forth tueinuttdvf
i.Kl MY t'KOl't.K uu
P ! I' u
Wty tut unit thutatuodvi
I Uv. rJH I kHl by Sir Joo, til
ThU Wv entail a woraUtg rttw dy
for tur atvlal l'. The nUoa ,
anlul fiiil r (.f?in::i'J. Tit r r-
i . i j. i
l"1"1 c-" w rcw-cc- w -
oi.H cot dcDiand fDBU or a dbJdeud
pr ducr,. TherBUrToduci
would be'org to too peop.e who trc it Kaoh b'iparate product can
b? eaii.'y btJiraptd wish the labor unit,-,
the laW value, entering into it. and
exchanging equal congcal"d labor lor
o'.hei equal but diffent prtduct all
want could supplied without strife.
vitLou'.temp'ati u to indulge in market
meannce. And tber would bo left w
fear of want, no burden of care, no ced
which would remain unvitt'hQctl
In this tiuio of Bufferinir, when b;
tween two and tbren ft,lili' aw aud
h tvo Ion iJten out tf work wh-a tNe
fimllicsof tbc unemployed. miMicrld
notloh than ten million .i!e. aro
utrugsllng with slow starvation, fend arc
fc'ug with hist VKnlebbs: ifcvii g the
tlgora of coming winter, and Inevitable
bberllT eviction, it I plainly the pros
ing ditty of tie utato to furoich work to
iho unemployed, to come totboasaist,
anco of the fiimlahl'iir, not with deirnd
Insr charity, but by providing p'aei,
and capital at eot, for all ti work.
Ab mt a year ago a useless, hrlphs
baby was lorn In Now York, born of a
royal lino, born to rulo over Amttlcant,
born prince of a kingdom regularly
growing in the reach of its absolute
power and tho number of its wealth
producing uluvea. Thokirgdora of this
heir apparent wa worth, measured by
it tribute-enforcing power, not less
than tloO.OOO.OCO, Anl tho prince in
herited ft life and death power over tens
of thounandaof hard-working families.
Sixty thousand men, working for II ,")
a day and forced to keep thir fumilica
on two third of Jt, mutt turn .over to
tbla baby, or tllow hi agent to take
from tbcin, all above the slave portion,
to mipply thl Americui prltco hi
fiVKW.OOO gtreara of annual revenue.
A nd out of ibis revenue could bo taved,
rtftfr buying baby cla'he, rattles, etc ,
almosi all of tho Jfl.OuO.f O", to buy up
mora land and Hubjiret o'icli year out of
the domain ef liberty, This Astor
kingdom, under prencrit law, without
fighting on the part of the princf, with
out thought or exertion to exUnd if,
will havo grown to three time its pres
ent size by the time ho reelie hi
majority, TVi hundred ihmmnd liill,
bred and horn lUtuulty lo aeree him, ore
doomed to enUt his conmipkd army cf
trihule-prorldinu wealth-producers Intldt of
t irmly-one yars. And ho kingdom 1
reaching out to met king 'om, till ah
liberty shall bo destroyed
We hayo written a phasing lullaby
lobe eung In the Astopalac, and will
print it herewl h for our readers:
lli' i the lutfst lu the Hue of tho Antor,
JiiMt a hnhy, knowing notblHt;.
Just a kuby, doing nothing:
Hut ho'a one of Iho plntorrailo luRblcru
With a rovenut, and ruMnua of slavtti.
Thero hvo itlxty tboitsand famllU'H who toff
Tht one baby. knowliiR noth'UK,
Tin one h;iby. doiog noihlus:
Aud a million other boblHdarathii npoilfor
Ills fast KrowliiK, ktngly rntluimof ;hvih.
They nraroni Inn to the murk t that w;ikcs
Work for lirlncelingstHt for iiothliitfi,
Work for dtidclings (ilolnir nothing;
They'll be fiitlnred by "the iron Uw of
And earn tribute for monopo'lt and
) whut folly In the talk of 'lmlep'B'fnc,"
When a hiiy, knowing nothfnir,
When a babt, dolnu nothloK.
Wldld as -Mptaro'er Amnricwiilrtiii'on'lftntH,
Who lutiKt labor for andbeutolw bis
Tito brilliant Kansan who some time
sioee startled his constituents by de
claring that "tho goldeii rulo and tho
decalogue have- uo place in politic, '
ha found out the necessity of having
ust legislation and honest legislators.
lie know now a go id many thing
worth knowing, as hi speech at the
G A. 11. reunion at uutcnlnaon, han,,
Aug, IS, indicate. We quote:
One year ago we were io iho midst
of uuexamoleU prospetity, monev ,
plenty, the factories were crowned, with
work, there never nan men a t'tnu wittn
adoiltr would buy m mm-U of the ne-
CfHsi us t t li'e; iodeed, tl-oro wun not a
cloud uoou iho horti'.on. la tho rni-a
of twelve short montn wo havn puviod
from that condition into imhi. trial
p:tr!vK st ignatlon aud death Mney
friiin nuildif thJO o abundant bus bo-
coutt' it Ulllioul. to pitviure a Itiw x
cttUM drink in a prohibition 'a'i. tho
tuetono are I no. th country ti tillod
wit i the uiiemptoyed, aud ttio eeuulty
U to w condition like that f dlowliig tnn
uck of a d v tatliigeyiiun. We afe
told thai tho rauw l over-pnHlutHiou;
that tho icain why t lie re i so much
ungtr isihat thero i Uhi iiuu i liid;
li v thort u many hiw. 1'nen
wo ar tHd thsel UUah oleootkkiivv,
w.i o o-inllUoute in what iu r t t
a much uioKey tody ai lut year a,
this tlmv a many mitrov4 f m. a
many ' tie-, a many won ah nd
wtlii,g to wet. I H want f i;.tt
dcBc, Un it, In tho Ute.'Utv of in.m or
l! t beUvtltvnN f OtJ. N tSiitt It
lto eMtioplfAi'y on tho u i o! the
liU eWol Walt reotwad trign.Uo(
It ki,ev ho ! Vt uo othr l etit'K no
otbs-r )lt,'ion, vt-vpt the pl ut o,i Mf
tho U'Hrtu i l4a an I tho v ?it..ia
el tho property of iutcttid "
m "" ' nil i. mi i a
X i l i u ut tru t iMoo riwiited via
t.tJIM' t tho rvputhieaq pUtforui thi
ol. HUoun WW, th4t til d llio-
eritse Uvform. of i' pUrk
tg rol'va H vry ( b.r. t ao tU",
abMinditie aud pW't-wio bn"r ,it
will b adat4 aat h- mett.
We reprint betow fuu of t, phn's
adopted by the NVhrH-kiiJoir.o. rai-v .. i'i it recent coaven'io", to
gether with eyplauation and rcma-.ent
which siicai nece?tdry. Tbe .- rity o
our words will be se-D to be not uccnlled
for if our rt-ad-rs rennber the Uhti
mony of fcores of prominent, tisg au-d
demtx iat. meli a the editor of
the Cret f'moc a, bimreif a delegate
on the' floor of tho ton'vention. Mr
IJawlby in the last issue of hU j)3rei
dec'atvd Hint "Outildo of a few- ' the
larger countie1, tdoetj-five p.;r c nt of
the delegates voting against silver in
I'm i!emcratit! convtntioa were federal
official, or upplicant for some fodc ral
appoiiitioeut." Abtatd c oionittee let
tcr sen tout prior to t in cor.tvn'ion to
tlie hungry hi(!o of post -office appl!c
udU tnifughout the vtut; tead, as fd-
" '-u wi ro ino t'mo ajjo riIot il
by th" 'tale central 'Ki uoiiUre for the
pof 1 1 liieo at (."li-euiiist'n.ees may
arls whh'li may cause a i-rtUhui of that
icti n. You are earLrtly urged t be
a', tho eoi I g d-mrfi ratio stav, cmv-n
timiOjtob r lib, us a delegate, llj
oro und havo your d- legation cnmpcseMl
only of deraotrrat whou you know can
Da ieiiea upon."
Hero are their plankf :
Wo, tbo representatives of tho demo,
cratlc party in Ncbroska. iu state con-
venllou assembled, send beurty greeling
to our president, tfroverCJoveacd. and
renew mo expression of our conlldeno
ana priae in hi patriotism, courage
anu wicaom.
We heartily Indorso tho admlnlstra
tlon of l'reldent Cleveland. We ro-
aalii m tho truth ho forcibly set forth by
tho oresident lu hi meHracio to tho ra
cial session of congress. t favor his
ncoiomendatlon to coogres therein
mado for tho repeal of tho sllveir pur
clio elutiro of th" Sherman act, und
wo call upo'i t! o ITnltod State senator
tospefdlly pass the pending billor the
prompt and uneonditional re jx al of that
vi.:iotu jaw.
" 'Ihe klngcsndo no wrong.'" (fid
fave tho king. J.ot tho peoplo go to
perdition. It' the po"1 1 flic a we AT
after, acd by damning 'Jryan and free
silver we're bound to gee 'em. Not a
smell o( the spoil till after wo have
ridden in on our piissea. eudornsd tho
Wull S reet'ruler' gold bug policy, and
I rain ph d Urn Md faoe off of tbfttyntug
man eloqueut." Jlo' Uhj mii irt, and to
democratic ftnd popullstic, for any use,'
"We must rivet tighter thoslucklcs on
Nebraska debtors (Ulevelaod Vi HI pro
vldo of uu) and trut th flip Van
Winkle worshipers of old dfmocraey to
bow In blindness at tho party sbt ine, bo
Wall Street intimates."
"Well that's all rights most worship
fid masters. We live on the dericho
road. Our politcal grip is siill on tho
people, ouly be qu'c't about d vldirg
Alth us, Because we happen to know
that tVey aro alleven life long demo
crats -e .ming out of their dazed con
dition. The blasted populists have
knocked our democratic mask off, and
thl Is our last chance to bvV service
and get puid for U. Now let tho band
play wnllo the devil got In hi work."
Wo denounce tho seditious and In
flammatory hingundti used pv oiiblm
speaker of recent da.ys and their effOfls
to stir up strife and dn-s.'iislon, and ore-
ate jealousy ttnl distrust in tho different
part of our common country hi un
American and uiipatrlotiu and fraught
wltit danger to our lntltutlons.
J hnuoinocraey or onraka decl.tres
that it msognizes in commeroiul and
fiuunelal affairs no north, no south, no
oast, no west; that the inter independ
ence of the states as ono people ordains
tno closest identity of interests without
regard to section or locality, and that all
teachings to the contrary hy whomso
ever disseminated are falso and perni
cious. O, you cringing, crawling reptiles,
You blood-suoklng sycophants! Grovel,
will you, at the feet of Shylcck and
spread your rlanderous sllauj over the
lovers of llbei ty, the truo patriots, the
nat ons hope! You, you Oill men un
patriotic and sedition, you who would
double ihe burdens of debtors and make
hopeless slaves of American citizje!
The American and Huropcan tnooey
king are sicivd, In your cje. . Aoa
you can help them 'rob wldowshouees''
and drive to degradation and suicide
our sous and daughter. Ua i tho no
cid nt of birth placed you, acios tho
sen, you would now bo rent and eviction
agents for nnn resident iung!ih dudes
and debauchee. Yryt would know uo
Ireland, no Scotland, no Kaglaud
nothing but theQ men and her wcrld
tfctplttd, p'Ople-defyivg, iguolile
lords, Hal you lived la America ir.
1710 and onward, you would he
written abject letter to the king, you
would havo Informed "hi higbuoM''
tii-tyoii stood among the faithful, ami
thai Mi royal favor wemld bo gratefully
rccelvtd )o, dtmitrraU,' You ate
nttatUts to the lus; man. You b.liovo
lu the divine rttfut of ft elan
command perpetual upptitlng rev
etiue Iroiu the ourwoiked prodweirg,
u';t. You atM m.ut -r!ouupptirtcr
o: at mieitiatlotiai pluiiHrsey. w
U loo lo a gang whom vHU "olernal
ttlgfauvo" w muntwaub, aud t xpo-o
and keen uuder-'.el our tl i tt" w
tolo from us and lega.ty ,U troc4
an Aiweauc rrriMTio.s
I t CVutrlU (Ma ) Courier trl! oa
of I'a rvadri what a go' d bug is, an4
th dv'hilU:t it ,-lve it t W lk:er:t,lf
vxutala abd vbaoilv that ) give
Utiour reader for th br.vSt td any
wk w bw ueUar la tUlrUd.
A rHler wants w katw what a cM
bog la, A (tdd bug la th go.irbitnd cf
tb-animal kingdonj. It bai an issitl
aldi maw. hi. a-a mncyariufof greed
and avtr.Ci as thy devil JUtt La tenta
cles. Jt ta no eye to ee the ruin,
di'm ry sn l dtfVration It tause it
t.iu i o csur io csuh the wxil thai comes
up from tho army o? unemployed Jl
oer the countiy for bread. It ha no
hnar:; there may be a kn A of ganglion
that send the cold biooi creeping,
o- z'tr.g thiongh its system: it can have
no wrm, b-.-itiiog hiffrt. It know no
chat i.jr, feelo no iove, and rfcogn'zes no
b o'h.'i liood, man or fa herhooJ of
God. It cr-e-d Is give, give,
give. Its chief attriouto is ia
preme seltJsbn-sH. it would dwarf tne
wo Id and makeolavc cf th chiMiou
of niua, It wou'U send the long, bony
liogers of wsut knocking upon the door
of ;tery c t!ae home, it would shut
out fcUiieuiuc, murder hope, a rankle
irofih'rity, b'iist pro.-pect, and deaden
utp rations. In short, the gold oug is
till K,iaonal d-vll of Holy Writ that
nt'ih np and bwn the earth seeking
whoTi is may uevcur.
Too Courier might huro added that
ihong.ibtr iutelllgf nt go'dhuj have,
like another tribe of imeets, s-rvant,
oil nd siippi rlers whofurnhh them vote
and tssistance by parroting their cry
for bentat money. For onrenlooco
ke mas'er und b Ud., servunts are
eltsncd together.
The Morton eiy at tho democratic
convention wm ti nt co man, meaning
Uryan, cat Wcowo greater than hi
parly. Accordiog to tbo same ruls no
s-tate convention ought to bo allowed to
becom greater than tie nitlonal con
vcntlouof the imo party. Uut read
the Chicago platform and the Mate plat
form on the silver question snd see
what chunk of bsrmony,
Tobo Cantor' convention by the grace
oftheB.&M. was a success viewed
from the White house or frbui the
Agricultural dep:u tmmt at Washing
Lat week was a red letter week for
the rail ead la Nebraki. They sue
cecded in turning down Ji.dgu M-xwoll
in tho republican emiv-ot I !, hmi iomuI
nating Hurrl-nn fm-Miprume judg , but
Hosewater a.v the js-opu. will reiimll
ate tiioir wo a it tue poii, arrt iu j
certainly ouh , to kikw.
Tho democratic istalu convention last
Wednesday was a corker, It will pass
into history a the phvoitericonventiun.
It wa rompow'd mainly of applicant
f or pottt office aod other positions In the
gift of the presided'. It emphasized
what had b.jorii bt-en understood that
no free silver man need apply. It sat
down upon W. J. i'ayau, the only mm
who could over be elected to congress,
from Nebraska, upon a democratic
ticket, in great shape. In fact tt was
tbo most merciless and cold blooded
po itic:tl murder that was ever witness
ed, it remain to be oen whether tfT
not Hryan frigid will hand
that struck, what wa Intended a a
fatalT)low. We prophesy thero will be
mto kicking thsn kissing.
The writer has been prbileged lo
tend through the entire tossions of three
tnte convention In the state of Ne
braska thi year; and If conventions are
an index of whit the political harvest
will b, the people's party, standing up
on It well defined platform, must and
will Buccetd in November, if the voer
e.wclses his right and does hi duly as
he feels and knows ho should.
At this lato date it is unnecessary to
go over the dctsiU of the first of these
convention; but it may not be out of
place to remind our reader of the un
bridled enthusiasm, perfect harmony
and plain and decisive platform of the
people' party. It dodged no important
live isbtiu of tho day; but camo out
boldly and defined iho position of the
party as favoring and demanding gov
ernment ownership of railroads, tele
graph tied telephones, to be operate 1
In the Interest and for the benefit of the
who o people; tho free coinage of both
gold und silver at a ratio of IU to Ij n
rvico pension to our worthy soldiers,
such pensions to ba on au equality re-
jfaulles of. rank, and an additional
umotujt Used upon the degree of ills
ubilitv; a pur bu'.lof, freed from the
pernicious Intluebot of unprincipled
politician and religious prejudice; the
abollilou ef the pn-ncnt system of c m-
tiaot convict labor; tbo Invextiuent of
titer stuio sobtHit fund for ib Imih lit ef
lhi pvoplu Instead if the Indh !Ju;d; aud
upon thl clear out platform if pti.yj
pie tho people' Independent patty of
tho slate of NVn -,' lend forth It
ticket t( clear, honorable and worthy
lioioluoe htaded by Jildgo Ilo'jomli,
a.'uitig the auffta.ea t.f all full' lolitdo t
toi-rs. .
la h u p roi,tr:tt tu tho a'ttt nauiod
1'invenlloo, i that l tho deMorraN '
hold jo, I.trnnlti on thwth, Ititt, At!
this evnveution lo, W, J Ib jau W
pH 'Ui t; usd It w uodrtti.l k lor
tho couvrntl hi thor w a a'li ng
CU vi-Und- - Jifoilnit-!itih!ntntUi
p! dijH!t..r ,, i..iti' H to fhe ),
taJvnU'd 'tiutt. Uryaa and at
Und foe th eeitumoa peoplo UjHin tbo
aU lutputAiti money Q4t!ou, wsro tu
ho "turccvi dowa axd a gold staudaid
up. The Dryaa .'orcs headed by
their brilliant captain made a gallant
fjgbt for pjre demoeracy, but wero dc
lcatcd in the unequal costc ;t. The state
central committee bad quietly com
municated with postmaster, prospec
tive postmaster and other appointed
goverumeut offl la's and thoro hoping
fur appointment, directing that so far
ss possible, administration democrats
only were to be bent to tho convention.
Oae notable lnsticcj of their "fucees
through defeat" along thl line, wa
fiat of A. 13. Chaide of Uurt county, a
Clereland-Morten-goldbug, who wa
unable to get into the liart county dele
gallon that county being of ihe Bryan
stripe of democracy succeeded in gt
ting Into th Knox county delegation ,
where he voted the county solid agslntt
liryau and the much needed mott y of
th3 constitution.
At one time during tho evening win n
the uproar wa ao lnten that one could
caret ly hear himself tho till staight
figure of Well. Ilarrlogton of Uurt wa
seen to rUe and tower above the bead
of all. Alter trying in vain to secure
silence, he stretched fort h hi hand and
with clenched fist and detci mined ges
ture he said:
"Mr. chairman and gentlemen of tbla
convention, Jesu Christ wa crucified
by hi enemies; but hi cause wa just
and he in the right, and be arose again.
I tell you gentlemen, though Mr. Bryan
be crushed to earth tonight he will
surely rise again, If you gentlemen will
do your duty next November and help
us roll away the stoue."
Several hundred delegates went home
with tho determination that tht ir gal
lant leader should not fall by their
Scarcely had -the democratic convert
lion finished its business, and the major
part of it delegate gone home, when
the gavel sounded for order In the re
publican convention.
For pureiine-sided harmony, thl con
vention was the crown to anything of
tho kind it bad ever been our pleasure
to witness. It was evident from tho
start that the Maxwell delegate' were
"not In it." Thootbtr fellow bad It
all their own way. They named a
chairman; they seated their chairman;
they named their committees; they re
fused to adjourn though a vote was car
ried In favor of doing so; they enforced
gag-rule to the disgust of honest-mlnd-ed
men; tlicy forced vote after vote un
til the field was enabled to unito their
forces against thut grand old man Judge
Maxwell, who dated to be honest al
though holding office at the hand of
republicans, and he was Jgriomlnlously
"turned down."
Several delegations ouletly went
home before the convention was out.
Expressions of dissatisfaction were '
numerous. Scores of delegates declared
their intention of supporting Judge
Holcomb, tbe people' party nominee.
Coo prominent republican, high up la
tho counsel of hi party, but wbo wa
and is an uncompromising Maxwell
man, said to the wd'er: "There ha
Ixei too much free railroad transmuta
tion to the World' fair Issued, with
Tom Bctlton a public dlpenor, for
Judge aMaxwell to stand any show."
ClfAH. T. (lltlKFlN.
We bever did believe in total de
pravity, for even tbe editor of tho Bee
has hi lucid intervals and can tell tho
truth when circumstance aeora to favor
it, as the following gems will show.
They are from the daily Bee tho day
after the republican state convention.
llailrcad republican ha triumphed
at the ci uvenuou, butltsdustardly woi a
will b repudiated at tbe p dls.
Bv turuiuar down Maxwell tbo re
publican state convention has turned
10,000 republicans out of the fold and
driven them into the populist camp.
Instruction and pludg do not tooin
to mean anvthiog in this s'ato. Vhey
are no sooner made than broken. That
i precisely why populism is making
mcli headway.
TiiK Call seem to b yet lu the gall
of bittern, as U wore, ami with its
dleettsed eve reHd vanl'.v into our few
personal words. 1 1 'a bile also bolls over
thl paper. Wo were depondlng
largely ou Uu support of our esteemed
publican contemporary, but sluco U
eourteiiiea and criticism aro in sup
port of another populist por wa
shall endeavor to get on ulon.
!....'.... I " J
"I ilk; harmony" In tlio republican
u nteiitUil a so Will concocted aod
slf. moving ihitt It tti.tjg tuvii's heads
iwitu. to ke up wlih it. lloforo a video
from the .Maxwell tultiorlty eou d say
Whoro are we at," tlicy wuro Udtig
sliolllid olf tb aUgo, I'rou curtain
rising to elwso it Wat a nt inwd-ruu
tto-l!t!evej, t:ivaid hgUtuiiU fuivu,
U k, endorav Gou, Wtevel a decLiu
ti ii. thut the pj"plo' party U ' t'hll'
ll ti Uy in motion." There at oioo t (
count hetlvety In It whoao itiiitlvea are
e.sjutlaliv s ltlh, jot a there wru
some In tho ehurvht who almp'y want
to get to heaven U itaAttm tU-y
told to the kln Unit td tl,hU'oui;e
the) are on the right IJo.
, ,n. ii nm.,ii
This tutuprr'' U Ka arw
grttiag jsilttVaUy V'rvd,