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r'roia tbe argument af soma of our op
ponent wa raignt as led to me eonciusion
that tne time wouia ooma waea monti
would not only be unnecessary, bat real:
Tha real qusstloo, Mr. Speaker, it
whether we shall Increase oar suddIt of
primary money, at we do when wa laureate
our cold and silver, or whether wa shall
locraaaa oir promises to pay real mooey,
at wa do wbeu wa Increase national bank
notes. Tba larger the euperstructtire of
credit, as related to the basis of metal, the
more substantial oar system. It we present
a bank note for payment, we receive a
trreenbaek; u we present a greeapaca tor
. payment, the treasurer nas a right to pay
la silver dollars, and bow our opponents
want it understood tnat a Silver dollar is
ocly a promise to pay a (old dollar. It
tnat sound money?
No. Mr. Speaker: If mttallls money is
. sound money, then wa who insist upon a
oase Droaa enouga ' to support a currency
redeemable In coin on demand, are tba real
friends of sound money, and those are
"dangerous nausta" wna would make toe
metallic base so narrow as to compel tba
government to auauaoo it lor the preserva
tion of Us people. If all the currency Is
built upon the small basis ef gold those
who hold the gold will be the masters of
me situation. We have a right to demand
that the future financial policy shall be a
part 01 me repealing ace so tnat wa may
choose bntween it and what we have and
reject it If it Is lets favoraule than the
present law. And 1 may add, in the lan
gunge adopted by the bluiatailio league a
lew days ago
The refusal of the opponents of bimetallism
to pi-option any sutmtUuto for the preeeut law,
or ui ulutMH-itie ituv dIiiu for tiid luture. indi
cate cither an Ignorance of our financial
needsorenuiiwIUinKoeiu to take tua public
mto lueir con uueneu
Uut, sir, more serious than any other ob
jection which cau be mado to the uncondi
tional repeal of the (Sherman law is the
Incontrovertible fact that a suspension of
silver would tund to lower the price of sil
ver bullion and thus make the restoration
of bimetallism more dsflicult. That this
will be tho effect Is proven net only by
reason but by tho utterances of Mr. Her-
schel's committee in discusaiuK tha finances
of India. that report says;
In December lost, a bill was Introduced In
the eonale to repeal tho rJbertuan act, uu.i uu
other to suspeiul purchases UQ'lor iu Whether
any such muaaures will pa Into Uw It 1 im
poKKlble to foreU:ll,tut it niuit be regardo! ue
pofutible; and, altliouifh, lu tlie llfrlit of pvit
expurience, prediction ou such UHubJoct wuitv
be made with caution, Ulsccrtalaly probable
that the rupral of the Hherman act would be
followed by a heavy fall lu die pt'ca of silver,
Tho first question for us to decide, then,
Is, are we In favor of bimetallism or a uni
versal gold standard? If we are in favor
of bimetal Usui, the neat question is, will a
fail lu tbe bullion price of silver, as meas
ured with gold, help or binder bimetallism?
Wa are told by those who want a gold
standard that it will help bimetallism; but
the query Is, if it would. "Why do they
favor It?" It Insufficient to arouse suspi
cion when every advocate of gold mono
metallism favors unconditional repeal, and
tho more emphatic bis advocacy of gold
the mora earnest his desire for repeal, is
any subsequent legislation hi behalf of sil
ver Intended? If to, why not propose It
now? What money loaner, loaning upon a
mortgage, would be willinif to lot the
money go upon a prow We that tha mort
gage should be delivered next week? Or
what business man would caucel an obliga
tion today on the promise of having tne
money paid tomorrow? Shall wo be more
careless In proteoting the sacred Interests
of our constituencies tliaa a business wan
Is In transacting his business?
What excuse can we give to our people
for releasing what we have with the ex
ception of getting something In the future
when the advocates of repeal
boldly demand, upon this iloor,
the adoption of a universal gold
standard, and predict that it coming is as
certain as tba rising of tomorrow's sun.
Head the utterances of these leaders in the
crusade against silver, fiend tho famous
article of tho distinguished gnutleman
from New York filr. Cockrau.J liead IU
article in the Forum of last Kebruary, front,
the pen of lion. George Fred VV illlams.
who, In the last cougreas. spoke for those
demanding unconditional repeal;
In the efforts which have thus far been
made tow:irilt a repeal, a uluirlo questum has
been repealed hy tne silver men so often :i to
Kiva a plulu Indication to the mtuiUion. S hat.
It te aked, uo you propose to put lu place nt
sllvor ptucuusen? There never was a ttme
wore opportune to answer definitely this
question with the single word, nothing.
Let me juiu issue upon this question and
say that the time will never come lu this
country wtieu that word "nothing" will be
accepted as a satisfactory answer.
They tell us that our platform demands
repeal, but does it demand repeal only?
Shall we take away the "cowardly make
shift" before we restore tbe real thing foi
which that "temporary expedient" was
substitutea? As well deuouuoe one kind
of food because it lacks nourUnnieal and
then refuse all food to tbe patient. They
shall not be permitted to thus mutilate the
platform, Jo suctt inexcusable attempt at
garbling has been witnessed since the min
ister took from the sentence, "Let him
which U on the housetop not coma dovva to
take anything out of hie house" tba words
"topuot come down," and Inveighed
Against the feminine habit of wearing tho
hair in a knot ou the top of the head. They
demand of us uunonditioual repeal. They
demand that we give up all that ve have la
tba way of sliver legislation before wa
know wbat wo are to reoeive. Sball we
surrender an these terms?
Ilollla tells us that tha third 1'unlo war
was nec'ared by the ltouytns'aud thai a
messenger was aeut to Carthage to au-
uounee tbe declaration after tho army had
atarted on its way. Tha Carthaeutans at
ouce sent representatives la treat far peace.
Tbe Koiuans first deuiuiided the delivery
of 300 hostages Uofera they weuld enter
into negotiations. When 800 sous of tba
nobles had been given Into their hands
they demanded tha surrender af all tha
arras and Implements of war before an
nounoing tha terms ot tho treaty. The
eoudiiteut wera sarrowtulty bat promptly
compiled with, sad tba people wbo boasted
of a iisuntbal and a llaiailcar gava ap to
tueir ancient enemies every weapon ef of
ten s sea defense. Then the llnua eee
sel, rising op before tae humiliated repre
aealatlvea of Carthage, asid;
I eenaot bl eentmead fan fee the reediaeaa
wttSt wku Ht have Obeyed every ordvr.
The dMrea ul she Huiaaa seaate Is that taf
Uiage ehkit tw MStyik - k
Hit what will Im too aaswaf of tne
pette wheat yaa raprasoat, who are
weUded U tha ata sad sliver eelasie of
the ooaeUluUoa," If ye vow for aaaoa
ditiuaal Npeat as 4 ratura ta tall thaat thai
yea wera cotaaieoded fur the read ia ess
with wkish yea sHtd every order, bat
Ms I coa 1 1 has dre4 thai eaeaetfof
tba peoe la's atetaitie eaeesy thaa a 4e
swof adr
ay 4eetaa4 aaeoaditieaal sarreader,
dathevf Mhr.stra, wa are the ansa w
great terms, standtaf ay tba pledgee f
ail tha partiea la taia eauauy, paaa4 bf
the hisuny af a auadra fears, sastaiaed
t tha ssoat aaera4 latorasla af aumaatty
tweil. we esassad aa aaeeadiUeaai sr
tender al the atiuelpia el gold ateaeaiet
auiSHs aa Ua titt eaadithM af peace,
be ti4 lust we stand tt lbs pledget at
ail piaUerMM, tat ssa aaeta Uewi
tha pepatlet alatratss a4eM4 ay the
at wasi eaauatliM la svaiataea taeea
We se.ta4 fr aa4 aatltnMe t 4aat af
i)e e4fci at tae t- "
4S u t.
As the members of that party, ooti
l!ie senate and ia tha bouse, stand rea4y
carry out the pledge there maie, do appe
ts ti-.ea U sfJtesssry.
THE lliriBLICAJf iimox, H1
The renblleaa natlonai platform a lop U
in 1V4 rvnuins tb:s plana:
of bo:u gala and U'r at ui.ntrjr nd coicoufl"'J
uMutiiipjii.'y of th.t dsm xrrauc .-vi uiau
u-auoniuiMooarviio domonjtiM tiur.
The sairt4 parly ia 12 adopted a plxi
form eontaiuiat ttte follwi-jf language;
The Aaiwicm people from irvlition n i ia
tuny d. iu toii tne uuui bui irotj .i i.v There are doubtless few editor who
a Hinlr4 uiJU-y. im.-b restneil.i H :obt d pati7ft PlriAF iher nrnnrtiin'tipa or
urmiufJ ny OMtiuiluoa ot vaiui of to11126 elt"" tneir opporiun.uea or
ii i!uKii lai ttio pjrj!iaiox and db their oblijatioDs. The newspaper of
goiu'ur papor. snail be e.ja!ii mi an u net.
try.irud' irAm for tho communlcaUon of thought
that everv dollar, pajwr or cold. iul y Uifn
.vecomuip.iati.jwi oi.ii. i prioiio u-p aparatlvely few people who can read at
rojJjrtUKUu by our (roi-.Tauia to wcuus . . , . .
Inueruauonml purity of value bjtwsea g u. W0 dO OOt read tttO papert W ft Cer
aadeilverfor uso a money throughout tb-j,, extent. Admitting this fact, we
Are the republican members of this honsecay form some idea of the vastinflu
AnHSSTtX 'tr.Wdirn ffl "rted by the correspondents and
interest?" Having won a presidential elee-KUtorial writers of our large dallies in
VtXeJiTfi .Xln&uldin Plio opinion
tiou lu iu effort to deiuonetir silver.') Bu do we find In the papers the
arotneyready to join la that deraonetiztraigbtfor ward, honest and forcible
tiou? Having advocated the Miermitn lavr " ., . . . , ,
becauso it gave an Increased of tilvefeeentation of facts and logically
ora they ready to repeal it and make iiqTawn conclusions therefrom which
provisions for sliver at all? Are they will.., K . . .
ingto go before the country eoniesslrbouli characterize such work? Instead
that they secured tne present law by snatof this, we usually find facts distorted
practice, and only adopted it as an lugei. i .
lous device for preventing free coinaco. jftDd suppressed for the solo purpose of
te repealed as soon as tha hour of daug blinding the reader to the real merits
was passed? or demerits of the question being dia
The democratlo platform of 1S30 colnewspapers, at least, we constantly
taiued time words: find evidence of the determination to
Honest money.conshtlng of gold and ell vcmake what is known S3 political capl
ana paper convertible into coin on dernancT ' , i7 " , 4V
it would seem that at that time iVtl any cost. Party eutscess is the
was honest money, although the bulliogoal in view, and no effort is spared
value was considerably bolow the coinugthrough honorable or dishonorable
value. ; means to reach it It matters not if
. 1381. through perversion of the truth oppo-
In 1884 the democratlo platform counents are unfairly judged or tho reputa
tained this plana: tlon of individuals maliciously injured.
cuiatiug uiedium couvartibie law aucAha the would-be brilliant expounder
money without ions. of political wisdom affects to consider
It would seem that at that lime sliveour simplicity pitiful if we presume to
was considered honest money. otject on th rourid cf ts dlg.
l883, honorable.
In 1888 the democratla party did not ex now whatever may be the practice
bFaanun-" U m0Uer queiUoB ,xce partisan politicians, or whatever
Jtrnewod the pledge of lu odeiity to domo1" be the preponderance of superficial
emtio faun, and reautruis the piatforoopinlon in favor ot resorting to ques
adopted by its representatives in the conventionale means for the accomplishment
M.lM.l.i.fnn r. .im .o partisan purposes, no fair-minded
since the platform of 1884 commonde thi Jun- S. rnaAv o ailmlt that
silver as an honest mouey, we must assumm, i 80n n y.,! Vr!
that the reattirmlng of that platform dePoHtjcs is necessarily corrupt. Web
clared anew that silver was honest moneBier defines politics as the science of
as late as lsss, although at that time it0vernment, and surely government,
bullion value bad fallen still more. that which affects every individual.
im jihould be pure, Tbe fact that there
Tba last utterance of a democratic naare people scheming for wealth, high 1
tional convention upon this subject is conoffices and personal aggrandizement
tallied In ths platform adopted at Chicagthrouirh DoHilcal measures is not oroo'-Hi
in 18Ui. It is as follows:
We denounce the republican
known as tlie Sherman act of 139w as a cow
ardly maaeshlft, frauglit with possibilities ot
danger lu lite luiure, which sbouid make ail
ol lut supporters, as well as lie author, ana
lous for Us speed? repeal. We hold to tlie uat
ol both gold and sliver as tbe standard mouey
of the country, and to the coinage ot botb gold
and silver without discrimination aguinst
either metal or charge for mintage, but the
(lobar unit of coinage ot botn must be
of equal iuirlnaicaud exchangeable vulueor
do aujujiea inrougu intorutuloual agreeineut.
or by sucn safeguard of iogiolutluu ai shall!
insure ine uiuiutouance ot tne parity of cue
two inelulH, find the equal power of every
dollar at ail Suae in the markets and lu tbe
payment of antbta; ana we demand that alt
paper currency shall be kept at par with aud
redeemable in such coin. V e Insist upon tui
policy as especially necessary for the wotec-
.ion of farmer and lauoring classes, tus llrst
una most uuieuseiess victims ol unslaole
money and fluctuating currency.
Thus u will ue seen tnat gold and silver
have beeu ludlssolubly linked together in
our platforms. iNever lu the history of the
party nas it tasen a position its favor of a
gold standard. Uu every vote taken in the
house and senate a majority of the party
has been recorded not only in favor of
bimetallism, but for the free and unlimited
coinage of gold and silver at tba ratio of
l) to l.
Tbe last platform pledges us to the use
of botb metals as standard mouey and to
tho free coinage of both metals at a fixed
ratio. Hues anyone believe tnat Mr. Cleve
land ccuid have been e lee ted president
upon a platform declining in favor the un
conditional repeal ot the Sherman law?
Cau we go bauK te ear people and tell them
that, after denouncing for twenty years
tho crime of 1873, wa nave at last accepted
it as a blessing? Shall bimetallism re
ceive its deathblow in the house of its
friends, and la the very hall where Innum
erable vows have beeu registered in its de
fense? What faith cau he placod in plat
forms If their pledges can be violated
with impunity? is it right to rise
above the power which cretSted us? Is it
patriotic to return that legislation In favor
of gold and silver which a majority of the
people has always demtnded? Is it
necessary to betray all parties in order to
treat this subject iu a "nonpartisan" way?
The presldoat has reonmtnunded uncon
ditional repeal, it is not suitleleut te say
that he ie honest so were tbe mothers
ho. with misguided zeal, threw their
children in'to the Cianges. Tbe question ts
not "is no nonest?" but, "is ho right?"
He won tba contiaenoe af tha toilers of this
country because he taught thafpuWllo
ouice is a public trust," and because ha
convinced them of his oourage and his
sincerity. But are they wlillug to say, Hi
the language of Job, "Though he slay me,
yet will 1 trust blm?" Whence comes this
irresistible demand for conditional reoeal?
Are not the representatives here as near to
the people and as apt to know their wishes?
w ueooo comes ins aeinaad? ot from the
workshop and tha farm, not from ttia
worklaguisu of this country, who create
Its wealth In time of pes? sad
protect its flag la time of war, but from tha
middlemen, from what are termed tha
"business Interests." sad largely frees that
alass which caa fares eoagreee to let it
Isstta meney at a peeualary profit ta Itself
ir silver Is abandoned. The president has
beeu deceived, tia caa aa saure Judie tha
wlsnes of the great mass af our pee pie by
Ua expressions af these taea than be eaa
measuia Ua oeeaa's silent depths by Ua
foaai upon Its waves.
tua Mistxs orpoia. vaooiruoAi.
ttFiaAt .
Mr. I'owderly, wha spoke at Gaksage a
few days ago ia favor at Me free eoiaege
at silver at Me preteat rette and agaiast
tha aaeaaallleaai repeal af the SaerM
law, vetoed the seattaieat af wars labwtag
uoa Use have avsr addressed Ue president
r this treuee la tsvar af repeal. (,a aataag
tha agricultural Classes; ga satoaf the
po, wboea little ts as preeioac hi them as
ua iieh ssot's fetuee la ta hint, a4 wha
Uiuiiy la as dear, and yaa wilt net lad tbe
hasw fc destrey the Usui af caoase at t.e
uafrleadMaeaa taAivei welsh ts eisaifrsted
ia nieaey eaaters. I Hera art UeiMseds,
vsa. teas of thaassads. sye, avaa
iMiiltnas, wh acta net yet "bowed us
IimM Meal" tat wa ptaeidetit Use
murage, litiehibw raiatec aa laetdeat
it tae Ufa af Ua sieat saihuty aeia f
liaaea, Al Waieaga Ua ataa af ttstiay,
sad aud dtsheatteaed, uoeffet Ua battle
iwai. tie eaita4 to a bar Sa4
ltf4 hisa ta pat teUeat. Ike la'
aitev i a sat w h Imii k est.
u4ttMeNtrt, btttlsaa ,
f t a kwi a rfcae mm4 ue
d4 fwi lies? I tth eaft kt nt
kta bl I tl It M M..MKS W. I Wt
it at the fffiMftkle t y bt .
W tba !aw literal',? and technically, i.t
Tne mull of that Touia frt la aost tqtry m
(him; in mt i otniry ami piaci inti tm mt
hadt of a rtrt.ur. That is a calamity
which we should try to avoid la the
present deplorable cccdiiicn of the
At the close of the debate the reeolu
Hon went to the foot of the calendar
without a vote beinjj reached.
Newspaper Reeponalbility
today la the most widely circulated me
tJjC civilized WOfld. There r 00m-
iv. " waich side to turn.and conscious
j upon its choice lu fata d
depends, coma
the words of Israel's second lawgiver:
"Choose you this day whom ya wl.l serve."
Wbat will the answer be? Let ma Invoke
the memory of blm whose dust mads sa
cred tha soil of Mouttoello when he
The uead but sceptorod sovereigns wbo still
Our spirits from their urns. "
tie was called a demagogue and his fol
lowers a mob, but tho immortal Jefferson
dared to follow tbe best promptings of his
heart. Ua piaeed man above matter, hu
inanity above property, and, spurning tho
bribes of wealth and power, pleaded the
cause of the common people. It waa
this devotion to tnelr Interests
which made his party invincible
while ha lived and will make
his name revered while history endures.
And what message comes to us from the
Hermitage? When a crisis like tba pros
cut arose and tba natipual bank of his
cay sought to control the politics of the
nation, tiod raised up an Andrew Jackson.
who had the courage to grapple with that
great enemy, and by overthrowing it, he
made bimself tbe idol of tha people and re
instated the democratic party iu public
confidence. What will the decision be to
day? Ths democratic party has wou the
greatest success in its history. Standing
upon this victory-crowned sammlt, will It
turn Its face to the rising or tbe setting
sue? Will, it chnooo b'essings or curses,
life or death, which?
What Methuselah Might Have Done
With a $10 Bond.
To show tho dangerous power of
vsurr, or per cent, only a simple arith
metical calculation Is nocesoary. At 5
per cent, yearly increase a fortune
doubles in loss than fifteen years, at 0
per cent, in less than twelve, and at 7
per cent, in a little less than ten years.
This power of increase in anew country
with small fortunes is at first unnoticed,
and in an ordinary generation develops
no dangerous features; but given the
power of perpetuating that fortune by
inheritance, by will, or by means of a
corporation which never dies, and it
possesses the power of absorbing all the
wealth that the tolling masses can pro
duce. Take the United States bonds of
1SS3 at 5 per cent. In 1803 tho people
hava paid in interest, usury, or in-
crease, three and one-tbh-d tlm a the
face or tha bond, and still owe the full
original amount. This ts legal, but it
looks 11- robbery, and it Tmrtiallv
plains why some people can live with
out work. No wonder that the finan
ciers want the government to issue
mora bonds; loU,OUO,000 in 3 per cent
gold bonds would yield ll.SW.OOO per
year itereasa to tncee wuo aid no work,
to be paid by these wbo do work. It
Is proposed, if possible, to get foreign
capitalists to take these bonds. FUty
European dudes could draw an annual
laorm of 130,000 from tha workers of
this country, and when tha full 150,
U aa.l been paid them wa would
owe them still, (.real is tha
god ot floanott.
Had aietbuse.ab. the ancient, bought
alii) bond bearing A per re at. interest
when he wMslxty-nlce years old, and
reinvested the prtverds yearly, ha
would hava at the tad of 300 tears,
whli h was yet a young man. 110,1
70. At tha age ot Of.u ha would hava
this vast sura multiplied by Itself, rep
re sealed by IhlrUea figure', and csiu-
r rising mot than tha aeset4 vattta
loa tf lb terta TweaUeta Ceatury,
. haw, U
, 4 I twwit tr Msvm tmi,4 t. 4a L
. . aaj W Iff It tt4 IK) j kt
V A yuav. e4 I wtit a4 bf im Vh
tkM It ta 4r asriet, e4 ka ham
a. . aaaavss. a a ...
IIPI Double Chloride nf finM TnMpfc K
W!H completel
lrm; cituaotiof
dro c f the patient, w bo wili voluntarily atop euioklng or chew tag ia Ta few dare.
h "j ui iuw ui our tm.tAi. txniMUi OuLD CLRE TABLETS.
taring irrmnnrni paucnie are an.iwMi tba rrea osa of tlquor or Mor.
pblne until such tltuo aa they shall Voluntarily give them up.
k V """.i"' "v""" " luuiimi"
j. ...nn.iiuiu muj ui
wvu auu (icwui uu van ini cureu
rJ ' ' yJJ iai:ar,i;e.
ii you ru rut-
UWU IS ALU uoratiui an uu iiBva UtNUICUrieU DTinansiiikf miPTttii a ' washes
Jlatdors not kn-p them, enelnea ae $ f OO
you, by return mail, a package of oux
and aewiU aeu
Write vrmr name and address
". ciuiT iHuitu are tor sooaoco,
vJl write V(mr name and addreaa plainly, and state ' XX X V W VX
DO NOT BE DCCnvro Into pnrchaslng
r-'y v v ass tuuf iiuvif uiiiss hp r ri I f Ml If
fficrtd for an Ik. Ask for HHi'D
TAiJL E"i 3 and take bo other.
Maaufactored only by
61.63 4 65 Opera Etocx.
I have
. - m x. x x A x -x m
. X X X X
31 yysyr
asm. -sa.m-' sr
li X X X X J 1
Lav -v X
cis waarrc
(In wrlUnf
$20,000 TO LOAN TO
There are in tbe west thousands of touts'
men and wonun tld down, br lack ol educa
tion, to Ptiraults which thev boartlly dlailke
and in which they will never excel. Are you
one of them!1 If so. tht collrue can put you
on the road to success if you have ambition
and a willlngneas to study. We leacb every
necessary tor a sucoemf ul utart In life.
if you hava not the funds wa will stve von a
full cour e and let you pay for It afterword.
you earn me money, 'i ne nuinoer receivea
this plan will be linilted to one hundred
and twenty student, Fifty graduate lat
ear. Kleven Mates re)reNented, Electric
ihorthand taua-ht which la the shortest and
best. i
After vou have read all other rataloaues.
send for ours and we will leave it to your judg
ment which college lu the W est ranks first in
standing. Address, ,., . .
A. M. HARQIS, President,.
Grand Island, Neb.
Want 100
Farmer Agents In Nebraska
For 1893.
The most coi plets lire u
wood and steel pumping arid
geared tilt ana geared mill rnrr-
machinery in use. Prices iV''A
IV. KIIU HimillWI ...
reliable and durable in use.
Agents wanted who have
and are known to be relu-,is-ble.
If vu or any ol your f"-,rf;
neiehboM want any kind of
jm. .1.1. ... -?
wiiiuiiiiiio tun ynu,
now and aecrura taa airencv.
m . ... . f r ,.
Cotroas. D Mnrcn i.t. Witta. ;(.
Goodhne Wind Bnirina Or"-.'.?"'
to,.. Si- IlharlM. III! fam f-itS;..1i
Itrmdina feed for V) horiea
and q head of cutie and (a
heep, It tand idle a (food
deal of thr time. I would not
be without it for anything;:
not if I had to get a new one
ITU I Ilia UIIIO BSSi IlllllOa Mil U -'"v
Hit tan savt thev can urrinrl abtmliel nl cum in two
minute wmi it. Mr, ane Mm, Haakei aay it is ths
beat thing they ever invtited anv money in on the
place. vountruiv.
Goodhue Engine Co.
St Charles, 111.
Look at these beantlfnl vsbl
cle and low pricaa. You can't
buy m from your looal d.aler
for double tbe money. Writs
or vur low aiar caiD, ins
Inaatevernubllabed. OverlU)
Htylea. Vcbtelva I0 aad up-
wara. ssarsieaae) ana e pward.
In tba District Couit of Lance ster County.
Josephine B. Wldener. 1
l'lalntlff I
vs. t
John E. Wldener. t
Derenilant. I
Thedeendantla tbe eoove entitlvd eauae.
John K Wliiener, U beieby not Wed that the
SlaintUf, Joaaphio la. Whlime, Hint in the
iatrt t court of Laneaatnr eonnlv. Nebraaka,
oa tbe lh day nf Ausuit, ta, her peUtlon
sealnat the def.-iidunt akin for a divorce
front the defendant upon the ground ot deser
tion and abandonment.
Tbe aald defendant, John K. Wldener, Is
beret.y notltlad that lie leas he answers said
iwUtlon on or before the XnS Say nf U totwr,
1S3. Ibe matters and Ihlnas la said petttk'B
contained will be beard In bis absence.
Tbts imh day of Auauat, imd
JriNS K. wii)iaa.
it Uy Lamb, Adams A keuti, bar Au'ys,
Low Ixouralan RatM-NrtfvWtet
rrt Una. f
Chloaio, one way........ a.n
wnicsgoana ratura 10.40
last trains. Through slrs
W. id. HHII'MAM,
A. 3. i tltMNil.
Iawt Corner hand Kiibtl etrcaU.
K.T. WoRa, tat. Agent.
ryvcar. l cm irrinu ia v ,zt 1, ;
hiU an hour with it In a V:? -. Y'rr W r
Sir. Hiuktlt. Hkf h null H.-r:,iA5'V'fe-ili-
if -rate; he hat a u t)Ot 'L '''-:.
"aLr -sassf I wi 1 f
"A JUrwifiZ
"A" dra. iiae.
Toarlale Tripe.
nooad trips Ui t m IVilaa CosteV
bhort trlpa k tha Mouatala lUswrW)
of (XiluraJu.
Th Gwat Salt Lake,
TsUoaskma Natloaal Park-, tha aoet
wondarful val ta Ibis cottttMat,
Purtouu.l. tha alwlltaeraoean ol
tha Paolfla ctmet.
i. t. m AtTia, a t. a., mi o St.,
e.U. UUmm, Uea. Aft..
Llscvia, Nalv
nfcfcifclslOCn nt 1BT1M
wi mi AmoictSW
ui icmimouiais tree, ana snail
mesa oaoiu iu comn.unlea-
oy tnenseui our TAkLKTS.
sale by all i-ikst-cuss
plainly, and state
atorpnuie or
and from
from ta
Trr Onto CniwiciL
for SI.OO worth of vour
rlck tvV' yVS s
S XX -I'TV J rsr
S X'kVXWX core
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r xx xxx
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them all riahtaiid.althoiiirh 1 waabothaliftavvanioki.ranri h...
ti rf..i ,),. -... 1 1 .
Truly yours.
TncOmoCnilwiClLCn.: GvNTLBtiawt It eirea ma rinumn in
Word of nralau for vonr Tahleta.
llnuor.and throuuh a friond. 1 waa led
eonatant drinker, but after using your TablnU'but three days he quit drinking.
Id wlH-Iiot touch linuor of aav kind. 1 hava wnitl four Bintifh tMfi.p wtriUnm
you, ta order to know tba cure waa permanent, Yours truly, "
uaed mornblna. hvaodrrmlnallv. t or
two packages of your lab lets, aud without aay effort
Address all Ordera
C9 and 63
I aaanuaa DMipat.)
On My ffurriitl for Fiye Xm
Price, 49. 75.1
Agents Wanted for the Kimball Pianos and OrcaR&v
A. llODPE, Jr., Oiriaha, Neb.
aWfffef Dcee si tpUt mi th indst Jt II Kefess mpptran-t
3ot$ it fall put tnhm earnee. ar bniih4t It 4f fuU fmUmdmgf
Di$ your $ealp Ueht Ii U rwinhaUdMn4Uint 1tktM
"" seme of your tymptomt It warned ttmo op you srttf boeom
bald. ,--.''"! ' ...-...;.
to trent them. "akfMikUfn''diiniAlna nnU.her miiiAeala Kne Alia it m., .1.. k...
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. laKeap the spalpolean.bftalthyan'l froe from IrriutlneerepUoas, by thense
(As sar ' ""troyS parotitic inuott, ul.iohi tm mid lUttrvy
If yoai drnmrlft eanaot ennpty yon. ssBd direct to n, and we will forward
Jar forai o0 pt pries, tirower, fUU par hottlei 9 for $iM. aoop, ie.pss
K7 South Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.
tsaot StNH
For Barns, Bridges, Roofs, Fences, Etc. 85 PER CENT. IRON. Adopted
by Union Paclflo Railroad as their Standard fretfllit car paint. Best Paint in
the world. Protects Iron from rust, wood from decay. Sold ready for the brush
in fire gallon cans at 60 cents per g-allan. In barrels 50 cents per gallon.
Manufactured by National Oil Paint CO., Omaha, Neb.
and all other Diseases of tha Beotuxa cured by Dre. Thorn tea er Minor, Xaxtaasi
City, Mo,
r, aCo., without knife, llKature or caustics no money to be paid until patient la eared. Wa
make a speciality of Dlaeasee of Women and Dlxeases of the Skin. Ileware of all doctors
aiao make a speciality
wbo waul any part of their fee in advance, even
slve luxuries. Mend for circular
how te avoid sharpers and quacks.
When in Doubt
Oensral Paaaaagar Agaa
Mlseaarl Paclflo.
The Missouri iicioio railway teems
to bo up with the times to Ua vary
latest moebeat la f mnf low rakta to
tha World's fair also to St Louts aad ail
eastern ptilnU as well as to tha south.
Aay Information deslrrd caa b baa at
I'Ail U t Uaooln Neb J. tl It Mu.UK
C. T. A., or w Uuls Wo. ol U. C
TowNhKNoU. r, A T. A
The Paragon Incubator
Is ptemlvei Ike prs'tlrable a4 r
liK.e larutmktf auw wfre tbe tb ( tbe
W I'atruttiM Hunt iMwitry aad
Ike twit. W dre (i kwl u pwuie al
UftNitrsabutalrkW year. We
ksW'bwj vkk kt rroui i) (fH sftol
U'i'4 iker in aia.'kia wtm i ui,m
wksa br wiiuta ! ksi.klue
Tbie tome tm ptrviuium ntrr4 al Iks U we
wra sri4 Ik aiuaeet aN uf buf by
Ike fcua ! eitulee. kut a vlrt elate
au-1 ttt il ik tiu uhatur, wfcH h awa4
Iks rkui ue tut., rir a4Jia
Bai 41a, ralrtary, get.
tfa mwi
from persons
who have been
cured by the use of
Hill's Tablets.
Daan Bin :-I have been lng foar
for tobacH-o tir.fl rnu.H t .... A
" X Ir a'7 jr S Ii
Xf X X naaW irAi;Msala1sa
m m a uui i Hi ii 1 1 1 1
.F0 7ou ''ai for It. I uim-1 ten crate
rorth of thestronvertehrwluv .
ona Ia fv. ri..r. M t ....,,.
tO lortV II nmof tnburv-n. II.
nd einoked for twenty dvo yeftrs, and two packages
Of your TableU cured me 1 have nodewlre for t.
It U I ivtAult ..7'
resile, Alien.
Tnnna Wvaav V V
Co.! nurrivurw !flir.Hllnia arm ff u..t
TableU for Tnliannn 1 ..i.J
.r.'.'.i.... i J "".
JOiiSao.P.O. Box 4S.
Mvaon tnm!iiilivii.i ty, n.J..un
to trr vour Tabivta. Ha tuihn.i .rf
nan. atiAlhav bmn -nrmA h. k.
on my paxi. W. I isvXJCOar.
Opera Clock. LCI, Ct:;0.
iraeit it tht eondUit ot vour it It tour kaU dm. aax
coot im
hale antl uiln ImI tj turn ttimjtwmwti i k.
rnina inio. 07 aiamuiauua io auiueiaa, w
a nete
Iu tbe eud you will find them expen-
r giving names of hundred who have been cured by ua, and
. Office, No. KM West Ninth street. Reoms 81-33-83 Bunker U'lda
City Paaaaafar Afaat,
Tie C:l Hfiiet C:e Ki:t
Llnrala ta Palata Belsw.
riKf.Ks rtaiiriNoa iks MONira
lll'Hos Sli'klUDIt MAMllirw
MlTOiiti.T. T IrVH'sf V im
firLuTU -vi mi
I Sos a Ts M abisoM
rait Tralas ta (Ittrafa aa4 Bt raaU
it ess Ceaaettieks ra k-t, lsav
kT tsvji' i rxsiif Ta4.a w suit kutkm
k. a. Pisi m, W. it, aairsMa.
vmrki. Am ui as.
Uea tua U Si-trtrr,aaa4ltat,
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