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Bat War CoBap-ll.a Clow ot
AceeuBt of tha InapoeelMtlt f
i Getting Keady Money-Correaey
I SOU Conauda S rr Cent
rranlam In New York
Big Qoln Bhlpm.ols.
' Sioitx. Citt, low. An. 19. -The
four banks at Lenaars failed to open
their doirs this raorninff. They are
the First National with $100,000 capl
.toA, the Lemars National same capiUl,
'lierwan-American Saving $W,000
capital and the German State bank
M,0O0. All hare large surplus ao
eounU and had been ranked among
the beat ia the state. ,
The banka closed because of the im
possibility of getting cash. All were
In good condition for ordinary times,
but withdrawals of cash had been
steady and collaterals could not be
realized on. ' .
t amqm km R. (KM) naonla and la
twcnty-8ve mllea from here. Tha
action of the bank was a complete
surprise and has caused a panic in the
town. Officers of the banks say they
will pay every dollar when tkey can
liquidate advantageously.
Par Cast Paid fur Cash la Now
Jew Yobk, Aug. 11 The premium
an currency waa a shade higher this
worninir at 3 per coat The continued
scarcity of currency and fold and the
hrevallinir hhrh rates Can o ' oe ac
counted for on the ground hat the
irold must be irolnir Into trust com
panies and savings banks, Spot gold
opened at fronj VA to 3 per cent and
declined to 2 per cent on tne neavy
arrivals. Futures were quoted at V4
for next weck'a dell7ery and IX lor a
longer period.
The sub-treasury naa a
debit bal
.ncof .107.5I4 at tho c?rh; LrWS ' " "
to-dav and paid $!)5.(M)0t iQ crold
and the remnmTit in treasury
and I'aUUitttes notes. The loan
e of the clearing bouse at it
ession this morning issued 9500,000 ad
ditional certificates, making the total
outstanding $37,880,000.
The steamshtn ruerst immarcx,
Which arrived here last night, brought
$4,449,185 in gold. The steamship
Campania, sailing from Liverpool to
morrow will have 14,000,000 in gold on
Wrd and the Elbe will bring :ioo,000.
ChlcSf o Short of Changs.
Chicago, Aug. 18. The financial
stringency Involving the scarcity of
small bill Is becoming more marked.
At the ticket sellers' booth at the en
trance to the Columbian exposition a
f2C bill was presented in yayatent for
three tickets and the bill was refused,
as change could not be made. Anoth
er man offered a 110 in payment for
two ticket and this also was refused.
A guest at the Palmer house asked for
two $5 bills in change for a ten. He
was told it could not be given him,
Bank refuse to give change for bill
even of small denomination and take
eff a big discount for cashing New
York exchange. A man with a bill of
$100 denomination complained of find
ing himself virtually penniless.
India Overloaded With silver.
London, Aug. 10. A special dispatch
to the Times from Calcutta says that
the absence of demand for Indian
council bills is attributed there to the
enormous importation of silver during
the protracted sittings of the Herchell
Indian currency commission. These
importations during the year ended
March 1, last, amounted to fifteen
crores of rupees (150,000,000 rupees)
against a normal yearly importation
of eight crores (80.000,000 rupees).
India Merchant Protest.
Bombay, Aug. 19. The chamber of
commerce of this city and tJie India
Currency association have sent pro
tests to the Marquis of Landsowne,
viceroy of India, against the sale of
India council bill at a prise under 1
4L They state that the action of the
council in selling bills at less than
1(1 pence has demoralized trade and is
causing Immense loss to the com
mercial interests.
Springfield Ilauk Mar Resnuie,
Srnrarim.i, Ma, Aug. 10. The
bink of Marlonville, which is conj
nectcd with the bank of Springfield,
both of which failed during the last
two weeks, resumed business this
morning and it is believed the bank
of Springfield will be on its feet again
In a few weeks. Two of the other de
funct banks here are rapidly arrang
ing their attaint and may soon renituia.
Kngtand'a toid (iolng taat.
LoNtHiM, Aug. 14 Gold to the
amount of fWMs) wo withdrawn
from the Hunk of Knglaud to-dav for
shipment to the I'nited States. Three
hundred thousand dollars was with
drawn for shipment to Toronto.
tattla IMaeaaa AIToal !.
SrRtsoriti is 111, Aug. l.- Secre
tary Scott of the stale board of health
has return! from hd wards county,
wfaer he and the stale veterinarian
have been Investigating the dUeaae
among tattle in tuat aud neighboring
top a ilea known as anthrax. Twa
men. Frank Weema of Juhuaonvlile,
Wayne count v, aud Wt lull ol Kilts
Mound. lUsiilios eounty, wv Have
Wea hatllitf ey devt tattle rshU tt
fcrl from the dWe. have Wen at
UUed by the but not fatally,
I ter tinSWaM im (. '
Sr Ih t, W, Aug. lAlfU
front Uolta Jaartion state thsl the
two we) tho held tap the l fouis
and Sea FrettvUhD train aar ft Jam
etrdy were a'rvU.I rr there
hu wtoruiaf by the aUvrt.t who ha a
totttlete thaia ett.Ua.
Th VUm mt flr-e.
O.un, Ang. SI. A man BnH Joe
;ilhrt and a martiei woman bib4
Lottie Faldin. from louac.l lhaff.
wore arreniea on we sirrri rar okur-
s" irtw-r l )ru in in r had
noticed the woman earlier in the night
1th C'aillier aud a fellow named
Maher, and at S o'clock found her
trcsrgling to getaway from them.
lie ran up and caught both the men,
but let go of Maher to take a revolver
from Cailliar'a pocket Maher started
to run and he threw the gun at him,
knocking off hi hat, which he brought
to the station. Mrs. Faddin cried bit
terly at the station. She has the ap
pearance of respectability, and said
the had for hours been trying to get
away from the men. but they compelled
her to stay with them, taillier waa
beld on the charge of carrying con
cealed weapons. The police are search
ing for Maher.
Ten-year-old Jacob Lazerns was
crossing Cuming street Saturday morn
ing and passed from the rtxar of a west
bound train directly in xroni oi one
going east. The motormaa, Charles
Jacobson, quick as a flash, reached for
ward and grasped the boy by the nape
of the neck with one hand and with the
other he turned off the current, lie
held the boy in midair while Conductor
lioland, who witnessed the act appi.ea
the brakes.
Tom Haler. who murderously aa-
iaulted John Shepard in a barn Friday
night, waa arraigned in police court
Saturday morning upon two com
plaints. The first was carrying con
cealed weapons and the other was as
sault and battery. The trial waa set
for today. Mr. Shepard was in court
and showed a badly bruised head and
black eye' He said that he has since
learned that Haley wanted to roo him.
Boldly Abdaotcd.
MiKDieif, Neb., August 81. Mis
Jessie Frew, a school teacher of thla
place, waa on Thursday of 'last week
abducted in broad daylight. It is a
most peculiar case. Miss Frew was
returning from the morning session of
the institute when she was approached
by Frank Fickenger, who seized her
by the arm and forced her into hi
buggy, which was standing near by.
lie then went to untie his horse, when
Miss Frew jumped from the buggy,
but Fickenger again grabbed her and
this time held her in the buggy. He
v iiere
he stopped at a hotel g, Frew a
PTllei'plalned her plight
thoUrtofd,who hired a rig and
arc- hnoU hnma Thla ia tha
Vjf fZ A .1 1 1 t.l . A
' A 'fltT
Purloined a retrlrled Maa.
T.lMOOr.w, Aug. 21. Frank P. Doyle,
a bartender from Aspen, Col., was ar
rested here Saturday night for an al
leged theft of a petrified man. lie is
held penllsg the arrival of Sheriff
Strwart from Aspen. The prisoner
had secured a license Saturday to ex
hibit a petrified man, claiming it was
once one of the cliff-dwellers. It was
this fuct that led to his arrest, a the
police had received word to arrest a
man with such an article in his pos
session. The prisoner tells a straight
tory of his possession of it, however,
and the police are inclined to believe
he is all right.
Blount Enroot East.
Lincoln, Aug. 21. Minister Blount
was a pan sender or the east bound H.
St M. flyer yesterday, together with hi
wife and a friend. His presence on
the train was not made known at the
station by any outward evidence, but
it was soon noised about that the newly
appointed minister to Hawaii was a
passenge. He ia on his was home to
settle up private affairs. His report to
(resident Cleveland concerning his
recent mission to Hawaii he refused to
livulge. '
Ten Dollar In tha Hole.
Lincoln, Aug. 21. While driving out
to the lake last evening with his family,
I. 11. indwell, ot iiaveiocK, had an ex
perience which might have resulted
seriously under somewhat different
conditions. As he was passing one of
the large holes dug for the viaduct sup
porters on West O street, his horse
shied at something and backed the
buggy down into the hole which was
partially filled with water. Fortunately
no one was injured, but thi buggy waa
considerably disligurcd aad Mrs Ed
well dropped her purse, containing $10,
Into the water.
Charged With Cattle Stealing.
Ogbino, Neb., Aug. 21. Cattle steal
ing on an extensive scale from the
stockmen in the northwestern part of
Scotts lUuff county has been going on
for some ti ne. No clues have been
obtainable until recently, but this week
complaints were tiled against Charles
Urown, Henry Mathews and Ed David,
alleging the theft of some twenty-one
head. 1 hey were arreted and taken
before Judgo 'Hur.v-vt for the prelim
inary examination, which is in pro
gress '
Tramps Made to Mova On.
Wtmohs. Neb., As:?. 21. A gang of
about forty tramps that have been
camped near town were made to move.
It Is thought they did iuotot tlie petty
thieving about town John Ake, a coal
dealer, left his office for a inumeMt,
leaving eight dollars in his pocket book
on a chair. S hcnhn returned it was
missing. Certain parties are suspected,
but no arrest have as yet been made.
Kaaravf County Ittttltuta.
Mi vim x, Neb., Aug. 51. The four
teenth annual institute for Kearney
county was held here lat week, with
an enrollment of eighty-two teachcra.
A go! corps of Inwtructor were pres
ent, among whutn was iTOfesaor V. tl,
Uardurr of the Wesleyaa university,
Lincoln. J
ttaltaf . Kaaaamiad.
SinMT. Neb., Aug. SI. The di rep.
aney lu theaiwouutaof Mark X. Neevea,
Utd i retwiver of the Sidney Und oitWe,
was'M ily settled Saturduv
and Mr. N. fully euiinratHL
The amount in question was only fn
IWaaai (treat ( amp Mavltag.
(n tli un l nte hun lrvd lwoplo st
teltdl the ik-rvU'e on h ramp
f rouit-U jr4.r. The rhiUlrra
lulinf. Wd by UeV, II. W, Shlif, was
eHHlail wvll attifivKd, a waa the
voting jiijii'a io'tsif.
tlli twit and .
ISS4 , Nb, A,? It. X heavv rmla
fll Irldv ki)lit, ac Mnl.s) bf
im'v! UvU K-i,i sttrut. I hi M'Ul
Uclo - tut ga wottlirfuM,
CrvHl wilt bt t;ttlul ht tht y
Tla Caia't Terrtb a Kiarta Kith a
Itratal faakaiaater.
It Is said that the unfortunate
Chinamen wae go to Cuba to labor
tinder contract, oa Use sugar planta
tions there ere held, the most oi
them. In a state ( slavery to which
the condition of tha negroes before
the war was paradise itself. Tha
following ia related as a typical
case: One of the Chinamen, Tin
Chin, presented a frightful aspect
His head was as smooth aa a billiard
ball, not a vestiga of hair remaining.
His face was covered with long, deep
scars, the sight of oast eye was lost,
hi neck was distorted and his hands
were shriveled and bony.
Inquiry resulted in learning that
ba bad been tha victim of the wrath
of ft notorious brutal Spanish planter.
One day, three year ago, when Tin
Chin and a hundred other coolies
were transferring boiling stlgar from
tha vats ia pails, the planter or over
seer stood at tha entrance to the
sugar house, whip in hand, snapping
It at the bare bocks o! the coolies as
they, bending under tha weight of
the buckets, hurried past Tin Chin
lagged a moment The planter cut
the Chinaman with the whip, and be
cause the latter wriggled under the
pain of the blow the brutal overseer
grabbed up a bucket of the boiling
sugar and with an oath, deliberately
poured tha eon tent down upon the
head of tha Chinaman. lie was
scalded from head to foot. Ha fell
insensible at the feet of his tor
mentor, who savagely kicked tha
Chinaman's prostrate body aside and
gain took up his position at tho
entrance, whip in hand, ready at the
lightest provocation to flay alive the
next Chinaman who incurred his
That night, under cover of dark'
ess, tome of Tin Chin's countrymen
carried him to his den, and there ha
lay for months, hovering betwjjon
- - A. 111. ..1 I
lire ana aeatn. wiiumy, elcai
treatment otherjnjf;hlch the
oolles cmord him. Much
rathcrjKrM nla.nte havn n en
kiln" die, for then Tin Chin's cont.ant
would di with him, and no money
would have to be paid for Chin's long
years of service.
Profited by the Fate of Tltoto Who Ilad
Cone Before ,
It was ia a far West village of
about 600 people, and the postmaster
was so bland and courteous when the
mall camtl in that I felt duty to
give him a few words of praise.
I hev to do it hev to do it," ho
whispered ln repljr. 'Como to the
door with ipe. D'ye see tljm three
graves over tharP"
'Them's my predecessors in office
three of iem!"
"Postmasters who have died, eh?"
'Postmasters who hev been killed,
ir wiped out right here because
they didn't tumble to human natur'
around a postoflice!" u
"You roust have a special brand of
human nature in this town?" I
'Exactly, sir. Mebby you noticed
old Bill Wheelor? He's never got a
letter in his lire and probably never
will, but when he asks for mall I go
over the whole grist and do it mighty
careful, too. If I jest said: Nuthin'
for you, Bill,' he'd out with his gun
and blaze away. Did ye take notice
of that one-eyed feller, Jim Hastings?
Of course I know thar ain't no letter
fur him, but 1 hev to run 'em over
and inquire about his health and keep
him good-natured. He shot the first
postmaster here. P'aps you observed
the little old woman with a bundle
ander hor arm John Dawson's wife?
Her husband shot the second postmas
ter because he wouldn't open the of
fice Sunday afternoon."
And what was the third one shot
"Got too high-toned. Uncle Tom
Wallace tried to git him out of , bod
at midnight to see if there was a let
tor fur him, but he bucked. Uncle
Tom kinder hated to shoot, but felt
that he orter do it fdr an example."
And do you get .up nights?" ;
"1 don't hev to. I leavo the mail
out here in a basket, keep a light
urnin' and the door open, and if any
one wants to paw the grist over he's
at liberty to do it It's the same on
Sundays and I ' guens the folks are
purty well satisfied with tho way
things Is runninY. leastwise I hain't
boon shot at in tho four month 1 v
had tho placo, and 1 tako that as a
sign." '
In i t'lrt'ta,
"It U interesting." ho said to the
drsnootlu vounir man. "to observe
the diltercnt names wo have fur tha
same thing. '
"U it?"
Of course It is." ho went on.
with tha persistence of the man of
research. "Take 'lumb,' for instance.
When It guts tdd it is called 'sheep.'"
"Anyoouy Knows tuat, -
"And the sheep, after It I killed,
la railed mutton."'
"You're getting right around te
where you started from,"
"When your mutton Is oooked and
servt a m our boarding house it be
ttwi lainu' again.
faatda'S tlMa.
"IK you reatUe," said the editor
to the foreman, "that you have taken
tsrrlele ehaaces on bribing UUcord
lato half the families of the city.
"Why, no. What's tha mattorf,- libelous?"
No, sin The damage It iMr far
reachlug than that of evon a libel
could b. 1 tremble thtuk tf the
u-otervt hatband and wlvet )$
may hats separated."
"ttjr rutting tha bav-U;U a&4
laihioat tM Ui ta pj "
Maa foe-fcalr.
"I am a ymsr mjn it -aret
Inches in height, weigh iss po
sound in every mpett. and am
to the prrtca who will agree
teaeuiiaIo eutu of unuuij u VuJ
whom I have tried to fupport, b
failed Tha person parehsicg i
agree to pay her a certain sum c
each week as long a she lives, it
for which the purchaser can do i
body and soul as be or sbe may
I do this only to save a poor lame
65 j ears old, who has proved m
w hen all else has deserted me a
shared my poverty without grii
when she deserved better things,
tried every honest means known
employment, and now I make t;
effort to do some gooa so mat I
lesat have soma excuse for exist
..a a ill . I a. I
wiiimaxea willing anu aevoie
and do not care what becomes o:
long ss my mother Is provided for!
The foregoing is a copy of af
written in a firm, plain hand.T
at The World office yestcrd
was signed "White Slave."
thor, N ilhara Bergmann, wasf
by a W orld reporter yesterda
noon at his hoae on the first :
the rear of 303 Avenue A.
slender, with a clear, faircotni
light hair, a mustache slightly
with red and pleasant blue eye!
a n a it . I
agea ana anuctea motnerwora
calico dress and sat listening
the interview, answering her sf
and then as he appealed to
dates and facts.
The pair occupy two smalk
very tare of furniture. A stove,
chairs, a pine table, an old chest of
drawers and a pallet on the floor in
the smaller room were the sum total
of their possessions. There was not
even a bed. The rooms and ever
and neat. The young man told his
story quietly and intelligently, but it
was plain that his troubles had made
htm desperate.
"I know," said Bergman, "that it
is unusual for a man to offer himself
for sale, but I am desperate. Monday
we are to be dispossessed,, and then
mother will be turned out of these
rooms. I would not care if it were
not for her. . If she were provided for
I would gladly lie down on the floor
and die. We have struggled against
fortune for many years, and hereto
fore I have always managed to scrape
enough for the rent, but now it seems
that every chance is gone. I have
now been seven weeks without work,
and in that time I have tried every
means I could think of to get work,
no matter what it might be. I did
not go to the street car companies,
because I am told that it is necessary
to have enough money to pay for a
uniform and make a deposit for
"I never learned a trade. My
father was a paper box maker and at
the day of his deathhad been in one
position twenty-one years. He put
mc in the factory, ot which he was
foreman, to take my chances along
with other boys in learning the trade.
After nine months I fell ill "with fever,
which left me delicate, and before I
had hardly got at work again I was
stricken with relapse. My father died
ten years ago, when 1 was but 1 7, so
you see my opportunity of learning a
trade with him was gone early.
"I am well and strong now in
fact, I am something of an athlete
and I do not want charity. I would
not accept it and would rather both
of us were dead than that we should
beg. All I want is work, the hardest ,
work in the world. i
'My father left my mother very
well provided for, but she allowed the
money to be invested in a cigar box
factory project of a relative, and every
cent was lost. During the time of
this Venture I . had work in the fac
tory, and I put all my energy and in
telligetoe into the business. After
ward I did odd bits of work and man
aged to keep mother and myself very
well, but for the last few years an
evil genius has seemed to pursue me.
I had a place as shipping clerk at
Daniel Canty's biscuit factory in
ISrooklin, but when the trust absorbed
his business I was thrown out. Then
I was assistant shipping clerk for the
Tieadwell-IIarrisi Baking company,
203 Water street, 111 litis city, but af
ter six months' hard work I lost my
place. There was no' complaint
against me, and I do not know why
I failed there.
"Since then I have tked out a pre
carious livelihood addressing envel
ops at 75 cents a thousand on Bar
clay street. When there was some
thing for me to doand I worked
day and night I could make J3 or
$) a week, but at I was only a dti
lute, many weeks I would bring home
but I j. Finally that failed me, ow
ing to summer dullness, and here I
'My mother wa first ftfilictvd with
iheunutUui two years a and tui
liecn such ft sufferer tlut one leg has
become much shorter Ihan he other,
and she cm walk only with great rin
and ihukulty. She nwl nwmh.
men! and are, and the i.ut that I
cantiut wiv tlcm la her dmc tne
wild. Her need have putrd mc on
through many a weAty )f r and hae me duttbf; my c sen tons la Ed
work. Hut 1 i i' in Iti ru stuped
Mr. Jkfgnun sjeak I'nglith ir-uif
f"rcn!ly, but sht 1 abiJ m wy llwt
her mm vn nltf .tud indutrUui
siut tad l-?n to it Utthiul and jentlc
ta Ut --New vtk Wot! J,
three iiitw
Have soils ttsel comer
ubiunuel eteel mrw ana
kracet; Dot fence wire. Tbey
sre uqht, $11100. 81 H PLC m
CONSTRUCTION, much cheaper
iu wood auii will last a Ufa
time I Our mills and towers are
Gl'AFUNTKBO. Write for
price snd clrculsrs. Address.
XsnUoulns thl s paper.
ArkanaaaCity Kansaa.
Sold direct to ichool oflicera
Circular! free. Addreu,
Adjustable School
4 f
(lit Edition of 6,000 all sold.)
190 Pages Heavy Paper, Sow Read!.
Price, paper Sse; cleth tl.OO.
Address Tns Allusck Pes. Co., Lincoln. vh.
"Money Monopoly, by E. R. Baker, It pro
nounced by reprewntatlve leaden In toe reform
caoH to ba the moit comprehemlvs work ever
publlihed on th money question.- Every asser
tion backed up by undeniable preefi. Truly the
Oatllng gun of wago-tlarary against plutocrat!!
opprewtlun." lows Tribune, Gen. Wearer's pa
100,000 Acre Just Put Upon tbe Market !
Small Cash Payments
5 to 20 Years Time.
For map of Nebraska and further
particulars, call on or address,
St Joseph Biifffi-y Co. Carriages and
Buggies at lowest prices. Catalogue,
and pries list free. 6th and Messania
Sts. St. Joe. Mo.
The unknown heirs of L. F. Wyman defen
dants, will take notice that on the lltb, day of
jmy itwi u. SUK-Kton tn piaiutin nerein
filed his petition In the District Court of Lan
caster couuty Nebratika ualnst eald defen
dant the object and prayer of which U tr.e
eancellatlon and satisfying the records ot a
certain mortgage bearing date Nov. IMh, 187JV
ana ntea or recora on uec. it. tsa, gjven oy
one Jamen Theo lore to L. F. Wyman on lot 9
block 185 lu city of Lincoln located on went ne
half of the south-west fourth 8c. 35 township
10 range Sean. Von are required to answer
said petition on or before the 3rd, day of Sep
tember 1803 or 4id petition will be taken us
true aim tne prayer therein granted.
L. C. Stocktok.
By bis Attorney, VV. C. Kraaipton.
Half Rata Summer Excursions to
tha Black Hills,
Ju!y 15 to August 15 tho B. & M. will
soli round trip tickets to Hot Springs
and Deadwoitil, S. D , at one fire, jrood
returulnsr lor ;:0 days.
Til's a'lordi an excU)nt opportunity
of tuaklnif a ubditp and eojoyablc trip
to thcaa cool n-aorts and should ro
lukea advautaro of by everyooa con
tcmpitttliiK a summer trip. Tickets
ami full iaforiQttt'.on at dext or city
oftlce, ctrner () od 'IVnth street.
A. U. Ziemir, G. l and T, A.
Tb'iS statoaunt U Row tcpeatoU
l'tUliit,kysasutaijM)dkloethehoreaUtoa'riUi. W
tArrrv ritoM nuNAwava
Any wr U LV..I
.1 AT 1 1 n A 1 1. r I II T wt U ri-i w
h ilu!nf tha Hunt tUUti btrt aat
1. Wo
'r 1,8 fc-ie MMI a
Tl ly Wt la tW w-ft4 that t aakfstJ. a.1faralp, w am! 41 b Ik fin kf '
liMriao rravaaiuMi i vrusitj ia AKtmaja, jm iltyHttt iMfAwruyt
Vurem in tn U. a.
Unt rutcrtal
Miatwra. latitat ta
II, alaeMat. aaca-
rc THE
Uaa, Draaeaala. tl
.aat'aaaeltilea. a
Braata, aaa die
, Liver aaa Bawala, T
ra BocalBV taiwrlooa te a
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