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Nebraska Fanntra' AttUnc.
J. H. Powiba, PrMldent, Cornell.
W. Pothtis, Vlos-Pr , Albion.
J. M. Thomfsgs, 8 tats 8ec"y. Linoain,
a. C. Fajbchild, Lecturer. OaaJai.
B. r. JXt. Chairman, Kx. Com.. Wabssh.
I Which is a worse enemy to good
government a man who will sell his
vote or a man who will wilfully stay
awaj from the polls?
2. Resolved, That the best solution
of the race problem is negro coloniza
1. The Briggs trial for heresy.
2. Which is best? Deep or shallow
cultivation of corn.
3. The twentieth century
4. The Belgian revolution.
1. The dehorning of cattle.
2. Is partlsanlem dying out?
3. The land question is the single
tax the solution?
4 Is America fostering a monied
Resolution Worth Reading.
Oak Valley Alliance and Industrial
Union No. 1354, Oak precinct. Lancas
ter county, Nebraska.
At an open meeting of the above
named alliance the following resolutions
were adopted:
Resolved, That we earnestly endorse
General Weaver's efforts to establish a
great nationally college at Des Moines,
Iowa, in which shall be established
professorships with the following curri
culum: Land, public utilities and in
antloas, finances, transportation, con
Btltutlonal law, legislation, suffrage,
applied Christianity and public debates.
We pledge our co operation and sup
port so far aa we are able.
Every lover of his country and every
lover of the human race should txnl
very attach,he sublime teach
ing of Jesus Christ to civil government.
Pour-fifths of his divine teaching as
set forth in the four books of the gospel
had direct reference to the temporal
wants and lightening the burdens of
fha nannlp
Plutocracy must not and shall not
lord over Uod's heritage, "tie mat
will not work neither shall he eat:"
this is God's fundamental law Inflicted
nmn AHam anrl the human race.
When all men and women who are
able to render service are put to
work the nation will produce ia three
hours and seven-tenths of an hour each
day all that the nation is produciug
thta Cnd-lfke svatem we would
vuuvi ,--
have time to beautify and adorn the
earth, sweeten, beauuiy ana aaorn our
own lives and fit tbem for a better
world to come- .
The clergy of this state and nation
who are preaching "goody goody" and
submission would serve God more ac
ceptably by hurling thunderbolts of
' divine wrath at our modern civilization
that admits ot little children in our
great cltit-s being driven into the chill
ing mist of early morning, and driven
In pitiless armies into sweating shops
and great factories to wear their little
lives away in order to stuff the unholy
-coffers of our millionaire plutocracy.
And upon the boundless prairies of
the west our little boys with immature
limbs and hands raised almost to a level
with the crown of their heads pinned
to plow handles from ten to sixteen
hours per day. .
"Oh! shadow of our departed fathers,
lnnlr rlnwn in mtv uDon our sorrowiae
country when children reared in this
way become the future iatners ana
mothers of this land."
A. N. Housel. Secretary.
P. S. State papers are requested to
Picnic and Rally.
Oak Valley Alliance and Industrial
" Union No. 1364 will hold a picnic on
July 4th, 1893, at the residence of Wm.
Awkerman's adjoining county farm on
the north. W. V. Allen, U. S. senator,
has been Invited to ba present as ora
tor of the day. Very cotnprehi nslvr
arrangements are being made for a
great day. By order of
FOR SALE At a bargain, one of the
best paying Photograph Galleries in
the city of Lincoln, Neb. Will teach
purchaser the trade if necessary. Hud
a 4.000.00 trade past year. For parti
culars address, W. & Clinkenbeard,
Lincoln, Neb.
Ripans Tabules assist digestion;
sweeten a sour stomach; cure .liver
Use Northwestern line to Chicigo
Low rates. Fast trains. Office 1133
Call on Goo. Natterman & Co. for
carriages, wagons, binder, and all
farm implemeats. We'll use you right.
213 South Ninth St., Lincoln.
Uh North wasters line to Chicago
Low rate. 'Fast trains. Qffloa 1133
6e the Zehruog Glass and Paint Co
for paint, glass and glased sash. 8. K.
ooraer of 12 ih a ad M, streets, Llncola
St. Joseph Buggy Co. (Wrtag e anj
Buggies at lowed price. Catalogue
and prtoa list free, 0th and Mal
Sis., SI Jo Mo.
Missouri Pstifts Railway.
TVIt Oflw si ! Twstri
(1 HUM iS.
Aufrwr NS C H E is.. . , " H V "T "
M. Im1i , 4i ( I
A J ill kif. Kwm'MiI
K. L-m KapraM,.,,. H,kH
AdtMMm tuvM.... ,,,, ... , fim t.ntm
-Tb tang Is dosd Is tuy hrt." sang .
-A md( that I txKKNl from the hums rc
Glad at lh sua on s trroy
Or s morn lag besot on the sailor's lacs."
"There srs rounds of darn. In human wrong
That press my own In th bonds ot grief.
Who have no part In the harvest song.
Whose pUlowt are laid with the hnr.ger
aheaf." "The whirl goes on neath the midnight moon
That hides her face on their sleepless woe.
And agony delves in a dying swoon.
While the hungry children haunt me so."
Toller are bunted with hounds of hell.
Their blood scarce stayed with the master's
Oh' God teat pen or tongue should tell
How surely these slaves are kin of mine."
"One pawed me by with his bruised feet.
He late had risen from lair-like den;
A sti anger sad In the city atreet
Whose future friendi be the homeless men."
''My snpg is quenched, and lis soul is fled.
There fslls such s cry of human pain;"
Its music is bushed," the singer said
"With poverty out In the wind and rain."
"The song is buried my spirt craves.
Drowned with the tears that are on my
My voice Is lost 'mid the roar of waves.
And I know that song and I must part.
-The National Alliance Aid"
As adopted by resolution at the last
meeting of the State Alliance is bring
rapidly pushed into all the counties of
the state. What life insurance is to
the Workmen, Woodman, and other
fraternal orders, this is and will be to
the alliance. It is one of the best
methods to reorganize and will do as
much ti hold the alliances together.
An aid degree Is formed in the "alli
ance," and m one except alliance mem
bers can become members. Aid in the
form of life insurance is given to all
members over 18 and under 55 years.
Any man r woman over 55 years can
become an honorary member of thejde
free. A brother can carry a benefit
certificate made payable to his wife or
another. Or he and his wife can make
a joint, cert.flcate payable to t ither at
death, This is a new feattre.DOt com
mona to other fraternal orders. The
cost to carry a benefit with "the Alii
ance Aid" in the average of age, will
probably amount to from (even to nine
dollars per year.
The "Alliance Aid" has in addition
to the death benefit an accident feature.
If a member loses one limb one fourth
of the "benefit is paid;" if he loses two
limbs, either hands or legs, one-half is
paid. For lods of one eye one-fourth is
paia. r or loss of bom tyet one-naif i paid.
The remainder at death.
The "Ailiauce Aid" is now working
in all parts of the nation, and the mem
bers are learning fast the benefits to
themselves, ine order, and its princi
pals are those which all are so deeply
Interested in seeing made the law of the
laud. The scribes and county or
ganizers are requested to study care
fully the instructions and blanks sent
out to guide t'.em in their work. Send
in your wants to W. F. Wright state
organizer, Box 15, Bethany P. O ,
Lancaster county Nebraska and you
win do attenaea to as quicKiy as possi
Bro W. F. Wright State organizer of
"National Alliance Aid" wants county
organizers in eacn county. County or
ganizers appointed to date are:
Tbos. H. Marshall, Williamsburg,
Phelps, county.
O. Hull, Alma, Harlan county.
Martin Daniels, Oxford. Furnas
Oscar A. Truman, Franklin, Frank
lin county.
John S. Saulsbury, Ravenna, Buf
falo county.
Geo. Lynn, Hastings. Adams countv.
W. H. lalcott, Tecumseh, Johnson
Organizers are appointed for other
counties but active work can not be
commenced until the state organizer
can get the machinery in motion which
win oe aone as rapidly as possible.
Farmers' Club.
On last Thursday the Lancaster
County Farmers' club held a very profi
rable and enjoyable meeting In J. V,
Wolfe '8 grove. The meeting was well
attended. 1 he basket dinner was simp
ly immense. The exercises were hiiih
ly interesting and profitable. We in
tended to give a full report of the meet
ing, but the publication of Judge Max
well's decision has made our space too
Mid-Summer Rallies.
The state central committee have
made arrangements f sr Senator Allen
and other prominent speakers to speak
at the following places.
Tecumseh, .June 12.
Beatrice, " 13.
Geneva, " 14.
Ked Cloud, " 15.
Franklin, " 16.
Alma, " 17.
Indlanola, " 19.
Holdredge, 20.
Hastings," " 21.
Clay Canter, " 23.
Nelson, ' " 23.
Lincoln, " 24.
All ot the meetings will be held at
2 o'clock p. m. Local committees wild
make necessary arrange moots.
(i. W. BLAKE. C. II. PlRTL.
Chairman. Secretary.
A Correct Dedaltlua.
Anything thai will by law or cus
tom pay a dollar of debt Is aa honest
dollar, a hundred cent dollar. No law
nor custom, nor other power ran make
a dollar a lgal aad sufficient tender
for any purpus but the disoharra of a
debt alrvady contracted. Had in sli
ver dollar not been dlvsstod ot this
powsr la 1973 It would today command
a higher bullion pric than ful 4. Lin
coln Uerald
I'sa Northwester Una to Chicago.
Low rate, last tmlna. Gc llU
The cheapest plain for muaumenU is
atlUi-v Nai term so'. 313 South Math
tit, Unooia.
ar 4. a. aiwiKBTos.
amlrhty stride toward human liberty.
The end of the nineteenth century will
not be an exception to that rule.
ing banks are the fellows who insist
that the present financial system is tne
best the world ever saw. It is for
The lefson of the French revolution
ought not to have been in vain. The
oppressors of labor ought to take warn
ing. 13 ut tyranny is ever needless oi a
day of reckoning.
The next revolution in the way ot
progress will be industrial revolution .
It will be the consummation of all
the struggles of the past, the acme of
the efforts toward human liberty.
Mossbacke, old fogies and hypocrites
have always tried to bleck the advance
of reform. They have always stood in
the way of the car of progress. And
they always finally got run over too.
The love of human liberty if left to
take its own course Is harmless. But if
tampered with it ia dangerous. If con
fined it becomes an explosive that will
"raise Cain" when the pressure grows
too strong. Plutocracy should get off
the safety valve.
The Almighty endowed every man
with reason. A great many men don't
show any very alarming symptoms of
it, but he did just the same. He in
tended every man to use that reason,
to think for himself. Think,. act, vote
as you please. Do not let anyone else
dictate to you.
The minds of the great plain people
keep pretty close to the primary stand
ard of right. When the minds of the
leaders, through lust ot power or of
gold, get too far away from that pri
mary standard, then it is that the
masses assert themselves and place new
men at the front.
Labor has beautified this planet.
Labor has covered the earth with tem
ples and happy homes. Labor has car
ried the race forward on the road of
progress. Labor has been the great
lever for the advancement of mankind
And yet labor is clothed in homespun
and rags, w&ue idler dress in oroaa
cloth and roll in ease. Is this right?
There are mutterings of discontent
throughout the world. Even the Orient
Is feeling it. The masses are preparing
for one supreme effort to throw off class
rule. A social cataclysm is coming
Af ler that is over the tollers will be
lifted to their proper sphere as the
true nobility of this world. Then
justice and liberty will come to dwell
among men.
The average man kicks about mon
opoly and hard times for three hundred
and sixty-four days in the year and on
the three hundred and sixty-fifth day
goes to the polls and puts in bis ballot
in favor of both oi tbem. Yes, every
man Is a sovereign iu America, and a
majority of the "sovereigns" are
bandied like putty by tne party doss.
Men, who have brains to think for
themselves and eyes to see into the
future, know that there is an invisible
power that stands on the side of right
and carries it anally forward to success,
The enemies of human liberty may
seem to succeed for a time but when
they meet this power they are swept
aside as autumn leaves before a storm.
One of the rulers of ancient Greece
was confronted by exactly such a situa
tion as the American people are con
fronted by today. Everybody was in
debt ahd trade was stagnant. This
ancient Greek doubled or trebled the
volume of currency. tAnd the result
was unbounded prosperity and happi
ness for a century. This is one more
lesson those wonderful Greeks have
taught us.
In the old days the thief did not show
his face openly. He haunted the high
ways and byways on the borders of
civilization or prowled in unfrequented
parts of the seat He fellon his victims
by night and fled from the pajesty of
the law. Now the thief lives in houses
with brown stone fronts. He is at the
"top of the heap" in society. He haunts
the stock exchange, and the halls of
congress. He is even elected by the
people to hold office. Times have
changed, you see.
Did you ever watch the coming of a
storm? First the faint mutterings and
distant flashes ot light; the marshalling
of the hosts ia the air on the far west
ern horizon; then the rising of the blue
trembling masses through the sky,
acenmpained by gleams and rumblings
while the earth holds its breath; then
the clashing of the elements, the as
sault of the rain, the wind and the hail;
and finally the peace and beauty of the
earth after It has all passed over. Such
li the coming of tho great industrial
Chicago Orala and Live itock
Ciioaoo. Juns T, 1SSS.
CarrkS-KecelpU l.VO head; market steady;
good to choice steers, Uu& so- others, U l(i
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n M n.
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hla-heri ttUaed aa packets. A) )
a rw; srita hnary and sutrher's weights,! to
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Prime native, U to mtKrui, t US
O nam- W kest, TV; uri, 0, ou, ft.
Omaha Live Ntoca.
OwSnA. June f. ISM.
Cims-fl-wl to shale cum, u ):
ether iJt S3.
Otw-j stuchers had fSMters, t T
M-ws-SS tM .
kasae-J tuj .
Missouri fadfio am offering ths very
lowest rate (or round trip Uckeuto the
World's Fair. ttud tor return until
November 14 1I. Also hat i!al
oasal summer tourist UcksW at ths
usual low rata a can hi verltUnl by
caning at ami iwiu sir, uncolii.
Nh. j. K it Ml li. sr. C T. A. or II.
UTuwNsaNct, (1. V, A f. A, St Louis,
i. T. U. SWIOABT. Beerstarr f th
fbreaka Mutual Cyclone. Tornado end Wind
Mom Insurssos Company, KUlTUtt. AU
DDattlUttUUU Ml Pin. vn,nn nf H&ll
jrsuraoo should b addressed to bin at
Uneola. Nebraska.
Some time ago we submitted a propo
sition to help start a state fire company
for those who had no local mutual com
pany. Wo have had some response al
ready and perhaps if those who are
now wanting to organize would oome In
and help to start a state company, they
would help to put a strong company on
its feet, and when any county has mem
b?rs enough in the state company they
could withdraw and rgaalze a county
company of their own.
If any one desires to help along a
good cause and put a company on its
feet that will be purely mutual and not
a money making scheme for a few offi
cers, you should write the editor of
this department stating the amount you
would like to insure in such a company
with the conditions that the articles of
incorporation and bylaws cover the
above idea. In case any one does not
approve of the plan at the time wo have
fifty thousand dollars promised, he need
not sign the application.
We hear of cyclones in all directions
Whose turn it will be next no one
can tell. Henoe the necessity of seeing
to it once that your pproperty la in
sured in a good company.
The Hail company is getting to the
front in good shspe. One loss re
ported. There are other Hall Insurance
Companies in this state but all of them
that I know anything about have paid
agents In the field and well paid home
Now if you are desirous to pay out
your money to mat class of men you
will have to wait but a little while and
one of them will surely call on you. be
cause they are looking for suckers
But on the other hand if you are in
favor of paying for ot ly that which you
need, you wi I surely let them alone
and help yourself and your neighbor to
do your own business. By writing as
at once if you are at all interested in
insurance ot any kind, write us,
whether it be fire, ightenlng, cyclone,
hail or life.
Reform Press Comments on the
Great Impeachment Trial.
There Is an old aavtnirand a true nnn
that If you give a calf enengh rope it
will hang itself. This seems to apply
to political parties as wen. i ne g, o.
p. has had the rope in this state, and
.4 1- - J . L ... 1 . . 1 A
in uu uuuo tun nor,, vuawr vuumy
That "murder will out" is no truer
than that if one keep on robbing the
same people in the same wav lonir
enough he will at last be caught. He
Is not always punished as he deserves
t Vim 1 ir h aa bhnwn h anrnA et nim dta.
honest officials. Hartiogton Leader.
All the evidence is now in the im
peachment trial. If we we were to
judge of the guilt or innocence of the
impeached officers by the tone of the
press, irrespective of party, they are a
most corrupt set of officials, and are
guilty as charged. Alliance-Herald,
Nelson. . ,
4 -ii in ii
The impeachment trial of the state
officials is drawing to a close. It will
not be many days before the court will
decide how the impeached officers stand
before the Nebraska courts. The evi
dence has shown incompetency, care
lessness and dishonesty on the part of
these men. They should not escape a
just punishment for their shortcomings,
Lexington Clipper.
Nebraska's boodlers are to escape
with a reprimand from the supreme
court instead of impeachment and
punishment- This will not satisfy the
people, who have been robbed of vast
sums of money by the republican ring
of that state. If the indicted officials
are guilty let them be properly punish
ed and not whitewashed by a reprimand.
The independents of Nebraska must
prepare for another sweeping campaign
Keform is needed in the judiciary.
Rocky Mountain News.
The great impeachment trial ended
on Wednesday afternoon of last week.
Hon. G M. Lambertson closing the
case with an able and eloquent argu
ment on behalf of the state That the
verdict should be one of conviction
there is no doubt That it will be is
quite doubtful. But a divided verdict
with Judge Maxwell lor conviction and
the others against, would ba quite sat
isfactory. Judge Maxwell constitutes
a majority of ttiat court by a long odds.
Home Ilule.
The impeachment trial is nearlog
the end, so tar aa the court are con
cerned. The testimony ha shown a
flagrant violation on the part oi the Im
peached officials ot all rules which
govern a man in important or even
ordinary business matter. Nine men
out ot ten have a right to believe, from
the general appearance ot things in thr
fffloial circle of these state tfflcrs,
hat evea after all th testimony la be
fore the court, half of the tale will not
have I wen told. Coluunu Argus
Th machinery ot the impuachmeai
frooetdlng grinds slowly because) ol
he numerous objection and technical
Itlrs eooslantly thrown in the wav by
th dfnts. lUt nevertheless a ter
ribly corrupt condition ot affair I bo
lag slowly and continually uaco tared
Kn now thr are but taw peoot la
th slat who a re not already satisfied
that th capital officials hav for y ar
been robbing lb sum of larg sums,
and th RMtaods of an doing rang al
th way Iforn stealing thsir yearly sup
(ly ot coal, to tolling on falind tWwr
th state aa l then raising ths vouch
er la ral aad and a!ao th prU
(m piMtBd, It wauid not m ry sur
prising it this lawsllf atlea should yet
reach lalu th Moahr baa dtfttoully.
av l aui raoaogrepa.
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