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APRIL 20. 1893.
gl Was Ch ked to Death Br nop
Pill on By Ik Gurd-1lw th
Cell Was Prepared to Ie
celve the Coronar's
Lincoln, April 14.
' If the word of ft released prisoner has
toy weight, there is trouble in store for
iomebody formerly connected with the
managoment of the Nebraska state pen
: Within the past two weeks two men
tare been released from the prison who
were in a position while there to know
11 about the lath of Convict Powell
last January. Their testimony was not
available when the legbilative commit
tee was at work on the oase, because
they were still under the control of the
men who were charged with mistreating
Powell The opening of their prison
doors has unsealed their lips, and the
tory which they tell Is pointed enough
o call for a continuation of the invest!
Cation until all the facts have been laid
"William Newburg, being sworn, do
poan and says that for the past seven
months, ending March 17, 1803, he was
employed as a runner In the cell house
of the Nebraska state penitentiary. That
he carried food and water to Convict
Powell while he was undergoing punish
ment in the solitary cell That to his
certain knowledge said Powell did not
commit suicide.
That the day before said Powell died,
at the supper hour, deponent took his
food to him, and he was so weak at that
time, owing to the severe punishment he
was undergoing, that deponent had to
tielp him up off the cell floor on which
be was lying, so that he could eat hit
food. The next morning at about 6
o'clock deponent visited the solitary cell
gain and found Powell on his feet, but
bis food of the sight before bad hardly
been touched. Deponent further states
hat the hand ouffs were taken off about
0:1S a. m, and put on again
about 7,80 a. m. of the same day.
peponent further states that about
;00 a. m. of this day Warden Mallon,
is assistant. Wagner, and Cell House
peeper Teal, visited the solitary cell
pear which another convict was under,
going punishment While they were
there, Powell was taken out of the cell,
bis hand cutfs taken oil and the
rope shortened, and when they were
put on again deponent saw Assistant
Wagner push up the hands of Powell so
hat when he went back into the solitary
Cell his head was bent back ou account
' fit tho rope being so tight around his
I About 11 :80 a. m. of the same day
4eponent saw Teal, the cell house keeper,
pen the solitary cell door, where Powell
mas confined, and that the door was
iully opened, and that deponent had a
plain view of the inside of the door
from were he stood, and that Powell
(was not hanging to the door, nor
ras there any rope attached to it.
Doponent states that Teal went into
ithe cell and then immediately came out
nd called deponent down to the soli
jtary cell. Deponent started down to
wards the cell and some of the other
runners followed him ; but when about
(two-thirds of the way there, Teal told
iliim and the other runners not to come
Bny lariner, uui u
back to tlioir
Teal then went out and in a few
Eninutes returned with Deputy Wagner
And Doctor Stone. They all w- t to the
olitary cell where Powell was, taking
deponent with them, after instructing
kleponent to got a blanket When deo
Inent arrived at the solitary
celL Doctor Stone and Keeper;
Teal who had preceded depo
nent a few steps, were m the solitary
cell and deponent saw Doctor Stone
bending over Powell, who was lying on.
tho floor in the southwest corner of tho,
cell at the end opposite the door, our
ing whisky into his mouth and making;
efforts to resuscitate him. Deponent'
was instructed to wrap the blanket
around Powell, which he did, and with
several other runners carried the body
of Powell to the hospital. Deponent
states that there was no rope on tho
door, nor would it have been tmssible for,
Powell to have hung himself by the aid
of a bucket to stand on, for there was
no bucket there, deponent having taken
the bucket out of the cell on his llr.
vinit that morning at six o'clock, and
that it was not returned until after
Powell had been carried out, but Stood,
uWide the door of the celL
bluntly after 1 o'clock of this same,
day ilKiit'nt saw Wagner and Teal
Visit the cell where Powell had Ufa
conlim d, and Teal took the rope and
put one end of it through one of the
j.U.m in the dr, from the inutile, and
Warner who was standing outaid of
the dnr, took the end of the roi and
lit it back through another hole U thi
and. The rell door was then cUmm
and locked and was not ain cpn4
until the arrival of the coroner and
jury about 4 o'clock.
l i in it further state that it wouM
have Uu iuilU for anyone to huva
umh a row through the suuU hobs
at the up of th aoliurr cult
thkir, as I hey were at that
tiiuo, if hu ban.! bad
in ln, but .hat sine tits death tf
l'owoll two at the h U have ta at
Ured nut made Luwor by ruttm vm
with a kutfe the siitce t-tein o r f
the holi; yet w tth the Urger Ih4o It
would have Uwn nn4t.W for PuwelL
Ui-d upas be wi with both bauds ti4
tilir Uhml blut and drawn up be
tween bis as far as ihey would
fo, to put a rvt through a thrv f jirU
f'S Cole that was flit r telv
tivU aUiYf hu,lieid , l'Jft fur
tuer aUU that the cell in which Powell
was murdered is the lat cll in thi lower
row on the north side at the west end.
Deponent invites any one who is inter
ested in this matter to visit the ceil
house and examine the door, in verifica
tion of deKi!jent's statement made here
in, concerning the impossibility ol a
man hanging himself from this door,
lleponent states that about 12:15 of this
day Cell House Keerier Teal called the
runners together and told them with an
oath not to mention iu any manner
about Powell's death, or anything con
nected with it, to any one.
Deponent f urtlier states that he was
called before the investigating com
mittee and answered such questions as
were put to him, but did rot feel safe in
giving any vjlunteer information re
curdiug thedftth of Powell, for fear of
Josuit his good time, as convict Comp
ton bad luht seven months of his good
time fur writing in a note that Powell
bail been murdered by Wagner, under
Warden Mallon 's administration,
i Further deponent saith not
1 Wit. Newbubo."
Interesting; Items Gleaned from
People's Party Exchanges.
The office-hunters are making life a
burden to Grover Cleveland.
Many people are removing from Illi
nois and Iowa to the new west.
The stamping works that ruined Gov,
McKlnley will resume business
An old orange peddler in Amsterdam
has died and left his heirs $80,000.
Claus Spreckles expects to make $2.-
000,000 by the annexation of Hawaii.
An inmate of the poor-house at lias-
tings, Minn., has been asleep for six
Harrison appointed Jackson and
Cleveland appointed Gresbaai. That's
The McKlnley tariff is not scaring
the democrats half as much as it did be
fore tbe election.
There are only about GO memb3rs left
of the once mighty tribe of Choctaws
near New Orleans.
Some democrats don't like Cleveland's
cabinet, but we haven't noticed any
kick from Wall Street.
The inauguration of Cleveland was
similar to the crowning of a king. Jef
fcrsonlan simplicity! Bahl
The Fifty-second Congress, succeeded
in doing the largest amount of nothing
of any Congress on record.
Every member of Cleveland's cabinet
except one is a lawyer. Tbat one, Dan
Lamont, is a railroad president.
Tbe National banks are just as safe
under a democratic administration as
they were under republican rule.
There are fools and fools, and tbe fool
who will be fooled by a fool is a bigger
fool than tbe fool who fooled him.
Grover has made a golden calf wor
shiper out of Senator Vest. ''Pull
down your Vest," Missouri Democrats.
Money U hard to get and very dear.
A little more scattered around through
the country wouldn't be a bad thing for
the people.
In the Cleveland, O.; municipal elec
tion Monday, Gen. E. S Meyer, people's
party candidate for mayor received
nearly 5,000 votos.
T. II. Tibbies is making the Nebras
ka department of tho American Non
conformist an exceedingly interesting
feature of that paper.
The railroads are worrying along un
der democratlo government and don't
seem to be a "bit skeert" at the change.
They know a thing or two.
If Wall Street wanted an extra ses
sion of Congress it would get it with
out difficulty, but the people must wait
until the "cows come home."
There's a trust or two In the country
that we could get along without but
the democratlo party doesn't seem to be
in any hurry to knock 'em out.
The Plow and Hammer rates Presi
dent Cleveland as one-third democrat
and two-third Grover. We object to
the rating. It's too much democrat.
The democratic party is now in full
swav, out tbe trusts, national banks
and high tariff custom officers are still
doing business at the same old stand.
The Colonels who went to Washing
ton to offer up their lives and services
to their country, are straggling tack
home one by one at least most of them
In France the government acquired
ownership of telephones three yea s
ago. Tbe results have been very satis
factory. The rates are lower and ser
vice better.
The St. Louis Republic says the ex
penditures of tie Crip- Democratic
Congren will exceed those of tho Ilod
lU'lioa D.illar Coiii t--, nod that it has
done nothing for the people.
The railroads continue to consolidate
they sy to reduce expenses, aiut a
while the people will consolidate them
under one managementthe jrovein
meatand save more expenses.
Chicago Grain and IdvMtm-a
t'nioAno April 11 IWI
CATrts-Weeelnw !!,!) nirltt mlr ;
tt. to rli uttrra. t r '. to- mh, r. tl tm
ft x,V, u ftot Hi torn aud lu-Mvr,
an-l kltsUrr, mlir.l atta ix.i k.-f W mm
1? Willi lUhl. tl C7 (A
Mir ii. iith'; mtrkot act
1 end riiii, M ti IS ,
tv n.: u 1 1 11 w Umi.. si tu
liM4l.-V h.i, it, tx. to, , vt.
Omaha Live htm k,
(, April IS, IH4
ultir M ul Ml,
r,.-4 tvi t. st.KKr w4r, t
.M-tS .. -It.
rNtar-l l t
Yon t an got frvh gardait and g ra
ee- M-'.-,ild', llDStnHh I'. evrn'.h.
tUrber A Koli' have a slock of gn
era't tnrchaaai in Ioa, now run-
nioaT "d doing Ag cuh rnwln, old
ltii country IVty Uhs Utaiov
to l.iuwiio an 1 will,' lakv a rtc!ar
prwrty and Ni'iSne rah. H tif
writ, lURttcN h riiwt.rn.
IbMot 10, Ml O trx-U
Great Strike.
A great strike of tbe Union Pacific
shopmen Is on. Nearly a thousand men
at Omaha and North Platte have quit
work. There is no immediate projpect
of a settlement. Both Bides claim to be
in tbe right, and declare that they wi'd
fight it out.
Light Itramah Fowl and Kggs.
I will sell egrgs from Light Bramah
fowles 13 for tl 25 Only breed handled
Satisfaction guaranteed. Good as the
beet Order at once. Address,
Rosa D. Rand,
Wahoo, Neb.
SL Joeuh Bueev Co. Carriages and
Buggies at Lowest prices. Cautlague
and nrice list free. Cth aad Messanie
Sts. tit. Joe. Mo.
Business men, merchants, bankers
and salesmen are leaving their orders
at Lincoln Pant Co., 1223 O btrtet.
Go to Grlswold's for flower, garden
and grass seeds. 140 South Eleventh
Tbe cheapest place for monuments is
at Geo. Natterman's, 213 South Mnth
St., Lincoln.
The new spring styles and samples in
suits and trousers have arrived at tbe
Wannamaker &Brown agency, Litnaeu
Hotel block. Prices are astonishingly
ow, witnin tne reacn di au. iauic ouu
inspect the latest
Grape Vine
No farm or village lot complete with
out them. The grape can ba grown as
easily as corn. I will furnish the follow-
Ing sorts wen-rooiea, no. i buoc., uy
mall post-paid 10c ea;h.
Concord, Worsen, Niagara, urignvon
F.lvlra. Ivp.s. Avawan. Catawba, or l
Concord and 2 of any of the above, V, for
2Tc. In larsre ordeirs I will make low
prices. 1 Fay Prolific Currant, 10c 3
for 25c. Blackberries, Raspberri- r. u.:d
Strawberries. M. D. TirFAM ,
116 So. 2!)th St, Lincoln, Neb.
116 So. 29th, St. Lincoln, Neb.
Farms for Sale.
160 acres 4 miles north .of Alliance
Box Butto county Neb. 70 acres in
cultivation, 80 acres fenced, sod bouse
and barn, two wells. Will give posses
sion at once. Price $8 00 per acre.
160 acres 6 miles north of Alliance.
40 acres in cultivation, all tillable.
Price J7.00 per acre. There can be
other land bought adjoining these if
desired, tor further partloulara ad
dress, F. D. KLINE,
Alliance, XNeo.
You will get fresh and pure seeds at
Grlswold's, 140 Sonth Eleventh street
The other day, in speaking of the im
proved facilities for luxurious travel in
this country says:
"We are abandoning the old system
of lighting the cars with kerosene
lampB, and more than half the coaches
have already been equipped with the
most improved and the safest system of
lighting known in this country or
Europe. With the new PI b tech lamps
there can be no possibility of danger
from explosion or otherwise, as the
apparatus is all out side and under the
car, and in the event of mishap, the
fixtures become detached and the gas
escapes into the air."
The brilliant Pintsch light, the finest
car illuminant in existence, now in use
on the Union Pacific System fulfills all
the requisite conditions so happily
noted by Mr. Depew.
World's Fair Rates
will soon be officially announced. In
connection with this subject the follow
ing information briefly stated will in
terest readers of this paper.
Assuminir that vou will take advant
age of the inducements offered World's
Fair visitors ana otners irom Lincoln
and vicinitv bv the unsurpassed North
Wpstern line, let us tell you what this
great svstem of U. R. has done for you
It has exoended the va3teum of $3,
000,000.00 for your welfare, i. e. in ad
opting and establishing on its lines in
Cjie.airoand vicinitv the most perfectly
devised block signal system ior running
trains with the utmost safety to passen
gers: in Increasing Its terminal facilities
of all kinds tnat you may oe Pxpeui-
tlouslv and comfortably diseoibarHecl
from its trams upon your arrival; and
will furnish Tou uuexcenea msi irain
service aud equipment from Lincoln to
Nntn nartiotilarlv tho advantage of
our trains leaving Lincoln at 5:2.) p. ra.,
and RriWnir in Chlostro at l:30 next
morning, rartl s in Lincoln or out oi
- . - . . -i . i
Lincoln, would do well to call at or
address this office for any desired inf'r-
ma' ion in regard to this popular route
rates, aud connections.
A. r iKi.ui.Nu,
VM. SuiPMAN, Cltv Ticket Agt
General Act . 1133 O St
Depot corner S and Eighth street.
TourMa Trips.
Round trips to to ne Pacific CoatU
Short trips to tho Mountain Resort
of Colorado
The Crvat Salt Lake.
Tellow stone National Park the tuiwt
wonderful spot on this ooutlncnt.
Puget Hound, tba Mediterranean of
the Pacific cotwt
And all rvaehod via the Union Pacific
System For detailed informational
on oraddrvmi,
T. T. Mahtik, C, T. A., 1041 0 St.,
J II. bUMHofi, tioo. AfV.
Lin win, N
VlirC lTt t1in! (f MOW
tt'i KM. tll)MHttllWMe
t-itb -. - I a
. Jxt$ 4 a 4 tjMMat
u m iu-(t a
till J5Si4 CO. Ctrl, CkKt, M
p"" '''S JJSaaaiaataaaaa. --Jl
r-p-Hra hH'l t.St AT OMCK h tU
lata i. Bijf " , .rw, w t W w
Kirui-u T -man tuaur mu4
Miitf rr Marrattia.1 loflv anl--(li
i ,..wr il a aH aH wM rAgHI. i.B'l J M
MtMl.l iOdHtuKtl. PavnM, I.
au likrt.
kei)Icii;e co..
per kK.
Schenectady, K.Y.
For !.2S a buMh
el. three of the
next varieties in
the world, the
Earlr white
Dent. Gold PriKt Yellew Dent and Surb
White ltent. Price $1.S5 a bUHbel aboard cars
here, sacks Included. Write lor descriptive
circulars Sum le years by mall ISc each. Ke
mil with order. J. K. batik m.
Shenandoah, yg co Iowa,
la cnequaled for Iloune, Barn, Factory or Out
buildings and cotta half the price of tbinfrlee tin
orir m. It it ready lor Use, and inly applu a Liv
anvone Send timp fur aamples, and atate aleof
ISO Duans at., New York, W. Y.
We will fiirlliih medicine to cure
In each townshitt In the Unite! States FRKE I
(iive exurese office end pumher of hogt. A trial
f nly costs you the express rharges Bed a report f t
the remit of uin
the nirdicine. Adcireas THK
Mo. Wentirn thia paper.
And Upward
Fit like wax.
. Wear like iron.
N ever rip.
Send for samples and rules for self-meas
1223 O Street
i ttrr ,.-. JLii
1 2th and Farnam sts.
-is IT NOT-
That we a manufacturers, can give
mality at the To. Trice at the lint mm.
Inl fie eauhmne. Illuatraltn or rtlclto K.
)nr. onlr rt.3H.antl Mia liinhert il mtirl
ailu miK'lilna In tne ruCW ineviv.nn. J. ainvrm
ala at lutermnliat prt- H.II.M HHi
H mi fruiu tine ti thn-a urtitia. V K kiv
ra Uja free trial. W I- warranl yry anaehli.e J
n-ara. W I rlh Ibo lalt'H Ulaehaieiiia. t I
ll-r an oiimtunilf Iu krrnra it" H uinlil
lilt I-. .wenii.'B i'a (t(wr. a.iutw.
i hi...,. Mrwlur laliln t .. atnfra.
11-64 .. lUiatettM. ltUA3 1, thtt J:,Iil
Wm toromutii n(wfuii at h I
Calumhua iImm. Ilia HhmI PUM lt.'i
M.'tMi r r t4u trl lh 'IU1I flJil'taHy, !
I ktatiii I if il tl;4l !! tt 1 1
VUil.l'A li'l', tla.f lluht'W'
h'iil!ry,40 IMualiitlrtt uu.lry ii,
XWA. wwMt Iwmw wwfcr r.
Will M ya wrlt U ti of iur slr
Itwra, iur l innMoB TlIK ALU
mmtnmvpafanj'm)jt. yajaaraaajaayw
IHL . .. Jci
I .mi i. hi -aMew
Mi Larfest Normal
'THH SCIIOOb Is now In full oneraflon In all IU
aUtllA.I atlRlin H UO& Th..ra hue Lian a
an ; equal amouni in ir,. we need now 60 to 7ft
- aw aunai Kf-utM a iront
i Jwwu r on eaay lernia ani it la a nrnt claaa bance todouble ye r monef
within the next Kmontha. juj a lot. build a houue: it will tav for Itaelf within five vara '
la iltuated on high rolllur gronnd overionkinir the Capitol city-a rlty of 65 Ono people and la
Connected With the city bv electrle car. Ilawihnrtm nrnt,rit Iu tu Cnmi n.r.n. v. .
city of Lincoln and ia the place to educate yottr children. Yon have city dvHnta(ieHitllh country
tax. If you are thinking of aendlng your children to acho 1 buy a lot, build a bouse and rent a part
of It it will pay all expenM, and will pa for Itself in a abort time. We alxo have aoaie
small tracta or land near the college from one to thirty acre iuet tbe thing for gardening, and
near the Wtern Normal will sell cheap and oueiv terms. For any Information In T&srarA tsa
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Room 10-1041-0 t.,
Leghorn Flats 40c , in Black or White.
Large Straw Flats, 25c. and Upwards.
No. 16 Plaid Ribbons to Trim above with,.
. Per Yard.
You will do well before
Bonnet ior yourseit to Give us a looK.
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PADDIAPTC' Chea buggy bargains advertised by Eastern
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E. R. Guthrie,
W hsve land tor sale In Adam, IlutU r, Chapo, Cnatr, Dundy, Frontier,
Puma, Greyly, CiwrKir, (JsrBpld. IIltcbctH'k, IIr!an. Hall, Ilayo, Kcamfy,
Ixi, IancHaU r, IVrkins, Sherman, ValUy and Welxtr counties la Nebraska.
1 hc lands belong to us, and wo will tell them from
741.0 O Per A.ore XJp,
Call and ' us or writ us for lUt namtnf the county ur cauotlos you wish
to Inwsl In.
Room I.PurrPlock. LINCOLN, NED.
m tew, M A. mhi m-m!
4 ..m. It. taM .
ri tits.
ll ay 4,, . 4 I .. . m
aiitttiwi.a, ana.
r4t a wji m taauMjai
a 1WM. I MH
rats . J.s
ff ' A-'' V . v. m v- -
It z v irx"-
I ' A,, . I" -. t
Foot Front.
College io Ameritx
dppartmenfa between 700 and 800 itqffenU it
mOZJ w .it i I 1 n . .,v.m j .
bounce to ace mmodat the atudenta. We are
aTWU aniu B l x- L jib iiiii 11 llllfas in imT! farl CI W fa iiauaaj
aeat of
or write,
Lincoln Neb.
purchasing a Hat or a
Lincoln. Neb.
1540 0 Street,
Lincoln, Jicljraska.
Tested - Seed - Corn. )
1 nut. tvsin
14 V i I. it !
.at lt.t im .i.:iu.ii. L
ii i.i,. yltt I I rHttit an i ,MUI.ku
ai ! utr a.l w l.i at tuta
In N la. i Ulai IttKM h iti. n,
i M !. Jan. ' -m mi4 l l .airal
'. I T m au.a.i 1 auaaai
Mtaaia. a. r, H U ft J rlrrular.