The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, April 20, 1893, Page 7, Image 7

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APRIL 20. 1893.
Continued tram page six
for six weeks under the startling head
I line:
Mr. W. C, Holden and Liberty.
And these same issues were literally
filled with the vilest and most abusive
I tirades ever published in Nebraska.
Let me clio a few lines from these
issues just to show their character.
fhese lines are from his attacks on
"Thornton, Wolfe, Pirtle, Blake, Kern,
Dech, Greene, and the balance of "the
"S. Edwin Thornton; the arch-traitor
and Benedict Arnold."
I "Mr. J. V. Wolfe, the patriot (?) and
self-sacrificing (?) office seeker."
) "Van Wjck's Henchmsn, Blake."
J "J. A. Edgerton, the dead-beat"
r-. . . I . ,,
"Railroads and banks interested in
the Alliance Publishing Company "
"Pirtle. a suppliant, crawling and
- 'wriggling his snaky length along."
. ."Pass Boodlers, Pirtle, Thornton Dech
and company."
(Speaking of Kern) "What a glorious
reformer. Old party methods hide
their heads for very shame when your
name is mentioned."
''Pirate crew of politicians."
"Desperate political free hooters."
"S. Edwin Thornton is in his (Jay
Gould's) employ as editor of the Mis
souri Pacific Sun-shine and Alliance-In-
I'ITawi 4Va rucfit. ftAimtv Awarf rn
not and should not be re-elected."
(Referring to W. L. Greene) "The
' carrion crows have started out to ob
tain office, or wreck our party."
During the six weeks over fifty col
umns were filled with articles from
-which the above are sample phrases
And over it ail reeled use me Diessmg
. -a 111 il 1.1 t
of a black angel: ,lJay Burrows endorses
W. C. If olden and Liberty."
Not only this, but Burrows himsetf
was a regular contributor to Liberty
during those weeks. He not only kept
n article on Van Wyck standing, but
he wrote two letters one dated June 29,
in which he assailed I. D. Chamberlain
as a railroad tool; and oue dated July
! . . . t . a x 1 M -
y, in wnicn ne assumed w spaa. tor
John H. Powers savins: he "would not
be a candidate for second place."
Besides all this, Holden had sprinkled
all over every Issue the following:
"Bead J. Burrows on Van Wyck on
an inside page of this paper " -,
Worse yet, Holden had a six column
supplement struck off with Burrows'
letters and some of his own matter,
and thousands of these were scattered
over the state. Each bore the follow
ing interesting legend in bold faced
Anv ttersons wishing copies of
this supplement please address J.
Barrows, Lincoln, Nebraska.
And now I approach a phase of this
matter to which I have never adverted.
Holden, according to his positive
claims, was circulating about 50,000
copies per week. This in six weeks
would make 300,000, sayiBg nothing of
the thousands of supplements sent out
T.mAa Thnon no nAMQ IDA MA onat ffiM.
Ujr iJUI I U TV o luooo paoio w kjl t ovuvvvi-
-ed broadcast over the state. Thousands
of them were sent to republican post
masters who distributed them. Thous
ands more were scattered on the
etreets of Lincoln, Omaha, Kearney
and other cities. All this cost money.
Holden was not getting any legitimate
income to speak of. 1 doubt if he re
ceived during those six weeks $100
from subscriptions and advertising.
Figuring these 300,000 copies at the
low price of half a cent a copy they
cost $1,500. Who put up that money?
At the time, I heard it whispered
that Burrows was .putting up the
money, but most people have always
believed that the corporations of the
state were putting up the money. I
have some very good evidence on this
point which I reserve for future use.
Now I want to put the question to
Jay Burrows, and I put it in the name
of every honest Independent in Ne
braska: Who paid the expense of issuing and
scattering 300,000 copies of Burrows' let'
Ur of endorsement, and assaults on Van
I believe, and the honest people of
this state believe, that but one of two
answers can be truthfully given:
Either Burrows paid the expense him
self, or the corporations paid it. He
can take his choice.
Burrows and Holden were confiden
tial companion during th summer
and fall of last year. They talked and
worked together. Burrows was a fre
quent vUltor at lloliWs office. I my.
selfta thfttn together In the sta'e
library working like brothers over the
congressional record, digging up am
munition to fira at the head of the
people's ticket. They wore boon com
panions and alUot, In as villainous
piece of treachery as was ever eoa-couW-d.
In ! W paragraph Harrows proves
hlr.lf Uf of la full sympathy
with II Men's awtsultt on use. If h
wants to fs'hrr Uul ilea's slanders, he
U wetonme to all thi glory he can get
out of it.
! tli ink for oatdulUrsttH) hypocrisy,
I have never ern anything etual to the
claim set up in the sixth paragraph of
Barrows' statement. Hs says:
When Holden came here and began
his attack on Thornton, I saw that in
jury to the independent party would
result, and I intervened as a peace
maker. Mr. Burrows would have the people
believe that he intervened as a peace
maker out of pure and unselfish love
for the independent party. What were
the facts? He did come to me and beg
me not to pay any attention to Holdea's
attacks. This was just a few days be
fore he entered into the deal to buy a
half interest In Liberty. At the time
he talked to me, he bad "fully deter
mined to become associated with
Holden" according to his own admis
sion. His object in "intervening as a
peace-maker" was most selfish and base.
He and Holden at that very time had
their plans laid to join hands in the vil
laniouswork which they afterwards
attempted to carry out. No wonder he
wanted to shield the "notor
ious booaler" from exposure!
And now we come to the most aston
ishiog statement of all:
"I do not hate to either approve or dis
approve of the course of Mr. Holden
since the above letter was written."
And this is Burrows, the bold aggres
sive writer the fearless exposer of
of traitors! And as such he is appealing
to the people for renewal of support
and confidence!
I do not believe there are a hundred
independents in Nebraska who will
hesitate to pronounce Uo'dea an enemy
to our cause. Yet Burrows in his ap
peal to these people for support utterly
refuses even to "disapprove of his
course." '
I fancy the true and loyal lndepen
dents of the state will reply about as
follows: "Certainly Mr. Burrows, you
don't have to either approve or disap
prove of Holden; but we don't have to
give you our confidence and support,
and never will while you play the cow
ard in this manner.' '
Do you remember the assaults which
Burrows made on ex-Governor Butler?
Do you remember how he hounded the
old man to his death with the cry o
traitor?" Now I never took much
stock in those charges. But admitting
for the sake of argument, tbat every
charge Burrows ever' made against
Butler was true,' still Butler's record
and character would be as snow to pitch
compared with Holden's!
But we haven't reached the bottom of
this matter yet. The depths of cow
ardice have not yet been fathomed. It
is a fact that since the date of Senator
Allen's election, Mr. Burrows has been
very anxious to make the people be
lieve that he does not approve of Hol
den's course. He went about the Lin
dell hotel and called members of the
legislature and other independents into
dark corners to tell them confiden
tially that he had found Holden out. He
even called his former boon companion
names that wouldn't look well in print,
for while Burrows frequently "swears
by all that's holy," he sometimes
swears by things that are unholy. He
chased around after the Lincoln corres
pondent for the reform papers of the
state for three weeks trying to get him
to tell the people in his letters that
"Burrows was denouncing Holden." He
even wrote out in his own hand-writing
an interview denouncing Holden, and
tried to get this correspondent to in
elude it in his letters. By this means
he hoped to "sneak" an advertisement
into a lot of papers over the state. I
am willing to give Mr. Burrows this
advertisement and will not charge him
anything for it.
Now we come to the interesting
point. Why did Mr. Burrows do all
this sneaking and dodging? Why
didn't he come out openly in the col
umns of his Alliance Leader and de
nounce Holden? The answer is near
at hand. Holden found out what Bur
rows was doing, and he came out in
Liberty with a few eavage remarks
that scared the wits out of Burrows.
Burrows will not disapprove Holden's
course in his columns because he dare
not. Holden knows too much. Holden
is the one man in Nebraska who knows
the length, and breadth and depth ot
Burrows' damnable treachery during
the pat year, and he is cot a man to
be trifled with.
And now it seems to be all fixed up.
Harmony and peace reigns between
them. Holden akes two columns to
publish Burrows' defence, including
"private letters" from prominent Alli
ance men. And Burrows gives out as
his ultimatum to the independents of
the state:
7 do not hate to either appro or die
approve of Holdtn'i course.
That Burrows lias ever sincerely con
demned Ilulden I do not believe. His
sneaking confidential dwnu tela' Ion
were made with a view to enlisting the
sympathy of member of the legisla
ture, but In this he signally failed.
The farther Mr. Burrows goes the
farther be gets from the truth. His
eighth paragraph Is aim ty a bare
faced falhood d he knows It better
than anybody vine. The truth is that
h knew about "that out matter
brought up ealnsl Hold" a long
whll before Liberty was started. He
evidently rvfer to tloideu's sellout
to the UuIom Peciao He talked a out
it with Mr. Pirtle a month before Lib J
erty was started. He discussed It
with Thompson long before he wrote
that letter. Holden himself say that
Burewe' denial on this point is abso
lutely false.
Burrows says: "It was something
that occurred before I came to the
s'ate." Yet in his private letter to
Holden he ssys: "I have known you
for the past twelve years." One of
these statements is false. Mr.
Burrows can take bis choice. That
"old matter" occurred less than twelve
years before that letter was written.
Who ever accused Mr. Burrows of
having "any financial interest in
Holden's psper?" I never heard' of
anybody making such an accusation.
Yet he keeps denying it vigorously.
He simply sets up a straw man and
pounds it to make the people think he
is brave.
No, Mr. Burrows, that denial is not
"sufficiently broad;'' neither is it suffi
ciently thick.
You have altogether forgotten one
point You have forgotten the darkest
ehapter of your villainy. You have
said nothing of your effort to betray
the Farmers' Alliance into Holden's
hands. That occurred before any of
these other things. It was more than
a vear ago, before you sold out to Mr.
Pirtle. You secretly bargained with
Holden to take your half interest in
this paper for $2,500, and did all in
your power to consummate the deal,
and you would have succeeded had not
some good independents gone to Mr.
Thompson and earnestly besought him
to save our movement from such a dire
calamity. He vetoed your deal. You
never intended that this should be
known, but I know it and I dare you to
deny a word of it.
Thompson and Rigby were the prin
cipal active agents in tho attempt to
wreck the Alliance Ism pendent.
I am well convinced, however, that
Burrows and Holden were the arch
plotters. The facts already shown are
sufficient to prove this. There is
plenty of other evidence, but I will not
dilate upon that point.
As to Mr. Burrows admiration, I
care nothing whatever. I am not striv
ing to win admiral on but rather the
confidence and friendship of honest
men and women. If by loyalty and
faithful service in our grand move
ment, I can do this, I am satisfied.
As to the closing sentence of para
graph 10, 1 cannot discuss it, but I ask
the people to re-read it and consider it
in the light of the facts I have gien,
and see how much of manhood its con
tinued repetition ohows.
When Mr. Burrows asserts that this
company watered its stock, he again
shows how fully he sympathized in
Holden's dastardly efljrt to ruin the
reputation of the Alliance Publishing
Company. There was never a cent's
wort a of watered stock issued by this
company and Burrows knows it as well
as I do. The price paid Burrows by
Pirtle for his half interest was taken
as a basis and the stock was issued on
that valuation.
Further, I will leave it to any Inde
pendent reader in Nebraska if 1 have
not during the past three years made
as vigorous and persistent a fight
aga'nst the railroads as any man in
Nebraska. I have published ten times
as much matter on this question as Bur
rows has published in the same time.
I have never hedged nor halted for an
instant, I have never ridden a mile on
a free pass. And yet Burrows vents
his spleen by asserting that th s paper
"gave up its principles for railroad
Mr. Burrows knows very well the
pusillanimous character of this charge,
yet like the "whited sepulchers" of
Christ's day he folds bis hands and
ssys "I have neyer lifted a finger to
injure Thornton."
In this paragraph Burrows make
a slanderous attack on our old friend
Romine. He is one of the old-line
green-backers who was in this work
long before Burrows got out of the old
party. Mr. Romine may have his
faults. He may not be perfect. Who
is? But I want to say that Burrows
charges against him are a tissue of
false-hoods. Rmite has done a large
amouat of work for our cause, and his
speeches have generally given good
satisfaction. The most contemptlole
thing in this attack is the charge that
Romine wan dlcharged from his plnc-
in the sena'e for disreputable practice
It is a slander set In motion by Sonator
Lowley, one of the rankest railroad
tool In the state. The following do -u-ment
signed by seven Independent sena
tor will explain itself and show jus
how much rilnce Is to be placed la
Burrows' statements:
March 13. 181)3.
Wh'reae a report has been elrcuiawd
over t e state througn th paper ami
In other ta)a to h effect that J II.
Kornlne was dlchsrge Crura ib senate
fot tieglrcl of 4uiy and disreputable
praetlws," hr forw we the ui dT
signed senator j tify tht th charge
U f ale. Mr. Romine was dtcbrrd
because it wm cheaper for the i to
buv a fo for th k epltirf ol the ro
or' than to employ eoawitllan t take
ehvg wHhem J R lUmtit
Wm. DyiAKT. I. VV. Yt'Uu
W.M.liRAY. dM N uMirtl.
in Conclusion.
I have said only tithe of what I i
Ne rardener
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might say en this subject. But I have
surely said enough to prove all I set out
to prove.
To regain the confidence of the people
whom he has bssely betrayed, Burrows
sets up a tissue of falsehoods, slanders
others, and plays the hypocrite in every
sentence. True he has ability, (though
much over-estimated) but Intellectual
ability without moral rectitude is a
If our movement is to succeed, it
must be through the leadership of men
who love truth, and despise hypocrisy.
To reward treachery is to invite it in
Te say we will forget the past is to
ignore both wisdom and justice,
There is a price at which even har
mony is too dear.
The gospel of "justice and equal
rights to all men" can only be taught
effectually by men who love justice, and
deal fairly with others.
Yours for truth and justice,
S. Eowin Thornton.
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Money. If You Cannot Afford to Breed to
Good Stallion.. Don't Breed at All.
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