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SThe Elybt t clear, the eloigning; food,
lj 7'he cutter seat not wide,
t phe in tilled cloe ix-nesun the robo
tj l'o her fond lovcr'8 hida.
I Tie hor-e was spirited anJ Jumped
I with frequent tups and straius, .
y Until ho .CDo enilv smd:
J "Do let a hoid the reins!'.
"They're married now, perhaps because
She wa so helpful then.
She loves htm well, nod he loves her
Well, in the way of into,
And yet In all their sweet delight
' One sad thought makes him wince;
She held the reins that winter's night,
She's held them ever since.
SomerviHe Journal.
Robert Owens was a handsome fel
low, graceful in all his movements;
tut there were haggard lines on his
face, traced there either by illness or
dissipation. He threw himself On
the grass before his wife, and, picking
e,nrrr ..... T,1nm
kuu Avavva tiviu m ivoc, Lricvr uiciu
Mnfn fha nil.
"Blanche, how would you like to
'live here always P" he asked.
"That would depend," she answered.
'Yes; upon who owned the place, I
suppose. Cousin Ralph is a good fel
low to treat us so well. I never gave
him credit for bo much generosity
when we were boys at school. A man
Is generally down on his poor kin,
and it is scarcely human nature for
him to like his heir-at-law."
"Mr. Romalne is not like other
men," said Mrs. Owens. "IIo has
certainly been very kind to us."
"Let's see how long have we been
hare?" Robert continued.
"About three months."
r "Three months! And I hava no
more idea of where we are to go, or
what we are to do than I had before
we came."
Mrs. Owens sighed.
"You ought to be willing to do
anything that Is honorable," she
, "Yes, I ought; but unfortunately,
when a man Is born a gentleman, be
can't accustom himself to hard work
nd poverty."
"I think a gentleman should bo as
brave la the struggle of life as any
"I suppose he should, on the same
principle that the statesman lifted
his hat to the negro, because he
wouldn't be outdone in politonoss;
but I can't boar the pressure. Some
times, Blanche, I think I am not
Worthy of you. You are stronger and
hotter than I. They say honest con
fession is good for tho soul, you
She looked at him affectionately.
Blanche had married her husband for
love, and so far had not boon cured of
hor sweet folly.
"There comes Mr. Romalne," she
"iou are just in time, Ralph. We
were confessing our faults and were
on tho point of tears," said Robert
Owens, in his light way.
"You mean I am too late, and have
missed the confessional. Was there
Anything serious P"
"Well, yes. I have been telling
Blancho that she is too good for me."
"Oh, every one knows that, Bob,
eaid Romalne, jestingly.
"There, Blanche! Did I not tell
you so P and yet"
"Enough, enough!" his wife ex
claimed, laughing, and putting her
hand over his mouth.
"I always thought dame fortune
more blind than just. She certainly
doesn't always deal, fairly," said Ro
maine. "She has been very good to me in
some ways, and very bad in others,"
remarked Owens, as he escaped from
the retarding hand of his wife, and
trolled away.
"I have a favor to ask of you,
Blanche," Mr. Romalne said. "My
housekeeper is indisposed, and I have
given her leave of absence. Her
niece will supply her place. Will you
oversee her a little?"
Blanche assented and looked at
him gratefully. She understood the
delicacy which prompted this re
quest. He wished her to feel that
the was needed in the house to which
fihe had come only as a guest.
She was a very graceful
whom none could help admiring, pre
siding with that natural ease which
oan never be acquired; and if she
were not perfectly happy it was not
because she folt unwelcome, for
Romalne loft nothing undone that
. ...V - . I Y. . . . . a 11. - 1 . . - t
,H uugub iDuiiiiiut) io me pleasure; ut
his guests; but he did it all la such
an unooirusive way mat mere was
no burden in his hospitality.
Pinner wa over. The moon threw
such a brilliant light into the drawing-room
that the gas had not leer,
lit. The air was fragrant with the
breath of a creeping rose that wound
Itself around the plaa.
Robert Owrn. half asleep, was re
clining on a divan. Ills wife retted
her bare white arms on the window
ill, enjoying the view and the snotm-
"I caught some words of a song you
wero humming to-day, I wish you
would sing it. said lUnnalno, advauo
log and luuiln4 in the window nar
her, he In the shadow, she outlined
Ilk a whlle-ruU d !ut lu tho moon.
, Hg-fc
It otily a Huh thing of my
own," he cjukUhI, UugMnly. You
know 1 make vro, and tut Un it M
tuns I like.
kr '! w a tifu swp-t su
pram I lor UsU-mr sUh.i umtUiulia
"A rt f I Hei u
iB tiH ! t t IMi,
s. a .it h- it ! i t,
Jk.4 lu.iwur at wf U.
-I i.l w 4t fc tiff:
r k - l
h 4 arm a ai ...i. at
Mot ) ... ji .... . ii.t I
"tut in !! (. B-'ar.
ft.t M-f iti4m .t.a.
ibii i linn t jMirknl
t . t.r M w r"
TH let trtt il..' I ay the
air, I i l h siUmV (r
lit! e tititdt
An Exchange of Compliments Between The
two Great Would-be Wreckers-
Lincoln, Neb , June 23, 1892.
W. C. Holden, Editor of Liberty:
Dear Sir: It gives me great pleasure
to learn that your new paper, Liberty, it
having such excellent success, and taking
tho place which your ability and experi
ence as a newspaper man entitles it to.
The attempt by certain Independents
to proscribe you and read you out of the
party is as absurd as it Is malignant
and dictatorial, in tho light of the facts
as I know them. I have known you for
more than ton 'years as a connlstent
and fearless anti-monopoly worker, re
nouncing the position you might have
achieved In the republican party and
castincr your lot with a hopeless minor
ity. You were in that work for many
years before tho men wbo are now at
tacking you had begun to realize the
need of any reform there Is a true
independent in this state you are the one;
and you may be sure that the day will
come when your fearless and true inde
pendence will be fully appreciated.
In such efforts you will certainly Lave
the support of ail true independents.
Sincerely Yours,
"Hold fast, and we're all right!"
shouted back Romalne; but never a
word spoko Blanche.
A blu.o of lightning showed them
that they were near the shore. Tha
boat began to whirl around.
"Courage, Owens, courage!" cried
Romalne; and while he eaid It they
were in the water.
As the boat capsized, Blancho did
not know who clasped her close, and
called out "Don't pull me down!"
A wave rolled over them, and tha
next moment she was on solid ground.
"Are you alive, Blanche?" said
Romalne, as ho pressed his cheek to
her lips to see if she breathod. "Yes,
yes; Heaven bo thanked! Oh, my pure
whito roso, I could not havo lived
without you!" t
The color swept into Blanche's face,
and she tried though vainly, to freo
herself from his arms. ,
"Robert!" she cried. "Where Is
RobertP He cannot swim!"
A blaze of lightning revealed a
white face on tho bosom of a wave
near by.
"lie will bo drowned! lie is lost!"
Blanche cried; and, with a heartrend
ing cry, she becamo again uncon
soious. Romalne had not released
her, as she would have fallon to the
He held tho woman he loved in his
arms, and, for ono wild, brief, mo
ment, was happy. There, amid the
raging storm, with death behind him,
and death perhaps before, he was in
There was nothing between them
now not even her own conscious
nessnothing but that white face in
the water.
A great temptation assailed him.
Owens could not swim; he might be
dead even then, or beyond all human
help. It was folly to risk his life on
such a chance.
Like a flash these thoughts came to
Romalne; those few secQnds seemed
as many hours; cold drops of per
spiration mingled with the raindrops
on his face. Then, with a sudden,
almost rough movement, he laid down
his helpless burden, and threw him
self once more into the dark waters.
When Blanche recovered conscious
ness, the moon was shinning out be
tween the breaking clouds, and. her
husband was bending over her.
'Robert ! Th ank heaven !" she mur
mured. She staggered to her feet, and
looked searchlngly around.
"Romalne where is heP" Ehe
Robert took her tondorly in his
"Blancho try to boar what I must
toll you," he solemnly said. "Our
cousin has jrlven his life for mln
wave that Drought mo to your fool
ha Mnt hlra into eternity!"
They laid Kontaluo in the family
burial ground sacred to the Romalnoa
for generations pat. It was um U
tho park, and almoHt every summer
dav Blanche vUitod his grave, and
toft flower thore.
RoUm t Owen inherited Rotnalne's
fortune, a he was next of kin. The
dath of this noble cousin made a
Uop Impression on hint. lie throw
ott hl latitude, and (wvame a busy
and ftlW'it'itt tiiMUr of Romalne pork,
findttarlni; liluit'!f In hi tenant, and
winning the rwc of hi nei:hbor.
Blanche prvslded ovtr the housa
Willi the same grain a of old, ever
jrIiii. t')Mrful and 0tnidorat) of
uluM'; hut thre wait a tooth o( sad
eras on ht'f f too, a lix'k of grail
orrow that Bvver entirely left It
Why do yon atway wear white
fe" her friend olo't kid her.
'I hioy are toy favorite flower," h
wild anwert uerer revealing to
Ireitj,; tir the "rwlno ef U.t
at.UoM.X. V. Jeuruah
ht J. II ivy ( u Ui h liv'U's
and riMi h ixl for cll tfua d
orliv III tut S. MH JW fit,
J n Milt,
Ve. i... j- a-...- . . , .... -a
tl tsul.' waiud at Ih AUlanoi
RlW ki I, ')? M 1 1 H St . I inel ,vh.
l$i;tt TaWtt j. ir,,. i a t m. loYHth
4 I !'.. Ih f.'ittpt. '. Or.Ur
Uf )M II tltMjjjWl,
Burrows and Thompson. publlshPrs,
and Mr. J. Burrows, editor, is a new
newspaper venture in Lincoln. Al
though there are now more than forty
publications in Lincoln, at tnis time,
we believe there is a field for this ven
ture. M. J. Burrows is one among tha
most vigorous writers in the west, and
ire believe him to be one of the eery best
and truest men in the ranis of the Jnde
pendent patty of Nebraska, and bis-wide
acquaintance, great ability, and fear
less energy for the right, cannot help
placing him and his paper in tho front
ranks of Nebraska's reform press. The
field is wide, and the need of a genuine
reform in government is pressing, and
those who pursue the right road, and
surmount all obstacles, will merit and
secure success. Liberty welcomes the
new venture in the field of journalism, and
wishes it an abundant success. We have
not as yet, soun the paper, but learn
that it is an 8 page, 0 column quarto,
nicely printed and well gotten up.
Liberty, Mar. 2, 1803.
A few miles from Dunkirk, in France,
there exists a village Inhabited by fisher
men and seafaring men,"wbere, tlncu the
year 1070, syndicate has been in exist
ence, says Edward Bellamy, and whers a
a birthright an equal share of land is con.
ferred on each member of fhecommunlty,
When Dunkirk was sold to the French
by Charles H, Loul XIV resolved on
forming In the neighborhood of Dunkirk
a community of French-rpeaklng sail
org, with a view of implanting the lan
guage, as also of reserving for state ser
vice a nucleus of trustworthy seamen. He
accordingly appealed to his subjects, and
in 1670 four families namely, the Ber
nards, Kverats, Zoonekent and Goden, na
tlvssofCueq in Ficardy, offered their
services to the king, who granted them
for their own use and that of their de
scendants some 000 acres of land situated
at Fort Mardyck, These men entered
Into poFsesfcloB of the land on the under
standing that they were bound to submit
to maratlme conscription and to exercise
the profession of sailor. '
The land Is divided Into two lots, one
one of which is let to agriculturists, the
rent being appropriated to a fund for the
payment of state taxes and for the distri
bution of relief to members of the com
munity standing In need of ntHUtance.
The remaining portion of the land is al
loted to the inhabitants of Fort Mardyck,
each one receiving at the time of bis or
her marriage about half an acre. Under
no circumstances may the Fort Mardyck
native resign his ownership. He may se
cure a tenant tot his share of his land,
but no further transfer is permitted.
This rule, which, unlike others, is
marked by no exceptions, has proved In
strumental in inducing the villagers to
marry early In life. Their Cells Invariably
produce more vegetables than they require
for tbelr own maintenance, and they are,
therefore, enabled to derive a fair profit
from the sale of th extra supply.
Moreover, while hor husband Is
away at sea, the Fort Mardyck
woman does not depend for her support
ob his wages. She is able to subsist on
the produce of the land and when the
man returns his pay is Intact. i
The Fort Mardyck sailor very soon
manages to build his cottage, and when
this is accomplished he Is practically se
cure from want for life. Should he have
been unable to cave enough money for
his old a; h la maintained by the com
mon fund. On visiting the village I
called on the major of the little repub
lic, where political squuhbles are un
known, and wa supplied by this uiagls.
trate with the following Information:
"Our village numbers 1,700 tnbtblt
aut. We manage our own affair and
defray our ewo expense. We built
our public school ly subvcrlptlont,
and I am ur we have never
coat the state a sou. We ar avery
healthy people here. VT marry early
and lead regular llvt. r'amlll of tea
or twelve children ar by no uen rr.
At thl rat our population dmihUi la
thirty yr I suppo tint eventually
w ihall l eomplld to dhuluUb our U
lotuieuts, a are hmnml la all
Id ly th aelghhottni tilg,
i.S I th state will nut glv ut
any mor land.
W htv t ptuper. Of rourin tsrt
ar a fw old fwpt who ar hmhIv, but
si thsy hv thsir eotug and flsld a
tuull tuHldf fr m th r"i'oj fund
sp thw srj fowfurut'ly, YM
our opl cannot !) Ihlr In4, su I
Ta If the? ' lmi roU;ut, our f vt
l;ut them fri rusalai tu tula."
m. Ur A t !a hfO HH I of lh
rltt rtrty In t Uouln for !.
lt)ou hat a ilr fn and
waiilUi g4-t MiuHtia ro'rl.r, wrliu,
tut Ihvy will )oi a 8 Us dol
llutiiMi ,V r'owt.sH,
IU-mm l-A (4I timwl
Ts: lh Ati.i t k Miri'i;ur.
Art PtAltT Hook. IT IS A WOSItKK. A U-veot il preM feBtnrt-H. Tt Illunlloii; ri.7."fl In Cash TJTM tTTr!T7T?V TUT A TTT T
ITit: hoaullful eolorwl TliitPsr rverythln amnd, olil or ndw. It in ninlpl (rw tnsll cnoUwIn r. In ,1,1 -,,,7 Z
sumps lor rctura posugo (leu than vnihird it cott.) Write Oxluy , munlton Ibis lutperaod addreiM 1711 Filbert St, PhUadelphla
s. , i'jr '
Blue Valley Feed Mill.
PoHltlvuly thti bout mill In the market. Has
the lawful caiinr.lty, the llnhtont runniiiK.
moHt durabln, anil yet the iiiohI hIiiipIh In cou
atrui llon. I'nr culuIukuh und prims writ
ManlmlUii, Kansas.
Plflase mention Tu AU.UNCB Imdepknobut
when auHworliitf above.
tt S ''t svery dcuription, Newfound
tWVSlO Ismli, Mnff. St. Kernsrdi,
(irevhuunda, Hull, Kits, felt ye and Kroti-li Terrier,
Collien. I'iiki S)riltli, llvSK'es, KimliouniU, Set
ters sno I'ointort j sliio KrrrcU, Mai. cm Cats, rt
inimali, (anry piueona, poultry, bend stamp for
price Hat. Live roxea wanted.
Herman Koesch, 15 Msrket Ht , St. Leuls.
A now sn Oomplcte Trestmeni. ennnUtln of Hop
pnaltiirlaa, Olntni'at In Oapaulnh slwi In Ba slid PI III
s Punitive Cure for Ktrnul, Itit"rnl, lllind or HlftMl
Ibk ItflhltiK. Chronic. Kio nt or llri-lilar pllea, snd
manyelluir dlanaMM and female wiwknmeoa: It la al
way s Kreat txmnlH to tha fr"itrl hutltli. Tlie fl ran
diwioTivy of s mlloal mire rmiilerlng an oprratlor
with tha knlfo unwowairj himiltHr. Tlila retnHlf bai
never bean known to fail. SI pw Imx 6 for aunt
by mall. Whyanlfinr fr'ntbl terrible lmtl tint
a written sn'irmitia la piwltlvnly alvan with S boii,
to refund tb mom-y If not chwC Hnrnl memp for
froaaainple. Ouarautnelmnnl by 1. H. Harlny. drnr
tui. aula seent 1 It h aa l ) atreaU. Llnooln. Nab.
That wo, as manufacturers, run (five
quality at tb Top, Trie at tliellottom.
lend for catalogue, llhmtratlnir our ChlcsKO Nn1
iliiKer, only aH.?H,snd the blKhnat Krade mortert
jle machine In the world foreUIJ.HH. V, dlfferen(
it vies ut intermedin! prices. KKHhM IIKIll
IVK asve you from ono to three profit. MM K Klv
en days free trial. WE warrant erery mscliltiB V
roara. WK fsrnlah tbe luteal attachments, Wl
in.T an opportunity to seonra a sewins rnaclilnt
fUKK. Mention this puper. Addruaa
hlcao HewliiK Machine Co., Mnfrs.
N. Ualsted Ht, Dept. A51, CUlcago.IU
a snn lit, , .l a.wl austttk
6';nlt' Cut tl.U out unit uJ It to uV
kO- with voiir full niiliiM and ttn
SIZEdreaa, and wa will wild yott
one oi men auvant ricmj
tHweld sold niiMitHl wntrliK
iy exirM for ..summation,
and II ou think It leiual In
apfK.niaiiv to any tu&.tftt iftld
n(. h, puyuur aaliiil iirha.
tHM, audit loiini. W'aamd
i hat you can return It at any
SMatufa.nory, and If jt aell
or cauav Ihn anie or u wa
will IOV you OaaSraa. WrIW
at um-a aa wa aliall t-nd out
aniiii'i- lr ality daya only.
i A. IMPOkTINB t-u..
JJ4 Dearborn tltrset,
ruirinn. ill.
Makes sales lu Nebraska and tber slates. Heat
of references. Kouttws j sta sperleuo
1'rlcea rvsaousbls, eorrespuud I ( rsuilclted sat
Wtlafai'tiuu gtisrsltteed
-.4 f -v..iif jrwf uaw
wi llu Uivf hhfiA t VtnuilMiuiUf
1ft iM,WfiM,t I tss
HhttwAf. (a) i . -
mi . i , i t .
-'. t V-H.l - '-fct- AsjsV fH
Ittit '.- t ("V " ' -'-.
v jt itM ?, - 1 .t-- fH.I ttat
a.s ft "-.. Jt.V V W-t u4,
&as.4 '9 I . ' --.-
t44. g . ...) a s)m J
t 4 l S I isi " - wt-
aa iMi,"j..t',vv.-'i tiL. mt
IT f 1 If I
lafcefcJijaa1aBB, atJ
or fralt srowpr can arfbrrtln h wOhont rmmvr Bmro
Champion of Nebraska Tracks. "
Winner of the f anient best snd the fiiHtext three heat ever trotted by a stallion In the State. -Sire
of Maiiiietis. :i year-old record 'i.'ZA: xleiy. 3 year-old record 8:23; Ourlpli, Jr., 4-year
old record K:'-'!: Jia;e rehem, 8 year old re-ord 8:4(1.
II Is sire Ik JTlwew; dam Mary by Menwnner lJtiroc: 2d dam Bonnie Laaele by Ilambleton
Inn Id. Uuelph has been a conhlHteiit catiiimlgner. and one of the gament race homes that ever
lived. lie haw bl.e. style, color und Mieed, all of which sre etu-nUal In s horse to breed to.
Ouelph will trot mile In S: 10 or better this season, barrlnir accident, lie has trotted a mil
lit i'.h'V. hlmw Inu that bis record Is no tm-HMiie of his s)eed. Oneljih will make the season at
Lincoln, Neb., )!4lb and U Ms. hervlce fee 45U, with the usual return privilege.
Ilrnther In Itlnok to th arrat Jay ItlrU. St red by MonteOleto (brother to Lumps f 21)
by (jen. Wllliea; dam lady Ktai.k, ii. t. 2:t!4 idem of Karlv Dawn 8:21. Jay Bird 2:1. Dewey
Kve. dam of (inlileo He l!;ls, Mctireiror Wilkes :S7H). by Msmbrlno Star 2:28!4; 2d data
Lady Franklin :2W (dam of iottaeC;irl S:a4) by Esty's Black Hawk.
Alonte Lurloa Is the sire of Dun iieinlee, 8 year-old record 8:4:2, bis first colt and others that
are showlnK eurly seed. He Is destined to make as great a sire as Juy Ulrd. He will malts
the season ut Lincoln, Neb., at tvfu.o.
These horses can be seen at the LlncolnsUarn, cor. 24tb and O street. Send for catalog-ue.
Address ali communications to
Cor. 24th and O Sts.
Fropi the Gaw to the Dulf dlpg Direct
J y0"- Farmer Alliance Men Please take Notice.
wholesale Complete Bills for Houses and Barns a Specialty.
retail Write us for Delivered Pri
JOHNslOra UUPiaCB COmpAnYi OWcslOOt OSt , UaotlaH
With the animals now
xea nvrr all draft
L t , ...... t K
horsva must lit sold within the nest sixty liuys at term
.i.u..vA.VTiwTTi 'tlll' in anow varus, Willi anarn
Branch Barna, Llnooln, Neb.
Cambridge, Furnas County, Nebraska.
Shlre.'CIjde, Percheron. Delglan,
(.erntan, and Oldenbcrg Coach, French Coach.
farkshlre Coach , and tlerfland Bay talUia
Wc Dandle More Horses Than Any Firm
We Import our own horses thus saving the customer th mlddl man's profit. Burets
bsve the advantage of comparing all treed side by side at our stable.
We Have 40 Good Young Acclimated Horses on Hand.
An Importation of 40 arrived October 1. W marantee all our horses to b aotind la
every respect. Wa make farmers companies a siwolaltjf, having a system whereby w
can organise companies and insure absolute success.
We Will Send a Man to Any Part of the
On si
stion to assist in erRsnlzIng companies. W give long tins Urn enabling par
to pay for horses from service. Correspondence promptly sntwersd. Hen
lBHr. Address,
clmsliiT" to pay
lion tills pBHr,
Feed Sc Hay Dealers.
Corn in car lots for feeders a specialty, Consignment solicited. Good tales. Prempt re
turns, Hufcr to Missouri National Hank.
12th f Hickory Six,, Kansas City, Mo. J, E. JOHNSON, Manager.
State Agent quotes priced On the following goods.
A good common flour at 00 cts. per 100.
White Rose flour at 11,50 per 100.
Silver Leaf ' 1.75 "
Prime Brow Sugar $4.00 per 100.
Hest Granulated Sugar $5.65 per 100.
Fine Uncolored Japan Tea 25c per lb.
II II i i2j0
Good Coffee 20c per lb.
A full lino of Spices, Pepper, Cinna
mon, Cloves, Ginger, Mustard, Al
sploe, etc.) at 20o per lb.
One gallon best coal oil with glasa can
40 cents,
jmm. sw
Al W
jt fi B
i 4T
sTTTli at aj?rsaai
SSBaSSsl Baal BBsl aaW Saal rassaassaasBssBT Bsal Bas.
Fr sain hf nil nrai-lna, or sii
tltuf al.UU. Asalur IIII.Im Tsblelsa and
at m
a! a
IMrtKiilara rreri l nr. mini uiMiiisa na
by awtL tVddraasat.AJ. 4 fti Opera lllerb, Lt.MA.O.
and all other Dlssasreef the Rsetum cured br Dr. Thornton Minor, Xanta
Cttr. MOM Utfat snlf, IUtiurs or eanatks-no inottey to be pU nalil piletil Is cured. W
simittxtse aiwUiity irf iMwwatif A'miasnd ltaif the Hltm, iUwre f all doetor
who t any prt of ihnir fm lit s.lvsw. er.a ut la ike eui ym will On.1 tbeta eifwa
! tuiurw HB.i lr t'trtmUr tr ttiat lt!"es ot hittlttrl U k twen rurml by as. an4
b.iw l.anl. hr.ran.iij'" ,1l' !vs I'M -at Xmt street. It.wxmit 1) M H uuar It 1.1
Dr. McClellan & Co.,
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Middle Aged Men.
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A T. TURNEY & SONS, Lincoln, Neb.
Oood Horaes Bring Big Money. Poor Horses Bring No
Money. If Yu Cannot Anord to Breed to
Good Stallions, Don't Breed at All. -
on hand we have won 5 Oranr! Sweepstake)
breeds: H Hweenataka tirixes over shire breeds: 34
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Beatrios, Nab.
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& PP., Cambridge, Hob.
Soda i and Butter cracker 6o per lb. la
40 Grain vinegar in lugs, 25o per gal
Lemon extract 2 oz. bottles 50o per dot.
Vanilla " " " 65o "
Finest full cream Y A cheese 121c lb,
A good Overall for only 50c.
An extra good overall for 65,
Rockford half hose 75o per doz.
" " " best made $1.05 a dea
Write for anything you eat or wear.
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