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MARCH 2. 1893-
Nehraska Fanners' AIDanca.
3. H. rowans. President, Cornell,
w. A- Ponma, Vlce-Prea , Albion.
J. If . TaOMPeea, Bute 8007, IJnoeln.
a. C. Fairchild, Lecturer. Oaxlaie.
B. f. Atxas. Chairman, Ex. Com., Wabash.
In the beauty of to Uiilea
Christ was born acroaa the tea.
With a fiery in bis beeosa
That trnsflTire ran and ma.
A ae itwe W make mea taolr
Let ui strive U make them tree.
Since God 1 marehina on.
JuMa Ward H awe.
We would be rled to ret Kent
want? in the state an oenditlon
aaea work.
of the
1. The Debsea Usury Bill.
2. Beselved, That the Sandwich Is
lands should be annexed to the United
1. Woman as a factor in the Reform
2. "Music Hath Charms."
3. Woman's Idea of True
4. What I Would Do if I
1. The Strike of the Future.
2 Government Ownership of Tele
3. "The Land of the Free and the
Home of the Brave."
4. . Cleveland's Cabinet.
County Alliance Meetings.
Saunders Co. Alliance will meet at
Wahooon Saturday, March 4, 1893,
State Lesturer Fairchild will be pres
ent and every Alliance in the county
is urged to send as large a delegation
as possible. w. a. bates.
Lancaster Co. Alliance will meet
in K. of L. hall 1029 O St., on Satur
day, March 4, 1893. Notice the change
in the day of the week. Come to the
city early enough to transact all your
business in the forenoon and be ready
for the meeting: at l o clock sharp.
R T. Chambers, Pres.
J. M. Thompson, Sec.
Good Words From California
Dospalos, Cal., Feb. 22, 1893.
Editor Alliance-Independent.
Sirs: I cannot help but send a word
of cheer to the grand Populist host
with the sixteen honest democrats that
cast their votes for W. V. Allen for
United States senator, one of the
grandest and truest men the people
have left in America. May God bless
him in his labors for the down-trodden
of America.
Cheer up, my brothers, the conflict
is raging. I hope we will be able by
the ballot to settle this great question:
"Shall the $ or the People Rule?"
If the people could just get to see that
it is English money and English laws
that are being forced upon the Ameri
can people, by such traitors as John
Sherman, Bill Allison and others of
their stripe, what a blessing it would
bel They are awakening as never be
fore all along this coast. We organ
ized an allionce with 11 members four
weeks ago last night and now have 34
and still they come.
Youra for right and liberty,
E. A. Shain.
I Better Roads but no Bonds.
Litchfield, Neb., Feb. 20, 1893.
Editor Alliance-Independent:
Daer Sir: At a regular meeting of
Gracchus Alliance No. 569, held Feby,
18, 1893. The following resolutions
were adopted:
Whereas, A widely extended inter
est is being manifested by National
banks and capitalists in favor of improv
ing our roads throughout the country
and In urging congress to legislate in
favor of, this, their scheme. And where
as it appears possible that hasty legis-
f latlon will be brought about by these
enthusiastic agitators, who know and
care no more about the needs of the
farmers in this respect than the man in
the moon. And whereas we believe
that we ought to have and can have
better roias without any increase of
cost by bonds issued for that purpose.
Therefore be it, Resolved by this
alliance that we hereby place our em
phatic protest egainst every project
that may come up for the eo-callcd im
provement of our country roads that
shall add one dollar to the road taxes
in shape of bonds either national, state,
or township,
j And be it further, resolved that we
I urge our state legislature to abandon
H the present system of road iraking and
adopt the system now in use in most of
the eastern states, or at least some
oeiier nmnod than the one now in use.
J. W.
The Baby.
That "Baby," to which we would
call the attention of bur many readers
"may be found in connection with a
milk and butter separator, the adver
tisement for which may be found in
another column under the r ather pecu
liar tlfch of "Don't You Need a Baby"
Cream Separator. The advertisers,
De Laval & Co , would be pleased to
sell you a "Baby" separator, which
fwill separate the butter from the milk
Mrnlle the milk Is warm from the can.
bus savin? you much in the cont nf
.4 Ice, and leaving the milk in much
letter condition for feeding purposes.
a. gooa investment we should say.
wing Machines Given Away
Although the bounty boom seems to
be pretty effectually crushed, we feel
like giving it a few finishing touches
by exposing two of the impostors who
are going about seeking whom they
may gull. The first of theae is one
. Steele, a dapper little gentleman who
I puts up at the Lindell hotel, and makes
it his business to instruct the dear hay
seed legislators la the wonders of the
beet business. Nat long sinee, Mr.
Steele requested an in traduction to this
crank quill-driver. Ha got it. Then
he waattd an opportunity to show us
the error of ear way, he baring notioei
said error in the columns of Thb Alli
ance Indepwdbnt. We informed
him that we were always glad , to hays
our errors pointed out. Mr. 8teele then
proceeded to unfold his tale. He was
here merely to '.'Instruct" the- peeple.
There was so much ignoraaoe and prej
udice in connection with this beet
bounty business. He was here as a
sort of missionary to let his light shin
into darkenrd minds, and show them
the road to prosperity, and a great deal
more te the same effect. Then he pro
ceeded with the "instructions." We
can't undertake to tell all he said. It
would fill several columns. It was a
rich intellectual treat te listen to him.
There is nothing we enjoy better than
to hear a man lay down one proposition
after another and then centradict every
one of them within half an hour. But
we looked docile, and listened. En
couraged by thi, Mr. Steele become
confidential. He said he would let us
into a secret. He had been working
for Oxnard up at Norfolk, but he was
going to quit. In fact he had offered
his resignation. He was going into the
sugar business on his own hook inoppo
sition to Mr. Oxnard. He didn't know
what Oxnard would think if he found
it out. He was going to start a factory
just over the line in Kansas, anl he
wanted the bounty bill amended so that
farmers in eastern Nebraska could ship
beets down to him in fiat boats. He
drew such a glowing picture that in im
agination we could see great fleets of
flat-boats loaded with beets sailing
down the "Big Muddy." Then Mr.
Steele become m ire confidential. He
went to his valise and got out a picture
of his factory located at Leavenworth,
an old glucose factory he had purchas
ed. He was going to transform it into
a sugar factory, etc. He was going to
compete with Oxnard. He would start
other factories in Nebraska soon. After j
grivlngus ' instructions" of this kind
for about an hour, he asked in his most
persuasive tones if we didn't think a
bounty law should be passed. We poli
tely but very positively informed him
that we could't see it in that light, and
the interview soon ended.
flow during this Interview we har
bored a growing suspicion that Mr,
bteele was an imposter of the first
water. To satisfy our mind as to the
correctness of this view, we wrote to
the mayor of Leavenworth to find out
if Steele had purchased the glucose
factory. "His honor," turned the let
ter over to a Mr. Earl who is financially
interested in the Glucose factory. Mr.
Earl kindly wrote that the glucose fac
tory had not been sold for a sugar factor,
but was likely to be sold in the near
future for another purpose.
This Mr. Steele is simply an impos
tor, and a falsifier. He is here in Lin
coln to delude, and gull members of the
legislature. His argument is a tissue
of falsehoods, and sophistry. He is
here in the employ of Oxnard whom he
is pretending to fight.
We are informed that Mr. Steele has
a different story for the different peo
ple he lobbies. He has told some mem
bers that he has discovered a new pro
cess by which he can get a great deal
more sugar out of beets than other
manufacturers can. If all his stories
were collected and published In a book,
li wouia aountless be a formidable ri
val of "Gulliver's travels,' or "Wonder
ful adventures of Baron Munchausen."
If Mr. Steele feels aggrieved because
we have given away his secret, we will
agree to Intercede with Mr. Oxnard
not to "fire" him.
There is another man "going up and
down in the land" whom we believe to
be as big an impostor as Steele, though
good deal shrewder, and brainier.
His name is Felton. He goes from
plaoe to place (seeming to have a decld
ed preference for the places where in
dependent representatives live) work
ing up local booms for sugar factories.
Two week's ago we exposed his work
atOrd. Siaoe then we have learned
that ha worked the same scheme oa the
people at CI arks, representative Por
ter's home. He had all the people ex
cited over the prospect ef a factory,
and all they had to do was to circulate
petitions fer the bounty. Mr. Porter
went home just when the excitement
was at its highest.' They had a meet
ing, and he made a speech. He pre
sented a common-sense view of the
situation, and told them not to waste
any time sending petitions of that kind
to him. He had pledged himself to
vote against the bounty and he was
going to keep that pledge. When his
county alliance met, hie position was
unanimously endorsed.
The people of Nebraska are too in
telligent to be gulled by such impos
tors. They are not only wasting their
time, but they are really strengthening
the opposition to class legislation. We
advise them to emigrate to some other
state where the people haven't recover
ed from the "tariff" disease.
Farm, stock and implements wanted
in exchange for house and lot. Address
L. A. Peters, 245, So. 11 St.
-''insr fuffiau jtitr iipoea Ol.
Washington, Feb. 28. A demand
for the reg-ular order made by Mr.
bimpson in the house to-day blasted
the hopes of a number of members
who desired to have bills passed dur
ing the closing hours of congress. Mr.
Feel moved to suspend the rules and
pass the Indian appropriation bill, but
Mr. Kiigore objected. After the bill
had been read in full it was, however,
passed under suspension of the rules.
Tourists Trips.
Round trips to to the Pacific Coast.
Short trips to the Mountain Resorts
of Colorado.
The Great Salt Lake.
Yellowstone National Park the most
wonderful spot on this continent.
Puget Sound, the Mediterranean of
the Pacihc coast.
And all reached via the Union Pacific
system. For detailed information call
on or address,
J T. Mastin, C. T. A., 1044 O St.,
E. B. Slosson, Gen. Agt.,
Lincoln, Nek.
Farms for Sale. (
160 acres 4 miles north of Alliance
Box Butte county Neb. 70 acres in
cultivation, 80 acres fenced, 6od house
and barn, two wells. Will give posses
sion at once. Price $8 00 per acre.
160 acres 6 miles north of Alliance.
40 acres in cultivation, all tillable.
mce 87.00 per acre. There can be
other land bought adjoining these if
ior further particulars ad-
F. D. Kline,
Alliance, Neb.
No Real Rival Yet.
World famous Eli Perkins says:
"After people have gone over all the
routes to California once, thav sottlA
down to the U. P This road will al
ways be the great transcontinental line.
It has the best track, the best equip
ment, the best eating houses, and it
teaches the traveler more history and
geography than any other line. It
shows you historic Salt Lake and the
Mormons, takes you throuarh the crpat.
Laramie plains, the Humboldt Basin
and the Grand Canyon, over the very
stage route that Horace Greeley and
Artemus Ward rode.
Once on the Union Pacific it coes
everywhere. It runs to Portland and
Pueblo, Helena and the Yosemite. Ta-
coma and Seattle,- Los Angeles and San
Diego, and Is the only route to San
Francisco. It has no real rivals vet"
Send for our California Sights and
Scenes. J. T. Mastin. C. T. A
E. B. Slosson, G. A. Lincoln, Neb.
1044, O. St.
Oregon, Washington and the North
western Coast. a
The constant demand ef the traveling
public to the far west for a comfortable
and at the same time an economical
mode of traveling, has led te the estab
lishment of what is known as Pullman
Colonist Sleepers.
These oars are built on the same gen
eral plan as the regular first-class Pull
man Sleepers, the only difference being
that they are not upholstered.
They are furnished complete with
good comfortable hair mattresses, warm
Blankets, snow white linen curtains,
plenty ef towels, combs, brushes, etc.,
whieh secure to the occupant of a berth
as much privacy as is to be had in first
class sleepers. There are also separate
toilet roems for ladies and gentlemen,
and smoking is absolutely prohibited.
For full information send for Pullman
Colonist Sleeper Leaflet.
J. T. Mastin, C. T. A. 1044 O. Si,
JS. 0. bLOBSOff, lien. At.
Ineola, Neb.
A Great Business.
We would eall the attention of cur
many readers to the advertisement of
Messrs James McMtllea A Co , of Mln
eapolls, Minn, which appears in another
column ef this paper. This firm do a
very large business in tanning sheep
skins, and arc the largest buyers and
exporters ot furs in North America
except the Hudson's Bay Company.
They at all times pay the highest
market nrice for all kinds ef furs, hides
etc., and invite shipments from all
parts of the United States and Canada.
Persons having goods to dispose of in
til's line may be sure to obtain the
greatest possible results by shipping to
this firm whose integrity and responei
bility are unquestioned, and of the
highest rating.
The State Agent offers De Kalb
painted wire at 3 cents per pound.
Galvanized wire at 3i cents per pound.
Glidden paint the best we have ever
sold. Evaporated apples in 50 lb cases
at 8 cts per lb. Fine Muscat Raisins
6ctsper)b. The best sweet corn in
2 dozeu cases at $1.20 per doz. Sugar
4 to 51 cents per pound. Rock Salt
$2 a barrel. Write for anything you
want. J. w, Hartley,
State Agent.
Are You Going East?
Now just take a word of advice: Let
your next trip be by the North-Western
line. Do you think it a longer
rouie to unicago tnan tne others? it Is
not. It is shorter. Its equipment in
ferlor? No, there's nothing better.
Track less smooth? By no means; it is
tne Dest. lime longer, and more in
convenient leaving hours? Should say
not, but just the . contrary. . If you do
not want to leave as early as 1:40 p m.,
just try our "Business Man's Chicago
l rain," leaving at 5:25 p. m., arriving
in Chicago y.M next mornine in six
teen nours. Anything: wrong" with
that time Go right on to Boston if
you mutt in forty-five hours from Lin-
coin New York, forty-four: Pbiladel-
peia.forty-two; Washington,forty-three.
mere's nothing better than this. Come
and see us. A. S. Fielding,
Wm. Shipman. Citv Ticket Afft.
General Aet . 1133 O St.
Depot corner S and Eighth streets.
Homes and Irrigated Farms. Gardens
and Orchards in the Celebrated Bear
River Valler on the Main Lines et the
Union Pacific and Central Pacific R. R.
near Corinne and Sgden, Utah.
Splendid location for business and in
dustries of all kinds in the well known
city of Corinne, situated in the middle
ef the valley en the Central Pacific K.R.
The lands of the Bear Rivera valley are
now thrown open to settlement by the
construction of the mammoth system of
irrigation from the Bear lake and river,
just completed by the Bear River Canal
Co., at a cost of 13,009,000. The com
pany controls 100,000 acres of these fine
ands and owns many lots aad business
locatlsns in the city ef Corinne, and Is
now prepared to sell on easy terms to
settlers and colonies. The climate, soil,
and irrigating facilities are pronounced
I unsurpassed by competent judges who
uot,jatc ura vauoj w utJ buw r or&UlBC Ot
the Farmer, Fruit Grower and Stock
Raiser. N ice social surroundings, rood
schools and churches at Corinne City,
and Home Markets exist for every kind
of farm and garden produce in the
neighboring cities of Ogden and Salt
Lake, and in the great mining camps.
Lands will be shown from the oiv
fice ef the Company at Corinne. 15tf j
To aaVrrtla and latraSwathMi qutck Uxlint
nil furnish any n-Uabte oaraoa (fuwr mi), la w
xwntr or toarn, m of lajs aaai mtmt and at
auv Jaatraaaeaiato (haw. If applied fur at aaaa
tddraaa lavelr. Waai Slat atraa. Hew Yori
lUjaadafteae with full particular, I ilmonult, at
IT Is Fact that for Prairie Plant
ing, Tree grown oa Prairies arc the
best. You can get them at - ' '
The Geneva Nurseries
All sorts of them and In anv ouant-
ity, from one to a car lead, at Very
Lowrrloes. our stock Is very com
pleteiaaT departments.
1 1 - .1, it . a yi , . ii ...
aibu a iuu line oi r run, ooaae ana
Ornamental Stock, Grape Vines, Roses
ana fiVerrreens. uauuoaue rree
Write for Prices. Address,
Youngers & Co.,
Geneva, Neb.
Scientifically treated br an aurlst of world-
wlda reputation. Deatnexn eradicated and en
tirely -ured, of from SO to SO years' standing,
after all other treatments' have failed. How
the difficulty is reached and the cause removed
fully explained In circulars, with affidavits
and teailmnnlala of cures from prominent
people, mailed free.
Dr. a. FO'Itaine, Tacoma, Wash.
The Paragon Incubator
In positively the most practicable and re
liable Incubator now before the people of the
West. ''Patronize Home Industry'' and get
the best. We dare come before the people at
the preat Nebraska State Fair this year. We
hatched 92 chicks from 121 fertile eggs, after
moving the cffgs and machine several miles
when they were within two days of hatching.
There being no premium offered at the fair we
were granted the high kst award of honor by
the board of examiners. Send for circulars
and price list of the incubator, which hatched
the chicks at the slate Fair. Address
Box 435, Fairbury, Seb.
For Sale or Exchange.
Nebraska Lands and Houses and Lots
in Lincoln. If you have land for sale
or exchange, also stocks of merchandise
and horses and cattle write us giving
particulars. O. L BRACK St CO ,
Room 5, Brace B'ldg, Lincoln, Neb.
(1st Edition of 6,000 all sold.)
190 Pages Heavy Paper, Kow Really.
Price, paper 25e; oloth f 100.
Address ThkdAlliakci fpa. Co., Lincoln, Neb.
"Money Monopoly, by E. R. Baker, is pro
nounced by representative leaders in thfl reform
cause to be the most comprehensive work ever
Gubllahed on the money question. Every asser
on backed up by undeniable preefs. Truly the
Galling gun of wage-slavery againit plutocraUo
oppression." Iowa Trlbunr, Gen. Weaver's pa
Headquarters for this Class ef Coeds
WBira ton prices.
MarlonA, Kansas City, Uoi
(none genuine without brass fittings) our large
Improved style. Is a solid make, has deep tianue
strong ut high grate. and closes perfectly tight
saves 33 per cent nutritious elements. Full de
scriptive circular on application. AGENTS
WANTED in every county in the U. S. Ad
St., Council liluHs, Iowa.
Frorr. the Gaw to theDulfdipg Direct.
h iitfiso Farmer Alliance Men Please take Notice.
wholesale Complete Bills for Houses and Barns a Specialty.
retail Write us for Delivered Pri.
JOHT4SOK kUNIBGF COWPJITIY 8ce 1001 0 St.. Llneete. Nefc
State Agent quotes prices
A good common flour at 90 cts. per 100.
White Rose flour at 11,50 per 100.
SllrerLeaf " " 1.75 "
Prime Brow Sugar $4.00 per 100.
Best Granulated Sugar $3.65 per 100.
Fine Uncolored Japan Tea 25c per lb.
Good Coffee 20c per lb.
A full line of Spices, Pepper, Cinna
mon, Cloves, Ginger, Mustard, Al
spice, etc., at 20o per lb.
One gallon best coal oil with glass can
40 cents.
Nebraska Savings Bant
IS and O 8b, Lincoln.
Capital qaaeso,ooo.
Write Ui and We irill Proye it,
Five per eent Interest oa aarlnn
opvuw va tuav uepwsiia.
Write ns or call for neat vest pocket
andua book.
i. O. BecTirwwx,
CATARRH rivi you .cot
If A V7 MM Kll.l-.
I is a sure cure'. Try 'it and be convm Vm
will never regret It.
drees. Price One D
will never regret it. Sent by mall to any ad
dress. Price One Dollar. JOHN P.HOKK.1B
Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Wire Pleket fmn Machln.
Lowden'i Perfection. BestrMd hav
machine in Uu U. S. Mostly MafloSr
Iron. Ever? farmer his own fasje
builder. Costs from 30 to 36 cents a rod. Writ
ft Illustrate cataloftie to '
L. C. LOWPCM, lwMrpMe, 1 13
a tram rrnT For n.ts r
OLjEjIJ jJ All Early White final, 1
tallow Sent (ex Ira earlr) and Barlr
three of the largest and best early varieties of
seed sora In the wotld. Writ for tstaJegwa.
4 n. ka i k&jlm, aneaanaoaja, nsv.,h
Cancers Cured.
I will pay liberally for the names aad address
of persona offering from cancer, Gnaraaass a
ecnaanent core or no charge. No natter If
no cnarge. no matte
by ethers, writ me
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Physicians supplied with remedy
at liberal
count. Full remedy an inatructioos for
treatment, lao.
Kutaw, Graaa 0o-, Alav,
For spraying fruit trees and vine. Seed
for catalogue and price list to
lses 8. aetk St., Laacolai Nokv
Surest te growl Surest to bear big crop of So
iruit Stock of highest quality, warranted true.
Send for our Catalogue of Fruit Trees, Soaalt
KruiU. Old. New and Rare: Shad Trees and
Evergreens, A large stock,
Forgrs, Clark Co., Ohio.
E. F. STEPHENS Prop., Crete, Nee.
RnllahlaTrnM nrl Plant. Satlafac
tlon guaranteed. I3,0UU bushels of an
atDlea and
800 bushels of cherries grown In 1W1 shows
that fruit can be grown if suitable trees are
planted. The experience and advice of tot
proprietor, president ol the State Horticultu
ral society will be found safe and useful to all
ForAat Tract, for Timber Claims-
Correspond at once before the extreme rusk
of spring orders,
Cheioe Yellow Dent
100 Buahele per Acre.
Seed Corn.
Dr. C. Gea
Wo the fa
mous Chi
cago phy
sician ol
O mak a
has over
pat I. nts
who have
been cored
by him.
One of tk
most sac-'
cessful phvsicans In Omaha today is Dr. C. Gee Wo
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nations free and it will cost you nothing to consult
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619 N. 10tk 81, Omaha. .
QWEET POTATOES sent ont to be spronted
kj on snares. ro experience requirea. uireo-
on shares. No experience required
tloni for SDroutinc free. T. J. SKINS
Columbus, Kan.
We offer a fine and large stock of every description
Roses, Vines, Small FRUITS,
Priced Ctaloeue mailed free. Established iSca
Successors to Sidney Tlttle A Co., Bloomington,
Illinois. , jjt7
138 S 12th St., Lincoln.
First cl&sa table and attendance.
Lunches at all hoars, 80tf
on the following goods.
Soda 1 and Butter cracker 6c per lb. In
40 Grain vinegar in lugs, 25c per gal
Lemon extract 2 oz. bottles 50oper doa.
Vanilla " ' 65c
Finest full cream Y A cheese 12JrC IK
A good Overall for only 50c
An extra good overall for 65,
Rockford half hoee.75o per dot.
" " best made $1.05 dei
Write for anything you eat or wear. '
State Agt., I- ntk ft, LtoNie, Kit