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A Short Definition which. According to
the Writer, Includes all otier
Ex-Representative Steadwell of Buffalo
County Writes upon the
Leading Issue.
No One Objects
No one objects! Let all men have their 011
Of any pleasure think, tpeak. do their will-
Bat not while others starve to foot the bill.
No one objects to power! Let men be.
If that's a pleasure, kings on land and sea.
But not while other slave in misery!
No one ob jecu to riches ! Let men behold.
If that's a pleasure, countless sums of gold,
But not while others die of want and cold .'
No one objects to pomp! Let vain men throw
It that's a pleasure, gold away for show,
But not while others half-clad-naked-go.
Noone objects to pride! Ancestral pride!
If that's a pleasure, let it strut and stride.
But not while common seute must stand aside
Superior Citizen.
Criticisms on Mr. Ward.
Interesting Items Gleaned from
People's Party Exchanges.
A system that compels laboring peo-
Edi tor Alliance-Independent:
j I have read with a great deal of in
i-oo tVi art ifloa in vnur naner on
M n tr.nsai CMv anil ftlsn vnur P.ritlP.ismS I
j tmuvinnn aa
upon same, wherein you Intimate that frQm jo 1q Januy
writers upon monetary tuieuto and the shipments are still neavy.
ba able to erive a more terse, accurate
than has yet been given.
And when this question once got fair-
Ivintomv "think-tank." I could not
rest until I had fired up nnder it, and
boiled it down. Here is the result:
Money The legal representative of
"In his last article Mr. Ward says:
Money is a complex utility, possessing
flnany attributes, and performing a vari-
Jbtv of services.
It would be almost impossible to for- to prevent the sale, loan and wearing
mulateone clear and comprehensive i &oop wr" wnasnex.r
Sixty-seven pr cent of Boston's pop
ulation live in tenement houses. Aiany
homes and occupants are heavily mort
The adyice universally given by Peo
ple's party papers and woi kers is, strike
at the ballot box. That is the proper
place to strike.
Fortv-nine men were laid off at the
Santa Fe shops at Topeka, Kansas, the
day after the election, and forty-seven
ol them are fopullsts.
A bill has been introduced In the
Kentucky legislature entitled "An act
dpfinitinn of monev which would not
include all (and more than) the definl
tiOH I have attempted to formulate."
Now I affirm that the "complexity"
of money, with its "many attributes,"
and its power of "performing a variety
of services," ali grow out of its inher
1 ent reDresentative nature: ana l do-
lieve the above definition is the key to
all the verbose explanatory definitions
nf it..
It is a "measure of value," because it
ia "the leeal representative" of the
ounnanf n onmnioroml value of RDV
jr, mi 1 oun, v.i . . 1
f and everv article that any one desires.
'he Virginia Sun declares that four
People's party Congressional candi
dates ia that state were cheated out of
their honest majorities by false returns
The orthodox ears of the Rev. Tal
mage are being severely boxed for his
apologies Hnd defense of the Czar of
Russia. Talmage is an aristocratic toe
Indiana is buying her toll roads
What's the matter with the railroads':
The Hoosiers in purchasing toll roads
are edging up close to government own
ershlp of railroad?.
The vot for Wing, the S cialist can
It is a medium of exchange becanse "it didate for President, a-t far as heard
is the legal representative" of the rela- from, is aa follows; New York", 17,581;
tive commercial value of all articles New Jersey, 1.4;jb; Connecticut, diS;
liiiffht to be exchanged,
'Tt is a tool for the liquidation 01
debts," because debt is an obligation of
the debtor to return to the creditor a
certain specified "value,1; and money is
the "legal representative of value."
As to Mr. Ward's third definition:
"A certificate that the holder has
performed certain labor:" if it is so, it
Is because labor nas a commercial vaiue
Pennsylvania, 818; Massachusetts, 170,
The man who grunts and growls for
364 days about hard times, low wages,
or prices for his products, and on the
365th day votes with capitalism, ought
to quit grumbling or quit voting to en
slave himself,
It is at least comforting to the miner
who is starving because he can not get
and "money is the legal representative coal to dig to know, according to the
of value." As to his fourth definition, orthodox theory, that the coal barons
it is only a repetition, or an amplinca- are tending to a region wnere they can
tion of his second. A tool lor me noi restrict tne iuei ouipui.
Un;j,. r,t Jofct II TVia niinHtv nf . ....
, , ; , i"J v, -me utBcouwjmi uj iuo masses 10 as
legal tender can only o imputed by marked since the . election as before,
statutory enactment, and to be really . ..,,,
money, it must be received for all debt. 'Zl .E"
or claims, nubile or private: and tbis Is , . . v.. u i
. f iiuLii noil i:arniin 119. uubaiD wiutjnwaiit
what makes it the representative oi , tinM w nl.n, n,t n,.
value. It mus t have this repr eMntative 8UCCe86ful party 6hall keepBit8 pledges,
value, and it may have, (but notneces- r j
sarily) an intrinsic value, and the in- Statements published in the Topeka
tnnslo value may be more or less man Advocate, ana amy auestea, snow inai
its representative or money value; but Charles Foster, now Secretary of the
to be money per se it should have no Treasury, sold some land in 1866, and
natural or intrinsic value, which makes received as part payment on the same
it an article of merchandise as well as
The best monev is that which has
enly a representative value, it should
be utterly worthless and useless for any
other purpose but to represent vaiue
TkAn .... . A ntninotn irflllia
lwnnM rtnt nanca it. tn Vo nntlVArtpfl intfl
bullion, or used in the arts and thus
subtracted from circulation.
One other thought in this connection:
. The volume of th s ' legal representa
il tive of value," should at all times fully
7-30 treasury notee, which Foster bow
declares were not a part of the circulat
ing medium.
The Western Union Telegraph Com
pany s property la now capitalized at
$87,000,000, and it is proposed to iesue
$13,000,000 more of stock making fully
$65,000,000 of watered stock of purely
fictitious value that those who use the
telegraph will be bled to pay dividends
The railroads are demanding of Con-
AINTl-lirrilLN ISIIjIj. "mon ot an Wdln6' tn
man goTernmeni, ana in the beautiful
vision of a coming time I behold th
TEXT OF THE GREAT MEASURE"! abolition of poverty. A time ia fore-
rOK THE PRODUCERS. Uhadowed mhn th. with. ha .1
want shall not be outstretched for
It May hm fom. ireu But ita Gm I charity: when libertv. eonalitv and
I - ' ' A J
ral Aim ia for th Heat inUrants of justice bhall have permanent abiding
th Prodacr It Critical Period la places in the Republic." As was to
CoagrM. be expected, his speech does not please
the old party organs, but it ia a good
Reports from Washington say that thing to prod up th animals once in a
tne anti -trust bill introduced bv Ken- wmie.
resentative Scott will probably be
reported favorably by the Judiciary A PeMimtatl TUw.
Committee, to which it was referred. The Presnt attitude of certain Con
The bill provides tha when ten gasmen and party leaders indicates
reputable citizens of any State or Ter- that the Htch bill may pas, but if it
J. P. ROC'. ViPrea.
ARMERS, we Invite your attention to the Parmer.' xr,,t.,.KT
vmpanyoixsebraslta, If you are in want of Insurant n
afford to Insure in any other company, and If vou do not wt i,
now, write and get a copy of our By-laws and Constitution and leant whatwa
are doing anyway,
Kemember we are for Farmen only.
Room 407 BrM Bnlldln.
ritory state on oath that a combina- aoe8 11 wm Do so "amendea" and da
tion exists to limit production or re- rormed that iU best friends could not
strain trade it shall be the duty of the recognize " and that it will prove ut-Attorney-General
to institute proceed- rf inadequate for the purpose for
ings of inquiry for the purpose of whicl it ws drawn.
It is reported that John Sherman has
exists. It gives the Attorney-General announced his intention to favor the td way te do this is t ship your Butter. Poultry, Eggs, Veal, Hay. Grain
adequate power to make a successful blll whlch mea that he will put it ?m orn' Creen and Dried Fruit., Vegetables, r
inquiry and subjects persons to heavy thron?h e Senate, but with his brand JwarI J M' hv b-n lu these ancles at horn.
the existence of a conspiracy against men Ul to boards of trade? able wayof dlspMinar of your nreduoe. Wt invite eorrMpotdenoe from INDIVIDUAL
consumers, and puts it in the power of Ve have Bn Inter-State Commerce ALLIANCES, CLUBS, and all erganlsatlons wbodtaire to ship their prwduoe dlrotM
citizens to see that an Attorney-Gen- Commission" for the "regulation" of "is market. If requested, we will send you free ef eharre ear dally market report, atiw
corporations, wnicn nas the , " u mrormanon as win do or service to yoa, if yeu oon template thi.
seal of John Sherman's approval, but
Judges Gresham and Field have de
cided it practically inoperative.
We have a so-called "anti-trust"
law which John Sherman oricinated
eial discharges his duty or find out
the reason why not
The bill further provides that on
finding that an unlawful combination
exists the Attorney-General shall cer
tifv the fact to the 8prtnrir nf th
Treasurv. whose dutv it shall then be and caused to be enacted, but whieh,
immediately to instruct all collectors on Dcln? placed on its merits, a Kansas
of customs to admit free of duty all Nua8'e nas declared unconstitutional.
articles which form the subiect of the Aud wlien were trusts more flourishing
combination or conspiracy in restraint ttnd regardless of popular rights than
of production or trade. For example, under the provisions of John Sher-
if it should be found that the manu- man 8 anti-trust" law?
facturers of steel rails were combined ' Ana now tricky John proposes to
to limit production and maintain an take into his own bands and render
narmiess tne xiatcn anti-option bill.;
Set it down as a solid fact that when
John Sherman places a weapon of de
fense in the hands of the people it
will be a weapon that shoots only
blank cartridges. Chicago Express.
J and adequately represent the vclume gress the right to pool. Give them
f of 'trade in all articles of value that are
in process of exchange.
A. Stedwell
An Unknown Friend.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 27, 1873.
Editor Alliance-Independent:
jjjfiAK oik: i nave jusi nmsnea react
ing ''Some Inside Facts" and "Con
gratulations" in today's paper, and the
spirit moves me to congratulate you. I
know nothing of the facts in the case,
being a sti-anger here, and yet I do
Jtnow the facts for I have just read
lyhem, and by reading them from your
en I know they are true. The very
kind and manner of your statements
prove them to be true.
It is for this reason that
that right and the farmer cannot raise
enough on his larm to support the
greed of the monopoly.
Some of the bankers are alarmed at
the fact that gold is going out of the
country so rapidly. Secretary Foster
thinks be can get along without issuing
bonds. This sort of talk is caused by
our foolishness in thinking that gold is
the only real money.
Now Is the time to subscribe for i
good weekly paper. The Alliance
independent is the one you want
Subscription $1.00 per year.
Printing Presses.
Country Campbell, seven column
folic in good repair. Has full appli
aHcee for power. Warranted to do
good work. Cost when new $750; will
I congratu- sell it tor $6M,
late jou lor though lean do you no ' Seven column Washington press in
good, (and I am inclined to doubt your good repair. Will sell at Lexington
need ot neip) yet it can do you no hurt, lor $iuu. t;an on or aaarese,
in your trying situation to nave n un
known friend acknowledge his esteem
oi you and your work.
Your Brother in Reform,
Fletcher Wilson.
R D. V. Carr,
Grand Island, Neb.
No Real Rival Yet.
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City Ticket Office 847 P St., Corner
9th, Lincoln, Neb. i
arbitrary priae, as it is notorious they
have been, steel rails of foreign pro
duction would be admitted free, in
stead of being taxed $13.44 per ton.
1 tie re may be objections to some
features of the bill, but its aim is a
good one, and it should become a law.
However, the past work of the pres
ent Congress does not indicate that
much good can be reasonably expected
from it in the future.
Senator Washburn has succeeded in
getting bis bill through the Senate
and there seems to be strong reasons
for believing that it will pass the
Bouse. Already the subsidized press
are making a tremendous howL The
Louis Globe-Democrat is elated, be
cause it thinks President Harrison will
veto the bill if it reaches him. Possi
bly the President will do so, but it will
be as great a mistake as he made when
he signed the McKinley bill. That
cost him his re-election, and to veto an
anti-option bill will cost him the
kindly regards of hundreds of farmers
whose products have been at the mercy
Of non-producing speculators foryears.
lne House has already passed an
anti-option bill, but as it is different
from Mr. Washburn's bill, a confer
ence of friends of the proposed meas
ure will be necessary.
The bill, in its first sections, defines
"options" and futures, and then im
poses a tax on dealers of $1,000 a year
and five cents a pound on cotton, hops,
1 J J! ,
iaru ana uacon, ana twenty cents a
bushel on grain. If passed, the bill
will become operative on the 1st of
next July.
Whether the bill becomes a law or
not, it will have served a good pur
pose. It has called attention to the
need of some such legislation and has
ttracted attention to the matter. It
has scared speculators and monopolists,
and they are beginning to see that the
people intend to have some fair and
needed legislation some time.
ping. When so requested proceeds for shipments will be deposited to the credit of the ihl.
per with any wholesale bouse U Chicago. Let hear from you, .gt
Summers Morrison & Co.,
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 174 South Water Street. Chicago.
Reference: Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago.
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i - V Large Stock of Best Old and New sorts of Strawberry Plants.
rort Trui fornClalme at tow Prices. Writ for SPCCIAL prlcwa on larae orders. Ka
tabllshed in l882.Send for price list to NOKTH BBN O SftokHiCKIKg, muaTm-
anrUi Bed. bode Voearr. Kihratka.
ALLEN ROOT. Stock Agent, Nebraska State J. W. Williar,
Farmers' Alliance. Oflice and Financial M'gr. CatUeSalMmaa,
Bog Saleimau
Who the Billif
A New York subscriber, Mr. C E.
Georgia, asks the pertinent question,
"Who pays for the free delivery of
mail fa ci'.ies?" The same question
has doubtless occurred to many others,
and we would like to propound it,
with a very large question mark, to
the Congressmen who are indifferent
to Postmaster-General VVanamaker's
Free Rural Delivery plan.
For many years Uncle Sam has de
livered mail to city addresses with no
extra charge, except the small addi
tion obtained by charging two cents
on "city drop letters." This by no
means meets the extra expense
of city delivery; consequently, in
this country of equal rights to
all,. , the country people have
been taxed for years to relieve their
city friends the necessity of going to
the postoffice, and that, too, when the
postofliee is not miles away as in the
country, and cars and sidewalks give
every facility for reaching the postoffice
in all kinds of weather. The mails
are brought to their doors a dozen
times a day, while the farmer considers
himself lucky if he is able to plow
through snow or mud once a week to
get his only glimpse of the outside
world by means of his letters and
weekly papers. Farm and Home.
South Omaha, Neb., Room 220 Exchange Building.
Before Ton Ship Bend for the Market.
National Bank, Omaha; National Savings and axenange Bank, Omaha; Central City Bank, Central
fry Shippers can draw sight draft on ni for 00 per cent of coat, bill of lading attached.
GeneralProduce Merchants.
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tions. Reference: Metropolitan National Bank, Kansas City, Mo.
- Wwlmit St.. Umrtmnm City Mq.
$11. 76
Platform Paragraphs.
The producers of wealth are entitled
to the fruits of their industry,
A tariff that compels the consumer
to pay tribute to a middleman is a rob
bery no matter whether a few pro
ducers are benefited. The greatest
good must be for the greatest number.
Labor is the only producing power.
Speculation in the product thereof is a
For every silver speculator in Wall
Street there are 1,000 paupers in
the West. Pauperism is caused by
conditions which permit the vast accu
mulation of wealth by individuals who
alone derive benefits and who have no
real labor to show for their wealth.
Value can only be established by the
laws of supply and demand. Ficti
tious valuations are the work of the
few for the swindling of the many.
Said by a PopnlUt Goreruor.
The new Populist Governor of Kan
sas, I D. Lewelling, was formerly a
Eepublican, and was at one time a
candidate for Secretary of State whjle
a citizen of Iowa, but was defeated.
In his inaugural address, after enumer
ating the wrongs and burdens common
to the farmers and working people,
which the Populists propose to right
and remove, he ends with the follow
ing prophecy of the future: "This is
the generation which has come to the
rescue. These who cry out in the
darkness shall not be heard in vain.
Conscience is in the saddle. We have
leaped the bloody chasm and entered
a contest for the protection of home.
humanity and the dignity of labor.
The grandeur of civilization shall be
emphasized by the dawn of a new era,
in which the people shall reign, and,
if found necessary, they will 'expand
the powers of government to solve the
enigmas of the times.' The people
are greater than the law or the stat
utes, and when a nation gets its heart
on doing a great and good thing it can
find a legal way to do it I have a
dream of the future. I have the ero-
The Britlah Grain Trade.
The Mark Lane its week
ly review of Dec. 12, 1892, says: The
record for the past week is not bright
English wheat sells at 37s, a price that
is unprecedented within the memory
of English farmers. American and
Russian wheats have each declined it,
and Indian has fallen 3d. Australian
and Chilean wheats sell at previous
prices, but stocks of spot grain from
those sources are nearly exhausted.
The stock of foreign flour and wheat
is estimated at 4,300,000 quarters.
American wheat is offered in London
at 28s, delivered. It is difficult to see
how exports continue with this price
ruling. The household flour in London
sells for 253, being a decline of 10s on
the year. The profit on flour has gone
almost wholly to the bankers. On the
9th inst, Minnesota first told here for
Will buy a-
Depression in Grain Trade.
The recently complained-of depres
sion in British trade shows itself forci
bly in the insolvency statistics of the
last twelve months. There was an in
crease in almost every class. England
and Wales report an increase of 420
bankruptcies over the total of 4,231 for
1891, being about 10 per cent The
number of "deeds of arrangement"
was 3,570 for last year, against 3,199
for 18tl, being an increase of nearly
12 per cent The sum of the two
items compares closely with the total
of insolvencies for the years 1882 and
1883, which were more than 10,000,
and the fact is quoted to show that
the effect of the act of 1883 has not
been to reduce the annual insolvency
to the extent expected by the men
who advocated its passage.
ftenator Sherman Advised.
That great farmer and multi million
aire, herder of bulls and bears on the
Chicago Board of Trade, the Hon.
Samuel Allerton, writes Senator Sher
man to the effect that he should not
allow himself oto be influenced by
public clamor in the matter of the Anti
Option bill. Public clamor is the ex
pression of the will of the people.
If, as the Honorable Sam tacitly ad
mits, the public are clamoring for the
Anti-Option bill, it means that public
sentiment is in favor of it and that the
people want a stop put to this high-
toned yet very demoralizing and dan
gerous species of gambling. Farm and
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