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Ta.Bailagat ! Bid waa Dallto
mftf ruaaad mmd Old Blooded Mar-dor-hM
Two Slick, waa Morlallj
Pink Ridge Agency, Feb. 8. It l
bow definitely settled that only two of
th four white men murdered belonged
to Humphrey'! camp. They were Rod
ey Royce, of "Wisconsin and Emanuel
Bennett, of Breckenridge, Mo. The
two strangers live eight miles sooth fi
this agency, and were looking for three
tray horses.' One was a son of Clark
Bacon, the other a step-son of Humph
rey Bay, named William Keller, aged
13 and 16 years respectively. They
were poor, hard-working and industri
ous boys. The report that they were
drank Is an injustice.
Every particular obtainable now,
which is also corroborated by the state
went of Policeman Bear-Rnns-in-th
Woods, points to a premeditated mur
der. The cowboys were bra tally mur
dered while sleeping by Chief Two
Sticks, his sons, First-Eagle. Mark and
White-Face-Horse. The cause was
Imply that the men were white. Two
ftticka and his followers, before the mur
der, told Bear that he and his friends
had just finished dancing in the sweat
house and that while dancing were told
by the spirit of their forefathers to kill
all the whites found because they had
killed all the buffalo and bad deprived
the Indians of their nossessions. An
hour afterward Two-Sticks friends fell
upon the sleeping cowboys and mur
dered them iu a fiendish manner. The
cowboys, liteially riddled with Win
chester balls, had no show to defend
themselves and were killed as they slept.
Out of five in the house, one, Charles
Swartz, eeca ed. He ran away from
the house where the killing took place
and hearing shot jumped on his bron
cho and escaped. .
Young-Man-Afrald-oMIis-Horses and
He Dog, son-of-law of Red Cloud, came
to the agency and asked for authority to
arrest the two escaped murderers and
bring Two Sticks, who is mortally
wounded, to the agency. He Dog is a
fighter and stakes his reputation and
promises that he will arrest and 'bring
everyone to the agency who partici
pated in the murder. The agent will
not give his consent to this arrangement
until he sees that the police are unable
to make the arrests.
, Tortured by Fire. .
Paris', Tex., Feb. 2. A mob of angry
men and women, numbering thousands,
wreaked the most frightful vengeance
of lynch law yesterday upon Henry
Smith, a burly negro, who with the
fiendishness of a brute outraged and
crmelly murdered little 4-year-old Myrtle
Vance on Thursday. . Too powerful to
resist, they took tho prisoner from the
maids brinarinir him here. Thev
dragged him by a rope about his neck to
the scene of his crime, subjected him to
' fiery conceivable torture, and ' there
:&h1 the pitiable wretch to the stake.
' wfl hot irons were trust from every
.-' ntohis body. His shrieks added
. ' t to his persecutors. First the hot
v(i branded bis feet and inch by inch
they crept up to his face. The man
was iQconsclous when at last kerosene
was poured over him and cotton seed
hnlh placed beneath him. A torch . Bet
the pyre on fire and all was consumed.
Nil I'
GlYn a Life Sentence. .
BdU4SmN, Kan., Feb. The
trial of Frank Lewis, one of two men
who attempted to rob the bank at
Waverly, Kan., last week, was con
eluded here and the jury brought in t
verdict of guilty of murder in the first
degree after being out fourteen hours.
Judge Randolph at once passed the
death sentence upon . him. The case
against! William Yanorman, the other
robber, has been continued to the April
term or court.
Ran Down a Velocipede Car.
Emporia,' Kan., Feb. 8 -While E. H.
Pennick was going to Plymouth on
velocipede car, on the Santa Fe road, he
was overtaken by a train following him
and mangled almost out of human
form. His shoulder was torn lose, his
legs oroKen ana nis intestines pro
truded, fend yet he still lives, although
there is no hope for him, He has a wife
and eleven children and resides in this
city. , -:.
Toon PoetoAco Robber. Hold Oyer.
-. Sioux City, la., Feb. 8. Ralph Imp-
son and George Salisbury, aged 14 and
13, were held to the United States grand
jury by Commissioner Henderson of this
city for robbing u.e postoffice at want
City, la. They broke into the building
and drilled the safe, stealing stamps ana
jewelry containing in it. -
Gigantic Coal Pool.
Pittsburg, Feb. 7. A combine of all
the railroad mines in western Pennsyl
vania, to be known as the Western
Pennsylvania Coal company, is form
ing. The plans are almost completed
and there are almost 15,000,'K)0 from
100 operators in the pool. The idea is to
establish uniform prices and curtail ex
penses. Zante Famine-Threatened.
Atahns, Feb. 7. Despite the large
amount of supplies already sent to
Zante and the pre para tion to send more
the island is threatened with a general
famine. Three more heavy shocks were
felt on the island. Iu one village thirty
fire houses were demolished and many
lives were lost.
WIDXESDAY: In ti. wnats a mfern
witb ih bouMi u order n1 on the antl-optios
bilt The furUflcatums bill a tu
p and UiM awd.
Intl.. inniHo the rer appointed Chap i
man and Lodife aa tellers on tba part of t
bouse during lUe count of lUa electoral voU
and the house rouwe-i conniUerautm ui w
sundry ctrtl NIL
THURSDAY: With I he exception oi oat
boor in l he carl jr part of t lie evening the sessio.
iu btld behind clused duorn, and waasper.1
In the consideration of the French and Swed
ish eatraditiua treaties, and iinidentaUv
the Hawaiian qnention. la the pen session
the Chandler Hawaiian resolution, offered
some day. atfo, was referred to the committee
on foreiirn relations. Messrs. Ilala of Main
and Blackbnra of Kentucky were appointed
teller, to amiU in rountitig the presidential
votes, and Mr. Carlisle's resignation aa sena
tor from Kentucky was presented. IM aia-
trict appropriation bill was then iaen op.
considered and passed. .
The session of the house was an nnuanauj
Interesting one. In the morning tho antl-
option bill wu the center iff fnteresc IM
opponents of tho legislation were on the alert
and the instant that Mr. Hateh made htt
motion for a conference Mr. Bynum, of Indi
ana, was addressing the speaker with a point
of order that tbo senate amendments must
first be considered In committee of tho whole.
The discussion on MriBynum's point waa a
brief one, but long enough to show that tat
fight over the measure waa sharp and vigor
ous. John 1. Davenport ana lue ieaer
lection laws then occupied tho attention oi
the house. -
FRIDAY Tho friends of tho antl-optkro
bill obtained a victory in the boose although
the speaker decided against them and ruled
that the house could not, at present, non-concur
In the senate amendments and thus throw
the bill into oonference (when a report would
become privileged). The house, notwith
standing the determined flght of members of
the ways and means committee and the othei
opponents of the bilL referred it to the com
mittee on agriculture, which is favorable U
IU passage. The deficiency appropriation bill
was passed.
The Question of the repeal of the Sherman
act, or at least a suspension oj the silver bul
lion purchase provision of It, waajnnezpectedly
precipitated on the senate. Mr. Sherman, oi
Ohio, stated that he had not moved to take es
the bill because be was not satisfied there was
a majority in its favor, and finally notice wa
given bv Mr. Hill, of New York, that he would
test the question next Monday by a motion to
take up the bill and pass it.
SATURDAY In the bouse Mr. Hatch o!
Missouri reported back the anti-option bill
with senate amendments, and it was referred
to the committee of the whole. The same ref
erence was made of the agricultural appro
priation bilL also reported by Mr. Hatch.
The senate passed the Cherokee Strip bill
with amendments. :'-.''
MONDAY-Senator Hill's motion to , k
no the bill repealing the Sherman silver pur
chase law was defeated In the senate by a vote
of 23 to 42. The vote in detail was as follows!
Yras-Brice. CafTery. Davis. Dawes, Dixon.
Faulkner. Frye. Gallinirer. Gibson, Gorman,
Hale, Hawley, Hill, Hoar, McPherson, Mills,
Morrill. Talmer, Proctor, Sherman, Vest,
Vilas and White-23.
Nays-Bate, Berry, Blackburn, Blodgett,
Call, Carey, Coukrell, Coke, Cullom, Daniel,
Dolob. Dubois, r eltch. George, Gordon, Mans-
brouirh. Harris. Hun ton. Irby, Jones of Ne
vada, Kyle, McMillan. Manderson, Mitchell,
Morgan. Pasco, Peffer. reruns, retugrew,
Piatt. Power. Pugh. Ransom, 8houp. Squire,
Stewart, Stockbridge, Teller, Turpie, Vance,
Voorhees and Wolcott 48.
The following pairs were announced: Messrs,
Allison and Stanford, Camden and Paddock.
Aldrich and Walthall, Gray and Butler. Hlg
gins and Sanders, Hiscock and Jones of Ar
kansas, Quay and Wilson, Sayer and Cameron.
Afterward the quarantine bill was taken up
and passed without a division, also a bill for
the payment by the treasury of local taxes on
lands held by Indians in severalty. Nothing
was done In the house.
TUESDAY The senate ratified the Russian
extradition treaty with amendments. The
house considered the legislative appropria
tion bill.
Graves Awaiting Trial.
Denver, Colo., Feb. 8. -Dr. D. Thach
er Graves is now in the county jail of
Arapahoe county, there to await tne
second trial on the charge of murdering
Mrs. Josephine A. Barnaby. He was
mven uo in the west side criminal court.
Vhen court opened Judge Foreman an
nounced that they had not decided to
eive a permanent bona, but to aemana
a new trial ac once. The prosecution
was ordered to report in ten days when
it would be ready for the trial.
Ca era f eaad Imam.
Hastings, Neb., Feb. 7. Chas Camer
on, the missing merchant, was found
frozen to death in the southern part oi
the city.
Gillette la Ashes.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Feb. Fire al
most wiped out the town of Gillette,
All the business houses in town were
destroyed. Loss about $100,000, with no
insurance. It was a railroad boom town.
'Whisky Trust Inquiry Began. ' ,
Washington, Feb. 5. The investiga
tion into the whisky trust was begun
today by a sub-committee of the house
judiciary committee with the examina
tion oi James veazier oi umo.
A Yellow fever Victim.
- Guayaquil, Feb. 7. M., Leveyer,
Brench consul here, has fallen a victim
to yellow fever.
General Weaver in New York.
New York, Feb. 7. General Weaver,
the Populist candidate for president in
the last campaign, addressed a mass
meeting in Cooper Union. This, the
Ponulists say, is tne beginning or
movement to perfect their organization
Bom lturglar Captured.
New York, Feb. 2. -J. W. Mitchell
under arrest here, confesses that he has
committed over 100 burglaries near
Newark within the past year and a half.
Adams Mentioned for the Cabinet.
Boston, Feb. 8. It is reported that
the portfolio of state has been offered
to John Quincy Adam by the.president
elect. 4 . a . ' ti.-i, -: t . v
Hartoris Is Dead.
London, Feb. 8 Algernon Charles
Sartons, husband of General Grant's
daughter Nellie, died at Capri.
. Kicked to Death at a Dance.
Ottumwa, Feb. 8. Harry Bragg was
kicked to death at a dance near Hedrick
by Bruce Bell.
South Omaha live Stock.
Ubion Stock Yards, I
South Omaha, Feb. 7. f
CATTLE Receipts. 2,800 head: 13(10 to 1500
lbs., l4.OKftR.6S: 1NW to 110 His.. $4.94.T5; m
tn luw lbs.. taMSMJNk choice cows. sa.UO4.00:
avitnmnn Rows. S1.7tt..75: rood feeders. S3.00a
3.0(1; common feeders, $&u2.l& Market
active ana ioc nigiier.
UOGS-ReceiDts, 2.200 head: licht, tJ.TOa
7.110: mixed, $7.H5a7.90; heavy, $7.ftxa8.00. Mar
ket 6c to 100 higher.
SHEEP Keceipts. z,w neaa; saies at $Aauy
8.00; lambs, H.Wj&iJm. juarsei eieaay.
' Chicago Live Stock.
' , i Union Stock Yards, I
r ATTT.T: ReceiDt8. 2.000; common to extra
steers, $3.50a.25: stockers and feeders, $3.60
4.25: cows and bulls, l.B0;
HOtiS ReoeiBts. MK heavy. tS.108.55;
mtxed and medium, 7.858.5; light, $7.50
SHEEP-Reoeipts. 3.000; poor to choice.
3.255.0; lambs, 4.za8.ia.
ChlOAKO Grain and Provisions.
WHEAT February. 7t$c; Mar, 78Hc;
JlCORN-February, May, 7fo July,
47WC. ,
OATS-Febrnary, Sl!4c; March, 324c; Mav,
WJBK 1 cbruary, si.u; May, a.r, j siy,
Ahukaa citiietis are clamoring for home
Typhus fever is spreading in Xew York
lirakeman G. D. Harries was killed at
Wichita, Kan,, by a Missouri Paeifk
Governor Altgeld of Illinois, who went
south in search of health, is very much improved.
Ji. case of smallpox has been discovered
at the county inttrmary two miles from
Akron, O.
The Spring Avenue hotel at Conway,
Springs, Kan., burned for the second time
in a year.
Joseph Leonard of Millers town, pa..
perished in a burning dwelling at Oak-
dale, Pa. . .
Work of recounting the ballots in the
Marshall-Hall contest at Charleston, UL,
has been begun.
John Black, of Pulaski, 111., jumped
from a moving train and had his head cat
off by the wheels. -
The leaders of the Mexican bandits re
cently captured are undergoing trial at
San Antonio, Tex.
The Wabash, Chester and Western rail
road will increase its capital stock from
1350,000 to $1,250,000,
The New York Medical society will pe
tition congress for the establishment of a
national quarantine, -
The Empress Frederick, of, Germany,
has arrived at Osborne on a visit to queen
Victoria, her mother. ,
The annual meeting of the Missouri
State Bar association will be held at Pertle
Springs, June 27, 28 and 29.
A dynamite explosion at Richmond,
Ind., injured John Snyder so that he will
die. B. C. Smith was seriously hurt.
John W. Burns, a traveling salesman oi
Detroit, is in jail on the charge of forgery
and fleecing a merchant out of money.
A committee of the Pennsylvania legis
lature is to visit points along the Atlantic
coast suitable for a quarantine station.
Members of Fairbury Post, G. A. R,
and the woman's relief corps have held
their annual encampment at Fairbury, IU.
Bush Morgan, one of the most noted
outlawsand desperadoes in the mountains,
was shot and killed near Hubbard Springs,
Joseph P. 'Comeys, ex-chief justice oi
Delaware, died at his residence in Dovei
last evening. He was born near Dover in
Fifty-four persons joined the church
during a revival meeting just closed at
Viririnia. 111., by Evangelist Moore, ol
Ohio, -
The lower house of Illinois has passed
the senate bill memoralizing congress to
repeal the World's Fair Sunday dosing
clause. ,
Manager Fred D. Simmerman, of the
Western Union telegraph office at West
Superior, Wis., is missing. It is said he is
Senior class election at Williams college
has taken place. Irwin M. Garfield, son
of ex-President Garfield, was chosen pres
ident of the day.
William Pfafflin, a wholesale notion
dealer at 85 and 87 Sonth Meridian street,
Indianapolis, made an assignment for the
benefit of creditors.
Judge Thomas E. Withrow, for many
years general solicitor of the Chicago,
Rock Island and Pacific Railway com
pany, died in Chicago. . -
Hugh Boyle has been appointed a mem
ber of the staff of Governor Altgeld, of
Blinois, with the rank of colonel and as
sistant adjutant general.
Every department in the big Westing
house air brako works at Wilmerding has
been put on full time. The 3,800 employes
are correspondingly elated.
Thomas D. and W. R. Woodward of Se
dalia, Mo., two young men who had here
tofore borne unblemished characters, were
arrested for stealing 150 sheep.
A disastrous coal gas explosion has oc
curred in the Skalis pit near Gratz, in
Styria. Five miners were killed and ten
are reported to have been injured,
i John S. Duss, senior trustee of the Econ
omite society, near Pittsburg, is confined
to his bed, where he has been nearly a
week, suffering from a paralytic stroke.
Tim nnlicfi Wpdnpsdav tiisrht arrested i
Tiprt Rrevr. Hurt Freshwater and Henrv I Thfl larffe sale Of first-class diaft
Atwell at Bloomington, Ills., and it is be- horses will be held at Lincoln, Feb. 15.
Capital National Receiver.
Washisotoj. Feb. 8. J. D. Macfar-
land of Lincoln was appointed receiver
of the broken Capital National bank.
Es-beaator Taylor Hart.
Teccmseh, Neb., Feb. P. Ex-Senator
Frank Taylor bad bis right hand ser-
ously cms net! in a corn sneiier.
Spain's Boy Kular laaprovlng.
Madrid, Feb. 5. The king, who is
i offering from scarlatina is reported
better. .
Marahalltowa'a Mnrdor Trial. ,
Marshalltown, la,, Feb. 5. John
Nolan is on trial for the murder of J. B.
Expressed Appreciation.
I wish to express my thanks to the
Farmers' Matual Insurance company of
Nebra-ka for their very prompt ana
fair settlement of t my loss which oc
curred on my bouse January 7th. 1
also wish to express my connaence to
my neighbors in the above company.
i ours iruiy, '
Printing Presses.
Country Campbell, 6even column
folio, in good repair. Has full appli
ances for power. Warranted to do
eood work. Cost when new vim; wm
wll It for 1350.
Seven column Washington press in
good repair. Will sell at Lexington
for 1100. Call on of addrese,
R D. V. Carr,
Grand Island, Neb.
Th State Atrent offers De Kalb
painted wire at 3 cents per pound
Galvanized wire at 3i cents per pound
Glidden paint the best we have ever
sold. Evaporated apples in 50 lb cases
at 8 eta per lb. Fine Muscat Raisins
6 cts per lb. The best sweet corn in
2 ilnznn cases at tl.20 oer doz. Sugar
4 to 5r cents per pound. Rk Salt
$2 a barrel. Write for anythinr you
want. J. W. HARTLEY,
State Agent.
Established la SfhraU In
Capita! Invested, 30,000.
Amerk-an Exchange K.t'l Bank.
miK-oiu. eo-
Bank of Cass Ooun'y,
Plattsmcutb, Neb.
Columbus State Bank.
Columbus. Neb.
Wholesale : Grain.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Highest Wholesale Prices Paid for
In Lots of from One to Twenty Carloads
Write or telegraph J. C. Morrisef, Lincoln, Nebraska,
wten ready to sell your corn or oats. It will only cost yon
twenty-five cents to telegraph him, and name your price, and
time you want to load in. He will take your own certified
weights and pay you cash at your place, and save you more
money than you can make at other work.
Choice Improved arms and Grain Elevators in the Best
Grain Sections of Nebraska for Sals or Rent.
Beatrice, Nebraska.
Ingush shire stallions
Winners of more first prizea in the last five years than sll our competitors. Two import at ons al
ready received in 1891. Every horse guaranteed oS represruteil. Term and prices to suit the iimes.
Correspondence solicited. . '
-J r 1 'uwi
Mrs. Z S. Branson of Waverly, Neb.
received a oood of Mammoth Bronze
turkeys from Mo., last week that score
from 98 t197i points, scored by Judge
C. A. Emery of Carthage, Mo. Mrs.
Branson;is becoming one 01 the roost
noted breeders of choice poultry there
is in the country as she Is placing In
her yards some of the best blood there j
is on the continent. Something good
can be expected from her pens and can j
be bouehc at reasonable prices. Notice
her add. and write her for what you
A good horse is a mortgage lifter and
a poor one will run a roan into debt as
quick as aifsipauon. inose wdw ue
sire to purchase a toppy Clydesdale Bul
lion, one that individually as in breed
ing can achieve distinction in any show
ring, should bear in mind the sale of
imported horses that will be held in
Lincoln, Feb. 15. This is the last call
for the great sale. Address, W. C.
Fleury, Lincoln, Neb., for further par
ticulars. Have You Read
.."Sights and scenes in Colorado'
"Sights and scenes in Idab( and
"Sights and scenes in Utah?"
"Sights and scenes in California?"
"Sights and seeher in Oregon and
"Sights and scenes in Alaska?''
This is a set of six books, beautifully
illustrated, full of story and legend as
well as valuable information for the
tourist, published by the passenger de
partment of the Union Pacific System.
Sent freo on application and the receipt
of 2c for each book to cover postage.
T. T. Mastin, C T. A., 1044 O St.
E. B. SLOSSON, Gen. Agt,
Lincoln, Neb.
.ARD-February, 111.92K:
July, $11.(15; Si-ptembsr, $ll.5U
$10.10; July, 10.10.
Sioux City.
May, iUSMk
$10.05; May,
Crrr. FeK T.
HOGS Receipts today, TOO; market 5c to Mo
hlglier: neavy,
U0; shipments,
200: official vesterdav
market steady and
lievexl an important gang has-been cap
tured. - "
Hon. Howell E. Jackson, of Nashville,
Tenn., recently appointed to the vacancy
on the supreme bench, is the recipient of
many congratulatory letters and telegrams.
Rev. Dr. Dean Richmond Babbitt, rector
of St. John's Episcopal church of Sagi
naw, Mien., nas accepted a call to lacoma.
He succeeds Dr. Wells, the new bishop of
The Students' Journal, published at the
University of Kansas, at Lawrence,
charges Hall Riddle with plagiarism in
the address with whasb he won & ora
torical contest. '-
The 10-year-old sen of Henry Liohtmark,
a farmer near Winamac, Ind., while out
hunting, carelessly pointed a gun at his
elder brother and pulled the trigger, fatally
wounding him.
The Chicago Trust and Savings bank
has filed suit to foreclose a chattel mort
gage against John J. Clause and the Clause
Printing Press company, recently moved
to Elkhart from Chicago. ;
The New York, New Haven and Hart
ford railroad stockholders have voted
unanimously to ratify the lease of the
Providence and Weccester railroad for a
term of ninety-nine years.
The main supply pipe of the natural gas
system at Peru, Ind., burst in the middle
of the river, making a fountain ten feet
high. The gas had to be shut ffi until a
new main eould be constructed.
The supreme court of Minnesota has de
cided that a patent medicine manufacturer
has no right to appropriate the name of a
medicine made by another to his own ex
clusive use as a proprietary trademark.
Mr. J. B. Wathen was unanimously
elected president; J. H Hobbs, of Cleve
land, O., was made first vioe-president
and W. R, Lee, of St. Louis, second vice
president of the new corporation organ
ized at Louisville, Ky to fight the whisky
Herman Zimmerman, of Kansas City,
aged 10, in trying to arouse Wa brother
Peter, supposing a eim to fee empty,
placed a cap on it, pointed it a Peter's
head and mud: "tfet up, or I'll shoot
yon." The g iu was discharged and Peter
fell dead. of Mrs. Will IL Nichelsoa t, His., awainst htsr , jnothsr, Mrs.
Bishop, affecting tie' tRW to land valued
at tl,W9 in Pratt and Champaign coun
ties, Illinois, has been settled. Mrs. Bishop
acceded to her daughter's claim, amount
1 ,4.
100 BLACK 100
lams' Horses were "In If at the great St. Lot..s lair, and Kansas ana weorasKa state latrnoi
jom RUU QV mvj
Were Wppers of 141 Pr-23-
amo) Wnrld's Fair Horses are Out Of Sight.
WWW.. . . . MM ..j IV. l..t.
lams' is the only Importer in Nebraska tnat importer nis renmeru. .
importer of Clydes and Shlresin 18D2. They arrived Eep. "92 All Blacks and Bays.
Grey florses Q300 less thap DJacks,
i.mrusrsntesti show you the largest collection of nrst clsss BIG FLASHY"
DRAFT Vt?St i o?the vaM breeds of the f est I ndlvldual MerH r?APyJ
Tfl.Sira nMiraii to 2200 we aht and at A LL1 A N CB a If ES A N 1) TEKMS, or
"heaper ffian any live Importeror pay your fare to tee them, lams pays the freight.
irnwisi I 2 and 3 Years Trne ax s per cepx ipri.
nr- SAVED bv buvine of lams. lie aoes not warn me mnu nim .v j-
2SOUU euarantees. every horse record d
r- n A Bd IS IAUO
euarantees, every horse recoraa. - srs:",' wav,.v
Write lams- 6t Panl. fet., M on tne t. w. awu u. r. -
interest and a very small commission. Privilige given oorrower
to pay in installments and . stop interest. Money always on hand.
Write or call on us. StULvIa BROS,,
t r- ttt3t a T9.TJ. ixnn.Mno iminii tf
. w)v" ' Itwu ITU uhiuii n.
It 17 m 1 ? MILLET A SPBCIAIrY. '
This is a closine out of the 01 vdefdales
ecently imported Dy w. e luery anu
included in the number are many
horses that individually are fit to take
their place in any show rinir. Prize
winners are among tne lot ana mj
will go to the man who is willing to
oav the hisrhest price. For further
particulars address, W. C. Fleury, Lin
coln, Meb.
Are Yoa Going East?
Now just take a word of advice: Let
our next trip be by' the North-west
ern line. Do you think it a longer
route to Chicago than the others? It is
not. It is shorter. Its equipment, in
ferior? No, there's nothing better.
Track less smooth? By no means; it is
the best. .Time longer, and more in
nnmram'ont. lPRtrinff hours? Should say
Vuu.U. o -
not. but lust the Lcontrary. 11 you uu
nnt want to leave as early as 1:40 p. m
just try our "Business Man' Chicago
V-oir, learner ai.V.25 o. m.. arriving
A.i.Uy m.T.M a , , -
in Chicago 9:30 next morning in ia-
teen hours. Anything wrong wnn
that time Go right on to osxon u
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and Bee us. A. D iELmixu.
Wm. Shipman, uitv xicKes Agu
General Agt , n u at
Depot corner S and Eighth streets.
No Real Kival Vet.
World famous Eli Perkins Bays:
"After people have gone over all the
routesto California once, mey setue
down to the U. P. Tnis road will al
ways be the great transcontinental nne.
It has the best track, the best equip
ment, the best eating houses, and it
teaches the traveler more history and
geography than any other line. It
shows you historic Salt Lake and the
Mormons, takes you through the great
Laramie plains, the Humboldt Basin
and tha Grand Canyon, over the very
stage route that Horace Greeley and
Artemus Ward rode. , -Onc(jonth
Union Pacific it goes
Virtiv 'Tr. runs to Portland and
PnoWi t-i. v .n And the Yo-emite, Ta-
eoma and S ; 'ilo, Los Angeles and San
Diego, au,l iv : he only route to San
Francifco. It b?ao real rivals yet"
sr,j tn mu California Siehts and
Scenes. ' J. T. MASTIN, C. T. A
E. li. SLOSSON, G. A. Lincoln, Neb,
1044, U. at..
Mfliim roni r i unnnrn
JOHN B WRIGHT, Pres. T. E. SANDERS, V. Pres. . J. H. M'CL AY, Cashier
Columbia National Bank
- - - OF lilNCOLvN, NEBRASKA. - - -
For sain br
cciptof 81.UO
by mail.
will completely destroy the desire for Tobacco
In any form in from 2 to 5 days. Perfectly
harmless, cause do sickness, and may be
given in a cup of tea or coffee, without the
knowledge of tbenatient.who will voluntarily
stop Smoking or Chewing In a few days.
flmt-claM dracaiate. or sent by mail on re-
Ask for HILL'! Tablets, and take do others.
Particulars free THE OHIO IHMlUAL HI.,
Address) 31, 33, ana 03 upersv uiock, hua, u.
Central Passenger Agent,
maha .
City Passenger Agentr
ing to $7,000.