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.'e Alliance-Independent
s the bes
St ''Mr j0? iUjS -' 1 The Alliance-Independent
j f - y "-iT Jff-' ' - " r fry. r- "y Advocates
lift Mi ' I j ' , ., "I ft 1 n., .. 1-,' .iittratoone;
II ' j V -sr. mmii "-CV t5P i" i. nfL y ( ' Q--k ' currency in the Untied
. l VSySi' ' iflSgsfSa ' KSSrL' U t jrST$50 per capita;
M?Ji t fiHE -SraPJJBy W5hfeiKSi"lll n T. That every debt should
Vjym " jySSu 4rlfil rJ-vJiyi ' V, A . be payable in any t!d
- . , -Ti)0 UyJgWl i r V---,J 'x of moneys -
VOL. IV. - . LINCOLN, NEB., THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1692. j J . : ,, NO. 82
l M . i hi .i m .in- n m ii. i, ., i . Mlii.. mi Hi ii I - ii
I 1
at Oom
Advertisini; medium
in the west It is especi
ally valuable as a means
of reaching the farmers.
Its circulation is as large
in Nebraska as the cir
culation of all the "farm
journals" combined.
Give The Ailiance
Independest a trial if
you want good results, t
Exposed by the Notorious Boodler, W.
0. Eolden, Now the Editor
of Liberty.
A Tale of Boadling and Treachery
, Without a Parallel in the His
tory of Nebraska.
Mighty Interestm' Headin'.
The following remarkable affidavit
is republished t this time because it
throws light on the character of two
men who are now prominent candidates
for ; the plaited States senate. The
story of lpdling and treachery un
folded ip this affidavit has no parallel
in the llLuOry of corrupt politics in the
west. Neither has the chief boodler
the transactions described any equal
Nebraska as an unprincipled and
terly characterless villain. .
j We have here but one chapter in the
liamous history of this man. Not only
laisichapter but many others are well
nown to the leadejs of the republican
-n'witbr ofnoliticaimana- U and defendant only
XZTX that plaintiff Nye
.-ourU? Yoasay "to sec.uw ute.
toWi-thl6? you stop here to
1 ,anmitution of the United
jba.y, viffht
wuv - - o
tho u value in
the coasiitution
V- istates secures to every man
I..t tLlLU
frMJB-r -if mn-n tortilla r
VjVjun ' " J . -. v,
lot. riffht to a hearing
r,t tot. rpwirt shall be preserved
t .; fcfc. wnat is the object of tho
' o,t T Answer tnat the object
ul,t"u . . ;- lit.
should be to secure exact ju.w -
. ,1 h 1 w J Tit
SUUU1U w - ,.
iMnts. Do out courts do thi. Oo
. . . J i rtw in comes a
with mo lmo a. iaw
n a.U-io.ft: he is ignoi-aat of teen
r.icalitieSoflaw;heis in trouble', he
the lawyer questions
and cross questions him upon his evi-
Aonne ThJn he savs to himself,
don'ttaketMsmau'scase, some other
fellow willf I have spent my me j
myself for ftho profession, and the pro
fession owfes me a living;, lawyers are
too thick An this town for the good oi
the profession anyway, and now no bus
iness can be lost." So he says: See
here, m j friend, you've eot a good case,
.ml w tan make it hot for the other
f.nnw f Thev bring an action; he pays
his lawyer, more than the amount
in t.hA RuLt. Tho case is ap-
ou,i. ., district court reverses the
LtJ. L iro to the supreme court
to defide some technicality of law that
uvit u V a
rigbltsofthe litigant each man has
li,i"-.rnev several times the
amLnt of the original claim and court
itncss fees besides. wnai
Si Jtnply to test the ekiu oi vuu - j -
rrlanf lnv aro tried Dy im
laXnl nrnfPBSiOn witn vno "V"- ""
'"lllt Fv' . i t
nine the case, and the rigni
iiin-.,a nro finttreiy iosk 'S"
LL .till another charge. The desire
aA . ii i,n,oila hna nolluted
t ssisj , w.imr,nT. corrupted men and
troR, i cui f stalled justice,
immediatelf rrible charges are these made
nerGriffithTL 0tth arbiters of justice. What
he remedy? When our wise men
to givo us what our constitution
irantees, "the right to Llfo, Lib
(y and the Pursuit of Happiness,"
must turn to tne peopie.
Vopular governments will only ad
pe as the people are educated. Kd-
Ln will alvrays rise with opportun-
(, . ' Opportunity can come from the
te alone.
tt. educate our people in the law.
Tiis will be done by giving them the
L t.t.intlnirlT. but with a view of
. ., ahflVi
the Bald defendant that the said de
tendant who was then publishing ths('
Central Nebraska Press at Kearney
Nebraska, should advocate the election
to the United States senate, of such a
man as might be thereafter designated
by the said Kimball or other persona
acting under the direction of thai
said Union Pacific railroad manage'
That at that time the availability of
A. S. Paddock and Albinus Nance asj
candidates for United States senators
was discussed by said Kimball and the
That at that time this defendant in
quired of the eaid Kimball whether;
Paddock or Nance would be most satis-,;1
factory to the road, meaning the Union
Pacific railroad management, to which
Mr. Kimball replied, that Mr. Paddock
had been very friendly to the road, but
.might not be available as a candidate,
and that Mr. Nance was a successful
young man and the road might take'
him as its candidate;
That it was then understood and
agreed between the said Kimball and
this defendant that either Mr. Paddock
or Mr. Nance . would be the
choice of the Union Pacific rail
road management for United
States Senator and that defendant
agreed to support either Paddock or
Nance, but expressed a preference for
Nance who seemed to be the preferred
candidate of the road, as then express
ed by Mr. Kimball; :
That at this interview the said Kim
ball and defendant only were present,
was not present
for wider developement. Lvko the
raveler in the "Pi'grira l'rogrera,
. .. i i,. n -
we have am veil at tue iop ui m
Lteci-Muatains" from which a view
is obtained of, the LbeautJui x.auu v.
Beulah. The hardships of tuajournuy
wn rreat. the struggle has been
oontinuous and bitter, but the worst is
over, and the outpost? at wait nve
at least been captured. now iOUUU.
for the army of freedom to giro, its iou
f..ihn final conflict. Mow smm
cruit its ranks, strengthen its lines an '
increase its efficiency are now tne ques
tions pressing upon its leadership and
its rank and file for solution. Tho an
Dur. rAadilv 6U22ests itself toeveryob-
O w l -rv- ,
servant mind. With wise managemru.,
-wtrinMand'a truo missionary
That eaid Thurston at that time
said, "We do business this way for safety,
you Inow. It is a sort of guaranty"
That at the time defendant gave the
note mentioned in plaintiff's petition,
the note for three hundred dollars
above mentioned was due, and that
plaintiff had good reason to believe
and did believe, that said Kimball
never intended to press the payment
of the said notes and mortgage.
And said defendant charges the fact
to be that said plaintiff, Fred Nye, is
not the real party in interest in the
prosecution of this action, and that
said Thomas L. Kimball is the real
party in interest.
Said defendant further says that the
6aid sum of twelve hundred dollar was
intended as a payment for " political ser
vices in the election of a United States sen
ator, and that said services Arve been ren
dered in accordance with the agreement
Said defendant further says that the
sum of four hundred and forty-two
dollars mentioned in plaintiff's petition
wa3 agreed to be advanced by said
Kimball of a political char
acter, to be rendered by this, defendant
in the election of a United States sen
ator at the last senatorial election.
That it was agreed that suid money
should be applied in the payment of
certain notes originally given by defen
dant to Charles W. Dake and held by
Nathan Campbell and EUsha C. Calk
ins, his assignees for the benefit of
That among said notes was one sign
ed by this defendant and Alexander H.
Conner and Francis G. Hamer aa his
sureties; the face of said note was two
hundred dollars and the interest and
principal to this date amounts to two
hundred and forty-three and 33-100
dollars. I
That on the 16th day of October 1890
the said c Francis J. liamer had peen
sent off all within a quarter oE an nour
of each other in tho eveiimS- The
river ti-affta wai also entirely
1 r : &"rmrm&t
jnt. wnai uistumium
First Ballot for United States Senators
A Long Contest Probable
Jfo Caucuses Hold-
Committees Appofnted Bills Intro
duced. Resolutions An Outline
of the Week's Work.
The Great Contest.
The great senatorial contest of 1893
has begun. But how or when it will
end nobody is wise enough to predict.
Neither party has yet solected a cau
candidate, and there does not appear
to be much disposition to caucus until
later on in the fight.
Tuesday's vote was largely complimen
tary, and can hardly he taken as a sure
indcation of the real preference of the
It seems quite evident from the vote
that Powers would have a majority in
the independent caucus if one were
held now, and that Paddock would be
the caucus nominee of his party.
The general impression is that the
contest will be loni; drawn eut; nobody
seems to be cin a hurry. There must
be one ballot taken every day,
but there is not ikeiy to be more than
that this week. The regular work of
in nut. Weaver i
housa. the delegates from tuose iar
wast stalei didn't 'jump any higher
no rV We Will lets in the state
inf. t. AnOJV "l.M. .,H- i.!.i. -
Cnnrt Aaal nf cfUna . . . ... .
es ,ff.i v.- v j j " , l I "r more juaiciat districts,
bolt w?7 h6 Pendents lest and provides for such attorney, who
r.aTD1Ctt!I,5 might succeed in shall be elected for official
1 . .1 man. ouite a number of six Tnars. auaia ,
besides giving him the usual fees up
on conviction of criminals. It reduces
the salary of county attorney in
each county one-third, and with
draws all fees in certain
classes of cases. Yeater, of Pettis, in
troduced a bill Drovidimr for nn A I OA.
tion to be held on the 5th day of next
September, submitting to the people
the Question? "Shall o !i4.. f .
mill o White
Frank Martin, Griffith forW. EL An
draws, Haller for Crounse, Howe for
B. W. Furnas, Johnson of York forM.
B. Reese, Johnston for Gaffln, . Kaup
for James W. Dawes, Keckly for EL J.
Halner, Kynar for Patrick O'Bannon
Hawei, Leidlgh for J. Sterling Morton,
Lingenfelter for J. M. Neville, Lock
nar for Lorenzo Crounse, McKesson for
John C, Watson, Newberry for W. L.
Stark, Olson for W. II. Dech, Scholdt
feldtforW. U. Thompson, Sheridan
for Beach I. Hlnman, Sinclair for J.
Sterling Morton. Spencer for B. 1 .
Moore. Van Duyn for George H. Hast
ings, Wlthnell for J. E. Boyd. '
jDarner's resolution to appoint a
oonnlttee to investigate labor troubles
waL tabled in the senate by the follow,
ing vote: . ,
Yeas Bibcock, Correll. Dysart, Eg
gleiton, Everett, Graham, Hahn, Hale,
Lowley, Mattes, McCarty, McDonald,
Miller, Moore, Pope, Scott, Tefft and
Thomson 18.
Nays Campbell, Dale, Darner,
Gray, Harris, Johnson, Lobeck, Mul
len. North, Packwood, Sanders, Smith,
Stewart Young 14.
Senate files from No. 1 to No. 30, in
clusive, were read the iccond time and
referred to committees.
In the house, Mr. Sutton moved that
a resolution be passed, which was
seconded, that certain defects in the
banking law be remedied.
The same party also offered a reso
lution, which was carried, to investi
gate theer'a of certain school lands; i.
e., the north one-fourth of section 9,
township 9, range . Lancaster county.
V The house then! proceeded to read
(bills, the number feing increased from
fl06to!22. - . V
me committee .Jt empioyesrecom'
A?jff jV- Senator Burks.
cair'" offlce of circuit
iiiorney, in all
.. ., n.. ninit(! that marched
spirit, toe gttumiu
susaspenujol trains occas o,
crtU-ETSntof it On tho way
back.tliecxar wantea a cup oi
owing to a sUddon jerk of the railway
carriago the tea was upset. The next
morning (so goes the story) uie wnoie
line between St. Petersburg ana
was carefully searched by numbers of
men, ordered to find out wiiat nau
jerked the czar's teacup! Every time
the czar goes up ami iown iu tdc..
the steamers have to D3 ncoordicu,
traffic is susuentled on the river, and
occasionally eveu the loading of
tteamcrs is stopped.
to the polls on November tho 8th and
corded their protest so iouuiy s""-
false economic aad HWm.-a
h (nprased to many miiiwni
mother ffreat quadrennial election rol s
.Mnincl. Observe tho eigmuowinisu
f .t,A 1 i mes. Read the barniag words
of Mvron Reed from his great puipn. au
rinnver: Note the utterance, u
atnhhan. rooorted ia this day's pipar
See what is said by Judge uaiuwm
the Progress club of this city, t ven ab
we write, a letter is hanaou us iro.u
this prominent economist which con
tains the following pregnant sentence:
"I believe the democrats will redeem
thev have nude. If they
cvoij a- 1
wtho reason wo afPearepL posst-
C'bicago K-vfign- t a
and j
tion without rules, and .11 o'clock ras
the hour fixed.
When that hour arrived the senators
filed in with all their dignity. Majors
was escorted to the speaker's desk, the
two presiding officers shook hands,
smiled and proceeded to divide tfec
The speaker opened the returns
irum AQtuss counxy ana proceeded, to
read them through. Then he dispeas-
ed with formality, merely opened flie f
rest of the envelopes, and declared fhe
republican state officers elected. f '
The joint convention then adjourned...
till 2 o'clock to hear the governor
message and inaugurate the new state
officers. -
after 2 o'clock the joint oen
vehv. reassembled. The reading of
Gov. Boyd's message occupier! an bonr.
At its close Crounse was sworn in tj
Chief Justice Maxwell, and procetded,
w reaa a Bnori inaugural acaress arterl
which the other state officers w-i
sworn in. Thus the formalities encVi
and so did the loint convention., .ti
There was a laree crowd of scecta' i
present, and the mefsages were list' '
to with olesfl fttteritfnn. TTl
to with clcse attention. Ekewher
this issue will be found the full tf
both messages.
The house bepan erindine or
of resolutions. The first wa3 '
Joe Burns of Lincoln. Joe:s
had been so harrowed up by tl
paper reports about cruelty at .
tentiarythat he wanted anf,
tion at once. He wanted a6p wt-'
mittee appointed at once to ijV
the cause of convict Power'
Porter suggested that it wo -
8s well, perhaps better, toLJ5
regular penitentiary cornf1
suggestion was adopted.
me secretary of state
nor fctio-ut any louuur iun.i 7 ,
WtlA. Mil " i-u u "t v. r .rr i"tT"i . """""ra wmcn aione con-
- . - 5 iiuw a uumoer OI
ww'fcad gone home to spend Sun
tale Saturday a number of "pairs"
"jauuuuocea. a rumor was
mi effect that the republi-
wo lijiirvapnea all ttieir mem-
were a Hi tat On Monday, inas-
tions .of tno imrr-aents who had
in range of their eeted back till
the question: "Shall
convention be caUed in this state for ! fL T n ort Scott DiOTocnat,
A Bars nicated, Ithe purpose of revising nH ommji
The Wavne Journal, ootkaonthe constitution?" The bill Uses the
ThC , Til Mnaer ( homing such convention
Pa.le,s, V! r,rt V,a,cariAu "eeiecwon of delegates thereto.
Shearer and Smith. John Martin re
ceived votes Irora Senators Annstoonir.
Dumbauld. Helm, noin, t ji Y!
True State Chairman John W. Breid
enthal a so received six votes as fol
lows: , Menators Bowling, Dennkon
Househo der. Reed riti1 -t:?,011'
There were three scattering votes,
Mr. Dillard. t.lin Pn c u y
On arriving!
the airecto
on lookinir m
would requ
there was a
to the offici
that the ban
liable, for d
stock, they
the capital
Neither Mod
to meet thi
other stoc:
the deman
One re
Jated is
f.-act fori
was the c
elevating them above the n-sities of
' clonal helo. This d no. xet us
'abolish the appellate jurisdiction of,
ourcour's. .
Then give us compulsory arbitration.
The people are ready now for a com-..i.-VwWtratioulaw,Bucha
law as
win with aiacmy e""a
tweenliUgantSupon pureiy
m a jaw as m
do not. there rtaut rca tact-over
1,000,000 vote, twur.y-Tur m.
the electoral college and after March 4,
half a dozen unircu ok c.., r
Populists." So wri'es .Tudgo Baldwin,
who lately supoortcd Cleveland, but
with tho failuro' of n",m!?l
v to come to the third party.
oah tjilks so are thousands and
thousand of others talking who have
Irown heart-sick and weary in waiting
for relief from the old organizations.
These men are all with us on essen
tials. They think as we do, feel as we
ao and, impelled by that hope defor
v'."u ' oiLth the heart sick, will
Iven ua Ty 7oteaswedo.. They should
iL V.n,..Hillv invited into tnw
rvnnant: but made thrice
mn.uiw" .
welcome when mej , wu..
The fruit is ripo tor the Plucking: th
harvest is ready tor ine gieaur. x,.
now can be heard tne novea oi
pitriotic song: -W ' a coming ; I- ather
Abraham, three hundred thousand
more " No stumbling blocks should be
pUcod in their way; no chilly Kfeeting
should cool their ardor or check their
enthusiasm. Make the way easy: extend
.iht. hand of fellowship. Demon
strate the merits of. your cause, the
i-.Krtonota of vour demands, tno
broaa cuinoiicxvj
Haggle not on minor matter?, side is
.... ntioA.inn nurelv thoorjtical
Insist only on fundamental-those
irreat truths wmcn auco. m iujuk
man, both in the abstract and tho con
crete those immutable principles
which do not change with the nserid
. i v,. whrtuA e.orrect amill-
ia'1 OI Urwi " " , , , r 1 i
catiou is indispensable to the welfare (if
human society. Tho outlook is aus,nJf
rwi -otl oaleulated to cheer th
A Lcgond Ahout (;holr.
Here is an Eastern legend that is
timely: ...
One day the Angel of Death visited
a country ia Asia. TU king of the
country asked him what plague he
had brought under his sable wings.
"The cholera," . answered the
"And how many victims will the
plague claim?"
"Six thousand."
Cholera raged throughout the king's
domains. Twenty - five thousand
people died.
Some time after the king saw the
tmrM of Death asaiu.
Yru did not keep your word," he
said; "you promised me the cholera
would take but 6.000 of my subjects, I
hu Inst. 25.01W."
t ,iirl kpoo mv word." answered
the somber enemy. "Cholera killed
but 6,0tK in your kingdom. "
"And tho other l'J.OOr), of what did
they die?"
"Of fear."
offered lor saio at v a vote of 10 to 13 the Hatch n.
nnn iii'iii'i ii- iv 1 i
Simon, ub r' Ma reason TS. 0UL wa endorsed
neets to 20 SOUin ""r . s
i?irint forsalo at a bargain.
UU31B llio '. -
Terms to suit. Xeh
C W. B1MU" ""J"'' '
hoar, raday s -nip -" y ,:r
west, r'reo iruuu " .
was sold lor ,. xi v
$40 L. H. Sutjk, NeligH, Neb.
Subscribe for THE AUJANCE-lNDE-
S'nd u n cents in mpu to John Se
baiain, Gen'l Ticket and Pass. Agt.
C If I. & F. R'y- Chicago, for a pack
Sf the -Hock Island" Plajing Cards.
rr o, anirnowledeod the .best, ana
worth five t iroes the cost. Send money
!T nr rostal note for 50c, and we
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by the
T T-v - r jvwmw ucuiWUilh
XOT J, Z), AloCleVftpt.v nnA VI rT
of Wichita for aTwSr
Lucien Baker moved to ad
Jpurn xtl1 the Populists knew
ThfR they wrat- Thiswasdone.
i at i Kepubhcan house callad Oieroll -for
a ballot, on United States senator
as the clock was striking 12. Sixtv-Mr
responded. Ady receiving 62 d
O'Bryan 2, EM I Carroll 1, .Wldne?
2t rvp mlfr S R,n1 Rosethal voted
for O Bryan Meagher for Carroll and
German, Eeoublican. fm. twu..
UriPATP nK waniea to vote for John
new bills introduced
HOQATilSl1?15011 of deeds
TnESE Jacks areiR to stop
1 hands high. These Ja i
bieeder, and imported by him
Mention this paper.
-'s.subjectd to confii&er-
nip cSr- promamt
BELLE V 1-1x9 palled And .
i inn ri of
HE I I Mine VTA 1 1 KIIINh. UliiM
111 I llllllir il H L UUU IlkW
State Aent quotes prices on the follong goods,
Scheme to buy a few packs, might need
them this winter. Eucber. whist, high
five etc A. C. ZlEMUt,
City Passenger Agent.
MoIiamiuiMlu Jul?meut Day.
The Koran, sura LXXXL, has this
to say concerning the general "Judg
ment Day," which nearly all religions
teach in common: "wnen me uu
shall bo folded up; and when the stars
shall fall; and when the mountain
shall be made to pass away; and when
the wild beasts shall be gathered to
(rother! and when the seas shall boil;
6 . . . . . i l J . . t 1 .... . . e i . - In.
and when souls snau again uo ju Snlpndid location lor uusmoao uu
to their bodies; and when the girl who . - kjDds in the well known
hath been buried alive shall asK lor norinne. situated in the middle
Hot. y and Irrigawd Fstms, Gardens
H.rA in the Celebrated Beat
River Valle 7 on the Main Lines oi the
Union Paciiic ana ceFnai r.i.
neat Coiinne and gden, Utah.
A good common flour at 90 cts. per 100.
White Rose flcur at 81,50 per iw.
Silver Leaf " " l-"5 " "
Prime Brow Sugar M.00 per 100.-. ..
Beat Granulated Sugar per iw.
Fino Uncolored Japan Tea Sjfcjwr lb.
Good Coffee 20o per lb.
. . . it- 5ni,f.s. Peuper, CSnna-
A lull iiuo l '-f- ' ,
Ginger, Aiusuiru,
mon, Cloves,
1! etc.. at 20c per lb.
One gallon best coal oil with glass can
40 cents.
J. W. HARTLEYS Ind., Jan. 21ThelfcBcth
Soda, and Butter cracker 6c pci
cases. " j .. '
40 Grain vinegar m lugs, ) r i
Tmon extract 2 oz. bottles c per ,
Vanilla " " " '- c
Finest full cream YA choes 'v"
A good Overall forJj,
An extra good client, thf
company, dc
Rockford lution. Governor
forward as a dark
Work ou Earth Burne.l.
what crime she was put to death, and
when the books shall be laid open;
and when the heavens shall be re
moved; and when hell shall burn
fiercely; and when Paradise shall be
brought near, then shall every som
know what it hath wrought."
; I"-" f
Spoke Louder Thnn Words.
a ninvml man entered a Richmond
fish store, came to a pile of shad, und
being somewhat skeptical Nas to their
freshness, he raised one to bis mce.
Th dealer asked him indignantly:
"What do vou mean by smelling of
that fish?" "Didn't neber smei: ob de
fish no how. inassu,. Only spea.dn' to
' ' . . V. .
Ii ut,n Ah. inrleftd and what liu ne
r - m, m
of the valley od tho Central Pacific K.R.
The landslof the Bear Kivcn valley are
new thrown open to settlement oj im
constiuction oi tpe mmwvu DJ'"' X.
SrigaUoB from the Brar lake andrlver
hin cf mpicit'i iy i. -"'r
E at a co6tofl3,00H,C00. TWa com
v.., k .rco nf thpse tint
nnds ana owns J'--;"", ;
i.rot- I natural pressure.
jue works, the largest of the
U in the world, mm hnnxvl 1.
The warehouse was 'Ka-c,-l
fire orie-inated from
Over 600 'men
Makes cal'J'i--.
of reiero'"
ZC T5T?fe ,w ?re tnrown out of employment. Th
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