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Consolidation of tbe
Farmers AlliancCTebraska Independent
Published Etkry Thursday bt
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port the people have given The Alliance-Independent
during the past
year has enabled it to make the great
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We are not going to stop because the
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tinuation of this liberal support.
The voters if we would increase our
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The farmers and laboring raen have
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The Alliance Pub. Co.,
. Lincoln, Neb.
With their usual shortsightedness,
the politicians are loudly proclaiming
that they have crushed the people's
party and that it will now go to pieces.
Except for the sting of our partial de
feat in Nebraska, there is greater rea
son for independents to rejoice than
ever before. The necessary forerunner
to our triumph in the nation is here.
The republican party as a national orga
nization, has received its death-blow.
It may linger along for a few years, but
its fate is sealed. It will never elect
another president. Some republicans,
it is true, are clfimin? that the demo
crats will sweep away the protective
tariff, disturb all the industries of the
country, and produce a reaction that
will bring the republicans back into
power. Such hopes are vain. The
democrats will not attempt to carry out
their free-trade doctrines. They will
take hold of the tariff question very
carefully. They will trim a little here
reduce a little there, do a great deal of
revising, and raise a great bluster
about it. That is all. Already the
papers say Cleveland has had a confer-
ence with some oi ine leaders oi nis
party, and decided to go slow, and dis
cover II possible what produced the
"land-slide" before making any radical
The democratic party is in politics
for office, and its loaders will hi very
careful not to do anything that will pro
duce a reaction on the tariff question.
But the reaction will come, and the
republican party will not be in a posi
tion to take advantage of it. The re
action will come because the democrats
will give us no financial legislation.
The democratic tariff tinkering will
not make times any better. The thous
ands of dissatisfied in the eastern and
central states who turned to the demo
crats in the hope that a change might
yield some relief, more dissatis
fied than ever. They will begin to
study the money question and will flock
to the standard of the people's party.
Tbe tendency in a popular govern
ment like ours is for the people to di
vide into two great parties, one radical
and progressive, the other conservative.
The former pushes forward, the latter
holds back. A new party is always a
radical progressive party. It springs
into existence because some great ob
stacle in the pathway of progress must
be removed, It accomplishes its object
and it usually remains in power long
enough to fully establish its work. Then
it gives place to another new radical
party. The conservative party never
dies. No defeat can crush it. Its work
is to prevent the excesses of the radical
party. It controls the government
during the intervals between the tri
umphs of the various radical parties.
It is hardly necessary to say that the
democratic party is the conservative
party of the United States. The re
publican party was a great progressive
party. It accomplished a grand work,
the destruction of chattel slavery in the
nation. It remained in power long
enough to fully establish its work. It
has remained in power a great deal
longer than it should. But at last its
day of final defeat has come, It has no
great prrnciple of truth and justice on
which to rally. It will speedily give
place to a new progressive party. That
oartv is already organized. It is the
people's party.
The republican party of today is made
up largely of intelligent patriotic men.
The only reason they are not indepen
dents today is because they have never
given any serious thought to political
matters. Their faith in the wisdom and
honesty of their party leaders has been
so great that they refused to investigate
The permanent defeat of their party is
the only thing that will bring them to
their senses. And that has come.
The eyes of the republican masses
will soon be opened. Many of their
leaders will desert them and go to the
democrats in search of office and spoils.
Others will retire to private life to en
joy the spoils they have already receiv
ed. The intelligent rank and file will
see that they have been fools and dupes
and will turn to find a place in the new
Again there are thousands of intelli
gent men in the democratic party who
naturally belong to the progressive
party. Many of them have turned to
the democrats because they could no
longer stay with the republicans.
Other have grown up in the democratic
party and have remained in It because
they really believed that it wou'd re
form the evils that have come upon the
country through republican misrule.
The men of this class will soon be un
deceived. They will soon discover how
little is to beexpected from the demo
cratic party. They will revolt and find
congenial company in the ranks of the
people's party.
Let no independent be discouraged.
Let us "possess our souls in patience."
The star of hope has risen. The begin
ing of the end has come.
Did you read President Powers letter
in last week's issue? If not look up the
paper and read the article carefully. It
gives some very potent reasons for con
tinuing the work so nobly carried for
ward by the alliance of our state dur
ing the past year.
The causes that led to the organiza
tion in 89 and 90 are not all removed by
any means and there is still a great
work for us to do. The coming annual
meeting will be an important one. See
that your alliance makes its report
promptly and elects a representative.
On with the fight. There are matters
of great importance to farmers that
will be considered in coming sessions of
both state and national legislation and
we must be prepared to know
our position with reference to all ques
tions that may be brought before those
who have been chosen to represent us
in legislative halls of state and nation.
The two republicans who were de
feated by Elder and McVey in Clay
county are trying to have themselves
declared elected because the names of
Elder and McVey were printed on the
been asked to issue a mandamus com
pelling the county clerk to issue certifi
to the republicans.
Holden reached the climax of con
temptible trickery when he published
little Tom Pratt's letter to the Journal
and coolly informed his readers that it
was written by B. F. Pratt, ex-state
lecturer of the farmers' alliance.
The Non-conformist last week took
Mrs. Lease to task for her Interoeean
interview, and the attack she made up
on the Vincents in her Omaha speech.
It looks as if the Nonoon. has decidedly
the best of the argument.
Renew your subscription at once
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A great many independents are look
ing around for something or somebody
10 blame for the defeat of our state
ticket. This is a useless proceeding, a
waste of time and energy. A few say
it was on account of Van Wyck's nomi
nation. This is absurd. Van Wyck
polled more votes than any other man
1 1 TT
we could nave nominated, lie ran
anao rt Vila 4-isaLra in noa yl TT oil rQ ff a
of the state. Some others say that i
Liberty was responsible for our defeat.
Tbis is an insult to the manhood and
intelligence of the independents of the
state. Liberty's course undoubtedly
n A A yts4a.i f s-im n Jnnnnit An4a on1
injured the republican ticket by its
support. Many other reasons ' are
ottered, none of which are correct.
Nothing local to Nebraska produced
the result. There was a general force
at work in all these western states that
produce 1 like results in all the states
i :i aj mi a i ii
wnere n opera wu. xiiat iorue was vue
money power of the east. It brought
defeat to the people's party in South
Dakota and Minnesota. In Kansas.
where the populis's and democrats
were united on one ticket, and where)
ity, they got perhaps 8,000. In'Ne-.
braska where we only expected a few Ht
thousand plurality, we got defeat. ft
Nor has the people's party alone
suffered in this "way. . See how the
' - T
democrats suffered in Iowa. Twice in
i 1 A 1 1 i-J T1i
free coinage democrat, for governor.
In 1890 they elected congressmen in a
majority oi tne districts, jnow tney
arA ripfpatari hv 20.000 maion'tv and
nearly every district sends a gold-bug
l cpuuiiuau ias guugicso. v a uau an
other example of the same thing in .
Nebraska. Two years ago Mr. Bryan
was elected to congress, carrying the
nfiaaanf h'i ret. H let to r f YT o crcrc rinij -
rality. This year the effort to defeat
him was if anything more desperate
than the effort to defeat the indepen
dent candidates in other districts. And
he was re-elected t y a very slender
plurality although he had the support
of hundreds of free coinage republicans
and a larga portion of the indepen
dents. In the Third district which
wa3 formerly a democratic strong-hold,
Keiper as well as Poynter was defeated.
No local causes can be citfd to ex- j
plain these results. The cause must
be as general as the effect. It is evi-
dent that the money power made a
supreme effort to crush out "tnis
calamity business" (to use their own
phrase) in the states wtstof tbe Miss
issippi, and to restore the republican
supremacy in all these states.
It will be well therefore for indepen
dents to cease all bickering and fault-
nnding and reserve tneir energies to
prolong the struggle with the mighty
enemy wiiiuu uaa wuu hub lemuuiar.
In another column we publish thel
program of the National Farmers' Con-
srress furni hed bv Mr. B. F. Clavtonb
of Iowa. Addresses will be delivered .
by a number of gentlemen whose names
wear the prefix, "Hon." Perhaps these
are farmers or men who are deeply in
terested in the welfare of the farmers
but we have a lurking suspicion thj
they are farmers by proxy, and deep
interested, in the welfare of the vmc
who make their living out of the farn
ers. It may be that we are mistake:
We await the meeting with much I;
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