The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 29, 1892, Page 4, Image 4

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The First Joint DIscuhhIofi at Ile-atrioc-Van
Wyck Away Ahead. .
On Tuesday afternoon the opera
house- was packed. The deba e was
opened by Gen. Van Wyck, who was
introduced by Chairman Millholland.
He mado a careful, and s'-rong speech
Ho discussed trus's first, showed how
they had grown up aid flourished
under republican rule. Uo touched on
tho tariff incidentally referring to the
timo when tho republicans called him
many hard names for proposing free
sugar. He then talked of stiver, mak
ing some very strong points. He
wanted to know why the republic ins
hid not reduced freight rates in Ne
braska after all their promises
Mr. Crounso in his reply surprised
boih his friends and opponents. Ho is
not such a man as the pooplo have
mostly imagined. Ho is ignorant to
begin with. Then ho has a blunt, un
courteous manner. Van Wyck treated
him with tho greatest courtesy, but
Crounso was almost insulting in return.
Ho is an aristocrat who has no sympa
thy with tho people, nor can ho even
assume a sympathy with them. Ho
dofentkd Carnegie and tho millionaires
us aclass. no had nothing but ridicule
and scorn for tho people who c 'mplain
of tho present state of affairs. Uo says
success or failuro in business is all "a
question of rapacity In the upper story."
Ho claimed that tho farmers of tdo
state are prosperous; and have nothing
to complain of.
In closing, Van Wyck fired up in
groat shape. He called Crounse down
on his ridicule and misrepresentation.
Tho crowd went wild with enthusiasm.
He explained his Union Pacilis bill in
a way that satisfied everybody.
Even the old parly papers, including
tho State Journal, spoak of the debate
in a tone that shows that their man was
sipnally defeated.
Ono of the most singular things
Crounse did was to eulogize Morton,
the democratic candidate. He spoke
of him in the highest terms. Then
Morton spoke in the evening, returned
the compliment, and attacked Van
Wyck as usual. It is becoming more
and more evident that the two are
working together to defeat the old
war-horse, but they have undertaken a
task they will never accomplish.
At Stlvtr Creek.
The Poynter-Meiklejohn debato ad
vertised for October 13th is at Silver
Creek, Merrick county, and not at anv
Id the Second District.
The populist congressional convention
met in Omaha the 21th and nominated
Chris Osff for congress on the second
ballot. The nomination is considered
a strong one.
In Dodge County.
Tho independent county convention
met at Fremont the 24th. James
Hawie and John Fagenberger were
nominated for representatives, and G.
G Martin for county attorney.
At Geneva.
Governor Powers and Logan McRey-
nolds addressed a fair sized crowd at
Geneva September 22, in the afternoon.
McReynolds made a very favorable im
pression and Powers made one of his
old-timo convincing speeches.
A Railroad Tool.
. Jas. E. North, a rank democratic
gold-bug and railroad tool has : been
nominated for state sonator from the
12th district consisting of Platto and
Colfax. If the independents put up a
good man they can knock him out.
The Float Convention.
The float convention for Gago and
Saline counties was held at Wilber,
September 24. The attendance was
go xl and great interest was shown. On
th3 fifth ballot J. S. Rutherford of
Gige was nominated for float repre-
Van Housen Nominated.
Senator Van Housen has been nomi
nated for representative by the Colfax
county democrats.
At Newport
Ke'ra and Whitehead have got so fond
of debating, that they pit in an
"extra" at Newport, Kock county, on
Saturday. They had a big crowd and
Kem carried oil the honors as usual.
Chu ch Howe Nominated.
The republicans of Nemaha aad John
son countiei have nominated Church
Ho wo for sta'o senator. The conven
tion also requosts tho legislature to
elect hiui U. S. senator.
In Old Otoe.
Tho icdependent county cDnvention
met at Nebraska Ci'y September 21,
and named a winning ticket. T. B.
Stevenson was put up for senator, John
Seimans and S. Patton for representa
tives. Frank Childa for county attorney
and M. D. Campbell for commissioner.
Meetings at Geneva
Thero will lw arand rally at Geneva
October 10th. W. L Groon and local
speakers will address tho crowd. The
Shelton glee club will sing.
Also great preparations are being
mado for tho joint dea'o between Doch
and Ilalucr for Oct .ber 5th.
At Ijexington
Tho second week of tho Kem and
Whitehead debato began with a meet
ing at Lexington Dawson county, on
Tuesday About 2000 were
present. The State Journal as usual
says Kem was "not in it." which being
translated means that Kem wiped up
the earth with Whitehead.
A Three Day's Ioe Feast of Reason
and Eloquence.
At Fairbury, Jefferson county, Sep-
ember 21, 22 and 23, occurred one of
ho greatest po'itical demons tra ions
in the history of southern Nebraska.
The crowd ranged fro n two to five
thousand, and hardly less than eight
thousand different persons were
present altogether.
The speakers wore ex-Judge Cole,
ex-Congressman Gillette of Iowa, Prof.
Biddison of Kansas, Prof. Vincent of
ndianapolis, Carl Brown of California,
John H. Powers, J. M. Devine, J. M.
Gnnnett, Logan McReynolds and
others of Nebraska.
The speeches made were exceedingly
able and eloquent. Each bad his own
way of presenting matters, so there
was no ropltition, no monotony.
Especial mention should be mado of
Prof. Howard's singing. His render
ing of "That Honest Dollar," "We
Have the Tariff Yet," "Losses and
les," and "Get Off the Earth" was in-
imitablo and - added great'y to the
success of the meeting.
On the whole it was a grand success
both socially and politically.
C. Q. D.
Nominated for Senator.
The independents of the Eleventh
senatorial district, consisting of Madi
son. Wavne. Pierce and Stanton, met
at Norfolk September 24th" and notni
nated Mr. . Herring of Way no for
state senator. K. Trovellick ad
dressed a small audienco in the eve
ning. , .
Out of the Race.
J. J. Mcintosh of Sidney who was
nominated for congress by the demo
crats of the Sixth district has written
a letter in which ho says he has not
been a citizen long enough to be eligi
ble, and he therefore decline, it is
not likely anyono will bo put in his
place, and Kem and Whitehead will be
left to fight it out.
Fusion in Wyoming.
The first people's stato convention
met at Douglas, Wyoming, September
21, and after a long discussion decided
to put an electoral ticket in I he field
and support the democratic state
ticket, in return for democratic sup
port for tho Weaver and Field electors.
This insures three more electoral votes
for tho new party.
Good Men Rc-Nominatcd.
The independents in that grand
strong hold, baunders county, had a
great convention at Wahoo September
21. P. B. Olson and J. N. Gaffin were
renominated for representatives, and
S. H. Sornborger for county attorney.
These are very strong nominations and
tho ppople will ratify them with a big
majority on olection day.
Kem and Whitehead at O'Neill.
About 2,000 people listened to the
Kem-Whitehead debate here tho 24th
Matt Gering was hero and was let in
to represent the democrats which he
did in verv good shape.
Kem mado a very strong presenta
tion of the principles of bis party, and
completely refuted Whitehead's at
tacks on his record. Whitehead didn
scarcely touch the vital issues. His
speech was mostly buncombe. Kem
certainly won a signal victory.c
In The Republican Valley.
Van Wyck has held a series of good
meetings in the Republican Valley.
Everywhere, he was greeted with good
crowds and listened to wi h close atten
tion and marked respect. He made
many friends in that section.
Will Carry North Carolina
The press dispatches contain an inter
view with Dr. Exum, the people's can
didate for governor of North Carolina
n which he claims that the new party
now has more voters than both tho
others. Allowing for a good mary to
go back before election, he figures that
tho populists will cary the state by a
large plurality.
In Polk County
STROMSBURG, Neb., Sept. 26, 1892.
We are arranging and have ad
vertised for a great picnic at Swede
Home church; in a grovo just west of
Osceola October 5th. Speaking in
Swedish and English. Gen. Van Wyck
W. L. Green, Pastor, A. G. Engstrom
of Saronville and several of the candi
dates will speak. I. D. C.
. Pawnee CI ty Stirred Up.
Pawnee City, Neb., Sept. 26, '92.
Bro. Thornton, Lincoln, Neb.
Mr. J. W. Edgerton's address last
at Pawnee City "took the cake," so
say all the people. Co'.lins, Wheedon,
Field and Bryan have come and gone;
but it remained for Edgerton to give
us good wholesome food for thought.
A great throng listened to the only
Carl Brown for over two hours. Brown
wai treated courteously at Pawnee
City, our people always do so. But oh
how sick he made the tariff yet re
publicans and democrats.
Pawnee says send us Prof. Howard,
Edgerton and Brown once more and we
will sweep the county.
McKeican and Andrews.
On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 27, tho
second joint discussion between the in
dependent and republican candidates
for congress in the 5th district came off
at Sutton. The first was held at Has
tings, Andrew's home. He had his
friends to make up the crowd, and his
college boys with their yell. And he
had the opening and closing speeches.
But even with all these advantages
McKeighan demonstrated his great
superiority as a reasoner, and the truth
of his principles.
At Sutton, McKeighan had the open
ing. He also had the crowd. He di
rected the debate largely to the money
question. His speech was clear, con
vineisg and eloquent. Andrews in re
ply gave nothing but ridicule, assertion
and bluster. It was entirely one sided.
The prospects for the L'ncoln Normal
University grow brighter every hour.
The electric street car, which now runs
to the campus, brings students by tho
score., rrors. oayior. bnoiion, l-cwis
and other members of the faculty are
busy classifying students, and classes
were organized this-morning, with an
enrollment which surprises every one
interested in the institution, btudents
are more than delighted with the hand
some new building and elegant furniture
Work has begun in earntst and every
one is. interested in the futire of this
great institution.
Homes and Irrigated Farms, Gardens
and Orchards in the Celebrated Bear
River Valle f on the Main Lines ot the
Union Pacific and Central Pacific R. R.
near Corinnt and ?gden, Utah.
Splendid location for business and in
dustries of all kinds in the well known
city of Corinne, situated in the middle
of the valley on the Central Pacific R.R.
The lands of the Bear River valley are
now thrown open to settlement by the
construction of the mammoth system of
irrigation from the Boar lake and river,
just completed by the Bear River Canal
Co., at a cost of $3,009,000. Thf com
pany controls 100,000 acres of these fine
anas and owns many lots avd business
lccathns in tho city ef Corinne, and is
now prepared to sell on easy terms to
settlers and colonies. The climate, soil,
and irrigating facilities are pronounced
unsurpassed by competent judges who
declare the valley to be the Paradise of
the Farmer, Fruit Grower and Stock
Raiser. N ice social surroundings, good
schools and churches at Corinne City,
and Home Markets exist for every kind
of farm and garden produce in the
neighboring cities of Ogdea and Salt
Lake, and in the great mining camps.
Lands will be shown from the local of
fice ef the Company at Corinne. 15tf
Fine Stocfe Auctioneer, Lincoln. Neb.
Refer you to the best breeders In the
west, for whom I do business, Prices reason
able and correspondence promptly and cheer
fu!ly answered.
Pure Bred Poultry. White Plym
outh Rock.. White Games Partridge
Cochins: Toulouse Geese, White Hol
land Turkeys, White Guineas, Pekin
Ducks. Eggs in season. Prices low.
W. A. Bates, Jr.,
Fremont, Neb. 36tf
LoDgdeep bodied
Good color, short legs,
,road back, good feet
ind hend. Alliance
prices, satisfaction
tuarantecd 13tf
Kearn y, Neb.
- Furnas Co. Herd,
Thoroughbreds exclusively. All ages, either
sex. Sows bred. Stock guaranteed as repre
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Breeder and ship
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Neligta, Neb,
Breeder of fancy Po
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