The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 01, 1892, Page 20, Image 20

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i numesLeaa oiriKe IS INOW UVer.
Have made a strike that is of more importance to the people of this state.
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aw, nicici, iiuiumg uuwii lu ti pumt low eiiougn to lnauce you to com
fi. I i 1 1 i r-! 1 i-T i i v - i w i ill i i i-i ii i u iMTTiiuur tiij -r-r- rvr t ri i nrnrn
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Tho Power of Monopoly That Has Grown
up Under the Evils of Class
; Legislation.
The average man pays very little at
tention or gives very little thought to
his right under the constitutional frame
work of our nation, and particularly so
wherever a class of citizens have by
special legislation usurped those rights.
If a "franchise" has been acquired, no
matter by what deceit, fraud or violence
of public right, it immediately settles in
to the public mind as "law," and be
comes "vested rights," sacred in use to
the schemes obtaining such rape on the
public's equity. When any one during
breathing spells in his struggle for exis
tence by his chosen avocation, observes
and makes public mention of such out
rres, he is met with abuse instead ol
argument, and called "liar," or if his
reputation for veracity is very good and
no rank blemishes on his personal life,
"crank!" is the argument against him or
"office seeker," "demagogue" or "poli
tician" until the sleepy public finally
wakes up and finds the "crank" is right
in his claims and thus it is the wheels ol
universal opportunity turn for our na
tion's good. The truth of this can not
be better illustrated than in citing to
the so-called "vested rights" of railroad
corporations. Government, and more
especially this of ours, has been institu
ted for the express purpose of guard
ing by the united power of the
republic the individual right of each
citizen. The free nation that grants
"vested rights" to a class of its citizens,
or by special enactments in rights ol
eminent domain and permits those rights
to be exercised to the profit of such
class at the cost of others, places itseli
in danger of loving its quality of free
dom; as much so as would a pure
maiden place her virtue in jeopardy by
frequenting houses of prostitution. We
have undoubtedly the grandest most
fruitful and highly developed manhood
nation on earth and Nebraska is behind
none of her sister States in this respect.
This however should not dissuade us
in the desire for further upward progress
any more than did the fact of King Johr
of England being abetter King, than was
Nero, of Rome, stop the citizens of Eng
land from demanding Magna Charta.
So long as hunger and poverty depresses
a large portion of an industrious public,
while more than a surplus of plenty to a
part of this people is given, we are fai
short of perfection in government of the
people for and by the people.
The argument that this is the best
country on earth for a poor man is true,
but that shall not stand in the road oi
its being made much better, nor excuse
"class" legislation for keeping us but
one degree better than monarchial
Europe. The Republican party in the
nation and the Democratic party in the
South are soon to call upon the individ
als of this republic to return them tc
power and reason for so doing they cite
to the goodness of God in his sunshine
and showers on a land made fruitful by
the toiling millions, and point witli
pride to protected weathy manufactur
ers and railroads developed under theii
fostering care, they fail to note or ana
lize why mortgaged farms and chattels
and railroads are eating life-blood out oi
our producers of this wealth, and mak
ing one money king as result of interest
bearing medium of exchange, where ten
thousand freemen become serfs of pover
ty. Let them come with me to the
cities and they can be shown whole
blocks of squalid poverty in tenement
houses populated from the slums oi
Europe, which population is bidding
against American workmen to the profit
of the protected manufacturer and low
ering our ability for self govern
ment the same "as fever lowers the
body's ability to healthy action. This
being an opening letter on railroading it
will perhaps be proper to explain that
a few branch lines must be constructed
to carry material for the main lines;
otherwise an old railroad man might
think we were digressing. And the
first material we want to lay on the
foundation of reason should be used and
properly applied by every individual
who reads this letter. It is this:
We are each to blame in a manner pro
portionate. Jo our public and private
influence for the class wrongs put upon
us by the old party legislation. We
should not rail at them and the corpora
tions, but blame ourselves and resolve tc
change matters by study of all platforms,
all candidates, and measures the party
machinery to be run by the people and
for the people, as a whole and not as a
class. Our eye-sight would be as
dim as their sense of patriotism is
deficient, if we failed to see that the
Republican and Democratic parties are
Siamese twins, connected by ligament o
gold standard, running from stomach tc
stomach of selfish "vested rights"
The Democratic twin being the more
lovable child at this time because of his
anti-trade protectionism, which is ex
plained by his want)f Yankee ingenuity
in manufacturing and his inability tc
completely corner the "nigger" market
of ground cultivation by tariff. Neither
old party subscribes to the tenets of the
Independent party in it3 demand foi
equal rights to all nnd special favors tc
none, and neither the g. o. p. nor the
d. o. p. can continue to steal God and
labor's livery in which .o serve the
corporate classes and in meantime
neglect to develop equality of oppor
tunity, whjch alone can maintain self
government. When this nation was
born steam power in transportation was
not yet applied but the need of commu
nication by mail service was known and
it was expressly stipulated that such
service devolved upon the nation. It is
wonderful that in the postal system
three cents would transport a lettei
anywhere throughout all this broad
land and such service be more than
self-sustaining. And more wonderful
still that no matter how rich a man nci
how many letters he wrote nor whether
in a large city or small village, he had
no advantage over his fellow citizen who
had no business and money.
What a revolution this principle
would work in freight service if a man's
business was not dictated to, by loca
tion or traffic manager. This will bf
discussed further in my next letter.
A. J. Austin.
Kearney,, Neb.
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