The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, August 18, 1892, Page 2, Image 2

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What the
Papers Have to Say About
People's Candidate lor
General Weaver's Record, His Views,
His Meetings and His Pros
pects of Success.
A Calamity Howler.
Who was the very first man in con
gress to oppose the destruction of legal
tender money?
(Jencral Weavor.
Torso doing ho was styled by the
curs who were engaged in roobing the
people as a calamity howler.
Who was tho first man in congress to
point out the results that would follow
tho demonetization of silver?
(leueral Weaver.
For so doing ho was styled by the
money power as a calamity howler.
Well, all wo have to say is this: He
told tho truth, and the calamities he
predicted twenty years ago are now
upon us.
To be a plain "calamity howler' ot
General Weaver's dimensions U a
calamity mo&t devoutly to be wished
Sinco tho money power assumed con
trol of legislation tho country has been
mighty short on statesmen
A statesman, gentle reader, is a
man who can look ahead and correct
ly prophesy the futuro effect of legisla
tion. General Weaver called tho turn on
old Judas Iscariot Sherman fifteen years
Therefore, a calamity howler must be
only another name for a statesman.
Denver Uoael.
"I regard the situation throughout
the country as very grave, and I have
believed for some time that we are near
ing a serious crisis. If tho present
strained relations between tho corpora
tions and their employees, between
wealth-owners and wealth-producers,
continues much longer, they will ripen
into frightful disaster. When Home
was near her fall tho wealthy barons
had their I'inkortons.
''They aio an armed body of cruel
mercenaries and a me nan.; to the peace
of society and tho lives of the people.
At their .bidding bloodshed follows
close upon the heels of corporate tyr
anny. They must bo suppressed, and
tho terrible economic conditions which
have spanned this cruel army of thugs
upon the country must bo changed at
once or the republic must give away to
corporate despotism.
"The frightful condition of affairs in
Pennsylvania will strike tho whole
country like an alarm bell at midnight.
Public sympathy will - naturally be with
the men struggling to exist upon the
earth and for their lives and little
So says the Chicago Tribune, and for
once that unreliable tool of monopoly
hit tho nail square on tho head.
Yes, "it'!!! tho same old Weavor." The
"same old Weaver" who, in ISSO.agamst
the most adverse circumstances, polled
350,000 voics as the candidate if the
greenback party.
Tho "same old Weaver," who, during
his two years in congress, made thing
so hot for tho two old parties that tbey
fairly turned heaven and earth to do-
feat his re-election, which they accom
plished only by outrageous lying and
scattering 'Wall street money like
leaves of Jhejprgs.t over his entire. d is-
Syracuse, Saturday eveniDsr, Auguat W. n
the government's depositing $00,000,000
a uong national banks as acompensa-;
tion to partisan politicians for services
It's the "same old Weaver" eo noted
in political debates for calling thing3 by
their right names and giving ligures
and dates and book and page.
It's the "samo old Weayer" whom the
farmers and mechanics of tho whole
country havo been booming for presi
dent for tho j ast twelvo months and
who, next November, will make both
Cleveland and Harrison look ten times
picker than did Bsnnie when he heard
(Jreshani was going to run.
Yes, Mr. Tribune, it's tho "game old
Weaver.. Chicago Express.
Tho following is an extract from Gen
eral Weaver's speech of acceptance at
"This 13 the grandest moment of our
civilization. It is rallying tho best
hearts and tho best heads of tho nation
around the three great contentions of
modern time3 tho great land problem,
the great currency or linanciai problem,
and the groat and oycrthadowing prob
lem of transportation. These aro the
centers around which this great move
ment is rallying. You are right, and
you will be triumphant as certain as we
aro assembled In this hall. Your faith
and your work will conquer. This is
no longer a country governed by the
people, and it is the great duty today
devolving upon tho party which you
represent t ) rescue the goverme I
from tho grasping federated monopolies
and restore it to the great common peo
ple to whom it belong?,"
General James 1. Weaver will be
elected president on the 8th of Novem
ber. To some who have not kept track
of tho great upheaval that is taking
place, this might seem incredulous, but
no man's chance? were ever better.
Cleveland and Harrison's position on
tho silver question has turned the entire
west and south against them, and they
will havo to content themselves lighting
for the. electoral vote of tho eastern
states. Weaver will carry every state
west of the Mississippi river, with the
possible exception of Missouri, Califor
nia and Oregon, and has a lighting
chance for California. Among the
southern states he will carry Texas,
Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Geor'
gia, North and South Carolina and Vir
ginia. Now th s article won't take up
much space so just cut it out and paste
h in your hat, and when you read the
election returns this fall, just give the
Commoner tho credit of telling you
four months in advance what the re
sult would bo Kansas Commoner.
The Coming Crisis published at
Pueblo, Col., speaks a3 follows of Gen.
Weaver's meeting at that place:
General Weaver and party were ac
corded the greatest audience that ever
greeted a visitor to the city. J ni3 is
couceded by even the partis n opposi
tion. Tho morning gold bug organ ad
mits thero were 7.000 people in the
Mineral Palace find the oveiilow meet
ing on the outside. The meeting has
opened the eyes of many sleepy headed
partisans, i he speeches made a great
impression and did much good in get
tir g some of our friends, the enemy, to
thinking. Like gatherings creeled the
party all over tho state, the mining sec
tions going wild with enthusiasm No
one can note those greetings without
realizing the great change ia the public
mind. Colorado is corceded to Weaver
by an overwhelming majority by even
prominent republicans., Unites Ihe
fi lends of freo silver are betrayed by
over-confidence, it, is only a matter of
how largo the maj ivity will bo.
General Weaver U a brllian,
brainy man. Hois a patriot with a
record of which any man nriy be
proud. His voice has been ever raised
for the interests of the poor and lowly,
for tho great masses of the people, and
against ihe greed and ruthless purposes
of the rich and powerful. All this is
good, but we support liiru because ho is
for Colorado, for silver, and silver is
ail in all to us. Grand Junction (Col.)
time he struck Djnver until ho passed
out of the stale on his way to Nevada
and California. He spoke to immense
audiences at Denver, Pueblo, Leadville,
Aspen and Grand Junction, besides
being greeted by hundreds and thous
ands at every town and hamlet . along
this route, in many cases making brief
ten-minute speeches to eager listeners
from the platform of his ear. Salida
(Col ) Sentinel.
Alabama will bocarrled for Weaver
by 23,000 majority. So will South and
North Carolina, Florida and probably
half a dozen other southern r':uts. Let
the northern states serve Harrison the
same way and tho elert u of Weaver
by the people will bo r.s probable as
that of either Hanison or Cleveland.
A nice spectacle is presented in Colorado
truly. Tho hide-bound democratic state
of Alabama repudiates Cleveland be
bause of his enmity to silver and citi
zens of Colorado asking Colorado men
to vote lor him! lhc humilielion and
insult aro equally as great to ask a
Colorado ruaa to vote fnr Harrison.
Colorado extends her hand to Ala
bama, and in November will unite its
voto with her for Weaver and free coin
age Rocky Mountain News.
Ouster County In Line.
Broken Bow, Neb., Aug. 10, '92.
Tho independents held a rousing
rally here last night lasting until after
midnight. This is tho homo of Cok
gressman Kom and his reception was
exceedingly gratifying.
His appearance waa tho signal for
the greatest elemonstrations of applause
which havo ever been witnessed at a
political gathering hero, being re
newed again and again. Tho people
recognize in Mr. Kem a mail-clad war
rior who is thoroughly devoted to tho
common people against organized cor
ruption and cupidity. lion J. W.
Euger:on made a forcible speech and
won many friends. The meeting was
also addressed by Hon. 1). McCall and
Win. Gray, candidate for stato senator,
each of whom presented tho people's
cause in a way calculated to yield a
harvest of votes.
The meeting was held in the largest
opera house in tho city which was
packed to the doors tho people remain
ing to the close.
The famous Cat Creek
rendered some of their best
Altogether the meeting was a marked
contrast to the s'imly attended alTair,
gotten up by the republicans a few
weeks ago and indicates that the peo
ple cannot be fo'ded longer by old party
hacks ana tariii bluster.
glee club
T 1
he musses.
Write for "Ca1ai(jrneto rr
A Lett:-r Prom Missouri.
Alton, Mo., Aug. 0, '92.
The people in this section of country
are just awakoniug to their interests.
A mass meeting was held at West
Plain? Thursday, Friday and Satur
day last. It was well attended. A de
bate was held, Mr. A. Harris taking
the people's side, while Mr. Jones ad
voca'ed republicanism. The names of
weaver ana meia were ueartuy ap
American citizens, our noerty is in
danger! Wake up! To arms! Unless
the whole mass of people arie as one
man and crush the power of Wall street
wo shall Jose our beloved freedom
Then we shall be subjects or masters
more cruel than were the southern
slave owners, and on the ground where
the ashes of onr English forefathers lie,
ungusn syndicates win nue over an
enslaved ieople.
On our owu strength anl a righteous
God rest all onr hopes. Jf we !o not
put forth that strength, God will also
forsake us. America's struggle is not
our struggle alone; it i? the struggle
of popular freedom against plutocracy.
I he toning masses or Europe will for
low in the wako of our victory. With
emr down-fall it will be Europe's down
fall also. The last spark of hopa wil
bjciuencned. But it we win," then all
else will follow. Tho money power wi
bo overthrown. Wall street robbers
Eye, Ear, Nose and Threat Disease
Are very common in this climate. The
general all around doctor, is not pre
pared to treat these cases. If he is in-
erested in his patients, as he should be,
he would advise them to consult a
specialist in this line of work. Among
those who treat all forms of catarrhal
diseases of the eyes, cars, nose and
throat, none &ro more successful than
Drs. Moore and Dennis, Catarrh Spe
cialists of Lincoln Neb. Graduates of
the best medical colleges in America
they aro thoroughly prepared to treat all
cases of polypus of the nose, obstructed
breathing, deafness, sore eyes, chronic
cold of tho head, hay fever, asthma and
bronchial and luDg troubles, all results
of nasal catarrh. Como and see us. A
consultation will cost you nothing.
beverai hundred people have been suc
cessfully treated in Lincoln during ihe
past year. All classes, trades and pro
fession?, ladies and children aro repre
sented by those who have been, or are
being cured by our treatment.
Dks. Moore & Dennis
Office Cor. O & 10th Sts.
, For Sale.
1G0 acres improved land in Webster
county, all fenced, s-ooel bnildintr?. wind
mill, and 13 acre hog lot, two miles
irom uosemont, o milc3 from Blue Hill.
Address, C. Lyon,
7-fif Posemont. Neb.
Hijjlics-t prices pnid for dollars he
DliVUtwirn 178.) and 1S6S. Half dollar
leU AN before V.(; ejuarters before 'cV. 20
01 H fOT V cel!t pieces all dates. Dimes before
VLU fUIJ jSr). Five ent nitres before 1S67.
NicklcH 1S77 and usSj. AH d:ites silver 3 rent
pieces. Nickel 3 rent pieces before 1S70.' Two
cent pieces between lSfy and 1872. Copper cents,
ail nail cents, enl 25 cents fnr list of goo dates
wanted. Compare your coins, it will pav 5011 well.
j'.nruisv unnp ior reply- u. Jl. (.; I.Kl'KN.
a-t 304 Koibach ISlk. Omaha, Neb.
Party Worker?
Writ e and send 10 cents for Bamplo Weaver
and Field Silk Campaign Kadgo indorsed.
Metal badges fmndat jewelers every w hero.
Big money for campaign fudds. Patented.
Agents wanted. Addnm, George HIgeell,
701 MMth Street, DENVER, COLO.
The hardest known, sells at tho hiheet price in
the market, rah be grown with profit all over
Nebraska. Crop of yielded by weight, area
measured 5:2 bushels per aero on best piece
threshed from shock and sold in e'hicago as No
hard, weighing CAl2 lbs per bushel. Crop sold
in 01 $-:9.00 per acre.
Per bushel if 1.00. Ten bushels $8.00. New
sacks 18 cents each. Address,
E. T. STEFIIKNS, Crete, Neb.
A. J
Loans, Law and Collections.
J. L. HACK, Alt'! & Uffr.
1025 0 Street, Lincoln, Neb.
On City and Farm property. Make votir
loans or renewals through nn and save' all
nerc-Fary delay and red tape. If you desire to
sell, buy or exchange property of any hind list
it with us and get the best service, e'ollect ions
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States. Special bargains in western and ot her
and. City property to exchange for farms.
Poom 35 Richard's Bi'k, Lincoln, Neb.
nuguaiftouL wine UALC- 1 1 tin.