The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, August 11, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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filje farmcro' Alliance,
Published Every Thursday bt
The Alliance Publishing Co.
Cor. 11th and M Bte., Lincoln, Neb.
O. Hotx, Pres . J. M. Thomphoh, Scc'y.
0. Ed. Tuobktoh. V. P. J. F. MBFrinD, Treas.
Subscription Osk Dollar per Ye ar
8. Edwin Thqrntom, Managing Editor
C!At. Tl. Pirtlb, IJiiflneHrt lanHe-r.
B. A. Murray Advei Using Mg'r
People's Party National Ticket
For President,
of Iowa.
For Vlce.PrcHldent,
of Virginia.
For Governor,
For Lieutenant Governor,
C. D. SIIRADER, Logan County.
For Secretary or State,
J. M. EASTERLING, Uuffalo County.
For Auditor,
For Treamre'r,
J. V. WOLFE, Lancaster County.
For Attorney General,
V. O. STRICKLE R, Douglas County.
For Commissioner of Public Lands and Build
ings, J. M. GUNNETT, York Comity.
For Superintendent of Public Instruction,
II. II. HYATT, Custer County.
For Presidential Elect ors,
T. O. FERGUSON, Nemaha County.
J. R. CONKLIN, Douglas County.
R. R. SIIICK, Seward County.
W. A. GARRETT, Phelps County.
PETER EU1SERSON, Howard County.
E. E. LINK, Frontier County.
T. H. TIUBLES, Cuming County.
The independent candidates and the
members of the stato executive com
mittee aro called to meet at the Lin
dell hotel on Monday, Aug 15.
Chairman Wolfe's speech at Kear
ney was a masterly affair. Read it.
Preacher Tate is to bo the orator
of the republican ticket. He's got a
big job on hand.
A man is often best known by the
enemies he has made. Gen. Van Wyck
has the most bitter enmity of the cor
porations in Nebraska.
Croukse is a stra'ght enough gold
bug republican to hold a position un
der Foster, the present secretary of the
treasury. That ought to settle it with
the people of Nebraska.
The Alliance-Herald of Alabama,
says that the bung-hole convention
crowd should accept their defeat grace
fully. The alliance men of the south
must have the same sort of a crowd to
cope with that wo have here in the
north. ''Bung-hole crowd" is good.
The People's convention at Kearney
A strong ticket,
A clean ticket,
A ticket of honest men,
A ticket of men who have po itical
convictions, and have the courage of
thoHO convictions,
A ticket of men who are of the peo
ple and for the people,
A ticket of men who will hold aloft
the banner of reform and bear it into
the thickest of the light.
A ticket of earnest, though'ful re
formers. A ticket to be proud of.
A ticket to shout for and work for
and vote for. v
A t'eket that will bj elected by the
grace of God, and the votes of honest
The republicans aro miking loul
claims that thuir candidate for gov
ernor, Judge Crounse, ii an anthnonop-
olist, and they expect to catch tho
votes of a few unwary independents
with that claim.
We aro f .ce to confess that Judge
Crounse has been jnore or less of an
anti-mo::oporst. Sj has Rosewater,
but what is he now? Hosewa'cr dic
tated tho nomination of Crounse and if
he is ( lected ho will bj run by Rose
water. Now tho pcoplo arc
not likely tD forget that Jas.
E. Boyd was Rosewater's choice
for governor two years ago, and Mr.
Boyd vetoed the Newberry bill, au act
which Rosewater has never condemned
Is it likely tho republican party has
turned a.ti-mouopo!ist, when every
delegate to the convention last week
rode on a free pass?. D J you think
such a convention you'd do anything
that would injure the railroads?
If tho republican party really
intended to take the sido of
the pcoplo 8gainst the rail
roads, would the convention have
renominated a majority of the present
board of transportation which has
openly aud brazenly arrayed itself on
the side of tho railroads against the
people? Bah! all this cant about reform
through the republican party makes
the pcoplo weary. They have heard it
for nearly twenty years. Taey have
got their eyes open, their eye-teeth are
cut. They aro not to be caught with
such chart' as' Crou use's -alleged anti
monopoly record. Ho is satisfactory to
tho corporations today, and that's all
tho people want to know.
There is still oreat com plaint among
subscribers to this aud other indepen
dent papers because papers do not
reach them regulatly and promptly.
We belisve the independent stato con
vention did a good thing in passing a
resolution condemning the way inde
pendent mail matter is handled by post-
- office officials.
Speaking of the defeat of tho silver
bill tho Montgomery (Ala.) Herald says
that English influences expended ten
millions to defeat tho silver bill and at
the Bamo time financiered twenty-five
Mllons out of the people whoso publio
This paper had no candidate f Jr gov
ernor before the state convention Now
wo are for General Van Wyck, because
the i)eoplo aro for him. We are proud
to place his name at the head of our
columns. We have an abiding faith in
his sincerity, in his ability, in his
loyalty to our cause, in his indomita
ble energy. We admire him because
ho has always been a kicker against
corporation rule, and a fighter for the
rights of tho people. Wo respect him
because he has always been true to his
principles and consistent in defending
them. Wo love bim for the enemies
ho has made. Wo lovo him becauso
the corporations hate him.
For long and weary years General
Van Wyck has fought for the people.
Ho has fought what ap
peared a hopeless fight. Ho has
endured much and sacrificed much. He
has been s'andered and traduced more
than any other man in Nebraska. But
ho has never faltered or given over the
fight. He has faced the horde of polit
ical pirates and hurled defiance at his
General Van Wyck is a true repre
sentative of all that is embodied in the
reform movement. His success will
mean the overthrow of the corporations
in Nebraska and substantial relief to
peop'e. We believo he will be elected,
and this paper will give him and overy
other candidate o i tho state ticket its
strorgest and heartiest support.
Convention reports have crowded
over some important matter till next
week including the continuation of our
state and if be is defeated it must be by
the returns of half a dozen counties
known as black counties. There is no
reason to suppose that the negroes vot
ed solidly for Jones, but the returns
must so show in order to counterbal
ance tho vote in other parts of the state,
and the political managers bavo a con
firmed habit of rnaliDg tho returns
show juibt what thty want them to
show. -
But whether tho officers ' elected get
their seats or aro counted out, the
country will see that the political revo
lution is just as great in the south as in
tho north, and the unbecoming joy of
tho republicans over the early reports
of the democratic mf joi ity will react
against them. The independents all
over the country see that their brothers
in the south are coming to the front
and the people's came will be greatly
strengthened. It is safe to conclude
that the people's 'party all over the
country has been much encouraged by
the election in Alabama. Now for the
Georgia and Arkansas state elections,
and then for the whole country in No
vember. Victory looms up before us.
On with tho fight.
mortgage record.
The jig is up. Tho lainmaking bus
iness is at au end. Melbourne has be
gun to write communications and de
fenses in papers. When a scheme gets
to that it is cooked
Now that concress ras adjourned the
members that weTraogitated bv Mr.
Watson's inmtfcatioflV-'Tl.havo an op.
portuj ity to go to sofa$B jcsttlutloa iad
Moro than a week has passed since
the stato election occurred in Alabama
and yet the result is .not known or at
least it is not made public. The country
is thoroughly convinced that the state
was carried by the independents, but
there is every reason to suppose that the
returns will be so doctored as to give
the regular democratic ticket an appar
ent majority.
Last week tho republican papers of
the north were jubilant because tho as
sociated press reports gave out the wild
statement that Alabama had gone dem
ocratic by 50,000 majority or more.
Why did tho republicans rej ice in this?
Becauso they felt that it would open tho
way for them to go oa the stump in the
north and show that the reform move
ment could not affect the solid south
and that the support of the independent
movement would simply weaken the
republican party and strengthen dem
ocracy. That the republicans wished the dem
ocrats to carry Alabama is further
hown by the fact that ro republican
ticket was put up. The fight was be
tween Jones, the democratic candidate
for governor, and Kolb, tho indepen
dent candidate, and without doubt Kolb
was elected, just as surely, and per
haps even more surely then was Johr.
II. Powers elected governor of Nebras
ka two years ago; but the entire election
machinery cf Alabama is in tho hands
of the democrats and there is little hope
that Mr. Kolb and the independent
ticket can get the places to which they
have been elected. But the effect upon
the country will be the sama a3 if these
men had secured the offices. The coun
try sees that the democracy no longer
has unquestioned sway in the south,
The joy of the northern republican ed
itors over a southern democratic vie
tory is turned into sorrow and dismay
as Ihey see the ma jority at first report
ed at from fifty to seventy thousand
dwindle down to alruos t nothing and
that little conceded to be fraudulent.
mi , a -i
me mums snow tnat JioiD rereiv
For the next three months we in
tend to make the Alliance-Independent
the hottest and most vigor
ous campaign paper ever run in Ne
braska. We have bsen quietly investi
gating some of the political "rottenness
that exists in the stato, and we will
make tho old corporation gang tremble
in their boots.
Wo ask the independent workers in
all parts of the state to help us get the
paper into the hands of voters every
where. The subscription price will be
25 cents for tho campaign, and many
single issues will be worth moro than
Our lie g premium offer will remain
open till September 1. It is the best
offer we have ever made. It is not too
late to begin working for it. One
week's work may win it. We would
like to have all who can help us piuh
for subscriptions write to us at once.
Now is the 'time to get in work that
will tell on election day.
J. w. dorland.
Mr. J. W. Dor'and, formerly of Ante
lope county, is now regularly employed
as general f gent for the Alliance
Independent. He is one of the most
faithful workers in the whole state.
He is already well known to many of
the readers of this paper, and we take
this opportuni'y further to introduce
him. We solicit for him the hearty
co-operation of all friends of the paper
in all parts of Nebraska. whero he may
Has already become known to thou
sands of independents by his singing at
the state and national con vent.ons. As
a campaign singer and choir leader he
i? a success. "
Prof. Howard is now ready to go out
anywhere in Nebraska and organize
and train glee clubs, also to sing at
rallies and conventions. His services
can b3 secured at very reasonable
rates by addressing the Alliance Pub
lishing Co., Lincoln, Neb.
Rosewater says it was a case of
office seeking tho man. Perhaps
was but in its search tho office was
was aidt d by a rattling good steering
committee wj-h cE. Rosewater as head
steerman, an'l that committee kept tho