The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, July 14, 1892, Image 15

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Poultry Pickings.
tire bred fowls will produco more
At flesh and more eggs than mongrels.
The feed of young pullets should
bo flesh rather than of fat forming.
, If necessary to feed corn meal to a
sick fowl always scald it thoroughly.
One of the chief merits of the
Langshans is that it is a good table
fowl. -.. 0
Learn how to breed before under
taking to sell fowls for breeding pur
poses. ff Never allow ducklings freo access
-Nto water until thej are six weeks old
at least.
A doso of raw chopped enions giv
en night and morning will usually
cure a cold.
Feed little chickens a little at a
time but feed them several times dur
ing the day.
Fumigating the poultry house is
one of the easiest ways of killing out
t J the red mites.
Jf- Another advantage with fowls on
yvfthe farm is that they get plenty of
(- exercise hunting food.
r Boards a foot wide set on edge so
i as to form a square make a good pen
' for ducks and goslings.
' Young poultry for market must be
kept growing from the time they are
hatched until ready t sell.
On the farm small flocks should have
plenty of range; when kept confined
constant vigilance i3 necessary to keep
down disease.
1 If lice get in the nests of the set
ting hens take out the eggs, take out
and burn the old material and put in
fresh, sprinkling 'With sulphur; put
the eggs back dust some sulphur on
the hen and then put her back. fc
Homo IlintH.
Bruised geranium leaves, freshly
cut, if applied to a cut or bruise, will
help heal ifc
Using a rery little limo water in
milk or cream will keep it from sour
ing and also make it more digestible.
Moths again. Another positive
cure. Pour a few drops of chloroform
into the drawer in which the clothes
are to be packed.
i hammock with ruffles of cretonno
or chintz sewed to the side, and piled
l?igh with cushions, makes a restful
piece of furniture for a room.
A leaf of sweet geranium put under
the greased paper lining in the cake
pan will impart to the cake a flavor
anr" fragrance that is very pleasant
All kinds of cooked fish can be
served with salads. Lettuce is the
best gteen salad to serve with them;
but all cooked and cold vegetables go
well with fish.
Greasv cooking utensils, after be-
- ing rubbed off witn paper, should be
allowed to stand with a little water
and ammonia in them, and they will
be easier to ciean.
A plain but quick and delicious soup
may bo made by. using a can of corn
i with a small piece of pork. This
v warmed up quickly, with a little milk
fnA(fA is verv frood.
v ' i O
1 Ttrl Aola fthmilri TA sliorht.1v Rnlt,rri
ieforo cooking. Do not cover them
with batter, but dredge them with
iust flour enough to absorb all moist
uro. then cover them with boiling
An excellent salad of cold boiled
potatoes cut into slices about an inch
thick may be made with thin slices of
frosh beet root, and onions cut very
thin, and very littlo of them, with
Potatoes should bo boiled in tneir
iXackcts in salt water. After tboy are
tie should be drawn haif way olf and
ho potatoes allowed to dry. After
this tboy can be fixed in any of the
many way?, or can be served that way.
When putting the clothes to soak
i . i f tt j - T . 1. J.
over nigh l H is wen io rui; uiouusb
6oiled places and the wrist and collar-
Machinery Company.
w m U
F. L. LOO MIS, Manager, Omaha, Neb.
Patronize Home 'Manufactories
Patented Oct. 15, '89.
The Perfection Gear Wagorj,
Just the wagon for Farmers, Grocers, Milkmen in fact anybody.
D. W. CAMP & SON, Tfnne'b61
bands "with soap, and to rub out or
take out all spots. Clothes should be
shaken before hanging them out to
dry; it saves trouble in folding; Fringe
can bo made to look very soft and
fluffy if shaken vigorously whilo still
Tho1 Herald: Some office-seekers
never forgo!; to tell that they were
raised up bctwocn the plow handles
and wore educated in a log school
houefc. In fact they speak so highly
of their raising, and havo such a
hankering after farm life that wo
wontlcr why they don't quit asking
for votes, refuse an offico, and ask the
dear peorplo to let them go back on
the farm again.
"The MiLeniuni Armj" is the song
which will tuke the place in our coming
conflict which Mrs. Houck's "Battle
Hynm of the Republic" held in tho war
of tha rebellion. It is a solo with chorus.
HA BiBfler Twme C
Pure Hemp Binder Twine
We can ofTer to fanners a better article for less money than
they have ever before known. 86.5m
Will ship sample bag and take lodge note payable Oct 1,'92.
Patronize Home Industry.
For iurther information address Nebraska Binder Twine Co., Fremont, Nib.,
or J. W. Hartley, Alliance Purchasing Agent, Lincoln, N eb.
' WTM tri i