The Alliance-independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1892-1894, June 30, 1892, Image 1

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NO. 3.
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I1IJI J.IIIL1 VUilllllUll
oilver Legions Are on the March
b People's Party Camp The
Rt ky Mountain Tews Turns -
to thoNew Party.
. Met Telegraph.-! the Committee
I' jangements to Engage Rooms
lie Silver Men at Omaha
1 1 This Means Business.
believes that the said nomination was
effected by undemocratic influences,
and that the nominee represents a
financial policy that antagonizes the
historic record of the democratic party,
the true intent of the national cmstitu
unif. iui
Mii tiT of the
'ay afternoon Mr. V. O.
o ho is representing Chair
i, clc at Omaha, received
t to gram:
OyHiOAGrv .Tune 23,1892.
mat; I -oc;tv i ;oi on ac-
oin- for iVit i'onies !Partv
him. Civinhar 1 ff-.o to -lecure
suitable lot v bv uvor ieairue
lirters during xlt con-
Eligible i ;n ui; . nn-
le. Can vou ai' if i-.r
Vent Cokuwh V: ju- ;!,er
!ieau that the groatf loaui-rs of
I . . .
silver organ .axioms rf the
will be at Omaha, an. I that
Bend to east the r foi'Vunei- with
party provided the 'com ntion
Vn.-m wliat tlie werq veil sed at
Yolis. The ad .ptioh of i freeM
Ipianitv is " y ii" b"1
m, and this uf ans th it the
f.i Joe will fii'l in Vine wi' i tl
f th
till Pattersor
7.(1 s was a At
ntion, ai
tried to :
ed wit'
in an
worst n pi eii
id? ivee silver lav
Mgi nomination H
the presides y
tention. Col"
i no more inveu:
inent, and hi:
fhas effected '
inslup nor a 11
of an atom ti
ices that his f :;
uuon the a
r'News lias
mc than in
now arrived
;e between
io office of pi
industrial lr
tain region
Uock loun
. the ' 'liica-
r tht only
p-'H light
' ' .i '.empt
V5. i' A' llt'i
in which li4f
-i i is of the
ti-:n verified
( i Cleveland
.In Chicago
i tl the west
. ' J atermined
nation at Chi
. !'.T'.: in the re
ed to the ex
astvuus cc
i ii ' 'licy v :'uUl
urnl ant"1 rnin-
, ii'val a 'on-
- , 0 i I'Ai!'; StS
.v . isis
! i io;1 ;i to
. v;i ' 'lO-fline'
.' ,w th most
s oi ic ' 'ock'
.;ie'j tioi'ti1
s to
1 facts, ami nyed b"
the Xews v.i.nesitat-1
the industries of the section to which
il has been so long wt tided, and refuses
to betray those interested by support
ing (J rover Cleveland for the presi
dency, thus becoming a parly to a
financial conspiracy, the culmination
of which would involve certain and
ruinous disaster to all who are eem
cerned in silver mining, and would as
surely prove calamitous to the produc
ing population of the United States."
The News is one of the greatest daily
papers in the west and has a very wide
influence which will all be thrown to
the support of the new party.
The democratic delegates to the Chica
go convention got together at the close
of the convention and sent a tele
graphic address to the democratic
voters of Colorado stating that Clove
land is an enemy of free coinage, and
that the platform gives no assurance
that silver will be remonetized. The
address closes with the following
"As between Cleveland and Harrison
there can be no choice to free coinage
men. Thyir records show them to be
enemies tp the cause so dear to Color
ado hearts, and unless free coinage can
be cast aide as of secondary importance
to the country's welfare, the plain
questhJii is presented to both the demo
cratic And republican voters, can they
honesAly, with a full honse of their
obligation to self, home state and party,
aid either of them for the pivsidcjjajj'i'
Who would be free himself must
lire the blow."
Yes, and we may add
ill not strike the blow
freedom and opportunity
serves to be a slave.
that he who
when he has
to do so. de-
"Give us a new ratio between gold
and silver," cry fhe'interest gatherers.
The people reply, ''Give us back the
vr o nage which vou
right of fre
stole from
talk about
will make
made in 1'
of the gol
"w -rld's
; r evei
Wiiat is
' worldV
pound s
the mar
a fact t
WlltS S'-ifi
the unit
aoney ?"
i'l. i up
and then we'll
Then perhaps we
change as was
t down the weight
'ools talk about
just as if there
' a thing. Pray,
of value in the
Is it the dollar, the
franc, the rupee,
gold passes by weight alone? If so,
what difference will it make in the
world of commerce how much or how
little metal we "jut in the dollar?
The solution to the fioltical prob-
iem which confront th A merfonn peo
ple can be given in three words: Reau.
thikt-, Ait. Jf itrk.JJei;i -cttiv.m
will only io 11. liist, the others will
follow Thereftl ' m 1 1 i.
.. j .
to readinsr bv every m
The republican party i
wooden bucket. So long
tjoaked with office holding
the party
just let it bcTT?
sun by complett
to staves1' in no time.
The democratic party is'
has one great principle wh
b'ilieved by all the faithful
a democrat." That is a
that no one can gainsay or
doesn't require a particle of
to demonstrate its truth.
think the people's party
the democratic party and ta
That is a great mistake. J
party is a progressive part
take ine piace 01 me repuun
"Men may come and men m
the democratic party will go
This used to be "the land
fthe home of the brave 1
ili )m.o SiiiLol late a siro
sprung up among our rulers (the pluto
crats), Tom Patterson of Denver says
he fought for two hours to have the
word "free" put into the silver plank
of the Chicago platform. But he was
told that the word had become sort of a
catch word, and its insertion would
cost the party a great many votes. So
"free" had to go and freedom will have
to go in this land if the plutocrats hold
sway a few years longer.
publican. If he is a democrat, tell hira
vou are a regular Jeffersonian demo
crat. Show him that his party
Q.ftrrl liim inil that, 11,11
to stay right
'U U L, UWv
'1' ihing else? Is it not
' r i. .ornational exchange
Don't be too partisan my independent
friend. Let's see, how long has it been
since you "got your eyes open?" Eigh
teen months do you say? Well now
don't set down your neighbor who is
still in the dark as a fool and a rascal.
Treat him as a man and a brother.
Reason with him. Lead hira to the
light. Don't begin to build up a party
line between yourself and him. If he
is a republican, tell him you are a gen
uine enthusiastic Abraham Lincoln re-
ntwtitT Aur 'run vwl Hrtrtl,,l '1 -. .
"brilliant" is their party, and its lea
ders. Tt ey seem to forget that they
ape using the very words that
cringing subjects customarily apply to
their royal masters. Such words have
no more place in the political vocabu
lary of a foee and independent people
than have the titles and gilded trap?
pings of kings and lords in a republic.
Omaha has a cremation society head
ed by Ex-County Treasurer Hahn.
Efforts will be made to form a stock
POlim.inV With Mllftlmonf fnnilc i vii
il r'fiMTllltiirv flnrl rnniliir In
$8,000 to 10,000 being suggested.
-- w. iut.v vi hid j. n
nas just cioseu a session in West J
ftomeining or me nature or the
names of delegates: Emil Saidl.
v 'iiiiio viAiw -. j iih ' r
i ...