The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, February 04, 1892, Image 8

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TU Work f ti. Suu Lwtarm.
To th. Oouaty and Si.b.r4lBt St
tarww anil Ictiirvra cf tb. 1 armrri'
AliiMM of KeliTwka: 7b UU Loctu-
rvnelocted at tbe It ioMlon 01 mo
si. ta Alliance, for the Duno. of yt-
ttiz!rr ttwir work hare until furtkrr
oth districtfed tht Ut ty eountlea
M foUowi:
"WanhinjrtoB OourIm Sarpy
lodn Sauuder Col tax
i'latte mis
Merrick Hamilton
Howard llatl
Sherman Buffalo
Dawson Lcaa
Lincoln Arthur
Perkioi Cheyenne
Banner Kimball
.c. nracuibn, a8st rratt lecttheb.
SaAta Biuff
Iltx Uutle
W heeler
Ked Willo
AU communications from counties in
ditftrlct No, 3 should bo addnwed to
U". II Doch, Ithaca, Neb.: from dis
trict No. 1 to S. C. Fairchild. Oakdale,
Neb ; from district No. 11 to V. F.
Wright. BethsoT, Neb., or to the under
signed, . J. M. Thompson,
State Secretary.
Tk Awfal Fat. that Ovartook a Mnleaa
Whit. Crowing a Rlr,
"Yes, Tve shot any. number of alii.
tpUora, The swamp immediately in
the rear of my quarters at Itolize
Abounded vith them, and I often
twpped off one in the early morning
from my veranda. They proved un
interesting prey, however, always ply
ing up the ghost ut llio first discharge;
tut still I can tell you quite a tragic
.Incident connected with the brutes
'which occurred under my very eyes.
You know that I was stntionod nt
- Orange Walk. British Honduras, for
evoral months. The name of the
place sonnds pretty enough, but that's
.all there is pretty about it. It la, in
tact, nothing but a wretched SpanUh
Iolian village, " says a writer In tho
Globe-Democrat, 'o that we had no
.vutoide associates and no diversion ox
vcept hunting- and riding1.
, -ila connection with the latter pur
Tiult, we were In the habit of riding
occasionally to a village called San
Eatevan, situated some twenty milns
distant on tho New Iiiver. but on tho
farsido from Orange Walk, so that
we had to cross the river in order to
got there. This wo did sometimes at
Orange Walk, sometimes at San Ksta
van, just as the whim seized us. Thero
-stae no bridge or regular ferry nt
either place, so that our method of
crossing was by means of a canoe,
whije our Uoi-iM swam behind. As tho
canoe would not hold more than two
at a time, the ferryman and passengor,
this crossing was a wor of time, more
specially when any of the horses
-elected to be fractious,
t On the occasion ot which I am
mboiftto speak we had decided to ride
ilown on our own side of the river and
cross over at San Estevan, as tho
Tainy season was not long over and
the track in question was decidedly
the better ot the two. After a few
hours' enjoyable riding through the
forest's pleasant shade, wo arrived at
the crossing and shouted for the negro
to take us over. He soon put in an
-appearance and we all soon safoly
landed on the opposite shore, the
fcorees soomingly enjoying thoir cold
wltn nf tor the journey. We were
addling our horses, preparatory to
.remounting, when we saw a native
ugar planter, or rancherix come trot-
tUur. down to tho opposite shore. He
preiientod quite a contrast to us in his
picturesque and splendid costume. It
i needless to dpscribn it. Kvery one
knows tho velvet garments trimmed
with gold lace and buttons, the benu
tilul ' embroidered linen, huge silver
pars, and broad sombrero of tho typ
leal Mexican. 40 was mounted on a
spirited little white horse, which con
trasted favorably with his black co-
'tame. Tho ferryman was about to
pat off to bring him over, when, with
a careless wuve of bis hand, he put
bis horse to the water, and the gallant
little beast started on his journey
ravc;y arid resolutoly.
We all stood mechanically watch'
ing him, none of us I believe, uppre
bending any mishap, when tho .horse
vttored a shrill scream of pain and
terror, while he was perceptibly sink
, tag lower and lower in tbo wator, His
rider, with blanched face and staring
oyeballa, seemed to be struggling to
disengage himself from his sinking
steed, out ne, too. suddenly gave a
fearful scream and slowly sank from
view. For a moment no . ono moved
r spoke, but all stood gazing spell
bound at the spot where so lately had
tieenafcuman being full of lifo and
ayoty. while his sombrero floated
. elowly down the sullen stream. A
moment later Coleman and I had
sprung into the canoa I peering anx
iously over the prow while he wielded
the paddle in frantic haste, neither of
Ms, however entertained any hopes of
doing any good. For a few moments
we paused in midstream, intently
watching the water's surface, till a
succession of dark crimson rings rising
to the surface confirmed our worst
fears and left no doubt as to the ter
rible fate of the Mexican.
Whether the saurians were at
tracted by our crossing over, and ar
rived in time to make a meal of the
unfortunate ranchero. I don't know.
but we decided to recross at Orange
. Walk, aud I swore that If my horse
Jack got over safely be should never
oter that accursed stream again. He
never did.'" ';' "x 1
Stack hows.
The results of a propcrous year
among fa.-mrrs Is being fcit In our bust
news. Prraeot indications are that the
aoaon of and K1 will be better In
the Imported bene business than for
several years. The ioqulr are num
erous aiid are of a berter tone than for
merly. Buyers are mere particular in
making selections, the horse must pos
sets roro than gross wmgfet. Breeders
have learned that a 1SU0 pound draft
stallion of the right type will out breed
one weighing l&O or 2000 pounds but
lacking q-iaiity. They realize tbst legs
meuurig U inches composed of rouud
spungy bene and meat will not support
as much weight or stand as much strs.n
as one of smaller size, rf flinty bone and
hard sinew. They have learned that
side bones and roaring are inherited and
transmittable defects and they don't
want them
The Shire is at the front to stay. I
have letters from my pa.rons saying that
they have everywhere giveu tbehighent
satisfaction. This is, however, no more
than expected, for when in 1874 I com
menced introducing tbeni into the
Unite ! States I was confident, and so
expressed myself, that all that was
necessary to place the Stiirei to tne
front was to bring tbem int) sharp
practical competition with ether breeds.
itn tnu Cleveland nay it was a lore-
gone conclusion with ail that saw uiy
urrt importations that if they would
trausiiitt their giaiid qualities and
characteristics with even reasonable
certainty, they would be an immense
succe in the United States. Time has
proven the great value of this, world-
renowned breed. They have simply
tep a ed in this country what they had
done everywhere else prove that as
breeders they could stamp their char
acteristics npon their offspring with
remarkable certainty.
I havo at present the finest collection
of the two breeds (about two hundred
and fifty) that I ever owned at one
time. Recently I have been making
careful enquiry of my patrons as to how
my stallions nave proved as euro nreeu-
ers and what tbey think of my plan of
importing quite young and fully acclim
ating before sale. I am new receiving
answers to my enquiries and they re
port from seventy to ninety per cent, of
foals, aud credit the result to the fact
that the stock was fully acclimated bo
fore put to breeding. The stallions I
am now otferii.g have been on my farm
two and three years, are fully aculima-
ted, and without being crannied witb
drugs aud grain they are all iu splendid
condition and nearly all have been test
ed as to thoir breeding capabilities
Tacso points I consider ot prime im
portance to the buyer.
Jan. 12H, Mi. UKO f. 1SROWN,
It AuroraIlllnols.
If Ex Governor Robert W.Furnas
again speaks to the publio through the
best of all advertising mediums, The
Farmkus' Alliance, calling attention
to his full line of nursery stocks and for
es' treo seedlings specialty. Seo else-
whore his advertisement.
Pm4 far tlrrxh ml rmlw la
frt Ha R.rtn hf
the Ssrre4 faw.
LriXDOX, Feb. 2. Mias Florence Xash
a pretty jonng girl only IT years of age.
Las sned All Khan, the son of a dis
tinguished Indian prince, for breat h of
promise of marriage. The case came np
for bearing. The fascinating plaintiff
took the stand and poured out her woes
to the sympathetic court. Miss Nash
said that All Khan had from the first
time they met treated her with much
attention and that he had taken her to
many places of amusement. Finally
she said he proposed marriage and was
acre-pW. A dinner followed at the
Cafo Royal, where champagne was free
ly indnlged in. Ali Khan and the yonng
lady referred to, according to the latter,
then went to the Empire house, where
Ali Khitn, it is claimed, effected the
young lady's ruin.
A few l;iys later. Miss pah sars. Ali
Khan told the plaintiff that be was
aiiout to return to India and it was
then she ascertained that he was already
married. Ali Khan took the witness
stand. He spoke English very slightly.
He was understood to testify tliat all lie
said when he proposed to Florence was
mine wife, Hindoo.' He denied that
any promise of marriage was given.
Witness declined to swear on the testa
ment, refused to say "so help me God."
and wauted to swear upon his honor or
upon the sacred cow. ills evident was
rejected by the court, but the jury,
after a short declaration brought in a
verdict In his favor.
And .Then Men Wonder Why They
Look Old When Really Young.
No living person, man or woman,
likes the thought of showing the marks
of (loot ing years. It is all right to
grow old; people do not mind that
idea so much as they dislike the ap
pearance of age. You can't kocp the
years from passing nor the grey hairs
from cowing, hat you can by caro in
so every-day a matter as eating keep
away other external marks of old
father Time. Thisis not a set of rules,
but a very plain statement of a single
fact or two.
Stop into a down-town lunch room
at the noon hour, and observe what
they eat and how they cat it a class
of ice water and a sandwich or two,
with a piece of pio, five minutes in
which to eat, then away again in the
rush of business. Among men of sense
this should not be. Eat slowly and
eat good, substantial food.
It has been proved by a series ot
rigorously exact observations that
by a succulent, delicate and choice
regimen, the external appearances
of ago are kept away for a long
time. It gives more brilliancy
to the eye, more freshness to the skin,
more support to the muscles; ami, as
it is certain in physiology that
wrinkles, those formidable enemies of
beauty, are caused by the depression
of tho musclo, it is equally t rue that,
other things bomg equal, those who
understand eating are comparatively
lour years younger than those igno
rant of that science. Painters and
sculptors are eeply penetratod with
this truth, for in representing those
who practice abstinence by choice or
duty, such as misers or anchorites,
they always give thein the pallor of
disease, the leanness of misery, and
the wrinkles of decrepitude.
The subject of cookery has received
a large share of attention in nil ages,
of which memorials have been retained.
Dr. Johnson thought the matter of
writing a cook book was far above the
capacity of the ordinary woman, and
lloswell, with his accustomed modesty,
mi ye that the doctor seriously enter
tained the notion of writing one him
sell. Buskin, the greatest art critic of
modern times, and who ranks rightly
as one of the masters of the English
language, in his work called "Preteri
ta," stops in his account of Italian
Hculptoruigs and frescoes to note a
remembrance of his iather'shouseand
kitchen and cook. "I have never,"
says he, "seen a fillet of veal rightly
roasted, nor a lorkslnre pudding
rightly basted since Mary Stone left
us to be marriedinlS3(i." Now York
Mail and Express.
The Elder a Total La.
London, Feb. 2. It is now deemed
probable that the steamship Eider will
prove a total loss. Her propeller was
carried away and the hole in her bottom
hiis increased aud the water gaining.
Nearly all the mails have lieen taken on
and tugs are lying alongside to take off
the remainder of her crew. The vessel
is valued nt $700,000 and together with
cargo, is fully insured.
London, Feb. 2. The Santiago corre-
spondent of The Times asserts that
Minister Egnn did receive a safe conduct
for the refugees at the United States
legation and thst he nover informed his
government of it.
ftult Iti-Kim hj aa Iowa Woman to Collect
an Aelor's Hoard DHL
Dt ntoi K, la.. Feb. 2. A petition
wns filed in the district court in the case
of Miidnnio Degrisselles against Charles
W. Cannon. Plaintiff, a leading hotel
keeper in seized the baggage of an
actor mimed u!th Edwards, now cf the
Broadway theater. New York, to secure
his board bill t,t This he released
when Cannon, then an ohsenre merchant
here, assumed responsibility for the pay
ment of the bill.
Cannon in 3 8(51 removed to Helena,
Mont. He returned to Dubnque recent
ly to buy a burial lot, and was served
with notice of this suit for $31, with in
terest from 1XC2. The plaintiff! has
since become quite poor, while Cannon
is now a muiti-millioimire.
save Von Slept Twenty Years!
An average man of fifty has spent
4,000 days, or nearly twenty years, in
ftlcep, and bos consumed about 17,000
pounds of bread and 16,000 pounds of
tBLoat, washed down with J, 000 gallons
4tt liquids.
Clanvte! Item.
Have you got a copy of
Milton's Taradiso Lost?' " asked Gll-
hooly of Hostotter McGinnis, who is
not one of tho most educated men in
the world.
What in the world is that?" re
plied McGinnis.
- -It's a book." responded Gilhooly.
io, sir. 1 nave, not got no such a
book. Whenever I find anything that
is lost I return it to tho owner. hen
did Mr. Milton lose his book? What
reward is he offering for its return P'
Texas Sittings.
The directors of thePonca Driving and
Fair association decided at their last meet
ing to hold their next races July 8,5 and 0,
at which time Sil.TtiO in purses will be of
fered. The full meeting will commence
Oct. 3, at which tOUQ will be hung op lu
The county board of Clay county passed
an order at a recent meeting authorizing
tho supervisor of ench township to attend
to the burial of any honorably discharged
soldier, sailor or marine who may die
without leaving sufficient means for that
C. P. Robinson, a Johnson county
farmer, has lost liMK) worth of hogs with
cholera. He says that last year when corn
was scarce the cholera wns not around,
thus demonstrating to a certain extent
the evil effects of on exclusive corn diet
for hogs.
Jude Dundy bns granted the motion
for a new trial in the eae of D. 8. Maltby
vs. the Modern Woodmen of America, at
Lincoln. Tho plaintiff brought suit
agiiiust the order for money alleged to 1
due him on account of services us agent,
lie K"t a judgment fort6.V57.75.
The (inue county Agricultural society
has elected officers for the ensuing year as
follows: President. E. O. Webster; first
vice president, V. F. A. Hurtling; second
vice presideut, T. B. Essex: secretary, A.
V. S. Saunders; treasurer, A. W. Brandt;
general superintendent, K F. Davis.
Two farmers living near Elyria named
Anderson and MeekS, became engaged in
an altercation concerning the rent of some
land which Meeks hud leased to Ander
son. A fight ensued in which Anderson
stabbed Meeks in the left side with n
pocket knife, inflicting an ugly and pain
ful, yet not.fatal wound.
Deputy United States Marshal Charles
E. Harris went to J'ender and arrested E.
John Smith, who is cbnrctcd withselliuR
whisky to the Indians. Whisky has been
sold to the Indians there for some time,
aud though an ludinn or any one known
to be buying it for Indians could not get a
drop for love or money at the saloons, yet
every day Indians have been seen on the
itreets "chock full."
J. W. McMullin and M. M. Hnrney, two
Alliance candidates at the last election iu
Buffalo county, and who were defeated in
a contest for the offices of county clerk and
sheriff, have appealed their cases to the
district court. McMullin was defeated by
four votes, and Harnev tied with tueRu-
publlcau candidate, but was defeated by
lot Sheriff McGrew, the successful can
didate,' is very ill and doubts are enter
tained of his recovery. ,
Chicago Grata and Provision
Cbicauo, Feb. X
OORN-Mav 4Ho,
PORK May, S11P0.
liARD Mav, f5.
A Ke Haven youug lady died lately of
typhoid lever, wm-n her physician at
tribute to tho eating ot raw clams, In
fectod, as he believes, with germs ot the
malady. ... .-. : :-
The IfomllMt Man In Lincoln, As well ss
weu at the banasoraest, and ethers are m
TlteO to call on ony druirlt and ret free 1
trial bottle ef Kemp's Balsam fur the throat
and liiuss. a remedy that Is sellim entirely
upon Its merits and Is guaranteed to relieve
ana cure an usronio ana Aeute uoukbs. as
thma. Bronchitis and Consumption. Uirri
bottles 60o and $1. Mm
Chicago Lire Stork.
Union Stoox Yards,
Chicago, Feb. 4.
CATTLE-Estimated receipts, 7.XH head.
Natives. S3. K an: cows and ImlK S2. (KM ;!.:
Teians, $1.UI.U; westerns, Si.ioa,3.'J0, Mar-
met stoaay.
HOOS Estimated reeeinta. 4f..DP0 head.
I.lvlit. $1.4ttj',4.iV: mixed and medium. $4.UUA
4.01: heavy. 4.tia4 W Murknt stronir.
SHEEP-Westerns.; natives, $3.73
Wa. iu, xexans, .tRaa.uu.
Kantaa City Live Stock.
Kansas Crrr, Feb.
CATTI.E-Eptimated' rocofpts, 2.700 head
BMpments, X,4(KI head. Ktecra. S4.&UM 75: cow Dtorkvrs and feeders, f2 4m&A6U
nrket dull.
HX8-Estimated receipts. tLSOn bead: ship
ments, 1.4m, head; opened lower; all Kfadea,
Omaha Live Stock.
, Union Stock Yards.
Omaha, Feb. f. I
CATTLB-testimated receipts. iSno bead
1,300 to 1..W! Ilia.. SaSVai SK: 1.100 to 1.300 Ilia..
$3.XSjawi; too, to lbs.. IlOnCSS.?!); choice
cows. t2.ia3.25: common cows, S1.C032.UI;
good feerters, f2.fiaft&JK: common feeders, f3 HO
2.50. Market strong oa beat, lower on other.
HOGS-Ktimtd receipt. J.iM) bead; light.
vt .x.f niixm. n.; aoavy, eusw
St. f la Teia.
O-nstcA-u, Tex., IVli. 2. The city
ball here was d'-twlr t w Led to hear ex
flovenHir St, John dist-nss the political
inea ,f tho day. He c laimed that
the jToliilition of the saloon was the
pn-atest qnest joti of the hour, and made
sti cl'N!j.-nt plea to snstain his position.
He leummed the two Jartii fur the
Mibservk'ttcY to the ruin power, monon-
olies and trusts, and declared that the
only issue U-tween the Democrats and
the Refnhlican was the scramble for
office, lie said the whole tariff svstonn
was WTona in primiple. because it levied
its burdens upon the necessities instead
of the wealth of the people, thus making
the poor pay as much to defray the ex
penses of tbe government as is imposed
npon the rich. He came out squarely for
free coinage of silver, the election of
United btutes senators and the nresi-
dent by a direct vote of the people, and
the governmental control of railways, so
that the poor man could have an equal
chance iu matters of fares aud freights
witn tii rich politician and speculator,
tM as ne has to;lay in the mail service.
iVltn irreat earnestness he declared that
the protection of innocent, defenseless
omen and children from the murder
ous legalized saloons of tb land was of
greater importance tlu. the ouestion of
ur with Chill over a drunken saloon
brawl. IIin nddress aroused great en
thusiasm and was londly applauded.
Illll'a Frleuila Explain.
Washington, Feb. 2. Tho indigna
tion of the New York Cleveland winst of
the Democratic party over Senator Hill's
calling an early convention, has forced
the senator and his friends to make an
explanation. They are justifying them
selves by declaring thut they are only
practicing the tactics of the Cleveland
men in other states. The latter has
planned, they say, by calling conven
tions in April in such states as Pennsyl
vania, .Massachusetts and .Mew .Hamp
shire, to start a Cleveland boom and set
the pace for other states that hold con-
entions later. Missouri, for instance.
elects delegates May 11. The Ilill
Gormun faciion concluded that if early
conventions in Republican states to make
propaganda for C'levelund was legiti
mate, it would prove so for their pur
pose if the Now York convention could
be held still earlier. ,Thev reason that
New York is indispensable. Whoever
captures the delegation is in ft position
to dictate terms. No matter what the
so-called Mugwump states may do, with
ew York pledged to a candidate, they
are not in it. Hill expects to got a nia-
rity of the New York delegates, and
get tnern early enough to set the pace
for all of the other states. He claims he
is simply paying off Lis enemies in theii
own coin.
Nebraska Judicial Contest.
Lincoln, Nob., Feb. 2. Judge Craw
ford, of the Eighth district, comprising
the counties of Cuming, Stanton, Dixon,
Dakota, Cedar and Thurston, who was
defeated at the last election by W. F.
Norris, the Repiiblican-Allianco candi
date, begnn proceedings in the supreme
court in tho nature of quo warranto,
alleging that though Norris had an ap-
went maiority of 82, there were 332
illegal votes cast for him, to-wit: Those
cast by the Omaha and Winnehago In
dians on tho reservations in Thurston
county. The court has once passed upon
this question and held that these Indians
have not broken up their tribal rela
tions aud ure not, therefore, entitled to
South Dakota Politics.
Yankton, S. D., Feb. 2. Otto Pee-
miller of this city, chairman of the Dem
ocratic state central committee, has
called a meeting of that committee to
occur in Huron Wednesday, Feb. 24, for
the purpose of calling a state convention
to elect delegates to tho national con
vention to be held in Chicago. Tha
state convention will probably be held
in this citv,
Only 30 Days More in Which to Close Out
Owing to complications as to the ownership of the building we
occupy and the uncertainty of a renewal of the lease we have decided
to close out our retail business
D-A-RCia: 1st 1892.
This means untold bargains for our customers and a heavy loss
o us but losses do not count now, We must sell Everything.
Dress Goods, Flannels,
' Blankets, Comforts,
Table Linen, White
Goods, Prints,
Hosiery, Underwear.
Corsets, Notions, Ribbons,
Ladies' and Gents' Slippers,
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Show-Cases, Fixtures, Etc.
Write os for samples aixl prices, and men
tion Tup Alliance paper.
eejirythhstg- sacrificed.
FiraHAMoEsoftlieTliroat Mw
Such si soldi, coughs, croon, asthma. In-
fltMMa, hoarseness, bronchitis and incip
ient consumption, and for tbe relief of eon
umptivs patients in advanced stages of ths
n your aroiclft does not handle, fend
tlreet U wrfi. Howard, 12th and N street!
ilaeoln, Nebraska, 18
witempw CO. HERD
Thirty choice pigs of April farrow left, also
four litters of June farrow. Inducements to
nartits etartinif herds. Orders booked for
ows bred for nprlng farrow. Stock A No. 1.
Prions nirht. Mention too almancx. u
CHE W and SMOKE untaxed
KIERIWKTIIKB A -.. t'liirbsviHe. Tnnn,
244 andft-lM acres In Lanoaster Co
Neb., SO acres undo, cultivation, 45
IflrH fnnmt. bniliu, with hra r,wima
ll 11 UlVVll 1 illlllii ...hie fur vlirht html of hnrn.i nrf
sixty head ef cattle, s-ood well, g-rove and garden, Ave aoros with ho fonce. Prioe (23 00
per acre, (1,000 or t l.5U) cash, balance on lony time. For particulars address, 'MAt
V. L. VODICKA. 312 South nth Street, Omaha. Nebraska.
To lUance Men, Farmers oi Bilers!
If you are going to build or want anything in the
Hardware, Harness or Pump
Line, write or call and see me for prices.
I Will Sell You the Western Washing Machine
and a good Wringer for $:-.00, and every thing else in proportion.
Tin Hoofing, Job Work and Pump Kepairing.
Dealer in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware.
905 O St. L.ipcop, JMeb-
Glotlg, Hals, Cans aufl Hiiig Ms.
AUBURN. 19m3
The Following Inducements:
Round Oaks, Cook Stoves and Base Heaters at a very low price, Washing
Mach. es at $4.50 each. We handle the
American Round Oak and Red Cress Stoves and Ranges.
We ask you to call and be convinced that we can soil yon goods
Cheaper than any body.
1210 O St. IP. S. WHITE.
(Successor to Kruse White
Special Attention to Mail Orders.
1017 & 1019 0 STREET. LINCOLN, NEB.
ELKHART carriage and harness mfg. co.
Mo J.Farm Harness. !!&J&&SZ5SV Ho. 80. R, ad Wagon
ana lareM raanawnaren in America eiiing'
.nl4 U rnuMI this WAV Nhin wtrfi nm.
i Ue to examine before any money iHp&id! M
pitu f might boih tea w if not aatis factory. War-
rent for two yearn. Why pay an Agent 10ton0
to ordVr for you? Write your own order. Boxing
tree. We take all the risk of damage in shipping,
.-in in ivnvn sni, w rnF ami pwoi
Gnoranteed same aa soil for 70 toftAS. It nsail n unna.
rurryii wua renaera, Mnie as eeii iori;iu.
. Tnn ItUffSlfMa at lSttti. fln anldst ftHR Plisa.tmt
"0. Hl Hagon.m. 12 j PUaoton body, ration Dd Ury back 813. xT J
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Save i the Dollar.
If you aro wanting
A Bed Room Suit, a Stove, a Lounge, a Chair,
or in fact anything you use in the house call on
127 and 129 N 14th St., Lincoln, Neb.
We will Save you Money.
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Center Crank Stationery and Traction Engines.
Send for Catalogue. 34 GUS TATES, General Agent, Branch House Lincoln, Neb.