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Details of the BrnUl, Cowardly
Valparaiso Assault Recited
la the Message.
Tmt Appropriate !
President Harrison, io liia message to
congress upon the Chilean aituation,
quotes references made to the matter in
bis tot annual message to congress, in
which he (Utet that tbit Government it
waiting the result of the investigation
of ths assault. He ad is:
"In my opinion the time haa now coma
when I alioulJ lay before congress and
the country the correspondence between
tbie government and tha government of
Chile from the time of the breaking oat
of tbe resolution against B ilmsceda, to
gether with all tbe other facta in tba
possession of the executive department
relating to tbie matter. Tba diplomatio
correspondence it herewith transmitted.
together with tome correspondence be
tween the naval oOlcera for time in
command in Chilean water, and tha
secretary of the navy, and alao the evi
dence taken at the Mare Wand navy yard
ince the arrival of tba Baltimore at San
It may be just as well at tba outset to
aay tbat, whatever may bava been eaid in
thia country or in Chile in criticism of
Mr. Egan, our nilniiter at Santiago, the
true biiiory of tbia exciting period in
Chilean affaire from the outbreak of tha
revolution until thia time dieclotea not
an acton tbe part of Mr. Egan unworthy
of hit position, or that could justly be
tba occasion for serious animadversion
or criticism, lie has, I think, on tba
whole, borne himself, in every trying
circumstance, with dignity .discretion and
courage, and baa conducted tbe corre
spondence with ability, courtesy and fair
ness, It is worth .while alo at the begin
sing to aay that the right of Mr, Egan to
give shelter in the legation to certain ad
iierents of tha Dalmaceda government
who applied to blm for asylum has not
been denied by tha Chilean authorities,
nor has ant demand been made for tba
surrender of these refugees.
All the refugees," tha president de
clares, "are now safe outside Chile. This
incHeut ha continues, might be consid
ered wholly closed but for tha disrespect
manifested toward this government by
tbe close and offensive police surveillance
of the legation premises, whicti has been
maintained during most of the period of
the stay of the refugees thernin.
But tha moat serious inoident disclosed
by the correspondence is that of tha at
tack on tha sailors on the Baltimore in
the streets of Valparaiso on tha 16th of
October last We bava now received
from tKa Chilean government an ab
stract of tha conclusion of the fiscal
general upon tha testimony taken by tha
judge of Crimea In tba Investigation
whtoh was mads to extend over nearly
three months, I very muoh regret to
be compelled to say that this report does
tot enable ma to modify tha conclusions
nounced in my annual message. I am
Mill of tha opiuion tbat our aailora were
assaulted, beaten, stabbed and killed, not
for anything they or any one of them
had done, but for what tba government
of tha United States bad dona, or waa
charged with having dona, by ita oivil
offioers and naval commanders, If that
be tha true aspect of tha case, tha injury
waa to tba government of the United
States, not to these poor sailors who war
assaulted in a manner so brutal and so
Before attempting to give an outline of
tha facta upon which the conclusion
rests, I think it right to say a word or
two upon the legal aspects of the caw.
The Baltimore was in the harbor of Val
paraiso by virtue of the general invita
tion which nations are held to extend to
war veasels of other powers when they
have frienely relations. This invitation
I think, must be held ordinarily to em
brace the privilege of such communica
tion with the shore b is reasonable, nec
essary ami proper for the convenience of
tha officers aud men of such vessels.
CapUiu fchlcy testifies that when bis
" vesnel returned to VtMrmrigo on Septem
ber 14, tlta eity officer, as is customary,
extended the hospitalities of the city to
bis officers and crow.
It is not claimed that every personal
collision or injury in which a aailoror
officer of such a naval vessel visiting
adore may be lniled raises an inter question, but I aui clearlr of
lm nnintrm vlim noh nilnr n ..(Tl,.r.
re assaulted by the resilient,
animated by hostilities to the govern
ment whose uuifornii thene uiior and
officers wear, and the resentment of acts
lon by their governmeut, not be tiiein,
their nation must take notice of the event
aa one involving an infraction of its
t ights and dignity; not in secondary
way, as where a citizen is injured and
presents his claim through his own gov
ernment, out in a primary war, pre
cisely aa a minister or c asul or the flag
itself be the object of the same character
of assault.
The officer and sailors of tha Balti
more were in the harbor of Valparaijo
uuder tbe orders of their government, not
hf tbeir own choice. Tbey were upon
shore by tba
of tha governmeut of Chile and with the
approval of tbeir commanding otlicer,
anditdoea not distinguish their cse
from that of a consul that hi atay is
more permanent or that be holds an
express invitation from tha local gov
ernment to justify his longer residence.
Nor does it affect tha question whether
the injury waa tha act of a mob. If
there bad been no participation by tba
police or military in this cruel work,
and no neglect on tbeir part to extend
protection, tbe case would Mill be one, in
tor opinion, where its extent auu
aoter is considered involving
Clonal right,"
l's reviewed at some length the story
of the assault oa the Baltimore's mat).
tba investigation of wliicb followed botii
at Valparaiso and 8n Fraojisco, and
com mm ted on to same;
He reviews the testimony of our men
and save: There is 0"tbiug io the re
port of the Chilean inveaUKation made
to us that seriously impesonM mis lean
mooy. It appears from Chilean enurc-'S
that almost instantly, wan a suddenness
that strongly implies prem-dilution and
ptrparatioa, a mob, stated by the police
at one time to number S.OJO and at an
other l.tMlu, waa engaged In an asjaolt
upon our sailors, who are represented aa
resisting "Willi stones, cuius ana urigiu
arais." Tbe president refers to the
eTaobic description of the Hiihtio. de
lineated in the Chilean testimony, and
aaya the preteuee that our men were
fighting "with atones, cluus and briht
arms is, in view of these tacts, Incred
ible. It is further refuted by tbe fact that
our prisoners when searched were aiio
lutely without uaans, only seven pekuives
being found In tRe possesion or the men
arrested, while there were received by
our men more than thirty slab wound,
every one of which was inflicted in the
back, and almost every contused wound
was on tbe back or the back or th neat
Ths evidence of the Baltimore's ofU er of
the day is that even the jack knives of
tba men were taken from them before
lesviss tl: chin
As to the brutal nature of the treat
ment received by our man, the follow
ing extract from an account given by
the newspaper La I'atria, of Valparaiso,
cannot be regarded aa too friendly: "The
Yankees, as soon as their pursuers
gave chase, went by way of Culle del
Arsenal toward the city car station The
North Americans took seats in a street
car to escape from the stones which the
Chileans threw at them. It was
believed for nn instant that tbe
North Americans had saved themselves
from the popular fury, but suoh was not
tha case. Scarcely had the car begun to
move when the crowd gathered around
and stopped its progress. Uuder thess
circumstances, and without any capta
tion of howling and throwing of stones
at the North Americans, the conductor
entered the car and seeing the risk of the
situation to the vehicle ordered them to
get out The sailors left the car in the
midst of a hail of stoies. One of the
Yankee aailora mnnaged to escape in the
direction of the plaza, but the other waa
felled to the ground by a atone. Manag
ing to raise himself from the ground he
staggered In tlm opposite direction, but
In front of tha house of tteuor Alazzini
waa again wounded, falling senseless and
"No amount of evasion or subScrfuze."
lays the president, "is able to cloud or
clear vision of this brutal work. It
should be noticed in this connection thtt
the American sailors arrested, after ex
amination, were, during the four days
following: their arrest, every one i in
charged, no charge of breach of the
peace or other criminal conduct having
Men sustained against a single one of
them, Judge of Crimes Foster, in a note
to the intendente undur date of October
S3, before the dispatch from this govern
ment of the full wing dav which aroused
the authorities of Chile to n better sense
of tha gravity of the affair, says; 'Hav
ing presided temporarily over this court
in regard to the seamen of the United
States cruiser Baltimore, who have teen
trisd on account of deplorable conduct
which took place,' etc. The notiueatde
point here is that our sailors bad been
tried before the 22d of October and that
the trial resulted in tbeir acquittal and
return to their vessel.
Davidson's indictment.
It is quite remarkable and quite charac
teristic of the man agemeut of thia af
fair br tba Chilean police authorities
that wa should now be advised that
Seamen Davidson, of tha Baltimore, has
been Included in the indictments, his
offense being, as far as I have been able
to ascertain, that he attempted to defend
a shipmate against an assailant who was
striking him with a knife. A perfect
vindication of our men is furnished by
this report. One only is found to have
beeu guilty of a criminal fault, aud that
for an aot clearly justified.
it naa oeen stated that all but two or
our men have said that tha police did
their duty. The avldonca at Mare Island
shows tbat It suoh a statement was pro
cured from our men it was accomplished
oy requiring tiiem to sign a writing in a
language they did not understand, and
by the representation tbat it waa a mere
declaration that t:iey bad taken no part
lu tbe disturbance.
The president reviews tha evidences of
animosity toward our sailors, the intuits
offered, etc., and refers to the report of
Captain Schley to the navy department,
in winuh that coiuuiander, says: "in
tha only interview I had with Judge
Foster, who is investigating the case, lie
informed me that the awault upon my
men was the outcome of hatred for our
peoplo among the lower clumes, because
they thought we hsd sympathized with
the Balinaceda government aud on ac
count of the Itata matter, whother with
or without reason he could not, of oourse,
aurait, but audi he thought was the ex
planation of the assault at that time."
'Several of our men sought security
from the mob by such complete or par
tial changes in their drew as would con
ceal the fact of their being seamen of the
Baltimore, aud found it then possible to
walk the streets without molestation.
These incidents conclusively establish
that the attack was upon the uniform,
tbe nationality, and not the men.
The origin of this feeling ia probably
found in the refusal of tills government
not to give recognition to the congres
sional party before it had established
itself; in the seizure of tha Itata for al
leged violation of the neutrality laws; in
the cable incident, and in the charge
that Admiral Brown oonveyed informa
tion to Valparaiso of the landing at
Quinleros. It is uot my purpose here to
enter any defense of the action of this
government in these matters. It is
enough for the present purpose to say
tnat if there was auy breach of interna
tional comity or duty on
our part, it should have beeu
made the aubject of a formal
complaint through diplomatio channels,
or of reprisals for which full responsi
bility was asiutnd. We cannot con
fetti that these incidents and these per
versions of truth shall bo used to excite
a murderous attack upon our unoffend
ing sailors and the government of Chile
go acquitted oi the responsibility. In
fact the conduct of this government dur
ing the war in Chile pursued those lines
of international comity which we had
so strongly insisted upon on the part of
other nations when this country was in
the throes of a civil confiicL We con
tinued diplomatio relations with the
government in power until it was over
thrown, and promptly and cordially
recognized tha new government when
it was established. Tha good
offices of the government were offered
to bring about a peaceful ndjtiituient,
and the interposition of Mr. Egan to
mitigato the severity and shelter adher
ents of the congressional party were ef
fective anu frequent. Tha charge against
Admiral Browu is too base to gain cred
enec. with any one who knows his high
personal and professional character.
Officers and men of tbe American mer
chant ship Keweenaw, Captain Jenkins
furnish most conclusive testimony as tc
the indignjttes practiced toward Ameri
cana in' Valparaiso. When American
aailora, of merrbtnt ships, can only
secure their safety by denting their na
tionality, it mild be time to readjust our
relations with acoirornuient that permits
such demonstrations
As to ti.e participation of tha police,
the evidence of our niiors shows thai
our men were struck and beaten by
police officer before and af'er their ar
rest, and one at irat was dragged with a
laso atwKit his neck by mounted police
men. Tbat the death of lUggin waa ths
reault of a ritl? shot fired by a policeman
or e l'lier, on duty, is sltown directly by
the testimony. The Chilean authorities
do not pretend to fix the responsibility
for this allot on any particular person,
hut avow their inability to ascertain who
fired it. further than tbat it was fired
from tha crowd.
The communications of the Chilean
government in relation to this cruel and
disastrous attack upon our men, as wit
appear front the correspondence, bavt
not, in any degree, taken the form of
manly and aatiofactorr xpreasuios of
regret, much less apology. The event
ws of so aerious a character that if ths
injuries suffered by our men had been
w nolly the result of an accident in the
Chilean port, the incident was grave
enough to have called for aomn
publiu , expression of sympathy and
regret fro.n the local author!
ties. It is not enough to aay that th
afftir waa lamentable, for humanity
would require that expression, even if
the beating and killing of our .men had
been justifiable. It ia uot enough to aiy
tha incident waa regretted, coupled with
the statement that the affair waa not of
an unusual character in porta when
foreign aailors are accustomed to meet.
It ia not for a generous and sincere gov-
trnment to seek for words of small oi
equivocal in meaning in which to con
vey to a friendly power an apology for an
offense so atrocious as this."
Reference is made to the assault by the
mob in New Orleans upon the Spanish
consulate in 1851, and the notion of tin
government of the United States in
promptly apologising lor tt, and it is
', ne present treatment ol
our governnitiiH mie. Continuing,
tbe message s v:
"In our note of Ootober 23 last, aftet
receiving the rejiort of the board of offi
cers appoioted by Captain Schley to in
vestigate the allair, the Chilean govern
ment waa advised of the nanect which it
then assumed and was called upon for
any facta in its poseseion that might
tend to modify the unfavorable impres
sion which our report had created. It
was very clear from the correspondence
that from tbe receipt of the note the ex
amination was rearded by police au
thoritiea as practically cloned.
It was, however, reopened
and protracted through a period of
nearly three months. We tui -lit iuntlv
have complained of thia unreasonable
delay, but in view of the fact that the
government of Chile was still protisinn-1
Ml, Klin -rin m w
ing ana norjeiui coririenaiy termination,
I have awaited tha report, which has but
recently been made. On the Slst insL I
causal to be communicated to tha gov
ernment of Chile, by the American min
ister at Santiago, the conclusions of this
government after full consideration of
all evidence and every suggestion affect
ing this matter, and to these conclusions
I adhere.
First That tha assault was not re-
llevud of Hie aspect which the early lu
rormatidh of tbe event gave it, viz: That
tha attack upon the uniform of the
United Statea navy bad its origin and
motive in a feeling of hostility to this
government, and not in any action of
tbe sailors or any of them.
Second that the publio authorities or
Valparaiso flagrantly failed in their duty
to protect our men, aud that some of the
police and Chilean soldiers and aailors
were themselves guiltv of unprovoked
assaults upon our sailors before and after
the arrest, tie (the president) thinks the
preponderance of evidence and inherent
probabilities la id to tha conclusion that
Kiggin was killed by police or soldiers.
third 1 hat ha (president) was there
fore compelled to bring the case back to
tbe position taken in the note of Wharton
October 23 last and aska for a suitable
apology and some adequate reparation
for the injury done to this government.
in the ame note the attention of the
Chilean government !waa called to tha
offensive character of a note addressed
by Matta, ex-minister of foreign affairs,
to Montt, tha minister at thia capital, on
the 11th ulu This dispatch was not offi
cially communicated to this government,
but as Montt was directed to translate it
and giva it to the press of this
country, it seemed to me it could
not pass without official notice.
It waa not only undiplomatio. but
grossly insulting to our naval offioers
and to the executive, department, aa it
directly imputed untruth and insincerity
to tbe reports of the naval olncers and to
tbe official communications made by tha
executive department to congresa. It
win be observed that 1 have notified tha
Chilean governmeut that unless this note
ia at once withdrawn and an apology as
publio aa tba offense ia made, I will
terminate diplomatic relations.
iho request for the recall of t-gjn upon
the ground that ha is not persona grata.
was unaccompanied by any suggestion
tbat could properly be used in support of
it, and I infer the request waa based
upon the official acts of Egan which had
received the approval of this government.
But, however tnat may be, I could not
consent to consider auch a question until
it had first been aettled whether our cor
respondence with ChielJ could ba con
ducted upon a basis of mutual respect.
In submitting these papers to congress
for that grave and patriotic consideration
which tno questions involved demand, I
desire to say I am of th opinion that
tha demands made of Chile by thia gov
ernment should be adhered to and en
forced. If tbe dignity, aa'weil aa tha
prestige and influenoe of tha United
Statea ia not to ba wholly sacrificed,
wa must protect those who,
in foreign ports, display the
flag and wear the colors of
this government against insult, brutality
and death inflicted in resentment of the
acts of their government and not for any
fault of their own. It has been my de
sire in every way to cultivate friendly
aud intimate relations with all the gov
ern menu of thia hemisphere. We do
not covet their territory. Wa desire their
peace and prosperity. Wa look for no
advantage in our relations with them
except increased exchanges of commerce
upon a basis of mutual benefit.
We regret every oivil contest that dis
turbs their peace and paralyzes their
development, aud are always ready to
giva our good offices for the restoration
of peace. It must however be under
stood that thia government, while exer
cising tha utmost forbearance toward
weaker powers, will extend its strong
and adequate protection to ita citizens,
to its officers And to its humblest tailors,
when made tba victims of wantonness
and cruelty in resentment, not of theii
personal misconduct, but of the official
acta of their government.
Upon information received from Pat
rick Shields, an Irishman, and probably
a British subject, but' at tba time ths
fireman of tbe American steamer Ke
weenaw, in tha harbor of Valparaiso for
repairs, had been subjected to persona
injuries in tbat oity, largely by the po
lice, I directed tha attorney-general to
causa tha evidence of tbe offioers and
craw of that .vessel to be taken upop
lu arrival in San Franciaco, aud
this testimony ia also herewith
transmitted. The brutality and
avva tba savagery of tha treatment of
thia poor man by tha Chilean polio
would be incredible if the evidence of
Shields waa not supported by other direct
testimony and bv the dut resting condi
tion of the man himself when he was
finally able to reacti bis vessel. Ths
claim for reparation haa been made oa
behalf of this man, for while he is not a
citizen of the United States, the dootrln
so long held by us. as expressed in the
consular regulations ' ia: Die prin
ciples which are maintained by
tbia government in regard to pro
tection aa distinguished from
relief of aeameo ia well aettled. It it
held that the circumttancas that the Ves
sel is American ia evidence tbat tba sea
men on board are aucb; and in every
regularly documented merchant vessel
the crew will find their protection in the
flag that covers them.'
"I have as yet received no reply to out
note of tbe 21st inst., but, in my opinion,
I ought not to delay longer to bring thess
matters to the attention of congress fot
aucb action as may be deemeU appro
Executive Mansion. January 23, 1S'J2.
This Department will be edited for tbe ben
efit of Mutual Insurance Companies through
out tbe 8tate.
The meeting of mutual Insurance men
of the 11th lust was a success, there be
ing men from all parts of the state pres
ent. And as there were many perplex
ing question asktd and satisfactorily
answered (be insurance business will,
no doubt take a boom and many com
pa 'lies organized In the state to insure
against Ore and lightning, and all will
uo doubt join with one accord and
make tie Ntbraska Mutual Cyclone Co , a
mammoth mutual concern, something
similar to the Tornado Association of
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000,000 cf farm insurance, and has been
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a y ar per thousand dollars, while we
have oeen paying (one time) at the rate
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same amount of insurance. But since
we have commeiiced the work of or
ganization some of the companies have
been oiteriflg to insure at reduced rates
aud will try to dispute tho above state
ment. Dut beware of those fellows for
they are not caring for your welfare
but for the commission that ther set
out of you by reason of your incredulity
in the ability of your firmer friends to
do any business on business principles,
e , nonesty ana integrity.
Stock agents aro crying all over the
state that that fellow ha not gone into
the insurance business for bis health,
but because there is meney in it, and
at the same time he is trying tc pull tbe
wool over your eyes for the solo pur
poso of bleeding you to the tune of one
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had a loss the company will send a man
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out of payii g what the company agreed
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loser in your community for tho past
ten years. While tbe fact is that in a
mutual company each policy holder is a
member aud has a voice in saying how
much the egent and secretary shall be
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Please write to editor of insurance
department for Instructions aud appli
cations for the above named company.
I'be fees are membership $1., survey tl
and lOoou each $100 or fraction thereof,
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this amount is used op for legitimate
Next week I will try and give you
some statistics
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ana we woulS ta at least one-half are
troable.4 with some affection of the rhroat
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A Wealthy Yonog Woman From Blem
phis Cuts Hie Throat of a Lady
friend In a Crowded Street.
Mempiim. Tenn.. Jan. 26. The mos
sensational tragedy which has occurred
in Memphis for years was committed
about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The
victim was a young lady, and ber slayer
was of tbe same sex. Both were famil
iar figures in society, and the awful affair
is the talk of the town. A few minutes
before 4 o'clock a buggy containing
Miss AJice Mitchell and Lizzie Johnston
drove tip to the broad sidewalk around
custom house block leading to the levee.
Tbe lines were in the hands of Miss
Johnston, and beside her, calm and self
possessed, eat Miss Mitchell. Coming
slowly up the steep incline from the
river were Miss Freda Ward of Gold
dust, Ark., and her sister Jo, w ho had
just put another sister, Mrs. Cnnimings,
aboard the stoamer Rosa Lee, for Gold
dust, Ark. The young ladies were soon
opposite the carriage, chatting pleas
antly and paying no attention to the
Suddeniy from out the carriage, at a
bound, came Miss Mitchell. Grasping
Miss Freda Ward by the neck, she drew
a bright razor fremi out the folds of her
dress and without a word drew it across
the throat of her victim. Miss Ward
sank to the pavement in an instant, tha
blood pouring in torrents from the sev
ered jugular vein. The murdered girl's
sister, who had by this time recovered
from her astonishment, grappled with
the woman and tried to hold her, but in
a twinkling she, too, received a cut but
luckily only a trifling one near the ear.
Miss Mitchell being freed from Mis?
Ward, ' jumped in the buggy and with
the exclamation, "drive quick; I've done
it," seized the whip ami with Miss John
ston still holding the lines the pair were
soon around the corner and away from
the scene of the tragedy.
Miss Ward was tenderly picked up by
the crowd and a passing carriage, which
was pressed into service, conveyed her
to Rogers' infirmary. She was, how
ever, beyond human aid, and expired
just as the infirmary was reached. Tho
body was then taken to an undertaking
Chief ot Police Davis arrested Mis3
Mitchell, who was found at her borne on
Union street aud conveyed to jail.
Alice said she loved Freda and could
never give her up. There was an es
trangement some time ago, and since
that time Alice has not been herself.
Miss Jo Ward could give no cause fo?
the killing.
Will Go Oat of Uanlness.
Superior, Keb.. Jan. 26. The Farm
srs1 Banking and Loan company of thh
cuy has published its intention of clos
ing up its general banking business after
Feb. 1.18V2. ,
t)ollar tar Dollar.
noLUDATSMRO, P., Jan. 26. Tlw
appraisers in the etate of tbe Tyrone
bank, of Tyrone, Pa., which recently
failed and assigned' its effects, made a
report to the Blair county court show
ing the total resources of the bank f 158..
2it.'8. If this statement of the assets is
correct tbe bank will pay dollar for
dollar ot its indebtedness. A. A. Stev
ens, the assignee of tbe bank, gave
bonds in the sum of $300,000.
Chicago Crala and Prevision.
WHEAT-S!ar.l ja
tXJKS - M..r.
)A1H-- liav. A.tW
lAKU-May MT.'U tuH-
Chicago Lire Stork.
L'.o f-T-x a YAane. I
Chicago, wu. f
CATBR-EtmatHl rwt-ipta. 6 V head.
Kat.vea, t Imi n and undls, '..& i,
Tf i-n. SI Kjr H rfcei aii uu&.
HUUS - ErunvA Uereipta. V..n bad.
Light. S4 .v-n ;:u. hear? 4 kt&4 Til: miiad
jki $4.4144 it Mu- ket atroo.
hHtKI'-Wufcttrnn, H; naufo SXXS
Qi.Sj; Tuxanfc, tt).
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas Citt, Jan. 28.
CATTLE-Iteceipt. S.J0 bead; abiomcnta.
tJ bead; eer Aim t A li; iwa.
12 Vna-i-W; stockeis aud feede.a, steady at
H(XS- Receipts. MU haj: shipments.
l,e head; ail grade, i 751.3 Market
Omaha Live Stock.
Cm;o3 &tock Yards, i
Omaha, Jan. 26. 1
CATTLE Estlma'ed rwiits hea!:
l,i to llw. HimsefSi: 1,1 u to W
S.0"4.iii: to l.i. lM$a.;o: choice cows.
ilMiii'f: rotniuoa !', f i fk&ii.i; good
feeder, f t Hitjj.) rouimun fea-dera, la.lJOfek&J.
llamet 1 . luwor than yesterday.
H' - Kxtimattd recuipSN. S.mal Brad, light,
KliSl; ni.ied. iain4a; heavy, H2Vft
4.40. Market 6c to luc bigho . closing weak.
snttr- r-Mioiaiea receipt, 1.1UU
Market xteady.
la I Ite 5"1 atMa, rut IT TUKKH,
ICCUal PLKTS A VlXaS, all fc tl.d
u.. rz0ur FR CATALOCUS
It a Havrltr, a. II bf Rlf 1-lrturM, antl glvo, l'nrl,
AamrM, Ifc- rlptU. u4 t ilH PHK'tH fur KKnT UIMIUN.
SWt ah mini II txifgre butlnf. Send addreu -4.r I
FRANK FdftD SON. Ravenna. Ohio.
S St V For Wind break. Ornament, etc..
j2 HardltM Varteuea, Nurserr grown
f Scotch Pine, to I feat, $10 per
ta ling. IX to 14 Incur. S10 per IWO.
4, OUier ilxra aud varleUas in Dm-
m purnoo. over 10 nullum, tor sale.
Jf Oood local Aaitrrs Wntkd.
. HILL, BlTergrssa Specialist, Ossdes, llllaols.
L. A BELTZER, Manager
Osceola, Nebraska.
A general line of fruit and ornamen
tal stock. Send for onr contract card.
Fair prices aad honorable dealing. (83if
A full assortment of
Plants, vines, etc., e hardiest sort for Ne
braska. Special prices to Alliance Ennlti
Poud for prloe list to Noiith Bknd Nchnehies
Nortnuena, Dodge Co., Nebratka. established
tWS. J. W. HruvrNHON. Pro or
Pktt'8 2 to 4 cents each,
other seeds cheap in
proportion. Warranted
fresh and best quality.
Any one sending 2 cents
to pay postage and packing we will
end sample pk't of our seeds. Special
club rr.tes to Alliances try u. Send
far catalogue. Alliance Seed Hne.
81 -8m liovo Uity, Kansas
I (tow and have for sale a large stock of
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Qrape Vines, Small Fruits, Flowring
Shrubs and Forest Tree Seedlinga
for Timber Claims.
I do not belong to ny syndicate or combi
nation, and my prices are vf-ry low. Ileinga
member of the alliance a' this place I would
refer any ene to the secretary of our lodge
here Price lists free. Write me in Knglisb
or German at d address, 31-3 in
Jefferson Co. Bower. Nebraska.
You who are in need of
Forest Trees for timber Claims
Shrub, Grape vines or small fruit will
save 50 per cent by buying of the Jan
sen nursery.
Nursery grown ash, one rear old, 50e
to 75c per 1000. Everything else as
cheap in proportion.
A nice book telling how to plant given
with every order. Write for price list;
satisfaction guaranteed.
Jansen Bank, Jansen, Neb.
Harbine Bank, Fairbury, Neb.
Address Jansen Nursery,
30 8m 6. B Gailbraitii, Prop.
Mention this paper. Jansen, Neb.
138 S 12th St., Lincoln.
First olasa table and attendance.
Lunches at all hours, 30tf
Orders for efrgs now booked for batching
from the famous
Barred Plymouth Rock
: S. G. Wbite Leghorns.
1 60 per 13. fIKO per M. Stock for sale
after October 1. vm. S3tf
E. S. Jennings, Box too8, Lincoln. Neb.
aawjuevn, CO. HERD
Thirty choice pigs of April farrow left, also
feur litters of June farrow. Inducements to
parties startiDs; herds. Orders booked for
sows bred for serins; farrow. Stock A No. L
Prtoes right Mention Us AllUkci. 28
S. C. White Ltghorna and
outh Rocks
Barred Plym-
Took fret premium at last State Fair on
above vaneiiee of to la. Rgra SS.0H per U
troinprite wlaners onJjr. SSI! TH HHCH..
' uncoin. Neb.
A new and complete spraying outfit for
"re nam a no vineyard iiae. Aiao invaluable
for gardens and ail kinds of vegetables.
Write for Information about the destruc
tion of i he apple worn. Address
S3 ft Lii coien. Neb.
Fir tH AiTecHons of tie IM ail lm
Sueh aa eolda. nmrhi am,,.. ..v.. i-
flueaza, hoarseness, bronchitis and incip
ient consumption, and for the relief of eon
STiaiptive patients in advanced stases of tba
a.M lMlW!! iom ndie, send
f Irset to W. 6."Howard ltth and H street
Llaoola, Nebraska. ia
i ? KANSAS SEED HOUSE. Uwriicf, Km.
5q Headquarter for Altai fa, Japan and Kftpereeue Clover. Jerusalem and Kaffir
'ax Corn, Mllo Maiie, Donrha Cane and Millet Seed; Johnson, Bermuda. and Tex.
S J Blue lirai-n Kwrt, Kanaa Stock Melon. Trfo Seeds for Moneriesaud Timber
4 Catalog Mailed FRtS. V. BAJtTtXUKa A CO Latwvaaee, Eaa.
ad. I -S f .1
Cardan. Tree. Field
TIIlflTaJV wo-wifM. ton Autnut,
tSTSend for Our 111 ultra ted
McBETH & KINNES0N, Garden City, Kansas.
32 3m
Vebraekans aro pleased to learn that the eonsus ranks their favorite state third arsons'
the seed produolng states of the Union. A full line nt those fro a and chiee seeds is car
ried by 27tf DELANO BROS.. Lee Park, Custer Co , Neb.
Oldest and Largest seed Growers In the Btate. Catalogue free on application.
Olotiiiiig, Hals, Cansantl FuniisiiiQS Goods.
AUBURN. 19m8
Special Attention
1017 & 1019 0 STREET.
The Following Inducements:
Round Oaks, Cook Stores and Base Heaters at a very low prioe, Washing
Mack, es at 84 SO each. We handle the
American Round Oak and Red Cress Stores and Ranges.
We ask you to call and be convinced that we can sell you goods
Cheaper than any body.
1210 O St- 3P. S. WHITE,
(Bucoeseor to Kruse White
Save i the i Dollar.
If you are
A Bed Room Suit, a Stove, a Lounge, a Chair,
or in fact anything you use in the house call on
127 and 129 N 14th
We will Save
The way to do this is to ship your Butter, Poultry, Eggs, Vea",
Hay. Grain. Wool. Hides. Beans. Broom Corn. Green and
Dried Fruits. Vegetables, or anything you Uvv to us. The fact that you
ma have been sellitig thuse articles at home for yi-.ur is no reason that you
should continue to do s, if you can find a better m:irUu We m?.ke a specialty
ef receiving shipments direct from FARMERS AND PRODUCERS, and
probably have tbe largest trade in t!tis way of auy hous in this market. Whilst
you are looking aronnd for the cheapest market in which to buy your gQods, aad
thus economizing in that way, it will certainly pay you to give some attention to
the best and most profitable way of disposing of your produce. We invite cor
respondence from INDIVIDUALS, ALLIANCES, CLUBS, and all organizations who de
sire to ship their produce direct to this markot. If requ ested, we will send you
free of charge our daily market report, shipping directions aad such information
as will be of service to you. if you contemplate shipping. Whea so requested
proceeds for shipmeuts will be deposited to the eradit of the shipper with any
wholesale house in Chicago. Let us hear from you. ll-3m
Summers, Morrison & Co.,
Raferance: atetropolttaa National Hank, Chicago.
- o.
Moo Mii
BEST $t-50 AND Si oo PER
E. JENNINGS, Proprietor.
Cor 9th & Harney, Omaha, Neb.
Wind Mill bow Mado.
After 31 years ef success ta the manurau-
complete change In oar mill, all parts being
vuii, iiniuniir ana oeiier proportionea and a
self lubricant bushln plaoed In all boxes to
save tbe purchaser from climbing- hiirh tow
era t-r nl Ht TlMMnfl.rinM-Mir
f"UL?,SdV3verPrt0f the Mill fui.
ly WARRANTS!), and wLl run without mak
ing a noise.
The reputation rained by the Perkins Mil
in the past has induced some unscrupulous
fiArtanl bi imll.u tk. .lilj . 1 ....
......, ,u. u.,1, ,n uj laao
our hams and apply it to aa inferior mill Be
not deceived, none penulne unless stamped
he low. Wa muiifantiiM tw.k
and reared mills, tanks pumps eto and gen
era. Wind Mill supplies. Good Agents want
ed. Fend for catalogue and Drier. t-Sm
w w . . Mlshawaka, Ind.
Mention Firmkrx' Alt.ianok
and Crasa Seeds! r
Catalogue FKEE.T)
I Alfalfa S?PPfi ,.h,l, veaa'e growth. In car Jots or less
riliaiia CCCU, Hltvk HulleM Karlev, 8prtng Wheat.
Flax, Millet and Cane Ceeps. Kaffir, Kice, Milo Maize
I JrNieit e ftnrn anil fknlnn Hatm
to Mail Orders.
St., Lincoln, Neb.
you Money.
Hniun. W. Minn, 1H1 ... ,.
wr, nnm. anus., OI Uti who nw , hi ,M !,,.
ku w,tt IwMt im u M'yMW ,t, iU i
WMTrii',wr'- t.itmHT, m.
w mn k. urn u tm ..
I iwimmToi"! w'hl" h1 PlMW wl ut?r!a!
1 Z. r' . 11,11 (lni(Miknfu4mi,JS E.l3tliSt,ERIE,",