The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, January 21, 1892, Image 8

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Th DnaM fHirtst Malta the
TMt Batlraijr fM saraaafaL
A traveler for a Xe Tork dry-goods
boose iu ia tea tnouof cr of. a
train on at OUlo railroad. ays M.
Quad in the w Tor' E renin? World.
whM a horny-handed youn farmer
cam la for a smoke and tat down bo
aide him. The youn:; can felt and
looked happy, and pretty noon he re-
I hoard eome ne saying you wai
from mt Xortc - w.f,,, . . . --
"Dransmer, a!a't tou?"
Bio around a good doal. I '(.posef
WfU, been traveling for tt
teea years." ; , , 4 f 5
"Shoo! You must have teen a heap.
Say! Ie got a aort of favor to ask of
Weiir . 1 & '
"Tm engaged to a gal in the next
ear. Tm troiug writh her down to
Medina fche's the all-firedest purtleat
gal in four counties, and I know the
lores me, but f
-Butwhatr .. . ,.'
. I..'You know a 4a1UM4 fd!uJ iCTt ff'-
uneasy about his gal 'till ho marries
tier. She j'urtends that the woulOa't
even look at the president of the
' United State if be was a tingle nun,
but I dun no. You can't be sure of
-these women.' . ..
No, you can't."
May bo jmrtendla' to love you like
'bouse afire, and yot be plannin' to drop
you for the first better-lookin' feller
who come) along. She's in the next
car and I'd kinder like to try her. I'm
purty sure she's all right, but I'd like
to tenor jest bow she'd act if you
'went in and sat down betide her, I
. know it's asking a Mjj favor of you,
but "
Oh, I'm perfectly willing to ao
eommodate you," interrupted the
traveler, "but you must promise to
abide by the consequences."
"Why, If she seems to take to mo
you mustn't get mad and raise a row.
1 am only trying to accommodate you,
you know.
"D'ye think she'll take you?"
Why, I can't say. She's sitting la
" a seat alone. I'll take my grip and
walk into the car and sit right down
beside her."
"Yes." J - , " '
'Then I'll speak about the weather
the ioeaory ask where she Is go
log. and so on, and the chnnces are
that In about ten minutes we'll be
talking away like two old frtonds."
--- ' Humph! It took ma three months
afore i dared ask if her ma was well!"
4 Then I'll gradually lead up to tho
subject of my being a widower," con
tinued the traveler. I'll remark how
lonely 1 am, and how I am thinking
"of marrying again, and how my sec
ond wife will have a sealskin tacque,
' 'diamond earrings, and a horse and
carriage. If you come in and find me
holding her hand you mustn't get mad
and pi ch into me." ,
"(join' to talk- sealskin Sacuuo to
her, eh?"; '
"And diamond earrings?"
"Yes.". ..- ,.' - '
"And tell her she can have regular
Brussels carpet, stuffed chairs, and a
. hired gal?"
--; Certainly." -
j'iou wait a mlnnit!".
fie got up sod left the car.' Just
'then the whistle blew for a station and
the train soon stopped. The traveler
' looked out ot the window and saw the
: young man and his girl getting 0.7
1 with as much alacrity as it there had
v been a collision expected. He put out
.hls head and called:
'I'his isa't Medina; what are you
fritting off here for? '
I know it hain't Medina," repllod
the young man as he came forward a
few steps, "but we will stop oil here
and take the nest train."
"But I thought you wanted me to
do you a favor." "".-;
"I da You Jest keep right on thai
-train and git out ot the state of Ohio
a soon as ever you can, and it I ever
ketch you within fifty miles of my
home after Tm married I'll thump you
all over the county.
, . ; 1 ; : ;
H Somehow or otner mere is something
-about a candidate that inevitably suggests
cigars to every mau he meets. Sutuor
wUla Jnnnxtl.
Destinies of America.
ago pages of new facts and generalizations
in American politics. Kaiiicai yet construct
ive. An abundant supply of new ammum
tion for the great reform movement.
Hon. tcKATiim Donnelly, the author ot "Crar'
Column," write I am under many oWigiions to
yon tor your kindness in sending me an advance copy
of "The Coming Climax. by Lester C. Hubbard. 1
tnve read about three-fourths ot it with profound in
terest and stop, for moment, to say that it is an ex
ceedingly able and valuable book, ana should bo in
the band of every voter in the United States. It
preaches a mighty sermon, and, very appropriately, a
Twit of it is from a text furnished by.the greaiest
European that ever made our institutions a study. 1
refer to the following extract from Alexis de Tocque
: tUe't Democracy in America.
'"Can it be believed that the Democracy, which has
overthrown the feudal system and vanquished kings,
anil retreat before tradesmen and capitalists?' :
This I a pregnant question. , Mr. Hubbard shows
very plainly the course which the Plutocracy will
loot whan beaten, as thev will be. at the ballot box.
Forewarned is forearmed. Every one should red
this ntlualile wcrk.
Very respectfully yours, .
Ottk. tl.W- jspsr, 50c pottpild. Agraa vu'.tl
, CHARLES H. KERR V0 hiblithen.
175 Dearborn St., Chicago-
This week we present an 111
tration of the handsome black 8
rear-old Percberon etallion pnr
winner Lonia D Or." 1VM thi
creatrs sn"h a "iirion wfistw
t rought iota the show ring fa
lse past two jeanat Xeoraai
md Kansas fairs vYianinr h
as ft 2 yssr-old, wbea ju fre
from hie long Toyage. Yet t
had the fine form, size, style ac
action that enabled, him to star
up in a large claes, and by cor'
patent Judges -be declared tl
premium rott tf the clans. ' V
bad been 1st prize winner (saa .
ax) at the largest horse show i
Pjrcle. at Kcgeant Le La Tro
sod also the premium colt in b
3 year old form. fits ' own
r'rank lams, of St 1'sul. 'eb
he largest importer of blAr
Percberons, French draft. Clyd
md Shires in Neb , may well e
prees pride in his big baby f
ruiy he la a draft horse, and
grand good one from end to en
ie is a percheron r.f more ths
ordinary size, weight 2, ISO lbs. s
1 3 year ola, and he Is one
our gar flashy fellows that gor
down the road like a steam '
me. lie should prove . a gres
ire for the biood of the gres
orize winners flows in his vein
do was sired by Parliament, so'
f the great t'Teueton" the U
urize Percberon at the world'
none show at Chicago last year
Dam Marion by a son of th
renowned "Coco," honce'Loub
!)'( )r" hM a rleht to be greatand
has a right to become a' great sire ti
Is said to be the grandest 8-year-old
I orrnuron in amenca 10-aay
This is only a fair sample of the kind
of horses to 'je found at lams importing
Darns (n ine wav 01 DiacK rercberong,
French draft, Clydesand Shires. His
horses won 61 prizes at Nebraska and i
Kansas state fairs in 1891. Alo more
prizes on Percherons than all other lm-1
.Kiners In Nebr . and lama is the only '
man in Nebraska that Imported his
horses from France in 1801. Why bay
...iV " T v.". . . '
uunaiuu uinu wuou jruu uan get
winaers of lams lor less money than
hey offer culls. Ianu horses all in
thow yard at farm and set from three
'0 fix miles exercise daily, and weight
rom 1700 to 2200 lbs. Inm guarantees
0 sell tint-class horses at 9500 less mo
ney than any importer in Neb. Write
lams, or better will, go and see b'tu.
A Nsw Tork young lady has seen red a
verdict of 91,000 damages for the loss of
Marriage of the clertry was first post
tlvely furbiddon iu 1074 by Fops Grogory
B. F. Dowoll has just recoverod from
the United Htates government at Albany,
Ore., 00 fur a mule killed by Indiana In
1865.- ;
An Augusta man has recoverod a vsr
diut of $5,000 against a bunk Which re
fused to honor his check although be had
money there on deposit. , . : '
The number ot membecs of the house
of lords, England, varies troiu Mil to 070
while ths rrenoh senate numbers UOJ and
the chamber of deputies 684.
The highest altitude in New York is only
175 feet above tide water in East river.
Ths highest point ou Long Island is Har
bor 11 ill. where an altitude of 3t4 feet Is
The skeletons of what la supposed to
have been nine Indians were dug up a few
days ago near Katiton, Md. They lay so
close together that a lage wasbtub might
have covered the lot.
The price asked of the Southeastern
railway in England for a strip of land in
Bermondsey sitteen' feet deep, comvrls-
lug an area ot 4,000 feet, was at the rate
of 18,000,000 an acre. ;
Fabulous Stories have been told about
Patti's diamonds, their valua and their
beauty, but she is responsible herself for
the statement that her estimated value of
them is in the neighborhood of 100,000.
Tacoma, Wash., recently bad aa ex
citement, arising from the faot that it,0U9
pounds of giant powder, cartridges were
unearthed iu a certain portion ot tho city.
They must have Iain there for year and
are supposed to have been put there by a
mining party.
A curious use of a ruin is reported at
Drogheda, Ireland. A corporation, in
their new sewage scheme proposes turn
ing the venerable Magdalene tower into a
ventilating shaft, all the priuclpul drains
having connection therewith, furnacts to
create draught being constructed beneath.
One of the best ooln collections in this
country, it is believed, is that of Ucn,
Gates P. Thurston, of Nashville, Tenn.
The E 'ish series Is said to be almost
couipluio from the Saxon heptarchy down
to the Victorian Issues, Including good
types of Edward the Confossor, and of
tbe early Edwards and ttenrys. t. - , i
A gentleman ot Canajoharle, N. Y.,
bos A remarkably tin 9 brass medal from
an Indian grave thore. It Is about an
inch in length and has on one side the
bead of Christ, with the words baivator
Mundl. On the other is the V irgin Mary,
with the words Ht-gina Cceli. The en
graving is bold and the medal U iu a fine
state of preservation.
The last of New England's historic elms
was cut oown re-nriy, says a uis
patch, the tree being the famous Winches
ter elm, in Boston. It was stauding full
grown when the white mau first came, in
1060. Under It was signed the last troaty
with the Indians, aud under it stood Capt,
Brooks when, iu 1775, he was summoned
to arms against the British by the flying
Rhode Island is the only state having
two capitals. The state had two large
towns, each claiming to be ths political
center, but neither agreeing to surrender
its alleged prestige. Tho result was the
selection of each as a capital city, with
sessions alternating, opening at Newport
with an adjourned session held at . Provi
dence. Connecticut had two. New Haven
being the second, but Hartford became the
state capital in 1873.
" A Japanese Kallroad.
A rack railway seven miles in length
(s u nder construction on the Usnl
mountain, Japan, to connect tho ter
mini of the State railway at Yokohama
and Karnlsawa. There are twenty,
jne tunnels 12,200 feet in length In
all along the line and the steepest
rade is 1 to 15.
A Poor Meraorr,
Redder "What's the matter with
rou this mornlntr. old chap? I never
saw you in such a brown study. Any
thing troubling you?"
Adder "I should say thore wns. I
brought matters to a climax last even
ing with Miss Bonbon actually pro
posed to her and, falling to make
note of her answer at the time, I'm
blamed if I can remember now, wheth
er she accepted me or not " Boston
People who blow their own horns do not
always furnish good muio for other peo
ple. Ram's Horn.
Marriage la not always a failure; some
times it is a compromise with one's cred
itors. Omaha World.
1 ' t
.' tV -
A lady named Rogers has been nomi
nated la Boston for overseer of the poor.
There it no (tons or1 shaft upon the spot
whara Gen. I'utnam lies, at Greenwich.
Xwo hundred ,ua fifty doUars is the
prict wbich th8 prtllcml of walt-s is said
n8Ve ,mli tor , tabby (,
r f Huxley i. one ot the few men
of scienco who smoke and he never com
mencei the habit until he was forty.
Rubinstein has finished his opera of
"Moses" in eight acts, lie has also
written a cantata for female voices and
six romances.
Miss Harriet Monroe, tho Chicago lady
chosen to write tbe poem tor the world's
fair, furnished tbe ode for the opening of
tbe great Auditorium a few years ago.
, Florewe, tbe actor, was near-sighted
and could never recognize any of his
friends in the seuts of a theater from his
place on tbe stage. He thought he could
play better for that reasou. ' .
The remains of the late King Ja Ja
were accorded an imposing reception upon
their arrival in West Africa. . His, 300
widows and a lot of warriors, who kept
firing shot guns incessantly, were on hand.
The wife of the American consul, at
Madeira has a paper knife bearing these ;
r inscriptions "1 broke this. 0. I. Portor,"
'and "I mended it.,, W. T. Sherman. V
Tbe lady bad met these two eminent fel
j low-countrymen at Gibraltar. '
I A copy of Jay Gould's maiden effort at
authorship, - the "history of Delaware
- County, and Border Wars of New York,"
! was recently sold at auction lu Foaton.
, Few copies of the work now exist and
. the average price for which it sells is $ J5.
I Frank R. Stockton began life in Phila
delphia as an engraver. He is fifty-seven
now and has learned o wait an hour for a
word, if necessary. A plethoric bank ac
count, it may also be observed, conduces
greatly to Mr. Stockton's patience.
I - The duke of Linster's country house is
said to have passed Into the ownership of
an Irish farmer who was formerly its ten
. ant, under the operation of the new Irish
'laud laws. This is the building alter
which the White House at Washington
I was modeled.
I Edwin de Leon, consul general of the
United States in Egypt during the admin
istrations ot Pierce and Buchanan, died at
the New York hospital 'lately. He was a
South Carolinian and followed bis very
distinguished service as' representative of
cause and going to Europe as special dip-
lomatic agent A man ot uncommon tal-
ents, be won favor and reputation by his
books of travel ' and residence abroad.
De Leon was sixty -three .years old and
leaves a widow iu New York city, where
he has lived for several years, v
The Chinese always weep at
their wed
Belgium's' queen is a clever sloight-of-hand
It ia easier not to epenk at all than It is
to keep from saying too much.
Thei-e is just as much murder in stab
bing with a word as there is in doing it
with a sword.
Dora: - "How' do" you know Jlrapson
worships the true and the beautiful!"
Cora; "He adores mo."
Mrs. Grundy says that ladies secure as
to their social positions are never discour
teous in public places. . i
Caller: . "Is Mrs. Browns ton at hornet"
Servant; "Yes'ru, bbe'll be at home all
the evening. It's my night out."
: Eve was taken from Adam's left side,
but after sho was made shs always man
aged too keep on the right side of him. j
; A voman eannot be altogether un
happy wheu the woman she has invited to
supper asks her to write down her recipe
for that cream pie.
Editor: "Well, sir, did yon interview
that woman as I directed I" Reporter : "I
saw her, but sho refused to talk. " Editor,
startled: "Was she deadi"
Baby sins are always pretty, but their
bito Is deadly. Don't kiss one of them, or
you may want to adopt it and bring it up.
An Ohio lady claims to have in her
possession a pair of long pink hoso, whiuh
were once worn by Queen Ejizabothof
Mrs. Morris: "So you have lost your
new girli" Mrs. Beneiict: "es; when
she broke Charlie's pet cup end gave him
a new one with 'Love the Giver' on it, I
thought it was time to let her go."
An Inventor In Eoscoe, 5f. Y., has per
fected a tether that cau be used to con
fine cows, horses, sheep or children within
certain limits. The mothers in Middle
town, near by, are impatiently awaiting
his arrival.
What is the difference between a pair
of lovers ot a watering place hotel and
the landlord ot the said hotel! The dif
ference is that the billing and cooing is
divided, the lovers do the cooing and the
landlord the billing.
I Augustus, who has just proposed and
has been accepted:' "Aud will you al
ways trust me dearest!" Angeliua; " "I
am opposed to the baleful influence ot
trusts. Suppose you put your proposal
in writing and avoid possible misunder
standings. "
I "Sam" Jones was a drayman in Atlanta
before be became a preacher, and his out
fit is described as a "small rickety, rat-
i tling, ramshackling wagon, and a sorrel
borse that was old ana experienced enoagn
to have come down from the revolution
ary war." ''-"'
Gibbon, Neb., Jan. , 19. During the
last ten days the thermometer has stood
from 15 to 83 deg. below zero. The
enow has been about a foot deep all the
time, and at present it is snowing again,
;.. 1 '1 t j s w 1
rzfjj- c
A Fuaaoai Uantlng P. ace for Whale,
' ' ' aad I s Ding-nrs. ' , ' I '
From the northern part of Hudson
bay, airoady arctic in ' character,
strctclies far toward the pole a deep
inlet, which somo early navigator of
those desolate polar shores has termed
Roe's Welcome as if any thing within
that Ico- bound and lonely coast could
1 be welcoiuo to a person just from
civilization! The name, no doubt was
given in memory of some escape from
the drifting ice-packs, when the inlet
j furnished refuge from one of the fierce
i storms of that polar region.
I Roe's Welcome is a famous hunting
place for the greaj. polar whale, or
j "bowhend."as the whalers call it says
St. Nicholas. This huge whale, which
is indeed immense in size, often makes
his home among ' the great ice-packs
j and ice-fields of the polar seas, and a
' goodly quantity of these it finds in
Roe's Welcome. But these ice-.packs,
swinging to and fro with - the - tides
currents and winds In such a narrow
, inlet as this, render navigation dan
gerous even for tho staunch . whale
; ships, and they generally make their
, fishing grounds oif the lower mouth of
the great inlet, where the cruising ia
much safer if not so profitable. Oc
casionally when ' some exceptionally
good icemaBter is in charge of a whal
er, he dashes into the better . fishing
grounds for a , short cruise; another
less skillful, lured ly brighter, pros
pouts, or discouraged by a poor
catch outside, , enters the inlet, and
either reaps a rich harvest of oil and
bone, or wrecks his vessel Or he
may escape, after an imprisonment in
the grip of the merciloss ice-fetters
for a year or two longer than he had
intended to stay.
Such was the fate of the good ship
"Gladiator," from a well known whal
ing port in Southeastern Massachu
setts. She sailed to the northernmost
end of the "Welcome," as the whalers
called it, end, after a most profitable
catch of "bowheads," had the ill-fortune
to remain firmly bound in the ice
for two years. During this long time,
much longer than that for which the
vessel had, been provisioned, the crew
; wore dependent on the many Eskimos
! wh? clustered around the Bhip. The
; natives supplied them with ample
quantities of : reindeer, musk-ox, seal
and walrus meat, In return for small
Quantities of molasses and coffee.
Their companionship, too, rude as it
was, did much to while away the
dreary, lonely hours of the two years'
the White Man Killed Them Off WHb
Io a on and Bullets.
xna aDortgtnes of Australia were
exterminated by poison as well as by
bulleta, deelares a writer in thehica
go herald. I - can well remember
when a child listening to an old More
ton Bay settler giving an account to a
number of admiring auditors of the
manner in which he had "dosed" a
number of the savages. They had
been the cause of a good deal of trouble
among his sheep and cattle, and of
constant alarm to the whites residing
on his station. So he determined to
teach them a lesson. Under a pre-
tense of a desire "to renew friendly re
lations he sent a message to the tribe
that he required a number of able bod
ied men from among them to come
and strip bark to roof some new huts
that he was about to build. He prom
ised to feed them well and they were
.to have unlimited supply of damper
1 and beef. The pla;e of meeting was
appointed in the neighborhood of a
' stringy bark mountain. Ho would
h.msclf take out the flour and bake
tho damper.
I Ihe time had come, the blacks had
I arrived, and the good white man (as
1 they now thought) had brought a sack
of flour with other provisions.
I In anticipation of the feast the
j blacks scattered about and commenced
their work of stripping bark. vhile
their good white man baked. Uot.the
slightest suspicion of poison entered
into the minds of the blacks. They
gathered up for the great feost, after
putting in a morning's work, com
menced to eat ravenously, and the
white man, anxious that thoy should
eat so much that they should never
want to eat again, urged them to eat
, more and more. Soon the effect? told.
One jumped up with a spasm, then an
other, and soon the word went round.
The white man has poisoned the
daropor." Maddened with agony and
rage, they rushed for their enemy, who
bad already mounted his horse, but
" only barely escaped by galloping full
speed away. 1 heard this white man
describe how. a few days after, upon
coming back to the spot the scene all
round like a chamber of horrors. The
damper had only too well done its
j In traveling about the bush I have
often seen skeletons, skulls and the
scattered bones of dead blacks who
had fallen victims to the anger of the
white man.
i " ?lr
Caves have been discovered In Tasmania
.which are perfectly lighted by millions ot
glowworms. ' One ot the caves is about
four miles ong. -
The snail has the greatest number 'of
teeth. It -has'been -proved to possess 80,
000 in its mouth, which without a glass
looks very innocent
A New Haven young lady died lately ot
typhoid fever, wbich her physician at
tributes to the eating of raw clams, in
fected, as he believes, with germs of the
California is making vigorous efforts to
destroy tbe injurious insects destructive
to its orchards. A parasite introduced
from Australia some time ago has wiped
ont the "cottony cushion' ' scale. Late
ly another parasite was brought over
which, it is claimed, will eS'eutually de.
stroy tbe red scale, another fruit ravager-
Silk worms of a breed satislled with
salsify as a food have been produced in
Germany, and this will, enable the Ger
mans to enter profitably upon silk "cul
ture. As tbe climate of our Eastern. and
Middle states is about tbe same as that of
Central and South Germany, American
agriculturists can avail themselves of the
. Rev. Mr. Whittaker, of Machias, Me.,
while' out after deer recently, got lost
and wandered in the woods for two dayi
without food or shelter. Just before he
was found he saw two herds, numbering
fifty- four deer, which had been frightened
to the river by the shouting and 'firing of
the rescuing party. Ills ammunition was
exhausted and he bad to be satisfied with
gazing at the remarkable sight.
Among the forty odd species of snakes
in the Central park menagerie, one of the
most interesting is the cribo, a yellow
tailed, tropical snake, which has a taste
for devouring other snakes, including those
which are poisonous. It is said that he
does not hesitate to .attack bigger reptiles
than himself, but crawls slyly up to his
Intended victim, pins tbe enemy's head
down, and holds It firmly till he is dead.
Visitors would sometimes like to make
a too precocius child smart" Buffalo
Troth. '
The troubles that trouble us most are
the troubles that never happen. Ram's
It is useless to tell a pretty girl to re
flect Her mirror does that with entire
satisfaction. Washington Star.
When a man starts out to reform him
self he has undertaken a job that will keep
him busy tor life. Ham's Horn.
It is a great misfortune not to have
enough wit to speak welt, and not enough
judgement to keep silent. Texas Sifting.
"I have always wished," soliloquized
the coroner, pensively, "that I could have
held this office immediately after the
flood. "Faciflo Harbor Light
We wonder why there are so many
tramps in the South, says a Southern ex
change. It is doubtless because work is
so plentiful in the North. Texas Sittings
It is claimed that animals have no memory,-but
-how else can you explain why
the dog who has "been there" never takes
tbe second degree at a hornet s neeti
Ram's Horn.
For money nn Nebraska farms ad
dress A.J. RtoBY & Co , 31tl
in .1 o s-. l,i"oln, Neb.
The bridge and bunding department of
the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway
has been removed from Scdalia to Par
sons, Kan., a portion of the force leaving
last night. The order for a general re
raoval came rather unexpectedly. Last
summer Serlalia instituted injunction pro
ceedings, but the matter was linally com
promised, one of the considerations beiniz
that the bridge and building department
was to remain there.
Chicago Grain and Provlalona, .
Chicago, Jan. M.
WHEAT May. 92Hc.
CORN-January, :irio: May. 4H4". .
OATS-January. a.o; May, Ul)4c
PORK -May, 1UM.
. LARD-May, , .
BIBS-May, ti.7,j.
Chicago Live Stock.
Union Stock Yards,
Chicago, Jan. 19.
CATTLE-Efrtimated receiDta. 6.01)0 head.
Natives,; cows and bulls, ja KVlflii:
Toxans,; western Doeros, -.w.mi.uu.
HOOS Estimated receipts.- X2,ipu nead.
Heavv. H-J,yi.: mixed and medium, $4.3)
4.5i)': light. ?54.a.. Strong.
SHKEf-Weaterns. $3.4lao.B6; natires, $3.73
5.ffli Tcxans, j2."aa5.(!a
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas Citv, Jan. 19.
HATTLK Fstimated rereitita. 2.300 head.
Shipments, H,eu hoai t-teei-a, active and
$l.'Msaii.SU; atnekers and feeders, quiut aud
8tealy. $1.7o&3SH.
Hli5t FHtimntcd receijts, 8.7(1 head."
Bhipmenta 3.'iU head. All grades, $1.25&5.2U.
IJai ket higher
Omaha Live Stock.
Ckion Stock Yards, ('
Omaha, Jan. 19. t
CATTLE Estimated receipts, 2,S0O head,
law to l.ftiO lbs., Fi.2fa45M.6O; to 1.30O U.,
a3.un3t.1d; to l.lil) lbs., SXlMarr,; choice
cows, S2.aa3.2.'; common cowa, ii0O4j3.5a
Market stronn; cows 10c higher.
HOGS Estimated receipts, 6,000 head.
Light, $4.(X)4.1ii; mize.1. $; heavy,
Si.l0(i4.a Market 10c higher.
KrliLua worn ami ixa m.vaiuMw
TkBUMt Umm lillmU. As well ts '
wUaatb kulKnMt. arxt etkrrs are la-i
vttc4 to an oay drnirr and yet free a
inai Dome n urup tnutn rwr um tsroat
11 boo Its merits and M rarmnf tm r .eve
tod eare til Chiwolo and Aeut tmcBt. 4s
ins, BreacaiiU aad Consumptioa. Uinre
boules SOe and SI. ibmi
Pkt's S to 4 cents each.
other seeds cheap In
proportion. - Warranted
fresh and beet qnality.
Anv one sending 2 cents
to pay postage and packing we will
rend sample pkt of our seeds. Special
elub TzXm to Alliances try n. Send
far catalogue.,.. Ailiaare See4 Hense .
a- 31-ta. ; ., j tiove City, Kaaea.
' . ' . You who are la need of ' -
Forest Trees for tiober Claims
Shrubs, Grape Tines or small fruit will
save 60 per cent by buying of the Jan
sen nursery.
Nursery grown ash, one rear old, 50c
to 75c per. 1000. Everything else as
cheap in proportion.
A nice book telling ho w to plant given
wit h every order. Write for price list;
satisfaction guaranteed.
Jansen Bank. Jansen, Neb.
Uarbine Bank, Fairbury, Neb.
Address Jansen Nursery,
30 Stu G. B Gaixbkaitii, Prop.
Mention this paper. Jansen, Neb.
I grow and have for sale a large slock of
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Crape Vines, Small Fruits, Flowring
Shrubs and Forest Tree Seedlings
. for Timber Claims.
I do not belong tn ny syndicate or combi
nation, and my prices are very low Being a
member of the lliance a' this place I would
n-feranyone to tbe secretary of our lodire
here Price lists free. Write mo In Knirllsh
or German a' d address. 31-3'n
Jefferson Co. Bower. Nebraa. '
A full sssowienf of ' J f
Plants, vines, etc., f hardiest sorts for Ne
braska. Special prices to Alliance societies.
Rend for prloo list to North Bind Nd koKI8.
North Bend, Dodge Co., Nebraska. Kstnblished
1878. 3. W. ftTfVENSOa. Propr.
!i 4 For Wind-breaks. Ornament, etc..
j tL Hardiest Varieties, humeri grown
r iuu. Bcoicn anu Austrian ruie vru
llngd U to la Indies. I0 per 1000.
4, otber aiiea and varieties In pro-
portion. Over 10 million tor tale.
I Jtl . flood local AasNW Wantid.
D. HILL, aiergreea Specialist, Daadce, Illinois.
See Patatoea. FRUIT TKKKN,
1 PLANTS VINES, all beat kind.
ta a Navaltr, as 11 has Ni Bla Picture, and give, CunrW,
Aorurata thmlptirai aa4 FlIB PKIl'KS for fltfT (iOOIMj
'fAoa't mW swing tt before During. Send address to-oxr t
. FRANK FORD & SON, Ravenna. Ohio. .
3 sirTAMfiAft SEED HOUSE. Lawnnci. Kan.
r rnra.Miio Matte. Lronrna
CatatogiieM Mauta ml.
PI nil CD Garden, Tree, Field and Grass seeds, FILLET
TlltflTUV 1426-128 St. Loult Avenue,
I l,U I Hi tSend for Our Illustrated
McBETH & KINNESON, Garden City, Kansas.
32 3m
The way to do this is to ship your Butter, Poultry, Eggs, Yea',
Hay. Crain. Wool. Hides. Beans, Broom .Corn. Green and
Dried Fruits. Vegetables, or anytnhig you have to us. The fact that you
mav have been Bellini? these articles at home for years, is no reason that you
should continue to do so, if you can find
of receivintf shipments direct from FARMERS AND PRODUCERS, ana
nrnlishlv have thn Inrcrpst trade In this wav of aav house in this- market. Whilst
you are looking around for the cheapest
luUM rOOUOUJiail'-H in. tHaii "lay. will cmuuu FJ J"1 (rolnu M""-"L"- -
the best and most protitablp way of disposing of your produce. We invite cor
respondence from INDIVIDUALS, ALLIANCES, CLUBS, and all organisations who de
sire to ship tneir proauee airect to tnis niarset. ii rsqxesiea, we win mau juu
free of charge our daily market report, shipping directions and such information
as will be of service to you, if you contemplate shipping. When so requested
proceeds for shipments will be deposited to tne ereau oi tne snipper wiin any
wholesale Louse in Chicago. Let us hear fr on you. ll-3m
Summers, Morrison & Co.,
Raferenoe: Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago.
Ha for sale and exchange a large list of bargains. 100 lota in Gillflan's Col
lege View addition. These lots lay smooth, are on the Electric Street Railway,
and near Union College. ' :
Lots and Houses, aud lots in all part of Lincoln.
Acre tracts and lots in all the College suburbs.
160 acre, twelve miles of Lincoln for $30. per acre. (27-5t)
Lands improved and unimproved in all parts of the State.
If you wish to buy or sell write me. .;
If you have horses or cattle to trade write tnn.
Attention is called to the write up of Cilloge View and Union College in tho
next issue of this paper
All business promptly attended to.
JOHN Glk.fc.lli.AT Uincolfi ,Neb.
NebrasVans are pleased to learn that tho census ranks their favorite state third among
the aced producing states ot the Union. A full line f these f resn and cbmoe seeds is car
ried by sSTtf DELANO UROS.. Leo Park, Custer Co , Neb.
Oldest and Largest seed Growers in tbe State. Catalogue free on application.
Save 1 the i Dollar.
If you
A Bed Room Suit; a StOYe, a Lounge, a Chair,
or in fact anything you use in the hoube call on
127 and 129 N 14th St., Lincoln, Neb.
We will Save you Money.
Saawe B IttBtaWs
L, A BKLTZER, Manager
Osceola, Nebraska.
A trenera! llne.of fruit and ornamen
ts! stuck. Sendior our contract card.
Fair prices sad honorable dealing. (82ti
- it A Fuil-Meeasd Palled Angus BulL '
Sired by Erin No. 7470. Dam. Jade
746$. Good animal; weight akmt 1600
lbs, 8 years old. As I am leaving the
farm will sell for half value. Call on or
write to . Oswald Palhsr, , ,
i SIMU-j,,:. - . ;. , Shelby, Neb,.
: 138 S 12th SW Lincoln.
ME JLLatS 25a
First class table
Lunches at all hours,
BESt $1.50 AND $1 oo PER DAY
E. JENNINGS, Proprietor
Cor. 9th & Harney, Omaha, Neb.
Thirty choice ptgs ef April farrow left, also
four litter of June farrow. Inducements to
pur tits starting herd. Orders booked for
sows bred for spring farrow. Block A No. 1.
Prioes right. Mention the AbLUNCi. 36'
Fir all AlTectlims of tbe TUfoal aniLnms
Such as eolds, coughs, erenn, asthma, In
flneua, hoarseness, bronchitis and Incip
ient consumption, and for the relief of eon
tranptiva patientt in advanced stages of the
If your drciflit does net handle, send
direct te W.rB.TIo ward, 11th and N streeti
Llaooln, Hebiaska, U
lhho uu ihiiibidccu, u, :----
ids for Nonaries and Timber
uu isawa
Catalogue FKEE.J DLUL UllHdd
Alfalfa Conri this yeaa'e growth, in oar lots or less
fUTalia OccUs Black nulless Barley. Spring Wheat.
Flax, Millet and Cane Seeps. Kaffir, Kioe, Milo Maize
Anil Semsale flora. a
a better market. We m?.ke a specialty
market in which to buy your goods, and
Lincoln, Neb.
are wanting