The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, September 24, 1891, Image 8

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P. J. Mosher, a pioneer rwident, died al
hi home ia Lincoln. ad 77 year.
Fifty csrlosds of cattle hipp
from Bancroft to FeorU, 111., where the)
will be fed.
As organisation has been formed
Pender to bold market day fair on e
tain dr of each month.
Representative John M. Moan it lrin
eriomly ill at bis home in South Siou.
City of malarial ferer.
The Xorth Nebraska Methodist confer
ence voted to admit women aa delegate,
to the general conference,
Theaafeof the Schliti Brewing com
paoy at Omaha was blown open and as
count amounting to I7.S00 secured.
Horton & Dawson of Uoadtlla bar loa
100 bead of fancy blooded bog in the pa
two weeks from nasal catarrh.
H. C. Daweon, prominent stockman
Endicott. has been turned over to the di
trict court in the turn of t, charget
with perjury.
Telephones were taken oot of two Lin
coin business bouses because the proprie
tors swore at the telephone girls on ac
count of pool service.
It is estimated that from the 3.000 bush
els of seed wheat sent into Box Butte b
the relief commission 90.000 bushels wil
be thrashed as a return.
The Citiens' State bank of Kewmat
Grove has filed articles of incorporate
and will commence business immediately
The capital stock will be ajO.000.
A car load of Dundy county product
will be sent to the Illinois Mate fnlrfo.
advertising purposes. The exhibit wil
also be taken to the Missouri state fair.
Thomas D. Talle, of Nebraska City, sup
posed to be a correspondent of the Kansa.
City Sun, has received a white cap lettel
warning him to leave town beforeScpt 24
While a number of small boys were ex
perimenting with a horsepower at Blu
Springs a boy named Bnrcus got his fool
between the cons. The member was badl,
The members of the Congregations
church at Aurora have introduced a new
feature during the absence of their pastor
A lady member is selected for the purpost
and reads a sermon.
Louts Lightning of Geneva has started
for Central America to do mlssionarj
work. He will travel on a bicycle to Dal
las, Tex., and expects to walk the kalanot
of the way.
John Steen, superintendent of the Ge
neva industrial school for ulrls, has re
signed, and is succeeded by J. D. McKel
vy, assistant superintendent of the Kear
ney industrial school.
The Nebraska City distillery caught on
Ore while all the firemen were at KedOak,
la., attendins a tournament. Citizen
turned out and put out the fire, which did
but slight damage.
Rome beets were polarized at the snga.
. factory at Norfolk that showed 18 3-4 per
cent. This is the highest test yet shown,
but everything Indicate a good yield ot
ugar all around.
. The life of Dr. Malnhard, who commit
ted suicide In Syracuse, seems to have
been shrouded In mystery prior to bit
coming to Nebraska. He is supposed to
bare been a political exile from Uertuany
n 1848 or 184U.
The sheriff of Thayer county has cap
tured L. J. Shaddock, who so brutally as
saulted a 13-ycarold daughter of John
Walters, near Helson, more than ft year
go. He was working for a farmer in
southern Texas.
A man calling himself "Rev. C H.
Scott" went from Friend to Palmyra as a
candidate for the pas'orate ot the Baptist
church. He preached several sermons
and borrowed t6 worth of inaglc lantern
slides and left the country.
Isaac L. McCoy, TO years old, died in
Omaha from Injuries received in a run
away accident caused by dog catchers who
were trying to catch a dog, frightening
McCoy's horn The dog catchers, Fred
and Ernest baror, are under arrest.
A shelf in a Harrison drug store fell
and the bottles containing muriatic and
sulphuric acid broke. Their contents com
ing in contact caused an explosion which
broke the windows and scattered the con
tents of the store about promiscuously.
W. H. Baker ot Stromsburg has been
arrested charged with sending obscene
matter through the mails to the Polk
County bank iu answer to a notification
from the bank that his note tor ti5 was
due. The epistle was sent to the authori
ties at Washington, hence his arrest. The
outcome of the case is watched with much
interest, as Mr. linker is one of the wealth
- lest farmers in Polk county.
Rev. William Hamilton, one of Deca
tur's oldest and most respected citizens, is
dead. The cause was undoubtedly paral
ysis. Father Hamilton was more than 80
years of age and had spent almost his en
tire life among the Indians, having teen
with the Omahas for nearly forty years.
Mike Schloslor of Dunbar shot his wife
in the throat on account of jealousy. He
was arrested and lodged in jail at Nebras
ka City. The woman will probably recover.
The record of real estate mortgages for
Saunders county during August shows
thirty-seven filed on farms, amounting to
t3l,281.C8, and fifty-six released, amount
ing to 151,040.88, the decrease for the
month being 115,649.68. On city property
there were thirty-one filed, amounting to
15,614.85, and nine released, which amounts
to fJ.B93.00. This shows an Increase in
the indebtedness ot city property of 12,
939.17. A large number ot the mortgages
given were for the purchase of new land
by the farmers.
Thrashing Is enough advanced to show
that Valley county never had such a crop
as now, and, it general, will entitle Ne
braska to be called the garden of the na
tion. One farmer offered his farm six
months ago for 815 au acre and hns now
thrashed thirty-six bushels of whei t U the
isreand sold it in the field for 75 cents,
making the gross receipts 127 an acre. An
other thrashed eighty bushels of barley
and sold it tor 35 cents, making l-Js an
acre. Corn is enormous.
Jack Gallagher, a thief confined in the
Keva Paha county jail at Springviev,
made a desperate attempt to escape the
other day. His wife had been in from the
country to visit him and left her team at
the jail, unharnessing one horse, and
when Armes, the deputy, opened the door
at noon to give him his dinner Gallaghe
knocked him down with a chain and un
dertook to make his escape by mounting
one of the horses. Armes, however, got
to his feet and fired at Gallagher, whom
he missed and hit the horse which he was
trying to mount. Gallagher then took to
the prairie on foot, but was capturea in
side of halt an hour by men on horseback.
Gallagher was returned to Jail, the ball
taken from the horse's leg and Mrs. Gal
. lagher sent home with instructions not to
visit her husband again.
cuvnmtpstinn against e.n Claires in
terests. Tbs practical effect of this dis
crimination is that the lumber dealers
cannot reach the markets they are en
titled to. Tbs excess freight, it is
charged. U 4 cinU per hundred feet.
Tbs towns of Clinton, Lyons. Daven
port and Mascatine. Is., and Fulton,
Idolins and liock Isfand, Ilia., ars the
towns allege! to have been favored.
The hearing will probably continue sev
eral days.
IfMtiaf the Creditors' Commit!.
The rioaaelal Frobl.m Still
New Yort, Sept 22 A meeting of
the creditors' committee of the TJnicn
Pacific was held. It was agreed to de
fer action on tbs plan for week. If
the company can, on Saturday or be
fore, show that they have obtained the
signatures of all the creditors to the
proposition to extend tbs floating debt,
or will provide cash to pay off the cred
itors who refuse to resign them, the
plan will be declared operative by the
committee. Several of the creditors in
this city, as well as number in Boston,
have so far refrained from agreeing to
the extension. It is not expected that a
syndicate will be formed to provide the
cash necessary to payoff these creditors,
but the collateral notes which are not
accepted by creditors may be taken by
individuals. One of the members of
the creditors' committee said: "The
problem is ret to be solved, but it is
much nearer a solution today than
has ever been before."
New Uirjcla Beeords.
Peoria, Ills., Sept. S2.-A. A. Zim
merman of the New York Athletic clnb,
lowered the three, fonr and five mile
American safety record in the first day's
record-breaking tiials now being run in
connection with the race meetim? which
closed Saturday night. Zimmer
man s time for three miles was 7 4 V ft:
four miles. 10:17: five miles. 12:53 4 1
Zimmerman also won the one mil in
vitation safetv race. In thkhe covered
the last quarter mile in0::A. W. F
Murphy and A. A. Zimmerman brokf
the world's one mile tandem record
made last year on this track Their
time was 2:24 t '. 15 4 3 seconds inside
the English record at this distance. The
half mile tanultn record wan also low
ered 1nst 8 5 of a second by Murphy
and Zimmerman. Tjler did 2:2 for the
mile In an attempt to better 2:1b 1-5.
He was poorly paced. Berlo of Boston
started for the two mile record made by
Murphy last week, 4:5V 3-5. His time
was 0:01 3i. 2 second out of the wav
Berlo will try again for this record
Murphy will have a slug at the mile and
possibly the records from five to ten
miles, "and Zimmerman will try for
three or four record
Allerlon Makes Another Trial.
Independence, la. . Sept. Allerton
was sent to beat his record, but only
succeeded in tieing it, the quarters bein6
.U21, I -.04 J. 1:47T. i.mj.
Chicago Orala and Provliloas.
Chicaoo, Sept,
WHEAT December. Wc: MayJUOftft.
COHN -October, 4l-Hc; May, Ho.
OATS-Octuber. 2u?4o: Mav. 9XktO.
HYE-Cuh, S7Ho; September, tric;
bor, H7n.
POKK-October. 110.35: January, f lt.834
l.AKD-October. to S); January. I7.uu
King-October, 17. UU. Jauuary, StUU.
Chicago Live Stock.
Unio Stock Yards, I
CUIC'ACO, gopt. ,
CATTLE-Rotlmatod receluls. W head.
Natures, fa SMW li; cows and bulls, ;l H&l.btt;
Texans. f l,2.V3J.Si; western beeves. 1W.IXJ.
Market weak
HOUS-Eiitlmsted bead. Light,
$4 75SH.45; mixed, fl. 6(145.36, Iiery,.35aj.l5.
Market weak.
bHEEP-Natlvns. Si.WG3.00; wostorus, $3.90
1.5U , Te xans. U . STuiH.SU.
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas Citv, 8ept. 25.
CATTLE Estimated receipts 9,070 bead;
shipments. T.lln bead: nteors. fJ.8.1(JS.7S; cows,
and oedem,
HOliS Kittmated receipts. 1.S40 haad:
shipments. l.8 bead: bulk. Jl.TUtM.60; all
rauea, jiaraei steauy.
SI li.Vft2.75; stacker
ilarket steany.
Omaha Live Stock.
Umon Stock Yards, I
Ouaua. Bept. 22. I
CATTLE-Eatimatod receipts, 2,(!0i) head:
SlHltol.WOIbs. im,i V:i; l.lmi to l.Snlbs,
f.5"l&l.73, Wi to I.ItU lbs, $.J.iM2ftl.3Q: choice
cows. 9l.j.r.Mtt; cnmui'in cows. i.i.t;
choice feeders, f2.7."i63 ii; common fuodei-s.
ti.itMW.Ji. Market Hat: 5c to Hlc lower.
ti'Xta PjHumaieu receipts, neau.
Llirht. M.TMiMU: mixed, S4.eVTK5.(&: heavy,
14 VOiltJ 1U. Market active aud s'.roug.
The Fremont Hemp and Twine Company.
The above named company U prose
cutins; sn enterprise which is of great
Importance to the people of this state,
viz: tho manufacture of binding twine
from Kentucky or American hemp
raised here. The company was incor
porated la 18-8, with a pai l up capital
cfltO.OUO. Its ollicers are Wilson Rey
nolds, president; Fred Meyer, vice-president;
O. H. P. Shrhvr, secretary; W.
E. Saiails, treasurer; M. Gerotne, man
ager. The twine manufactured by this com
pany is of a superior grade, and works
in iho binding machines as well m the
standard, jute, manilla, or any other
kind. The output of the tactory f or this
year was 550,000 pounds. For 1892 the
output will be 1,000,000 pounds. Tbe
company has grown this year 22,000
acres of hemp. This hemp is grown on
land for which the company pays 12.50
to 13.00 rental. The yield per is
about two tons of cured hemp. The
company pays (0.00 per ton for the cured
It will be seen from the above that
thero is not much of a bonanza for the
farmer in growing the hemp for sale,
though it may add one to the crops
which he may grow at a living profit.
Grown fot the libre aloue, hemp is not
a'l exhausting nor exacting crop. The
main labor is in the preparation of the
land, which needs to be none in the uch
manner, iue seen should no sown wun
the press drill, vt ben ready for harvest
it is cut with a mowing machi&e and
left upon the ground for the woody
parts to be rotted by the action of the
sun ana rain, wnen it is raweu auu
loaded the same as hay. 1 wo tons per
aero of the cured fibre is theyiold under
the most favorablo conditions.
The total cot of the manufacturingr
plant at Fremont was between t'Jj.OOO
snd $10,000. Tins plant embraces two
distinct kinds of machinery, one for
mukine tho hemp into U v , and the other
for nieking the tow into twine. The
latter is by all odds the most expensive,
as the cost of tho tow machinery is only
from $2,200 to 13,000. A tow mill may
be set up in any neighborhood, aud the
tow be teparated and shipped to. tho
twine mill. Tho Fremont company has
a tow mill nt North liend, and another
on the Godfrey farm eight miles east of
Fremont, in addition to the ono at Fro
mont. The manufacture of hemp twine
by this company is done entirely by ma
chine, Mr. Jerome, the manager, being
the inventor of the process aud the machinery.
Their twine will run from sou to om
feet to the pound, and tensile strength
is from DO to 120 pounds, which is greater
than any other fiber manufactured.
These irontletnen are uttcrlv ODUOsed
to trusts of any kind, and are looking to
the farmers ot this stnto to make tins
factory what it should be, a help to them
selves and a saving to the fttraiers rf the
This is an enterorize which cannot fail
to uioet the approval of all Nebraskans
wh' desire to diverry larni crops ana
build ud borne Industries. It is an in
dustry in which he raw material and
the finished product are not only pro
duced but sold and consumed in the
same community. In this fact are found
all the economic elements oi prosperity
If the finished uroduct can be sold at s
price that will pay all parties a fa'r
equivalent for their labor and the use of
their capital prosperity must be the re
sult. If all the twine annually consumed
thl state oould be manufacturo-i here.
lm-on rif mftnAv Bent ftWAV
would be retained to enliven our busi
ness ventures. Certainly all who are
Interested in the welfare of Nebraska
will wish this Fremont enterprize the
greatest success.
Blkwell. Keb., Sept. 5, 1891.
At n regular meeting ot the Gartiuld
County Alliauce the following resolu
tion was passed:
Resolced, That this body will not sup
port RDy Alliance man for state or coun
ty office who will accept a nomination
for either the republican or democratic
party. And, further,
Kesohed, That the above resolution be
published in The Fa km Kits' Alliance.
C. E. Carfkntek. Pres.
IIenky Folsom, Sec.
1036 O STREET.
Dress Goods.
Double width half wool Cashmere, our 15c quality for 10c.
.'4 in. American Cashmere
quality for
J Slack ami colors our '25c
Miu. English Cashmere, Mack and coL, our 3"e quality for 24c.
,'50 in. Wool Plaids and stries, our o7 quality for. .
54 in (H yards wide) dress flannel, our 5 let quality for :V.c.
40 in. French Cashmere al' pure wool twenty five shades
to choose from, our 05c quality, for 49c.
Samples of these items sent on application. Send in yom; orders
You wont buy these goods again at these prices.
100 Double Breasted Cheviot Reefers, worth $4.50 for $2.98.
200 Tight fitting Beaver Jackets, worth $5.00 for.
75 Double Breasted Astrachan trimmed Cheviot Reefers,
worth $0.00 for $4.49.
100 Vest front Tight fitting Jackets, worth $7. 00 for ... $4. 98.
50 plash Jackets, 20 in. long, worth $10.00 for $0.98.
Plush Cloaks Handsomely trimmed and lined,
worth $1G. 50 for 12. 98.
All of the above are m sizes 32 to
cloak while they are cheap.
42 bust measure. Buy a
The Popular Low Priced Dry Goods Store.
For Sale.
Improved term of 100 acres 1 miles
esst of Trumbull, being 8. W. M See. 9. T. 8,
R. 8, Clay Co. Tltl good, no encuiuberanccs.
For psrticalars apply to or addrrM.
Trumbull, eb,
Prompt Service Assured.
All kinds of llKht and heavy draylng, piano
mnvlmr. etc.. done safely by me eu.uvan
Transfer Company. Household goods ana
furniture handled carefully by experienced
workmen. Large covered vaas especially
dntlgned for this work. Call at office corner
11th and O under State National bank, or
ring up Telephone 111. Satisfactory service
guaranteed. Sen van Transfer Co.
Leese& Stewart. 231 S. 11th St.
Poland China Pis for Sale.
Will hold my first annual public sale at my
farm 4 14 miles southeast of Ashland, Friday
September 35, 1801. Will have about seventy
five first-class pigs. Parties from a distance
will find convej anoe at depot to and from
farm. 10-8t F. N. Mdleiitz,
F. M. Woods, Auctioneer.
With Pressure Rollers for Covering and
Packing Soil Over the Seed.
The Penalty of Success,
"Did you ever see the wife of a siif
cessful man?" I am tempted to ask,
when some one points out to me the
shining lights of these two friends of
mine. Not that the men are brutal,
ill-tempered or exceptionally irritable;
rather the roverse is true of them;
they are amiable enough. Yet their
unconquerable Belf-absorntion has
made them anything but boon com
panione. Their hours ol labor or of
research are prolonged unreasonably,
with intervals of moodiness some
times of utter silence. The bubble
they follow is ever danciii;; before
tneir eyes; uie iury oi pursuit is au-in-all,
and life apart from that has lost
its charm. Their wives share in the
triumph of course, anil why should
they complain? They do not. Like
the Dutchman's wife upon his death
bed, they are resigned becau; they
have to bo. It is only between the
lines of their patient faces that one
may read the wish of tho heart for the
old days to come back when things
were otherwise. Pcrbner
Assistant-Lecturer Pratt 's Appointments
Tavlor. Loup ' Sept. 25
Burwell, Garlield " " 2.
Bartlctt, Wheeler ' " 28.
Loup City, Sherman " ' 30.
Hroken Bow, Custer " Oct. 2.
Calloway, " " " 3.
Central City, Merrick" " 10.
Gaudy, Logan, " " 6.
The members of the Alliance in the
several counties should make every
effort to have these meetings successful.
Secure the attendance ot as many as
possible, bring your wives and children
and thus encourage our workers.
For Sale.
A good six room dwelling house (new with
seven acres of land, situated in town, and a
first class creamery outfit, cans vats, etc,
in fact a complrto outfit in pcrftct order.
Will sell on tlmo or exchange for Inud or
stock. Host of reasons given for selling this
property. Address for particulars,
lt-4t C. D, Cdryea, Greenwood, Neb.
The Western School Correspondence.
Fairfield, Neb.
Farmer's boys and girls attention. Tou
can take lossons lu arithmetic algebra, book
keeping, shorthand, grammar, etc., through
the C. 8. mall, Tuition only 3 per term of
twelve wooks for any branoh. Send for cir
cular. 9l'
f a i . axraA fmmi In ami fcH eastern No-
VU lUl"Uivu inKi'"
braska from three to five years at 6 per cent
ittoresU I also want to purohaso school
bonds. Call on or address,
Joseph J. Kelly.
Richards Block. P-3m Llacoln, Neb.
Stray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, at my farm
one mile north and one mile east of Sprague,
Lancaster couny, Neb., on the 21st day of
August. A.D., lbl. One bay mare about 8
years old. No particular marks or brands
easily noticed. Owner can have same by
proving property and psylng costs.
U-3t F. W. KitCLL, Srngno, li'eb.
For Sale, Rent ot Exchange.
I have a few well improved farms of good
value in south eastern Nebraska, of 80 to 3W
acres each that I will sell or rent for the com
ing year. Also a few nice houBes In the city of
Lincoln which I will sell or exchange for
good farms in the right place. John O asky.
2Mh and Potter St 12-31 Lincoln, iNod
Incubators and Brooders.
Best ever invented for hatching and raising
chickens. Brooders only fa.iw. tsena ior
circular. Address Geo. S. Sinokr,
12-3U, Cardingtou, Ohio.
For Sale.
Blacksmith shop, tools and stock at a bar
gain. Come and Bee me or write. Only snop
in town. Thomas Cole,
15t f Burr, Otoe Co., Neb.
Sheriff Sale.
Eau Clair Lumbermen Charge the Rail
ways with Discrimination.
.Chicaoo, Sept. 23.-InterUte Com
merce Commi wioneri Morrison, Veazey
and Knapp iistened to arguments ou
the alleged discrimination in freight
rates practiced by the rallrosds against
the lumbermen of Eau Claire, Wis. , and
in f svor of the rirer towns. The com
plaint of tha Eau Claire lumbermen is
' that tha St. Paul, Chicago, Burlington
and Qoincy, Northwestern and about
ten other smaller roads hare combined
with fortr-eiirht lumber firms for freteat
Charles Howard, wno coutcssed that he
attempted to wreck the Pennsylvania
limited in Indiana, was taken to Crown
Point. Ind., for trial, convictrd and sen
tenced to ten years in the penitentiary.
Homes and Irrigated Farms, Gardens and
and Orchards in the Celebrated Bear
River Valley on the Main Lines oi the
Union Pacific and Central Pacific R. R. 1
near Cctinne and Ogden, Utah.
Splendid location for buMnoss and in
dustries of all kinds in the well known
city of Corinne, situated in the middlo
of the valley on the Central PaciGc R R.
The lands of the Bear River valley are
now thrown open to settlement by the
construction ot the mammoth system of
irrigation from the Bear lake and river,
just completed by the Bear River Canal
Co., at a cost of $3,000,000. Tho com
pany controls 100,000 acres of these Hue
lands and owns many lots and business
locations in the city of Corinne, and is
now prepared to sell on easy terms to
settlers and colonies. The climate, soil,
aud irriiratinar facilities are pronounced
unsurpassed by competent judges who
declare the vsiley to be the Paradiso of
th Farmer, lruit lirower ana siock
Raiser. N ice social surroundings, good
schools and churches at Corinne City,
and Home Markets exist for every kind
of farm and garden produce in the
neighboring cities of Ogden and Salt
Lake, and in the great mining camps.
Lands will be shown from the local of
fice of the Company at Corinne. 15tf
For Prices and Terms Apply to FRANK P. LAWRENCE, Lincoln, Neb., STATE AGENT.
I 8 Shoe 8 In. with 9 Horsa Hitch ( 9 horse hitcli If ordered.)
jig Shoe in. with !i Uorse Hitch ( 3 horse hitch if entered.)
Notice !a hereby given that by virtuo of
12 executions Issued oy we olers. or tno dis
trict oourtot tne Third Judicial District of
Nebraska, within and for I.imcHster oouuty.lii
six actions wherein Arnutt U. Kickeits U
plaintiff, and in 8 actions wherein Levi K. M.
KHRii-rdHv is ulHintia. and in 8 actions where'
in Andrew J. lawyer is plaintiff, and in all of
whloM Ltnooin tnnntng ana provision i;oin
dhiiv is defendant, t will, at o clock P m. or.
me .mi nay or ucmoer. n . iomi. hi iue ciusi,
door of the court house in the city of Lincoln.
Lancaster county. Neb , Oder for sale at puo
Ite auction, the leasehold Intsrest of the Lin
coln tanning and Provision Company in the
propcrtv hereinafter deorlled,running until
the Sttt dar of July. A. D. rKrt. together with
ail rights of the lessee, the Lincoln Canning
and friivlslon Company, thereunder as ap
pears from their lease of reoord in the ofliie
ot the register vi aeeas ot Lancaster county,
Nebraska, ana reooroea in dock oi niS'
cellancuus Hecord, at page 4;, which prop
erty Is ft part or the s. e. n oi sect-on in,
township 10. rangeneat,ln Lancaster co in
tv. Nebraska, bounded and described as to
Iowa: Bevluninv at the southeast corner ot
block twenty-four (34) ot the town of West
Lincoln according te the recorded plat there I
of, and running thence south on a contlnua-1
t'on of the west line of Norman street of
West Lincoln, eleven hundred and forty (1140)
feet, thence east at iigbtanglos with the west
Hue of said Norman street eivhty (tul) feet for
a 8tartingpoint thence east nve tiunore.i ana
thirty (53 ) teet. thence north three hundred
(MM)) feet, thence west Ave hundred and thirty
(KtU)loel thence south three hundred ;') feet
to place of beginning, ail lines being parallel
to or at right angli s with Norman street, lu
Most Lincoln, together with all buildings
thereou except. little frame feed bouse, and
Including the ongine.boi ers, fixtures and ma
chinery therein and thereon Bltuate of every
kind and nature, comprising even thing be-
longlugtoand oonnvctea with the canning
and vtnepar factory of the Lincoln Canning
and Provision company. And on the same
day at 3 o'clock p. tu., under and by virtue of
said execution I will offer for sale at public
aucuon at me premises t tne wnoein uan
ning and Provision company in the town of
West Llcooln, Lancaster county, Nebraska,
the following described personal property,
to-wtt: Teu hogsheads catsup bottles. Ill)
currying orates (galvanized iron), 25 large
shipping crates (galvanized iron), 29 orates
parous bottani(galvanixed iron), 1 lot of wood
en crates, t lot of boxss In knock-down, 7 to
mato cleaning vat. 8 trucks, etc, eto.
Given under my hand this awn day of Au
gust. A. I) , ltl. SAM McCL AY, Sheriff.
n Kate Field's JTashinaton: Just so long
us women nro taunted fot living in single-blessed
Dess, jnst so long ought un
married men be taxed. This tax should
begin at the age of thirty and be
doubled everv five years.
The usual rule has been to tax men on
something they have. Kate proposes
to tax them on something they have not.
And the older and more worthless that
something becomes the higher the tax.
Wo don't bolieve the boys will itand it.
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
The shoe comoanv of Warner & Wol-
fanger, whose add. appears in this issue
of The Alliance. hs mst put in an mi
meuso stock of Fall shoes n hich they
will furnish to our readers at prices
that would surprise tho most sanguine.
These gentlemen located in our city last
February, and are building up a good
reputation for square dualiug.
County Alliance Meeting.
The next meeting of the Banner
Covmty Farmers' Alliance will be held
at court house in Ilarrisbnrg, on Fri
day, Oot. 10. 1801. All delegates are
requested to be in attendance.
Wm. Lowsian, Pres.
E. M. Whitk, Sec.
Money Savers for the People.
Michigan Crr-r, Ind., Sept. 22, '00.
Messrs II. R. Eagle & Co.,
03 Wabash Ave., Chicago, III.
I want to say tbat I have bought gro'
ceries f r .mi you for seven years, and al
ways got good goods and saved money
Should be glad to have other members
patronize you, and know you wdl please
then. W. H. Fkkkman,
Ex Chairman Grievance Committee,
Division 300 Broherhood of Locoaio
tive Engineers.
Our Constant Aim is to Give you the Best Goodsat Bottom Prices.
A comparison of our styles and prices will
convince you that you should
trade with us-
Call stud See TTs.
921 0 STREET, OPP. P. O.