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    V-. N
NO. 5.
ExriBATiows: As the easiest and cheapest
BnD of notifying subscribers ol the date
of iblr expirations we will mark tbia notion
with a blue or red pencil. on the dale at which
their subscription expiree. We will aend the
paper two weeka after expiration. If not re
pewed br that time It will be dlaoootinued.
Baccarat. .
The Prince Mid: Til be a banker."
Acd then he wank a wink.
And with Old tady Wilton did
An abalnthe cocktail drink.
Be ttroked bla royal stcmaeb.
Pulled down bla princely rut.
"O drop jour toverelgn In the Slot,
And I will do the rett.
For I'm a randy dandy of
The William Kufus lint .
Gamboling and boa racing t
Have fot down very See.
1 only race and f amtol
With tb loftiest of the loft,
O. let ua make It lively while
We uy at Tranby Croft."
The Prince be wia the banker,
He five the caidi a Dip;
He laid: "How ttal if business,
Ii't bullion and not Hp.
The more you put up here, my fricnda,
The leal you will rake down;
I'm bound to break tbll party
If I baveto rlsktbecrowg.
O. ellow la the water where
The Yellow Paint creek flows,
O, yellow are the sovereign
At tuy such chips at tbcae,
Tbote cbipt I carry with me,
. I uh i htm oft and of l.
For I'm a bandy-oandy and
The cream of Tranby Croft."
The Prince be wet the bunker,
' ("diligently dole.
But Oorden-Cumming won the catb,
And not atmlle be tmole.
And then laid Gordon-Cummlng,
"Your luck I do deplore.
If you itay here with me all night
You'll owe oif bt mllliont more."
O! alwaya let bla hlsbneM win,
To beat bit game wat rath;
It 'na i &?e-pltaUty
To win the Prlnce't caib.
You've won the Prlnce't food, bard stuff,
And tome one't root and "coughed,"
And called tb world's stteotton
To affair at Tranby Croft.
"Victoria, Victoria I '
May you be long-on earth;
America tondt tribute to .
Your greatnett and your worth. " '
Ob, make your will, Victoria, .
And will the Bnicliib throne
Back to the Kngllib people,
And lot young Walet alone.
'The people tbey can rule tbemtelvet,
And then It will be ine
To have a noble sovereign
End up a royal Una.
And Walet will like It Jutt at well,
Tbt map will be to toft,
He won't have anything to do
But ttay at Tranby Croft.
Th San fort poatofflce In Kara fab
county bat been discontinued.
Hog cholera It devastating tbe farmert
; herds In tbe vicinity of Syracuse.
A gasoline stove caused the destruction
of Jacob Uabrer's bouse at Falls City.
Watertown horsemen are preparing to
establish a track near Lake Karopeska.
Kearney county's treasurer bas paid out
-$330 m bounty on wolf scalps since Jan. i.
A G, A. K. reunion will be held at
Greenwood commencing Aug i and con
' tlnulng one week.
A F. Phelps, wholesale frtflt and com
nllon, of Omaha, failed, Tbe mort
gage aggregate 1 19,936. 19
A vicious stallion attacked H. Elwanger
of Kuskvllle, bit off one of his ears and
took a chunk of flesh from bis arm.
Tbe twentieth annual fair of tbe Burt
County Agricultural society will be held
at Tekamah September 89 to October 3.
The arrangements for building a hos
pital and sanitarium on tbe shores of
Lake Kearney are progressing favorably.
The three ladies who ran for members
of the school board at Beaver City were
badly beaten by their three male oppo
nents. A Washington county young ladv of IS
made 1.10U pounds of butter, wbicb she
old to an Omaha hotel at 30 cents per
Tbe Pine Ridga Base Ball club, com'
posed entirely of Indiana, is preparing to
make an extended tour through tbe east
am states.
A niau named Qua Wilson was tried at
Elwood, pleaded guilty to horse stealing
and was sentenced to throe years In tbe
A half dozen horses owned by Ik'llovue
parties have recently been crazed by eating
loebo weed, which is abuudaut ou the
river bottoms this seasou,
A mad dog scare is on at St. Edwards
and a number of canines have been hofc
One man was bitten, but it Is not. kuowo
whether the dog was mad or not.
It It, Ilouae, who was nearly killed at
Downs, Kan., by a bully while umplriiiit
b.tll game, is a Crete boy. lie ha
iust recovered suflWIeully to be brought
Tmmmseh elttacn are jubilant over tbe
fact that a vela of uft cool between Hvi
and six evt in thickness ha been found at
d pOi o( iu Iwet on the farm ul J. U
Ituuell, line mite south ol that place
LWhtttluit. strut k and lu.umly killed
Mr. I '. Ifeppe, residiut in IMt munt
r Aiki, fibe tumlm lu lru
of kve home whett the fatal boll struck
ht. burning fcrr buuuvt aud l:.ubiu her
Tr t hsniWrUlo Aloil ihurvh trial
at r'i ni"i mlt a in rli i uf acquit
lt 1 b. 'l. lrwUliU r ttxtrtvd UU
witidttM :bwi4a by .(
lllg ttillllwtt lBriMIUl ll.f btlH IU t-
em mi mm tk
!' who So-. lived In Nvbrtmka tweaty
.a )nn My l key ke aeter mi at
Riuik welet t It I'Ulte ! a lt-wri
u two al 1 1 m Ihlt iiuiiii. i'uuti.)
rtl i1.ik Ims Wa du t vrus toy
tax unttitHtiH.r iow
W, T b ilerk rf i..m
aai, m wnt't'aullv 4rua4 ta M
koauue iravk while hi k trt
t whore tie ,a4 gu,e t tueet bt
if 1h wk taiollp It ! rata
t I vet hialMf IkM
,V..t tav wisx CmoimI Tkiu4 J K
at Mvliww 4il fx a imi tad wat
urvnw l tr iMrit tktf i .l wat w4
tVs) at l W k Ike 4.hmI ssu.
W4 ,imi 4 sen de lie Mt Me4it lit
t. a .U pt 41 mil be 4trl at
fct4 U fte Nikt Mit
rhreatcned " Passenger Bate War
Likely to Be Settled.
Borlingtoa Preparations for Dalldlag the
Alteo Bridge The Toledo aad Cbl
cage Bee Line Bate for the
World's Exposltloa.
Chicago, July U. The Cbicago and
Alton road bat no intention of inau
gurating rate war, but after the meet
ing of tbe managen regarded ittelf at
free and independent line, rnled oat
of tht Western Passenger association
and at liberty to adopt any tneotnrea
that may be required to preserve equal
ity with itt competitor! without wait
ing to consult anybody.
Tbe Alton management gave it ont
that tbey are determined, to avoid
trouble at long at tbe associated line
evince tbe tame disposition and will
Dot take tbe initiative in any step likely
to bring about a demoralization of pas
senger rate. Tbe Alton people also say
that if they are forced into a fight ther
will endeavor to make a rigorous onu.
Should tbe other western roadt pro
ceed to make reduced excursion rate
from competitive point in tbe territory
into wbicu the Alton cannot reach on
account of the boycott, the latter will
immediately proU-ct itself by a reduc
tion in local rata.
Chairman Finley hat called a special
meeting of the Western Passenger asso
elation for next Thursday to past upon
matter that were postponed at tueir
regular meeting. Trouble is looked for
at this meeting. .The Bock Island and
tbe Chicago. St. Paul and Kansas City
roadt, wbicn have defended the Alton
position, then will, it it surmised, re
fuse to bind themselves to any agree
ment that will place them at a disad
vantage, at competitors of the Alton. .A
disruption of the association, it is said,
may yet ensue unless the Alton is taken
back into tlie fold.
i ii ' ''-i.
The Telede and Chicago Be Lin.
Goshew, Ind., July 14, The pro
moters of the new Toledo and Chicago
Bee line were here on their tour of in
spection. The bead of the enterprise
says positive'y that the line will be
built as rapidly as money and teans can
do it. The contractor for the building
of tbe road, Benjamin Reynolds, was
with the party, and states that within
sixty days hi will have 2,000 teams on
the road and that be will put the road
through faster than any similar lint
bal ever bwn constructed.
This will )e the shortest line between
Toledo and Chicago, and will afford an
entrance for tbe Canadian Pacific, woo
will use it for a short line to Cbicago. x
LlatlUd Tickets.
rery little b'idway has been made in
the movement to abolish unlimited
tickets in tbe territory of tbe trunk
lines of the Central .Traffic association,
and Western , Passenger association.
Tbe resolution adopted by the roads
east of Cbicago to abolish such ticket!
May 1 was never really put into effect
by all interested lines, and now th
scheme has received a backset that will
probably kill it entirely. Those road
having connection with what is known
as tbe Buffalo agreement havo repudi
ated the movement and declare their in
tention to continue doing business on
tbe old plan.
Bates for the World's Fair.
Chicago, July 14. Traffic Manager
Jay Cox of tbe world's Columbian ex
position, who bas just returned from
New York, says the steamship compan
ies show a decided disposition to do
everything in their power to secure
reasonable rstej from European points
to the Atlantic seaboard, and will hold
a meeting this week to discuss the mat
ter and by j"int action refer it to tho
European managers for their action.
Bridging the Mlulsslppl.
Altos, Ills., July 14. During tbia
week the pneumatic machinery to bo
used in constructing the Burlington
bridge over the Misissippi at this point
will be brought here. The delay in
commencing operations was due to the
fact that the plans as amended bad not
been approved by the secretary of war.
His 'approval was secured about tho
last of June. The time set for the com
pletion of the bridge is June, 18M.
A Mew Ballway lato Mexico.
New Oki.kans, July 14. President
Lott of the Han Antonio and Aransaa
Pius railroad announces that a new road
Is to m built from Alice. Nueces coun.
ty, lxa, to Monterey. Mexico, when
it will connect with the Monterey and
Mexican Uulf road, which lias it lower
terminus at Tampion harbor. Track
laying will Iwgtn iu rteptfiuber,
Mllliaaalre Neweuwb'a Case,
New Yuiu. July 14. At a meeting
of th Lunacy Law Reform Leagu aud
Anti Kidpappltig I'uion central cow
WHte the Ce of II, Victor Newcowb,
the millionaire broker recently commit
ted a Iuimum, wa itmtidi-re I. Kesolu
ttna. strongly disapproving tbe uelho
uf CoUilllltlUi'Ut wberetif NewiNHiib
ia, u miii pi, aud dii larl.iv' that the
aci'ti4 parly In su h raw should have
an tirittuity fr self ilvfru, r
J ttatla' Uwl , t HuhMoail.
Nsw Yta., July 14. -Mr. JrftVreon
t)ui U ha I addrtaaed a b-H.-r to lb V"t-
ertu and (d of th southern tait,
MVlng that eft.r mm h auiLm th."iM
th da Anally l i Ul I give .i Ht t
Hd. V. it tr vf bxt biMUsuda
luwtlai U dy
Hi4 a !" l I'tarxfif.
biMtHMio. Jnly It Atii iy
tiiieft Mmiia kM rfbdrl itlaw
tit tke that ail fr.H bt, wUitter
t4ail dy IU ui if nt ti wr(a
li, 4 tttd buaM l J t'u Vat, tuut
lw iiwiol a twti Ifvpfftf aii4
lsd atiiv
!' I liwt
fatMii, J4iy ii -Ta- ara
' kl kathit wa sMf IU tt wft
jVnue.lj tiW-l by iartW Utr4
thlpwaat ot Moamy West to Help Harvatt
th Crop.
New York, Jnly 14. -The Tribune
says: Tha weekly bank statement indi
cated an unexpected movement of
money to the west. The first shipment
rendered necessary by the harvesting of
the crop was made last week. It is im
possible to predict the extent of the
movement or its effect upon the local
money market On the hypothesis that
tbe 41 per cent, bond will result in in
creasing the national bank circulation
by f 15.000,000, the money market will
be strengthened by the 1st of October
by from frlO.OnO.uoO to .M),000.000.
Whether tbit will be sufficient to meet
tbe requirements of the west for the
movement of the abundant crops can bo
determined only by the event. Banks,
as well as private capitalists, are forti
fying themselves in every possible way
and their action, which is conservative
and prudent, may prevent the monetary
crisis which they evidently fear. Tbe
exports of merchandise caused a fuller
supply of commercial bills, which wat
reflected in lower rates for foreign ex
change. At the end of the week tbt
market wat a little, steadier, closing at
$4.& and 4 .87 for lonf and short star
ling billti respectively, :
National Council of Education la elon
at Toronto Large Nurebar of
Delef ate In AtUndaae.
' Toronto, July 14. At the morning
etsioa of the national council of educa
tion, George P, Brown of Chicago, ed
itor of the Illinois School Journal, real
tbe report of the committee on peda
gogic, tbe subject being "The Educa
tion of tbe Will."
Tbe first nominations in the council
of membership were made, the election
resulting as follows: U. 8. Jones. Lin
coln, Neb., re-elected; W. N. Hailman,
La Porte, Ind., re-elected; Charles De-
5 armo, Champaign. 111., in place of
otiah L. Packard, who retired, and
Nicholas Murray Butler, New York, in
place of N. B. U. Pawton, who retires
The teachers' gathering is daily In
creasing in magnitude and to over
whelming proportions, New York and
PeunHylvan.i, that were pooly repre
sented, have now about seven hundred
delegates. Tennessee and Arkansas
have sent 150 and 5800 delegates respec
tively. There is a big fight on'at to where tht
next convention will be held, Helena,
Ark,, seems to be leading, with Seattlo
a good second and Boston and Saratogi
in the distance.
Th rolled State Will furalsb the Ores!
of All ICurope,
Washinotos, July 14. A report on
the harvest prospects in Franc and
throughout all Enropt) has been received
at the state department from Coramer-J-lntCirC!3,ft
Lte?-, Pnaee.
lfle report snows that there
will be a crop, shortage, and
in conclusion says that not only
France, bnt all Europe is looking long
ingly to tbe wheat fields of tbe United
States. Last year many hoped that
Bouth America would help supply the
deficit, especially the Argentine Repub
lic, but today no mention is made of
those countries; all hope is on tbe
Uuited States harvest. Tbe fact, as re
cently stated, is that the bread of Eu
rope must come from America.
To Itestrlet Appeals,
Albany, July 14. Secretary L. B.
Proctor, of tbe New York State Bar as
sociation, said that tbe action of Law
yer Haire in appealing the electrocution
cases to tbe United States supreme
court for what seemed to be purposes of
delay only, would be called to the at
tention of the executive committee of
the association, which ' meets here in a
few days. He argued that the commit
tee's action has already been outlined
in the shape of a memorial asking con
grtss to take such steps as wdl restrict
appeals in such cases.
National Editorial Aoelatloa.
St. Tail, July 14. Eight hundred
members of the National Editorial asso
ciation are in town. The delegates
were met at the trains by a reception
committee and escorted to the hotels in
carriagea. Most of the editors are ac
companied by their wives. When the
convention opened an address of wel
come was delivered and President
Stephens read his report. A rece was
then taken for dinner. The delegate,
were given a ride through the city in
Ohio Democrat.
CLEVfcXAXD, July 14. Campbe'l's op
ponent now practically concede his re
nomination, but there are hints of knif
ing at the polls next November. Lieu
tenant Governor Marquis will proliably
be renominated, bat for the other su
places on the ticket every county in th
state ha a candidate, Numinous con
ference ar iu progress., and th pro
ecls are for an extremely hot tuu in
the convention.
IU Umibor, July M -S.rtary
Main wa out driving and did hi own
driving, as h ha dun several time of
late. Jit hyii !ait said that h wa
Improving rai Idly, and witbinilie last
few d) she has rmed lo tak a fresh
hold on life and health, Tho near th
mi rUry r conn. lril lint Ii will re
turn In Vttiutuit i lb U'l a wil
klllarf t,ainr.
( tat(tc. July supreme
fouiu tl f th American Ord.-r of Hta
lifj KnfiitMwr Is hd ling atuerttitg
i kr aud witt rnnam in tniin unt'l
i IhUtada. tVUgate ar prraotlt r-pf-vuiiug
nearly every ! in lb l ukm
!Tb 1 1 bill ,mld r'llw snUuj aa t
Litnt tl ivtar Joaea wa t n wf
tli at r.
fefMl tl al fle'ii.
KiixiMii, Al , July 14 -Tba Hay
that Vk4elh truul I !artU4 tM
fraaklta vif t .'. taa MI
1 1 be naf iMtrl th lt ! wa una
t f ta iMwt er tU t tht u
H iilist 4 ll4 IM vy
i ,! .
Indians of tho While Earth Eesem
tion Will Have Money or Blood.
Treops May Be NeeMaaaf t rwt
' Outbreak Aa law Ywttb Shoot aad
Kill Hi Oraake Father-Killed
by a Polices.
Wbitr Earth, Minn., July 14. Th
situation here is so serious that it is
feared General Merritt will have to
aend two or three companies of the
Third regiment to the White . Earth
reservation to prevent a riot and possi
ble massacre. Tbe Chippewa have
been in a state of open revolt for several
weeks. A delegation of Leech Lake
Indians came here to oenfer, and soon
after their arrival joined in a wil J
dance with the White Earth red men,.
The polios became 'alarmed at tbe
threatened outbreak, and to stop tbe
danca tore down the ball in which the
orgitof tbessvagea at taking place.
The Indian were jfkly incensed
over tbe Interfere H, and " bare
been holding meetif. with a , view
to gatting revenge. V dissatisfac
tion of the Indians bai resulted from
th tardiness of the Chippewa commis
sion in the matter of allotment of land
and the non payment by tbe govern
ment of several hundsfed thousand dol
lars damages, occaaJtasl by big over
flow in the conatraction of the Uppjr
Mississippi . reservoir. A certain
amount of cash per capita was prom
ised the Indians, and the government s
intimation that it proposed to settle tb t
debt in stock and I jriculturol imple
ments bos so inceuse4 them that tney
are in a mood to commit almost any
outrage. Chief White Cloud is on th-j
grqnnd trying to prevent an outbreak,
although be has written the interior
department that bis tribe will not sub
mit to tbe payment t anything except
money for their rate 1 rice fleld.
A rent Han4l4 Sallon.
Nfw York, Jnly 14. -Mrs. Gertrude
Rhlnelander Wald If ; about to bring
suit against Colonel Charles II. Schief
felln for tbe sum of I12.2U4, which she
alleges she loaned the Utter in various
sums, part of wbicb wat for the support
of Colonel Hchieffelin's children and the
remainder for Investment in stocks for
her account. Both parties in tbe suit
are prominent in society, being mem
bers of the Four Hundred. Mr. 8cbief-
felln is of an old family and a member
of many leading clubs, notably the
Union. Mrs. Waldo is a Rhlnelander
and has been regarded a particularly
Drmiant un-moer ot rxry,
,1 ii ii i, ii 1 1 1,
. Aetepty ""' V
New Ytjrx, Jul IJ.i'b) ha&f of
Earris Zzsr, p" -nt rnvrHf
ars who was neuvci afbing Sing last
Tuesday, will be exhumed at Woodlawn
cemetery by Coroner Levy and an au
topsy will be made by Dr. Wm. L.
Jenkins, the coroner's physician. Tbe
inquest will be held next Monday morn
ing. Tbe coroner says he will have a
jury composed of intelligent medical
men and electrical expert to sit at the
inquest. Subpoenas will be served on
the witnesses who were present at the
execution at Sing Sing, and Warden
Brown will be summoned.
Tllew HI Head Off,
Lynchburg, Va., July 14. Dr. Fred
erick Whately, an Englishman who w&i
formerly a surgeon in the English army,
committed suicide on his brother's plan
tation in Campbell county, about twenty-five
miles west of here. He placed a
shot gun to his forehead and blew the
top of his head oil. He became de
ranged while serving in the army in
India, and b was subject to desperate
fits of despondency.
After Lumber Pirates.
Ashland, Wis., July 14. A United
States marshal from Madison Is in tbj
city with both pockets lined with war
rants for the arrest of parties who have
cut timber on government lands. The
first man arrested was P. P. Ferguson,
who was taken to Madison. Ferguson
is made defendant with the Bowdet ii
Murray Lumber company.
Trer on the Strip Arrealed-
Cai.dweu,. Kan., July 14. Captala
Hill, U. 8. A., with a company of in
fantry, has established headquarters at
Pond Creek, I. T. He is carrying out
to the letter ilia Curr to espei aU oe?
cupanU of the Cherokee strip, Numer
ous cowboy were arrested.
A Roy Uefeail Hi Mother.
. JV'iNr., la., July 14, Eiiaa Phippaof
Mercy township was shot by hi 14-year-old
eon. 1'hlpiui came home drunk
and was beating hi wife and th boy
took a musket and hot hi father in the
bak. Pbipp t til alive but will die.
Th boy l in jail.
tllid HIotUrt 4 lld4.
SitveiiToM, Col.. July II Perry
Hudson, proprietor of th Enterprise
hotel, shot aud kilM th gtrl with
whom h wa in lv and thra tilled
himself Tu girl tettmal U marry
htm la tuppoted tu bav prompted tu j
m- -
Killed t l IUa.
Jrttirv I'itv. July II IMuciuai
John Ityern tHain involved in a
quarrel with lame Rroiiuaa, Th
latter' wife interfered aud Kjr
hot and fatally wviti l l her and kiUwl
liauM. ttycrM n wa trr'u4.
folorew Ho Mtill that.
. Tvrta. Kstt , Jlr llll.d-rlt::i.
a t-4"e4 ty 4t 1 1. weal mt vf
rtiur It and had - I at a tew tp
trt a rrivot I allot la tit arl
tit si)r m ati-l known
What Mitlt t-V
t'Nittbtirtiu, July It TW F-
tad al.tu Wik k k.1t4
h i'lnt fbnkt tf tuy TrMr
WrtsM and piu Trif tv-ye eat'
th tan 1 p'cel tbr oi UoMiit la th
m vl it r ant state l.iaily,
tu4 , 4 iuae aa 4 U.
'.pture era Tl with Elrhtooa Chlo
: sea Board.
Ottawa, Ont., Jnly 14. The collec
tor of customs at Victoria informs the
department of the aeixure of tbe sloop
Flora of Seattle, Wash., for neglecting
to report inward. A flue of $100 was
imposed. Two customs officers located
tbe vessel in a sheltered cov a few miles
from Victoria. There appeared to be
no on on board the craft, wnich was
lying some one hundred vards off tbt
shore. The officers called out and a
man appeared on deck and asked what
was wanted. They commanded him to
row ashore and compelled him to pull
them out to the sloop, which they found
to be a smuggler with a load of Chine e
intended for the United States. Ther
were ten Chinamen in the bold and alt
more on tbe shore ready to embark.
The captain, who gave his name at
Alfred bteterman. said that h was
about to take eighteen Chinamen into
the United States. He was given thirty
days in which to pay the fin, at the
end of which time if the fine is not paid
tbe Teasel will be confiscated and soil
to the highest bidder.
Two totally Haraed.
Boohib, la., July 14. Mrs. Lideen
and Mrs. Onstafson were fatally bnrned
by the explosion of a gasoline stove at
Dleastraas Conflagration Bag log at Moo
treal A MaarhutU Tow a
Montreal, July 14. The greatest
conflagration Montreal hts experienced
for years is now in progress. The fire
originated about midnight in the lum
ber yard of Prefantaine, Broaseau &
Co. and spread with tremendous rapid
ity. Soon the entire square bounded by
Popineau - road, St. Catherine, Shaw
anil Kent streets was in flaiuet, which
continued to spread. Hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth of property
is already consumed and it is impossible
to forecast the extent of the losses.
Never have the firemen bad such ex
periences as this morning, The heat
was so intense that the pipenien lay in
the street directing tbe hose, whilt
their comrades played water over them
to save them Iroui burning to death,
The flames at one time threatened St.
Bridget's and St. Luke's churches and
tbe great lying in hospital,
but a shift in th wind saved them. Had
the latter structure caught firs tha lose
of life would probably have been heavy.
All tbe bouses from 1113 to U7 Popinean
road and 10 to 145 Shaw street art
either destroyed or damaged.
rir at Plttneld.
. PmsriKLl), Mass., July 14. Fire her
caused a loss of 110,000, and will likely
do further damage. Burnt' block and
the American hotel are in great danger
rti th fir drrtmant is making Lttlo
?c;fcj ia clfc ;i tit tzran. ; .
fw Mew ' tK;Jf ' t," m t..jr-
Jared fcy aa Kaploalwa,
Brookltk. July 14. A box of dy
namite cartridges exploded on board tha
steamship B. C. Booth, 'at the Richard
street dock. Two men who were carry
ing tbe box were instantly killed and
two others badly wounded. A largs
bole was blown in tbe'side of the steam
ship and it is feared she will sink before
the can be put in the dry dock.
Th Aapsn Horror.
Aspen, Colo., July 14. Miss Mary
O'Donnell, the ninth victim of tbe
frightful accident near here Sunday
morning, died lust evening. Her
brother, Thomas O'Donnell, is alive,
but may die at any moment. The rest
of the injured are in a fair way to re
cover. The coroner began the inquest.
Conductor Miller, of the excursion
train, was the only witness called. II
said be did not know bow the accident
occurred, as his train was backing down
very slowly and all precautions had
been taken. .
A Hail Accident.
Kilkenny, Minn., July 14. During
a funeral procession a team drawing a
wagon containing six persons, ran away,
smashing the wairon and throwing ont
the occupants. Daniel McCanley, aged
70 years, wss injured internally and
probably fatally. Mrs. Daly, aged 64
vears, bad an arm and several ribs
broken, and she never recovered con
sciousness. Tbe physicians think she
will die. Miss Mary Ann Daly and
James Ash were badly but not seriously
injured and the other ocfupaut of the
wagon were badly bruised.
A Housekeeper' Rafe.
Wisosa, Minn., July 14. The snot
of 12,000 in bills was found in a piano
tool among the effects of Lena Wein
burg, the housekeeper of th old Huff
house, who suicided two year ago.
Eighteen months ago iJ,i00 wa found
in m false bottom trunks. The stool
wa ingeniously fixed to hold money
without upic1on. Tbe find wa wvlo
by tlw administrator. The belief t that
the liioney wa stolen, At h handle
the fund of th hotel. Her heir reside
iu Uerutany.
I skery'o t tliler.
Boerox July 14 Al amevtlnf tf th
srrtdtior of T. f Fmty tho present
! accepted tbe following offer; A lit VI-
dend of 41 1 r tent, daan j front Aug.
V l;i with intemt a fd!ou; t)
U'u Im rw'l rVot, IV M'K; te-at.n
IVt IV l'J'i on., it !r Nor. IV vt;
on iii. I Jn II, 1H1, In fio'ea n.
d if f, r. Luwy. Ji., an I EM.
taat al a t at,
Crtnavur, Katv. Jul, II -WHU
attempting la ford a tr-'i ter t-r
la a a on th wblvU tit an I th
eupaat. N 0a Uradi. Um M Ki
L t tad kiw llimi.a r taraaa
,llK th Wle lit w.itnea wr
; tlri-wto4, butt l'f4 wrtt4 barely
M latw Vpoa a.
Di v'-oH, IU., Jaif I4..TU swtV
kiiaat ?r wa I f lUiait tVwtra)
ra at aa ta switvk aa w
havlly r kl T pital ei4k wea
t v I ) y laj r.i aa I lit n t tat
Attempted Assassination of Presi
dent Carnot br a Paris Lunatic.
riaa to Captor Chilian Owvaraaaaat
Crnlaar Freatrato Eaprr Will
Urn Start for aootUad The Maa
. cheater Sttip Caaal.
"Paris, July 14. There was consider-
wble excitement throughout Parij causel
by the report that President Carnot had
been shot. This rumor proved upon in
vestigation to be nntrue, but ther was
foundation for tbe report. The presi
dent was present at the ceremonies of
th official opening of a thoroughfare,
tbe Avenue de la Bepublique, Suddenly
man, wild-eyed and making insane
gestures, forced bis way through the
crowd and brushed past tha soldiers on
duty about th spot wers the cere
monies wera taking place. 'This man
walked np to tbe carriage ia which the
president had driven np to tbe new
avenue and fired a pistol at M. Carnot.
Just as he did so tbe mas shouted, "I
will see that there will be no mor baa
tile to be demolished."
President Carnot was undoubtedly
alarmed at what appeared to be a direct
attempt upon his life, but he was un
hurt and soon regained his entire pre.
enc of mind. The man who fired tbe
shot was promptly arrested by the police
and such wss the anger of the crowd
present that the officers had the great
est difficulty in protecting their pris
oner from becoming the victim of the
popular fury which he bad excited. At
it was it required th services of
strong force of police to escort the man
in safety to tb nearest police station
Upon arrival there the man's examina
tion dlscloeed tb fact that be was a
tnndman and that he bad just b.ei re
leased from confinement in a lunatic
Tried to Bribe tb Crew.
New VoRg. July 14. Cables from
Chili received in this city state that a
plan to capture the, government torpedo
cruises Almirsnte Lynch and Almirante
Condellat Valparaiso by bribing the
crews was discovered by the govern
ment and tbe leaders of tbe scheme put
in prison, The government of tbe state
has tent all tbe revolutionary prisoners
to Iquiqn by tha English, steamer
On Tuesday and Friday of last week
the Insurgents engaged the government
forces in battle at Coquimbo and wers
defeated with great loss of life. They
resolved upon the attack as soon as they
heard of tha recent decision of the
French court r two of tb for-
r i - ' 'v - '
Abbott' Cover a MeW t Deeoralld.
Ottawa. Ont., July 14. There ti
great excitement in political circles over
the startling disclosures made before
various parliamentary committees of In
quiry uring the past few weeks, Tbe
evidence auueed thus far goes to
show that the public officials are cor
rupt and that an ntter state of demor
alization prevails in all public depart
ments. The Opposition feels very jubi
lant over the progress made from day
to day in unearthing fresh scandals.
It is confidently predicted that beforo
tbe session closes tbe government, al
ready reduced to a majority of twenty,
will find itself sitting on the Opposition
benches. Tbe various charges have
aroused the entire country, and the in
dependent newspapers do not hesitate
to declare that the administration ia
drifting into a state of chaos.
Kmperor William Start for Scoilood. '
London, July 14. Emperor William
Started for Scotland. Count Von Hatz
feldt, the staff of the German embassy,
the prince of Wales, the duke of Con
naught and tbe duke of Cambridge bode
him farewell at the station, Tbe duke
of Connanght entered tbe saloon of the
imperial carriage, where he remained
in conversation with the emperor for a
few minutes. There was prolonged
cheering aa tbe train departed. The
emperor affably waived his hand u
farewell instead of recognizing the dem
onstration accorded bim witbnis usual
military salute.
The Maaehester Salp Cannl.
London, July 14. Th directors ot
tbe Manchester ship canst officially de
clare that the embankments of the canal
is well aa all th permanent work are
perfectly sound. The gap of th Elles
mere port are not yet I'losed, bnt wtil
1 coinpletiKi by Thursday. No difficul
ties in the way of carrying out to
original progrsmma are ei petted.
Aaalveraary of the rail ot th Battll.
P a bis, July I i -The celebration of
the anniversary of tbe fall of th Das
til wa rarrtod on amid great enthusi
asm. Among the features ar th en
tertainment for school children. fr
performance at theatre and decora
tion of great triumphal arc he.
tera A,ill4.
Londoh, July 14 Duncan, th
American who recently attempted to
uurdr hi wif ia North Wale, ha
tn acquitted on th remind of insan
ity, bill w detain! p-ttdtaf a ttvuia
ef th tvurt a la wel dwpualtton Is 14
t tuadv ot h.m-
Mel klawIMm.
rnau. Ja!y It TatiinUipalle.
ttoat at Mttt ralud ia Its cavwa ef a
t-Hiacll ctittiptwrdtf ala 0ratu aad
Iweatf -la prut. !! aaint tier
ii dotutitttiun f Al-.!'
in rii hs creaiw a itatton arx
f Two a (
Lostxi. July M -I V. Twnttwaa
atl 111 nitl In w ort ua a
My pM tcl. twatiag Vbf' tMti
i f r unit
all rtai tin ol a
rirrtatsvt, J,!y (t Jt k f t4Va,
tii atl s' 4 rflayar t th intUhari
oaiiw i was rlao4.
A Caraaaa Agoat I This Ceootry
St. Pact, Jnly 14. Tha
government bas tent an official to
country to inveatigata tbe pork sjwaa
tion. H ia Dr. Oeorg D Dolph. ataS
surgeon of tbe German army. Dr. Da
Dolph. who is now in St. Paul, sayr
The main purpose of my journey total
country contains tbe very important q na
tion of tb abolition of th present re
strict ion of American hog prod acta froaa
European markets. The law in retuna
to microscopic examination, a 1 focutdH
in use. is satisfactory, and if tbeyeooUaw
to execute this law in th earn la ar
In which It i now being obraVta
time will not b very distant whea, ia taw
opinion of experts, tb restrlrtloo policy
will be abandoned and America pork
will I j fre to enter German and athar
foreign market.
This, with a good harvest In America
and tbe very highest price demaaded foe
any kind of meat In Europe, wtll taaalt
beneficially to both countries, and taw
Americas farmer getting good nttea let
bis stock and th German laborer btaia
tng cheaper meat of good quality. I ana
waking a special study of tb matter ha
all Its phase in this city and In othar.
Tb question I so" manifestly on oftfaa
general welfare that It merit th catafal
attention of my government.
ow Trapes rerfortaer William SlaoJoam
Met Uls Death Darlag a Clrew Feaw
formaaee at C'llataw. la.
Clinton, Ia., July 14. During t4
afternoon performance of Adam Fosw
pangh'a show tbe crane broka pom
wbh h Wm. Hanlon. of Hanlon broth
ers, gymnasts, was performing. Cm
fell to tb ground, missing tb not i
timing upon nit neaa orox dm i
dying almost instantly. Ha was U
year old, born in London, and ha for
S4 years been associated with tna ilaav
lon vaulters. Last August ho had a
similar accident at tb Academy of
Music, New York, falling from tha
dorne and breaking two parqiett
chairs. His work was upon thahori
ttontal bar in tha centre, Robert and
James Hanlon doing the flying trapaa.
Robert and James will remain with.
Forepaugh through the balance of tk
season. William left a wife, but kavt
no children, Coroner Myers Impanatail
a jury, who returned a verdict of acci
dental death, exonerating lanfgar
Cooper from all blame.
It (lea t rieee Vader th Ats T
th llllaol Aatl-Trat taw.
St. Loiw, Jnly 14. Th Ranrnatv
Massa Jewelry Supply company ra
ceived a telegram from Chicago stating
that tbe watch trust had gone to fiaosa
under tb action of tb Illinois aai
tmstlaw. The watch trust was tt
jobbers' association of rmfo'.T i
wtMiurawaJ ot o.. w
crnmbUd ont of existence. 1 v
Intion wa also hastened ty t '
drawal and snit of the Joeph ,1 t
Watch company recently, which, stut
expotod tb: issids workings of the trnat.
Tw Oreat Horses Matkcd.
New York, July 14. Michael Dwyer
bas matched his great horse Longstraet
against Ed Corrigan's Riley for $1,000
side and a purse f.5,000, to be given by
the Brightou Beach Racing association.
The distance has not vet been definitely
decided npon, but will be either one and
three-quarters or two miles. Tbe raoa
will probably be run. early next week.
To I'd I to the Twine.
St. Pacl, July 14. Th Chamber of
Commerce authorized the appointment
of a committee to represent St. Paul in
a conference with a similar committee)
representing Minneapolis to inaugural
a movement for the speedy nnion of tha
cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Tallow rover Ratine;.
New York, July 14. -Work m tht)
Nicaraguan canst is reported at a stand
still, White labor is discouraged and
only negroes can be obtained to do any
work. Yellow fever is said to ba rag
ing in Nicaragua.
Moaner Acropt.
Hartford, July 14. George II. Hc
mer announced that he bad accepted
the challenge of Tenyck to row for $200
a side. If a suitable rurse can ba raised
the race will be rowed hero.
Death of a rromlaent lewoa
Des Moines, Jnly 14. Thomas H.
Lee of Red Oak, secretary of tha Demo
cratic state central committee, died at
hi horn of heart trouble after a bht
Caleag Ll took.
I'aioa arura TAana. I
CaicAuOt July U. I
rATTI.K - btlfnalod rorelpta. OW boad.
Kaiite. St l M. cow aat Wia, tltXAXav.
T"i l Ml i , nteodr.
Is,a lutibuited i-ipta 11,90 moaC
!!, r n:-Hv,,t,, an ml d aMO.uavtNal
ks iii. fl lial f irm,
Hli,Kf-ftaiiM. rtnjAJi wkraa, $-
tAuU, IVaaua, St s St tea.
t hl(o Uiola a4 IfeoeliUna.
I'atrAOft Jaif M
raao cur t-i stMt.
CATTt K rttMt .!.'. .) d-
l)UMt ta MM M .! (WW. i a
au 4 Mwt tu it u xua !. ,4HlvlMI,l
!. - teuwH r i- o twaJ.
Mia M A " N
Woh , Itoeh. .
Voa avw a vo
! It I
rirni-NiM twoiH. '
!..,, leu I. . Htw, IW Wl M to.
AA M In M lo, )'
,' A4 Iu. wi 4 f
f I ,Wo. r4ki SV, oaoii,
t; nil ia a.f Ta a4 eww .
Nh-.w ImoH twfa aw two W
U ' yv 'H, ul a io., owsaa,
at .unii w
atr - kolunawi teiwe t oA mm
Wrir.AT-oly avi-axetwohor, ktla,
(l'H - Jnir joo e4'"te.
ilAIM Jl. JW, .Httf. V'rn!
IitK - Ja.f, flu U, SvloWt, t
.AMi.i'i tWtt. .iwt tssiva.
etor aiettiy, Kso.a, suSim
, a