The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, June 18, 1891, Image 1

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latTtOKsr At tbe easiest and cheapest
It of notifying tubtcribert of the date
'itrexpiraliont we will mark this notice
ta Dtue or rea pencil, on tneaaieatwnicB
subeeriDtton expire.. We will tend the
rr two weekt after expiration. If Dot re
tr M time it win m mtooatinuea.
idea Appearance of Numerable
(Tall Women In Public Place.
lie number of tall women to be
on Broadway is remarkable,
redo they all come from? It ia
ashion to be tall andstraight and
ler and willowy, because it is a
well adapted to tlittbest display
he latest things in Parisian
Inery and dress goods. But have
en the power to suddenly prow
in order to meet a prevailing
n half way, as they might
ine their liatrr Jt certainly
like it. For there never was a
hen so many tail women could
Ibey run all the way Iron.
i to 0 feet li. You can meet 0
hen in couples by the down.
sttlway any afternoon. By the
le ordinary run 01 men these
ok 0 feet H.
are two theories for the
xcess of tall women -one that
leehnnical process has been
ed and is being secretly
)01 by which stout women are
ut into I0112 aua slender le
nt ho other, that these women
ways existed and are now
brought forth from their
1fit by the inexorable decree of
The latter would seem to
lore reasonable explanation.
was the fashion lor women
jnbonpoint the tall and slender
hid herself away from public
nuch as possible, bhe Mirunx
boots and walked stoop-
red when she was to be seen in
laces. Now that she has her
she is making good use of it.
everywhere. She walketh erect
ponday also in the evening.
)j she has a beau she chooses one
Kiln look down upon. It accent'
fel her girallic style. Her clinging
oping, Bernhardt draperies still
her lead forward and upward.
a comparatively easy thing for a
an of five feet six to add lour
es to her apparent height if she
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uui mi, i: an Alio voj nuiu
is horrible to the sex just now.
fat woman suggests the 10 cent
seum. Lietner await her turn ana
fatter in anticipation of her
ng triumph New York Letter,
Three Confederates Who Came
ff the Dismal Swamp In July,
and Surrendered.
3 there are not a few indica
hat skirts are likely tab less
:, yet the trimmings and
tea will perserve the effect of
Iness- now in vogue for some
come. Olrservng eyes have
I the modifications which the
js styles have gradually under
Jeadily approaching a repeti-
111 UMO 111 111C imio VI
Philippe, the main feature
are a moderately full cor-
(B91 large high sleeves, and a
fl reau skirt with a ruche or
corsage is given the most at
? fyQy the modiste. All varieties
I t'ular, and will be throughtout
.mer. Very prominent are the
$ coats, with vests and with
f 4 d some have triple skirts of
IiAod length and width.
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f $ Arwwas prompt and to the
." jpoiiil rgt. Tewsbury and guard
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vne iiis over.
Aftitood deal of laughter the
provoafshal, was ordered to re
ceive capitulation, which wns
condnin due form. Tewsbury, an
old Ylan, ordered his squad a
eouplJeorginns to give up their
guns J sign the papers, reserving
himsefthe man of all the Confed
erate Is to surrender.
The! sergeant's description of
the wie found out the war wns
over iinmusing. He and his com
pnniojnd been posted on the edge
o? tliejmp to watch movements of
the u troops from Norfolk, with
orderl remain until relieved and
siKl.fniijOii game and fish for "three
yearsit last he met an old negro
who t him the war had been over
for nty a year, which "tickledv him
hettesin "if lie had been kicked by
a iiiuj as he exprened it.
red Collars and Cuffs.
Wojlineii is ft most deceptive
addeijn the sum total of apparel,
A paold cuffs will look m bewitch
Ingly fpectable after a vWt to a
good (itiiulry that you will taks
tliffn f with thankful teiulorue
ami ut them while a look of le
niguit; wainUri all over them,
'Iidn know I fver rould wear
them rniii"' you say, ami yon M o
atiiUat liaviiigtountiHl onengaiuot
that tbullnl oppoitf nt, th "rniKrdy
mail, f tourtu you havs felt to,
fii'l jtt at mirely a yut hav
b'.iiii Mowii ttiti after, and found
your wit emirtltil bv a pair of
itoiinl h.I tlirt.wv ciu!. A little rub
lure ail a !nt! rul then, a fj
j! n tl dut from hiojlur rarthaiul
a U-iu.iMU'ii front a raindrop andj
nr t4t hate gn U whemsS
h?y raiyfrtiiit oiide the paU oil
i'l4.iiii)r, stt tim yen treat
tiittne ctftae ttptwtM l!ililr, but
lMine ill ItyntuMt tpnaiii Oft tOiomy
U rontr-tii the mil lee wtiun ojii
your iir , jwi'll Miwitl aii.
i it ti'U tVt. Turtnl OIwIm),
A hw i ul l urty rlt .t
l'lrat!f tttf niuea wul er Im
siixuat il wae4 t Jf the (ihiI p
l'l 'Hdt6' itni 4 Alliaave aiewt
fl " ik fmt, eUt UHMtieik. Tints
U tiwul lite etily tomtuixlit the 1
t ral their ss Ihtsk t the lotg
eoBilbu m-'Uiutilost (4 ths twio
i4 lh rtM ta ws It la titeatilu'
uUie Id Iktv leatu hum ttt unlujir
t.He vsrirsl irsiturt wh.i Urwrl ,
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The Illinois Legislator on Trial foi
Making Bogus Voters.
Crota Examination of the Art owl Con
tlaaed Pefaultinv Soatb Dakota Treat
rer CaplnreU Preferred a Death
Sentence Freacby No., t.
Chicaoo, Jnne 10.- State Represents
tire Sol Van Praag was put on trial in
Judge Blodgett's court on a charge of
conspiracy and subordination in connec
tion with naturalization frauds before
the election last fall. John Callahan,
an uncle of the two Murray boys who
were concerned in the case, testified
that one of them bad been in the conn
try four years and the other two months.
The eldest bad declared his intention of
going down and taking out papers. Cal
lahan went down as a witness, and the
brother accompanied them. At the
court house they met Van Praag, who.
on learning they were Democrats, told
tho brothers that they would havu to
say they were here five years. He
then took them to the Democratic
headquarters, where papers were
given them and they went back to
Judge Driggs' court. One of the boys
made a mititake, saying he had lieen
here only since 180. Then they seenred
another blank aud went before Judge
Waterman, where the papers were se
enred. Pat and John Murray told snli
stantially the same story. They de
clared Van Praag put them . np to all
the perjury they committed. Pat said
Van Praag cautioned him about answer
ing questions of the jndge and told him
that if he made any mistakes he would
be thrown down stairs. Pat said he
didn't pay for the papers, the expense
having been met by the Democratic
naturalization bureau. . For the de
fense, John Balleutyne, clerk of the
bureau, testified that be remembered
the Murray boys very well and was
positive that Van Praag was net with
them. State Representative Mclneruey
testified that Callahan had a very pour
reputation for veracity.
King Murder Trial.
Memphis, Tenn., Jnue 10. -The cross
examination ef the accused, CoL King,
in the Poston murder trial whs con
tinued. The witness said he received
money from Mrs. Pillow only in liqui
dation of indebtedness to him. He had
never bad a final settlement with Mrs.
Pillow, who still owed litio large sums
of money. Witness declared timt Mrs.
Pillow and her son-in-law, Mr. Shields
of Birmingham had entered into a con
spiracy to defraud him out of his es
tate, to blacken bis cliaracter and to
take bis life. Witness tbongbt . it
necessary to prepare himself and be
ready for any emergency. Witness de
nied that he sent a message to T. P,
Chambers, an associate counsel in the
King-Pillow suit, to the effect that he
would kill him if he did not withdraw
certain charges made in the cross bill
filed in the case.
Witness testified that there was noth
ing in the King-Pillow (litigation that
warranted the scandal coinpluiued of in
the cross bill. Witness remembered
with absolute certainty what trans
pired between himself aud Mr. Poston
at the time of the shooting. He had no
more idea of meeting D. S. Poston in
front of Lee's cigar store than he had
of meeting the man ia the moon. Wit
ness iajnot an expert shot. Was atone
time when in the army, bnt his eye
sight is now imperfect and his nerves
To Sue the Government.
Philadelphia, June 10. The follow
ing resolutions were adopted at a meet
ing of the association of depositors of
the wrecked Spring Garden National
That it is the sense of this meeting that
some arrangemeut Ira made whereby suit
may be'brought against the United States
government to recover onr lost money, as
the government is mainly responsible or
our loss, through the incapacity of its
sworn ofliciiils.
A resolution was adopted asking the
president to inquire into the conduct of
United States District Attorney Read
with regard to the arrest of the officials
of the Spring Garden bank. It is sa
that warrants were obtained for the
rest of Directors Ephriam Young
N. F. Evans at the same time Presid
Kennedy and Cashier Kennedy were
rested. It is said that the two directors
were show be illegal borrowers from
the bank. warrants for the arrest
of the two d ors are said to be in the
hands of Re d, and the association
wants to know why they have not been
Itefaaltlag Treanrer Carlered
He Bom, & D., June 10. A U. Shonti,
the defaulting treasurer of the Pleasant
View school townthip who skipped
several months since, was brought here
form Oregon, and is now In jstl.
N'othiug has yet been learned from
Eugene Heath, treasurer of llnrtlaud
school towuthip, who tin bren uiiMing
since Wmluesday. He is thort nearly
f oo in tchool accounts and a snug imu
rJUd from the tale of wool from l.'tO
sheep belonging to anoltuT patty,
"rreht Me. I."
Ktw York, June lA-The m i.f
'Fwirnjr No, I," or "Jack the Rnqwr."
who U tudictrd for the Uimdcf f Car
rie llfown. a fall'ii woman. w4 not
reached In the i rtmtiml com it. An 'll
tttU'U will I lufrle l.y the il fi-inlnnt
wli. n brought luloii'tirt to plead to llm
lii littiut'Ui f.r a iueiunt on tiV
ground B uaebl la dia
H'Vtr the whrvU."l . wineerw
w h"we prewiu it kneiir fiVf him to
litske a Uefriuw, 1h evi4ut aint
t'rettchf M sntirelr imauinUatUl. lie
pro lt a ia taiitneiM a,l 0t laut he
tttow Hi'tUu aUi'it lite iiiurUn,
ftete're4 a leib Seeloaee.
Niw York. June It -The Jury la the
rate if let liuand Uaa, vharKed
with the a rttvl. r nf t tiarU'a Ui,
April Sf IWI, Mrnl a imiu t
toiudor la the l d. tre. Wlie
liit wee af'rmnl if the aslafswl
lae terdii I Im Uiiuwd it s a huut
Htttfi I da t wtut U1'Hk i,u- nt; waul
Tacnaia, Wh., Oaee Dry for tbe t'lre!
Time la Ite Hist err.
Tacoua. Wash., June 10 Some timt
ago tbe Anti-Sunday Saloon associa
tion, a religious organisation composed
of clergymen and church members, be
gan prosecuting saloons which kept
open Sundsy when a state law said they
should not. Conviction was obtained
against a saloonkeeper a few days ago
and last Sunday for the first time in the
history of the city not a saloon or gamb
ling house was open.
: After the conviction the saloonkeep
ers decided to rnb in the state law and
give tbe people plenty of. The law for
bids any kind of "business beiut done
except that of undertakers, livery
stables and hotels. The Saloonkeepers'
Union sent out a formal notice and not
a restaurant, cigar store or newstand
dared to open. One or two confection
ery and fruit stands, defied the notice
and they are expected to be prosecuted
by the saloonkeepers.
. it is thought the effect of this whole
sale closing will bring about a reeal of
the State law and defeat the Snnday
closing movement. The hotels could
not accommodate the hungry crowdn
used to got meals at restaurants.
Foar Vonng People rind Watery Gravel
at Uoehford While Out
float Riding.
Watekloo, June 10. A fearful acci
dent took place at Rockford, which re
sulted in the drowning of two gentle
men and two ladies. A. D. Cooley and
Herman Anderson, two employes of
the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and
Northern railway, went to Rockford
where they met two young la
dies. Miss Jennie Rollins of Marble
Rock and Miss Annie Kohler of Ply
mouth. The two young ladies were
employed in a hotel at Rockford, and
all four were engaged to be married.
After church they started out to take a
short boat ride. About 9 o'clock a man
crossing the bridge over the Shell Rock
river beard one of the young ladies tell
ing young Cooley not to rock the boat.
This was the last known of them until
their dead bodies were pulled from the
They Emphatically Object tn Lea'
Hornet Established Veers
Cuambeui.ain'. S. D., June 16. The
Indians on the lower Brule reservation
had a grand pow-wow at tbe agency
upon matters relating to their removal
to their new reservation. In view of
the early expected visit of a Sioux com
mission to be sent here to aid in such
removal the attendance was very full.
This removal is of great importance to
the Indians, the great majority of whom
will be required to abandon homes long
since established, as the agency itself
must be, moved to a point nearly ..oppo
site Crow Creek agency. Tbe Indians
are much opposed to removal, and the
commission will have difficulty in se
curing their consent to the change.
Rayt the Indiana Are Contented.
Chicaoo, .Tnne 10. Capt. Frank
Baldwin, of the Fifteenth infantry, re
turned from Pine Ridge, whither be had
gone to attend the meeting of the com
missioners sent to mark the dividing
linn between the Rosebnd and Pine
Ridge agencies. Twenty-seven chiefs
met the commissioners, and Capt.
Baldwin says there will be no friction
regarding the dividing line, but that the
Ogallalas agree to have the line moved
sixteen miles to its proper place. After
the meeting 000 Brides held as prisoner
of war since the Indian war were re
leased. The Indians, Capt. Baldwin
says, are well contented, their rations
being liberal and according to specifica
tions. Decided Not to Modify It.
Erie, Pa., June lC.-The visiting
committee of the soldiers' and sailors
home visited the Erie home and gave
the remonstrating pensioners a hearing.
After convassingthe matter thoroughly
they decided not to modify the new reg
ulation in the least and H0 per cent,
of all inmates' pensions must be
turned over to the commission's treas
urer, Capt. Lowell. The commission
has decided that only in special cases
will the pensions be turned into the
fund for the maintenance of the home.
Tbe money will be turned over to the
dependent families at the home when
the time is np. Sixty veterans have
ken discharges and over t hundred
will leave the home.
Panic Among .lint Jemmere,
Cincinnati. Jane 10. ire m the city
hospital caused a panic among tbe pat
ients in the ward devoted to cases of
alcoholism A number of patients were
lying strapped to their coU and their
cries and euorts to etcape caused great
confusion. The patients were finally
removed aaftdy aud the tire extinguish
ed aftel causiug a damage of i-i.WO,
New J e rare.
Ni'w (ni AN, Jaue Jo The rase of
Tboiuat P. McCrvttal anil .lainet Cootie
charged with tampering with a Juror la
toe tienneeay murder e. rsme np tn
the iTiiuliml court. A quettion as tn
ftlio rtjtllarit V r,f tnrv ,L,nal
raised tv the def mte, and Judge Marr
touft IDS mailer Uailcf rolitldt-rattou.
CaleeewM Threaten Meke T.M,
Mwtroi i, Jnua Itt-.l U Parker,
storekeeper the Chippewa reset va
tion. wat in low a and says the Indians
re well armed and determined to main
tain what they conceive t-i 1 their
ruhi They threaten to thot-t av on
in ha attempts t rtr the broken daw.
A Mrtate erteel.
PITT-HI Hil.JlMl (ft. Th WoUth It reel
brtd., ronaet tiu 'i;utir Al'e
Khrttr, was daning! to the eiteat uf
tt.oiMJ by Are, lore ritM-n wr
nocked in th rier by a wil l h.,
but aere rv utl by the wew v4 a ( .
t( tugboat,
Milt ttaade Me twite,
Fait, Kit is. Matt,, Jine la. A ttrlks
tim)lis( Ti,v mill xpef-Jme, la thla
tit) IS liufltaeut. It M le-hetej the
ew',!.a feianafettiuert will ak their eta
t l..vm iu avett a rhu ti waea,
i will prwWdy i rvftM4 aai
rMlf wl wtfli tetitlU
A Closed Season Established as a
Preliminary to Arbitration.
Thee1 are Introdnelng New Methods la
be Raiting of Bananas Itestoratloa el
the Sboreham Hotel Westerk
Weather rine. j. (
Washinqtoji, June 15. The agree
ment between England and tbe United
States to prevent the further catch of
seals in the Bearing sea was signed by
the representatives of the two govern
ments. The final correspondence is
made public. i f
On June 11 Sir Julian Panacefote
communicates Lord Salisbury's reply to
the last proposal of Mr. Wharton in
which be says: "His lordship states
that the president's refusal to adopt his
suggestion with respect to Russia -, ren
ders the proposed modus Vivendi much
less valuable. Nevertheless, iu view of
tne urgency of the case, bis lordship is
disposed to authorize me to sign an
agreement in the precise terms formu
lated in your note of June U, provided
the question of a joint commission be
not left in doubt, and that your govern
ment will give an assurance in home
form that they will concur in a refer
ence to a joint commission to ascertain
what permanent measures are neces
sary for the preservation of tho fur seal
species In the northern Pacific ocean."
Under date of June 11 Acting Secre
tary Wharton says be is directed by the
president to say that the government of
the United States, recognizing the fact
that that full and adequate measures
for the protection of seal life should em
brace the whole of Behring Sea and
portions of northern Pacific ocean, will
have no hesitancy in agreeing in con
nection with her majesty s government,
to the appointment of a. joint commis
sion to ascertain what permanent meas
ures are necessary for the preservation
of the seal species in the waters referred
to; such an agreement to be signed
simultaneously wit li the convention for
arbitration, and to be withont prejudice
to the questions to be submitted to the
"m June 13 Sir Julian, in A note to
Wharton, says: "I now have the
honor to inform you that I have this
day received a telegraphic reply from
Lord Salisbury, in w ;h, wliile con
veying to me authority to sign tbe pro
posed agreement for a modus vivendi
contained in your note of June 9, his
lordship desires me to place on record
that it is signed by me on ; the clear
understanding that the joint edmmis
sion will be appointed withont delay.
On that understanding, therefore, I
shall be prepared to attend at tbe state
department for tha purpose of signing
the agreement at sach time at jrou may
be good enough to appoint."
lo this Mr. Wharton, on the same
day replied, saying: "The president di
rects me to say, in response to yonr
note of this date, that his assent to tbe
proposition for a joint commission, as
expressed in my note of June 9, was
gi- :i in the expectation that both gov
ernments would use every proper effort
to adjust the remaining points of dif
ference in the general correspondence
relating to arbitration and to agree
upon the definite terms of a submission
and the appointment of a joint commis
sion, without necessary delay. He is
glad that an agreement has finally been
reached for the tiending season, and I
beg to say that if yon will call at the
department next Monday, I will be glad
to put into writing and give formal at
testation to tbe modus vivendi which
has been agreed npon,"
Americans locating In Honduras.
Washington, June 10. The Bureau
of American Republics is in receipt of a
letter from a prominont American citi
zen of Honduras, of which the following
is an extract: ,
The northern part of this republic,
which is the best part adapted for agri
culture rail fruit growing, is just uuvr im
proving rapidly, particularly in the neigh
borhood of San Pedro Stila, the present
terminus of the railroad. Quite a num
ber of Americans have located in that vi
cinity and have engnged in fruit culture;
many of them are from California and ex
perienced fruit growers. The Americans
are introducing the industry of drying the
bananas. Tbe ripe banaua when dry re
sembles the tig. They are telling In the
United Stutet at 30 cents a pound, at
which price they are far more profitable to
the grower thuu selling the bnnanus in
tbe bunch to the tteamship owners. The
result of this movement will tie to gives
great Impet us lo their cultivation arid to
secure a much higher price to tha pro
ducers. The !iext Irult lands are telling at
S per acre, anil it costs about IU per acre
to clear and pUnt the ground with Imu
anas. These price are in llondurean current-?,
worth ) per ceut lutli Auietl
tan dollars.
Ileetoratlen f the Shorehae.
Wasmino.ton, June lO.-The restora
tion of the Shorehain. Xw Prident
Morton's hotel, is going forward with
all potwiblw speed under the supervition
of Architect Itt-bert T. Fleming. It tt
a big and delicate undertaking, but
nothing will be left undone to liiske the
work complete in every particular, to
that whan Uutilied tht building w:l I
aattdidaa the ingenuity of arthitect
and bui I. ler and the uw of th beet
materiel ttn make It. The work
Of the ttory la alreadf
complete, sol It l r I lifted to have
the rulirt) job bntbed by the 1st of hep.
telllWf. 'I lie total ltt tt let lrd to
be In the iirlfc-hU.rlek.l of $lln.ot.
ths rrttoralloA of Hi hooee Ar, hltn
i'h'tliillg M ill II Holie f I he lililMg be
tween jot), which it U'lieved to litre
rotted lb woodwork and rited lbs
filiuj ut the floor in ttie baiu.
Iff una Weetfttf
VHi .) t, June 19. -In Hi weekly
crop weather uiw ths t gntl ffl re.
p..rit at follows- liakots, i,ht tains
and sut d.-vuih tit a few r .untie.
Minnesota, .eatbr f4.-tUei ;!
tr. but rata t tM- nl worm
woitititf lit ttaia kitsiiltMV Neb?!,
I'iw pets lira awl nlMtaJtat reui
rn bat iiaerd, Iiwa, lain Wlw ao
nit I. ttttiiltkiut, t't'4 in (om.H
twitt, kXiiaat. fta)Uioat wafavuta l
fit (tra other rop 4-int! ib Mia- I
oari best jinepeeta dw tittteat u ao I
tuat w r utt Mt oii.
fropeeed Action f tha Hoeta Dakota
liaakert Assoclallen.
Yakktom, S. D., Jnne IS. It is given
out that the South Dakota State Bank
ers' association bas taken hold of the
matter of making a test of tbe law
which prescribes that private banks
must incorporate under state or nation
al law. It was understood several days
ago that the teat would be made by pri
vate individuals, bnt the State Bankers'
association has greater means avail
able and the fight will . be long
and warm. Tbe liest legal talent
in the state pronounce the law
unconstitutional and there are circuit
judges who have JgniHed a willingness
to give an opinion to that effect withont
argument. Attorney Oeneral Dullard
will consent to have that done and the
rase will go at once tn tbe supreme
court There are 00.0i)0 and mere In
tbe private banks of the state, nearly
every dollar of which would be ex
pended should the luw be sustained.
The new law takes effect Sept. 10 and
the case will be taken into court as soon
thereafter as possible. All private
banks will continue business until the
question is settled.
Delegates Assembling at Columbut la
Large Mumbert Arrival
of Major McXInlejr.
Colcmbcs, O., June 10. The Repub
lican convention which convenes at 2
o'clock p. m. has drawn the largest
crowd ever in attendance at a similar
gathering in the state and a mass meet
ing will be held in ths state house
gronnds at night in order to give all the
visitors a chance to hear Sherman, For
aker and other leaders of the party. -
Major McKinley arrived shortly after
11 a. in. accompanied by the Stark
county delegation and several hundred
friends and neighbors. The trip from
Canton was a continual ovation and bis
reception here was in the nature of a
triumph. He was received at ths depot
by a shouting multitude, and escorted
by innumerable clubs and brass bands
to bis quarters at the Neil Honne. His
nomination for governor is assured and
the work of tbe convention will be con
fined to the minor offices.
Chairman Tanbeneck Baa Soaaa Sur
prises In Store.
Springfield, Ills., June 10. Chair
man Taubeneck, of the national commit
tee of the People's party, was in tbe city
and talked very confidently about the
prospects of that party in the next cam
paign. Active work is to be begun at
once. He goes to Kentucky next week
to commence organizing that state, arid
Ohio, Mississippi, Minnesota and Iowa
will next be visited. Tbe work, he
said, is to be conducted on an entirely
different plan from that usually fol
lowed by the political parties. Taube
neck declined to say what tbe plan was,
but said some political sensations may
be looked for.
Defective Kansas Legislation.
Topkka, Kan., June 10. If the in
vestigations of the attorney general are
not stopped there will be nothing left
except Peffer and a big expense to the
state, to show that Kansas had a session
of tbe legislature in 1MH. It was offici
ally announced as the opinion of the at
torney general that the law creating the
board of public works is unconstitu
tional. Meanwhile the old stateheuse
commissioners and the other boards
having charge of the state's property
have resigned and a board of j public
works bas been appointed. The matter
will be taken into the supreme court
and if the attorney general's opinion is
sustained the state will have no one in
charge of its public improvements.
Applicants for the Maes'.
Norfolk, Va., June 10. An examin
ation of applicants for positions in the
navy yard was held. All the positions
ia which manual labor is employed will,
by order of Secretary Trucy,- become
vacant next, month and it is for the pur-
pose of selecting competent persons to
till these places that the examination
was held. The examination was prac
tical in its cliaracter, having reference
exclusively to the requirements of the
places to be filled and was directed to
ascertaining the applicants' knowledge
of his business.
. A Hig Jury Mnddle.
Wheeling, W. Va.. June 18. A se
sation has been caused in legal circle
the state by tbe discovery t
over fonr-fifths of tbe juries drawn
since tho session of the legislature
were drawn illegally. At its
last session the legislature
modified the jury laws, and owing to a
misunderstanding tbe changes were gen
erally dieregardrtd. Dozens of import
ant trials will be rendered void, and
thousands of dollars lost. In some cir
cuits the judges have refuted to bold
court until the new law Is tested.
Retired Irons Beslnest,
Chicaoo, June 10. R. W. Dunham
& Co., ronimnwion merchants ,on I lie
Hoard ot Trad,cload out their trad and
announced their retirement from bui
uee, The memlien of the firm say bad
luioiiieM and tlow collection canoed the
firm to retire and that the winding up
of their business tt riot a failure iu auy
ten. Norton As Worihiiigtoa have
aMituiett all contracts of tha brut.
fen a Slate I e!ersil.
low Cttv, la, June W. The eonv
men. tuienl eieit iet of the state Oi l
vertitr were largely attended, the spe
cial event Mug the WcaUe!e ad
dree, tit 'r letw A, J. ItoUut, of
Drake ttuivefsttv, th aloinet, Tha
li.eute wat "How to Attain taw Huprviu
tiowkt,Hilrakitist from Adt itiv, 10,
a. o i". n.
DtTaoir, U:ia,, J ana II -The )
I re Mb anaiul kiewtiaf of the grttt-l
lodge, Art, lent tknlsr I'siVe-l Wr kmit,
rttMtettm! here, t he tnpreioe rif J t tn
JHt b"M aw t' ee I'M hl4
lunai last w, wi'h ." tHHUlowa,
Hatnskwtett Kilt Meet m tttha,
T. UK Uo., JarllTrtstetift
nana! iotrritanieMt of the Weetovrt
Peafpth Mter' I-WHeitf Hofth Aruer'e'j
clae,l a'trf Hie ef t4,u,"
tn prttce. It wat decided t suM tha
nt tuestilltt Id OuMiiii ttt 13'
Chairman Finlej's Tourist Date De
cision Likely to Cause Trouble.
They Protest Agalntt the Union Faelno
Fasorlng an Alleged Monopoly West
era Board of Commissioners la
Session at Chicago.
Chicaoo, June 16. Trouble is likely
to grow out of Chairman Finley's de
cision, by which he authorizes the
Atchison and otber lines to establish
summer "wurist rates from Kansas City
to east ' n points by issuing through
ticketsr way of Chicago at a rate
equal to the sum of the locals by way of
St. Louis. In doing this the chairman
coolly replied to the Alton's threat by
giving it a slap in tbe face.
The Alton urged that the equality
could only be obtained by a reduction
on tbe round trip rate between Kansas
City and Chicago, and that tho fact of
the boycott, the sale of tho through
tickets to eastern points aud return at
reduced rates would place the Alton at
a disadvantage, bnt the chairman saw
fit to brush the argument aside, and he
baa been notified by the Alton people
that as a measure of self -protect ion they
will at once reduce the round trip rate
between Kansas City and Chicago suffi
ciently to put their road on an equal
footing with its competitors. Unless
the other roads decline to avail them
selves of the. authority given them by
Finley a rate war is imminent, for it
cannot be doubted that Finley and the
Alton people are equally determined to
maintain their positions.
Wyoming Merchants are Alarmed,
Omaha, Jnne 10. A delegation of
business men from Rock Springs, Wyo.,
arrived in the city to lay before Oeneral
Manager Clark of tbe Union Pacific a
numerously-signed protest against tbe
renewal of tbe contract to again make
the lieckwlth Commercial company nay
master of the Union Pacini; coal de
partment. Tho Beckwith company
owns and operates a nnmber of general
merchandise store? along the line of
the Union Pacific in Wyoming and bas
for years controlled trade at all the im
portant mining centers in the state.
The organization is now extending into
Colorado and Utah.
In the petition which will be pre
sented to Manager Clark tbe business
men and miners of Rock Springs allege
that the Beckwith company is a grasp
ing monopoly, and that by reason of
their controlling the wage earnings of
the miners the prices of the necessaries
of life have been considerably advanced.
The petitioners further allege that the
Beckwith company is offering $30,000
for tbe BriviVie tx handling ts pay
roll of the Union Pacific coal depart
ment. Tbe petition is signed by all the
merchants and miners of Rock springs.
A Baltimore and Ohio Breach.
Akron, O., Jnne 16. The new branch
of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad be
tween this city and Chicago Junction.
which has just been completed was
openea, trams naving run over it tor
the first time. The road, which is
seventy-three miles long, makes an im
portant link in the new Baltimore and
unto route to unicago irom nttstrarg,
lessening the distance between Balti
more and the western tenninus of the
Baltimore and Ohio more than fifty
The Big 8is In Session.
Chicago, June 10. Arguments were
heard by the board of commissioners of
the Western Traffic, association on a
proposition to advance tbe passenger
rate from Missouri river points to Utah
common points from $17.50 to $33. An
other matter before the board is the es
tablishment of rates on salt from points
in Kansas to tbe Missouri river and
freight Bate Question.
Beatrice. Neb., June It. Receiver
Newman Erb, Superintendent E. Sum
merliald, Oeneral Attorney John Hatch
ings and Chief Clerk L. F. Brother ton
of the Kansas City Wyandotte and
Northwestern, were in the city con
ferring with the board of trade and
merchants generally cn the freight rate
Fighting Over Funds for Ireland.
New York, Jane 10. fe'onncellor W.
Lane O'Neill, who, within the last ten
days has succeeded, on application to
the New York supreme court, on behalf
of tbe Parnellites, tn temporarily re
straining Eugene Kelly from sending
any more of the flH.OOO of the Irish
funds in his hands to the McCarthyitea,
it nothing dannted by the temporary
setback of J n 'life tkrtlett's docmon ,
wnica practically vacated tbe restraint.
Lawyer O'Neill has served pajiert tn
second motion npon entirely new evi
dence for an injunction on the tame
terms at the recent rvetrstut which he
imposed upon defeudant Kngen Kelly,
and a very interetting legal bnt lie may
be rontidVntly looked forward to, as the
combatants are now coming tadoee
quarters in the ttrugt.
the Anaeomlt Mel Sold.
8tt Fa tact k June tn. Irwin C.
Uump, ths agent for tha Heart! estate,
which ia one f the principal owners ef
tb Anaconda ptr iniiiet. denied
any knowledge) of the proliU said
of thee to i nee, at report! in tl-
ern tiitpanrtee, tin ttut that in
property wa Untied ! sa ttigiutt cor
porate kaotvn as the i; t;il,.rtuoa cviii
iHtitf, an t tbe tx-n I will eipir tat. I,
nut. I tit ringbolt pepl have not
giiea any totiU attua that they totat
It buy tbt iuuh t.
Car Tetssseptd.
8t Fs t. a, June it A colUnon.
tx i iMd tttte4 tbe Lj Angeles e.
rot aud freight " ttv
he KeoM-idvet . tit Ma tratps vera
;-tdiy delMMl ty4 the Kil t,4 eiprt
rsf mi lies Mrugef train weta tern
K1 Utakemaa JudsH of lae
height was killed aad l.hilaewrs Maura
.1 Ahh..ftl t, 1 tattth ti.u.ati immMM host,
lA'tf- etmlrrr tf b ft-tmpf wtf
The Coat Strike la Iowa Believed. tt Sa
Approaching Ike End. : '
Ottawa, Ia.,June 16. There ia evwy
indication that the strike of tbe lowt
miners for tbe eight-day will soon ba aft
an end. Tbe miners' expectations fa
tbe way of aid have not been realiaei,.
Last week tbe distribution was so taaaS
it augmented tbe growing discontent.
Heavy shipments of coal are coming fat
from other states, and this adds to the
chagrin of the miners. Two hundred
colored men are at work between Mystia
and Ottnmwa, on the Milwaukee road,
and leading operators at Centrerille de
clare they will import enough colored
miners to run their works. Within a
week one-half of the Iowa mines will
be in operation.
Shot Himself. -
Hax.vibai., Mo., Jnne Id. Norman
Parks,' the . 18-year-old son of J. &
Parks, foreman of the Hannibal Saw
mill company, shot himself. Tbe ballot
tsok effect in tbe back of the bead and
will prove fatal. It is supposed to have
been suicide, bnt no cause is sssirned
for tbe act, as be was in nnusnall nbjb
spirits all day. -
Is Soldiers Killed by ri rates en Ittltjo
ilan Coast The Canadian Cabinet
Irish Land Bilk
Batoim, Jnne 10. A boat contain
ingfive Russian soldiers met a Strang
boat manned by pirates. The officer in
command of the soldiers ordered tha
pirates to lay to. They answered with
ft volley, which killed four stadias.
The survivors managed to pull ashore, '
and the boat manned by fonr soldiers -was
again sent oat. After two of them
were killed and tha other two wounded
a third boat was sent out, only to taj
that the pirates - had escaped. A gun
boat bat gone in pursnit. .
A Canadian Village on rim. '
Ottawa, June 18. The village ot
Cnsselman, about thirty milea from
here, is on fire and is It Italy to be en
tirely destroyed. Huge piles of fonbar,
factories, stores and residences have al
ready been consumed. A detaebnexft i.
of firemen have been sent from hare.
Canada's Cabinet,
Ottawa, Ont., Jnne 16. Mr. Abbott
bas succeeded in forming his cabinet
and the announcement will be mad im
parliament The cabinet will ranab'
as it was except the bead.
The Irish Land BUL
Losdok, June 16. Inthe house of,
commons the Irish land purchase biH
passed a third reading by a vote of 3
to 90.
all far lajnnetlon Filed Agates
Tetaa Iasnranee Clan, '' .
Arttis, Jnne 18. Attorney QtumedL
Culberson has filed a suit for In
gainst the Texas Insnranoa clnb, TZ
application is based on the law againcx
trusts, passed by the last legislatnr.
On April 15, at Dallas, several intmr- .
ance companies formed themselves infcr!
clnb for tbe purpose of limiting coat '
missions and otherwise regulating base-
ness. This is the first attempt to etao
tically enforce tbe trust law and she
outcome is being watched with fav
terest .
A Milwaukee and Northern Accident. ,
Clhtox, Wis.. Jane 10. A passen
ger train on the Milwaukee and North
ern road left the track about six mils
south of this city. The baggage car
and two coaches jumped the track.
Following is the list of injured: Rich
ard Wagner, German St adt company.
Milwaukee, back hurt; Mrs. C. F. Dnt
ton, Milwaukee, side hurt; C. H. Barn
dale, Milwaukee, slight injury in tha
side. Several others were more or lessv
crairlcd and bruised.
The Portuguese minister of the interior
is preparing a bill to prevent Portuguese,
emigration to America.
The Charltonburg Jewish commission
hat sent 50boo Russian Jews to Bremen
and Hamburg for embarkation.
The Chinese emperor's edict orders tha
prompt beheading of all persons impli
cated In tile recent rlott and massacres.
Reports from all parts of North and
South Dakota and Minnesota tell of a
rainstorm ot wide extent and generally
At C'Arpdntersville,Ilhs.,lIghtulng struck
a barn, la tha door of which stood two
work men. Theodore Sch ulu wat instant
ly Killed and John Ilartela fatally hurt.
August Voaght, at Ottawa, Minn., mada
an effort to kill hit wife. He struck bar
twelve times with a hatchet on the bead
and shoulders. Vought then got a rope
and hanged blrnneU to a tree near tha
house. Jealousy was the cause. Mrs.
Vought may recovHr.
At Cayura, N. Y., a riot occurred at aa
Italian dance over a love affair. I'raaets
co lUffello wat abut dead by l.nlgi Youto.
who escaped to tha woods, himself cut
with a st 1 1 lei o, A p I after him. On
Italian was shot la the kaea and a a ant
her of other cut and clubbed la a serious
thiesgn Urala and feosUleo.
Chii too, im Mk
Witt IT July. V: ReBiW, ai
I ! Ih - J utr. '-'-r'. ftUllaf , !!.
tuts- Jlolv. ' i.iii, iiv
fHS -Jji r. fi7v, l'-1
l iHli j'i. m It-. im.r. V.
aitiiur KtUsJi4). S4la, tvntemtttv
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tfcleag Staek.
I'tata nr-t Tamma t
sntwk Je m I
CATTI t Ktiat4 reiei A' ba4-
rs -4- ; r-t s. W.i'ls. liAasgii
stas, 1 nv st t bJtt ste4
llim k.i.Mt4 tvt. It nl
H.. t a tsitei, gttVAttti hau
iut VI .-
ctiisf tvtn uu
A. I teas, .,yt4.
Itaasoa ills lle ntMtb Vit.
i, ltitit i, M-, t
rtftl.t tt'trft, t.i tl. taea
t sm ewSt. Um. tt-e,
etot l.e-t. Vvtoe tJ. t b e H
btt ltrVt AltA
xi b -.- i i tbntta I
aet wMu h Mud Ht
t . Mt . U - L kt tJi ,1
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