The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, April 18, 1891, Image 7

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la Retard I, L.-trnlng Trmda, W j Ua
tUa.bad Inl.r.cln Mattar and
nuawtu Iiaiua.
The tubject which U freyjently
brought up (or discussion, and which
coni-iders an important matter, in thiU
in relation to the trade which a voun?
man ithall learn and be the mopt "likely
to become succcseful in. A writer in
oa exchange bring out some very
pertinent points indigfUKMng the ques
tion, and nay: "We hear much now-a-day
about manual training echool
and the ilenirability of boys learning
trade. This in very commendable,
but there i one serious drawback.
What shall the trade be which wlil
artiitv him au occupation in tho future
and a Hiitticicnt return to remunerate
him for the time and trouble expended?
jm in no tmple question, even pro
vided we know that affairs will not
change during the next decade. Tho
question, however, in becoming: more
complied led, because of tho invention of
machinery which acts the part of man,
and almost thinks for him. Today
16,000 electro-pluters are skilled la-
rorers; tomorrow electricity reduces
the number to 000. New inventions
only permit one-tenth of tho former
inoldera in planter to find work. The
lather and the plaxterer view with
alarm the rapid inrond of fireproof
materia Ik. The type-setter knows
that his days are numbered. The
carpenter sees the well-equipped mill
making a hou-ic in parts before hU
kUHpended hammer, unj wonder how
soon he muet seek the mill or
another occupation. So 0cs the
world, and therefore the finder who
has tho best interest of his children
at heart may well hesitate when he
plans for, their future. Such has been
the phenomenal advance in invention
of late that the pofcsibilitien hi-o be
yond conjecture. There will always
be, however, much for man to do; but
how he shnll anticipate by preparation
in his youth almost needs the gift of
eecond siht." Amerieun Cultivator.
Alivuy. rlomellilna; Naw,
There is nothing more useless than
to talk of the unknowable and Impos
sible. For pretty oon facts rise up
and contradict ono. Says a writer in
Christian Union: "I recollect hear
ing, when I was a young man, a lec
ture on Hunjnmln Franklin, which
wound up soiiiethlngr after this fush
ion: 'Franklin lived in a fortunate
Bfje. The law h of nature had not then
been thoroughly investigated, and
much was wnitinjr to be discovered
which Franklin was so fortunate as to
discover. Uut now, when we haic
made out the rings of Saturn and the
- : . it -, ,
juui- Bsieroius, ana wnen men are
actually talking about sending mes
sages by the lightning which Frank
lin brought flown, there Is little bono
of any of us distinguishing oui-selvf.s
by new discoveries.' Well, sir, sirif-o
I heard that lecture, you know what
has happened. We have discovered
two hundred asteroid in place of the
old four, wc have put the planets in
scales and weighed them, and Instead
of talking u'ltnit lightning we are talk
ing Ly liphtiitn? from one end of tlii
plode of ours to the other. I re
member, also, about the time that
lecture was delivered I heard of and
saw an old man who was considered a
lunatic because he had spent a good
deal of time und motfey in trying 'o
perfect a vehicle by which a iimn
might propel himself on wheels.
Itido and walk ut the same time"
people said. -Why, of course he is
demented!'' "
What o Do niitii Ktnrvlnjr.
A survivor of the hardships of Fre
mont's terrible four expeditions writes
as follows in a po-thuinous narrative
of the expedition in The Century, in
which ho more than hints at Hie fact
of cannibalism:
It was curious to hear different men
toil of tho w orkings of the mind when
they were starving. Some were con
stantly dreaming or imagining that
they saw before them a bountiful feast,
and would make selections of dilfercnt
dishes. Otl.ers engaged their minds
with other thoughts. For my part. I
kept my mind amused by
entering continually into all
the minutiaj of farming, or
of some other systematic business
which would keep up a train of
thought, or by working a mcnt-il t-o-lution
of mathematical problems,
bringing in review the rudiments of
fcomo science, or ly laying out plans
for vlie future, all having a connection
with home and after life. So in this
way never allowing myself to think
uponlhe hopelessness of our condi
tion, yet always keeping my eyes
open to every chance, 1 kept hope
alive and never onco sutleied myself
to despond. And to this course 1
greutly attribute my support, for there
were stronger men who, by worrying
themselves, doubtless hastened their
death. Ten outof our partyof thirty
three that entered the mountains had
perUhcil. and a few days more would
have linlshej the others.
nU ScatalloM Before and Afl.r Ha I ir4
the Shot.
I rememlter my fsr-t der," some
body writes ia the Xew York Tribune.
"I wai in northern California and was
tvazy to get a shot at ose. There
were five of us in camp, be-i.k-i the
guide, and we were all enthusiastic
save one who had killed his share of
deer in his lifeti me. I remember see
ing the guide one afternoon at work
with hammer and nails on a saw-hoie.
Afterward I saw him examining a der
tkin whfch hung on tho wall. The
next day we were lying around amok
tag, when Jake, the guide, came run
ning Into camp. He was breathless,
and cried out between his gasps: "Get
your rifles: there's a deer grazing over
on the other side of tha ravine up
There was wild excitement in the
camp. We all wized our guns und
ammunition and started after Juke on
the run.
'Well, tho cynic, was missing, and I
thought with grim delight of his dis
gust when we should come back to
camp in triumph bearing our trophy
inoguiue lei us a icrrihlv not race,
and then a we approached the rise over
the ravine he turned and placed his fin
gers on his lips.
'.-vs-su:' ne said; -e may come up
on mm at any minute, i was in a trem
bio, but I was determine. to have the
first shot.
"Jake led tis carefully along unt'l
we came opposite a clearing on the
other side of tho ravine. Suddenly he
stopped und giablwd my arm. There
he was. 1 could see him browsing be
hind some brin-h, and my knees grew
weak. o got down on our hand
knees and crawled carefully along.
Then eairie the time to lire.
" 'All take afiii.' said Jake, 'and Til
count "three" and "fire."'1 Our three
guns were at our shoulders, and Jake
began to count. J lost my wiio i, and
could not find tho trigger of iny gun.
1 fial ueer ague. I heard him count
out in a low voice, one, two, and my
muscle were paralyzed. Three u:.!
lire!' There nrj three shots, but 1
bumiu iikc a iooi, snasiug witii my
"'(iulek!' cried Juke, 'before ho
Jumps! Now'h your chance! Th
missed him!"
"At the instant that the others llred
I found the trigger, and at, Jake's word
I pulled it. I saw the de ! quiver for
a moment u id then sink to the earth.
'1 got him! I cried In a burst of
o, I got him,' cried the other
I tell you. you missed him.' I
cried, anu dropping my gun I went
leating down the side of the ravine
.1. I . I 1 . , . , .
uf uuiers in not. pursuit. Here was
a patch of briars at the bottom, but I
rushed wildly through them, tearing
my face and bands and yelling like a
crazy man that J had shot tho d-er.
Wo had a lively race of it I jumped
into tho creek, and half plashed and
half swam through it. clambering up
the bank and running for my deer, my
clothes dripping and- my heart thump
ing like a trip-hammer. When I reach
ed my deer my companions were close
behind mo and then I stopped short.
Will, the cynic, was lying on his back
in convulsions of laughter, the string
still In his hand with which he had
pulled our noble game to earth when
we tired. Jake had made a oVr to
order with the sawhorse and skin, and
Will and he had set it up across the
ravine. I was so white with rage and
mortilienlion that I eoidd not sp-nk.
while Will continued to roar with
" -Who shot it?" he cried and at
that I turned back to camp. That ex
peil .nceso disgusted me that I havo
never since gone door hunting, "
ey vo
litt:a Item. That Ara Big With alnabl.
Sir John Lubbock kept a queen bee
for fifteen years, a test proving her
eggs to be just as fertile at that age as
they were twelve years before.
Africa has an area of 11.000,000
square miles. It is larger than any
other continent, except Asia, and is
'J'H times the size of the state of New
York. It presents a unifpie field for
the geographical distribution of ani
mals, as out of its total of specie
472 are peculiar to that country.
The China Sea and the hay of Fundy
are the two roughest seas in the world.
According to the assertion of the
eminent physiologist. Sapj y, the stom
ach eontains5,0OO,0Hj glands by which
gastric juice is secreted.
The base of celluloid is common
paper; by action of Miioliurie and
nitric acid it is changed to gun cot
ton, then dried, ground and mixed
with from twenty to forty jx-r cent of
camphor, after w hich it is ground fine,
colored with powder colors, cast in
sheets, pressed very hard, und at last
baked between sets of superheated
A grain of musk will scent a room
for twenty ye:.r. and at the end of
that time will not show It has dimin
ished in the least; a grain of carmine
on half a grain of aniline will tinge it
hogshead of water so that a strong
microscope will detect coloring matter
In every drop.
The sun is Ji2.oOO.000 miles from the
earth; the latter receive only one two-thousand-miilionth
of tho solar heat;
the nearest fixed star is Ifi,0o0,oo0,0o;)
miles distant, and it takes three years
for Its light to reach the earth.
In a criminal lately beheaded in
France the beats of the limit were
noted during more than six minutes
and experiments were made to demon
strate the independence of th'j ven
tricular and articular contractions.
This is tho first time such observations
were ever rnado on mr.n. Current
Such a Luxury that Tlirjr Were Miljoct
to a Xpvi'litl Tu.
By the act of parliament of the
forty-third year of George III., from
and after A-iril t, lhOi, in KngUmd.
and May SM, 1S01, in Scotland. u tax
was levied on the windows of dwelling
louses. (In a house of not more, than
six windows and skylights, whether
exterior or interior, under the annual
rent of five pounds, a duty was charg
ed, annually, of six shillings in Fnu-
land and four shillings in Scotland.
Of annual rent of five lwmnds and
above, in Kngland eight shillings, and
in Scotland six shillings, and so pro
portionately to a house of one hundred
und eighty windows, which was charg
ed In Kngland eighty-three pounds and
in Scotland eighty-two pounds and
eighteen shillings. A house with
above one hundred and eighty window
was charged, both in Kngland and
Scotland, half a crown for every light
Exemptions from the tax were: (1)
Any house of the king, or any mombot
of the royal family; (2) any public
office, hospital, charity school, or
house provided for poor persons ex
cept tho officer1 or servants1 apart
ments: f 31 anv room licensed for
divine worship; (4) utV dairy connect
ed with a dwelling house, the windows
of which were made with splines or
wooden laths. r iron bars, and with
out glass, Hnd the door of which had
the word 'Dairy'1 or 'Chte.-e-room''
painted on it.
3 xJ'fl b
Center drank St.n.t.innnrv nnH Tronfi
Send for Catalogue. .,. ' OUS. STATES General Agent. Branch House Lincoln, Neb.
McCormick Harvestinc Machines.
105,-l()8 Were Sold in 1890.
125,000 Are being Made for 1891
Ask our agent at the town where you -rade for pamphlet fully explain
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R. BIN FORI), General Agent,
Lincoln, Nebraska.
one bv writing to
( haat ilia iirturlnr.
Ti'Uil in
""iwua; a genuelilHll got on my
far, writes u conductor a Cin. I'n-
i,uirer. "lie caii itd an open iimbudlii
hung on his arm. Win n I itked l u
his fare he imvo mea silver ilnllHralid
held bU hand out for the flmngit, I
couiiti-il it out it. 4 h turning i. g,
OH Hhi'it In- said. I beg yot punto l,
tut jim li iw iiiiule it iiiisukc. I u in
ha I it tioi'l."
I u poitit IIihI I hnd ghrn Mm
th" fall uiiMii.iit of 1,1. clulign, fcuii
told him so.
'Vimi are in I'Mfii he taid. Sec.
h'ie I. II, r , liiu.fcc you yatit liif.' nod
li Mill he.! lhn money lu his
Thra iM.ibln for ma to do
bill glv,. M.r, lalfnloilsr and
I lt d uk I Mriit mi on tha bmd
pluvfi.riu, itnd ll.u lu,ra though I
Unit 1 U, l u., J s t'OHtnc4
Ifotl I hnd tfUra Nut th eorri l
vt,"if. lu.a.ty vhuughi mink m.
4 1 wli. d, W ken l,o . aihs tut on
tha platform to lustm, ,.tt.
d tulip m,i MB U a h
W ,d da a ha slrtet,
Wlf4 a fclf d.4iar on th slun.-t.
llilnk lia wouij Lat Inuraiiyhl m
;y.4huiuif iua m I ciiwV4 Uowo
e4 fUfcfd It tiji,'
Soiiib of I lie Hum. m om Sim. Mail In
The mistakes in newspaper ofliceg
arising from the faulty chirorraphy of
occasional a'nl regular contributions
have led to the publication of a few
specimens. The Oswego Palladium
refers to one instance, that of a Syra
cuse clergyman w bo gave the manu
script of a sermon of his to a reporter
of the Standard, for tho purposa of
making an abstract of the discourse for
publication. The manuscript said of
John Wesley that ' though only a pres
byter, he himself ordained Thomas
Coke, to the office of th. 11 li -.enmn'V
Ulio jinwher's ponmnuship was so bud,
however, that the reporter mado out
this statement to mean and read
"though only a Presbyterian he him
self ordained his cook to the office of
the episcopacy1
The Prooklyn Kagle follows this up
by relating how some manuscript of
Dr. Tnlmajrecamo to its o:lice at one
time in which occurred the words:
My text, rinds tho Lord." When tho
words appeared in print thev were'-,
l.ently transformed to read: Mv tali j r'r"","r",n"J "'"a" nml
friend, our Lord." ' ' (,,,! iny morning a few daysngo. !t
Horace lireelev s mmuiscr ut was . j i,r1""'" i mo v surprise i.nue
puzzle to most people, and therefore li
A Mraiigr ure.
Speaking of these "literary fellers,"
as Horace drecley called them, re-
Jninds a Chicago Herald man of a
peculiar story he heard a few d iys
ago: A certain brilliant woman who
had come Into a fortune on the death
of her husband found the, bacillus of
rary ambition pervading her svg-
m. Lacking oriinalitv s!io em
ployed her acquirements as a linguist
to the task of building up a translator's
reputation. Much to hr r disgust, all
her efforts in this line were unavailing.
Manuscript after manuscript was re
jected by newspapers, book publishers,
and syndicates. She kept on, how
ever, until her mind became unbal
anced and she was taken to an insane
asylum. Among her papers the
physician in charge of the case found
an Knglish rendition of ons of Guy de
.Maupassant s stories. lie sent the
manuscript to a syndicate. It was
accepted. The doctor thcreujwin pre
sented a printed copy of her transla
tion to his patient. The effect was
magical. Her old ambition returned,
her mind resumed its normal condition.
und she has been discharged from the
asylumcured. Once in n good white
publishers do a go,nl di ed."1
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Also all grades of binding twine from the cheapest to the best pure nianijla.
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Corner 10th and a streets Lincoln, Nebraska.
Three blocks from Capitol building. Lincoln's newest, neatest and
lies', uptown hotel. 80 new rooms just completed, including large committee
rooms, making 125 rooms in all. tf A, L. HOOVER & SON, Prop'n.
MCDDAcir'A nnnnn
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X .r,
7 .
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Is not to lie wondcrej ut
wrote: "Tis true, 'tis pity,
lis true, the tvpes linule
when ha
pity 'tis, j
lliltl .'IV!
"1'is two. 'tis lifty; yes, 'tis lifiv-two!"
On 11 ltoeliest -r dully n few yews I
11 sro ti reporter wound up it sketch'i.f n I
little boy who bud died from tile effect !
of till explosion of Iireernelr, wlilehi
lie curried In lii Dis-kel. In ll,i.n.
Vord: His itttlieted H'.tl l..r.-med!
piironts will have the . inpn'.h.v." etc. i
The lillhiiuuei meiit n ' ti I f H ti t) ill'
pilt.t wus mi offer of .' to Mi'
l.fflteted illlll lilltlieil eili!.."
lliMuan I allioll. In ft. udaml,
ll 1 . tile . ill, Ul, I '.i' (;,,;(, , J, ,,) 4
I'tte-t, ill Ne,itn: I nun they bine ,11 ?!
tiic kui.l at ;.. (.ii'inec ;,
chill t.ei u.'el -'.ill it,. eu ly (,ai
!!'.".; Ihey butl , iiiumii-Iic inum
tloin ntiw Uie, tnive , they lu.d tl,.
Hit eoim 'it now I h uel'i, IhaV
hud then on!) M.l . no itir ,uy",
ttivonwood Kowini'. "Do you," she
nked, "lire the needle?" Truth force-J
me to confess t!mt I bud little know)-
rdye of its eentle myslerie. You are
fortuniite," she siild, ink ' eoodciitv
you don't learn; if one becomes n btisi
ncss woman it tieh tovcn her to know
thiil Rite cun t sui etl if sh. fritte s
Uuy her enm-t'les on too nmny s:ni!ll
rionomic. Shemiin t work in nil o"! -e
nil dny imd I hi u -it up lui'f of th,. nit t
In m.iko her ov ndrere: if n nuin
'i'k be diHn't try to sae bv
vlti lillli' up the i Mills of bis own c .ut
or troiseis. if he did he would newt
urn hi;v Ctoro than '; h" put. hi'
In ml into hi li-i.n- mul .cheim-. t,
nmke hiui'.. if in r.' sui uible. tie n h
hiij n.iil a id t roller, with t,;. ,n.
t r- u-eii n:iiry. umiuiu mve. st !
You Should Know
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Frank B. Hibbard, Secy, of Irrinjf
ton Alliance, Douglas count v has somo
prime corn which ne offer for eed at a
very reasonable figure. A inmple of
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Alluncb otllce and apeak for Itself a
the entire crop last year averaged over
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perlor article of yel'ow dent wed core
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Ill-em MmkhmIh, JackMiiM o.. III.
MeiitloniHE t when vou write.
Plaat. Tlnaa, Ito . (
Rar4lM ton far Mabraaka. 8 poet 1 1
Ui aiiidc aiK-lvtm. Hand for price ltt la
Nona Brnd Nuracry, Kortk Brnd, DxtfC,
naa. Miaouaoa lua. 4, w.BTkTiaaua.
nit Proprietor.
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(for farm a4 (ardaa at
nRLA.W BHO'. al.aio. IV Park.
Cataio ua fraa and trial aackaa. wltk It If
Can he found one of the most complete linen of Implement In th
the I'tkiti 1'iow I'otiipaiiy's unexcelled oodi. The tried atu
A,Ttlll IhkhI A$rM o iril OUT
j WUuiithI iiitit nf men IihiiiIi.c No Htltl
1 lu.'. Alwiva .alary will l n to iita"
inii Kir further inforiuaiion. ildrr,
III! Al.ll 1,1 M il It. l I'l l V ( li..
j 1T Wr.t Vaa Hurea pi., t blraa-u. III.
Coiitpiiuy'a r arni and Spring watfuii
e cltr, iticliulinff
I true 1 11
41 Dm
Hie Wonderlul Davis PLATFORM Hamster and Binder.! HEMP BINDER TWINE FOREST TREES
Hie I' Ad
auce coi n plmit) -
uinl i i,.i k rourr
r. -eii n;nry. nniimi, itve. at 'lie " ' in r. rower if 1
.pi.H met bit ui.. ,1 i.i is. I . nUd ' ""' Wl'1'! rTi h ' ff ' Zm
UU my l, i. Mln i. ,t th , MuliMiii.fe. -V UAILW, f
remtnta., ,,l .m.l,. !,. t,.,. Iri,r u,, !1;r ?! ( "''l'.v . ;v,TV f A
- uiMSSs :;:;! ),r(iaA
IUt . Ik. loan....... ,1. .. . . . . - rtm i1
i llmrli mm,
Hioiin? llditfc." tiejiilivd ili. lfs
V , ftti li Uit a (.,.., , w
hj an (e ' urt. , tt,,
you II. it; 1,1 ut cul.h acupl.i ,,
ll.ui ll WbllK tt'n.ut il. " iinf. pil,. f (,
Mil la Iha ItlflVrrma.
? When a ub;et of tiie kltiT of
lUliUim v l ttil't ,ti l. I,!ed fmiit t
; arm. If llii. u.. n rnr !, .
1 tld on liU f.neni.. (ii n,,.fi
. .1 .1 . - . .. . . 1 . .
uu.n ma i;it. II u,l.
I la rsiiiied liicarit'd'.s M.4 lrn 1
10 ,.ift l.r Iiviuv n a. a tui o...t'ivutti
l.lVler lll..ti,r.
1 U-irfr aUn
coin !,:!. ia atot
I tlit .li-r Ill ttoi'a.
A full and coin.
!' Urn of Sui ric j
rliit toi. llitjfa i
It 'l l V a ir o 11 ,
l'rt, rite. I
W kit pl!;ht up i
wilb thr rH-aou th.t
and iuU a I.e. at j
lew a am
n,i!iiy .1 j(.,oAi; Every frmr In Nbraki Should
ron.ui.-n it, . l.'iAil-i.Ti,
ViiuU.lur4 ly ike
f limp vrowtt 1 a tli farm of
Alt 4M Mck Mll l . Mr t f,
Vitx partlc. to tail
ttl ' u.
left . I
JM4 5 oi vi .1.1, p..'-i 1,111 it . i-j,,,. 1.
1 ... .1 .... . . . .... , . ' 1 ii ri
Iiftvlna lll. lcf ttiot nailt,a
. pow iitiio r- 1.0 tU'ii-H U
tmt of rri;iui ,-k .4iitra,
4 Mm If,
DO i-'.'e ailliot.l it . it.
lh'll. '1 li clf' Ci'v. for t.-.tai...i
'": M Hlt tkc-Mioh. 1 k,-v a i,..i
1 '.''.irt!!y i.:.. plli.iu, i,evkW,
j Nt ftiliUUU. - Ifkv' U.ii ..,
T.t fin.i inrund Ami 1ictaKrh CUllrry in lh Hu!, AU Wuk ia lk
j ftnnt fii.uh. Si4tufctB U4ittd. Ii6j ntSktrcut.
' T. W. TUVN9M !VTiwi.
Ui tl:lTlne-.
It 1 . t ron if n4 ,.it Mwi-11
a. th tl outU anyviturv. on! of
klti.l o lHr, W curmite It In wuik
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