The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, March 21, 1891, Image 1

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NO. 40.
wTiO!m: At th alet and oheapet
Meant of notifying ubMrlbnr of th uat
of their eipiralloa w will mark tbla nolle
with a blue or red pencil.on the data at wblok
tbetr ubecrlptton expire. W will tend th
paper two week after eiplratloo. If not re-
oen-ed by that time it will k diacontlnued
Cblcage Oral a aad Frvlien.
CHICAOO, March 17,
WHEAT May, $1.02; July,
CORN- Mar. 4We; July, SlJa
POHK-Mey, flUffM; July. SILT.
LAKO May, July, !..
IBtt-May, .A; Ji
May, rA; July.
Chicago Live Stack.
UxioW Htock Yakm, I
chicaoo, xuvn u. i
CATTLE -Fatl mi ted renalpta, S,W bead,
lfetivee, R'l.ftfcA,Vil&; cowl and bulla, I2.Uk.a
Tezana. al.Ekfo.iak. Market etruoff.
HOUS - Eatiiaated receipt. ), bead.
Heavy, U.Vx4u; mixed, aVJ.tajV; ligbt,
SJ fill5Ll (HI. Mmrkat atroutf.
HEKP-Ntlva. S4.uwj4.73; weatara, 4.; Texan, aa.woa.3st.
anna City Ue Stark.
EaxsA Crrr, March 17.
Unmeuta, 2.7IW bead. Htaera, W tl" W; niwn,
2.4.UU; ebx.-kera and feeder, tVi.UUl.UU.
Market stronv to hlirbxr.
HXJti KutimaUxi rlpt, ,000 tMd! blp
menta, JOU bead. All grades, f.i.uj).. Mar
cm strong ana niguwr.
Omaha Lira Mtock.
Uaios Stock Yad, I
Omaha. March 7. I
CATTLE-Eatimated receitrta. 1.IU0 hiuT
Prim heavy, l&tft 45; updiura heavy, S.74
4.3U; ojmmuo, tMJit&i.7if; ebole fancy cow
and neiror. sx.uujpj.ijif, common to medium
cows, .Uii3.l;;(x.niu)rs, kl.WrA2.10: bulla, fl.75
S)2.M. beat meeted tender, Mtocker,
2.ait3S.UU; teak bjjeve f 4.i Market etrong
00 maere ana ur oiguei eu oowe.
HtKiM-fcimatail neviuta. S.fiOO head. T.iirht.
Vi.gjCplw; mixed, t.vfiu a; neavy, aj).i.
Market op
Larket onenea no aud uioma tut: uiirner.
BH BEF-KatimaUd reoeiula, tKM bead. Mar-
kat atroug.
Chancellor Von Capri r I of Oerraao da
. aiea that be baa offeml to reitiiru.
It In aaltl tbat Kmporer William will
shortly make a tour of Almace-Ixirraine.
A number of Chinamen are to l Intro
duced into Mexico a agricultural colon
F. R. Wood Sc Co., priTst banker at
AViniamsport, i'a cioaea tueir axr.
' The rifntnt of lit. .lompb ut St. Paul will
build a wininarjr at a txmt of upward of
Ex-Gorernor Luciua Roblnaion of New
York is dangeroualy ill at Kluiira. He
til year old.
Four hundred puddUr in Pottrtown,
Pa., have accepted a reduction in wage
witnottt atnitiug.
Fire in Cincinnati damased the Samuel
Weddler & LUt. flour and feed mill to tlif
extent of fcTj.OOO.
Many negroes decoyed from Texas to
Oklahoma by falH uromiaes and repre
sentations are going dack noma.
The Southern Kansas Methodist confer'
ence at tifrard has voted, 06 to in, in favor
of admitting women a delegates to tb
general conterence.
Following the example of London and
Paris, Home has etrtablitthed a bureau to
marry impoverished but proud noblemen
on to neiresoes, American preierrea.
Horace Hedge, a stock dealer living near
St. JoHeph, wait probably fatally beaten
and robbed by footpad. No clu to the
The new Brazilian constitution provide
tnat tne congress ot tne republic shall not
-declare war against any nut ion until arbi
tration has been attempted, without suc
Alois Voiht. an ased tailor of Milwau
kee, accaxed bis son. Joseob. aired 25. of
tapping the till, aud in a subsequent quar
rel siauDeu tne young man tnncs iauuiy
with a pair of shear.
Secretary of the Treasury Foster wa
'the company president and one of the chiel
owners or tbetalctned window glass fan
tory at Fostoria, O., which burned. Low,
bju.uuv; insurance, no.uuu.
President Harrisou's trip west will be-
tern between April S and 10. Mrs. Harri
son will accompany him. The Drexideiit
-will be absent from Washington about six
-weeks. On the way to California iopf
win dc maae at Atlanta, ua., ata Aevr or-
neans, prooabiy one day each.
A Granddaughter Wants Soma of the Late
nUhop Ames' Money.
BALTIMORE. Md.. Mamh 17 Eleven
year after the death of Bishop Edward
K. Ames of the Methodist Episcopal
church, his will is to be contested by
Mrs. Eiuina Louise Weik. wife of Otto
JB. Weik and the daughter of the late
ruwaru n. Amos, jr., tne WsUop only
aon, who for some time lefore his death
was insane. The estate is estimated at
f400.(MKi aud includes two valuable lot
in Chicago and over 73.00O worth of
ground just outside that city. The
bitthOD. With til excetitinn of unnntHoa
to his wife aud an invalid daughter, left
"i" eutire estate 10 jars. Annie Ainea
Hint, another daughter, the father of the
petitioner not lming mentioned in the
will. The granddaughter charges fraud
nu unuue uinurm-e over tne butkop,
nd declarea that at the time the will
Was executed his rendition waa nl
to render him incapable of resUtiitg the
niiuriH-im urougnt to near uin nnn.
The petitioner would have had appealed
- -- couria ueiore uui waa under age,
She is now 31 yean old.
Hreak la a Lave.
Nkw Onlkak. March '.T.-A verv
erioui crevasse wturred jut oppoalu
mm oii esptMiiion, it broke at i o'clock
p. m. and 1 seventy-live tt wide and
very deep. 1Mb. the Tela l'at-ino and
the HotuUi-rn t'avino rk.U will b
topMH, .Mm h cultivated land will be
ariuualy damaged. Men are at work
eaiaaveruig to ttpi4 the break,
eaal Teat Wilkeat Majarlly,
VltsxA, MafiU U.-Cvmil Tafea4
hi cabinrt are carrying ttit the lavern.
went of Austria without a parltatuen.
Ury majority, lb aegutiattaua Uitw)i
7vandtlw Ueruiga Liberal aav
falUn through.
NaafaaadUaa) MU nek,
UtiH, March IT.-TUe hlne Iwih
Ustwd Nf.mndUn4 (nmtalniao de.
lallatalrea4y,bUt, an t m lude
UhtU atceoiaave of tlte arbltrslor.
A Determined Effort Beinjj lladeto
Drive Them to the Wall.
TkeWeak Mae Kagagad la WbolesaU
Maalpulatlea The JakaeavlII aad
gatkaUra Treabl W eel era
freight Meeting feetpeaed.
Chicaoo, March 17. A determined
move on the part of all the atrong line
in the United States is being made to
drive scalpers out of business. A nearly
a can be learned the movement baa
been placed in the hands of the variou
associations with instructions to drive
the scalpers to the wall. There is an
apparent unanimity on the part of all
the lines, bat it i noticeable that in all
case the place ha been fought and
nrged by the strong line. One of the
leaden of the movement showed, ae
among it first fruit, a telegram from
North Carolina. It said that a law had
just been signed by the governor and
made effective, forbidding anyone to
barter in railroad tickets except that he
were an authorized representative of the
company whoee ticket he sold. The
same law has almost paased in Minne
sota, and within the next two years will
be pushed before every state legislature,
Tne movement toward anoiiHning nn
limited tickets, and which is in a fair
way to become effective through the
New York meeting, is a part of the gen
eral plan. A conservative estimate
places the yearly loss to railroads on ac
count or tne scalping business at f d,
0W,WW, , ,
Weak Line Catting Bates
Chicaoo, March 17. The strong east-
bound lines have had their patience
stretched to the breaking point. This
week's statement of east-bonnd tonnage.
they claim, shows conclusively that the
weak line are catting rates right and
left ana It Has rescued a point wnere it
must stop. The total tonnage last week
waa 77.U1M against VU,So4 a year ago.
The cut rate are shown clearly in the
central traffic statement of flour, grain
and provisions, amounting to 44,131
tons. The percentage last week and a
year ago nnder stable rates are as fol
lows; Grand Trunk. 27 against I'd
Nickel Plate. 83 airainst 8: Michiiran
Central, 19 against 17; Lake tihore, 13
against 18; rort Wayne, V against 14
Baltimore and Ohio. 9 atminst 20 and
Panhandle, 3 against 0. The large Bal
timore and Ohio shipms nts a year ago
were legitimate owing to an increase of
export corn business, ilie matter will
be fully ventilated an the coming New
York meeting.
A Two Cant Rat.
Chicaoo, Ills., March 17. The Jack
sonville and Southeastern road has not
yet fnrnished the Alton with a state
ment of its outstanding mileacre. Con
sequentlr the Alton notified Chairman
Fiuleythat an immediate ruling wa?
wanted on application for authority to
make a 2 cent, rate on mileage tickets,
The ruling will be given out this morn
ing. It will be in the Alton's favor.
authorizing it to put into effect a 2 cent
rate on mileage tickets. This authority.
of course, extends to all lines in the
Western Passenger association, and
there may be a general war of rates. A
prominent railroad man said here that
he feared the tickets in question would
not be redeemed unless tne Atchison
puts no the money, and therefore a war
ot rates seems more tnan probable.
Welera Freight Association.
Chicago, Ills., March 17. Chairman
Midgely has postponed for one week the
April meeting of the Western Freight
association. 1 his was done on the writ
ten requests of Presidents Miller.IIughitt
and Cable, and vice-fresidents Harris
and Springer to avoid a conflict with
the quarterly meeting of tne Western
Traffic association. The story waa im
mediately started that this reqnest bad
the contemplated movement to break up
the Western Freight association and
merge it into the Western Traffic. The
signers who are in the city deny this
story and declare there is not a point of
disagreement between the member of
the two associations now that the Bur
lington and Kansas City have agreed to
waive tueir contests regarmug rules.
la lb Dakota.
Pierre, S. D., March 17. Three men
arrived from Rapid City with informa
tion that the contract had leen let for
bridge atmrnachea at Pierre bv the Bur-
lington and Missouri. Rapid City guar
antee to raise iiou,uou to aid tn con
struction, provided llerr heljel. Work
begins on lue uulutn, I'lerre and Ulat k
Hill at this end of the line within two
week. A ineetinir of cititrn has been
called, when aid will be voted the rail
road. It i certain that th railroad
will rro from Pierre to the Ulatk 11 ill
thl stNtaon,
Mil rietwee Hal tiutare aud l urepe.
Bil.TlMoak. March 17,-The Nether.
land Kteanukin Naybtation comnanv.
which for yar pa! has ma a line t
steamer between New York and
AuikUrdaut, completed arrana-emenU
tor a eW lib between Lalllnutn and
fcurope. Tb firal steamer will ev
Amsterdam for this port April IX Vim
ateaiuahltt ll) Iumium,! 1
fortnightly trip, until a-Llitl-mal
Veaael can I procared. whan weekly
lrlw wit) m mad. All will
ftirnkh tt la lMaaaxt-r mi ltult
4m ice.
Ereearaglag- RnpertfRelre4 fraat Aae-
tralla and Seath Africa.
Battle Qxkxk, Mich., March 17. At
the meeting of the Adventists confer
ence report were presented from the
International Tract society. The read
ing matter distributed under the man
agement of this organization has in
formed many of the teachings of the
denomination and so made! many con
vert. In New Zealand alone $1,200
worth of books are sold monthly and
reports from Australia were not less
encouraging. The general foreign book
agent wrote from South Africa that his
supply of printed matter waa far too
small, wun wnat doom ne naa dis
tributed innch good had been wrought,
and he urged that more be sent him,
A consolidation of publishing interest
was recommended, as by that means
larger field could be covered and the
work of distribution be more harmon
ious. In the afternoon another meet
ing of the International Health and
Temperance association was called
Dr. J. II. Kellogg, the president, i
enthusiastic in the work of the associa
tion, and it is to his efforts largely that
tne good work accompllsnea 1 due.
Trouble Brewing for Hlierln Perl Mm
derer Crawford Burled.
DecATtR. Ills., March 17. The body
of W. H. Crawford, the murderer,
hanged Friday, was finally buried at
noon at the Hpangler graveyard in this
county. 1 here were no services. Old
man Crawford is much afraid the grave
will be robbed and publicly stated that
dynamite cartridge were placed in it
and it win be guardod.
Sheriff Perl is bitterly denounced by
tne people generally because lie permit
ted the turnkeys before and after the
execution to charge the crowd ten cent
each to see the gallows. It is known
that a foot of the hanging rope was sold
for a dollar, ae it had blood on it. An
effort will be made to have the sheriff
indicted or removed from office. A pe
tition win be circulated.
All Three Are Doomed.
New Bedford, Mass., March 17. The
revenue cutters Gallatin of Boston and
Dexter of New York arrrived here,
The stern of the Triana is complete!
out of the water, while her bows are al
most submerged. Unless the wind
abates the vessel cannot hold together
long. Only a glimpse of the Galena
waa obtained. Nothing can save her.
The Galena was almost hidden from
sight by the immense waves that were
making a clean break over tier. Only
her masta could be seen through the
mist. The officers of the Dexter are of
the opinion that all three of the vessel
are doomed.
stuff. n
Ottawa, Ont., March 17. The Ot
tawa correspondent of The World says
be hears the government is being urged
to ank Lord Salisbury to station in Can
ada five to ten British regiments, quar
tering them in Halifax, UueDoc, Mon
treal. Toronto, Winnipeg and Van
couver. 'It is argued." says the corres
pondent, "that the presence of these
regiments in Canada would do more to
put down the annexation gang and put
a check to their conspiracy than any
thing else.
Tb Bottle Manufacturer.
Fixdlav, O., March 17. At a meet
ing of the Western Flint Bottle associa
tion, at which thirty-four out of thirty-
seven factories in this part of the coun
try were represented, it was decided to
close down June 1 instead of July 1. aa
heretofore, and to remain inactive for
three months mstead of two. . This is
for the purpose of maintaining price
and defeating the efforts of western job-
v u it, ' 1 v 1 1:1- j
WII5,W1IU, It IS BM1U, UKT UUVU10 Uefllgn
against tne association,
TnppeV Will Represent Canada.
Ottawa, Ont., March 17. The gov
ernment organ here, speaking with au
thority, says that Sir Charles Topper
wiu represent Canada at the approach
ing negotiations at Washingtou, while
with him will be associated Sir Wm.
Whitewav on behalf of Newfoundland
aud the Hon. Joseph Chamberlain at
the representative of the British gov
The California Seaatorihla.
Sacramento, Cel.. March 17. The
ballot for United States senator resulted.
Estee, 87; De Young, 24; Felton, 14
Y1- ,. .. -J ... TV !..- . . . . .
uwiituiru, n; itrain. is wet more. 1
Thia is a net ta In of l tnr V-t TK.
gain of 1 for De Young and 1 for Felton
is oulv apparent, being due to increased
aueniianue. imzi imina-rkU nrauni
. 1 . t , I
voivu ior juiiu r. iruu.
The Maetjaeary Caaa.
CutvitMND. March 17. The eocle!
astical jury in the trial of Rev. Howard
McQuearr met in this cttr. Two ana.
aifllia of the court wr liel.l Imt
final agreement was reached. It I said
that of the five miniater upon the jury
three find MatOuearv imilrv tit hr.
and two diaarnt. The member are not
quit satiaiied a to the vutiUhuient.
Ik r4elrla.
New Yobi, March 17. -The score of
the walking match at 1 a. w. waa;
tnghee, M; lUgelmil. 131: Uowarth.
1: Curler, llSi Mlr, IWi kuntt,
l.vuiiemo, 103: Nortn. livi Ur.!iM
ankuown, loa; Mire, Uj ,,rUa,
V I w,
rtdf YerrtM t lirae
liracA. V V f ..t. it a
VAkk, aal M, a proiuineiit cl linen
furmr uperviaor. wa aneated thai
awn, vn in anniaTii ot
girlawbo aire ranged frvm II to
)ar. He pUl not auilly au4 wa
tuta4 rr ifwinaAiuti.
Lirelr Tolitieal Skirmish Over
ttatlatlea aa Track Garaealeg ia tb Vn It
4 ktatee Xekraba and lewn Pen-leaa-Hrecklarlag
Only ailghtly
Ul-Brarlllaa Beelarlty.
Washinotox, March 17. A woman i
it the bottom of rather a lively political
ikirmish how going on here over a post
office in Kansas. It i getting so warm
that Governor Osborne of that state
came on to take a hand in the fight.
come time ago a mmn joiinson was ap
pointed postmistrees at Silver Lake,
Kan,, on the recommendation of Repre
sentative Kelly and a number of citi
zens of the place, but it no w turns out
that Miss Johnson's brothers and ancles
and male relatives generally were
among those Farmer' Alliance people
of Kansas who brought about , the po
litical upheaval and retired Senator In
galls. That they khonld now be re
garded even in so minor a way aa the
appointment of their sister as post
mistress is a thing which the Kansas
Republican cannot understand and do
not like. Governor Osborne comes to
plead with the president to aid the Re
publicans of tbat state by the appoint
ment of a straight-out Republican. On
the other hand, the Alliance people in
siat tbat they have demonstrated suffi
cient strength to be entitled to nil some
or tneonlces. a he controversy prom
ises to tie an interesting one. -
Nebraska and low Pension.
Wabiuxotom, March 17. Pension
were granted to the following Nebras
kans Original: John W. Murrell, John
S. Crnme, James W. Sternum', . Conntun
tine Hoss, Charles . L. Hurpster, Hugh
Martin, Lyman W. Copelin, J. M. 1 mith,
Milton u. upoic, John Mlnderscn.Tuouuu
O. SlaWery, James Perkins. Nathaniel
Kims, M. August Mervls, Alex. V. Mc
Dougall, Lucius Mullen, Jacksou Tot
ten, John P. Totten, John F. Porter,
James It. Norman. Jonathan P. Han
cock, Joseph Richart, Marcus M. Staples,
John Simpson, Clark N. Simpson. In
crease: Phillip J, lieser. Reissue and
increase: Nelson Sampson.
Iowa Original: Milo T. Smith. Ben
jamin D. Frame, David H. Robinson,
William Uali, Peter J. Harston, Marion
Peace, N. B. Channesse, Wm. Kierns,
Johnston J. Watts, Jacob Goder, John
UibbltU, Harney Wilson, Henry J.
Smith, Milton K. Walker. Francis N
Sherrer, Freeman W. Troop, James
Harris, John Beldin, George R. Sheets,
Israel Boyd, George W. Scoville, Fred
erick Shaffer, James Evans, John C,
Wilson. William Teon. Michael Betz.
Additional: Parren Shaub. Orignal
widows: Nancy, widow of Andrew
Carl; minor of Francis K. Davis; Mary
A. Rogers, formally widow Alexander
Hughes; Merium, ww Wm, Howard,
A Special Nolletln.
WAeniNOTOX, Marcu 17. t ne censui
bureau issued a special bulletin on truck
gardening in the United States, entirely
distinct from market gardening. Up
wards of $100,000,000 are invested in
thia industry, the annual product
. , t - . . . .. .
reacmng ine vaiue or fi0.0l7.uoy on
farms after paying freights and commis
sions, it being realized upon 034,440
acres of land. There are employed in
this industry 216,705 men, 9,254 women
and 14,874 children, aided by 7506
horses and mules and i8.971.000 worth
of implements. Nearly 75 per cent, of
the truck produced in the United State
comes from the belt of counties along
the Atlantic coast, from southern
Georgia and Alabama alonir the north
and south lines of railroad in the
Mississippi vallev. from the irulf to Chi
cago and from the celery districts of
juicrugan anu unio.
The Bureau of Immigration,
Washington, March 17. The treas
ury department officials have discov
ered tbat congress, while it created
bureau of immigration in the treasury
department, did not make an appropria
tion to carry out its intention. The act
recites a superintendent of immigra
tion, uauiea the number of clerks to be
attached to the bureau, with the r sev
eral grades, nnd defines the duties of th
bureau. 1 hi work ia now done by dif
rerent bureau. Atant Hocretarv
Spauldingia looking into the matter
and it will probably be referred to tin
comptroller of the treaiury for a legal
construction before a final deciainn ii
reached a to whether the bureau can b
established without the money tonai
lie vwviuyr.
....... 1 - -
WAHiusoros, March I7.-The trial ol
Charlea E. Kiiuald for thtietieg Repre
sentative Taultwe of Kentucky wa
ailed. Counsel for the defene naked
for a continuance, owing- to the a La tut
of material wiine. The court
granted a iMtttnonetnerit until 1 n. in. to
enable in deietti to prepare affidavit
ka"." "I.,."."
in tavor ot i.otpnn-uiin. Uati ,r th
day the runrt adjottruwd, wtoen theaf
Adavita wilt be i.r-nted and furthet
at lion takru uu a wutluo to puatpcu
for a wmk,
WAMiMini."Mn U IT.-Tif depart
mnt tf t.te taWu iafarni thai
the rumor that the HuiUun guwru
awtat diM rMl Hm to carry out thi
rt risilnrt liy agimant with lh
uaiiiHi rtiate u uk tniiW i.v tu m
Ima of the aulhoritkoa at llui da Jau.1h
In Uamng tiutruetiun Ii nrhctaU
throuiuout th wmtiiry i-oattiing Hit
free kdiutMioa .f wfvhitadle truui tit
Vautd Matt,
Vfc Caafeeelam mt Oa mf tk
Ma4 rabll.
New Orleans, March ; 7. After am,
aping lynching OB Saturday, Joasfh
rrwenzano, whom the Mas ha?)
wanted to get out of the way for
time, makes a publio confeaaiosj ntade to
mm by Jim Caruso, killed by tne mo
of Saturday. Caruso waa lnit ated mto
the Mafia by Matranza, who
quitted by the jury, and released from
prison. Caruso said he only intended
one meeting; that he went in, and Mat
ranza held up a skull in his left
and swore him to abide by the dedeion
of the order. He aaid he was informed
after taking the obligation tbat the ob
ject was to kill flume who were against
the Mafia gang. The way it was done
was to select the victim and invite him
to dinner and afterwards do him up.
Caruno aaid afterwards that he did not
like to commit murder, but waa willing
to rob, so he went to the Italian chnreh
and swore before the altar that he
would have nothing more to do with the
Maiia. a iter wards,' kowever. he was
frightened back, with the result of
Inning hi life. Caruso also aaid that
Rocci and Politz belonged to the order.
Many Italians who were nnder the
Mafia ban are delighted at Saturday's
nprixing and say that the Mafia will now
be broken up. Even tlie Italian consul
received a letter threatening him in
case he did not amdst in getting the
accused off. The dintriet attorney I in
vestigating the jury liriliery charges. -
A Maul ted by Italian.
Chicaoo, March 17. Frank T. Hoga
lon. of No. S2 Campbell avenue, will be
sareful in the future how he talks about
the Mafia. At 2:30 a. in. he stood wait
Ing for a State streetcar. Three Ital
ians were near him. Hogadon talked
f the New Orleans affair, and said
svery member of the Mafia should be
banged. The words had hardly been
ottered when the Italian drew knives
and attacked him. He was severely cut
about the body, and would have been
killed outright had not his cries brought
several men to his assistance. The Ital
ians ran away, and no description of
them is known. Hogadon was assisted
to the Harrison street stat ion, where his
wounds were dresed and found not to
be serious. The spot where the assault
is said to have taken place is near the
centre of the Italian colony. Chief of
Police Marsh takes no stock in the Mafia
part of the story. The victim, he says,
Is a piano player in a low resort, and
probably got into a broil with the men.
Tb LUt of Da4 Lengtkeaea to Klavea
aad On Patient Caacooanted far.
Nabhvijxe, Tenn., March 17. Hun
dreds and perhaps thousands of people
drove out to see the devastation wrought
it the Central Tennessee insane asylum.
Strict orders had been issued to deny
admittance to all except those who were
connected with the press of the city.
The smell of burning flesh permeated
the atmosphere, but only one body was
visible and it was imixMsible to Identify
it, as only a pbarred mass of flesh ana
bone could be seen.
The list of the dead has been length
ended to eleven. Aside from those known
tobedeadj there ia only one patient
mbisliig from the asylum James Bur
ton. As he is known to have made
several attempts to throw himself into
the fire, it is feared that he, too, is
among those who found firry grave.
Fatal Tenement Fire.
PrrrsBCRO, March 17 Fire, attended
with serious consequences, occurred in
Wasser's row of tenement houses, in
Eden alley, Lawrenceville, about mid
night. David Kupperuian, aged 47, was
burned about the arms and face. His
condition ia critical. Mrs. Rachael Kup-
gerinan, aged 87, was fatally burned,
imon Kupperuian. aired 17. will die.
Tricy Kupperman, aged. 2, is in a crit
ical condition. An infant child 4 weeks
old, will die. The residence was al
most completely overspread in flames
when the firemen arrived, the occu
pants not having awakened and were
unaware of the danger. But for the
cry of an infant overheard by the fire
men all wru2 jjave rwn cremated.
Parkeraoa' Warning.
New Ouleams. March IX W. 8.
Parkenton has received the following
note, purporting to come from a mem
ber of the Mafia aoeiet vi "Yuri are 1
i 1 m a a 1 .
uoouieu man, ana uoa Almighty can
not save you. We have it sworn. Our
comrade you murdered, and we will
kill yon aud your family. You will be
polaoned. The stilleto will do for th
rest." Neither Mr. Parkeraon nor his
mends are at all concerned about tb
Lampr-Jawea Cattle.
Dm Moimkh, Ia., March 17. Th
state board of health received alettet
from a prominent physician at West
Union, saying that "lump-jaw' was
prevailing to an alarming degre among
tnet-atii in mat section, and that 1
large number had died. Notwithiitand-
ing this, the fanners were fattrtuna
their cattle f.r market and dupoaiag of
tam a rapiuty a possible.
, Hallaa Agtlalea,
lkTO, l!arcM 17. The Italians of
Hotan have been aru4 by the fata e4
their rouAtryaien ia New Orleans and
Meeting was Md fur th purp of or-
fianiilng a larg mtnuiiiu and ot tall
ag the IkMtoM Italian colon Mo a imta
ineoting fur a protest aiiut ton N-jw
Orleans, Ther wa great ablatio,
but th rumftng will undoubtedly to
conducted ilk order aud d.gtitur,
A llkel 114 heietlaeUa.
r0V:ni;; 1 I., Mafth 17. -Tb
Republican tst iwntt! roniwute ha
nominated Henry A. hle-wrus of Llnewla
1 lieutenant gviiar in pi. of l.y.
awi II. Gl. tw d,l a4.
Ai Aaatrlan Armj Ofiicer Vurderi
Bis Fiancee and Tken Suicides.
IN LOBDS AND 0011110X3.
The Pertagaeee JastlSad la Their SelaaM
f tb Brltlh Steaaaer Cnle f
Carnarvaa Fa-tlaal Aalaaaeltf
ia Irelaad Tb HaAearet Caa.
, I , , . ,
LoifDOS, March 17. A tragedy has
been enacted at Toplits which has
caused a most profound seusatlon among
aristocratic sojourner at that famous
watering place. Lieutenant Reinisch,
an officer of high stand lug in the Aus
trian army, had succeasfallr wooed
young Baroness Schanau, buff 4a' some
reason as yet unknown to thf) public the)
parents of the young lady refused to
give consent to the match. The lien
tenant nrged upon his fiancee to marry
him clandestinely, but she refused. The
officer called upon the baroness and ta s
final interview renewed his ploa for aa
elopement. Finding that her respect
for parental mandates was greater than
her desire to accede to bis wiahes, the
lieutenant, mad with disappointment
and grief, drew a revolver and shot th
baroness through the heart. The mother
of the unfortunate lady, hearing ta
shot, rushed into the room just as the
lieutenant fired the second shot into his
own breast and fell dead beside the body
ef his victim.
Londox, March 17. An enormoa
crowd assembled ia aud around the
Charing Cross station to see Glad tone
off for Hastings, where it is expected he
will outline the programme of the Lib-'
eral party. As noon as Gladstone was
discovered making hi way from too
carriage to the tram, cheer aftor cheer
went up and hats and handkerchief
were wildly waved. The crowd surzed
around the railway carriaarti. some
getting on the roof of the car. Glad
stone was presented with an address by
tne executive committee or th xtadtcal
association. As the train started a sud
den jar threw a number of thorn on the
roofs of the railway cars down on the
platform and traeka. Several were se
verely injured. The demonstration was)
an extraordinary one.
Ia tarda an4 Cewimena.
Losdox, March 17. Smith, govern
ment leader in the commons, annouacsd
that the government has com) to a de
cision that no woman representMlives of
labor organizations could be placed upon
the labor commission.
Ferguson, political secretarr of tha
foreign office, said the government had
been advised indirectly of the seizure of
the British South African coimiaiiy's
steamer. Countess of Carnarvon, by the
In the house of lords Lord Salisbury
said it appeared from the printed report
inac tne steamer waa landing arms tn
Portuiniene ten! tor v. "if. this ia a fact"
said Lord 8alhlmry , 'the Portuguese had
a right wfzo theauSr."
Mr. JackrkuaPr'l. .
London, March 17.-ThV'court of
queens bench sitting at Clitheroe, has
refused to grant the writ of habeas cor
pus petitioned for by the relatives of
Mrs. Jackson, who was forcibly carried
away by her husband a week ago last
Sunday. The court says there is no evi
dence of cruelty committed by the hus
band, and it is consequently unable to
interfere. A frf ad of Mrs. Jackson
has bad an in rview with her at
Blackburn, and eays she seemed to be
cheerful and contented, although un
reconciled with her abductor, who,
while restraining her of her liberty, baa
treated her with studied politeness and
respect. He may win her yet.
Want Heelji.c E,lied. 'i
London, March 17. Flaming placards
have appeared throughout Clare, Ire
land, appealing to 'Men of Clare" set
to allow themselves to be made slaves
by traitors ainoua- their former leadara.
Tits appeal urges the citizens to riae up
in their wrath by thousand and expel
Healyites at the first meeting tbat they
dare to hold. Feeling in Clare between
the factions has been bitter, and th
belligerent placards have not improved
the situation any. Factional animosity
is also marked at Bodyke. whrMr,
Healy is to speak soon, and fighting is
couiderl inevitable or that octaaioa.
The Beeteret Cat.
Lo.ibON, March IT.-The trial of the
bat-caret case will probably be of short
duration. It Is stated that a ting ia
ronaeqnencs of th wish of th price ef
Wale ther will be uo woes-examis.
tion and to attempt to prove In al
legation. An ample apology will he
tendered iu tourt and the jury wul
simply aaaeas damages which Sir Will
iam Gordon Cuiuiuing ae fit to a pt,
Tweaty.Tw Urawaed.
Loxo., March 17, A serious mari
time disaster is rvporUd. The ahip
Itoiburah collided with tb ship Uritiah
1W, ell Caitniiia, far 1 ondou, I J snlk)
southweat of the ttellly Ulanda. Th
Roxburg mrIi and lwtty lr of a crew
of twtly-fwr were drowned, hm
tat and ana aMUUAa Win rescu!. Th
otfcr khlp was ahw badly Utmajvdv
AlUlell' Alle4lv.
Atmsss, Msrvh 17.-Dr, Waldsttin,
the American n heol,ufU, ivferrtH
to tae rpwits of the dUicovsry of th
grave ef Artiiw, y that farther
verUU sttu I H(uuy befur pant.
tire suRuav'uivnt vsa U iu4s.