The farmers' alliance. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1889-1892, March 07, 1891, Image 8

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Th (-ell ( Ckk-SK Fbm M.Mrl
r ItoM.Ht.
Chicago, Martha. An ordinance has
htn prvp 'or introduct'oa in the
city council, which, it ia hoped, will
settle the light over Luke Front park, in
which the government, thi stat, the
city, the Illinois Central Railroad com
pany, tiie world, fair and the abutting
projierty owners are more or less inter
ested. The ordinance provide for the
removal of the Illinois Central tracks to
point 1.2Wfert east of Mwhigan av
enue and the erection of a wall between
them and the park high enough to con
ceal ita car. This will not olmtruct the
view of the lake from the park. The
park way is to be eitended to Twenty
aecond street and South Park avenue,
connecting with it there, is to be con
verted into a lioulevard, running to
Jackson itark, where the fair is to be
' held. , .
K Katra Hraalon.
f Washixoto:, March 3. It now ap
pears certain that congreM will dispose
of all the appropriation hills by noon.
It is learned from good authority that
the presideut ho said lie will not call
rn extra session of con grow, as there U
no necessity for it. After adjournment
he contemplates a gunning trip.
(lorrratncnt I.aana to Individual.
Wasiiinotox, March 3. Mr. Counell
of Nebraska introduced in the house
(by request) a bill to provide a system
for the creation of money, and to pro
vide for its loaning to the states and
territories, and from the states to the
counties, and by the counties totiti
tens. Aa Iowa Central W rack,
Rockweld, la., March.3. A train on
the Iowa Central was wrecked here,
two coaches lteing hurled down an em
bankment. The passengers on board
were badly shaken up, but only one,
Thomas Tate of Chicago, was seriously
, AatPlnk.rton HllfOfrratad.
St. Paul, Minn., March 8. Among
the bills which came up for fiual pass
age in the house was house file 14,
known as Mr. Stockwell's anti-Pinker-ton
bill. When the roll was called ou
the final passage of the bill it was do
tiztsd by a vote of 39 to 30.
Thirteen I'luhri'meu Adrift.
Buffalo, N. Y., March. 3. Thirteen
' fishermen have been blown from shore
on an ice float. They were carriedseveu
miles from shore and would have per
ished had not Capt. Maythani fired up a
tug and gone out after them. All were
rescued. They drifted ou the ice for ninv
hours. -
t Hank It luck llnrnnl,
Dks Moinss, March 3. Fire at
midnight destroyed the new Marquard
bank block. Fred Harbach lost his en
tire stock of furniture, and IIillyerfc
Martin lost their stock of jewelry, cov
ered by insurance. Total loss, $150,000.
I will sell on my farm, between the
Atlantic and Pacific, on March 4, 18M,
all of the following described property,
rto-wlt: ,
Twenty tous of fat office seekers
Twenty-three car loads of Associated
fireeses, used to press hayseed.
Five hundred head of watered stock.
Two dozen trusts, Grinder's patent.
Five dozen syndicates.
Sixty dozen land grabbers.
Three thousand national banks. My
hired men fed them well and they are
pood stock for the butcher.
Half a dozen stock exchange, can al
so be used for dchoruing cattle.
Two hundred yards imperishable
bonds; all have patent expansion bal
ance and are set iu dust proof cases.
One gilt edge bond mill and premium
Forty car loads No. 1 usurers.
Twenty-five car loads of commercial
Fifty tons perverters.
Forty-five cases of eye glasses used to
discover technicalities.
Thirty cases hardeucd mortgage ma
A large assortment of cut aud dried
Will also sell one halt of my patent
right factor, aud many housohold ar
ticles too numerous to mention.
Hale to commence at 1 o'clock a. ni.
Terms Soot cash.
Some of U. S. Satan's agents will be
here, and will kindly loan you of my
inouey, at U per cent, if you give
If their supply of money should not
be sufficient for the detnaud, then they
will send a dispatch to my treasury, and
It will be forthcoming the- same day.
A free dinner of dreMcdJbeef and
standard oil will Imj be served on the
Itcasou for selling is that my hind
men have mismanaged offairs so badly
that my boy have decided to do all the
work ou the fa nn themtelve. lleucc,
the above named property will bo no
longer needed Ut the farm,
Cmu: Sam.
A rraiU of a Hpiargo,
One of the illrUt tames aver work
4 or coalbtsar otri U that ef but in?
a farm. Ous of a pair look over ttie
country until ha Hud tt matt he i
after, and he the but the farm attlm
farmer's price. paving from $-M1
AH) down to bind Wgaln. IWfure
tb pa tiers can U made out a eoafd
tratseuiast aluag.falW t ! wlh the
sate farm, and antra the lirwr II.
000 mora thsa lb otur did. 'I js
tMndtttrUt a etUllu Item and
: l- tiMYt tho !ht urhver ell U a
tig Uiau. TUta hot it n dutpem
at sight, and the laruisr lea rat some
thing m- ,
1 km Oi''bi mf s!!U with
t'attifiit firmer, wha aid sold out
4 tskoa l-OO to It at lite bargain.
was taere wfcaa the ettt nuu eatM
iiii a uttiiU"c "ff- it4 at
the barn, and Uncle Jerry came ia and
said to Aunt Sally;
"Seems like a chance to make a
clean thousand dollar. The first buy
er sars he'll take a thousand, and that
will leave us the same. .
-. . a aa aa t
Did we ever nave si.uuu an at
oncer she aked.
Erer have a chance to solunre out
and make fools of ourselves?"
-D'ye tbink we do it if we had the
all. I was thinkin of a new watch
and a broadcloth suit"
"And I was thinkin of a silk dress
and a new bonnet Uncle Jerry, we
dasn't do it. We'd splurge in lcss'n
twenty-four lours."
"Guess we would Aunt Sally, and so
I'll sell out to the fust man."
He sternly refused the second offer.
and ereu when $1,000 more was added
he was indexible. The flrat purchaser
never showed up again, and to this
day the old couple are holding the
inouey and have the papers ready lor
the trade.
riow Col. CltavM seampadad a Baad of
Away back in 1964 news came to
the ranch of CoL Manual Chaves, at
fx8 Ojtielos, New Mexico, the match
lets rifle shot and Indian fighter, that
a band of twenty ApasOes had swooped
down upon the Hio Grande and stolen
200 head of horses and mules, with
which they were fleeing toward the
Manzano mountains. A force of set
tlers were in pursuit but the Indains
had a long start and were well armed
and mounted. Should they once reach
the Sierra, further pursuit would be
simply suicidal. Hidden behind rocks
and trees they could pick oil their pur
suers with absolute safety to them
There were no other man In the
house save his dying son-in-law; but
without a moment's hesitation Don
Manuel saddled his pet swift mare, and
with hi deadly rifle across the saddle
bow galloped off alone to meet a score
of the most fearful of all savngo war
riors. Hiding southward to the top of
wooded ridge, he soon saw the
Afiaches coming toward him. When
they wero uear he charged boldly out
at Ahem, signaling behind him us if to
a force hlddon in the limber. The In
dians, unable to fathom his audacity
mid supposing that of course he had a
strong force at his buck so that they
were in danger of bolng caught be
tween two fires scattered like quail
it to the mountains, leaving the stolen
mules to be recaptured by the pursu
ing Mexicans who were close behind.
In returning home from this adven
turewherein his nerve bad saved
$10,000 worth of mules to bis friend
Don Cristobal Arinljo Don Manuel's
mare stepped into a prairie-dog hole
and fell upon him, crushing his leg
frightfully. He was three months in
bed, but ultimately recovered full use
of the la?; and the courage and cool
ness which had so long distinguished
him still mode him a terror to the hos
tile tribes of the Southwest for mora
than a decude longer.
A Farmer Who Didn't Want Any Soap.
"You can either beat a farmer as
slick as grease or you can't beat him
at all," said the patent hsy fork man1
ui we were talking about his adven
tures In the rural regions. 'That is,
ho is either gullible or oversusplcious.
Somo will refuse a good thing and
some will snap at a swindle. I think
I can illustrate my declarations right
here, or at least one of them. The
man in the seat over there is a farm
er. "
"I should say so."
And he's one of the sort who sus
pects every stranger. Watch me try
lie took a cake of toilet soap from
his satchel and going over to the
farmer saluted .:!m in a pleasant man
ner, aud added.
I have a new make of sonp here
which I am introducing to the public
It Is worth fiftoen cents a cuke, but I
make the prloo only five."
lWt want it," was tho gruff reply.
With every cake goos &$ green
back, a gold bracelet, the deed of a
town lot in Kansas, a pocket knlfo, a
pair of eye-glu4ses, and a solid gold
Don't want 'em sir!"
'As 1 want your opinion of the soap
l will give it to you."
1 won I taka HI"
'Hut, sir, in order to Introduce It
Into your neighborhood I will give you
100 cakes free, and at the same time
leave five watches and live deeds to
town lot."
I.ooka-hore!" shouted the firmer
a hoju mped up and spat on his hands.
"You go away from moor I'll muah
you! I'm cm to your IrU-kt, old am a,
and if you think you have picked up
Itayaeod, you are barking up the wroug
And the hayfork man had lo move
lively to escape the blow levelled at
hi no.
A MtMarl Wltlow.
Widow Sarah Flint did asintrtthlag
wuA she married Col. Atbora hatton
iu lliuourl twtuty year ago, SUe .
acted aa autnuiul cootiavt by which
bar tWUit by a far'r hrrMiad
should twooma baits tfc Mr, SUtloa's
tatat lu ? am hildr wra bora la
lbut. Kite diwj lw taari Uler, wuU
mil aay vhihirsn by bar Koat hu
laa4. wb died reveettv, lav(a aa
vttata valued at liiVXi.fAXX The coin
part a natMtd, but tba parties
veptiHt tlQU.uutt a I xiniptutU gad
U Ut'c&ildrta t the Ht1ldr,
A DrpsrtmtDt for Hons and Flre14e. Edited
by Mrs. 6. CO. Upton.
"The corner itone cf tae republic It the
Tbo rate that shuts ns from our due.
Tbouyb beautiful and tolden-barred,
Mutt yield to juttice; we refuse
The offered crown, all tinwl-t tarred
With cheap and tawdry hues.
Fareaalerto be kind than Just:
And klndeottdnes not teem amUa
From soul to aoul: but do not tbruat
Gold alms upon ua while in this
You err; Ob! give ut Justice flrsL
Nay, laud us not, nor kits our baodt;
Shall yaJlantrr and love hold sway
While bond and bowed, lo many landi, ' -
Your weeping aid. Obi Freedom, pray
While Freeland a mltnomer stands?
Not for our own wren we make plaint;
That some are safe and boused from caret
Which make our sisters wan and faint,
And k-sdt tbem on to tin and tnaree,
Should bind our tpoeuh with no restraint.
Tbo bird asalnat bis gilded cage
Beating bis tired, captive wings
Does not bit tired, prison heart attuag e,
Though sweet may be the tong he tingi
Wide weatern tklet, whose sun our small
world rlngt.
Free life for all, your glad free ttars pre
sage. Misax Buck. Bellwoed, Neb.
Harvard college was founded one
hundred and fifty-three years before
the slightest provisions for the educa
tion of girls was made by Massachu
setts. ISoston public schools founded
in 1044 were for boys only until 17W
when girls were admitted to the "read
ing and writing schools" for a part of
the year. I'rimary schools for both
sexes were opened: in 1818. In 123
girls were admitted to all grades below
the high. In 178 the Girls Latin High
was opened. The seminary at Bethle
hem, Fa., opened as day school In 1749
and as boardiug school in 1785, is gener
ally supposed to be tho earliest of the
kind in the United States.
Legislators on Woman Suffrage.
Picking up remarks here and there.
among the members of the Nebraska
legislature, on tho municipal suffrage
bill, which was discussed in the house
ast Saturday, some are found that arc
worth repeating. For Instance, here is
one from the gallant member from:
"I lay my vote at the feet of my wife;
it shall be cost as she directs." .
Another says. "Count on me when a
question involves the rights of women;
my mother was a woman, and my wife
is a woman. '
An honorable senator savs: "I do not
like to say give the women their rights;
let us say rather, cease to withhold lrom
them their rights."
The sentiment of a few may be ex
pressed by one who says, "I have not
given the subiect much thought. I have
an idea it will be time enough to pass
tuts measure when the women want it.
Very few would vote now. if they had
the right." One says frankly, "I am
afraid if my wife voted she would vote
on one side of a question and I on an
other, and it would make trouble." e
forgot to ask him who would make the
trouble. One thinks that Moses and
St. l'aul oppose women's voting, but as
the men did not vote in those Jays and
were commanded to "honor the king,"
lie ought to ue consistent and refuse to
vote himself and set up a king that ho
may keep the letter of the law he would
enforce upon women. There is one
man who was so honest that he spok,e
his sentiments. He wits opposed to wo
men's voting because he "didn't know
what they would do with the ballot,
and thought they'd vote for prohibi
tion." There are about a dozen men in
the legislature (aud it is surprising how
they ever got there) that think women
are loo pure and good tn-voto, aud that
there are so niauy bad women they
would make politics wo'rse than ever.
Between these extremes of opinion
there are a good number of quiet men
who see the right and jastice of the de
mand tor the ballot tor women, and
their "aye" when the measure is pu", to
vote will be the most cogent argument
we have hoard.
O. Hull, lecturer of the State Alfianee,
has made the following dates, and will
meet with county Alliaacea as follows:
On B. tt M. No. 4.
Colored porter iWm. McAUbuer) says:
"A few nights since, while placing oine
fresh towels In the toilet room, 1 fouud
quite a lot of Jewelry, which I tied up
in a handkerchief and put away. In
the morning a lady claimed he had
lxeu roblx'd while In her berth In tho
Ueer. 1 asked her if she had uot
left it some where. ThU she potltitely
domed. She deacrlUnl the property I
Ii-ni. and claimed It worth l..Wlx.
Not until 1 produced the trinket did
he rvcl the f.ict that she had lain
them down while performing her
Good old l aele Unary and 4 year-old
Itiitt, hUnephrtw, were la tonfarvnee.
Aiked how ho put h IU tlma tha
tmaU boy lgnn with breaWfaat, hui
ri ovr p!t.y tima to dinner, than
urtu;jh, mn play to aupiwr, and thu
pn.wvl i .loi.t.L t!, Tom, what
m after euppr." alt4 hU wwi,
fu boy's blj eye Itok' fU4!y lata
pace, but hi') Hp tvr movd.
Surely toruethiaa mwi fl up
per' tn elder repented, ,'
Mid To.u with a roluetaal tlWt.
Well! ht I U? "I l whipped
m9tly, ritubui'g DiitvtUib.
Lecturer's Appointments.
B. F. Pratt, Asst. Lecturer of the
Bute Alliance, has made the following
dates, and will meet with the county
Alliance as follows:
Saline " March, 2.
Gage 4
Johnson " " 0.
Pawnee " .
Richardson " " 11.
Nemaha " " 13.
Otoe " " li.
Some of these appointments were to
have leen filled by O. Hull, State Lec
turer, but he has taken another route.
Leese & Stewart. 231 S. 11th St.
See A. N. Wycoff for Hivelock prop
erty. Call at (iris wolds for field garden and
tree seed. 140 So. 11th St.. Lincoln.
For female, nervous and kidney di
seases consult Dr. Aley, 1023 O street,
Lincoln, Seb. 82tf
For rheumatism, neuralgia. Bright'
disease, sciatica, etc., consult Dr. Aley,
1023 O street. Lincoln, Neb. 82tf
You will find the St. Charles and other
leading .varieties of corn at GumvoLD's
Sekd Stoke, 140 So. 11th St.. Lincoln.
This is a Bargain.
20 acres of good garden land only 2
miles from the post office, for 950 per
acre. A. N. Witcoff,
Bichards Block.
Farm For Sale.
A good 80 acre farm, i miles from the
county seat, can be bought, now, on
easy terms, for 1200 lew than was of
fered in cash for it a rear ago.
Address. P. O. Box 203,
37-4t Hebron, Nebraska.
Light Brshmas.
Thoroughbred cockerels nine months
old, will weigh ten to twelve pounds,
just the thing to increase the size in
your flock. Price $1.25 each.
351m F.G.YlXE,
Box im. Lincoln, Neb.
Oil Price List.
Hrime White 10 ct.
Water White 11 Jet.
Perfection 12 ct.
Headlight 13 ct.
Barrels range from 50 to 54 gallons.
J. W. Hartley, State Agt.,
Lincoln, Neb.
Public Horse Sale
At Rawlings' barn, Lincoln, Neb., Tues
day March 10th, at 1 p. m. 13 head of
1 1 ported Knglishshire and Coach horses
all of best pedigree, and individually
sold on 1 and 2 years time. They will
go to the highest bidder. Come.
F. M. Wooos. S. W Bckt.
Auctioneer. Imrwrtor.
Social and Sacred.
A literary and musical entertainment
will be given Thursday evening. March
5th, at the U. B. church, cor. 28th and E.
An elegant crazy quilt with the names
of the donors worked in silk floss on
the various blocks is to bo sold to the
highest bidder. A cordial invitation is
extended to all. J. W. DvvnKtD,
We make a specialty of field, garden
and flower seeds at Ukiswold' Seed
Stork, 140 South ltth St., Lincoln,
For Sale or Trade'.
One imported bay Clydesdale stallion,
3 years old, weight 1800 lbs. One Im
ported dappled grey Percheron stallion,
9 years old, weight 1850. Both regis
tered and grand individuals. War
ranted sure and good breeders; gentle
and allrightin every respect. Sold for
no fault. Can he 'seen at Marquette,
Hamilton Co., Neb. For further par
ticulars address, Hakry Bennett,
514 South 29th Ave., Omuaa, Neb.
Will sell cheap or trade for cattle or
land. 35-4t
Col. Jesse Harper says: " The Mon
ey Monopoly is for utility the best
work now in I'rint, a cyclopedia al
most priceless. "
"Wonderfully clear and forcible,
without an exception the best exposi
tion of labor financial principles." -Journal
of the Knights of Labor, Phila
delphia, Pa. In paper covers only 35c.
For best discounts to agents, address,
80 2w L. u. baker, Sidney, Iowa.
For sale at this oitiee.
Faam Fences.
Few improvements show up to so
good advantage on a farm as good
fences; and no kind of lence looks so
well as the Combination Ticket and-
Wire fence as made by the Garrett
Fence machine. Any farmer who con
templates building fence this winter or
next soring should write to . it. oar
rett. Mansfield, Ohio, for his illustrated
cataloguo which he will send free. He
also furnishes galvanized annealed
steel wire and other fencing material
at wholesale prices direct from factory
to farmer.
Farms for Sale. .
No. AO. 240 acres all bottom laud 4
miles from Raymond, 130 acres In culti
vation. Two goou nouses, tvarn ami
other necessary out-buildings. Living
water, welt aud win, mill. lhU u un-
nualHu'dlv of the bext land in the state
It Is owned by a professional man who
has uo use for it. Price $8,500. $3,500
cah, balance easy terms.
No. Vi. 040 acre south ot Lincoln
200 aores in cultivation; all fenced; cood
house, barn, sheds, well, wind null and
tank. A o. l section, an goou lanu.
Prle$ao per acre. lerius one-third
eah. bahineo on eay terms.
No. 13. 0 acres 19 miles south of
Lincoln; 40 acres in cultivation; no
other improvements, eay terms to any
one who will MUM lirst year.
We have over 500 bargain In farm.
stock rant hex. western land and city
uromirty. 1 1 ! of all auuu.
We lnlte farmer ovrr the state ta
end ut a dettvrlption ot what they have
to tell or e htir.
Lincoln, Nob.
Over Klrrt National Bank.
r'or th opium, ciorpUit r cocaine
habit consult Dr. A!T. IWJ O street,
l ilt) Nad r.'lf
S A. N. Wyvoff lor Have. ."op
Dloemtr (to nr24 wu-Wla) ' Your
parvtis left you uiHaf h
they died, did they aolT' Vrela
HI, tea, lfw Uloouwr "What di4
the t Wave your I'tvdU -"Aa arphsa,
Itouara to rent or aril aa uoathir
hiynwU b Ht'M. wuJ.
Mv Murtry. cora r of JU !h a.t4 M
Farms for sale and exchange in all parts
of Nebraska. Correspondence solicited.
Over 1st National Bank, Lincoln, Neb.
Important innoiincineiit.
State Agent Hartley informs us that
he has just secured the sale of the best
riding cultivator on the market. It is
something new having all the latest im
provements. Steel gangs, with extra
fangs for use in seeding, and is un
oubtedly ahead of anything in this
line. A "full line of plows, narrows,
seeders, garden and iiald seeds. For
prices, circulars, etc., address,
J. W. HARTLEY, State Agt..
JW-2W Lincoln. Neb.
Wbite Plymouth Hock II. eacb: Touloie
Gae 14. per pair; alao arm ia aeatou
from While Guineas, Pelctm Ducks and Par
t rid ire Co-hlns at f I. pet 13 carefully pau'aej;
;t8 4w W. A. HATKH Jr., Fremont. Nb.
Ollice over First National Bank.
3H-m Lincoln, it: Krbriuka.
Buck-:- Wheat -:-Flour
In 10 lb Sacks,
2VsCts. Per lb.
38 J. W. HARTLEY State Ageut.
Sweot and Irish potato seed at Gris-
wold's Sekd Stokk, 140 South 11th St.,
Graii, Field, Csrs'en n4 Tret leeas, Oalan tits, Ete.
Send for CaUlogaa. Mailed Free.
1411-1421 er. Lauia Ave., KAN8AS CITV, HO.-
Garden Field and Tree Seeds.
All seeds guaranteed to be pure and true
1109 0 STREET.
L L Muslin at 41c.
Lonsd;ile Muslin at 7Jc.
Indian Head quality at 6ic.
Good Ca ica at 3c.
Indigo Blue at 5c.
Good Shirting at 5c. Extra good at 8 and 10c.
Ginghams at 5, 7, 8 and 10c.
Our Dress Goods are from Gets. up. Our 10, 12 and l-
are all very cheap.
We wish to impress on every Alliance reader in our coun
ty and stat that we are the people to patronize. We will
not try to deceive and miserepresont.
Write us for samples we will assure
you prompt attention.
1109 O Street-
No. 00 Fine Beaver Roversible Shawls, Jacquard Border. Full Size,
Knotted Fringe. Usually sold at $4.00. They must go at $2 9i
DIAMOND M Kxtra Super Quality Beaver, all light and dark gray Re
versible Shawls. A regulation 0.50 shawl. Our price for this oc-
caalou , , 5 37
DIAMOND WA very good all-wool tiruy. Brown or Black Center Shawl,
Comment Is unnecessary, at. ... , $2 gg
H. E. EAGLE, & CO.
68 Wabo 8h Av.. Chicago, 111.
We hae Just completed arrangements by which we can offer Ladles, 3Ueo's
and Children's underwear at exanly eaie prices, and ell you any quantity ya
lh. The gooU offered are all strictly np.t-cl.uw.
Mn' rn mled ) wool shirU aud
drawer, each t 37)
Men' brown uilted ) wooid oirt
and drawra,ea h, 37 1
Men's md ami white itr'll 'rt
and drawer, each..,,..., 37J
Mn' brow a and whlt ,rljKd
ahirtt and drawwrs, each. 37)
Mn hrtty acoU'h .uhI ahirts
and driwrt. esb.,., 3?)
Men's heavy gray all wool shirts
an I drwr each. , HO
MwQ'a heavy gray all wool double
bnvud ;,ria, , , 00
Ch'.ldMn's vadwrwvar at proportlo
aecoiul tW9 as wtul jvu wjuiI may b
tTtl J. W.
The Farmers' Alliance,
rcBUsniD weeklt at
J. BURROWS, Editor.
J. M. THOMPSON. Business Ma'gr.
VB greet our readen tbii week wttb Tna
J' Aixias c enlarged to nearly double lu
former size. We intend to add to Its value
editorially as much asw have to Its size.
We hope to be able further to enlarge tt to a
seven column quarto, and will do so as ooa
ss our patronage Juattnee It.
The Alliance on year and
Looking Backward post paid. . . .11 5
Ditto and Labor' and Capital by
Kellogg...",. 1 49
Ditto and Caesar's Column l 59
" Our Republican Mon
archy by Venier Voldo. . 1 40
The above books for sale at this office
Ditto and Cushing's Manuel pa
per covers 1 SO
Cloth covers 1 00
or sent post paid as follows;
Looking Backward........ 50c ta.
Cccsar'g Column .50cts.
Labor and Capital.......... SOcts.
Odr Republican Monarchy .....Sects.
Cushing's Manuel, paper covers. .2Scts.
" " cloth " ...50cta.
Alliance Ptb. Co Lincoln Neb.
Tff aalvcnal farar ao-
orAed Tuuaoium'a fvaar
Suoao Caabas Soma kada
m to offer a P. a. Oaows '
alaa, lk4 ' rtUtm OU
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