Will Maupin's weekly. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1911-1912, December 15, 1911, Image 18

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    Yon Are
to Save About (Qtae-EMf
If You Buy Christmas Jewelry at the Popular Price Store Investigate !
x :
. Mail Ozders
I want your mail orders,
laxjre or small. You can buy by
mail in assurance of complete
satisfaction. An expert fills
all orders, selects goods as well
or better than you could your
self. All orders filled same
day as received goods sent
anywhere on approval. Of
course we refund money, if
for any reason purchase is not
satisf actory. Write for any in
formation about any article of
jewelry, I am at your service.
Open Evenings
Until Christmas
Powerful Arguments as to Why You
" I-- can-:and do sell high
grade jewelry at popular prices.
Buying direct from manufac
turers for cash brings a tre
mendous price advantage be
sides I own my building, am a
careful manager and am look
ing more to future business
than immediate profits. I
know and you know that Lin
coln needs a real popular price
jewelry store. I have provided
it now it is up to the buying
public to take advantage of
the saving opportunity. I
want you to come here expect
ing to save about onehalf on
any article you buy.
Should Buy
Here's a grand gift for wife, sister
or mother. Ad exquisite 14-K Solid
Gold Brooch with Genuine Pearls, and
set in the center with a real diamond
Price $10.00
Elsewhere $1S.00
Other Diamond Brooches in great
$15.00 to $75.00
It's to Your Advantage to Buy Diamonds Here !
If you're going to buy a Diamond, large or small, you want full value for your money and as much more as
you can get. You are assured maximum value and minimum cost if you
Assortment No. 1 Beautiful 'White
Perfect Cut Diamonds, in solid gold
rings. $5.00
Elsewhere $10.00 to $12.50
buy at the Popular Price Jewelry Store.
Assortment No. 2 Ladies' Diamond
Rings. White, Perfect Cut, solid
gold, beauties. $730
Elsewhere at $12.50 to $15.00
Cut Glass
Highly Polished $-tnch Cut i
Glass Bowls. "Gary- cut... j. I O
What is nicer for a gift to mother or wife
than one or several pieces of high grade
Cut Glass ? We are certainlv well ore-
pared to fill your wants These items will give you an idea of our
popular prices.
Cut Glass Toothpick
Holders, each. . . .
8-inch Bowls, "Eaton
Cat. at.
S-lnch Bowl. "Crescent
Cut. at.
5-inch Bon Bon Dish.
-Macy- Cut.
S-lnch Bon-Bon Dish.
-Macy" Cut. at
Spoon Trays. "Star"
Cuat. at.
Spoon Trays,
Cut. at. . . .
Rich, high polished Water CI AA
Glasses. "Meteor" Cut. C tor04.UU
6-inch Pern Dish. "Eaton"
Cut. at each.
Salt and Pepper Fine
Sterling Silver tops,
at a set. only
Cut Glass.
Beautiful Cut Glass Water J?A
Pitchers, "iieteor" Cut. . .. OO.OU
A Beautiful Gift
An "Oxford" Combination Set Punch
Bowl, Fruit Bowl. Bon-Eon
Dish all ia one
Gifts Suggestions for Fatter, Brottisr, Hubby or Swsatieart
Elgin or Waltham 15-jewel 20-year Gentleman's Elgin or Waltham.
guaranteed Gold Filled Case, -$?.00 O J "7!
17 jewel tor. $11.00 only. )4v
Solid Gold Filled Vest Chains, guaran
teed 5 years. These are heavily
filled, solid link chains, at $1.50
Solid Gold Filled Lapel Chains, many
styles, guaranteed 10 to 20 years,
unequaled values at.. $2.75 and $1.25
Solid Gold, extra heavy Vest Chains,
the celebrated "Dickens" ....$15.00
Solid Gold Lapel Chains.
special at. $5.00
S. O. Bigney and R, F. Simmon 20
year Chains, at $2.50 to $8.00
20-year guaranteed Mesh Fobs, with
new attachment. $2.50
Gentleman's Silk Ribbon Fobs, with
safety attachment, 20-year guaran
teed charm. . $1.25
You're Sure to Find What You Want
in Our Large and Carefully Selected
If $1.50 is what you want to pay for his
Gift, see these wonderful values. The
Unks are Signet, Plain Polish or Satin
Finish. The Pins are Set or Signet.
Tou pay at least twice as much for
Scarf Pina or Links like these any
where else in Lincoln.
Other Links at $2.00 to $10.00
Other Pins at 50c to $7.50
Gentleman's Solid Gold Set or Signet Great variety of fine Solid Gold Rings,
Rings at. $3.50 Set or Signet $1.50 to $5.00
Military Sets, quadruple plate, hand
somely engraved, special. $5.00
Solid Gold Emblems 50c
Tie Holders. Sterling or Gold
Filled. 50e
Solid Gold Tie Holders, hand i
engraved. $1JO
Sterling Silver Cigar Cutters 50c
Sterling Silver Match Boxes $1.00
Gold Filled Lockets. $1.00;
Solid Gold. $5.00
A Diamond Pin, Studs or Links
for Him
Tou can buy Solid Gold Diamond Set
Unks here as low as a pair $2.50
Other great values. $3.00, $4.00, $5.00,
and up to $17X0.
Diamond Pins, unequaled values,
$3.00 to $75.00
Diamond Studs, great variety.
$10,00 to $85.00
Two Extraordinary Values
Gents Diamond Ring, perfect 1-K
stone, elsewhere S190. here
only. $120
Ladies' Diamond Ring, white ana per-,
feet cut. 3-8 and 5-8, elsewhere
$125, here only. $85
Every Sale
Must Be a Sat
isfactory Sale at
This Store
Bifts for Boys and Girls
Every Boy enjoys owning a good
Watch. Buy your boy one of these
guaranteed Gold Filled Watches. '
Especially priced at. $6.00
Bracelets for Girls, special $1.25
Genuine Coral Bead Necklace. . . .$1.75
Rings for Baby and Children
Assortment No. 1 Pretty set
Assortment No. 2 Set or Signet,
band. $1X0
Assortment No. 3 Diamond chip
set. $1.50
Assortment No. 3 Ladies' and Gents
Solid Gold, Perfect Cut, White Dia
mond rings; big variety, on sale
at. $1230
Elsewhere at $22.00 to $25.00
Extra Special Values in
$5 to $250
Tou save at least one-third by buying
Diamond Necklace, 1-K less 1-32; 7
White Diamonds. Elsewhere yon
must pay $120.00 to $175.00 for a
Necklace like this. $75X0
Early choosing is especially advisable
in this department, because our stock
is limited. In many instances our hol
iday orders reached the the manufacturers too late to be filled, what
we have is of excelent quality, and like everything in the store, is
reasonably priced.
Rogers 1347 Tea Spoons,
Oak- or "Vintage" de
sign. Bet of six for
Table or Soup Spoons, "Charter Oak
or "Vintage design,
set of six for
Rogers 1847 Knives and Forks, plain
polish, satin finish, or engraved. Set
of six knives and Z
six forks.
Silver Tea Sets. Picture Frames ia
fact aU sorts of Silver Goods. Re
member that stock is limited sad
will go quickly at the LOW PRICES.
Nice gift for ladies and gentlemen. I
have provided a splendid line and
offer great values for Instance,
fine Umbrella with gold filled and
sterling silver
handles, only. .
Special attention Is eaRed to aa va
UBnally fine lot of hsiMliome Back
Combs. The prices too axe attrac
tive you ought to see Cf
the J2.50 values at ..l.iO
Finer Combs up to... ...... ....$70
Gift Suggestions for Mother, Sister, Wife or SweatM
Ladies' Elgin or Waltham 7-jeweL 20- year guaranteed case, Hunting or
Open Face, $10.00. 15-jewel Elgin or Waltham at. $1Z50
Solid Gold Filled Soldered Link. 20- Great variety and great values In
year guaranteed Chains Ladies Chains, Gold Filled and
54-inch. at. $2.00 Solid Gold, at $1.50 to $1SJ
The much wanted "Carmen" Bracelets Stylish Band Bracelets from best mak-
B. U Briggs Co. make 20-year ers, with every one a strong 20-
guarantee. Signet and Fancy Sets, T" K,iar&ftet; tB
. Polish, Satin Finish and Hand En-
2-50. 3- nd 5 00 graved, at $4-00 to $1230
SOLID SOLD BRACELETS at.. $10.00 Elsewhere $7.50 to $25.00
Assortment No. 1 Set or Signet Xot a Ring in the entire collection
Rings, at. . $10
Assortment No. 2 Hand . Engraved,
Set. $230
Assortment No. 3 Includes beautiful
Turquoise Matrix and Carved Coral
Sets, at. $4-50
would be priced lses than $20 In
any other store. Others would ask
$7.50 to $10.00 for Rings priced
here at. $430
German Silver Mesh Bags, 6 Inches
high, 8 inches deep, priced at. .$430
Other Mesh Bags $3.00 to $15.00
Ladles Gold Filled Mesh Fobs... $1.75
Collar Pins, pair, 25c
Gold Filled Belt Buckles,
50c 75c and $140
Solid Gold Bar Pins and Buckles, up
to. $730
Solid Silver Thimbles. . 25c
Lockets, 20-year guarantee. A great
variety and great values at
$130, $200, $230 and up to $730
Fine Display of
Guaranteed Clocks
We direct special attention to
our carefully selected stock of
Clocks, special values at $1.75,
$230. $330, $S30 and up to $45.00.
Popular I TpN O T T (T (O fl445
Price Tr ( yf rr ( ) "O"
Jeweler Jj l NX LJ rQ tQ) strect
Fine Watch and
Clock Repairing
All work ie dene by ae expert.
All work guaranteed for 2 years.
Clocks called for and delivered