Will Maupin's weekly. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1911-1912, July 14, 1911, Image 8

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Bully! Magee of the Phillies has
been indefinitely suspended and fined
$200 for assaulting Umps Finneran.
We insist that no one but a fan has
a right to assault an umps, and even
then assaults must be confined to
linguistic castigation.
Parson Farthing will be sold to a
state league team, probably York, but
with a string attached so he can be
yanked back in case he recovers his
form. The Parson's case is myster
iously baffling. Last year he set the
Western afire. This years he is
about as effective in the box as a
Jpne Orangeman in a St. Patrick's
.'day parade. .
This will injure the Joetown ma
terially, but if Tex utilizes the lay
off to improve the quality of his. lan
guage his temporary retirement will
not have been in vain.
Spider Corhan has rejoined the Sox
and shows himself ready to get back
into the game. If the Spider ever be
gins hitting .285 or better he will
have to hire a dray to haul his month
ly wage to the bank.
fore with our seeing the home team
Leviticus Knapp has every reason
to feel proud of his hold on fandom
in these parts. When there was dan
ger that Leviticus would be sent back
to a minor team everybody mourned.
And when he suddenly came back
fandom stood right up on its rear un
derpinning and vociferated in glee. It
is going to be many a long day ere
the record he set in that 'Lope-Kaw
game last week is equalled. To have
but twenty-eight batsmen face him
in nine innings, allow but one hit and
issue but one pass that's going
some. That Knapp boy is going to
wing a lot of victories for us before
the season closes if some wretch
doesn't come along and amputate his
pitching arm.
Collier's Weekly says the automo
bile is injuring the attendance at
baseball games in the west. We have
never allowed our automobile to inter
Wanted, information as to what
President Tiperary O'Neill of the
Western League does to earn his sal
ary. The first party to give the re
quired information will be rewarded
with three cancelled postage stamps,
a photo of John L. Sullivan and a cup
of hot chocolate at the Labor Day
Manager Robertus is occupying the
bench quite some considerable these
days, utilizing the time in puttying up
the spike holes in his ankles. But he
wholesales the peppersass as of old.
In the meanwhile Guiseppe Dundon is
cavorting around the secondary hesi
tating point in a manner that wins
our unqualified enconiums.
Anxious Inquirer: Yes. sir; Kan
sas City once occupied a place in the
National League. It was in 1885, and
then, . as now, Kansas City hung at
the bottom.
Paulopolis Cobb has recovered the
battiug optic for which we have been,
offering such a liberal reward.
Wherefore Paulopolis is hitting for
extra bases with cheerful regularity.
The, 'Lopes come back Saturday
ana"' will remain with us until the end
of th month. Fifteen games on the
home lot. Last-Wednesday's victory
$u riis ""'Irarfik in second place for a
minute. . From fifth to second in less
than two weeks is traveling some,
Mr. Knocker!
Tex Jones will be out of the game
for a month, nursing a split , thumb.
Five errorless games in a row 191
chances without a bobble is some
thing of a record. It was made by
the 'Lopes recently.
Every notice that it's not the big
huskies that slam the ball the furth
ert, nor the biggest huskies that pitch
the swifest ball? It isn't in the mus
cle; it's in the knack.
President Despaint went down to
Tawpoka with his snickersnea in
hand, intending to amputate a couple
of pitchers from his elongated staff.
Also to accompany the team to
Pueblo with a view to sitting on the
bench and inspiring the 'Lopes to
greater deed o' daring do by the glo
rious light of his presidential pres
ence. As before mentioned, we have
decided to play Don Espano on the
bench for quite a spell o' periods. He
has been hitting .375 as an inspirer
ever since he doffed his cutaway coat
and mingled with the gentlemen who
accept his money.
The July 27 game with St. Joe will
be played at Capital Beach at 2:15 p.
m. This is because it is the day set
for the Grocers and Butchers' annual
picnic at that popular resort.
Jeems Cockman has secured a new
lease on batting eyes and is now
punching them to the fence. While
Jeems was playing with a hand
swelled up like a poisoned pup, and
missing a few now and then because
of it, the "Yallers" said he was a has
been. Now that his hand is in shape
Jeems is daily demonstrating that the
average "Yaller" is also a liar.
Once Tried Always Used
Little Hatchet Flour
Made from Select Nebraska Hard Wheat
iwSSSIms 1 45 So. 9th St, LINCOLN, NEB.
A Modernized Fable
Once upon a time a Grasshopper perched upon a ryestraw... and
fiddled away to beat the band.
An Ant, busier than a hen with one chick, hustled to store away
grub against the winter time.
"Foolish creature," chortled the . Grasshopper, "to vaste the
golden hours tolling like a slave. Why not enjoy life while you live.
Me for the bright lights and the hurrah time."
So saying the Grasshopper fiddled away the bright summer. But
the Ant continued to hustle for all get out.
When the first blizzard swooped the Grasshopper had no more to
eat than a mummy; and when just about to expire from hunger saw
the Ant going by looking as well fed as an alderman.
"Give me a bite," said the Grasshopper.
"Not me," said the Ant. "I hustled while you fiddled. You had
your fun, now I am eating regularly."
And a bit later the Grasshopper succumbed to the inevitable.
Moral: Do more hustling and less fiddling now, and later in life
you can fiddle without danger.
Save a little each week, and in time you will be insured against
want. We will help you form the saving habit. We pay 4 per cent,
interest on deposits. Come in and let us explain our system.
American Savings Bank
110 South Eleventh Street
Named for Lincoln
Made in Lincoln
14 ft DADDCD e.CAiin
Test of the Oven
Test of the Taste
Test of Digestion
Test of Quality
Test of Quantity
Test f Time
Measured by Every
Test it Proves Best
Demand Liberty Flour and take no other. If your grocer
does not handle it, phone us about it. .
Green. Gables
The Dr. Benj. F. Baily Sanatorium
For non-contagious cbronio disease. Largest, beet , ?
equipped, most beautifully furnished.
Dr. Chas. Yungblut
ROOM pv . r BURR
No. 202 UentlSt BLOCK
AUTO. PHONE 3416. BELL 656
Wageworkers hZ
Attention JSS2!S:
Plenty of it. Utmost Secrecy.
129 So. iith St Kelly & Norris