Will Maupin's weekly. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1911-1912, March 31, 1911, Image 10

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    -what men of taste wear
our lines have been selected with a view to meeting the taste re
quirements of every man. The plain business suit, the more dressy suit
for wear to semi-social functions, the every-day-wear suit for the semi
professional man, the durable knock-about-suit for the man who must
get up against work that rubs and wears and soils, the "Sunday-go-to-meeting"
suit that is kept for special occasions, the dress suit, the
Tuxedo. In short, we have everything necessary to properly outfit any
man whose taste may be a bit out of the ordinary.
the price requirements right
as we have selected lines to suit your taste in dress, so we have
selected lines with a view to meeting your purse limitations. At the
price you feel you can pay we can supply you with a suit that will give
you a bit more than the full value of the money you pay. And as we
have never had better lines to select from, so we say with equal em
phasis that we have never had an opportunity to offer you better price
values. This is indeed a "bargain year" in the best lines of ready-to-wear
from ten dollars to forty dollars
within these price ranges you may select anything to suit your
taste, knowing that you are getting a bit more than full value for your
money. This season's styles are a marked advance over former seasons,
permitting the average man of average purse limitations to outfit him
self in a manner that would have been the envy of the millionaire of a
decade ago. By the way, can you name anything that has made more
marked advance along legitimate lines than the ready-to-wear business?
So wonderful is this advance that today the average man may outfit him
self, at a reasonable outlay, in garments that excel in fit, style, color and
fabric, the output of the artistic tailors of a year or two ago. No matter
what your weight, or your size, we can fit you equally well with the
custom tailor, and at prices that afford you a handsome saving.
our especial easter offerings
these are now ready for your inspection. In the lines of furnish
ings we are prepared to offer you the widest range of selections, con
fident of being able to satisfy your every taste.
Armstrong Clothing Coe