Will Maupin's weekly. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1911-1912, March 17, 1911, Image 5

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Uncle Sam is mobolizing troops on the
Mexican frontier. Does anybody, know
what for?
The men selected by the special interests
to manage the affairs of the country inform
us that the ' troops are being sent to the
Mexicon frontier to protect Americans and
Americans interests.
"Interests," yes. Americans, no!
Mexicans who have wearied of the
tyranny, the inhumanity and the greed of
Diaz and his cohorts are struggling for
release. And they seem to be making head
way, too, This does not suit a lot of ex
ploiters from the United States who have
made deals with Diaz for the exploitation
of Mexican peon labor, so Uncle Sam is
massing troops in the vicinity.
To insure fair play for American interests
in Mexico?
Not so as to be visible to the naked eye.
To lend at least the moral influence of
this republic to men fighting for freedom
from autocratic rule?
Fudge! This republic quit that sort of
thing when it refused to recognize the
Transvaal Dutchman, and turned its back
squarely on its traditions when it bought
"Yellowbellies" in the Philippines at $2 a
head and gave us the new doctrine that gov
ernments derive their just powers, not by the
consent of the governed but by right of
barter and sale of its people.
So do not imagine for a minute that Uncle
Sam is giving a second thought to men who
are battling for liberty. He did that sort
of thing when he was young and foolish,
but he has learned "money sense" since then
even though, in the acquiring of it he lost
knowledge of some things far better than
money. Sympathy and principle, and re
gard for human rights, for instance.
Far be it from Will Maupin's Weekl? ix
remain passive while the owner of the prize
porker or the superlative steer is being dis
criminated against. Down with the greedy
corporation that would add one jot or tittle
to the burdens now being borne by the Ne
braska farmer who is wondering how on
earth he is going to add a few more broad
acres to his holdings and thus enable him
self to raise more corn to feed more hogs to
make more money to buy more land to
raise more corn to feed more hogs to make
more money to buy more but we pause to
again demand the abasement of the afore
said greedy corporations.
But, just the same, Will Maupin's Week
ly doesn't hold the blooded Birkshire, the
delightful Duroc, the handsome Hereford
or the prize assembling Polled Angus in a
bit higher esteem than it does the wage
earning men and women of Nebraska who
seem unable to get as much consideration
at the hands of a Nebraska legislature as a
hcg or a steer.
For something like six weeks the legisla
ture of Nebraska has been masticating the
woven remnant over the question of stock
yards regulation, which simply means that
hog and cattle raisers want to make an extra
dime on each head of live stock sold at
South Omaha. And so violent has the dis
cussion become that practically everything
else has been lost sight of by the wise law
makers. The mere fact that a hundred
thousand wage earners are demanding some
legal protection for life and limb does not
seem to attract a bit of attention. We hear
a lot of discussion about hog cholera and
Uncle Sam is massing his troops on the
Mexican border, not to protect human
rights, but to protect dirty dollars. Uncle
Sam has looked at the little yellow money
discs so long hat he has grown color blind.
Time was when he could see the first drop
of human blood shed in the cause of human
liberty, and he responded quickly. All that
he can see now is the milled edge of the
money disc. Time was when his ears were
attuned to catch the first plea for justice
wrung by tyrants from the lips of men and
women. Today he can hear nothing but
the clink of the coin or the snip-snip-snip of
the shears as they clip the interest coupons.
The first thing we know the subsidized
press will be telling us that a criminal
scheme is afoot to destroy a sister republic
and call upon us as patriots to interefere.
Then a million men of patriotic hearts and
not enough gray matter in their craniums
to weigh a feather's weight will rush to arms
and proceed to shed a lot of blood.
What for? To preserve liberty?
Stuff and nonesense ! To protect the dirty
dollars wrung from the sweat and toil and
tears of the comrades of the men who have
been deceived into fighting while the men
who cooked up the criminal scheme remain
secure in their financial fastnesses and pile
up more wealth.
Wars will never cease until the men who
bring them on are compelled to fight them.
Carnegie may offer his blood-stained dol
lars in never-ending stream to purchase uni
versal peace, but there will be no universal
peace as long as money-mad .men are able
to bring on was and then profit by them
while their dupes fight and die on the bat
tlefield. "War is hell!" Let those who want war
go to hell!
legislative appropriations to wipe out the
disease, but not a bit of discussion about the
one thousand or two thousand Nebraskans
who die of tuberculosis every year because
they are compeled to work in unsanitary
shops and mills and factories.
Why don't they work elsewhere?
To be sure! Why work at all? Why
not just starve to death and be done with it?
Plenty of laws providing for the proper
sanitation of pig pens and dairies not a
single legislative enactment compelling em
ployers to provide sanitary factories. Kill
a man's hog or cow by accident and the law
provides a remedy for the stricken owner
Kill a mechanic by refusing to safeguard
the machine about which he must work or
starve, and his widow and orphaned chil
dren may go to the poor house so kindly
provided by our always just and humane
Humanity hasn't made very much pro
gress since the day that Jesus of Nazareth
drove. the devils out of the Gadarene and
into the herd of swine. The swine rushed
down a steep place into the sea and were
Then what happened? "And they that
saw it told them how it befell him that was
possessed with the devil, and also concern
ing the swine. And they began to pray
Him to depart out of their coasts !"
Catch the point? Rather than have any
more stricken men healed at the cost of a
few hogs, the hog owners insisted upon the
Healer getting out of the country. Sounds
natural, eh!
What is the life of a factory worker com
pared with the well-being of a money-bringing
porker? What time for considering the
well-being of the men and women in our
mills and shops as long as there is a hog to
conserve or a steer to protect?
Some day, perhaps, when the Nebraska
mind is capable of raising above the level
of the hog or the steer, we will be able to
secure from a Nebraska legislature some
consideration for the men and the women
who work amidst dangerous machinery, in
noisome shops and unsanitary factories.
But people haven't made much progress
since the day of the little incident in the
land of the Gadarenes.
Sunday Base Ball Again
The Editor of Will Maupin's Weekly has
always considered Paul about the biggest,
brainest and best man that ever lived, save
only one the Master whom Paul served
with such loyal devotion. Paul was not a
man of one idea not by a long ways. He
was a skilled mechanic, being a tentmaker
by trade. He was a lawyer, and one of the
best, as is evidence by his masterly defense
of himself before Agrippa. He was the
greatest preacher of Christiantity the world
has ever known.
Perhaps Paul was competent to say some
thing authoritative on the Sunday question.
Of course we are not going to declare that
Paul was nearly so competent as some peo
ple today to judge of certain matters. We
doubt not that should Paul drop down into
Lincoln today and repeat some of his ad
monitions he would be either burned at the
stake figuratively speaking or churched
for heresy. But, just the same, Paul may
be accepted as pretty fair authority, even
on so mooted a question as Sunday amuser
ments. So, with some hesitancy, it is true,
Will Maupin's Weekly ventures to quote
"One man esteemeth one day above an
other; another esteemeth every day alike.
Let every man be fully persuaded in his own
mind" Romans 14 :5.
"I know, and am persuaded by the Lord
Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself:
but to him that esteemeth anything un
clean, to him it is unclean. But if thy
brother be grevied with thy meat, now
walkest thou not charitably. Destroy him
not with thy meat, for whom Christ died."
Romans 14:14-15.
The mechanic who is struggling honestly
and tirelessly to provide for his little family,
working six days a week when there is
work can not enjoy a day off without los
ing wages. If he loses a half-day's pay it
means a little less meat on the table, fewer
potatoes in the basket, a pint of milk for
the kiddies instead of a quart, little feet a
few - days longer peeping through ragged
shoes, another season for the little wife's
already old-fashioned hat. And yet there
there are those calling themselves Christians
who would deprive this industrious me
chanic of an opportunity to rest as he
pleases upon the only day of the week given
to him.
Of course they did not play baseball, in
Paul's time, but we opine that if they had,
Paul, wouldn't " have arrogated to himself
the right to deprive men of the opportunity,
to see the games on the only day of the
week they could see it without depriving
the wives and babies of food and raiment.