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    March 13,1902
Champ Clark's Letter
Special Washington Letter.
i HE saddest thing that has hap
pened in this world since that
illustrious MIssourian Mark
Twain shed briny and copious
tears at the tomb of Adam
was the seating of the foreign dip
lomatic representatives near our im
perial court behind the supreme court
judges at the McKinley memorial serv
ices. This most calamitous situation
grew out of the unfortunate fact that
those illustrious courtiers, Senator Jo
soph Benson Foraker and General
Charles Henry Grosvenor, both of Ohio,
who as chairmen of the senate and
house committees were charged with
getting up the programme and with
making the arrangements, were not au
fait as tof their duties in matters of
Imperial etiquette. In extenuation of
their grievous fault it may be pleaded
that these two able and ambitious
Buckeye statesmen are new to the im
perial business. They are courtiers in
the raw, so to speak, but they are as
siduous students of the new school, and
it may be confidently predicted that, as
they are quick to learn, after a suffi
cient time they will be able to give
pointers in imperial etiquette even to
the bedizened and bespangled repre
sentatives of the effete monarchies of
It is said that Lord Pattncefote, the
British embassador and dean of the
diplomatic corps, has formally expostu
lated with Mr. Secretary of State Uay
as to the indignity placed upon him
and his high and mighty confreres and
that an entire hour was consumed in
consideration of the expostulation.
While it is not given to ordinary mor
tals to know what was said by those
two imperialists It may be naturally
assumed that Colonel Hay rubbed much
salve upon the burning wounds of the
wrathful Englishman. It is to be sin
cerely hoped that this awkward inci
dent will not precipitate a war between
us and all the nations of Europe com
bined. It is a humiliating idea to think
of our Uncle Sam falling on his knees
L cfore the Europeans and exclaiming,
"Peccavi, peccavi!" But since we have
become Imperialists and aspire to stand
well with other Imperialists it may be
necessary for our uncle to perform that
un-American caper.
It will be remembered by those who
take any interest in the history of our
early days that when Thomas Jeffer
son was president he, for some reason
known to himself alone, took Mrs.
Dolly Madison, wife of his secretary of
state, out to dinner instead of leading
out ?.Irs. Merry, wife of the British
embassador, which precipitated diplo
matic complications of a most laugh
able sort, ending in Secretary of State
Mndison requesting that Mr. Merry be
recalled, which was done". Jefferson's
conduct on that occasion gave the cue
to all the American imperialists to
abuwe him and calumniate him and to
hold him up as an awful example of
bad manners; but then it must be re
membered that Thomas Jefferson was
an untutored Democrat, who hated
royaiiy a::d all its works even as the
devil hates holy water. He was not an
imperialist, as are Colonel Hay, Sen
ator Foraker and General Grosvenor.
Jefferson, therefore, may be excused
for violating imperial etiquette on
grounds of ignorance. Even Foraker
and Grosvenor may plead Ignorance on
this occasion, but the foreign imperial
ists will hardly forgive them for a sec
ond olTense of this nature.
Morgan and Hanna.
There is a contest on In the senate
which is of more than passing interest
to philosophers and psychologists. It
is between that illustrious Democrat,
Senator John T. Morgan of Alabama, a
great lawyer, and that conspicuous Re
publican, Senator Marcus A. Hanna,
who is not a lawyer, but who ranks
very high as a business man. The bone
of contention is the route of the isth
mian canal. Morgan champions Nica
ragua and Hanna champions Panama.
Of course others will take a hand in
the shindv, but it is universally con
ceded that Morgan and Hanna are the
leaders in the fight. It is shrewd, hard
beaded business capacity against
learning, forensic ability and profes
sional training. The contest will at
tract breathless interest. Morgan per
haps knows more than any other living
man, but Mark is a fighter from away
Let Them Squabble.
Democrats may well take heart from
the quarrels of the Republicans. On
the surface things are placid as a duck
pond, but beneath the surface there
are storms and disturbances of all
gorts. Representatives of agricultural
constituencies in the great and gor
geous northwest are becoming alarmed A
as to their re-election and are voicing
their alarm in Republican caucuses, of
which there have been more held this
session, though it is only three months
old, than in any session in the last ten
years. The beet sugar men, the cane
sugar men and several other sorts of
men are at each other's throats on the
Cuban question. The reciprocity advo
cates and the antireciprocity sbouters
are wooling each other. The feeling
is growing exceedingly heated, not to
eay bitter, and is liable, indeed quite
likely, to burst into a consuming flame
at any moment. The quicker the bet
ter for the country and the cause of
good government!
Hats off to ex-Governor James S
Hogg of Texas as he passes by! He
Is an American worthy of his birth
right. While In London, looking after
the interests of his oil company, ar
rangements were made by our embas
sador, Joseph H. Choate, to present the
big Texan at court, but when Hogg
learned that in order to be presented
to the king he had to tog himself up
with knee breeches, sword and other
royal paraphernalia he flatly refused.
Now, if there Is any American living
who has a right to be proud of his
calves it is Hogg. They are large, ro
tund, amazing. If he had donned knee
breeches, he would not have been com
pelled to hart? his calves padded, as, it
is said, Mr. Whltelaw Reid has done.
Nay, not so. Without any artificial
aids or adjuncts he would have exhib
ited such a gorgeous pair of calves to
the astonished eyes of the British beef
eaters as has not been seen at St.
James since the days of Dickens' fat j
boy. Hogg is indeed royally, even su-!
perfluously, endowed with calves. But
he would not don knee breeches and
long stockings even at the suggestion
of Joe Choate. Great is Hogg! May
his tribe increase!
Nothing so refreshing has happened
since that other eminent American re
fused to remove his hat from his nog
gin in the presence of Albert Edward,
prince of Wales, saying, "I am as dis
tinguished in my profession as the
Prince of Wales is in his," which, be
ing said before his historic meeting
with Pompadour Jim Corbett at New
Orleans, was absolutely true.
When a great foreign actress first
gazed upon Daniel Webster, she turned
to her male escort in an ecstasy of de
light and exclaimed, "Thank heaven, I
can now truly say that I have seen a
man!" What her escort thought of
that this deponent saith not.
Had she lived to feast her eyes upon
the towering form of James S. Hogg
she could have truly said, "I have seen
another man."
Barring Unpleasant Remarks.
The high handed methods of the Re
publican majority in the house is fully
illustrated by the following statement:
More than a week's debate was allow
ed on the oleomargarine bill when ev
erything both for and against it could
have been fully stated in two days.
On the Philippine tariff bill, a measure
of farreaching consequence, only two
days debate was originally permitted.
When it came back from the senate
loaded down with amendments and
Mr. Richardson, the Democratic lead
er, asked for one hour in which the
minority might briefly express its opin
ion, it was denied him, and the Hon.
Sereno E. Payne, chairman of the com
mittee on ways and means and ex of
ficio floor leader of the Republicans,
with a smile that was childlike and
bland, offered him thirty minutes,
which Richardson contemptuously and
scornfully refused. Then the minority
in revenge forced the house to squan
der twice as much time in roll calls as
Richardson had demanded for debate,
and it did right. Now, it may be
asked, Why did the majority permit a
week's debate on the oleomargarine
bill and only two days on the Philip
pine bill? Because it did not care
what was said on the former and
dreaded what might be said on the lat
ter. Its plan is to amuse the house
with talk on nonimportant matters and
to railroad all important measures.
Dinsmore of Arkansas.
One of the ablest among the young
southern Democrats in the house is
Hugh A. Dinsmore of Arkansas, the
ranking Democrat on the great commit
tee of foreign affairs. Dinsmore was
lucky when he came to congress nine
years ago In being assigned to a com
mittee whose duties are congenial to
his tastes and in the line of his experi
ence, ne had been minister to Korea
and had borne himself so well in that
station that the people of his district
sent him to congress and have kef5t
him there ever since. Able, faithful,
suave, tactful, eloquent, in the very
flower of his years, he is a tower of
strength to our side of the house and
is invariably in favor of all just and
reasonable measures. Not long since,
in a rather warm debate on the diplo
matic and consular appropriation bill,
he gave the following fine illustration
of the average American's adaptability
to any situation:
"Some years ego a gentleman of West
Virginia was selected to be consul at
Nagasaki, Japan. He was a parvmu,
so to speak, in consular matters. He
had never been abroad; perhaps he
had never been out of the confines of
the state of West Virginia, unless it
may have been to come to this capital
or to go to New York. On arriving at
Nagasaki he found it inconvenient to
secure proper quarters for his con
sulate. "He could not get a house in which
to establish his office, but he found
an American merchant doing business
in Nagasaki, who said to him, 'You
can have these rooms above my store.'
So Mr. Birch, the gentleman of whom
I am speaking, took the rooms above
that store and hoisted his flag. He was
immediately tabooed by the whole con
sular fraternity there and by the com
munity. Why? Because the English
Idea of affairs obtained out there, and
shopkeepers were not considered en
tirely respectable people. Mr. Birch
had set up his consulate in a shopkeep
er's establishment.
"On making application at that time
to become a member of the Nagasaki
club Mr. Birch was blackballed. He
was not admitted to the club. But I
take pleasure In saying that before
John M. Birch had been in that port
two years he was recognized as the
best consul there and was president of
the same club which had before black
balled him for putting his flag over a
When we control the house again, as
we probably will do in the next con
gress, Dinsmore will be chairman of
the committee on foreign affairs, which
is always an important committee,
sometimes the most important in the
house, and he will do honor to the posi
tion. Arkansas and the whole country
can well afford to be proud of such
men as Hugh A. Dinsmore.
Consuls and the Merit System.
In that same debate I set forth what
I know to be my own position and
what I believe to be the Democratic
position as to civil service examina
tions, as follows:
"I want to say, speaking for myself
and the entire Democratic party, that
we are not opposed to a merit sys
tem. I repeat that with emphasis, so
that no idiot can go away from here
and misconstrue it that the Demo
cratic party Is not opposed to a merit
system based on common sense. We
are not opposed to a merit system, but
we are opposed to life tenure in office.
It is both undemocratic and un-American.
I have an old fashioned idea that
when the Republicans carry the elec
tion in this country they have a right
to the offices and when the Democrats
carry it they have a right to them, and
certainly Democrats do not carry it
often enough to form the chronic habit
of officeholdiiP.g.
"I undertake to say, without the fear
of successful contradiction, that it is a
libel on American intelligence and on
the public school system of this coun
try, which we so proudly vaunt and
which costs so much, to say that out
of the 0,000,000 men who voted for
William J. Bryan in 1900 you cannot
find 200,000 fit to hold these appointive
offices under the president of the Unit
ed States, and it is a greater libel, sim
ply because there were more of them
and not because they were more intelli
gent, to say that out of the 7,000,000
Republicans who voted for William
McKinley you cannot find 200,000 fit to
hold these offices.
"I say this, that when the Democrats
are in power, if you would have a rule
that the appointees should be Demo
crats, and then that they should be
thoroughly examined, that would be
all right, and the same way when the
Republicans are in power, but here is
the objection in this consular business
to the civil service reform examination
as now conducted.
"They do not ascertain a man's fit
ness to be a consul, because the exam
inations are not about things which a
consul ought to know in order to ren
der the best service.
"I stated on the floor of this house
once, and I repeat it now, that, in my
judgment, notwithstanding there are
over 200 college graduates in this house
and a proportional number in the sen
ate, there are not thirty men in both
houses who could stand an examina
tion for a $900 clerkship over here in
one of the departments. Why is that
true? I will tell you. It is true be
cause the men who are fit to sit in the
congress of the United States have for
gotten the things that they are exam
ined on in these examinations over
there. That is the truth about it.
"Men are fit to serve In house and
senate not because they have forgotten
certain things, but because they have
learned more important things. The
latter things crowd the former out of
their minds. To undertake to examine
men for consular positions in one of
the civil service examinations as now
conducted will end In this that you
will get a lot of men just out of school
who know nothing about business,
while business knowledge is the most
necessary qualification for consul, as
it is a purely business office. Napo
leon picked his marshals by the shape
of their noses. I undertake to say that
there is not a man on this floor who
cannot go into his own district and
pick the men who are fit to be consuls
anywhere by their business capacity,
because he knows them and under
stands what they are good for. Natu
ral pride would compel him to select
the most competent."
Senatorial Fight In Illinois.
The chances are first rate for the
Democrats to elect a senator of the
United States from Illinois to succeed
William E. Mason, a consummation
devoutly to be wished. Mason, Hop-'
kins, "Uncle Shelby" M. Cullom, young
Governor Dick Yates and other Repub
lican bigwigs are carrying on a Kil
kenny cat fight which ought to redound
to the good of the Democrats. In the
meantime Mr. Dawes, who was sup
posed to be a sure winner, appears to
have fallen into innocuous desuetude
and to have gone to the bottom of the
sea after the fashion of Mr. McGinty.
Dawes had a good job in one of the de
partments, but concluded that he was
of senatorial stature; so Brother Dawes
resigned early last summer and has
been prancing around over the prai
ries of Suckerdom ever since In a vain
search for a senatorial toga. He is in
the fix of the dog that dropped a real
bone to snatch at a shadowy bone"
which he saw in the water. Wonder if
Br'er Dawes ever read iEsop?
The Portrait.
She It used to be considered a good
likeness of me.
He Well, It's changed somewhat
then, hasn't it? Indianapolis
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T. : v.. ..v... ...iiiflaH that tVm IVii Mninea
Life insurance Company, of Dea Moines, in tho
stat of Iowa, has complied with the Insur-
T mtmw f his sfar annlirntila fcrt snrli
companies and is therefore authorized to con,-
.. ,i , . i - : .v.;
tinue tne Dusiness oi lusuram-o iu um
state for the current year endingJanuary 31,
.... ..
Summary of report jiiea jorine year enatng
December 31st, 1001,
Premiums $318,977.86
All other sources 27,783. 44
Paid policy holders.. $.8808.98
Allother payments.. 128,777.34
.. .$336,761.30
Total...., .....
Admitted Assets
Net reserve .......... .$217,763.00
Net.policy claims and
matured installm'ts '
not yet due $ 30,165.64
All oi her liabilities . . $ 600.43
Surplus beyond capi
tal stock and other -liabilities
Total.................. .....$382,029.33
Witness my hand and the seal of the Auditor
of Pnblie Accounts the day and year first above
Auditor of Public Accounts.
By H. A. BABCOCK, Deputy.
Best Low PHod Hotal rt tha City.
91.00 por slay and up.
Hotel Walton
Lincoln, February 1, 1902.
It is hereby certified that the Kansas Mutual
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complied with the Insurance Law of this state
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anthorized to continue the business of Life in
surance in this state for the current year end
ing January 31, 1903.
Summary of rtyort filed for ttte year ending
December 3ld, 1901.
Premiums $384,898.59
All other sources 27,976.93
Total $112,875.52
Paid policy holders .. .162i902.06
All other payments. .. 150,482.81
Toial $313,38.87
Admitted Assets. 607,997.03
Net reserve $414,423.19
Net Policy claims and
matured installm'ts
not yet due 10,753.72
All other liabilities.. .5,164.45 $4:30,341.36
Surplus beyond capi
tal stock and other
liabilities $17" ,655.67 $177,655.67
Total $607,997.03
Witness my band and the seal of the Auditor
of Public Accounts the day and year first above
written. . .
Auditor of Public Accounts.
H. A. Babeock, Deputy.
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than Heldman and Jacob Held man as Held
man & Company, non-resident defendants.
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1902. Emily P. Dill as plaintiff began an action
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lots 5 and 6 in block 14; Lot 3 in block 4;aDl
lot "B" in sub-division of lots 1 and 2, in block
11. all in the city of Lincoln ; lot 5 in block I,
and the north half of lot 5 block.lin Daren,
port's Addition; lot in block 1 in East Park
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tion; lot 4 in block 1 jn South Park Addition
lot 7 In block 45 in Lincoln Heights; the south,
west quarter ofth southwest quarter of ths
southwest quarter of section 22. and also the
south half of the south half of the northeast
quarter of the southeast quarter of section 32 ;
all in town 10, range 6. east of the 6th P. M. ;
lots 7, 8. and 9. block 17; and lots 9 and 10, ia
block 29, in ImbofTs Addition to University
Place., All of the above described real estate is
in Lancaster county, Nebraska. Also all of
blocks 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11, in Einsel A Bailey's
.Addition to the city of Hold rege. in Phelps
decree adjudging that you have no interest ia
said real estate, that you be enjoined from in
terfering therewith, and for equitable relief.
You are required to answer plaintiff's petition
on or before April 21, 1902.
By I. H. Hatfield, ber attorney.
P. James Coigrave Attorney at Law
To James Milton Granger, non-resident defen
dant. You are hereby notified that on the 11th day
of March, 1902, Martha Granger filed a petition
against you in the District Court of Lancaster
County, State of Nebraska, the object and
prayrr of which are to obtain a divorce from
you on the ground that you have willfully aban
doned the plaiotlff, without good canse. for the
term of two years last past, and also as a fur
ther ground alleging non-sup port. You are re
quired to answer said petition on or before
uoaaay, vne sis uay 01 jtpru. wc.
' Plaintiff,
t rT.n.aCk''aTave. her attorney.