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August 0, 1901
Zht Utbraska Independent
CJaetla, Htbrsskm
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frrt remit 4.Sfet tfcaa w
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A41r Q cowmSratietM. &4 ' all
draft. mtmr c. fte, yhl to
Htiraska Jadrpeadtat,
Lincoln. Neb.
UL IUtJ s8rrtp will m to
Jsit ti oea a corporation ac
i;alre a monopoly St begins to develop
La4 ttUta.
Tiro thisgs won out ben the repub
"tlcans crri-d the state treachery and
.islrxzlesert Clem Dearer and Eart
hy. Britain may win by making South
Africa a desert aod calling It peae.
'Izt mhere will be the glory or the
The republican party In Nebraska
wosld be a great deal prettier without
the record that It has made during
the last six months.
Tie ilcKIaley democrats who cap
tore convections are cot so happy as
they were a few dsys aco. They hare
2.eard from Indiana.
Jjczz aid Sampson found that" to
tsase tbe ramt distinguished Ameri
can historim out f a foul-mouthed
"sATal clerk was a thicg aboon their
THslJ the til cf t!oc3 hounds, the
'redeemers"" were able to capture one
"if the esad cf prisoners who escaped
Srom the penitentiary the other day.
JJe jot as far as Grand Iclanl.
TTlth csl versa! accord, the populists
til Kaztsas have rlfea la their places
cnl said la thunder tones that the
Xarty cf the people must and shall be
J-STesen edL llansaa Commoner.
Cn thing the Judges are great on,
fit is Taxational la Chicago they go
c2 for thre months and in Omaha for
jtvou lleanttme they dray their salar
its wltlx the greatest punctuality.
Sir. Bryan says that he received a
:ttlegrasi from Sir. Towne declaring
'that the interview recently published
jurport:ng to be given by him was a
,Xke. He Lad given out no Interview
j&t a!L
Another cf the middle-of-the-road
traitors has been rewarded with an
icSre ty McICInley. H. II. Hlatt of
Carter county has been appointed su--perictendent
of schools la Guam at a
jood fat salary.
It has been demonstrated beyond dis
Jrute that it won't do to trust a state
.uovercmeot to a lot of rascals. The
record that the republican party has
froade la this state during the last six
jsacnths proves it.
A thief out Sa California stoke I2S0,
ft'OO ia gold from a smelting company.
' That ia les than half the amount that
JiartJey stc. but It wilt probably be
suEcect to get him a pardon If he
!is custt and coavlcted.
The nine-hour day has been la force
la the Hartford manufactories for the
last lx months. The result has been
that the output Is as great as whea
they Lsd a ten-hour day and all the
ecpiojes are s&tlsfed and much hap
pier. "
f "Nk Tne Omaha Bee says: "When -we
1 fcave T,of thing, why not hold on
1 o itr That Is exactly what The la-
Vpeadent says about coining $3,000
iri cf silver every month by the 3fc
ylaley administration. Let us keep
Itcporter "What do you think of
this talk about reciprocity and tail IT
breforta la the republican ranks?
Manufacturer "Oh. that Is one of
Mark's schemes to make us dig up a
' few extra millions for campaign ex
penses." All the critics are pointing out the
deterioration la Kipling's writing since
be undertook to back up the Joe Cham-bej-laia
kind of Imperialism. His lat
est pom Is pronounced unmitigated
dot cere L Imperialism and poetry won't
fail together.
Nearly all "of the republican papers
Insist that Hartley dlda't get the
xeony. that his republican friends got
IL Well, If that is so, why don't they
tret the fellows down to the peahen
try who did get the money? Some-
Xttj gpt 1. . waa ItX .
The land distribution In Oklahoma
has beea finished. .The thousands of
disappointed and broken-hearted who
could not get land for the reason that
there. was' not enough for all have'de--parted
to begin the struggle for a liv
ing elsewhere. The distribution by lot
waa perhaps the best arrangement that
could be made under the law that was
passed by congress. A rush such as
occurred when the last reservation was
opened would undoubtedly have re
sulted In much bloodshed. The fault
of the whole. thing waa In the law.- It
would not have required a very high
order of statesmanship to have drafted
a law that would have secured the ob
ject intended of giving the land to act
ual settlers In 160-acre lots. There
was no occasion for any rush. A law
could have been enacted that should
have required a perebn to have located
on the land and actually resided there,
for at least one year before any sem
blance of title could have been se
cured. It could have also provided
that the appIlcantshould, not only' be
landless; but that he sfcouldTiot be the
owner of enough stocks, bonds and
other personal property to make him
rich without land. The only disqualifi
cation In the law was that the appli
cant should not be the owner of more
than ICO acres of land; It he owned a
railroad or a dozen bank's, that, was 'no
disqualification. The result of it was
that speculators from several sur
rounding states rushed in, all of whom
bad Just as good, a chance to secure
land as the poor fellows wno had been
camping on the line formanyj months
in their wagons. Perhaps half of the
land has been drawn by parties who
have no Intention of locating on it, but
expect to sell out; ; Any other "possible
arrangement under the law could not
have resulted differently. The fault
was In the law. - . ,
The leaders of thl3 gold' and. glory
administration .may think that .they
can run the country and hold power
forever by means of a subsidized press
that Is.constantly filled with the most
outrageous lies, but The Independent
don't believe that they can. - Some day
a calamity of prodigious proportions,
the result of these lies, will strike the
country and they will all be . over
whelmed in the billows of their own
Infamy. As Instances of this constant
lying there has appeared in the great
dailies In obscure places ,a( statement
from ex-Senator Towne,?to the effect
that he never gave out any Interview at
all and had not spoken to a. newspaper
man for three months The . war, der
partment issued a reproof to Captain
Schley for an Interview that -.was
printed In the papers and Captain
Schley replies that he . never gave an
Interview and never f aid ; the - things
that were printed as" coming from him.
Day after day; the press continues
this practice and 'during a ..campaign
its mendacity is so great that ao one
can place any confidence at all in the
stuff that fills the daily papers.' .This
constant lying has become the policy
of every department of - the govern
ment and especially of the treasury de
partment. About the first 'of every
month it sends out a dispatch like
the following, which was dated Aug
ust i: "'' ;?, ;,' f ;; "
"The United States treasury now
holds the greatest horde of gold to be
found anywhere in? the world. This
morning when the business of the day
commenced there was in the treasury
vaults $504,354,297, an increase for the
month of $10,QO0,OOO and for the year
of $74,422,422. This Immense pile of
gold coin is held against the following
items: Gold certificate, $293,535,689;
reserve, $150,000,000, and general fund,
or free gold, $61,818,50?. This is the
highest amount of -reserve on record.
On July 25 last reports were received
at the department here Of the amounts
held by foreign nations. They were as
follows: , .
Bank of England.......... $183,330,681
Bank of Germany , . 158,383,434
Imperial Bank of Russia 1. 345,408,144
Bank of Austro-Hungary.. 190,314,126
Bank of France . . -. . 478,258,230
"These banks hold tho same, relative
positions to their respective govern
ments as the treasury does to the
United States government, so that the
funds indicated are governmental and
not private moneys. The amount now
held by France in its bank is ihe larg
est In the history of' that nation,- so
that along with the United States" it 13
enjoying an unusually . large redund
ance of government reserve."
The object of . publishing such a
statement as that Is to start every re
publican paper In the land to declaring
that the McKlnley administration: has
piled up In the" treasury V gold surplus
of $504,334,297, when the assertion Is
absolutely false as a careful reading
of the dispatch Itself will showj There
Is only $211,000,000 of gold jn, the
treasury Instead of $504,354,297, The
amount held against gold certificates
Is as much outside the treasury and in
circulation as are tl(e silver dollars
held against silver certificates. Why
does not the treasurer announce every
month that' there is $500,600,000 of 'sil
ver -In the vaults ) and-endout .a
statement that there ia over a billion
dollars in the United States treasury of
metalic money? There is just as much
reason for including the amount held
against silver ' certificates as there is
in including what 'is held against gold
certificates. The whole ' object of the
statement is to deceive and He. The
amount of gold held" by the ' United
States treasury Is less than that of any
of the leading nations except Ger
many and England instead of being
more.. No other nation issues gold
certificates and stores gold for the
bankers at the cost of the government.
The banks enumerated do not hold the
same relation to the government as
the treasury does to the United States.
If the foundations of a nation can be
securely laid" upon falsehood, then is
the government of the United States
safely established. But if the Bible is
true and all liars are to have a portion
in the lake of fire and brimstone, the
future of this administration and the
whole republican outfit is sad to con
template. ' i . . I ';
v Every intelligent man knows ) that
every land which has been denuded of
Its forests has become an arid desert.
Palestine and other parts of .Asia,
which once were covered with trees
and supported dense populations, 'are
now-hot and dry. The same thing has
"occurred In parts ' of Europe. When
this writer first travelled over the
plains of Nebraska,' all the country a
hundred miles west , of the Missouri
was an arid desert. There were slight
fringes of trees growing along the
edges of the streams, but they had
hardly enough leaves '? on - them to
make a decent shade. The early set
tlers know that crop after crop failed
and at times the drouths were so se
vere that the people would all have
starved to death if they had not re
ceived assistance from the eastern
states. We still have drouths, but
they are not of, the sort that.' once
made it impossible to raise corn a
hundred miles west of the Missouri.
Some have laid this change of cli
mate principally ' to the i breaking up
of the sod and allowing the water to
sink into the ground. There is an
other thing. There are thousands more
of trees out on these plains than there
were then.- It is the belief of all
scientific men whose opinions - are
formed after examining the data left
by generations of men who have ob
served ' and recorded facts that trees
have a great influence upon climate
and. rainfall. Even a superficial glance
at the facts known of all men should i
convince any one that forests haveian
influence on retaining and distribution
of "tne"Tranfali?" Timbered 'countries
nowhere suffer from drouths as do the
treeless plains!" : r j
DONTP SWEAR 'O-';vV-"'--
The Independent gives this iadvice to
its readers on its own ' account, as
much as theirs, for it is next to impos
sible to refrain from profanity when
reading some of the plutocratic dailies
and magazines. Here is George C.
Roberts, director of the mint, who
spreads himself over a good many col
umns in the eastern dailies besides a
monthly dose in the magazines. He
was the head of the literary Hessian
of the Mark Hanna campaign and fur
nished the block-headed spell-binders
with their arguments which were al
ways -quoted as "authority." In those
days gold had "Intrinsic value," and
the quantity theory was repudiated.
Now he writes articles about the
"quantity" of the gold output and
talks about the 'depreciation of gold"
and the danger of its effect on prices.
He knew all these things Just as well
during the last two presidential cam
paigns as he knows them now, but at
that time he denied every one. of them.
The moral quality of , such men . "as
George C. Roberts is enough to make
a preacher swear when he contem
plates it. But don't you. swear. It
won't do any good. Just nourish a su
preme contempt for such unmitigated
moral rascals, and try to enlighten the
dupes whom he and men like him
have deceived. Every one of . these
rascals knew when they were making
the last campaign that they were
The ' annual meeting of the . Royal
Historical society Was held in London
last week. It was the opinion of the
scientists there assembled that the un
precedented output of gold would con
tinue and become even greater during
the next ten years. It is the cyanide
process, by the means of which low
grade ores and the old dumps' can be
worked at a profit that is responsible
for the most of the Increase". The pros
pects are that the output of gold for
the next ten years :wlll annually be
about $350,000,000. J It was pointed out
"that changes in prices caused by al
terations in the value of gold must
be necessarily much smaller and must
take place much more slowly than
those caused by alterations in market
conditions or by improvements in the
methods of production and transpor
tation."'." v- .-V'VX lv ; '' " .
The "intrinsic value" of gold don't
seem to be at alU: considered by the
British scientists, as is" evident when
they calmly,.' talk' about "the altera
tions in the value;: of gold." . During
the last two presidential ,; campaigns
those who held to ; the view of these
British scientists were denounced as
"lunatics," "repudiatgrs" and believ
ers in "fifty-cent dollars.'; When one
thinks of the,vilenessbf the men who
made an effort to deceive people who.
had never had the opportunity to study
political economyTf-men who knew
that they were engaged in the vilest
kind of slander , and. . misrepresenta
tionwe fell lik.e writing a few sen
tences . that would hardly; do to print
in a great . family paper like The In
dependent. It can be, printed, so, you
will. have to imagine..what ought to be
said of themen .who engaged in that
sort of work. .
The . Pennsylvania republicans con
tinue to keep up their record ot in
famy. The , insane' asylums of that
state" are crowded to such an extent
that patients are . pressed together
worse than ordinary ' pigs in a pen.
That being the state bf affairs the leg
islature appropriated1 $500,000 for hos
pital relief and $4lp00,000 for the gang
to expend in a new palace of political
jobbery under the guise of a new capi
tol. The damning Infamy of this re
publican . rule In Pennsylvania is de
scribed by a Philadelphia daily in the
following burning words:
. "Deplorable 'aC Pennsylvania's dis
grace may be, It Is "only superficial and
temporary. Deeper, blacker and foul
er is the shame "of her humanity to
her indigent insane! f ?For that there is
no palliation, no excuse. It is the out-
-Vard'slgivof moral ieprosy covered by
the flaunting rags of 'political vice.
The deep damnation is beyond the
power of words touflepict. The infamy '
of it Is unutterable!" :
t.That is what" republicanism Is ' in
Pennsylvania, It Is ? the "same sort in
Nebraska' where "its " state treasurer
robs the' school fund and the governor
pardons him, where the government of
cities under republican ' control has
become so" foul that disinterested out
siders declare that they ought to be
wiped off the face 'of the earth. The
people . should everywhere arise and
drive the rascals' out.'' , '
In a letter to The Independent a
farmer says: "You are a watcher on
the tower for us fellows out here in
the country, and while we are satisfied ' ;
with the reports of the facts that you
send us, we would 'like to know your
opinion of whatr those facts portend.
Are there any 'very large number left
who would fight for the truth for the
truth's sake, or has1' selfishness and immorality,-so
overwhelmed the popula
tion that the highest Ideal" left is to
grab all you can?" ' '' :
. After keeping a sharp lookout from
"the 'atch tower"? for a good many
years The Independent Is Of the opin
ion : that ' there are "millions in the
United States endeavoring to follow
the highest ideals,' Whose hearts are
unselfish and whose desires are to be
of the most service in the elevation of
the race.' Such persons are generally
modest, they are not", found among
gaged in a' plot to deceive the people
who had never had a chance to in
vestigate these scientific questions. '
One A. Davis writes a scurrilous let
ter which is printed in the Beatrice
Dally Express. According to v this
cheerful idiot all the sufferings in
South Africa camps is caused by Kru
ger. Kitchener and Joe Chamberlain
are simply philanthropists who are
doing all things simply for the good
of the Boers, The height of his idiocy
is reached when he says of the' Boers:
"The looting robbers who care for
nothing but that revenge be satisfied,
carrying their Bibles with them, for
getting that God is not in carnal war
fare and that his word says that no
murderer shall inherit eternal life,
and .; he . .that hateth his , brother is a
murderer in danger of hgH fire." No'
doubt those wicked Boers, "with Bibles
in their hands," ought to love their
dear English brothers, but under the
present circumstances ho one but an
idiot would expect them to do so. v -
propagating lies and were all en- I th0se wno seek notoriety, but sincerely
wish to do that which is right and pur
sue those policies that will be for the
moral uplifting of the" race.' The sub
sidizing of nearly the whole of the
press, the degeneracy of the spiritual
and political leaders, the' distortion
and suppression of the facts of current
hietory, have led many of them to do
things and support policies -which they
never would have done if they had
known the truth.
That the population of the United
States are generally inspired with
high ideals was shown by the manner
in which the young men of the country
responded to the two calls for troops.
When they thought that they were
wanted to fight for liberty and human
ity they rushed to the recruiting sta
tions by the hundred thousand and
made a strenuous contest as to who
should suffer and die for the freedom
of the oppressed in Cuba. When a call
was made for a war of conquest on the
Filipinos, it was impossible to get
enough to enlist to fill the army and
the project had to be abandoned. That
spoke louder for the real heart of the
American people than anything thdt
has happened in the last four decades.
If a call had been made for troops to
aid the Filipinos to throw off the yoke
of an oppressor and to set up a free
government for " themselves,- just as
many hundred thousands would have
rushed to the recruiting stations as
did in, the case of Cub Americans
love liberty, justice and ' righteousness
and are always willing to defend them
with their lives, but when it comes to
killing Innocent people "for their
good," they have no heart in the work.
The character of those who did enlist
to'fight the Filipinos Is shown by the
record they have made. The'other day
the dispatches announced that a re
turning transport from Manila brought
two hundred and twenty-five military
prisoners. , ' , '
From The Independent watch tower
it seems that the heart of the Ameri
can people Is as nearly right as it ever
was, but the people are deceived by a
subsidized political and religious press.
Within the last four years several of
the great religious denominational pa
pers have become the most effective
advocates' of 'the'' McKinley policy of
gold and glory, among them the Out
look and the New York Independent.
They are doing much more effective
work for plutocracy than any of the
great political dailies. Much more of
their space is given to the defense of
the Mark - Hanna policies, including
wars of conquest, than is given to re
ligious questions. That many of their
readers resent the political course of
those papers is shown by a vigorous
protest that is every once in a while
printed in their- columns.
A denominational religious paper
has a great influence over its readers
and the protests . that are constantly
made by them shows that there are
thousands of. Americans whose, hearts
'are all right. on The Inde
pendent, watch tower thinks that he
sees some signs "that foretell a vigorous
repudiation of the false doctrines that
have .. been forced on the church and
the people.. -The great "moral truths
that are embalmed tn the scriptures
and which have been the salvation of
the nations in the, past will reassert
themselves and the false prophets and
immoral teachers will be repudiated.
The - battle for truth must Be ever
fought and fought again, but "truth
crushed to earth will rise again1 for
the eternal years of God are hers."
The" "reasoning" of the Bee on the
money question has been a source of
endless amusement to populists, but
there' is lots more fun In its "reason
ings" on the tariff question. Read the
following : from Its editorial columns
and prepare to hold your sides:
"Can duties be removed even from
articles manufactured cheaper here
than In any other country without af
fecting labor? That is a question that
needs to be very carefully considered.
It is safe to assume that manufactur
ers very generally will say, as did the
president of the steel trust before the
industrial commission,- that the re
moval of duties would inevitably re
sult in . reducing the pay of labor, and
the assumption that such would be the
effect cannot be regarded as unreason
able." :;
The pops were In-town early Wed
nesday morning, the day the : state
committee met.: 'Workmen around The
Independent -reported that Isomer of
them showed up at 6:30. They are ac
customed to getting up early" in the
morning, tt was good to see them
and have the privilege of shaking
hands with honest, sane men from
the country after being surrounded
with city, cranks so long. ' ;
1 - $w"
5$ " ' 5 fi "f :
ji -'- -
& Jt & i & jl -. & J Jfi & J & Jit
' ' ,. '.
The Independent "was willing to wait
a sufficient length pf time for the re
deemers" to show whether they were
fit to govern before it criticised them.
They have now been in control over six
months and the result is semi-anarchy
In every Institution in the state. The
penitentiary Js a disgrace to civiliza
tion. A big part of it was burned
down and other fires have been started'
right undeV; the nose of the guards.
The prisoners have been escaping from
time to time until last week when a
squad of three walked off and nothing
has been heard from them since.
In the other institutions corruption
and mismanagement have run riot un
til the officers of the state house had to
do something to maintain even a sem
blance of discipline. They held a meet
ing and issued an order that . was
printed in their organ, ex
pelling four or five hundred
people who had been living - off the
state, being relatives of the persons
employed in the institutions. One of'
the state officers expressed a doubt
whether they could stop the stealing
by this order or not. The Cheerful
Idiot 'stated it in this way: '
"One member of the board suggested
that a close watch would have to be
kept to prevent employes from 'get
ting even' with the state as a result
of this order. He thought it might
pay to keep a sharp look out that none
of the employes be permitted to carry
ham sandwiches to their starving fam
ilies living across the road from, the
storehouse of the state institution."
v That is an acknowledgement , that
the republican party has packed . the
state institutions with a lot of thieves,
who are running things, in exactly the
same way theydid when they reported
that it took 144 tons of coal to keep
the asylum warm during the month of
August. The truth about the matter is
that it is the same-old gang and' they
are running things in the same way
they did when Bartley stole the school
funds and Mosher ran things around
the capitol. There is no wonder that
this gang declares that Bartley was
persecuted by the fusion administra
tion, ought never to have been prose
cuted or that they pardoned him.
, The infernal hypocrisy of the repub
lican . press of this ' state was never
equalled anywhere since the world be
gan. The people will remember how
every republican sheet in the state, in
pretending to stand for good govern
ment, assailed Governor Poynter be
cause he paroled a prisoner.' Governor
Poynter did it upon the" report of the
physician and warden who stated that
the convict was suffering from con
sumption, could not live long and on
the further condition that his mother
would take him put of the country and
provide for him"; "The numerous par
dons of unrepentant Criminals which
have been made by the- republican
governor and the almost anarchy that
reigns in the penitentiary where in
cendiary fires and escapes of con
victs are of very frequent occurrence
under republican rule, does , not bring
forth from these hypocrites a word of
condemnation. It is pure , hypocrisy
that made them attack Governor Poyn
ter and remain silent now, a hypocrisy
so shameless that they call the present
sort of government "redeeming the
A lady .writing to The Independent
says she saw a dispatch in the papers
which said some teamsters in Manila
struck for higher wages and that they
were arrested and confined in prison on
a diet of bread and water. She' wants
to know how that could be done. It
was very easy to do. The government
of the Philippines is a despotism and
anybody can be sent, to prison that
the authorities want to get rid of or
who do not obey orders. There is no
constitution and no trial by jury, over
there. The laws are enacted by a com
mission on the authority of the presi
dent of the United States and as the
president is 10,000 miles away, and has
a good many other things to attend to(
he has no time to look f after the" op
pression of his Filipino subjects.' VThe
imprisonment of laboring men because
they didn't want to' work for insuffic
ient ' wages is part of the imperialism
that we have "adopted. - " ';r; .':::
v -K a :'-' v. $;
Some of, the tricks ' of the r British
imperial - press are ! very : much i like'
what ; we are accustomed " to on this
side bf the water." It whs announced a
few days ago that Kitchener had asked
that 70,000 infantry now in South Af
rica be returned home as infantry was
useless in the kind of war that he was
forced to engage in. It now turns out
that that 70,000 infantry were very
much needed to protect India and that
those troops are being sent there as
fast as ships can carry them. A large
Russian army nobody knows how
large for. all foreigners, have been ex
cluded from that part of the world for
over a year has assembled on the ,
borders of northern India and John
Bull is forced to strengthen his forces '
there, Boers or no Boers. That leaves
Kruger's country in a much more hope-
ful condition than the Americans were i
the winter that Washington - camped
at Valley Forg
A convict; by. the name of, Ryan. was
paroled. He went down , to Omaha,
got drunk and acted so. outrageously '
that his own brother turned him over
to the police. ' Now his sentence U t$
be commuted and. he will .beset freel
Hurrah for the "redeemers "- ' V
; A Manila dispatch Isays that- the
number t)f destitute and unemployed
Americans and Europeans ia that city
is constantly oh the increase. It seems
that the white wage-worker in Manila
is getting no more out of the Philip?
pine war than. the. Nebraska., farmer.
It seems to The Independent that
after this long and. fiercely, hot spell,
of weather that the" indigent old ladies
of Lincoln need an outing worse than
they did last year ' when welbad such
pleasant weather. But .D. IS. Thomp
son issues no invitation. Can anybody
tell why? -
fhe World-Herald ran a picture of
Rosewater and labelled it ? Dan La
mont. There Is about as "much truth
in its illustrations as in it editorial
columns whefe it declares that Dan
Lamont will be the next democratic
nominee and that all the Bryanites will
support him. . . s ti I ; ,
Our "oriental trade" of which" we
have heard so much is' a great" affair.
Canada bought almost exactly four ,
times as much , of our goods as the
whole oriental outfit. It did not cqst
us - jthree'' hundred 1 millions , andfive
thousand lives either, as have
Philippines, j , i
The English '' presented Liard 'Bobs '
with $500,000 the other day while thou-k
sands of the families, of the 'private
soldiers who did the fighting are'Jn'a
state Of starvation because the soldiers
have received no pay for many
months. That is imperialism of the
British " sort; J ! ' . " ' ' ' ' " 'V
When the labor organization- re
solved to fight the billion-dollar at eel
trust they showed that they had more
courage than the whole gar.g of : re
publican leaders. There is not a re
publican, congressman in the whole
outfit who dares to say a word against
the steel trust. , . ? -'' - : ,
'.The trusts grow more insolent every
day, the Sherman anti-trust still
on the statute books, McKinley 'Is still
president- and a trust attorney : has
the management of th 3 administration
law . office. Taking all :. these things
into 'consideration, why ghouldn't the
trusts be Insolent? -i; f ,
" Admiral Cervera says: . ."I do ' not,,
know 'Admiral Sampson. ; I never met
him." No'one doubts that . the old ,
Spanish admiral tells -the truth. .Ev
erybody knowsv that ' Cervera had .'. a
noisy meeting with Schley. Where
was Sampson when. Cervera made tbe
acquaintance of Schley? ,;..-'.'......;..
! It is now publicly charged in : the
London papers that Lord Kitchener
has armed the South African savages
and turned them on the Boers. No one
acquainted with the English ( policy in
the days of our own rebellion against -England
ever doubted that it , would .
come to that in the end.' ; ".
To march into a non-combatant com
munity and kill men; women and chil
dren is savagery. To march into such
a community, capture the inhabitants
and confine them in camps where they
are put to death by slow starvation is
British and Spanish civilisation. You
can pay your money and take' your
choice. V - '
When the g. o. p. fellows around
these parts -who carried empty dinner
pails, greasy lamps 'and big banners
in the processions reflect that ail they
got out of it was Clem Deaver, Mose
by and Bartley's pardon they feel like
sheep stealing dogs. At least one would
judge that they do from the way they
talk and act.
England gives Lord Roberts .n earl
dom and $500,000 In cash. " McKinley
gives, Schley a court of inquiry. Schley '
destroyed the whole Spanish fleet-r-sent
every -one of them', to the bottom of
the t sea; " Lord Roberts fought the
Boers, having twenty men to their one,
and came back to England with the
war only begun.
This' state republican administra
tion seems to be a little too tough for
evenx the dyed-in-the-wool couutry
weeklies of the party. Not one of
them has a word to say in praise of it.
When a republican country weekly.
can't uphold a state administration
which it helped' to elect, the situation
must be desperate indeed.
Rosewater says that Clem Deaver s
a good deal better than some of the,
republicans, which is no doubt true.
He remarks: "Just put this down: It
Is far better from every point o vew .
to recognize in the distribution of fed-...
eral and state" patronage a mid-roader
who helped carry the state for Mc
Kinley than to reward traitorous re
publicans who did their beet to beat
their" own party candidates and keep
Nebraska in the popocratic column."
; f
J 1