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April 11, 1901 A
Would You Like to Ow
Will You Investigate a Practical Plan
For Securing One?
Aliboajra t.t four lsue of tbe Ne
braska lndt-pnjkct Lave appeared
aince the ladtpexuiest Horn Makers
Company was oraiiIz-d. yet tbe re
tail are highly gratifying and prac
tically teas tie ultimate succ - of
th ca lei-taking. The Eaalr of per
mits who have already a at in appllca
ttffca lor location tock la greatly la
exe of hat we expeetej to toon af
ter the publication of our prospectus;
cd the very Urge number of inquiries
itowi that our plaa of tons making
la fre! wi-3-fprea4 attention.
Prfcrtiealiy the same matter baring ap
peared eaeh week since our first an-r-ouirtctiit.
me d-ta It advisable to
r-wrtt everything, presenting It la
aa ch4eard form aa possible.
Tbe Independent Home Makers Com
pany Is rraniied under tbe laa of
Nebraska, with a capital stock of f7S,
C". to be fall paid up betcre being is-j-d-
Its obju are to seek a suitable
location, secure zectssa.ry la ads. or
ri!ie a body of settlers aad effect
tbelr aettietcect upon such lands. It la
purely a tnuiaea institution, to be
conducted along lines of honesty aad
fair-dealing, wit Lout pretense of doing
a treat charitable work or of riving
something fcr nothing. Its promoters
re enlaced In the work for exactly tbe
uxm reason that tbe farmer plants a
crop or tte merchant bays and sells
roods. It eipects to benefit its patrons
by oitrrozzlzg a tumber of tbe difficul
eeltiea tich now stand In tbe way of
many becoming; tome owners. By tak
ing a large ouar of settlers la a
body to a tew country, we avoid most
of tbe hardships which usually befall
tbe pioneer, fader our plaa we make
It possible for tbe settler to receive
payment la advance for tbe value he
ad is. wbetfcer w illingly or not. to his
ue'gbbors" lands by Improving bis own.
Tils Is not possible by Individual ef
fort r oar present system of taxa
tion. It might be under tbe plaa pro
posed by Henry George but tbat at
pretest is only a dim possibility. L'a
ul such time comes, if it ever does, we
must take tbe world as we find It,
makirg tbe best use of our possibili
ties. L'cder our plan, too, we minim
ize tbe expense of seeking a location,
oar company, tt a comparatively small
cot doing tbe same work and Just
as well as each of tbe two thousand
or more members working Individual
ly. By thus acting for several thou
sand people we are enabled to secure
better concessions oa a larse l1y of
land than coull tbe antlers themselves
acting Independently. And it will be
found cpon further examination of our
plan that cur Interests are so inter
twined with those of our settlers that
we cannct afford to select any but such
location as will prove most beneficial
to our members. Our ultimate success
depends cpoa tbe prosperity of our
The Independent Home Makers Com
pany Is not orgaaixed to exploit some
new theory In sociology, politic? 1 econ
omy or religion. Those managing its
affairs differ widely upon many points
la tbee subjects, yet all agree that
while the Individual Is the unit In our
system of government, the home Is the
first and dearet circle ia the entire
system, and that every family should
own a home. Tbe Independent Home
Makers Company was not organized
to provide an avenue for speculation.
bt to furnish - ds whereupon tbe
boaa fide settler might secure a home
for himself and family. There was no
Intention of providing a way for the
man of plenty cf means to secure a
better home thaa he cow enjoys be Is
able to take care cf himself without
cooperating with others. It is doubt
less trae that practically all of the
lands most desirable in every way,
are now e-rcepied by settlers; but It Is
not true that all tbe fertile lands, cap
able of producing large crept, are set
tled. Ia a rumber cf sections there are
"IAMS SIROCCO" (44639) Largest and highest priced Black Percheron 3 year
Imported and owned by lams, St. Paul, Nebraska.
Oar illustration I of that
preat show stall too lam
fciroceo iitZX't 3 year old
black Fercheroa. weight "lOi
pound. 1I is the largest and
fciffb priced Percheron im
ported ia n.t. He ha a right
10 be a Pari Ktpoaitioa win
ner. He ia bred ia the purple
a po3khHi diauv-jcd "a
kicgf amos draft stallions.
He of rriTe farm, tine fln
ib, a "CfcaaterSeld' ia tyle
and a ceacher ia action. U i
from "the bom of the wia
tsers"" of Frank lam. St. Paul.
Xb?ka and one of the "sel
ect or great -Brilliant
farvily," th mt ro(-d aai
faihioaabi family of Percher
on ca arth. They brtv j
black and drafter that 11 at
t30O aad I3X) each. Thi U
emly of the caiy poM
thirjr to be f aaoi at lam Im
port ir. Bam. Ha ha whole
barcsiuli of cp-to-date drafter
acd he I tcf them. He re
1 ire fmrs lit to 23 letter
dally akir? for fine a tallica
aad ' last ha them. He i
avl2g hi bcyer eay fSOQ cn
a top tvotcher. He haa no
a.etDfc r? talddletcec, no 2
to 10 men a partner to share
profit, la fact every tain that
Wu I art bm Cad stal
Iknui to emit hirx, aad If he can
trak baskab: tsetea or ha
the erma, fee hrty of Iars. Tte
em half f tS. thlsc of
Jars hare bar sever beea
large bodies of excellent land, where
the water is good and climate health
ful, yet unoccupied by settlers, or only
sparsely settled, because ttey are sit
uated a long distance from railroads.
This disadvantage Is reduced to a
minimum by our plan. In otber local
ities are large tracts of denuded timber
lands still awaiting settlement by per
sons energetic enough to clear them
up; and, while we have no thought
now of attempting such a task, by co
operation and modern methods the
work of clearing off the stumps need
not be such a Herculean undertaking
as at first sight appears.
About SO ,000 acres of land will be
needed for our undertaking. This will
be ia as compact a body as possible.
Near the ceater, or at aome point
where natural advantages render it
advisable, a section, or so much as may
be necessary, will be surveyed and
platted as the cite for our city into
business lots, residence lots, and sur
rounding them, five-acre and ten-acre
tracts. Further out, twenty and forty
acre tracts will be laid out; and still
further, the 80 and 160-acre tracts.
The Home Makers Company will re
tain the alternate land tracts, allot
ting the others to members according
to their desires and the number of
shares taken. But no allottment of a
tract of land manifestly inferior to
that surrounding it will be made to
any member, as we desire to please
and satisfy all our members if possible.
Membership in the Home Makers
Company is secured by purchasing lo
cation stock at $23 per share. No
member may purchase more than 20
shares. Members are not required to
make complete payment down, but ap
plication for location stock should be
accompanied by an advance payment
as follows:
For twenty shares. ...$100 00
For twelve shares 75 00
For eight shares 50 00
For five shares ; 60 00
For three shares or less 25 00
This Is a guarantee that you mean
business, because we cannot hold our
books open indefinitely, or waste time
with those who might otherwise join
out of pure curiosity and later with
draw at the last moment. On our part
we agree, in the event that we cannot
secure a sufficient number of members
to put the plan into practical opera
tion, to return to you your advance
payment, less a small amount to cover
postage, advertising and little inciden
tal expenses. None of the company's
officers receive any salary out of this
their reward depending wholly upon
the success of the undertaking.
Final payment on location stock
must be made within thirty days after
notice is given that a sufficient num
ber of members has been secured and
the location selected. There will,
however, be no forfeitures should any
member be unable to pay for the whole
number of shares he subscribed for.
For example, you have subscribed for
twenty shares and have paid down
$100; should you be unable to raise
the remaining $400 when call Is made,
payment of $200 would entitle you to
twelve shares (80 acres); $100 would
give you eight shores (40 acres); $25
would give you five shares (20 acres) ;
or you could ask for four paid up
shares, without additional payment,
and be entitled to a ten-acre tract and
residence lot. or such other combina
tion as the four shares would cover.
However, we earnestly request mem
bers not to ask for more shares thaa
they can pay for conveniently, as our
purchase of lands will be based oa the
number of shares upon which first pay
ment has been made.
ONE SHARE gives you a city resi
dence lot.
TWO SHARES gives you a city busi
ness lot or a five-acre tract adjoining
tbe city.
THREE SHARES gives you a ten-
. . . - H yr- .V-
.iff " '
acre tract, or a five-acre tract and res
idence lot. If a ten-acre tract is se
lected, the Home Makers Company
will, besides deeding you the land, is
sue to you its" Guaranteed Bond for
$25, payable on or before five years,
drawing interest at the rate of 5 per
cent per annum. This bond will be
accepted at par by the Home Makers
Company at any time in payment on
any lands or lots bought from the
FIVE SHARES gives you a twenty
acre tract. Besides the Home Makers
Company will issue to you its guaran
teed bond for $50, payable on or be
fore five years, drawing interest at the
rate 'of 5 per cent per annum. This
bond will be accepted as cash at par
by the Home Makers Company at any
time in payment on any land or lots
bought from the company.
EIGHT SHARES gives you a forty
acre tract. Besides the Home Makers
Company will issue" to you its guar
anteed bond for $75, payable on or be
fore five years, drawing interest at the
rate of 5 per cent per annum. To the
above bond will be added $10 for each
mile over two miles distant the tract
may be from the city limits. This
bond will be accepted as cash- at par
by the Home Makers Company at any
time in payment on any lands or lots
bought from the company.
TWELVE SHARES gives you an
eighty-acre tract. Besides the Home
Makers Company will issue to you its
guaranteed bond for $100, payable on
or before five years, drawing 5 per cent
interest per annum. To the above
bond will be added $10 for each mile
the tract may be distant from the city
limits. This bond will be accepted as
cash at par by the Home Makers Com
pany at any time in payment on any
lands or lots bought from the com
pany. TWENTY SHARES gives 'you one
hundred and sixty acres. Besides the
Home Makers Company issues to you
its guaranteed bond, payable
on or before five years, drawing 5 per
cent interest, for a sum equal to $10
for every mile the tract is distant from
the city limits. No other rebate is giv
en on 160-acre tracts. This bond will
be accepted as cash at par by the
Home Makers Company in payment
on any lands or lots bought from the
Home Makers Company.
Our first thought was Oklahoma,
but a very large percentage of our
members and prospective members
prefer Oregon or Washington. Upon
investigation we agree with them. The
president of our company will, in the
near future, make a preliminary tour
of inspection in those states and report
progress from week to week. Be
tween the Cascades and Coast Range
mountains are millions of- acres of
good land, in many places unsettled
or only sparsely settled because of
great distance to railroads; but rail
roads will come to a community as
large as ours; and until they do, over
land freighting will give occupation
for a good many of our people. The
disadvantages of such a location to
the single settler, or to half a dozen
families, are manifest; but two thou
sand families or more would hardly
feel Isolated, even a hundred - miles
from a railroad. The prerequisites
are: good soil, good climate, good
water the good neighbors will go to
gether. Objections to Oregon or Washington
on account of greater transportation
charges to the place of settlement will
be met as far as possible by our com
pany. After we have secured our lands
we . shall enter into negotiations with
the leading railroad systems for rates
on trainloads of household goods,
stock, etc., and believe we can make
arrangement favorable to our mem
The officers of the Independent
Home Makers Company are composed
of the following well-known gentle
men: President, Frank L. Mary, Lincoln,
Neb., six years chief clerk in the office
of the governor of Nebraska; four
during the incumbency of Governor
Silas A. Holcomb, and two under the
succeeding administration of Governor
William A. Poynter..
Vice president, A. H. Armstrong,
proprietor of the Armstrong Clothing
Co., Lincoln, Neb., one of the largest
and most substantial clothing houses
in the state of Nebraska, with busi
ness extending into all the surround
ing states.
Auditor and secretary, Charles Q.
De France, Lincoln, Neb., recording
clerk in governor's office during the
administration of Governor Holcomb
V,, - -
r A -V' T- X.. .
'it- ' .
. V:..
and first bookkeeper in the state treas
ury under Treasurer J. B. Meserve.
Treasurer, Col. Frank D. Eager, pub
lisher and proprietor of the Nebraska
Independent; and late lieutenant col
onel of the First regiment Nebraska
volunteers. - -
Reference by permission is made to
ex-Governor Silas A. Holcomb, now
judge of the supreme court, and to ex
Governor William A. Poynter, both
of Lincoln, Neb.; as to the honesty and
trustworthiness of the company's offi
cers, especially as to the president and
auditor and secretary. The reputation
of our treasurer, Col. Eager, as a suc
cessful manager is established in the
business world; and the same may be
said of Vice , president Armstrong,
who by energy and fair dealing has
built up one of the largest mercantile
establishments in the west, v
But we desire to , make every pros
pective purchaser of location stock
perfectly assured that his money will
be used as outlined in the company's
prospectus, and arrangements are be
ing completed to bond our treasurer in
the United States Fidelity and Guaran
tee company, of Maryland a corpora
tion with $1,500,000 cash capital. This
bond will be increased from time to
time as the amount in the treasurer's
hands increases, thus giving absolute
security and insuring a proper han
dling of the funds. We have selected
the Columbia National bank of Lin-,
coin as our depository. Dr. P. L. Hall,
late secretary of the state banking
board, is cashier of this bank, and is
known to nearly every citizen of the
state. By permission we refer pros
pective members to Dr. Hall also as
to the integrity of our officers.
Our company is organized to afford
people of small means to secure homes
at a moderate outlay, securing the
benefits . and advantages of a large
number of people co-operating, and we
guarantee that promises to our mem
bers shall be honestly and faithfully
Perhaps you have a son, or several
of them, growing up to manhood, and
your present farm will soon be too
small to ,furnish employment for your
whole family. Why not take some
shares in the Home Makers Company
and get a quarter section of good land
for each of your boys?
A gentleman who has travelled ex
tensively over, Oregon says that be
tween the Coast Range and the Cas
cade mountains is a vast territory with
soil of great fertility, plenty of rain
fall, (yet not so extreme as west of
the Coast Range), where, as he ex
presses it, "All a man needs is a ca
bin and $2.50 in money he can raise
absolutely everything he needs to
make a living." He remarks that a
great portion of this fertile soil is very
thinly settled because of long distance
to railroad or water transportation.
The principle of "first come, first
served" is always? fair, and will be ob
served in making" allottments. In the
very nature of things it will be im
practicable to allow each member to
make his choice because that would
necessitate his Jjfang on the ground at
the time allottment begins. But mem
bers will be divided into classes, ac
cording to the allottments they de
sire.. Suppose yours is the first appli
cation for a forty-acre tract: when al
lottment of the-' forties is made, yours
will be the first-forty allotted, which,
other things being equal, would place
you nearer the .city limits than later
comers. In addition to the regular
printed number on your receipt will
be found a notation like this: "1-40,"
2-BL, 3-80, 4-160 which means that
yours is the first application for forty
acres, or the second for a business lot,
the third for an eighty-acre tract, or
the fourth for a quarter section, as the
case may be. Should there be any of
the tracts manifestly inferior to the
average of the whole . tract (which
nearly always is the case in any large
body of land, no matter how favorably
located), these will be retained by the
company and not allotted by members.
Already applications have been made
for nearly SO per cent of the 160-acre
allottments. And the smaller tracts
and city lots are going at a gratifying
The Home Makers Company has in
formation of large bodies of agricul
tural land of excellent quality in the
state of Oregon, properly situated as
to rainfall and climatic conditions.
The greater part of it is removed from
railroads and is, for that reason, yet
old stallion in United States
. - 11 eTViV
only sparsely settled. All these tracts
will be personally inspected by the
president of the company in the near
future. '
Honest and reliable men who desire
to represent the Independent Home
Makers Company in their locality
should immediately communicate with
the company. If you are not personal
ly known to us, kindly give references.
You have no risk to run; you are ab
solutely safe in buying location shares,
if you desire a home at moderate cost.
The money you pay in will be secured
by one of the largest and safest bond
companies in the United States. Send
In your application at once and secure
a good position in the lire of allott
nt Home
Zo tbe Independent Borne Itlakers (&
Lincoln, nebraska. 1 "
I hereby apply for shares of Location Stock in the Independent Home
Maker's Company at f 25 per share, an advance payment of being herewith
icuuiiwui Ait a uuuvioiwu uiat iiuia d buutv is iaj us placed as iioroin alter Ql-
rected, on such farming lands or city lots as are t be 'elected by said- Home
ilaker'a Company, assisted by a committee of holders of Location stock; that the
same are to be divided and allotted to members aa provided in the prospectus pub
lished in the Nebraska Independent; and that I agree to pay in the remaining
aiuuuuk upuu uu ubj-b uuuvb tua u mo requurou uuuiuer oi memoers uas Deen se
cured and the location selected. Should I fail to pay in the remainder due the
sam company is autuonzea to macs
win cuuut) ue w,
My choice ia.... ,
(Number of)
(Married or single)
(Number in family)
(Occupation) .
A Recent Experience With th Modern
Savage of tbe South American Re
public. Seme very hot protests have been
made to the state department concern
ing the barbarous treatment of a ship,
by several South . lerican republics,
that had yellow fever aboard. A case
Is .cited of passengers being confined
in a fever ship for a month while the
vessel was turned away from port af
ter port and all assistance refused, the
fever meanwhile continuing its rav
ages on board.
The consul general inclosed a letter
from Archer Harmon, manager of an
Ecuador railroad enterprise,, who says
that he was one of a party of fourteen
who boarded the steamer Chile at Pa
nama on July 9 last. The second day
out there was a death from yellow
lever. There was no quarantine sta
tion on the Ecuador coast. At Payta
there were two more deaths. The port
refused to permit, the steamer in the
harbor. The supposed doctor aboard
the ship had palmed himself off as a
physician to secure free passage. At
Callao there were two deaths, and the
authorities there refused to permit
connection with the short, or send a
physician, medicine or disinfectants
The Peruvian authorities declined
to allow a steamer W. R. Grace & Co.
had chartered for the party to take
them off, and the Chile had to proceed
to sea until the Peruvian authorities
would permit a landing. The ship went
to Arica, but meantime two or three
deaths occurred, and a small gunboat
from Arica drove the steamer out of
the harbor, refusing to provide either
medicine or disinfectants or provi
sions. At Pisagua the authorities at
tempted to drive the ship out of the
harbor, but as the steamer had no coal
it wras impossible to proceed.
Finally, with the steamer five miles
off shore, coal barges were anchored a
mile and a half from the steamer, the
steamer crew towed the barges out
and unloaded them, and the barges
were then sunk. Meantime one or two
further deaths had occurred. Failing
to get either medicine or disinfectants,
the. ship proceeded to Valparaiso, ar
riving, after several more deaths,
about August 15, where the passengers
landed after a careful inspection. Mr.
Harman says there Is no place where
a steamer with an infectious disease
aboard can land or discharge its pas
sengers on the west coast of South
America, nor is it possible to secure
medicine, disinfectants or medical at
tention. The shadow of the dark ages still
hangs over those republics. If this
government instead of spending its
energies in wars of conquest should
do a little toward bringing tbe meth
ods of modern civilization to the be
nighted regions lying next door to It,
it would be much more laudable busi
ness than trying to destory the aspira
tions for freedom in the people of Asia
and South Africa.
The Only Wy to Rid Thai Municipality
and all Others f Them Is to Adopt,
tbe Principle f Populism.
For 'years city councils have been
bought by the corruption funds of cor
porations. So have legislatures. The
populists proposed a sure remedy for
such evils and it was received with
cries of "lunacy." Untold millions of
property has passed Into the hands of
the rich manipulators of corporations
owning street car franchises, city wa
ter works, electric lighting, gas com
panies and most of all to railroad mag
nates by the purchased votes of leg
islators and city councilmen. The evil
has grown to unbearable proportions.
There Is a general revolt in society
against It. Populists say that there is
but one sufficient remedy the refer
endum. Down in Kansas City they are
trying another remedy. It is a hang
man's noose. A Kansas City paper
gives an account of how that sort of a
Members are restricted to holding
not td exceed twenty shares each. Thev
may, however, make such selection or
commnation or selections of allott
ments as they may desire. They may
apply their shares on city lots, snbar
ban tracts, or farm tracts or any com
bination of all, Just so they remain
Within the limit of. twenty shares.
A number of parties interested in
our Home Making plan have sent in
valuable suggestions In regard to the
laying out and platting of our city.
We desire to express our thanks for
the same and will keep their sugges
tions in mind when the time arrives
for that part of the work.
Makers Company
(Town or F. O.)
aucn allotment as the amount raid
...City Lo
(Besidonce or Butiaeia)
scheme is worked and the effect pro
duced: "Armed citizens with noosed rones
prevented an extension of the street
railway franchises at a council meet
ing here last night which did not ad
journ until after midnight this morn
ing. "There has long been vigorous oppo
sition to the asked for twenty-year ex
tension, and every council meeting has
been attended by "committees of safe
ty" to see that the council did not put
the objectionable ordinance through.
Last night, although the attendance of
citizens was larger than usual, the
council put the ordinance on Its final
passage. When the roll call began,
half a dozen coils of manila rope were
thrown from the lobby Into the midst
of the aldermen, and there were cries
of "Hang them!" "Choke the bood
lers!" and the like.
"A big laboring man leaped over the
rail, seized one of the ropes and be
gan to make a noose in it. At this an
alderman, instead of voting when his
name was called, moved to adjourn un
til this afternoon. The motion was de
clared carried and Mayor Marshman
and the alderman tried to make their
escape by a side door. The mob crowd
ed around them, however, and refused
to permit them to leave the hall.
"After speeches by Mayor Harshman
and several members of the citizens'
committee, it was . agreed to let the
councilmen go on their pledge not to
attempt to pass the objectionable or
dinance that afternoon. The pledge
was kept, and it is probable that no
further attempt will be made to pass
the ordinance. The present council re
tires next week, having been . over
whelmingly defeated at yesterday's
There is no doubt that the members
of that council deserve hanging, but
will this process prove successful?
Would it not have been much more
orderly for Kansas City to have
adopted populism and long ago provid
ed that no franchise should be granted
until submitted to a vote of the peo
ple? Populism stands for law, order
and sound principles of government.
Let Kansas City elect a populist coun
cil and such scenes as are recorded
above will not occur.
Oaring to tbe Vast Numbers Who Ht
Been Unable to See Th British Doctors,
These Eminent Gentlemen Hare Ex
tended tbe Time for Giving: Tbeir Serv
ices Free to all Who Call Before May 12 tb
Owing to the large number of in
valids who have called upon the Brit
ish Doctors at their office, ,cor. 11th
and N sts., Sheldon block., and who
have been unable to see them, these
eminent gentlemen have, by request,
consented to continue giving their ser
vices free for three months (medicine
excepted) to all who call upon them
before May 12. These services consist
not only of consultation, examination
and advice, but also of all minor sur
gical operations.
The object in pursuing this course is
to become rapidly and personally ac
quainted with the sick and afflicted,
and under no condition will any charge
whatever be made for any services ren
dered for three months, to all who call
before May 12. ..
The doctors treat all forms of dis
ease and deformities, and guarantee a
cure in every case they undertake. At
the first Interview a thorough investi
gation is made, and, If incurable, you
are frankly and kindly told so; also ad
vised against" spending your money
for useless treatment. .
Male and female weakness, catarrh
and catarrhal deafness, also rupture,
goitre, cancer, all skin diseases, and all
diseases of the rectum are positively
cured by their new treatment.
The Chief Consulting Surgeon of
the Institute Is in personal charge.
Office hours from 9 a. m. till 8 p. m.
No Sunday hours.
SPECIAL NOTICE If you cannot
call, send stamp for question blank for
home treatment.
Offlee open continuously from 8 a.m.
to B p. m. Sunday from 8 a. m. to
(Dr. ifeOrtxe mt Age M.) '
In the treatment of all form of
ONl.Y, 86yar experience. 15 years
In Omaha, .
IN. LESS THAN 10 DAYS without cattina
pttaorlos of Mm. Tbe QUICKEST tai
MOST NAT UK A I CURE that As yet besa
CVPUII IC -In all staa-ea and condition
w I rniLlw cured, and every trac of th
disease ia thoroughly eliminated from th
blood. '
No "BREAKING OUT" on the skin or
face or any external appearances of th
disease whatever. A treatment that t
mora successful and far mora satisfactory
than th "Hot Spring-" treatment and at
lea than HALF THE COST. A cur tbat
Is 2-uara.nteed to be permanent for Hf.
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The Chess Editor, on account of Ill
ness,' is unable this week to prepare his
usual column.
Although the Ohio-Nebraska inter
state match did not begin until the
latter part of December last, yet Dr.
Van Nuys and Mr. De France, at beard
No. 16, have completed their game.
The play being somewhat unusual,
score is appended.
Score of first game completed in
Ohio-Nebraska correspondence match.
White, C. Q. De France, Lincoln, Neb.,
vs. black, Dr. F. B. Van Nuys, Tiffin, O.
1. P K 4, P K 4.
2. ' KtK B 3, Kt Q WZ.
3. P Q 4, PxP.
4. B Q B 4,
This Is the real Scotch gambit; the
usual play here Is KtxP, giving the
Scotch opening or game, and thought
to be stronger than the text.
4. ....... B B 4.
5. O O, P Q 3.
Black, by playing ....... Kt B 3
here, may transpose into Max Lac go's
6. P Q Kt 4,
This leads into a variation of the
Evans gambit. Steinitz recommends
taking both pawns as in the text,
6. ....... BxKt P.
7. P B 3," PxP.
Bringing about In a few moves a
position similar to the "compromised
defense" In the Evans.
8. Q Kt 3, Q B 3.
9. B K Kt 5, Q Kt 3.
10. P Q R 3, B R 4.
11. P K 5,
KtxQ B P seems better.
11. - , P B It ,
12. Kt B 3, BxKt.
13. QxB, K KtK 2.
14. PxP, PxP.
15. Q R K, P B 3.
16. B B 4, KtK 4.
17. BxKt, B PxB.
18. B Kt 5 ch, K Q.
19. KtxP, PxKt.
Seeing his chance of drawing, black
accepted the gambit.
20. Rt Q ch, PXK
21. RxQ ch, Kt Q 4.
If , B In, RxB ch, K K; Qx
P with a strong attack.
22. RxKt ch, K K 2 and draws.
If 23. Q B 7 ch, K B 3; 24, Qj:K P
ch, K B 2; 25. Q B 7 ch, K B 3
draws by keeping on the two squares
K B 2 and 3. If 26. R Q 6 ch, li in;
27. RxB ch, KxB; 28. B B 4 ch, etc.,
after a long fight wins the black Q,
leaving white with Q vs. two rooks,
unable to avoid . loss of the game.
White, therefore, forces a draw by re
petition of checks. .
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