The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, April 11, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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April 11, 1901
tbt Vebraska Independent
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Lincoln. Neb.
E'wd mameTic4 will Boi t r
Ti heavenly twin will aerre the
railroad will they live and g o to the
harker heaven when they die. Bat
they tr that !i warn country.
Is there an overproduction of law
yer! la this state? It is said that one
hundred and twerty-fire of theia ap
plied for the cine places as cosaxais
s losers of the supreme court.
There axe two thing that a repuh'I
caa hates with all the vtndlctireneaa
ever aarrtutd to eataa. The first Is a
peptJiti and the second common
schools and urlvcrt'tie. As a proof,
exaxolxe the recent repahllcaa vetoes.
A3 Id pop fanner writes to The
Independent that he litres next to the
"xseasest republican la the whole
state. That faraer Is mistaken. The
real, low-down, meanest republican la
the state Is a cold democrat.
The tariS a steel does cot produce
dolar of revenue. It oaly makes the
Asserleaa consumer cos tribute serea
dollars a toa oa all the steel used ia
thlr country to the steel trust. This Is
a bzslitets tana's government.
General Grant did tot receive so
treat a reward for the capture of
Vkkahcjx. Z9M prisoner aad SOO
caaoa. as Fsastoa did for catchlns oae
runaway Asiatic The ways of Im
perial I as were rot la rorse whea Lin
cola was president.
The asceasloa of a thrcce asd the
p!art&r X a crowa upon aay xaaa's
head these days la simply a seateace
for life la a guarded palace, with seml-
orcasloaal cutlsc under a heavy
rzr It the mcaarchs like that sort
of thlrc tie rest of u caa stand It.
McKinley army has captured and
made a prisoner of the first president
of a republic ever set Bp la Asia. Isat
thai fciory enough for oae administra
tion? V.hat greater clory could a gold
standard president attain to? Is there
aaythlac fceyesd that to which he caa
5T pay shout fifty millions a year
la. taxes a txrv besides the ennura
fcered millions that so into the coffers
c th snar trcrt. "We hare a business
srernment. tj has! cess men. for busi
ness men. That Is what the Wall street
eexTfcCiioa said they wanted aad it
seemrthat they got It,
The steel trust was rganlred to re-
&sc th cott ct producing steel to la
trodecsj eccticmy and stop waste, waa
said to be the causse of Its organization.
Its' first aci economy wss to pay its
president ll.SO0.OO a year. Now let
tat what it cext effort at economy
Thompsca does not seem at all mls-
SLathropic He goes about his bus!
Xt aa tsrsal although it is said that
he has fces heard humming that old
Scotch fcallad la which these lines ap
The hst laid schemes of mice aad
Oang aft agiey.
The Chicago American and Crovtr
Cleveland wast to "go back to the
principles of democracy, they say, but
they do not tell ut how far back they
wact to got Do they want to "go back-
to Cleveland or to Judge Tafiey and
Boh Toombs? If they will only go back
fer enough. The Independent will be
with them. Lt them "go back tJ the
democracy of Jefferson. Evea Bryaa
wocld cot have any objectioa to that.
Jest let thm fix the place where they
want to jrr back to and they needn't
say anything tore.
The republicans of Topeka. Kas..
have suddenly become populists, as
they se-3 to be doing all over the
cocntry. Their candidate for mayor,
who for Urn. yrs has branded every
thing advocated by the populists as
either anarchy or socialism, undertook
to coaviaoe the dtiteas of that city
that he ford the city ownership of
waterworks sore earnestly thaa his
opponent asd made a campaign oa
fwirriy populist principles. Just as sooa
as he labelled city ownership "repub
i.caa" every mallet head ia the town
waihed bp to the pells aad voted for it-
By the aid of an unlimited corrup
tion fund and the Importation of 20,000
Toters, the republicans managed to
redeem Nebraska. The result was
that Bartley's partner was sent to the
United States senate and the other
heavealy twin turned out a mere ward
politician who was as full of malice
as a green persimoa of puckers. No
man who is not a partisan lunatic can
fail to see that every veto of the gov
ernor was based on malice. Not a veto
is directed - toward any , Institution
which was under republican control.
The supreme court was fusion, the
state university was fusioa. and the
Peru normal school was under a board
that was fusion. This governor, that
the republlcaas ga. i us, undertook to
wreck all of these. If he had regard
ed the taxpayers, which Is only a pre
tence, he would have begun on his own
office where there are a greater lot of
idle tax-eaters than in any other in
stitution of the state men and women
who draw big salaries and sit around
two-thirds of their time and gossip
and berate the populists.
The glory of the fusion administra
tion was that It doubled the distribu
tion to the common schools and pro
vided increased funds for the univer
sity which under Its management near
ly doubled in number of students. Now
comes this republican governor and
undertakes to wreck this institution
which is the glory of the state and
hich Is educating the coming genera
tion as no previous generation ever
was educated, by cutting oil $90,500 of
Its income, when that act will not re
duce taxation one cent.
This republican governor is a na
tional banker. His solicitude seems
to be for the bankers Instead of the
struggling thousands or young men
and women who are tryiag, by the
closest economy and the endurance of
many privations, to get an education.
The 130,500 will be doled out to the
bankers without interest, for the tax
that produced it was levied two years
ago and the money will come into the
bands of the state treasurer, just the
same as if no veto had been made.
Here is the foundation for some
more Bartley business. By the dec!
slon of a fusion court and the new
methods of doing business in the state
treasurer's office introduced by a pop
ulist treasurer, it will hardly be possi
ble for a republican treasurer to get
in his haads six or seven hundred
thousand dollars of current funds for
the banks to handle with a rake-off for
the treasurer. This veto of Dietrich's
wiU provide about a hundred thousand
dollars for the old plan that was prac
ticed by republican treasurers for
twenty-five years. Dietrich is a banker.
The Independent has no hesitancy in
declaring that this business from top
to bottom and from beginning to end is
as foul and disreputable a scheme as
was ever entered Into by the republi
can party In this state, even in the
darkest days of Its corrupt career. The
plea put up that the tax levied for the
university together with its other
sources of income would not have paid
the amount appropriated is false and
the men who are making such excuse
are doing it to cover up as foul a piece
of work aa was ever concocted by
Mother, Outcalt, Bartley, Dorgan and
the rest of the gang who ran the party
a few years, ago. They robbed the
schools thea and they are laying the
foundation to do the same thing again
This money that Dietrich has with
held from the university was levied for
paying the expenses of that institution
and can be used for no other purpose.
Dietrich cannot take it away from the
university. He can only withhold it
for a while. It must finally be ex
pended for the purposes for which It
was levied. All that he could do was
to turn it over to the banks to be used
without interest by them for two
years, except what rake-off they may
have to pay to the treasurer to get It,
It Is very evident that we are to have
the old reign oX corruption over again.
The foundation has been laid for such
performance by the republican gover
nor. Let it come. The people voted
for it with their eyes wide open. That
Is what they wanted and what the
majority want, they must have.
There is oae thing that Is surje to
make the angry passions rise in this
editorial heart. It Is that phrase
j "class conscious" which the socialists
are so fond of using. There is neither
sense cor reason In It. Many social
ists are rich men. In fact they are the
only ones who give life to the thing.
It is not a class movement, for there
are no classes in this country so dis
tinctly formed as to differentiate them
from all others. When such classes
are formed, there will be trouble
ahead. The Independent don't believe
In classes. It believes in the brother
hood of mankind.
After the Nebraska legislature got
through with horning the heavenly
twins, an act was announced that is
the most disgraceful thing that ever
was placed on a statute book. It prac
tically does away with the office of at
torney general and creates a commis
sion to endure as long as republican
ism continues to curse this state, au
thorized to compromise all the suits
that have heretofore or may hereafter
be brought by the state against any
corporation or person. Three of the
state officers are in fact constituted a
court to attend to all the legal affairs
that may arise. There will be no more
cases settled in court nor will the su
preme court ever be called upon to
construe the law. These three officials
can do the whole thing themselves.
There is one thing about the matter.
The supreme court will be called upon
to decide the constitutionality of an
act of the legislature that transfers to
a commission a great part of the judi
cial and executive business of the
state. The commission business has
flourished grandly under McKinley
the number of them that he has
created no man can remember but
this is commission business gone to
seed. There Is no telling what a re
publican legislature will do. This one
has done things that no legislature
ever did before, and this Is one of
them. The redemptioners were an
original lot of statesmen. They fully
equalled some of the performances of
their governor.
If there Is a set of men anywhere on
earth who can make bigger fools of
themselves than some of Hearst's edi
tors, they certainly do not have a resi
dence in the United States. Hearst's
papers all claim to be democratic and
during the last campaign they, sup
ported Bryan after a fashion. Half the
time they are writing pure socialism
and the other half trying to tie up
with plutocracy. Last week one of
them in speaking of the democratic
party wrote as follows:
"For four years it was led to abso
lutely certain and overwhelming de
feat by preposterous follies having no
resemblances to- the ancient and true
democratic faith. One was the free sil
ver craze, which proposed a dreamy
and impossible monetary system for a
nation of sane people, and the other
was the so-called anti-imperialism that
would surrender the Philippines with
out an effort to solve the problem they
offered for the benefit of humanity and
Then he followed that in the same
column with the following proposed
platform for the Cleveland-Hill dem
"First Public ownership of public
"The values created by the commun
ity should belong to the community.
"Second Destruction of criminal
"No monopolization of the national
resources by lawless private combina
"Third A graduated income tax. '
"Every citizen to contribute to the
support of the government according
to his means, and not according to his
"Fourth Election of senators by the
"The senate, now becoming the pri
vate property of corporations and
bosses, to be made truly representative
and the state legislatures to be re
deemed from recurring scandals.
"Fifth National, state and munici
pal improvement of the public school
"As the duties of citizenship are both
general and local, every government,
general and local, should do its share
toward fitting every individual to per
form them.
"Sixth Currency reform.
"All the nation's money to be issued
by the nation's government, and its
supply to be regulated by the people,
and not by the banks."
That sort of a platform would have
a joiiy time witn tne uieveiana-mii
crowd. Fancy Dave Hill advocating
an income tax or the Stuffed Prophet
declaring for the greenbacks! The ob
ject of the whole was to catch the
gudgeons and get them into old Gro-
ver's camp.
Last week all the great dailies ran a
big fake about there being five or six
hundred million dollars of gold in the
treasury. Any man of common sense
who saw It, knew that it was a fake,
an absurdity and an utter impossibil
ity. Yet the editor of The Indepen
dent met a republican of some promi
nence in the state who at once began
to brag about McKinley and his six
hundred million of gold. The Indepen
dent has come to the conclusion that
1 there is nothing too absurd for a re-
publican to believe if he sees it in his
party paper. The official statement of
the treasury department on April
was: "Treasury balance in the gen
eral fund, exclusive of $150,000,000 gold
reserve In the division of redemption
shows: "Available cash balance, $161,
075,779; gold, $97,232,628."
If any one has heard anything about
the present condition of the crimina
case against two of McKinley's carpet
bag thieves who stole thousands of
dollars from the Cuban postal funds'
and wno were arrested so long ago
that the public generally has forgot
ten all about the matter, will they
please report to this office. Their
names were Rathbun and Neeley.or
something like that. Before the presi
dentlal election we were told that these
men would be punished, but since the
election nothing has been heard about
the matter. The ways of imperialism
are the same as cf old.
Several states have during the last
winter adopted the referendum, num
berless cities have made provision for
the public ownership of city utilities,
but the greatest triumph of populism
has been the adoption of its financial
theories by the republican national ad
ministration. The increase in the price
of farm products and the consequent
prosperity, of the farmers has all re
sulted from putting populist theories
nto practice. If there had been a
populist president and congress, but
one thing would have been done dif
ferently from what the national ad
ministration has done. The populi&ts
would have put out the same amount
of paper money, but instead of issuing
it through the banks, they would have
ssued It direct by the national gov
ernment. The effect upon prices has
been exactly the same, the only differ
ence has been that some millions of
profits have gone to the national bank
ers instead of to the whole people. As
regards the coinage of silver, McKin-
ey has coined more silver each month
than the populists ever asked to be
coined and be is still keeping it up.
The tremendous output of gold has
added to the circulation still more dol
lars. The result has been just what
populists said it would be.
In fact the administration has in
creased the circulation faster and
cheapened money more than a conser
vative populist administration would
have done. A populist administration
would have taken into account the
speculative interest that was sure to
get control of the markets upon rising
prices, and put the boom to the burst
ing point. The reckless expansion of
the currency that McKinley and his
administration has permitted, prin
cipally through the national banks, is
sure to produce a collapse sooner or
later. The more conservative among
the promoters have already begun to
take in sail.
Of course this issue of paper money
through the banks instead of by the
government is bound to have an after
clap to it, but the issue of that amount
of paper, in its first effect. Is exactly
the same on prices as if it had been is
sued by the government. Populist
principles are so necessary to the wel
fare of the nation that the republican
administration was' forced to adopt
them. The adoption of them has sent
this nation to the forefront of all the
nations of the world in its commercial
transactions. If they had not been
adopted and the money of this country
had been confided to the theories advo
cated by the republican party in 1896,
panic and gaunt famine, would
stalking through the land. Suppose
that the coinage of silver had been
stopped, no paper money issued and
the money of this country confined to
gold alone, what sort of fix would the
people be in? That is what they advo
cated and they straightway, notwith
standing that thousands of half-
starved and needy farmers were shout
ing that they wanted "the best mon
ey," "the dearest money" and all that
sort of thing, went to work to cheapen
money by Increasing the amount in
circulation, until now money is cheap
er than it has been for the last twenty
The most amusing thing about this
whole business is to see J. Sterling
Morton still denouncing "cheaD
When The Independent uses the
term "cheap money" it wants it dis
tinctly understood that it does not
mean what the bankers do when they
use that phrase low interest rates
but it means money of less purchas
ing power. Money will not buy more
than half as much now as it would in
the days of the Morton-Cleveland soup
house reign. Money has grown cheaper
every day since that gang was kicked
out of power. -
The populists have fixed their finan
cial theories upon this country for
ever. Let any party try to reduce the
money of this country to a per capita
circulation such as produced the panic
and distress that swept over us like
the besom of dlstruction in the first
years of the last decade if it dares
The time may come when the mines
will be so prolific that gold alone will
furnish a circulation greater than
when we had silver and gold both, but
the idea that an increase in the cir
culation increases prices is eternally
fixed in the minds of the people of the
United States. That is the great pop
ulist triumph and it Is a triumph that
will endure as long as money is used.
In 1897 certain Venezuelans got
grant of an asphalt lake, La Felicidad
and sold it to what is known as the
Warner-Quinlan syndicate, of Syra
cuse, N. Y. The Asphalt Trust claims
that La Felicidau is a part of its con
cession. The Warner Quinlan syndi
cate denies it. President Castro of
Venezuela . agrees with the Warner-
Quinlan syndicate. Frank Loomis, the
United States minister to Venezuela
and a close personal friend of Carner,
tne Asphalt Trust's Venezuelan repre
sentative, agrees with , the Asphalt
Trusty Both the trust ar.d.the synd
cate are controlled by conspicuous re
publican politicians. But the trust has
as its president General Francis V
Greene, whose standing with the ad
ministration is indicated by the fact
that he was grand marshal of the
augural parade on Mar .a 4 last.
The trust had influence enough to
send a squadron of the United States
navy into Venezuelan waters for the
purpose of intimidating that govern
ment. But it stood ,.s ground r.nd now
the. United States minister to Vene
zuela has been ordered home. The as
phalt, lake which these parties are
fighting over is said to be valued at
$10,000,000. The Independent has no
dea but the, trust will get it, even if
McKinley has to go to war. Let us all
whoop it up for the asphalt war. "My
country right mr wrong." If you say a
word against it you are a copperhead
and a traitor.
Everybody knows that England
could not have carried on the war as
long as she has without the war sup
plies that McKinley has furnished her
armies. He is making a precedent that
may some day be used for the destruc
tion of this government.
It is claimed by the Boer sympathiz
ers, among whom is General Samuel
Pearson, formerly commissary general
of the Boer forces, that Great Britain
is using New Orleans as the base of
operations against the South African
republic and the Orange Free State,
two nations with which the United
States is at peace.
A case has been brought in the Unit
ed States court at New Orleans to pre
vent the further shipment of goods
contraband of war by the British gov
ernment and a ship loaded with mules
has been held up by the courts. The
American mule has proved to be the
best fighter that the English have em
ployed in South Africa. It is true that
at first they were inclined to sym
pathize with the Boers and a victory
was gained by the burghers because
the American mule refused to obey or
ders. That was in the beginning of the
war, but of late they have been the
mainstay of the British army.
Cavalry horses and army mules are
surely contraband of war. McKinley
is setting the precedent that a nation
can furnish goods contraband of war.
to a people making war on a friendly
nation. Great Britain will be quick to
take advantage of that if it is her in
terest to do so when the United States
gets into a fight with any other nation.
McKinley is just as much fighting
British battles against the Boers as if
he sent two or three regiments of
United Statestroops over there.
Henry. Clews says that "Wall street
is the most sensitive barometer of the
country's well being." That has been
the statement for the last thirty years.
It is important to keep such a state
ment constantly before the people.
Then congress can be induced to leg
islate for the benefit of Wall street.
The statement, if meant for the truth,
should read: "Wall street is the bar
ometer that indicates the prosperity
or bad luck of the most vicious set of
gamblers that ever cursed the world."
There is some legitimate business done
in Wall street, but a hundred times as
much actual gambling. They simply
meet and bet on the rise and fall of
stocks. At the close of the day they
settle up their losses and gains and if
not dead broke, try their luck again
the next day. Stock exchanges are the
curse of the world. More money is in
vested in gambling in the United Stat
es than in any other one business.
There are many large banks whose
business is almost exclusively with
Clews has progressed far enough to
say:- "The contraction of the circulat
ing medium depresses prices." When
the populists said that in 1893 and af
terwards, Clews denounced it as idiocy.
He and his gang of gamblers were at
that time engaged in curtailing the
circulating medium, or in Wall street
phrase tbey wanted to bear the market
and gather in the farms and other
property upon which they had mort
gages, so as to sell them cut at enor
mously increased prices as soon as
they could get a president that would,
under their auspices, flood the coun
try with paper and silver money. As
soon as McKinley was seated he went
at it and has kept it up ever since.
Wall street is organized to make
money out of money. The rest of .he
country is engaged in making money
by labor applied to land. Washington
ever since 1870 has stood by Wall
street and legislated to suit the gam
blers while labor has been sheared
time and again. They are now get
ting ready to play the old game over
again. They will soon be denying the
proposition that a contraction of the
currency depresses prices. The mullet
heads will all line up with Wall street
and there Is no use to try to prevent
As the republican hands over the
money to pay his taxes this year, he
should be exceedingly happy. He can
rejoice that the state has been "re
deemed" and that a large part of the
money that he hands over will be used
by the state treasurer and bankers to
speculate on during the next two years
If that don't make him happy, what
will? Their governor and United Stat
es senator planned it all out for them.
It begins to look as if the sugar
trust went a little too far when it or
dered the secretary of the treasury to
put an extra tax on Russian sugar and
a good many men who have never be
fore dared to say a word against that
monopoly are beginning to , make
sternuous protests. " They have been
whipped in in the past for fear that
their special . privileges might be as
sailed. Now that their trade has been
ruined by the greed of the sugar trust,
they have nothing to loose, so they
speak out. Several technical trade
journals have lately been making hot
protests against the destruction of our
trade with Russia for the benefit of
one trust. In one of these magazines,
Mr. Alexander Hume Ford describes
the boundless opportunities for Am
erican energy in Russia ' in supplying
the needs of that continental empire
for machinery, railroads, bridges and
manufactured goods of every descrip
tion all depending, of course, on ac
cess to the market upon such reason
able terms as the sugar trust is de
stroying. Already there are a thou
sand Americans in St. Petersburg en
gaged in making openings for Ameri
can products in Russia. And the edi
tor comments: "America is fast com
ing to see that what she needs is not
paternalism and political meddling,
but wider markets."
Every right thinking man in Ameri
ca is not only coming to see, but for
years has seen that it was the most
nuwise and robber-like policy that any
government ever engaged in. As long
as it was called "republican" that was
all that was necessary to perpetuate, it.
It is now extremely probable that the
republican party' will become a 'free
trade party. Just as soon as it does,
every mullet head in the land whose
hair used to rise on end at the mention
of free trade, will be for that policy.
As loug as it is called "republican" to
put a, prohibitive tariff on steel and
make Americans pay $7 a ton more for
it than the same trust sells the same
goods to foreigners, . it is the right
thing to do, and every man who op
poses it is a copperhead and traitor.
If you want a thing to go, just call
it republican. Public ownership went
with a rush in Lincoln, where there is
always more than a thousand republi
can majority, just as soon as it re
ceived the party brand. The men who
had denounced it for years and called
every man who advocated it a wild
eyed lunatic, marched to the polls and
voted 1 -
As long as a tariff on sugar puts fif
teen Or twenty millions a year of un
just profits into the coffers of the sugaij
trust Is called "republican," it is all
right and the political imbeciles will
vote for it. They will vote for any
thing called republican just as the
bourbon democrats will vote for any
thing that is called democratic. If
they are told that it is not republican
to vote twenty millions a year to the
sugar trust, then they won't do it any
longer. There is an effort being made
by the men who are Interested In sev
eral industries, whose trade has been
greatly curtailed by the sugar trust to
make some of the republicans believe
that that is not republican. That is
their only hope. .
When free silver was republican,
they yelped for that. When the gold
standard was republican they yelped
for that. When free trade with Por
to Rico was republican they yelped for
that. When a tariff tax on Porto RicanJ
trade was republican they yelped for
that. When forcible annexation was
criminal aggression and republican,
they yelped for that. When forcible
annexation was not criminal aggres
sion and was republican, they yelped
for that. The majority who vote the
republican ticket are just that sort of
Rose-water continues to make re
marks. Here are some of them:
"Scandalous appointments in the fed
eral service and a reckless disregard
of public sentiment on Issues vital to
the people." "It is acknowledged oa
all hands that the work of the legisla
ture has, been disappointing in many
respects." "Disreputable and incom
petent public officials in every branch
of the public service must be weeded
out. The barnacles and leeches that
have been fastened upon the federal
service, casting odium upon the party,
should be . pried loose from the crib
and decent, reputable, active republi
cans given their places." They pried
Ed Sizer loose down in Porto Rico, buc
they immediately glued him fast to the
oil inspectorship at the state house.
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the best location. If interested write
A tape worm elcbteen rest Ions at
least came on thf scene after my taking two
CASCARETS. This I am sure bas caused my
bad health for the past three years. I am still
taking Cascarets, the only cathartic worthy of
aotloo by sensible people."
Qso. W. BowLKfl, Balrd, Hits.
Plftisant. Pala.ta.ble. Potent. Taste Good. HO
Good, Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, 25c. Wo.
Bt.rliat Relr Crapaay, Ckle(, Moati-cal, He Trk. SIS
in Tfl DHn Sold and cnnranteed br all dmg
HU I U'OAlf gists to ClJltE Tobaooo Uabiw
If you are producing- enough milk so that you
could ship us a ten-gallon can of nice, tweet,
hand- separator cream two or three times a
week, we would be glad to have you write us.
We can pay yo a price for your cream that will
net you more money than anything else you can
possibly do with it. We can handle all the
cream you produce the year round, at a good
price. HYGEIA CREAMERY CO., Omaha.
Bee-Keeper's Supplies
You can save freight by ordering
from us. A large supply always on
hand, and a trial will convince you
that they are cheapest and best. Many
improvements. Send for our free
catalogue. Address,
LEAHY MFG. CO., 1730 So. 13th St.,
Omaha, Neb.
A full line of goods needed in the Apiary. All
goods and work first class. Descriptive circular
and price list frie. New extracted honey for
sale after July 1st. Write for prices on honey.
Milledgeville, Carroll Co., 111.
$1.00 per 13. Mammoth B. Turkey $1.75 per 9.
Fekin Duck eggs $1.00 per 15.
Talmage, Nebraska.
Dark Brahmas and S. L. Wyandottes
. Minden, Nebraska.
Barred P. Rocks
Standard Mating. Breed true. Eggs from prize
winning stock $2.03 per 15.
AL. N. DA FOE. Tecumseh, Neb.
at least 7 chicks per setting or order refilled
ROCK. Pedigreed Belgian Hares reasonable.
G. M. WHITFORD, Arlington, Neb.
56-page Illustrated Poultry Catalogue.
The secrets of successful poultry rais
ing told in plain language; all about in
cubators, brooders. Doultrr houses how
to hatch and raise every chick, what,
when and how to feed, loreingr bens to
lav and hundreds of valuable subjects
contained in no other catalogue. Tells of 85 vari
eties popular thoroughbred fowls and quotes ex
tremely low prices. Send 4c in stamps for postage.
Hoi yhock Poultry Fa.m, Box 1409 Dcs Moines, la.
. J. THORP & CO.,
General Machinists.
Repairing of all kinds
llodel-makers, at.
Seals, Rubber Stamps, Stencils, Checks, Etc
308 So. nth t... Lincoln, Neb.
Alfalfa Seed. "
Grown in 1900 in the heart of the al
falfa country, clean and free from Rus
sian thistle and other four seed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed and prices reason
able. Sample sent. Low prices on
carload lots. GEO. B. YOUNG.
Long Island, Kas.
Home Grown RE CLEAN ED Alfalfa
seed, crop 1900. For prices and samples
" Wilson ville, Furnas Co., Neb
!TJe Can Save You
(10 to S20 on this buc-u-r.
Pries Oaly
You would have to ta the
dealer at least that much
more for it. It's thoroughly
srood throughout mater
ial, workmanahip.
trie, trim and fin
ish. This Is not a
special bargain of
fer. We can sare
you proportionate
amounts on every
article in our lartre
general catalog We
WertiM ourwives to b "Te ffm ikot Sartt Tim Hotuy," oa
that is just what we am. fcaud at one f nr th catalogs. Yen are
aor to nwH some on or mora of tha 10.000 article abowa thr.
by buying one of our combination 3.
Forty pounds best granulated
sugar for one dollar, packed
securely and delivered at railroad
station here, by ordering this com
bination. Remit "by draft, poat
office or express order.
40 lbs. best Granulated Sugar $l.CO
1 keg choice Syrup.. 1.CO
1 bucket White Fish ....... . .75
16 lbs. Beans.. .JO
1 lb. best 50o Tea.. . .
1 lb. best Baking Powder . . ,
5 lbs. Rice ,
5 lbs. choicest Raisins ......
" All the above for ....... $5.00
226-228-230-232 -234-236 North 10th St.
Established Ten Years, Always Reliable