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    January 3, 1901
DR. HlcGRErj
XtGrew mi At it )
tut. r rfE'KifL
inth treatment r ii form of di- f the white man. He does not reason
-ANI !oitiiitM or M t.s ; so much. He does what he is ordered.
i elil2.yrapr,"c 15 7mn 11 14 oetter nct to nave to much in"
U5!Pf)"Cir ivi tivnsncic ! te!lJKnce In tbe common soldier. His
fcUJiitLt A5J BI Jr.ULLt. ; intelligence should be sufficient to un
ntvK&VWK ri:K -l ARAX- derstand a plain order and there it
JL"J utl lrVviiKtVrU:ii bouW stop We do not need college
3ot si ru i, ntEtkti uj M Jmi graduate In the army. We need
s.-rorvc ciiAft(iE i.ow. j brave TOen who know nothing except
YPHII ,n :! nti orxSitin s
UII illLIO r.r-J ir J e-rjr trx of the
!.-. ta icvru t.! a.irninaieJ from tbe
No "Bl'.EAKINO OUT" on It. kln or
fa- or cj ti'ffi,! ci-i nct of the
lSar,ae (.4lirr. A treatment that la
mr -A far nr tsfctary i
ibaa ti. ; -t 'tr. trtjjir.t and at
I tan JIA1.V THt; COST. A rur that
S rfir,!rj to t tJTtnnnt for llf.
V.C IfUiiCC ? jwurx r. 1 ro1i!-.sM
IHHJlf. .N rt t Iy.Mt, Nrvou IeliUy.
liriu mf-l Nerve lwtT. "
t.K Se.(K0 l AM.t ri'KEIl.
fi,afcl. hwcr, I lifer. ah chrome
d-w- . ti" rr-isii. !aimlit rU-f sod
TL car cs zi cit4fce.
Coctaal tatlou fr-. 1 fralmtat by mall
M-dJ-Sf- evrytre f r from
gas cr trrakic. rrsdy for u.
fciw; a. ra, t r. m. S-andayi.
1 a. jr. I i p. ts I. O. lUf 70S JT.c
rr r: rkiu'h ft.. tei-n Karca.m
r.4 LtuuxU OMAHA. NEB.
T) War la 11 t'Llli pplfa Will tbe
f'Bfartr Oct liinblrd Troop b
tfc TbnuuBil t li Urlarn.
Wl r. th 2.-. vol u rue rs. or what
i- I ft of th-Tu. return from the Phil
ippin look out for another pidf mi.
Tt- rtirn of tL? troops from Cub:i
a followed by aa psi'mlc which
Kill a:!s in many parts of the
f-ouctry. oftn g;iO!i-d as "Cuban
ttrh." I -tit tr nwt doctors dclartd to
.. .. .
form of zi:x. Not
iil this i- thr rai-. bet the return
ing trcK's. Tail! for tre most part be a
lrmM tturee upon ti e communi- j
t!s in hi b u. y
...ill ,,..1. i
"I eamicJ jt numt-er of men
pin.." u l an army surgeon. .-and ! cially of those who pay taxes or con
rwy rr.,n thn enlr.r of having i lrlbul IP criabe Jllnd Very
Ld hii ..-nstltution unirminM by : bfvy One hundred thousand men
f fay tvr ruined every three years will be a dis-
A difre-a? "known a th 'Manila 1 ter to the producing interests, and
ttn- r,. .- :f r,..,:-.? n rr,. their support for the time that they
1.1..M 'r.-r .i!a-r 'fn.V r. !
turtiir? fro.-a ur n-w j-ciop?. It
ban th marks of tbe irialUxix and in
manr ir:stac' ha tx a rrii'sken fnr
it. It i t;:r:s!)- troubltome, and
--ij o r-:it a Ftampde in many
of tLe to r.s m L n 4 .-.' or S0,''K men
from th-? PhsUjjpints ar attend
ov-r tte routstry in the next six
month. A t:: d;a. iu new to the
profusion e know little about it or
is cUtma!f -fTt-r-Ts. It is true, fcow
ir. hat a large numN-r of men and
o.-ts vtVA r or. the r-tired list dur
ir. the? j-ar to tone. There is a col
ony cf JIcgkiLm-!! in Manila which
ha bn rcnsited many timt-s dur
ing t;e fat fifty --ar-. TL experl-
-t. ' f i a o. connected with the col
is that a hlte man can stand the '
ci:rr.?le tut tbr or four years, even
jr.Vr !.- rfsf far.r-aw n,rr,ttiHir I
t'. . raritaJ citv. M.n in the field 1 rency has produced universal suffer
of ctmr& ? r rarh mo-f The col- i and stagnation of business. The
or v !.$ ruiariy r-r!!:-d frtira Lor- j "financiers" wanted "good money,"
4n. ifi i Ki r. are jrstnilv r-turnlng ! "sound money," "money of the great
to ilr!:: ! n ;?h un'i-rmir.i const itu- t ost Purchasing power." and all that
t:or.. if t:ot tuIu-4. Knslishmen take
rr.or rbar.s than the American, fr.r
ti.- u-s,t hoM u'Jt inducements "in our
on country that are nor to be met
sth in o -rowd"d England. Th
Kr.elifhraan far mon-y. li willing to
ak a risk wri-h tfc American do-.
r.' fl ll u'xjti to tun. Our
c-rarr.c Lt -.!l fron this tini on h
r ; to l-rtaae a much heavier
;r than vtr in the hap- of war
p-r.s;ccs. and
rn'.sr v--rs "
tv.e .::rrf-n v ill last
Not or.iy v. S'1 this- rt of a. Kurden
l to jrn by tht- fopJe of the
'r :t'd t.' , ait ar.'t b r t t most f-r-''-
j-harsf t'-r if thf constitution is to
te M-t tif'A- r 1 lnapfriaiim is to -rors-
tr-- :--r:;i:. rt policy of this
ration At ?riy ofe-r wis askd
wh-n tl. vk?r ta the Philir-pir.'-s would
! ov-r, r' ;''.! ! :
" Not drinr the rrnt r".eratori. I
It is tLc oo' of the ciot comnt- !
authiir.ti who have lmikd into
th q-.-stio-j t;at it will la.t as Ion-
2 Arr-r:ar.. occ ipy the isianfl.
' In my optiflon it will continue al-
r.i the time will nvrr come
wh- n tp wiii have the islands subdutnl
ar 1 u in i:hdn.wini onr troops,
T r lre t nnt Vtai-a
the frlrrie W.trid of Luzon subjueated
-r.d low !cr. have we been trying?
It mill U cec-fsary to garrison every
town of xtl the !r-!ac-l of the arcbipl
rc and t n we will have all the trou-h1-
e cm ronrer !ent!y manage. The
ordinary Irw-n 1o- cot Ftop to con
i !r-r tht i!r.ra-nfet' population there,
ho vtri-j'j; faction among the people
sr ! c:-rci.T.f- ir!rets that will con
tlr.fialiy h ;.rir:cisg up. No sooner
will an ins;rmtioa hw put down in
one prt of the i!ands than it will ,
fprizg up !a atother form in another
res ion. The task is endless and wo'.
will l 5rtlEr the Kilipirsos a century '
from t'!ay." j
Tb lndetendrit doe not believe
that the war will last for a century. ''
Eren the mnllet heads wJH be able to
the foo!Shns cf ft before that
time. By the time that a few trmn-
and men, with constitutions ruined
ar.d live Matted hav ba scattered
over the country, an ocular demon-
itnttioa will b given that will be
convincing. A mullet head may not
Able to think, but he can fide. This
officer, who seemed to be in favor of
holding the Philippines, went on to
"It will be necessary to keep at
least 100,000 men on the Islands, We
now hare 65.000 and it Is acknowl
edged that the garrisoning of the
towns Is exceedingly weak and not
; half of the communities have any pro
i tectlon at all from our government,
j It will require more than 100,000 well
drilled men to hold the Philippines
I and it will be necessary to enlist many
; native regiments to asist our troops.
; The negro regiments now in the Phil-
ippincs are better at fighting the na
i ties than white regiments. If I had
ray way, I would enlist at least two
I dozen negro regiments to take the
! places of men now about to return
I from the Islands. The negro is. In
I many Instances, a better soldier than.
to follow their officers and the Ideal
.aU, v. i nri.
nary negro. Tell a negro soldier to
swim across a river and storm a fort
and he proceeds to do so If his officers
lead the way. The business of an offi-
cer Is to lead and we want no officers
who are not willing to do so."
The soldier as described by this
regular army officer Is the Ideal of the
old standing armies, but it has been
knocked Into smithereens by the
Boers. The British regulars who had
been trained and drilled in that man
ner were found to be no match for the
men who did some thinking for them
selves. It took ten British regulars to
whip one of them and when they suc
ceeded in doing it, the regulars found
themselves unfit for further duty.
Thir officer In expressing himself
further on the subject said:
"I do not believe it will be difficult
to Induce men to enliet for the con
tinual ce of the Philippine war, even
though all the disadvantages of the
services are made widely known. It
will be necessary, however, to ease
up in the physical examinations.
Plenty of men are presenting them
selves, but the examinations have
been too rigid. Let congress enact
toe law reorganizing the army and
lt orders be sent out from Washing
ton to rush up enlistments. There will
be a rush that will soon fill up the
list to any desired number."
That there are a few million mullet
heads in the United States who have
no more sense than to enlist and gc
to the Philippines, where if they are
not killed, they wili have their con
stitutions undermined, the last elec
tion sufficiently proves. If they went
l" l"f ' -m iuur, .
! try. but most of them will come back
lu uf w" "w J
IU mar vUliiuiuuiuca wjitrjtr iiitrjr iii
reside. That will have a tendency to
make the "white man's burden." espe
"ve after coming back with ruined
health will be a drain that will con
tinue for tne centurv. In the end it
will mean more bonds, mere national,
state and county debts. But that is a
condition that the money lenders hope
and pray for all the time. It is prob
able that' their prayers will be an
Tbe 'Financiers' Worked the Mullet Head
of Itraxil Juit They Did Those
of the United States.
The "financiers" have been working
.1 -1 f T If 11 X .1
j inc same oiu gauie in oriun max mey
nave worked in every other country of
the world and the same results have
roiiowea. a contracucn oi ine cur-
sort or tning wnn wnicn we are so
familiar, and they proceeded to get
it in the often tried way of contract
ing the currency. The results that al
ways follow such work by the "finan
ciers" came in an avalinche.
Mr. Sidney Barnett, a leading jour
nalist of Brazil, writes to an official
of the Pan-American exposition from
Para, an important trading center at
the mouth of Amazon river, in ex
planation of the situation in the great
est of the South American republics.
He gays that the republic of Brazil is
passing through a financial crisis, the
government having withdrawn a large
part of the paper currency of the coun
try. This was done with the idea of
making the remainder more valuable
It has had this effect, but in the mean
time a stringency in the market has
I been caused, and tbe contraction in
the circulation of money has caused
much confusion In valuation and dis
turbance of business. It will take
some time to adjust things to the
(changed conditions, and under these
circumstances. It is hard to arouse in-
I trest in a matter like an exposition
! Even the Brazil exposition, which was
inaugurated the first of December,
j fonrid imiisuinl rilfHcTiltips In thft WAV
of its success and exhibitors delayed
until the last moment tending in their
Who wanted money "made more val
uable" In Brazil? Those who held evl
dences of debt and lived on interest
or taxe. But the mullet heads who
nule. the only positive cure for
aesual weaknesa, niplit losse. nerTous
ceas and all weaknesses caused by
youthfal Indiscretions. We refund
mcmr j in ery mm here not perfectly
tisSd. Tbee celebrated Capsules not
ooly male 700 feel cood, but develop
parts to normal condition . Write tody
for full particulars. Foil and positive
ruarante to cure with eTery f5 order
six boxe $5. inle boxes $1. Goods
est in plain wrappers by mail.
16 Farnam St., Omaha. Neb.
Sold br R O. Kostis. Lincoln. Nebr.
Our incubators!
aTt kll tbe lutectimnrovameau. anaold T
at very lr prloea ana tar
' teed ! aimaevrTauwiDar.EHi y
a eeat cor oarl4 oa eataiocuc, a
' m'aic'a eoniaiDtralldraerlDtlona 4
tt oar muun im "a Mlia haw a
ta raiaa paaltrT aeecaa I
fails' rUaa for aoaltiy as4 brocxMtao'W. T
j Pc Mots Incubator U.. Boi 33 Jtt i M&
created wealth by the labor of their
hands or brains were mnde to be
lieve that they wanted it, too, so they
all went in for it. just as the mullet
heads did In the United States. Now
they have their John Sherman
Cleveland soup houses with all their
trimmings. After a while they will
find out what is the matter with them
and will do just what McKinley has
been forced to do, go to coining silver
and issuing more paper money to save
themselves from financial destruction.
Meanwhile paupers and millionaires
will be permanently established as
part of their political system.
A Public Function
In the nature of things the construc
tion and maintenance of irrigation
works are public functions like the
building of lighthouses or public high
ways, and the former can as ill be
made objects of commercial enterprise
as the latter. There is water sufficient
for the irrigation of from 75,000.000 to
100,000,000 acres depending upon the
methods of eonserv&t'on naploye''..
Probably 10,000,000 people could find
homes on farms and be self support
ing If the water supply should be prop
erly regulated. A better investment
was never made by a government since
the world began, Philadelphia Record
California Orchard to Trade
Two 20-acre orchards in Sacramento
Valley where no irrigation ts needed,
clear and just beginning to bear, to
trade for farm land in Nebraska. Real
bargain. Address Fruit Farm, Ne
braska Independent. Lincoln, Neb.
Give full description, title and price
of property offered.
Common Sense
At the state meeting of the teachers
held in Lincoln last week Chancellor
Andrews made an address distin
guished for good, hard, common sense.
Among other things he said:
"Unless all signs fail, we are on tne
threshold of a momentous new devel
opment in the matter. The time seems
near at hand when our public scnoois
will be able to teach the elements of
morality in a positive way. For all
practical purposes morality car. be
taught without dipping Into religion
and all sects are becoming aware 01
"To teach ordinary morality you
need not refer to or even know any of
morality's profound implications. Pub
lic sentiment would sanction it should
we at once systematically begin teach
ing such virtues as cleanliness in
speech and thought, thrift, temper
ance, fortitude, perserverance, verac
ity, laws cf property, public spirit,
love of country, regard for parents, fo.'
the aged, for the feeble, the unfor
tunate and for brutes and a great var
iety of kindred virtues. No parents
exist who do not wish their children
schooled in these highly important du
ties. All denominations will agree
to this kind of teaching, none fearing
that it will collide with dogma."
Future Campaign Funds
Ships can now be built in our ship
yards cheaper than in Europe. Ev
erything entering into the construc
tion of ships is now cheaper here.
During tbe past year enormous quanti
ties of steel rails, . plates and beams
have been shipped from this country
into England as well as into other for
eign nations, and during the past six
months we have sold iron ore, pis
iron, steel billets, manufactured steel
and even coal in England in defiance
of the competition that we have been
wont to dread in the past. This is not
all. During the past year our capital
ists have been successful bidders for
twenty-five million dollars of British
consols. Therefore, every argument
that had any weight in the past
against the ability of Americans to
Kew TmnravAf 1
Electric Belts
Warranted to etf re
without medicines.
sell for 80 dara only, onr
tbe following- diseases.
JZfceumaUam y
Heart Troublmt,
ye rvou n nesm
Spinal JHmeatm
Tsrpld. ZAvetr
Tb.roat Trublcm
Kidney Complaints
Sleepl csm ess
Ferrous Debility
Xst Vigor
Coltl Xuctremttie
Wewutle CotmpUU-mto
JPmins iti jiaofc
Miul lAnibm
All Weaknemsta tn
.If en osmC
. t , E!;5l:Ei As
51. Chjcapo, and
. ...v
ril WORD.!
Lwruic! ncccD nnnn cnrnnnnvonini
build and sell ships as cheaply as Eng
land does, namely, the cost of Iron,
steel, fuel and interest on money, Is
now. disposed-of. ; w -. .
Hanna has campaign debts to set
tle, and the Hannaltes are anxious to
keep faith with the men who fur
nished the corruption funds to carry
the election so as tc be able to obtain
funds for , future j campaigns. The
awakening of the republican voters
to the corruption of the party is a
good omen for the future, but the Han
naite combine has so, firm a grip upon
the republican machine that they will
be able to hold it against any protest
on the part of the voters that is like
ly to be made.
One of McKinley 's Pets and His Especial
Appointee hsvs Been Caught In Most
Disgraceful Work.
Serious charges have been filed at
the war department against Lieut.
Col. H. O. S. Heistand of the adjutant
general's office, who Is now serving In
China on the staff of General Chaffee.
Colonel Heistand, who was on Presi
dent McKinley 's staff while governor
of Ohio, was appointed major and as
sistant adjutant general by Mr. Mc
Kinley shortly after he assumed the
presidential office, Colonel Heistand
being at that time a captain in the
11th United States Infantry. About a
year ago he was appointed military at
tache to Paris and detailed afterward
for service in China.
Major Erastus L. Hawkes, who held
that rank in the 10th United States
volunteers during the Spanish war,
files the charges. . He alleges that on
or about May 1, 1898, Colonel Heistand
represented to him and others:
"That his superior officer, Adjutant
General Henry C. Corbin, and also As
sistant Secretary of War George D.
Meiklejohn, Former Assistant Secre
tary of the Navy Allen, now governor
of Porto Rico; and Former Assistant
Attorney General James L. Boyd, now
United States district judge for North
Carolina, were ready and willing, and
had agreed to enter a combination for
the purpose of organizing a company
to manufacture cordage at Manila,
Philippine islands, and to control the
output of hemp from the Philippine
islands, stating that the said islands
would be under military rule for at
least ten years, and that by reason of
their high official position those
named could procure for the company
certain business advantages, including
among others an arrangement of the
tariff to meet its necessities, and fur
ther after much money and several
months of time had been spent on my
part, Lieutenant Colonel H. O. S. Hei
stand represented that Assistant Sec
retary Allen and Adjutant General
Corbin had withdrawn all connection
with the proposed company."
Isn't it awful to think that our owa
dear and spotless Meiklejohn, whom
the U. P. railroad and Mark Hanna
are going to make a senator from Ne
braska, should be mixed up in a job
like that? The whole story is mon
strous. Could any one be made to be
lieve that United States officers en
dowed with unlimited power over 10,-
000,000 of people, 10,000 miles from
home or the possibility of inspection,
where every newspaper correspondent
is under the control of a military cen
sor, would dare to form such a com
bination to make money as that? No
sir! The Independent repudiates the
whole story. Military officers, 10,000
miles from home, free from public
criticism, endowed with unlimited
power, would never think of forming
companies to make money out of the
Malays whom they so dearly love.
Never! The thing Is impossible.
Final Crop Report
The final crop report for the year
was issued by the government last
week. The statistician of the depart
ment of agriculture estimates the
United States wheat crop of 1900 at
522,229,505 bushels, the area actually
harvested being 42,495,385 acres, and
the average yield per acre 12.29 bush
els. The production of winter wheat
is estimated at 350,025,409 bushels and
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In All Its Phases and Stages Cured by
Jlrs. J. E. Mills, 464 Main street, Norwich, Conn., in a recent letter 6ays :
' write to let you know what Peruna has done for me. I have been troubled
with catarrh since I was ten years old.
I would be obliged to stay in a dark room. Nothing helped me and my physi
cian said I could never be cured.
began taking Peruna this spring
i have not had an attack since I took
. m
cure me. Peruna nas improvea my appeiae ana neann in general, i nave
gained twenty pounds in three months. I have recommended It to several ot
my friends, who also find It very beneficial, I advise any one troubled with
catarrh to use Peruna."
Thousands of men and women all
that of spring wheat at 172,204,096
bushels, the area actually harvested
being 26,235,897 acres in the former
case and 16,259,488 acres in the latter.
The winter wheat acreage totally
abandoned in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana
and Illinois is finally placed at 3,522,
787 acres and the spring wheat acre
age totally abandoned in North Da
kota and South Dakota at 1,793,467
acres. The extraordinary rapid rate
at which the winter wheat acreage of
Nebraska is gaining upon the spring
wheat acreage of that state has neces
sitated a special investigation of the
relative extent to which the two var
ieties were grown during the last year.
The result of the investigation is that,
while no change is called for in the
total wheat figures of the state 590,575
acres have been added to the winter
wheat column at the expense of the
spring variety.'
The newly seeded area of winter
wheat is estimated at 30,282.564 acres.
While this acreage is slightly greater
than that sown in the fall of 1899, as
estimated at the time, it is 600,654
acres less than the area that was act
ually sown, the discrepancy being due
to that remarkably rapid development
of winter wheat growing in Nebraska
with which, as above stated, the de
partment's reports had failed to keep
A comparison of the newly seeded
acreage with that of the fall of 1899
shows that of the eleven states and
territories that sowed 1.000,000 acres
or upward with winter wheat one year
ago, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kansas,
California and Oklahoma report an in
crease amounting to 971,704 acres, and
Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Tex
as and Tennessee a decrease of 1,780.
191 acres. The average condition of
the growing crop on December 1 was
97.1 per cent of the normal. There
are many complaints of the Hessian
fly, but the low condition figures re
ported from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky
and Tennessee 86.80, 87 and 84, re
spectively are fully offset by the ex
ceptionally high condition reported
from Kansas. Missouri, California,
Oklahoma and other states, in al! of
which it is above normal.
The production of corn in 1900 is
estimated at 2,105,102,516 bushels;
oats, 809.125,989 bushels; barley, 58,
925,833; rye. 23,995,927 bushels; buck
wheat. 9,566,966 bushels; potatoes,
210,926,897 bushels; hay, 50,110,906
tons. The area from which these crops
were gathered was as follows, in
acres; Corn, 83,320,872; oats, 27,364,
795; barley, 2,894.282; rye, 1,591,326;
buckwheat. 637.930; potatoes, 2,611,
054; hay, 39,132,890.
The corn crop of 1900 was one of
the four largest ever gathered, while
the oat crop has only once been ex
ceeded. On the other hand, the barley
and rye crops are the smallest, with
one exception in each case, since 1887;
the buckwheat crop is the smallest
since 1883, and the hay crop the small
est, with one exception, since 1888.
There Will be a Slump in Militarism, Im
perialism and Similar Watered
Stocks. .
When I read many of the outpour
ings of the modern imperialists, espe
cially in my own country, and see how
they utterly misconceive tbe nature of
empire, I always think of the monkey
who after seeing its master shave
stole his razor and cut its throat. But
it grieves me to see our American
kinsfolk falling a prey to the same de
lusion which is making such havoc
wilb the peace and prosperity of Brit
ain. Of this we have the supreme ob
ject lesson in South Africa, where we
have sacrificed to the phantom cf
paramountcy 20,000 human lives and
$500,000,000. And with what result?
That for years to come we shall have
to maintain ten British soldiers to
uphold the flag in South Africa where
At times my head troubled me so that
and find myself greatly benefited by it.
my first bottle. 1 think In time it will
Ami mm i si BTsT
oyer the United States use Peruna,
and a
3 ' -
! 5T.10U1S. 5T.UWS, Br J
13Q8 O St., Lincoln.
The University of Nebraska
Is the leading institution of its kind in
the west. It offers complete and thor
ough courses in all branches of Music.
It has a corps of twenty instructors and
a fine building for its exclusive use,
and would ask you to send for catalogue.
before the war 'one 'was found amply
sufficient. " -
God grant that one such examplo
may suffice for the political education
of the English speaking world. ,
What I expect is that there will be
early In the century a tremendous
slump in militarism, imperialism .and
similar inflated stocks. What I fear
is that before this takes place the
world may be shaken by a convulsion
of war, the like of which no living
man has seen.. All the elements
abound needed to produce such an
explosion. Should it come mankind
In the discipline of suffering may re
learn many lessons which it has for
gotten In the hey-dey of its prosperity.
It Is Idle constructing our pretty card
castles in a region in which before
They do so because they have . learned
by experience ttha it is a valuable med
icine. Not only is it a valuable medicine but
it is applicable to the climatic- ailments
of winter and summer. Extremes of
heat and cold in the United States make
it a land of catarrh.'
Nearly everybody has catarrh. This
is more especially true among the mid
dle and lower classes. Exposure to the
climate, hard work, and unventilated
sleeping rooms are the principal causes.
Charitable institutions have found, by
bitter experience, that catarrhal dis
eases are not only the most numerous
of all other diseases put together, bul
they are the hardest to cure.
Peruna is a specific for this class of
diseases. No other remedy can take Its
place. Thousands of cases of chronio
catarrh are cured by the use of simply
a bottle. People who have spent large
sums to be cured of catarrh, have turned
to Peruna as a last resort, and been
cured by the use of a single bottle.
It is a sure cure for coughs, colds, la
grippe and catarrh in its many phases.
Whether tbe catarrh, is located in the
head, throat, lungs, stomach, kidneys or
pelvic organs, Peruna is a prompt and
never-failing cure.
Mrs. Sarah Jones, Pleasant Plain, la.,
writes; "I wish to acknowledge my ap
preciation of the benefits received from
Peruna and Manalin in the treatment of
what was pronounced systemic catarrh.
1 took Peruna for a while and discon
tinued the use of it as I felt so much
better. The latter part of the winter
and early spring there was bo much
sickness here, an epidemic of colds and
pneumonia prevailed. I had an attack
of cold in catarrhal form, suffering with
facial neuralgia and headache, but con
tinued taking Peruna and Manalin and
was soon restored without being pros
trated with weakness."
A book written by. Dr. Hartman on
the different phases of catarrh and their
treatment, also "Health and Beauty,"
written especially for women, sent free
to any address by The Peruna Medicine
Company, Columbus, Ohio.
If you buy a M AJESTIC
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6a ve fuel the first year sufficient
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night the stoutest towers may be shat
tered by the shock of an earthquake.
For the war which all men dread will
inevitably be followed by a social
cataclysm, the ultimate outcome of
which no man can foresee.
I see no way of averting either the
war or the catalysm if the nations per
sist in their present course of preferr
ing the expansive extension of their
frontiers to the Intensive cultivation
of the territories already in their own
possession. Not in the conquest ot
new dominion to be policed, but in
the conquest of the world by the prin
ciples of Internationalism and federa
tion embodied in the American consti
tution seems to lie the noblest ambi
tion of the new world in the new cen
tury. W. T, Stead.