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    Juno 28, 1000
OF 311XD.
r J i- f
Uf -J L:i4 ?'
harry l-f tfcre. There .T!
t . i. t4 tvci'.-1 eriaa ri-vae
Lrl.a . tacri ;a
: a are 4 to fcu.ea
i 1
lie ta:s A v.- trr rata. " I
, wi ; .itrr ;. c- r-j-cas,-
4 lit. ::ir;. in c-otjeatauoas I .
aa ! L.;rr; t. ist.i44.a frt turn tEf
'"iter wt :ltritxatU z.:r rtta, j well cfl for vegetable fibrous ma-
i. ,rt Jsic. J ievrefk."r ccrs-d j terJals as India, but Japan is enormous
ia tfe -ra-t tl tie eca .ti.-a. It ws to- j ly j advance of India in the knowl
21 I j gron-iB-iucJ Urajrr4 tte oel- t edge of paper-nmklr.g and in utilizing'
fertuai - 15 i a la. tmt m mkeit tuera t.fl natural resources. "
arm a i rvaaoct f alre-iV& to wra
ti Ui' sti:r.
ULit ia it, Jierr" aie aaied. with
Bbotheriy eeer. Iid jra mlw ts
-Ne'tt, rr;h4 tie acWtr. "I w oalj
lsiC t K,is4tLsc ia tBjr !eoB Lrra.
. It ar &ors tlas a Lilae aulas
I 491 axjrtai feaay Ja taat,
J&hsay, aaii ias tar. "AsUacaay is
avh s ,'.rsA to kA boct-
"Y2. H ci cm Uufts ma; Sirias,
tint's tfce lis -. Wifif a Uliioa uu
nr, a&4 a ir a beaf so muia aaanrr.
2 t it to tfcst a j&'t
"Sh, Jt4oy! Ker- xsu&J tist bow.
. Yet ar't t-nj toa tsacL Uo ta grt jroar
ii iaata'C iatrruft aa whi
I ta UTiisa aita yxemr faLLer. .Vr, J4ia
, Hs7," wb eaabaad. tanutcf to U Lead ,
Ua "c t ! zUat4 to aroate
lW peer emtev ic"t rrra e&tioa
. Xaarv Ss. bell kas irre talkir g
kti Vita. I 1t jcrt t4 s aafai cxperv
, ara t-df . at4 tie ptr iax' terrea art
,H ejectrc&4- Btt 1 hare a ffrt 4al ta b
tbaiitii f r ttV l so w-or, ad that our
Jcimsx hM at tlra u-.ita w aa awful
w cJ A r Etci. rrUr.
1 aawpTWrcoarrtJrtv-cI.Wiaalow i pitch of a very high melting point to
ia rrmi? U'tS, Stta4y hm rd a , stacd even the shade temperature.
iat text Satiav, U. V, ocr beloved I A paper roof would be far superior
woti -i tKKf j tM pn'y.i, sxj4 tat kta to aheet Iron aa a protection against
threat tr&ala. Bt mat etirelf e-cred. . tIie ka U( paper panels with an em
?uJKt: ' boaaed device on them would offer a
,ifA Ittacted alr.Sgia- j neat, light and substantial fiUing
J-sA Ilsrrv" aud hi wife, with rrj-
roiU3a ia Ler toaea. "Erra it yoa Sal
yirm.K. rr ta. tEtc aace :-. -u ciattera, .
7ob eweadcrmtxia lor jwa"
rm, vw ta txe aezi rr3 ax4 caa hear
tTtrr wcrd yaa ". ei!, aa I waa aavtcf
before yen i& tern: pled zae. a&d 1 suiu aar
ii a?cr.ii vrry iiiiii i:ke t-!aroexar. Dr.
taa-a tie ooregtt.
jus t -.jei oa aa taia a:.erbooa. is waa
jat k.v!j to htr hvta r bmw pleaaaat hia
XrTLZK-nrr rriiXJess had hes&. wita tb ooo
grru:z.T awd kt kj rnef at leavirg aa
wm teai?er-i Lr lh rederttsai that sow fee
tt--i r"te L- T ai-ea cs ti e exegesis &f
Ijti-.-wi. -f tL -nt hvstdrrA aiaeteectis.
tWa. II mk . earst!y tbst his
ie-. -K ut i jcw it aatracco-J-
w ii enwu-a
tiat aa creaifa. a-a ao aajrd ta axwier- t
titt It aak a c-any o-
wiesliej tir-t be rolhrra- !
l.-r JUrIuLtaaatreMra.
T Vvn v v- it? t f urriu
fr t waM tke tT rai: trcet-er." '
-iM'tL f Lite tV xaiikterf aaked !
lT w" ruC , tlie ground in ricks, the autumn will
Irew a ';Jbet l-d-ta 5 w,t te tauto!d ; V rt?p-r I thJT neats un-
j- -I Tii wtas U'a drmraxxahoatr f der ttPa eT"- KPrinS
-Jei Iiecrj! W caa yoa aar a ttf 'J wiI1 f&ir- U tbey 171 pkr their nests
3. tai: 1 lave a fc-I sued zt to tell ' before the crop i reaped, rainy weath
yvc sy jsre. I w&alda't e!y I witt yoa e will begin in August,
taiw f rsr Wf'a aar-ow earape frota ! Pth appear on the ururfaco of water
-a i . a a -
... . ,? , ? . . . . . 1
t ta t-e balk yaxL I eacwae4 tnymrll aci
rua wet i.t tx. exte-atsa ali I eoI4
lkk tst &f list wrrdw, ax-1 I aaw that
awfsl TVIo atta-k-( omr poor Tjp, aad
J-ohxf at.4 Twts lK.t;ed were trvibf V
aeprt.t iteta. 1 araaei ta ke beja ta
acve Tipj?, atl tirr Mia. DcaLie-iay aad
2r. Kjsk.s rma io tie wis4 a.
J-t tWre were aear 'da cf dkrtta4-
aaww ctwt.-. Oft J tL i ll-- ar!a railed
over tLe bat. arr: i!t! do iai.e asater
accp. V a ere ja-t fi Jitj. aii tew
w a'l e? 'Ea rrt bars, itto WJ. Aad
otier j !a Jy aa eVrly beard to
af : "O. jra tst!e:" Bat it waa acfS
crc I . . Mra. Sk- rtary frota herarra
Mr. 5 tfV'irr vartd ta p-eV his
ave-tt ;;-T a-t.. Ttet La tLocat bet
ter t?. d w.t cot i5t9 tLe JLtutr rwocj
to a r.ik cf terct cf tt ailwer ice a ivj rf rart.t-i tie !ateat wed
ajaTry ef t!e bawaraol. Veaec
Jk.a ae-d ratra fW irllx of ti duf
"Wa it tr. b cf a arra;r aaxei tie
tl erf tte 'Vae.
'Sir, jifm o-a:.t t V
ares jt.
Tirsc airwj-a re aierf iia Fiis eoa!d
eLew "l.p tr ace S. Jtst jaat yvo lock
at tiaa!" Ax.1 tLa atoieat Lrasje4 at of
L a t-w f ac.sut! tMue wi'h
Zxf lfr. "T&er t'tat Fiona left ear.
Wtat s tj taJt Tvm Dvab'edaf 's pap
list Ma. FvErVtarr wa bear! eocjscg
dra f tra titer aettUt tte Ltlie dsSca!tf
e ti. ycarter children, aad Jtbs Ilea ry
a-'l Jj:t, Jr , r!Bi tL fx". t;cc which 4-MtT"-i-'4 .a tie m.i:trv tartics utder
tie at r J -f cv5.Jj-tjd Aa y s were!"
"Aa I aa r-j -.e !ra.'e-
tarr. "Ua lit. Ik ab ai d tr :(
' - l -r & tie feronoua
t:ri V tMgsl t!.e datrer. list Dr.
, - fl, i
let :irr. u-t c. tr tie at cratch cf
tie u.ur. .-! ratrs jHiuce
.l I: w tw u t tjure ea aj tiat I
i&iSrr t. tiitk cf aat cvt hate hp-
l-r tr ;veae-c cf
..&4 tf Dr. Kt -i"
far, j-t. ;fCTT. f
rTiiSi rtrt, as
i wat ted U aee tU ttiai.
A-4 aftr t wa a3 orer. Too atd me. w,
lock ti- t c Ci dt to tie batet eraicp
-a t.a c". rt.rr aa3 wr:cs.-ea ticta. acJ Fin
a-aa 11 vj-r iiier t'.as K.i; tut tLit
is'l fiaX asy 4 f ere, ie jaatcieaed
Lus all ;!
w, Jclrty," aa4 L:' nctler, veu
fit t-ot t i tiixkicf cf aoch tiirfa a
tat, Jiat reifeber tit if il tad cot beta
f r trvi fr. Ktft ja ra'zit hare casit
flat (drtavL'-I iiurae. brircj bet a!"
Wjiii a aoap e? Lia Ctfrra, Mr.
esTJe-i aijrt cf tie dostte reveLa-t;o-a
V."Vef! tie tic09 Tip Lad leafW
1st fc-a Jap lt, a,tsr worda: Jocd t p.
caa4 tte f t wj tie atttsp cf fcia tafL
4 tU tres cf ticL . V. Sea, .
a -xt-i:c -t, e. ilra. LkiaUUr j before rain, and go to the bottom be
ld W Fido Lv. WhZ w were ta- ? fore A strong wind. If smoke sinks to
tertared : a3 tUt Dr. Hxox w tfluafw j ; nn tn
im Jmmm Pi'ptr li Jreferrl tm Sheet
Irea ae a Protection Against
the Sun.
! The Japanese Times taen that the
J Tokyo Card and Pasteboard, com pa nyi
UuhP. In it. lSnein.Tnn la now
niaksng a thick, tarred, pasteboard as
KUimnuie lor sningies in4 rooiyig,
The paper shingles are la acti;e
rcami. being1 about 50 per cent, chea
nand. being1 about 50 per cent, cheaper
apj K-ore eaaur roanaired than the
rticle. The Indian Textile
; commenting on the above,
aai-a that it is doubtful if Japan is as
liat is required for the production
of cardboard is a supply of coarse jBbers
and a cement to hold it' together. In-
Sdla lacks neither of these, although
tber have not yet received sufficient
attention. Waste sugar cane produces
a fiber eminently suited for cardboard
making-, and the contained sugar Is
an ingredient that could be fixed
chemically as a cement. The milk of
the cactus, so common amoog railway
fences, contains a gum that has been
need for oloaing letters. An antiseptic
would be required to arrert fermenta
tion la many fibers; but the substances
used !n size preparation are well known
and easily procurable In India. The
ues cf strong1 and well made cardboard
ar ao numerous aa to offer a strong
Inducement to the mfenufacturer.
They Include boxes, panels, partitions,
roofing, ceilings, bookboards and ad
vertisement cards of all sizes." The
tarred cardboard would not suit on a
roof in India on account of its disposi
tion to heat in the ran and soften. It
ld alao require to be prepared with
Wavat tka JLctiona of tae Anlmala
Tall Aaoat Beat and Raia
kid Saaihlnc.
If swallows fly near the ground,
there will be rainr or windy weather.
? if chicks seek shelter, it will be wet.
I If chickens and othew fowls pick their
: feathers, the weather will be cloudy
'. and damp. If. during severe frosts,
' voosters crow very early, the thermom
j' eter will rise. "iVhen ducks bathe and
i n&ck, there will be rain. When they
art. tlU- the- -will be a thunderstorm.
. . .nA V
. ... , , . , .
wther " be coId'r- . STf v , " '
dxr. ' or other object with its
claws, there will be windy and snowy
vatlir. If dova roll In tiie winter.
there will be snow; if it. the summer,
rain, If rolce make their nests above
iravitnt a-Vi-at 4 Vtaw fa rtA trrlvir?
winter it will snow, and m summer it
will rain. If smoke rises even during
bad weather, fair weather will follow.
If at aunset there are no clouds, the
next day will be fair; If the sun seta
la clocda, the next day will be cloudy,
and perhapa rainy. If t he setting sun
is red, the next day there will - be a
atr-bag wind. If the horn of the new
moon are long and sLarp, then in win
tr tt-e wbcle month will be cold, and
ia summer fair.
Saat at tba Poot of the JTara. Nea
. Ctatva W here Hxpeaaea Are
Oalr fS40 a Year.
The best place in the world to live,
on some accounts, ia said to be Gex, in
the little corner of France that juts
Into Switaerland near Geneva. This
has been decided to the satisfaction of
) Lecturea Pour Voua, a Parisian popular
; paper, as the resnlt of a careful canvass
of n"'nJ tOn-
Tbe are the claims of Gex:
It is at the foot of Jura, haa lovely
views of Mort Blanc and Lake Geneva.
It Is healthy.
j It Is ao ricn in communal firewood
1 that ft a applies all that each family
f wants free of charge,
j It Is the neutral zone, where no ens-
totna duties are charged. Coffee is 13
; cents a pound, sugar five cents, butter
; 19 rents.
i Servants can be had for four or five
! dollars a month,
' Without servants hire the necessary
j expenses of a family are about $240 a
! The publication of thete facts drew
i toGexone family only, who complained
hecaujie they had to pay $5.35 a month
I rent for a ni"? villa with a garden. The
j Gexera. curiously enough, are dis-
pleased at the wide advertisement of
the cheapness of their toa.x. They say
that If strangers are to be
S , ... , , . .
j P4r Prny 01 moey ratner man
those hooking for an economic para-
t a.
let ! Bar to Diplomats.
There is a movement on foot among
foreign powers to do away with the lim
itation of age of ambassadors, making
the tenure of ofSce depend solely upon
a man's capabilities.
Rrttlata Peellnra 'oo1dered.
A trocp of Boer horsemen who per
il form nightly In "a German circua has
been forbidden that part of their pro-
Cramme-which represents a victory
,i wrer British redcoata. ... .
Boat Plan for . BeKlnnera"' la to Seleot
" Varletlea That Ha reen Tried
'-- ' ' With SaroMa.-' .'
f As an orchard,- especially the apple
and pear orchard. jwill, after it has
jrjadeagood growth and become eetab
lished. .last an ordinary lifetime, if
L gi ven proper care. . the selection ,of va-
r .'.11 " l y. ii
fieiies bbouiu u uihuc verjr cojciuiij.
To 'set out 'adTd care for an ' orchard
until it comes into bearing requires
considerable labor - and expense, and
to find out after working four or five
years to secure good growth that a
mistake in the 'selection of varieties
has been made will prove a costly ex
perience. Of course there is always a chance
of being imposed upon by the nursery
man. The farmer may make a good
selection and order them, and re
ceive them properly labeled according
to his order only to find out that he
has been swindled when . the, . trees
commence to bear too "late to avoid
th lo&S. -we ' t
The only safe plan is to buy only
from ' responsible nurserymen, who
will not substitute after accepting the
order. , There are plenty such so that
there is not much excuse 'for "buying
of irresponsible dealers.
The best plan il to select for the
principal dependence varieties that
already have been tried and proved.
There Is an abundauce of these with
out risking too much on untried or
unknown sorts. Because some trav
eling agent who is interested in sell
ing some high-sounding, variety at a
big price' recommends them is. not a
BiifBeient reason for investing.
Difference in soil and cultivation of
erowih make a difference in the
grow ill and quality of the fruit, and
the only safe guide is:to.take old and
tried-varieties for; the - main erop and
then if desired a few trees of "fancy
sorts of unknown quality may be se
lected to try. v
On. the farm. plan first to. have a full
.supply all through the year. Then
if -more is wanted plant good winter
varieties that are strong in appear
ance,' as in a" market apple appear
ance : Is an important factor. 'X. J.
Shepherd, in Farmer's Voice.
Sprarlas wftb Crude Petroleum Haa
-Been Fonad Effective In De- "
atroyiaa; the Peat.-
Prof. John II. Smith. reports. to the
association for the advancement of
science that he has found spraying
with crude " petroleum to be a sure
method of destroying the San Jose
scale.' " lie first tried it on a Duchess
pear' .tree, . which . was badly- infested.
In the early part of January, 1S9S, he
.painted .the tree thoroughly from the
tops of .the. twigs, to the ground.' . .Long
before" Vpring" opened it" "was "easy to
see that there was not a living scale
r?aaxBlI3W'?J1: lPe -ree l5
e11 in the spring, about' a dozen trees
were sprayed with a nozzle to cover
them - as completely as possible. -As
they had begun to make leaf growth,
he found in some .jcases foliage- in
jured, and when an extra heavy dose-'
of oil ."vyas put on. the. fruit .buds were
kill edr The tree treated"" in winter
not" only blossomed and bore well, but
it made a rank and vigorous growth,
and the foliage bad a color that en
abled anyone to identify it as far as
they could see it. It was as if an
application of nitrate of soda had
been made around it. This increase
in vigor and growth continues up to
the. present time.
The" next winter many trees were
treated, including apple, peach, plum
and cherry, and by his advice many
others tested it, so that probably 2,000
to 3,000 trees were treated that win
ter. In no case has any tree been
injured, and in all cases the scale was
destroyed and the., tree appeared vig
orous and healthy during the summer.
In one case where there were three
irows of apple trees 30 to 40 years old,
the middle row alone waa sprayed",
and In June it was a sight to behold.
The ' other rows looked sickly by the
side of that, and on that the fruit set
full and fair. American Cultivator
ia Oaai Be Conatrwcted Alonaj the
Side of the Bouae or Stable At,
Trifling Expenae.
..A small hotbed may be -constructed1
along the side of the house or a. stable,
as shown in the illustration, and partly
heated through a window. Excavate
to the required depth, going below the
frost line, and build up a wall topping
it with brick and about six
inches to the front. A crop of lettuce
or violets may be grown in such a bed
with only the heat, derived from the
cellar. -Farm and, Home.
Sodium Nitrate for Gardens.
Sodium nitrate is especially valuable
for intensive culture in gardens and
fields tributarj' to large cities where
quickness and abundance of growih are
factors of prime necessity. The ready
formed nitrate is an indispensable fer
tilizer for flowers and gardens as well
as for fields. It performs a function
which cannot be easily replaced by any
other form of nitrogenous material
among field crops. The sugar beet is
especially susceptible jto the influence
of nitrate of soda and this is the most
economic form of nitrogenous fertilizer
that" can be secured. Dr. S. YV. Wiley,
m.ji'arm ana. Home- .. .
dependent Publish
, Lincoln, ttebraska.
GENTLE MJElf: Send The Nebraska
i.? enclose & . --t.- . : ,
ai h MHHH.1.1I...1.I.W hi wni ! il a mm M wim.KMWHwMiw I I I n !
'"- " " " i. '" " " ' - ' ' ' '
" - ...'" 1 " "' .'-,. ... - .
' - . - "'"-' .C ... ' --'''.; '' . --.- 'v-x.. : - 1 : ' ' ' '"
'' ".." . , . ' " '
- - ' ' " 7 ' .....".
I BIB I ! n .(( in i -L.i ii i - .. i. ........----... -i- - i--ym , , .m.a i , am
. ' . ! ' "."',''. " ' - - i
:.' ' . , .',.,'' -
- ' ' . . - "-.''". 11 : . '
- - " " " - "7"r. -c-
-V - .., " ' "" "-.; J " : ' S '- - . " ; . ., "'
"'"'" " '' . " . , . . . . . " ' ' ------.-.-. -
4 i aaaress ail communications intenaea . a
a Jor uns aepartmem to tne cness jouor a
X Independent,--Oat field street, Lin- X
5 coin,. Nebras-a. - '
June -28, 1900.
The Chess -Editor returned thia week J
from his vacation-too late to prepare the
usual chess news; but he- invites- atten
tion to game studies. . - -
, -I. ".j... -OAMKsrrr;DIE3 JjO.TU -
In studying the Ruy Lopez it is well
to memorize.Uie allowing -trap posit
ions froni tJieT-iteTaiy . Digest,. quoted
from the Hereford Times:
"The Tartaseh trap has a rather comic
history. In the Frankfort tournament,
1SS Dtv Tarrafceh, succeeded in induc
ing the late Jr-kertori,:; perhaps - the
greatest master ot chess-openings of this
or any othCT tinl&rto'walk in"td"thistrap.'
At Manchester, 1890, Mr. Gunsberg.who,
curiously enough, had been a competi
tor at Frankfort ia 1887 and might,
therefore, have befeh supposed to know
all about this trap, fell also a victim to
the wily doctor. Mr. Gunsberg resigned
the game on the 14th move. But per
haps the funniest -of all is that although
.this game was published and much com
mented upon in the Manchester . papers
on the following -day, yet two days later
one of the competitors in the minor tour
nament caught his opponent m the very
same pitfall- ..The order of moves is as
follows: " ' '.- '
1. P-K4 P-K4
2. Kt-KB3v Kt QB3
a B-Kto P-QK3
. 4. B-xU.. . ; Kt-B3
5. Castles. KtxP
- 6. P-Qi- :- - P-QKU
7. B.Kt3 r. P-Q4
8. PxP U : B-K3
9. P-QB3 , B-K2
10. RC . Castles
11. Kt-Q4 - " Q Q-?
ll KtxB ? t- -- A -. -'
If now Black reply PxKt, White wins
by 13, RxKt, and if .12 . QxKt, then
either by 13," RxKt, or BxP wins.
Black's mistake consist chiefly in 8
R-K3, which should be Kt-K2; but,
failing in this, he should play 9 ,
B-QB4 instead of B-JK2."
The following are taken from Rev.
Cunnington's admirable little Jxok,
"The Modern "Chess Primer," a book, by
the way, which the Chess Editor would
like to see in the hands of every member
of his class. """."'
"A young player might easily fall into
the following: r -
1. P K4 P-K4
2. Kt-Kt-B3 , Kt-QB3
3. BKt5 Kt-B3
4. Castles H P-QR3?
5. BxKt : ' QPxB
6. , KtxP and Black dare not take the
P with Kt (either at once, or after 6
Q Q5-, 7. ' Kt KB3) because of R-K
sq. - '- '
"This once happened in a correspond
ence game:
3. BKt5 - KKtK2?
4. P-B3 P-QR3
5. B-R4 P-QKt4
' 6. B-Kt3 P Q4
7- Q-K2 PxP
8. QxP . B-B4
9. KtxP." and Black dare, not 1 take
the Q on pain of mate." ; Black's 4th
move should be Kt-Kt3, but- failing in
this, his 8th move should be Kt-Kt3.
Another from actual play
3. B-Kt5 P-QR3
4. B-R4 Kt-B3
5. Q-K2 ' B-B4
6. PB3 P-QKt4
I 7. B-B2 u P-Q4?
8. PxP " QxP
; 9. P-Q4 w ' ; B Q3?
10. B Kt3 '" :""" Q-K5
11. QxQ '-". KtxQ
22. - B-Q5-winning a piece.
"A danger to be avoided: "
.3. B-Kto 7 P-QR3 :
4. B R4 ; , Kt-B3 ,
' 5. Castles KtxP
6. P-Q4 P-QKt4
-7, -B.Kt3' . - .5-Q4- -
. 8. FxP Kt-K2
9. R-K Black should not retreat the
Kt to QB4; but suppose he plays
P-QB3; White can gain the Kt by Rx
Kt: for if 10 PxR; II. .BxP ch
wins the Q. v -
lot-On Record
-.Valentine, Neb., May 24, 1900. Editor
of Nebraska Independent: Under date
March 15th, 1900, an article appeared in
your paper from Chadron, "signed "An
Observer," which among, other things
stated that Mr. Pettijohn, who is register
of the land office here, made the state
ment at a republican conference at
Chadron in Substance thai h had a
mortgage on the Valentine Democrat,
which was then published by-MF. Robert
Goddf&nd controlled" its policy arid when
it refused to ' do his ' bidding he would
take it out of the field.
- I wish to say that this statement of
Mr. Pettijohn's, so far as the records of
this county disclose, are untrue. This
information came- tome from the most
reliable iources and I had good reason
to believe it was' true.' In" justice to Mr.
apod, I would request teat you' give
this letter a place in your paper. .
Respectfully, .
' Joh G. Maher.
He's For Poynter
Editor Independent: I am much grat
ified by the stand taken by your valuable
paper in regard to our farmer governor
being renominated, because I cannot un
derstand why. Gov. Poynter should be
turned down at this time for some up
start of a lawyer. Have we no one who
is qualified to aspire to. office except
those who have been kicked through
some law course and have flocked "to the
reform forces when it ' was discovered
that they were-in the majority? -I will
admit that our governor may have made
some mistakes, but his good intentions
cannot be questioned. While Cuming
county, has not ted at the public crib,
she will nevertheless continue to roll up
from iUO w bUU majority tor the reform
ticket this fall, and we would consider it
most ungrateful, and a .monumental
blunder, should W. A. Poynter be rele
gated to the rear in order to make room
for some lawyer who has perhaps not as
yet cut his wisdom teeth in populism. I
would say to the old guard, - stand by
your guns and see that one of the best
governors we ever had, W. A. Poynter, be
renominated. UUAJS. uKArtV
Bancroft, Neb.
" The Western Optical and Electrical
Co., located at 131 North 11th street is
composed of old citizens and thoroughly
acquainted with the business, having
fitted eyes for twenty-five years. Cer
tainly they ought to be competent to do
good work.'. They are permanently lo
cated with us and that means " much to
the purchaser of eye glasses and spec
tacles. . ",
A Pop in Illinois
We have received the .following from
one of our advertising patrons in Illi
1 Editor Independent The honey I of
fer for sale is fine in quality and I have
snippea to your state tor many years
past. I have "been in the business of
producing honey-since my boyhood days
and I believe I know how to handle the
bees and honey so it may be the best
that we can produce. I at all times
ship by freight and the charges are not
high. I have no fault found with my
honey and many words of praise. 1 say
this because it is a fact and not to boast
in any way. The sentiment of your pa
per suits me as I have been a populist
from the start. Wishing you success
this fall against the peoples foes, I re
main truly yours. F. A. SNELL.
Milledgeville, 111.
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Appleton, WisV says :
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absolutely . .helpless . H is
lower, limbs were.para-v .
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