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June 28, 1900.
Deinccrats Are Working
In Harmony.
Ccctest to Determine if the Re
public Shall Live
Crala Rlsa Wltfcla Its Itaaks,
m4 OIairt a ad aa4ala Crw
?sa It Haaa W.rkUc Lilt m
! t tra Ik Airr TlaV.
A liar Kmm-1c far J Mr.
tn'i ! Xal-BriM Ga
Aafcr Jk CoTtrxr Maaat
alrlda Tay lar.
f?;riAl Wash'r.r'oo 1"T.J
pfEtf ftn are irKtir.jr HgHber er I Latf p-stiv- ami p--ullar
fflJtwv yf tLM in tLe Hro:!tk.n of
th-e !-ttrr. VL-o I l-ran tfc-m two
year Laf ifo. 1 ds-"OTT-d that
plain. iifriii lw-u.-rat such as I
ara ciJ z.vt -xir-v a I4uut, uuiu1t--al
option ujn any pLa of current
foLt wi!iut oSriliEff some Itno
cratic t'tJ-rf t k?s h-r but I
rj-t 03 -isr-!nz I :r;rTatic opln
lt. wiflsotrt i..-lr'.r;r or il mt tf dealing
it tarsal r-r TtiTi until tin pre-nt
ija-xi:iTr rl shall rf.ntinw to ! o as
long as 1 or -k at a!L lr the
lat y-r tL 1 t-r La- l--n zrowln;;
in rlrrxlatUti until rw tL-r ar r-ad
ij rore jMj.l tLan r-ad any inelro-j-ol'.lm
ls.Jjr hi tL- laii. which r'- tu
ibow thai l-tixjrrat are jrfttlnjj to-grtL-r
aiil g1rI!DS up th-r loins for a
"Ctci-t ti.- u."t ir-;'rtat;t Sn tin Lis
Tory of tt Amri'-aa r-jti!!i for It is
, rvf.!-t t- . f-rta'.Lr Tit-ttr the re-
f Ct-! sall !ir-.
I)rratlr Fr f--t. Bright.
- But w L?l- Iir'-rati prrpct are
ls:prTnr la:!y I"-puMi-sit affairs ar
xlly c-t:in;j Into a wr fundi! ion.
At ir-;t tL- situation In which thy
Ciid tis--tt-l- ti:ay t- aptly J-rilil
as "Yr-Cif w.rv tir. f.critl-il. I
ftl-r at.4 an!al ar- Ttwirts ujvn
lb - - I. raiMily that it ixiuirMi
m !:r!-trt'.ri; al-t:!alr tr k tab on
tL rlisrsr- Li- L It iliid lt-If ctm-
jw-II-d to ntak". iVr irjtanf. only a
frw n-?; tiy lr.I!isrtt and amia
hle trU-zi-l IT:,sartr ral Srritb
tf rl.!!a4-l:LL3 vs a r rirr.- farorite
for tL W jr-i4-ijtial crrJcation.
?Cw, ir-tf tanz-. la in a flx to
e J claim with tL rt:
If .5 -j Tn fie.
trac tL- i-ir L:a !U-puM!rans
tre jiak.-i!i? r-'!cli'r: akitijf hla to
r.JTJ Li. -a!4ii-t jtwrtfio by reason
x,t tb 'usn -raili!. VLi any-
Ullcg "t ll for x,f Republican
' tt:fT-r. r-j-ater and heeK
ra. it u.u: W awful awful -awful
wft.i:y awfn!. Will ;-r.-ral Hmith
' res'.rr. Nt v.'.fl.. No Republican
tt "-T Ltjw:j t' lt l--" f the ptilv
lie teat -XfTe t t.-!-r .rfciir- atd prep
rure of bartl-t anJ :: irrslti
l sort at ttat. Tak- ;-ii-ral Rusjm-H
'A- Alrer of M - L arsi. late -r-r-iary of
tar. as a-i entupl-. Ife was notort
tt!y enf t f r tLe j'aUti. II army
record a a rrra--. HU appolnt
tsest was an in.ult and hum Illation to
'rvery brave vid t.&l4ier In the land. lie
"was generally rtiJer-l lnruinietent
II L itartm-nt recked with scandal
&d wa oSoflfetvu with rottenness.
"ImriBg tfa- i-aclsb war LSs wortfalf-w
farortte -r- sloTed to the front and
ttoCcers with splendid records and of
: approved capacity crowd-d to the rear.
jflotUsg bet the Incapacity of the
Spaniards ar-l u ft ota a great dlsas
' ter. ir.di-r wasted Alger to reijm.
ivln-e-teotli of the American people
,raEted Lia to r-Sg. but Le cared
; about as n h fur the pelting of pub
. lie opliiicri a a duck would care for a
trestle April rliower falling on his
tack. So te iM on with the tenacity
of a ap4jr turtle until McKiuWy in
feif 4rf-tie (wl hita out.
Caveat la Caaagtaar.
It Is tbe wu. trlth all the ret. Ev-
rry Lon-t tuan ia tb- land proud of
I tils country and Jealous f its honor
l-lve tLat J. :age. M--retary
, of t e tr-":rT. ouyht t ! lrr:ieached
. tr reatti of Lis deaPngs with Ilep
t burn and his New York bstk. but Ly
; can wil! reTer re?m cntU McKinley
t foreea Llm to g la ord-r to ave h!m-
' The rflade!;iia Rej4!.licans are
, ts-rely n:-lrT.v. z tblr enerriea In
. galtig reo! -j.' rs akliig ivtraaster
: Oetera! Kir.itlj t- reSgn. I.Ske the Bo
! ton traucisdr-r.tai:ts. t!w-y are eek
l.g tLe tjEattjtittabl. TL-y are anug-
Ung u; to tle ia.jU-le.
I ndiv finally I do iit l-elTe that
; Cec-ral t z-'.zli has either ouiialite!
t auy Tlxe or winked st it In others.
J lie is a E5-t t gre-a!,!- s-r; a
trilllant oritf-r. Uke M l I.g Tray.
' te has !e-tj ea tight la tad comiuiny.
Any R'ptblican eon.pany is bad from
( a political .tatd;-ir.t. bot General
I tfmith x-K lr.o even worse company
; tLas os'ial. e ti f-..r a Republican, and
Le will tare to grin aul bar the on-
It Is fad to reSeet on the reu!t of
j Lla Z'S-itz Lut the Mrllanna cabinet.
lie was the editor ia chief of a great
J raetroj4!f aa drily, the uhSIalelphla
Irees, r-rtonsllj popular with the
top jxteb- rm in the editorial fraternity
aa wU f with the rack and file of
less' -d tora. His accession t the
cabinet fit hailed with delight Ilia
f src aied tr!jr!.t Indeed. oir
Philadelphia Republicans ask him .to
mlga. Virgil was right when he said,
Tacilis descensus arerno" easy the
road to bell. That was a general state
ment of a irreat truth- If he were Uv-.
Ins now, he would be more specific and
ay, "The easiest road to ruin Is to be
attached to the Mcllanna administra
tion r
Ilaasta Badly Seared.
Mark Hanna notwithstanding all his
Lluater and swagger, is badly scared-,
lie is working and hiring others to
work yes. hiring is the proper word
like beaver. I hare it from a perfect-.
ly reliable source that Mark has hired
two slick agents to organize and spy
out the situation in every county in ev
ery state which is not certainly and
OTerwh-!ailngly Democratic. They
have ben busy at this Job ever since
; February. They of course do not go
j about announcing themselves as Murk's
1 crimps, but they assume the character
- of agents for some article or other
any old thing will do and thus worm
' themselves into the confidence of un
! suspecting people. Their business is to
i find out what Republicans are sore and
what they are sore about, who are for
! sale and how much it will take to buy
j them, who are timlfi and can be bull
I dozed and the lest methods to accom
I plish that object and so on to the end
1 tf the chapter. Honest men every
where are hereby warned to b-D- on
their guard against Mark's envoys and
Patriotism a Crime.
If Senator Eugene Hale of Maine !
d6 not keep his optic peeled, he is lia
Ll to be harnessed up sans ceremonie
and pruiwcuted for leze majesty and
cocked tehind the bars. It would be a
pity that such a thins should happen
Iro him: bet, rampant Republican that
!.' in and from a rrx-k ribbed state, he
shows Indubitable sijrns of humanity
and patriotism monstrous crimes In
the opinion of such administration bra
tos as Senator Aldrlch. When Senator
II&1 not long since made a plain state
ment f fact incontrovertible facts
to the efiVot that when In 1879 congress j
appropriate! a large sum to pay for ;
ftf-nding to starving India the food con
tributed by generous western Ameri- ;
cans, the English government made no
acknowledgment of the vast charity
and has not done so to this day, Al- !
drlch bobbHl up like a Jack in the box i
end promptly rebuked Hale for making
"a political spewh," a performance
which Senator Hale would do well not
to repeat if he wishes to stand well at j
JSometimes vaulting ambition o'er- ;
baps itself and falls on t'other side
with a dull sickening thud. That was
exrnpllfiMl In tb closing days of the
fusion by what happened to Uncle Joe
Cannon, chairman of the committee on
appropriations. Uncle Joe has a lurk
ing suspicion that he runs the whole
machine and consequently allows him
lf a vast deal of space in which to
gyrate. Buoyed up by his own enthu
siasm. Uncle Joe jumped Amos Cum
taings and despitefully ued him and
his fellow conferees on the naval .ap
propriation, bill. That's precisely where
your Uncle Joseph dropped his water
melon.' The' unexpected happened short-
j after Uncle Joe's saltatory perform
ance. far Amos jumped him and danc-
ed a war Jig upon the statesman from
Danville. He beat, kicked, cuffed, bit
and gouged the venerable calisthenic
artist and finally flung his remains in
to the air with this declaration: "You
are n Cannon: you are only a toy mus
ket r The house cheered Amos and
whooped and yelled till it was out cf
breath and red in the face.
Aa to the Vlee Presidency.
Bryan will certainly l nominated at
Kansas City. Nothing but death or his
declination caa prevent that. As he is
In the Cower of his years and in per
fect fettle he is not likely to die be
twixt now and the first days of July.
As to declining, that's out of the ques
tion. Even If be wanted to decline the
people would not let him do so. The
platform is also practically written.
Everybody knows what it will be. The ( Inconceivable that baseness and stu
only thing In doubt at Kansas City Is j pidity can be carried any farther. And
the vice presidential candidate. Who
shall he be? What manner of man do
we want? I have two well considered
and well settled opinions as to that,
He should be a man mentally, morally,
physically and politically fit to be pres
ident. It Is arrant nonsense to go to
the trouble of carrying the country and
then have only one life stand between
us and the disappointment of our
hope. Bryan vill be elected, but a fe
ver, an accident or the bullet of an as
sassin might remove him at any time.
Therefore we ought to nominate his
running mate not only with reference
to bit vote getting qualities, but also
and especially with reference to his fit
ness for the higher and greater office
the highest and greatest on earth. He
should be, above all things, a sound,
courageous, reliable Democrat, one who
will carry out the policy of the party
should he succeed to the presidency.
There is no other sensible view to take
of the matter. Usually the vice presi-
dency la thrown as a son to a disan-
l-oiuted faction without any particular
regard to his fitness even for that of-
Cce. to say nothing of the more exalted
one. Tyler. Fillmore, Johnson and Ar
thur were all selected In that way, and
the world knows or ou?ht to know the
The truth is that so Important is the
vice presidential office in its potentiali
ties that the vice presidential candi
date should be selected before the head
of the ticket, In that way and that
way alone would the best result be
Aa tc rim am.
One of the very best things done by
the Democrats of the senate was to
compel the rejection of the nomination
of William D. Bynum for cne of the
appralserships in the New York cus
tom house, a life position, salary $7,500
I-er annum. The law under which the
nomination was made provides that a
certain number of appraisers shall bo
of, one party and a certain number
shall be of the other party. If Mr. Mc
Klnley had nominated Bynum as a Re
publican, nobody would have objected
seriously, for Democrats, do not hate
Bynum. They simply despise him. But
when'Mr.'McKinley nominated Bynum ;
as & Democrat to a position given by
law to Democrats he did the most dis
reputable thing I ever heard of his do
ing. He knew that Bynum did all in
his power to elect him In 1896 and that
In 1898 Bynum prowled around' over
the country' making speeches inclose"
congressional districts ' against, the 1
Democratic' nominees and in support of
the Republican nominees. . For; exam-!
pie, up In Iowa he stumped for Colonel
Ilepburn.and Major Lacey, who are
rantankerous radical Republicans. Iq
deed it took several orations from both
William D. Bynum and William -Mc-Kinley
to pull through that pair of con
splcuous thick and thin McHannaites.
Yet they both had the colossal cheek to
certify or testify that in their dictrlcts
Bynum spoke in his character of Dem
ocrat and was always introduced as a
Democrat. Of course he was and why?
In order that he might be able In his
role of Democratic decoy duck, which
he was . hired to play, to inveigle
some mutton headed Democrat into
voting for Hepburn or Lacey. Had he
appeared In his true character of a Re-
j publican and a Republican for
j nue at that he would not have fooled
j even one stupid Democrat and there
fore would have been of no service to
the slick colonel and the sly major. To
Senator James K. Jones is due the hon
or of organizing the fight which kept
Bynum from the public crib and land
ed him outside the breastworks. So
goodby, Mr. Bynum!
What Miffbt Have Been.
I am reminded forcibly at this mo
ment of the wisdom of the old saw
which says, "Don't whistle till you get
out of the woods," for the Ink was
scarcely dry, on the foregoing portion
of this letter touching Mr. Bynum until
I learned that the president has ap-
pointed or is about to appoint Bynum
to the vacancy on the codifying com
mission in place of Judge David
Browning Culberson of Texas, who re
cently departed this life. (I don't be-'
grudge Bynum the S5,000 salary. If he
is appointed as a Republican, which he
Is, all well and good, but if he is ap
pointed as a Democrat, which he is not,
I hope Democratic senators will pre
vent his confirmation.
It is pitiful to think of what Bynum
Is, a suppliant for the crumbs falling
from his Republican master's table,
and of what he might have been, the
proud and beloved leader of the Indi
ana Democracy, the successor in the
hearts of the Hoosiers of Thomas A.
Hendricks, the Philip Sidney of the
American Democracy.
What the people of Indiana think of
Governor Mount I do not know. He
may be to the taste of the Hoosier Re
publicans as the old saying hath it, "De
gustibus non est disputandum," which
being translated-means,-: "There is no
disputing about taste's; -but he can rest
assured that honest men everywhere,
without regard. to . political affiliations,
believe that he aas utterly disgraced
the high position which he holds and
; earned the unspeakable contempt of all
! decent people by refusing a requisition
! from Governor Beckham of Kentucky
to deliver tup ex:Governor Taylor of
Kentucky to answer to an indictment
as an accessory to the assassination of
Governor William Goebel. That Beck
bam is governor no man can doubt.
The supreme court of Kentucky so de
cided, two Republican Judges concur
ring in the decision. The supreme
court.of the United States so decided,
and there are only three Democrats
among the nine judges of that high tri
bunal! A Murderer Shielded.
Yet this man Mount is so keen to
shield an accessory to the foulest mur
der committed In the last ten years re
fuses a requisition because the crimi
nal happens to be a Republican. It Is
! what a miserable figure Taylor cuts!
A fugitive from justice in that state of
which he was secretary of state for
j four years and governor de facto sever-
al months. If he is innocent, why don't
he go home and demonstrate it? The
courts are open. The people of Ken
tucky love fair dealing and will see to
it that he gets a fair trial. Able and
fearless and upright judges are on the
bench. Yet he skulks in Indiana, afraid
to poke his dishonored head within the
confines of his native state. I did not
believe that Kentucky ever nurtured
such a shameless poltroon as that. He
actually falls below the low level of
the carpetbaggers and scalawags of
the southern states during reconstruc
tion days. Ex-Governor Moses of South
Carolina was indicted for grand lar
ceny, but he had manhood enough to
stand trial. lie was convicted and
served a term in the penitentiary of
South Carolina and another term In
I the penitentiary of Massachusetts for
another larcenv. Another ex-eoveVnor
j of South Carolina, also a Republican,
was indicted for murder or manslaugh-
ter. He stood trial and was acauitted.
Ex-Governor Henry C. Warmouth of
Louisiana also killed a man, stood trial
and was acquitted, but this poor crea
ture Taylor, who was the beneficiary
of Goebel's assassination and who is
Indicted as an accessory to it, hides in
Indiana and leaves the ignorant moun
taineers who did the deed for his be
hoof and as it appears with his knowl
edge and assistance to their ignomini
ous fate. But Kentucklans will have
more respect for the dead carcasses of
his obscure and loyal tools dangling
from the gallows tree than for Taylor
hiding in Indiana.
1 St7
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the sens
of smell and completely derange , the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous' ; surfaces. Such articles
should never be used except on prescrip
tions from reputable physicians, as the
damage they will do is ten fold to the
food you can possibly derive from them,
all's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and is taken internally, act-
ins directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system.' In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure besure get the genuine-
It is taken internally and is made
in Toledo, Ohio; by F. J. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials frees
ETSold by Dfuggists, price 75c "per
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Magnetic Healing
The Kharas Infirmary Company (in
corporated) have established a large
branch office at 1600 P street, Lincoln,
Nebr., for the benefit of those suffering
from ' chronic t and so-called incurable
diseases who are not in a position to
come to headquarters in Omaha for
treatment. The natrons of this office
may rely upon the fact that the manage
ment is perfectly ' reliable, and that if
the manager tells you he can euro you
it means you will be cured if you take
the treatment! hi mj or at any author
ware of imitators if in doubt. Write
headquarters at 1515-17 Chicago Street,
Omaha, Nebr. Sent free.
Hail. Insurance
The season for farmers to insure
their crops is" now well begun and as
there are several new Hail Companies
started un this year - the field is full
of agents from the several companies,
and it is well 'that every farmer knows
which company he insures in.
We are in a position to know of the
condition of the several companies and
will say that THE UNITED MUTUAL,
HAIL ASSOCI ,TION of Lincoln be
gan the season vith three thousand
members In good, standing and there
is no question about their five year
policies being good as some of the
agents for other companies are now ad
vertising over the country that the pol
icies for a five-year period is not good
but there is no more reason why a hail
policy cannot be written on a five year
period than a fire policy can, so that
the arguments: put np by these agents
that a five year policy is no good is
absolutely without ' foundation.
The old State Mutual Hail Insurance
Association of Iowa writes nothing but
five year poltciesend is the oldest Hail
Company in the United States and paid
in itSithird year(. of existence $287,000
in losses an the laws of Iowa in re
gard to the length of time a policy
or, membership may be written are
identically tnj&r"same as our Laws of
Nebraska so 'that what., thesej agents
say Jifregard to not being able to col
lect from members and pay losses on
five year policies- is-absolutely false,
and we believe is done with a selfish
motive for the purpose of getting the
uninformed farmers to insure in his
The United Mutal Hall Insurance
Association paid more for hail losses
during the season of 1899 than has
ever been paid for hail losses in the
history of the state of Nebraska, and
they are now writing more nail insur
ance alone than all the other Hail In
surance Companies in the state com
bined, and they are the only com
pany in the state that confines its
business strictly to the eariern part
of the state. If their is no agent in
your locality, write the Home Office for
blanks and particulars, Rooms 315 and
316, Richards biock, Lincoln, Neb.
1,000 Magnetic Healers Wanted
The Kimmel Institute of Magnetic
Healing is healing all manner of dis
ease : by mail, as well as by ofnee treat
ment; but the office treatment is best
in most diseases; so that W3 desire to
start Branch Institutes in 1,0 towns.
To do this we must h&ve 1,000 gradu
ates from our Institute, we want them
to teach our lectures and instructions,
because there is none so good as ours.
We want them to treat under our in
structions, or we cannot vouch for
their success. We allow you to choose
your own location. We guarantee good
pay for good work. We treat all our
man patients personally, td not by
proxy. We cure 90 per cent. Mrs.
Kimel has charge of our lady pa
tients here at the office. It is always
best to take our office treatment if you
can come to Lincoln. Address
J. W. Kimmel,
Lincoln, Neb.
Mention this paper 318 So. 12 St.
Low Rate for Jnly 4, St. Joseph & Grand
Island Railroad.
For the 4th of July low rates will be
made for round trip tickets which will
be on sale July 3 and -4, good to return
until and including July 5.
Democratic "National Convention, Kansas
City, July 4th.
Open rate of one fare for round trip
for this occasion will be made by the
St, Joseph fe Grand Island Ry. Tickets
on sale July 2, 3 and 4, good to return
until and including July 9.
Little Oval Photos,
25c pe. dozen.
Cabinets 52.08
Per dozen.
Not a Candidate
Mr. H. 31. Ma the w, one of the fore-
mostpopulist attorneys in the state who
has beea frequently and favorably men
tioned fp'ithe nomination for attorney
genexalil. written the "'following loyal
and patriotic Tetter withdrawing. Such
unselfish devotion to success should be
remembered and awarded in the future.
To the Editor Times Independent
In your issue f ot.the 7th of . June you
said that Iaso( a.candidate for the fu
sion nomination foar attorney-general on
the fusion ticket v this fall. It is . true
that my name has been mentioned in
this connection by the ; Nebraska Inde
pendent and other reform papers in the
state and it is also true that many of
my friends in this and other counties
have spoken to me on -the subject but
notwithstanding that I greatly appre
ciate the honor "yourself and others
would do me, yet at this time, it is my
opinion that the office should go to a
democrat. , .
The present incumbent, Mr. C. J.
Smyth has so carried on the duties of
the office as to merit and receive the full
est endorsement at the hands of the fu
sionists and the approval of the unpreju
diced bar of the state, regardless of
party. The democrats therefore natur
ally expect to name his successor and in
view of the tremendous importance of
the coming election to every man,
woman and child in this republic noth
ing should be done to create friction in
the fusion ranks but they should move
firm and , together with but one. aim, to
maintain the constitution of the fathers
of this country, to overthrow the cor
rupt hordes that place the dollar above
the man and to substitute for the vacil-.
lating un-American policy of William
McKinley, the steadfast incorruptibility
of William Jennings Bryan.
To do this we must all pull together
and allow no personal ambitions to turn
us aside from victory. Let us see to it
that in state and county, the most loyal,
the most capable and the truest be nom
inated to lead the campaign the coming
fall. If there is weakness in office or in
a candidate we must prune it away that
our success at the polls may be sure and
that we may feel secure after the elec
tion is won, but in this case we can not
complain of the manner in which the
democrats have administered the office
in the past and justice demands that
they retain it, as tney wish to ao.
In view of the above, with gratitude
to yourself and others for kindly senti
ments expressed, I am not a candidate
for the nomination for attorney general
this fall. - H. M. Mathew.
How much time are you willing to
spend to help secure the election of
Bryan and Towner JJont you think
you could spend a few hours profitably
helping to increase the circulation and
influence of the independent? .Twenty
five cents for the campaign.
When sending in clubs of subscrip
tions DO NOT FAIL to mention the
premium you desire. Best plan is to
cut out the premium list and check the
article or articles desired. Remember
we are neither hypnotists nor mind read
ers and must depend solely on you to
state plainly what you want.
Guaranteed "Watches and Clocks, Bryan
Pictures, Campaign Books, Croqnet
Sets, Hammocks, Fans, Pocket Knives,
and Sliver Spoons Free as Premiums for
Kew Subscriptions.
With the object and for the pur
pose of putting the Independent
into every populist home in Ne
braska and adjoining states, and
into the hands of thousands of con
scientious but doubtful voters we
have made arrangements to give a
ER valuable premiums to every
man, woman, or child who will as
sist in increasing the circulation.
The watch is a nickel plated, stem
wind and stem set, complete in
every particular, guaranteed for
one j'ear. It is a watch that re
tails at all jewelry stores at from
six to seven dollars. We can make
the liberal offer we do only because
(in connection with another pub
lisher) we have bought them in
lots of 1000 watches at a time.
We could get a cheaper watch than
the one we offer, but we prefer to
To make a long story short, it is a
splendid watch, neat in appearance,
a perfect time keeper, satisfactory
in every particular, guaranteed one
Terms For Premium Watch.
NO. 1. For sale, each - $2.00
Xo. 2. The w atch des
cribed and the Inde
pendent i year to a
new subscriber - -
To all subscribers
on the list at present
(who pay up all ar
rearages) we will
send the watch and
the Independent for
another 3'ear for - -
H. B. This is a special offer to present read
ers of the paper to encourage payment of back
accounts ana renewals and cannot be taken ad
vantage of by those who are not already on the
list.- -
I 1 . i " --: - i 1 "' " 1 1 I
1 -. - - .. ...... i. ...1
Mill ifeii - - -. MWm4$t'
1 A , - ,- - . " T,;. " v , " " .
Phntn h Bice. " '
. -T" :
Nominee., of-the Peoples Party for. President, ,
For the latest styles inpliotos. 'Alt jv:pf k-Hip;f o date. - - :
Come in :and:see our " "Colodiaih-ami Platinum, finish.' , . r
It is the latest. v . V v-rer - '. ,,' ;.: ',- ;
ZS"o. 4. Theaich free;a$
a premjuin: forViS
cents each .-- - - 3.00
NO. 5. To those. who :an
not get as "inany. -as
twelve campaign sub
scriptions" we will
send the 'watch for 5
campaign subscrip
tions at 25 cents
each, $1.25, and an .
additional $1.25 in v.
cash 2.50
Additional Premiums.
No. 6. Elegant Photogravure
Picture of Mr. Bryan,
free as a premium for a
club of 3 campaign sub-
scribers at 25c each - - T5c
No. 7". Three valuable cam-
paign books "Coin on ' , :
Money, Trusts, and Irn-. . V
perialism;" ''Private.
Smith in the Philippines' , .
and "Imperialism Ex
tracts from Mr. Bryan's
Lectures and Speeches' '
all three free for a club
of 5 campaign subscrib- "
ers at 25c each - - - 1.25
OPTION Instead of Coin's book we send
Bryan picture to those desiring it.
No. 8. The 3 books and the
Bryan picture . will be
sent as premiums for a
club of 8 campaign sub
scriptions at 25c each - 2.00
No. 9 For a club of 12 at 25 cents
each we oner as a
premium a genuine
New Haven Alarm
Clock, finished in
fine nickle plate,
works guaranteed
to be as good and
better than any
other clock on the
market. They sell
for 81.25 and $1.50
all over the United
No. 10 For a club of. 5 at 25 cents
each we offer as a premium your
choice of these ' elegant fans (a)
and (b).
(a) . Highly decorated Japanese Fans 10
inches long, handsome figured stick,
beautiful flower decorations, gold
and silver tinsel - sprays, etc, white
and colors.
(b) . Decorated Marcelene Silk Fans,
decorated wod sticks, pretty flow
er .designs on silk; colors black,
. blue, pink, "and cream
. ..
l '( :
"- 1 f
i 1
2 J
M o f fburx -of 7 - at 25' cent .-"l "J,
1 '.
Beautiful CurliBd Feather .Fan, 12
inches longdecorated wood? stick,
colors white, pink, blue, and cream.
No. 12 Fr a club of 4 at .25 cenU
each we offer as a premium a boys'
2-bladed 'Griffon" steel kpifey horn
or rosewood -handle, made by the
celebrated maker of fine keen edged
knives, Griffin, 'of Bridgeport, Conn.
Retail value all ove-r 50 cents. '
No. 13 For a club of 10.' at 25 . centa
each weAoffer as a premium n set of
6 Wm. A: Rogers fine Silver Plated
Tea. Spoons . The name is sufficient
guarantee as to . the. quality. Sell
in Jewejlry.storaa for $1.25., V
No. l4.-Fr, a , club
each we- send -as
,of , 15 at 25 cents
a premium this
Elegant Close Wp"ven Uammock,
body 72 inches long, 32 inches wlfle, " '
10-inch , vallance, full ' color, 2 bent
hardwood spreaders, and pillow, as
in cut. ' Express pre paid.
" -
No. 15 For a club of 16 at 25 cents
eaeh we send as a premium a first
class '? 6-ball ' croquet set, striped
stakes arches, - rules,- in 'durable- ;
case, expres$ pre paid; . , ,
We believe that we Have" placed
these elegant. premiums wjthin the
reach of everyone. There, . wilj be
much" of interest dun ng 'A the! coni
ing campaign." .No one will-, regret.
- -- 1 1 itry r . ,
the payment of so small a suiiK,as .
25 cents 'for the Independent from' l .
now until 'November 6. It will
contain . a vast .amount of ' in f 6rma- -tion
that "cannot be obtained iti anyt
other paper. It is the mbst t fear
less champion of the rights of the
people to be found in the'Hvest.4 -It"' '
is first 'in .the'. fight for x 'equal rights '"y
to all and special privileges . to '
none. ' ' Yhy not take Vadyantage ,y
of this liberal offer to' secure a ylu" "t
able premium!- for. yourself, crt ypur s
boy and help to increase the circu- .
lation and influences of. such an ex-r :;
cellent paper as the Independent?: i
Cbe Uebraskh 7tidcptt(dptt,i(
. ; Lincoln. tlebrlX LTV
1 V