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Juno '28, 1900.
EtinIteo is est of the ordinal organizers of the people's party. He was
a eiegle to tL pre!nr..:i.arr con Ten lions held inCincinnati ard St Louis out of
bo r rtriir.2r Use upulit party came into being at the Omaha convention in
! Mr- Kdciits reputation ret upon his ability as an organizer. He seems
loLar c-:ia f jr that kirJ of drk. He has neTer yet beembeaten in a cam-I-iR
ia -ich he La had the ipreme management. He managed the three
rarr,;.irr. in whirh HcWb tra successful, first as district jadge and twice as
jjowriiOfv He macaT Kcuii cocureional campaigns, took the sixth district
ti? of the rr p u hi icar,- col u can and placed it permanently in the reform lines. At
I resect he m rice chiraian of the populist national committee and chairman of
the state ccsaiitt. and is really, in charge of the national campaign, the head
jurter b-icire ia Licrola. When a campaign gets hot and things have to be
attendd.i La a hundred places in one day, he can work more hours without a let
up ti.c acy other cu&a ia the fct&te, and never get rattled.
McKinle Slans
tCcttir ued from lt page.)
ere are zra.Ey, hare their t!avs capt-
urtsd in war. iti txfc an uncommon
thirj to kiiJ the tat-n captives and to
ucake tlave of the women and children.
I a four tribe which inhabit the moun
tain m&T here !ave are ati to be ued
lot haman Nacrirkre." Thte tribes are
the fiafaba, Atas, Guiarga and Tag
who live on or iK-ar the fc lopes of
M.KtctApou 1 Lave feen much of the
ll sd the Guiaxsu it Daraoand
i-l drcnbe them ruore f uily hertafter.
Ihe tsrchact-i who do the
syt cf the bufinean of the fjualler towns
of the I'hiiipptce usuaiiy own one or
figure wocara mhom they hare bought.
Thry k not carry them, bat treat them'
wtli a wire taking good care of their
cfctidrta. "
What do the oM ebo'itioniats
fou&ded the republkaa party think of
ihk rtfct of affair? It i probable that
they Vjo. will join the innumerable
three, of whom Alfred Henry Lewis
vrr. !. ho cry ou t coo lis. u ally ; "Any -thir-s
to teat McKicley.
Mr. Carpecter tell a tale of an army
rr. who out of hi fccatll salary,
bought a girl tJare and pare her free
(dota by-aae her cjkfter wa about to
coc.T3 br to the embrace of a torri
le old Datto. Many other instances of
the kizd have bn reported, the pitiable
rcciitkn of thfeIave .o appealed to
tfce fr-.'in of tuea who have been
bfjfc'ht up ia a land of freedom. Bat
if HcKioley i ctill to eign, it .will pot
be kg before the officers and eoldiers
in the Philippine will become mo accu
tcsed to thee sight that they will no
tit ejcrit pity. When their enlist
isesU eipire, thy will becotae slave-LcM-r
thtselva. Such it human
cater. "" " " " '
llany Injrerensnts
After thold firm of Ilerpokheimer
Jt Co. btscaae the corporation known as
IL IJerpoUheimer Col, the organization
pr;rN'Je4 at to make all Deoeary
loprovrSienta both in the interior and
exterior of the tor. The exterior has
lea rewly painted ia a liirht color, pro
dcHr.g a ve ry tr;ktrg and most p'eas
iti eScL Ln the interior the changes
ao4 improvement hare beea - tsot
n-arked. Sheif-roa .- enlarged, how
ca-ea tided asi a great many more pl'-e mirrors hare been tet into
the Zrje cak wood work.
Xorare the improvement completed
yet for the ever increasing volume of
huitm etjyjyed by this fcoun-e r.ecei
tte a oootaat r-mngitig and tpace
ecc-rKWBuicg ia frder to procure t-ufll-r-nt
rt?m tar the - proper acooamoda
tiua of patrot:.
T fit rtea Stat CMimUoM at Iia-
1. W-dik4r Jly II.
The railroad have granted a one fare
rtte from all poicti in the tate to Lin
c!o ard return to atved the rtate con
ver.iiocji July lith- Mr. Kd mitten ex
prewe the hope asd belief that the at
teiidacc poa the three convention to
tteet at that time wij be greater than
at acy tate cecvectioa ia the history of
the etate There win be nearly 3,000
deate, a rsacy alternate and prob
bly twice a cany visitors.
The certainty of eeccs if do mistake
are ia the choice of candidate in-
eei tfc cecwwity of .care and caution
ia tfctr K-lerftioa. Lt every delegate
aad every icfiuectiaJ party man come to
Uriels cn the 11th with but one mo
li the election of a wet of men with
the honor and ability to carry on the
P n-d work already i-gU3--men whoe
t-h i aider at. J qualiSeatiocf are above
'ia-UjX3 mnd the soeoe of the party i
ered. Turn a deaf ear and a cold
hoader to those who cotae with a knife
up their sleeve -eekirg jrftocal revenge
for ici&ry wroags.
i vy- , ...... .-,
We are informed that Mr. O. C. Wees
Der. the present assistant, will be a can
didate before the fusion conventions for
secretary of state. It being admitted
that this place . goes to the populists, we
desire to approve the candidacy of Mr.
Weesner. lie has made an industrious,
able aud painstaking official. He has
an enviable record as a business man
and an official, and the conventions could
select no better timber, in our judgment.
Harlan County Democrat.
, Roll of Honor
The Independent feels that it is but
meet and proper that some sort of ac
knowledgement should be made to the
many readers of this paper for the un
selfe-h work theyhavo been doing to ex
tend its circulation. The following is a
lifti oi uioe wno nave recently sent in
mubs. For years the Independent has
come weekly" into their homes and they
have always found it an active, able and
enthusiastic advocate of the principles
upon which the farming and industrial
population of this country believe that
liberty, progress and permanent pros
perity of the common people must al
ways rest. The paper has never had the
capital to expend large sums in sending
out canvassing agents or in other ways
to get subscribers. Its circulation now
extends to every state ana territory in
the union except Alaska, and to foreign
countries and "our cploniesr" . This im
mense circulation has been obtained in a
way tnatpernaps no otner paper ever
obtained one. It has been obtained by
the subscribers who took and paid for
their own papers. These men, for the
most part beinp earnest reformers and
desiriDg to spread the principles in
which they themselves - believed, have
gone out to their neighcors and solicited
aubscribers. lear alter year, as tne pa
per has come to them, always full of
wound,- healthful and vigorous articles,
they have become more and more enthu
siastic in their efforts to spread its cir
culation, believing.that it. was the most
potent influence in the west in building
up the party and spreading among tne
rjeople correct principles. That is how
the Indepenper,t has obtained its pres
ent immense circulation. If acy other
periodical ever grew to prominence and
tower in the same way, we nave never
heard of it. The Independent has been
the advocate of the interests of the
common people, and in return the peo
ple have been its advocate. To all those
whose names appear below, all of whom
have ent in clcbs of subscribers, and to
many others who have done like service,
the Independent returns its sincere
thanks. - . .
Atkloon, Kami... Lenna, Kan
Amierfton, Alfred.. ...Stromsburgr, Neb
Andre, J.J .Petersburg, '
Ahr, Josik..,. ........... ....Constance, " - Underwood. "
Bell. oiia. br. Mira Creek,
Baker. J. JFV ....Ortelio,
..."..Wheeler. '
..Underwood, "
Auburn, "
.Stromstiurg, "
......Ohiowa, "
Greley. Col
4. E. H .... ..
iiarcitart. Joha W.
Haraes. O. W
Bkr, Go. H......
firwT. Mr. M. E..
Borrongh. C. W....
Bay ard a; Paioe.. .....
fiergman. Barney.....
Brook. W. B. ........
Black oM-r. N. if.......
Brooke. Geo. 11.......
Haker. Geo. A... ....
B0. Wm. J
iigzritl, 3. H
Uuika, A. L-. ... ..
Ommoo. Travi....
Clough. M. M. ......
Cary. Jane-..
CaJtin, L. M..
Crinklaw W. F........
CVoW. T.
Cuslunan, Harver.."
Carpenter, L. Lb......
Corey. A-
Cor in. H. B...I
CoalTT. J. W. ,
Ltacker. J. W... ......
I 'aria. Rebecca
J.y. Joha H-
Do&oraa, Bicbard...
!aa.B. A............
lXjTer, A. D
I Frane. Aboer . . . .
ln?-ey. J. S., ...... ...
, Donitiean, Neb
......Grand Island,
-Pawnee City,' 4
. Coot, " .
Alford, -
..Pleasaiiton, "
1st ra :too, -
Devey, "
Olney, 111
Arpahoe, Neb
Cortland, "
Xeligh, "
Ough, "
.. ...... :.Wahoo,
...Mason City, " -
...Bewey, Wis
.......Summerlield. Kaa
Sutton, Neb
Oconto, "
............. Watson, ,l
, ...Faironont, "
Stamford, "
.Oak dale.
Ian, Hnrr ..,.Chadron,
Kit tot. Charley Vork,
Kdmwtea. G. W
Knintert. Oiivar .... .. .,
KHert, Adam..... ,
IMiot. J. F...
Krvkisa, J. A...... ....
.......... ,.ba lem
St. Paul,
...... ....Emerald,
. ........Stamford.
EUia. U. V
I urbea, B. U..
Arcadia, "
....Brewster, '
Eagle, "
Axtell, "
r ranzen, D. O. ....... .
Ferguson, Jno. .......
1-ergnson, Jas...... ..
rreddr. frank ..,
Fletcher, G. L. .......
Fost. M. J
Lanham, "
Weeping Water, "
Braidentown, Fla
Burwell, Neb
..... Paxton,
.....Crete, "
' ....St. Edward, ..
.......Brunswick,, "
..Albany, " i
Neligh, " ...
...Wauneta, " .
......Mead, . "
...Stoddard, ;
Hebron, "
, Sylvania. Wis
Gilbert, EliasS
Griffes, Jas, A.........
Gillett, Geo
Gilbert. A. M. .........
Graham. Cal...... ....
Grifcu. N. G. ..........
Grubba. S. A
Girard, P. M
George, Henry......;..
GiJchriat, B. L.. .... ..
Hansen, John, Jr.... .
Hansen, Erwin. .......
Harrop, J. H..
Holden. Rot..........
Horn, Fo.......
Horlocker. S. E
., Tekatoah,' Neb
.. ..Salt Lako City. Utah
.......Dakota City, " e
Big Springs, "
.... .. Hiding City, " .
........ .". Waveland, Ind
; . Knowlton, Ia
Elir.wood, Neb
Abbott, "
Rising City, "
Gordon, ,l
Hammond, J. .... ..
Hall. Li. .'.
Harris, O. E
Hamiltoo, J. N..,
Harrison, E. M. ......
Holderness, N,.;
Hanna. A. P
Jacoby, Jnlia A..
Jones, A. M. ...... ....
J acobs,Chas .. .
Joekircb, J. F.7.
Johnson. Peter ...
Jones, Thos
James, D. E
Joseph, Chas
J ohnson, Wa Iter ......
Johnson, S. W
;.. .... t . Li bery,
..j. North Loup,
...... Spencer.
Koons. David.........
Keie, John...
Edge wood, Okla,
Hum bolt, JSeb
: Elgin, "
Oakdale, w.
Benkleman, "
. . . . .Mountain Grove, Mo
Friend, Neb
, York, "
....... Chadroa, "
...Funk, "
....Tekemah, .,
Oakdale, 44
. .... .Townsend, . " '
....Cerasco, "
...Eagle, "
..Bising City, "
King. Chas. G
Rinnan, T. A.....
Karr, John...
Keller, H. S :
Kerbs, Jacob.........
Klone. H. H
Larson. L. E., '.
Lepper, B. F.'.
L.yaicic, H, c. v
Lierman. Aug . . t : .... .
tarkin, Wm.
ittiejohn. David....
Lemar, C 41
Lewis, Jno. ...-.
xang, iienry ,
... .. ....Asnton,
...Aurora, "
..North Loupe, "
..Battle Creek,' "
Woodruff, Kan
....... W inside. Neb
. ... .....Green, "
. . .Pawnee City, "
Nehawka, "
.Williamsburg, 44
Majors, 44
.Dumas, Pa
Lakin, U m .
Mayo, M
Moore, J. M....
JLartin. Philip......
Miller, H. B
McCarty, Walter...
Martin, Frank
Morrison, G. W..,.
Munn, E. C. . .t.i ....
Marshall. J. B
Miller, J. E
McOlintock. Jonas.
McDaniel, Dora....,
Miller, J. W...
Morgan. J. H
Moore, J. T
Mitchell, S. D. .......
Mickie, Jno.........
Morrill, L. L........
Olmitz. Ia
Yenango, Neb
..Geneva, "
..Sumner, 44
...Albion. 44
.Ravenna, 44 -.Hyannis,
44 ,
Nigh, C. H....
Mead, "
Newberry. Fred Aurora. 4
OTallon, Jas..... Mead, 4i.
Oswald, 0. A Holbrook, 44
Ogle, Wm Scotts Bluff, 44
Poorbaurh, N. B Glencoe, Pa
Parker, Wm Benedict, Neb
Palmer' L. E..... ,Barada, 44
Price, H. E Hoxie, Mich
Parsons, A. F North Platte, Neb
Phillips, J. W Whitney, 44
Pomeror. A. W....
.Germantown, 44
Patterson, B. A....
Pollock, David
Rominger, H. C...
Rowley, S. N. ......
Richard, Lewis
Rice, Mrs. Andrew.
Rush, J. B
Reynolds, J. T
Rea, Michael
Rickard. Lewis
Rogers, D. M .. ,
Rhodes, Geo...
Raber, Dan
Raven, Jno
Sinclair, Thos......
Swaney, J. D
Wmith, W. w
Smith, E. W....... .
Stradter, C...
Sutherland. A. E...
Snyder, J. M ....
Stewart, J, L .
Stanford, w. S
Schufeldt, Geo. V..
Swallow, J. P
Shoemaker, W. K..
Sykes, Jas
Soward3, Eliza
Schmelzel, F. G
Skoche, Peter P..,
Sparks, W. J .
Smyth, Cha3. L..i.
ratton, T. W....
Fairmont, 44
... Bloo infield, Ia
..Silver Creek, Neb
...Wood River, 44
Neligh, 44
....St. Edward, 44
....Union, 44
York, 44
...Wood River, 44
Pleasanton, 44
Clarks, 44 ,
Randolph, 44
. ....Ainsworth, 44
Albion, 44
Cortland, 44
Pern, 44 .
...Silver Creek, 44
Elk Creek, "
. . Waver ly 44
.....Yerdurette, 44
. ..Pawnee City, 44
Lexington, u
...... ...Angus, 44 .
.Burcharrf, 44
, ..Cheney, 44
Wallaca, 44
.......Ashland, 44
Hum bolt, 44
.....Ainsworth, 44
O'Neil, 44
.......Ashland, 44 4
.Oakdale,. 44
........Luther, N. Yi
outer, E. S
Stacknouse. O.
Huntley, Neb
Stedry, Vincent J
Swaney, J. D
Sailing, Mrs. A. B
Stram, S. E ,
Spaulding, C. H
Turner, Jas. G
Tipton, E. P
Talbot, Joe
Todd, H
Tobey, Allen ,
Taylor, F.S...
Vogt, Anton
Wagers, M. L . N. ,
Wright, Wm
Wilkinson. C. L..
Weber, Willie
Ward, J. M
Way, J. S. ......
Watkins, C. L....
Waterman, D .. v. ..... .. ..
Wonrell, I?aac
Welty, G.M
Ward, ftfP...
Wirsig, F. A
Walton, Merit..
W'illiams, A. H
Wilson, S. J. ........... .
Willey, T. B
Wittmer, Fred
Young, Andrew, Jr...... .
Young, S. P
... .Broken cow,
St. James,
..CassTille, Wis
Allen, Neb
Bloomfield. Ia
Rosemont, Neb
... ..Aiarquette,
St. Paul,
...Battle Creek,
... .Black Band, Ohio
.....Craig, Neb
....... . . Loinax,
Honey." ' : T
. Choice extracted honey for sale. Four
or more 11 pound-cans (net) 90cts each:
0 pound cans (net) $4.20 each.- This
honey is well ripened and of good qual
ity. Address a a. knell, - .
' MiUedgeville, 111.
1 1 ' ..
News of the Week
uenerai xr. tx. .carry, nas written a
number of letters during the . week to his
friends in the Sixth congressional dis
trict who have been suggesting him for
tne nomination for congress, in. that dis
trict, stating that he is not a candidate
and does not desire the nomination at
this time. He has a host of. friends not
only in the Sixth district but throughout
tne state wno ; would be pleased to see
i r- . ... . .
mm xionorea witu an election to con
gress. His sterling integrity, ability,
service and loyalty to the party insure
tor mm higher honors at no very distant
day. ; :.; , ". , . . "..
The situation in China, according to
the dispatches that the policy of the cen
sor hip which McKinley has established,
are permitted to see the - light, -seems to
be growing worse and worse. The Inde
pendent seriously distrusts the accuracy
of most of them. In fact it- is inelined
to believe that the public has riotf been
allowed to know anything of the - real
truth about this whole business. Much
that has been printed has been by later
nsws proved to be false. It does not
seem creditable that the government of
China would deliberately undertake to
fight the whole world. Those who . run
the Chinese government may be heathen,
but they certainly are not idiots.
; When the truth is at last learned it
will probably be to the effect that the
foreigners who have gained access to the
country, have" been so overbearing in
their, treatment ot the natives that a re
volt was inaugurated. That the Chinese
officials would, in some measure, sympa
thise with the disturbers would be only
in harmony of what we know of human
nature, which is pretty much the same
whether it is covered up with a brown
Fulton, W. M..
skin or a white skin. The Independent
does believe that the " trouble has come
chiefly from the presence and work of
the missionaries, as has ' been asserted,
an to which assertion the Chinese min
ister at Washington gave; his approval.
From time to time, little scraps, have
been printed showing with what cruelty
the native inhabitants have been treated
by the agents of corporations that are
building railroads , in China. It has
been the greed for gold, that has created
most of the disturbance ; and not the
work of the missionaries,' although the
greed for converts may have added. tQ
-the unrest. ' ' -.
Troops are being sent to China by all
nations by the thousand by this nation
as well as by the others. Severe, fighting
has already taken place in which quite a
nurnber of Americans have been killed
and wounded and it appears that we
have another war on bur hands. The
newspaper men at " Washington s report
that there is the greatest activity in all
departments of the army and immense
preparations for war is evident on every
nana. - " . , .
The navies of all the world are
sembling in Chinese waters. v McKinley
is. dispatching war ships, . according to
the associated press reports, from the
Atlantic and Pacific txjasts and from the
Philippines. . Urgent dispatches have
been sent to Gen. McArthur to hurry
forward troops from his command and it
is estimated that a transport Is soon to
leave San Francisco with a regiment of
cavalry, while the horses, will be shipped,
from Puget Sound. , If .this is not war,
what is it? McKinley has declared and
waged one war without the authority of
congress. Why should he not engage in
another, or for that matter just as many
as ne takes the notion to wager The
constitution provides that "congress shall
have power to declare war, to raise and
support armies, to provide and maintain '
a navy, but McKmley has usurped that
power and the constitution has gone
into the waste basket along "with the
declaration of independence. The like
of this usurpation was never seen in all
the world before. Some one at W ashmg- .
ton suggested that if we were to have a
war with China, congress would have to
be called together, but the idea was
laughed at by the administration officials
as extremely absurd. It is Emperor
McKinley now and no mistake. ,
The upheaval in China has forced to
withdraw troops, not only from India.
but from South Africa also. This seems
to have given new life to Oom Paul's
burghers and they have been' pushing
the English army not only in the Trans
vaal but also in the Orange Free State.
Lord Roberts line has been cut again
and a large slice of the railroad de
stroyed. It is winter in that country
now and it is said that not only the British
cavalry horses, but the other stock upon
which the mobility of the army depends
is dying off for want of forage. This
state of affairs makes the condition of
the two brave republics far from being
desperate. If on top ocall this a muti
ny should break out in India on account
of the withdrawal of troops from among
those j conquered people, Joe Chamber
lain would be apt to find out, as a cow
boy would say, that he had bit off more
imperialism than he could chaw." Mc
Kinley and Mark Hanna may fiad them
selves in the same-fix.; 4
Campaign Opening
The presidential and state campaign
will be opened ' in Lincoln July 10th.
There will be many1 eminent men men
of national reputation present to de
liver addresses. Among them will be
Charles A. Towne, David Bennett Hill,
senator Pettigrew and perhaps Senator
Teller. The railroads have all made a
one-fare rate for the round trip and ex
cursion 'trains will be run from every
part of the state and from Iowa, Mis
souri, Kansas" and other surrounding
states. A full - list of the speakers and
details of the meeting will be published
next week. Of course Bryan will be
here and it will be the greatest meeting
ever held in the state. The railroads
are making preparations for an immense
trafic : . y . - ; -
The Armstrong Clothing Co. of this
city recently purchased the entire stock
of the Globe Clothing; company at a re
markably low figure, and . are offering
some exceptional bargains. Mail orders
given prompt attention. See advertise
ments on pages 8 and 11. Send in your
order without delay. ' i " .
A lot -of men's and, boys good, solid
shoes" most any size ' 75c Sanderson's
saie 1213 O street Lincoln. - "
.".".--" ' " '; " r ' " ' ' fa-. - ft".
'V- P. JAS-jDOSGRAVl r A -:
Attorney -at- Ijiw Billirtgaley Block. .
J3eorge W. Pollock; non-residentde-fendant.
- .-'.lr -vV V"
You are notified that June 23s1900,
Jennie Pollock filed her petition agains. t
you .in. the .district court of Lancaster
county, Nebraska, asking for a divorce
on the grounds of desertion and non
support. . - f : . A . -v- ' "
.You are required to answer said peti
tion on or'before August 6, 1900." '-
.By her attorney, P. Jas. Cosgbave. "
l)r T Tilie' From Paris. Three packages are
xue a positivelywarranted to cure the
Geuuine French most stubborn cases of montn
FEMALE REGULATOR, ly stoppages, irregu
larities, obstructions and suppressions brought
on from whatever cause, or send for medicine
until cured. $2 a package, or 3 for $5. Sent any
where -on receipt of prico. The Kit Dkcg
Company. American Offica. Eltfin. 111.
Per mail, retail, wholesale. King's Pharmacy,'
. 1 V T IT O 1 O: T
jjincoin,-neD.; a., o. Mirer, diuui viij , lowu.
la?FTill line of Rubber Goods.
$5; A
2 t DR.
Treats all Ffsrm of
DISEASES km v. :
22 Yr Experience.
' 12 Years! n Omthu.
Medicine and treat-
- , at tba email charge of
HO ME TREATS ENT that cores and saves
you time and monev;
xn.' i eomblned ia all cases where it Is advisable-
Varicocele, Stricture, SjT'fcilia. in all lta
stages, Loss of Vigor and Vitality, caused
from abuses or Exci-sps, Weakness and Di
rdrs of Kldner and Bladder.
CURES GUARANTEED lr. all Cora bla
cas .-.Caargea low. Jtook f rte. Oonrolt&tion
and Examination Prea Office bonrs.8 a. m. to
5. 7top.m. Sunday to V3. DR. McQXEW
P.O. BOX70A. - Office K. E. Corner JollitM
and Far nam ta, QC1AHA, NEB.
The Markets
Weekly market letter, furnished by H.
R. Penny & Ca-i No, 131 South Eleventh
street, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Lincoln, Neb., June 27. The past week
has been a great week for the farmers.
All the markets forfarm products, have
made material advances, and. are much
higher than at this tim& last year;
Wheat has been the, leader. July
wheat, in Chicago selling up to 88i per
bushel Monday, showing ah advance of
over 23 cents inside of the month.- An
enormous amount of speculation has
swept into the wheat market, which has
carried the other markets with it. The
market is in such a condition that no
one dares to guess where the advance
will culminate. The price may be run
to $1.(0 a bushel, or may be set back to
75 cents.- V- - - -
The . crop damage reports from the
northwest have been worked over so
much and so forcibly, a month or more
ago, that even the closest observers and
shrewdest of speculators can find no
plausible explanation for the great ad
vance of the past two weeks," While the
heaviest dealers were looking for an ad
vance, as a result, of the northwest con
dition, when the market had shown an
advance . of., 5 or " 6 . cents ..they all sold
their wheat and even went short, but of
course were forced to cover their lines at
& higher figure.
Another remarkable thing has been
the strength shown. Up to last Monday,
there has not been a set-back of import
ance since the advance started. Every
day except three-' since June 5th, the
closing price has been' higher than the
day preceding. ' ,
This morning ' the Liverpool cables
came ld4 lower, which was somewhat
less than was looked for. Our market
sold down to 811, from which point it
quickly advanced to S4i, closing today
at 83. - r : ": - - : . -
The stretch in the wheat market has
also had its effect on corn. July corn
in Chicago sold up to 421c and has held
steady, not sympathizing with the de-'
cline in the wheat yesterday, and even
showing an advance of Jc while wheat
was breaking 2c
- This is considered remarkable, too, in
the" face of an almost perfect crop pros
pect.', - " "
The corn states have had ample and
frequent showers all this month, but the
rains were not heavy enough to interfere
with cultivation. The crop is free
enough from weeds, and is growing rap
idly and has an early start and will be
well advanced before a summer drought
can catch it. Speculators have bought
corn on a' large scale, notwithstanding
the excellent prospects, influenced main
ly by the advance in wheat. Corn bull
ed so easily last spring that they think
it can go up some more. The price of corn
is low compared with wheat. It has
been relatively higher than wheat for
months past because there has been an
extraordinary demand for it. The mar
ket has also suffered some by the North
west drought, as there is not much corn
raised in that section, and . those states
will probably have to buy corn for feed
ing purposes, which will affect prices to
some extent.- T "' '.T-?rr"i ' -
. Another motive that has been advanc
ed for the ? the buying of corn, is , that
the theory that the drouth in the North
west is a forerunner of a dry and hot
July in the corn belt. The bull senti
ment developed in corn is likely to last
until the July weather proves whether
the theory is a good one or not. f
This Horning
larerpool Cables: WTieat 3-4 d. lower; corn
Chicago rects carlots : Wheat 116; corn 823;
Oats 814. ' -,- v - ' " . "." '
Chicago Hog receipts: 20,000. ; Market 10c
higher; mixed 520 and 37: (rood - heavy 525 and
535; rough 51S and 520; light 515 and 535. ,
Chicago Cattle receipts: 8,0U0. Market
Kansas dty : Hog receipts, 9,000. Cattle 4,-
Omaha Hog receipts 11,000. Market 5 and
10c higher. Cattle 1,000.
Cash Quotations
No. 2 red wheat... .........
No. 3 red wheat.. .....4...
Ko. 2 spring wheat.... .. ..
No. 3 spring wheat
No. 2 hard wheat.... ......
No. 3 hard wheat
No. 2 cash corn
No. 2 yol lo w corn ...... f . ". ,
No, 3 yellow corn..;... ....
....SI &i2
77 &S0
...... ...77 30,
.......U..43, 434
.. . t 5V
No., ensn oats.:...,
No. 2 white oats....
No. 3 white oats....
m, a ...... ..27427
Eye, July.'......
... . J
Fcr Auditor
v Theodore Griess of Clay county is a
candidate for auditor and not for secret
taryi of 'state as " was ' announced . last
week.-f y -r.; t
, Mf.- Greiss is serving his j second term
as treasurer of his county, where- jbe has
racidAi ciri-o 1 373 TTa is n fjrmn hv
birth and an American by adoption. Hi
j jh . J w c.i
euurauuu was bevurcu m uia-auuuu
public schools "and at Doane college.
His business experience was begun in a
grain office. He served four years as
deputy county treasurer. The first time
he was elected his majority was over
eight hundred, though Hayward carried
the county by one vote the next year.. ,w
- His nomination for auditor would be
a recognition of the , thousands of Ger
man voters in Nebraska who have jxo
sy mpathy with McKinley , imperialism.
Mr. Gness" enters the canvass with the
highest respect of all his acquaintances
and the utmost confidence of his friends
that he is thoroughly qualified for the
position to which he aspires. , !
Supports Wheeler ;
"We are in receipt of a long communi
cation advocating .'the nomination .of
Hon. O. F. Wheeler, of Furnas county,
for auditor. The position of state audi
tor is second " in importance only to the
governor. It is urged that a man of ex
perience, ability and unquestioned in
tegrity should be chosen for that office.
Auditor Cornell has proven most thor
oughly adapted for the place. A man of
strong convictions . and great determina
tion ha has been sustained in every one
of his contentions before the supreme
court. He has enforced the law as he
found it without fear or favor and by
his watchfulness has saved many thou
sands of dollars to the taxpayers of
Nebraska, v -":
It is. urged by our correspondent that
his successor should be as' resolute in
his disposition. Mr. Wheeler has shown
his courage and ability in many a con
test ia the legislature -during the two
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' -
terms he served. "" It was : due . to his
steadfast opposition that Mr. D. E.
Thompson was not chosen to be United
States senator. Mr. Wheeler is a farmer
and has served two .terms as ; county
treasuref. His thorough knowledge of
accounts, and legislative : and state af
fairs particularly qualifies him for the
position of auditor. As a vote getter he
is unequaled by any. '17. " ;v '
For Secretary of State ,1
The office of secretary of state has a
record for sound and successful admin
istration the past four ' years! It has
done a larger business, involving more
correspondence, with Jess -cost' than
any of its predecessors. From being an
annual expense of thousands of . dollars
to the great body, of state taxpayers it
has come not only to pay all its own ex
penses, but has contributed $8,000 to the
general fund of the state in the three,
and one-half years past. It has " been
prompt, efficient and accommodating to
the public and its record has - been a
source of strength to the populist cause.
1 Mr. O. C. Weesner, who as" deputy
under Secretary Porter, has had imme
diate charge of the administration and
management of the office the past four
years, is a candidate for nomination as
secretary; His record as a careful, oblig
ing and economic manager of the affairs'
Of the office isohr of the strongest argu
ments-for , 4his nomination. Every rel
fc inaugurated during the past threj
and one-halfi-S has ! been either with
his initiative or active ex-operatiorf..His
nomination for secretary , vwouldf be ap
proval of ;his good work as subordinate
and insurance of the continuance of the
same...-: . '""- - ;
Outside of his official career Mr. Wees
ner has a good record as a business man
and populist. For ten years previous to
1896 he was a traveling salesman for the
.Nave & McOord company, of bt. Joe
covering the territory of South Nebraska.
"At a time when the commercial and pro
fessional classes were almost eolid
against the populist movement he joined
the populist party (in 1890) and openly
championed its principles and organiza
tion on the railroad and wherever he
went. In recognition of his services his
friends in southern - Nebraska brought
his name forward as. . candidate for sec
retary in 1896 and - came near securing
the nomination for him. ;
The friends of Mr. Weesner will pre
sent his name to the coming . populist
convention on the strength -of his first
class official record, his standing . as a
business man- and his record as a pio
neer populist at a time and in a position
when it required courage and knwledge
of populist principles to be a populist. ;
; Ineom'bMtlM Straw. j
J It has been proved by repeated ex
periments that, straw saturated with a
solution of lime,' or common white
wash. Is Incombustible. This fact is
of great Importance to the rural popu
lation, as thatch. Is thus not only ren
dered fireproof; but more durable. -Tit-Bits.
- .,..-:. -. . - ;
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People's IndcpendntvParty.,t
; The electors of the peoples Independ
ent party of Nebraska are hereby nott
IdOO at 3:00 o'clock p. m. sharp, in tne
auditorium, city of Lincoln aaid state
of Nebraska, there will be held a con
vention of delegates from tho several
counties of ,said stkue, .. representing
the people's independent party
. The convention is called for. the pur
pose of nominating candidates for
governor, lieutenant governor, secret
tary .'..of. state, auditor of public ac
counts, treasurer, , superintendent of
public instruction, attorney general,
commissioner of , public lands' and
buildings, eight presidential : electors
and one state ' central committeeman
for each -county and such other busi
nsss as may properly come before thg
convention. .. - v ' ' '
The basis of representation is one
delegate at large 'for each county and
one delegate for 'each one " hundred
votes or major fraction thereof cast
for Hon. Silas A. Holcomb, for judge
of the supreme court ' in ther election
01 1899, entitling the several counties,
to representation as follows:
Adami ...
Antelope .
Jobon..., .
.... 14
........ 2
Key a Paha
Knox.... ..
Lincoln ....
Boone ......
Box Batte.
Boyd .. .. ..
BrMrn.... .
........ 2
...... V 14
....... 5
....... S L
.. .
5 ,;
Cedar ......
Chase .... ..
Ceerrjr ......
Cheyenne ..
.. ... . .3 jti
....'.m w-7--
. 8
....... 12
Merrick,,, i
rsonee.... j. ,
femeha. .
. . . ....
lay...-i. .
Colfax 1.
Cuming .
Otoe ...
.. 23
.. 12
.. 4
.. 14
24 1
Platte i
Red Willow i
RicbardBon i
Rock 1
Sarpy ;
Scott's Bluff
Seward i
Dakota..'. 7.
.. .... 10
...... 13
...... 11
...... 27 ,
4 '
Dawson ...
Detiel ......
Dixon .... ..
Filmore ....
Franklin ...
....... 14 4
. 2-
....... 13
Gage .......
ojiorraiia ...4
Sioux ......
Stanton ,.f
Thayer... .v.,
Tbomaa-t... ,
mm m . 9
.A.... 4
....... 17
. . .. 4'.
Hamilton ..
Hayes ,
Hitchcock .
Jefferson .w
.... 7
..v;.... 14
........ 7
........ 2
Wayne ......
York ........
; Total......:
....... 15
....... 15
....... 3
.. 20
The secretary of each county convene
tion called in pursuance of this call' is
requested to forward credentials, of dele
gates as soon a3 possible to Fh. Mary,
secretary, Lincoln, Neb.
; By order of the People's Independent
state central committee. . ;
J. II. .Edmistejt, Chairman.
F. L. Mart, Secretary.
If you want all the news from the west
and from Lincoln, Mr. Bryan's home
city, the proper thing to do is to sub-
fiv mnta for the camnaiffn. !
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. . V . . ..... "