The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, June 28, 1900, Page 11, Image 11

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June 28, 1900,
franiad ef 3Qrt fa the two llttla
worda. aad fee lifted ber band, tbe a
wfta the rteg on the Sager. aad kiaaed
St. ' ' '
Ye; tb raa wtw pet tat rinj a
yenr Cage.
Ph. besft ! fc'aa till ber eyea
eclipJ tb iara. Io joa thfak yog
tov tae rettr taaa be doer he eald
oftly. Y3t kaowa toe only a few
isesstb, aad hebe Lm knows me all
fc27 Br - ' - - -
Tbe yong taaa groaned- "Tont tea
tae oa Wrt Lira. Lola; 1 couI4at Uad
mm iMM
- " ' , .at ................ - .. . - - .-'. v , . " , . . . si . ' . , . ., ;
a a m
.. -Bat I &x." User were bsrryiag
cpa la tbe road above J beta. aad tbo
f-lckcrtag i:bt of m lantern cat yellow
amath. !a the artigbt. tSh beat low
er, and axla Iter Up brui"d hla fore
bead. "Yea woelda'l waat rae not to
love cy own father, would yea? It
vu &otbcr"a Has, a 94 be gara it to
Thia vii bow St eatae abotxt that the
tr.ajor. costing barfly with aa iniprv
tretrber bora by aa aaheo bued
I11. fuend tL yyosff C5&fl a til
feet with Lcia ia hia anna, aad wbea
ILJ tad all gene bar k to tbe bouae It
tack the better half of a freab cigar a
I!ceUa part aad two chargiaga cf
tbe lumz ateattaed p-p a tbe caaJora
to work ocr tie erplaaatSoa a the
Tli shadowt veranda. Wbea it waa
taade. tbe om of ooe Iavid Jarkaon
race cp far trial aad eatenee. Tle'a
yoah tuaa. zay wa." aid the major.
Of coire be' a grand rascal, aad lt'a
ysb privilege to ead Llta to the coal
tula-, but"
"Est a &um genfienjaa wtrchla't
Invoke the law brmw a a igaorant
Cjrro w&s terri!l"d tj!:h to ktiock
Urn otra, 70a wocVl aay. Well, oei
tLe Ln I. I directly, tie taa beea ta
iJ-s.z. f xakls tae tbe bajpkAt Kia
TL!a may arrwet for DarlTa re
a P7"ra.-w tlus lawa tlree daya
liter kn UuIl waa afia a raeat
at tbe iULoo cottace. Tbey were
waitlsj far Mao ej Lay to call tLem
to tflaser, azwJ Ktmell waa a!owia
tl tyr aa4 tte pkrtarea takea
oa tbe eTeatf cl et ealac tf aywaulta aal
"lie look peawrcl eaomgb bow.
aai J tbe jwez-t ctaa. wlta a glaace at
JJitid. -You'd bardly recoaixe hixa
a ll" fallow wbo pje3 for tiiia."
TLe otocrejib waa a atody la feroc
ity. ai4 tb" litid acar stood out oa the
j'irtorM tce tika tbe welt of a broad
-ira airsjly bomfytas." i4 Lola,
i!:o1 jerlsr- "But tbat la a beaatifol
fctcre of Maa rVptny. Coroe here,
tuatitay, aad e Low ya look to other
'Tbe airiesit aegreaa bad lost eoaae
out to aaaoaace 2in-r. aad abe Toucb
efrd to ocre tbaa a ia;!e eoateap
tuou eye iwwp.
-Hub: lat Ue aifgaJb wearb tae?
No. tsa'asal. I aial ao-wba'a nigh aa i
ok aa vpzlf aa dat," T2e be caccbt
a!cbt of tbe srratejae ferocry. Taw
de Lawd'a aake. yotieg; cjabateb. rtni
me tlat oae, pleae: WbaWba'. yo git
liutat-ll gae ber tbe pkture. aad
eac siic?re tbe 4i eye died witb tear.
Dafa taj Oo'te Waabia'toa AUg
aaxlab LHeksea. rroed ap aa coxoe
to be a asaia, Iat'a de aame tear
wbut be got mjlxutt tie ole bvt UTe la
c4 aiia kttcbeo! OX taabteb. wba
yotj all g.t datr
Tbe raaa o tbe lawn bad dropped
tla rake aad atarted toward tbe boaae.
Tb? cisj'Or roee.
"I xslatruAt Iar4da your own boy,
aure exoarb. laaxacjy. I recollect tbat
ear Etyeil. be declared. And wbea
tie old worn a tottered down tbe atepa.
wtrb ber treoibbog anna apread wide,
tbe ao?t bearted reteraa aeixe4 cpoa
tbe two yoacg jeopl aad marched
tbea ta tbe fart ber end of tbe loug
I reckon tbe diaaerU bare to wait
awSJIe." be aaJl. SLea beea walUag
tblrty (rU year, yoa know.' After
wbldh. witb aa iarloalT arm awt-ep.
laeaiit to eoer a apeedy retreat lato
gseraUti. -"Do yoa bare any mo
delirbtf a! pmpe-t than thla up yooder
la yemb rocotry. Ir. ItcaellT"
And tbey diecmaed tbe view and
kllltTd tic: wltb.aet pcroe. while
arrraad 03 the frost atepa aa id negro
tuother rocke-1 berelf back and forth.
eryiBg aoftly aad trying to bold a atal
wart giaat la ber anna, aa a be bad
locg ago beld ber loat maa-efc!ld.
On SItreb IS. Sboecbeia wrote
to Faraday:
"I ata enabled to prepare Ic any
quantity a leaner wtkb. aext to giin
pd. cart te regarded aa tbe moat
rsrabutlMe rebalance known. So la
CamtraLle ia thla matter tbat a he
Isg l-rocght In eoctact wltb the l!ght
et t;ark ft will instantly be et on
re. leartrg hardly any trace of aahea.
aad It tbe coca bastion he cacaed witb
la clord eaca a Tiolent explosion
tike rlace. What a hall I do wltb
that ctatter? Shall I o2er It to yocr
gOTern arret T
Harlag perfected hia remarkable dla
eoTery. be visited England la Acgtist
wltb tbe view of aecarlcg patent right.
a&J be then write to Faraday aa fol
low: "Tbe affair wbicb ha breagbt rae
ever to Erlaad refer to tsj explosive
eerttoa. whleb I bar ao tsncb Improved
that it ba all tbe appearance of be
rosJcg a faereroc rival to ganpow
CT. A to Ita explosive power. gaa
cotton. a 1 call It. I rery trpertor to
powder. Ia given caae one part of It
doe tbe work of foar part of gtia
powder. ad trader tbe moct faTorabie
c5 rears vtaae the force of gca cottoa
If as two to one that cf powder, la
tbe coarse of tbe lact two tnoath I
bare taade tsaey experlaient wltb
cansoa. mortar, rifea. etc, and ob
tained reslt which I am allowed to
call highly atisfartory. Tbe aame
rsay be said with regard 10 blasting
rock. letter &f Farraday aa4
nnin w fifiT Rfc'fpnnn Ofo) m (m? nnnrprp
That ever, happened in this or any other state. The goods are here and will be sold just as advertised. Do not allow anything to stand in the way of your at
tending this sale iii person. But should you be unable to come, make out a list of your needs and allow a friend to select your share of the good things to be had
in this sale, and thus save yourself one-half the regular price. Q v V
No Goods will be sold to Peddlers or Merchants to sell again. These Bargains are for our Patrons.
fiats at
Half Price
Globe COc soft hats go at 33c
Globe 90c soft hats go at .49c
Globe $1.50 soft hats, of all styles,
go at ..75c
Globe $1.75 soft hats go at .89c
Globe 12.00 soft or stiff hats, of all
styles, go at v. 98c
Globe 12.25 soft or stiff hats, of
all styles, all new and up to date,
goat... $.8
All Globe $2.50 soft or stiff hats,
all bought for this season's busi
ness, go at $1.48
All Globe soft and stiff hats that
sold at $3.00 and $3.50 go at . ..$1.90
Globe Straw Hats at
Half Price
.v .
For Men. Boys, and Children
Globe 10c straw
hats go at 5 c
Globe 20c straw
hats, goat 10 C
Globe 25c straw hats
go at I50
Globe 35c straw hats
go at I9c
50c straw hats go at -25c
75c straw hats go at .38c
$1.00 straw hats go at. ... 48c
$1.25 straw hats go at ,59c
$1.50 straw hats go at..,....75c
$2.00 straw hats go at ... . .$1.00
Crash Hats
At Half, Price
Globe 20c crash hats go at 80
Globe 35c crash hats go at ..... I5c
Globe 40c crash hats go at .9c
Globe 50c crash hats go at. k 25c
Globe 75c crash hats go at 39c
Globe $1.00 crash hats go at ..50c
Men's Light Weight
at Half Price
Globe 30c Underwear going at. . . . . .7c
Globe 40c Undcrvear going at. .... .19 C
In addition to the above Bargains we will allow you to lay in a
V The Prices will be Squared
. . " FOR
Positively this sale of the Globe Clothing Company's Stock is by far
Globe 50c and 75c Underwear going
at 39c
Globe $1,00 Underwear will be sold ;
at 69e
T - r
Globe White Shirts
at Half Price
Globe 50c, un
laundered White Shirts
go at... I.. 25C
Globe 75c laun
dered or un
laund'rd White
- Shirts go in
this sale at 39c
Globe $1.00 and
$1.50 laundered
White Shirt,
(Wilson Bros.)
come in long
or short bosom,
open back, or
open back and
front, go at 69c
Fine Negligee Shirts
at Half Price
These goods bear the mark of ' Lion
Brand," " Wilson Bros.," ' Manhat
tan." Globe $2.00 Negligee Shirts go at. . 90c
Globe $1.00 and $1.50 Negligee Shirts
goat... ...69c
Globe 75c Negligee Shirts go at. . . .49c
Globe 50c Negligee Shirts go at. . . .29'
Some of the above come with two de
tached collars and separate cuffs, others
have cuffs but not collars, while others
have attached cuffs.
At Half Price
Globe 50c, 75c and $1 Ties go in
this sale at
Globe 25c Ties go at. ... . . . . ...
Globe 20c Ties go at . . ... . . .
Globe 15c Ties go at
1 ;
MEN, BOYS, AND CHILDREN, HT ;r;::--' ; r;:v-;:'V;V.V v",v
Tlen's Everyday
at Half Price
All Globe 75c all
soft or part laun
dered Shirts
go at.......49o
AU Globe 60c all t
, soft or half laun
' dered Shirts
, g . at.....l 39o
All Globe 50c soft
- - Shirts go at 29c
All Globe 40c .
I: Shirts go at 25c
All Globe 35c
phirts go at 7o
A. few special and r
broken lots of
Men's Shirts
'go at ...... .3c
At Half Price
Globe $1.75,
and 2.00 Night
Shirts go at. . . 98c
Gl obe $1.00 ,
Night Shirts
go at ........ 49c
Globe 75c Night
Shirts go at. . . 38c
At Half Price
Globe 50c plain or fancy hosiery at. 29c
Globe 40c plain or fancy hosiery only 23c
Globe 35c hosiery in plain or fancy
only 7c
Globe 25c hosiery goes at. . . .... . I2&C
Globe 20c come in plain or fancy
colors, only .... 9c
Globe 15c hosiery only ........... . . 7 c
.Globe 10c hosiery only -.-6c
Globe 10c hosiery, all seamless and
? 1 fast colors, go at.'. ............. 3&C
At Half Price
Globe 35c and 50c handkerchiefs. .. ;23c
Globe25c and 30c; handkerchiefs. , .7c
Globe 20c handkerchiefs ..... . . v. . . . c
Globe 15c handkerchiefs. . . . . . . . . . . 8c
Globe 10c handkerchiefs ..... . C . . . . . 5c
Blue handkerchiefs ......,. . . . . . . 3c
Special white handkerchiefs. . ; . . . . . .2c
Turkey red handkerchiefs. Ic
illtiilliili illfi A
i: 1:155:1
i t H i nfl i M s
Mmm iBtmm
. M C S nn.ww i '
MaM El J S3 HlllllltHltltllll !
lttriMiiitif J J '
Rt Half Price
Globe 50c, 60c, and 75c suspenders
go at ...33c
Globe 40c suspenders go at. ,. . .9c
Globe 35c suspenders go at ......... 17 C
Globe 25c suspenders go at ........ . 130
Globe 20c suspenders go at .......... lie
Boys' suspenders 15c, 11c, 9c, and. . .3c
Collars and Cliffs
At Half Price
stut Pi -f.":
Globe 15c Collar (Barker Brand) b!
go at .tc8C
Globe 25c Cuffs (Barker Brand)
goat.. . ....... I2C
Globe 12c4-ply Linen Collars go at 7 c
Globe 15c 4-ply Linen Cuffs go at. . 10c
Globe 15c Cellulein Collars go at. . . lie
Globe 25c Cellulein Cuffs go at. . . .. 15c
Globe 10c Celluloid Collars go at . . . 5 C
Globe 12c Celluloid Cuffs go at.... 8c
Paper Collars 5c
Dress Gloves
At Half Price
Globe $1.75 Kid and Mocha Dress
. Gloves go at ... . .. . . ,. . ... $1.19
Globe $1.50 Kid and Mocha Dress .
Gloves go at 79c
Globe $1.00 Dress Kid and Mocha
go at .................49c
Work Gloves
at Half Price
Globe's best $1.50 Buck Gloves go at 79c
Globe's $1.00 Work Gloves go at., ,57c
Globe's 75c Work Gloves go at . . . .49 C
Globe's 50c Work Gloves go at . . . .23 C
Globe's 35c Work Gloves go at . . . . 7c
at Half Price
Globe 75c Belts go at
Globe 50c Belts go at . .;
Globe 35c Belts go at ......
Globe 25c Belts go at
...... 33c
... . . . (9c
. . . . . I lo
supply of Globe Heavy-weight Underwear.
Small Items
Not "
at Half Price
Globe (Scriyen's elastic seam) Draw--,
ers, $1.00 grade ........... . . . i . 57
Grobe 75c Middy Shirts for little fel- '
lows age 4 to 10 years, go at . . . . . 490 -l
Globe 75c Summer Coats go at. , . . . 39c .
Globe $1.25 Alpaca Coats go at . . . .69c ?
Globe $4.00 unlined Serge Coats and ,
Vests go at . . .... ... . . . . . . . $2.25
Globe $5.00 blue Serge (unlined)
Coats and Vests go at ........ . $3,25
Globe $6.50 unlined Serge Coats and ;
Vests go at ................. .53. 95 ,
Globe 10c gold plated Collar. But- ."' !
tons go at.. v... . i,. j . ..... . . . 5c '
Globe 15c gold plated: Collar But- "
. tons go at. . . .... . . , ; . , . ; . 80 r
Globe 25c gold plated Collar But- ; :
a. a ' am
tuns go at .40
Globe$1.00 gold Cuff Bottons go at 57o ,
Globe 75c gold cuff buttons go at . . 39c x
Globe 50c "gold cuff buttons go at . . .2o
All Globe scarf-pins go at exactly half
, , price. " ' .':'Vv ,
Globe 25c brownie overalls go at. .'. .3c
Globe 50c brownie overalls go at .... 29 0
Globe Check Jackets, ? regular 50c
goods go at . i ..1 ............. ..35o
Globe 75c Overalls go at . . . . . . . . . .490
With Every Boy's Suit at: $1.50 or
over during this Sale.