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Harch 15, 1000.
- nci
V .
Zl)t Debraska Independent
1 " Lincoln, Debraska '
Exjcvesth Teak .
Published Evkry Thursday '
- When rakiag remittances dsnot leave nosey
With news agencies, postmasters, etc.. to be
forwarded, by them. They frequently ferret or
remit a different amount than was left with
them, and. the subscriber fails to rot proper
Address all communications, and make all
drafts, money orders, etc., payable to
Zbt nebraska Independent,
Lincoln, Nebraska.'
Anonymous communications will not be no
ticed. Bejected manuscripts will not be re
turned. V
The flag is the symbol of the constitu
tion. "Trade follows the flag, but the consti
tution does not." Wm. McKinley.
Every delegate should be present at
the state convention on the 19th. Rail
road rates, one fare.
The flag and. the constitution go to
gether and any man who says that they
don't is a villianous traitor. -
If you need sample copies tor use in
fretting' up a club write for them. We
will send them by return mail.
"Republicans an rebellion. Yes, just
like they rebelled against the gold stand
ard. Every last one of them voted for it.
We've let those chaps run things long
enough. '. The men who made the party
axe going to have something to say this
It is said that - Standard Oil Johnny,
Nebraska's distinguished senator, will
not attend the republican state conven
tion this year. .
The gold barons are having a high old
time these days and they are feeling so
good that they have stopped shouting
,i : . . g, A.
God saveLWilliam "the Wobbler, Presi
dent of the United States and Emperor
of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Philip
ines! More titles will i be added next
year. ' -
Keep it in mind that ! this convention
is going to be controlled and managed
by the gentlemen; from ,the farms, the
work shops and business offices. The
office holder "will not be in it," so to
peak. 1 ' ;- ; -
1 The most persistent office seeker that
ieorasKa ever pronucea is a cnap aown
in Omaha by the name of ,Clem Deaver
He has been aperenriial candidate. At
last ate got an office and then got kicked
out. That made ttim awful mad.
A new fusion paper appeared among
OUT exchanges last - week entitled the
m A e
Pawnee Chief. Its motto is: "Equal
aaa exacx. jusuce do an special privi
leges to none." The Independent wel
comes it on the firing line.
a writer in one oi tne bolting papers
says," we will make no more mistakes
about leaders.' Probably the writer . is
right By , the time those chaps get
through with "the leadership of Clem
Deaver, they will have no. need of any
Hereafter every applicant for an ap-
: -raptrnent under the populist party
Ihould be asked if he intends just as
. soon as he is put out of office to join the
assistant .--republicans. Clem Deaver's
course should' cause the enactment of a
new rule.
Macrum says ;that he did not know
that there was a secret alliance between
this country, and .England. He is ex
cusable for he was away off in the heart
of Africa and ; the -British censor con-
ited his private mail. He was - sot
long in this "country before he found it
The express companies are behind that
Loud bill - with their big lobby and stacks
of money. They calculate that if sample
copies of newspapers and certain period
icals are excluded from the mails, their
business will be , largely , increased.
1 TheOmaha Bee gave tHe assistant re-
ioublicans a errand send off bv Drintintr
ff the pictures of Clem Deaver, Joe Parker,
H. Wheeler, J. B. Osborn, C. C. CJe ru
ns, Calamity Weller and Bill Deck, and
abeled them: "Populist national com-
ittee at Lincoln." Of course Rosewater
es the populist ' party and wants to
give it a boost.. , ? ; .
In 1896 the republicans selemnly de
clared that we could not have a financial
system without the consent of England,
and now they say we cannot build a ca
nal across the .isthmus unless. Johnny
Bull will let us. Af ter-all that, they deny
Csat the United States is a proving of
Crest Detain. .If can't do anything
- -"! r v -fno--t, wht ray
If any pop is so enthusiastic as to be
lieve that this election is going to be "a
walk away," he had better reconsider
the matter at once. The republicans
have a man to manage their campaign
who is equal to Edmisten as an organ-
izer and besides that. Has command oi
unlimited supplies of money of his own
and a right to draw on Mark Hanna at
sight at any time for whatever he thinks
he can use. D. E. Thompson is already
at work night and day. He .has a map
of every senatorial and representative
district lying " before him on which is
recorded the vote for every member of
the last legislature. ' Word comes fr om
everywhere that his men are active in
very many of the counties scattered over
the state already. '. Mr. Hanna has his
men at work also. Several of them have
been reported at populist headquarters.
There can jio longer be any doubt that
since the Omaha election there has been
a tie up between Thompson and Rose
water, and if the republicans carry the
next legislature the two senators from
Nebraska will be Rose water and Thomp
son. : . . .-
Another thing, must be taken into
consideration". We must carry the state
ticket by at least 10,000 majority to be
sure of the legislature on account of the
unfair ' apportionment of r the state.
Enormous majorities in the western
counties count for noting in a fight for
the legislature. Most of the members
come from the eastern part of the state
and a majority of one in three or four
of these eastern counties may elect a
dozen republican members, yes, even
more than that The' Independent
advises that the state committee get to
work immediately. We have no men in
our party outside of thV committefe 'to
take hold of the work las the republicans
have in Thompson and Rosewater.
do is to put populist papers in the hands
of every doubtful voter, and for that
matter, as far as possible in the hands
of all voters. This policy in the past
has proved ' the most successful of any
thing ever tried, as the county commit
tees of several , counties will testify that
have spent a good share of their cam
paign- funds, in putting the Independent
in the homes of those who did not take
it. In some counties the result has
been really astonishing.
Anyhow, there is a nght before us
such as we have never had before and
some sort of plan of campaign should be
evolved and put in force immediately.
The coming state convention should
be a free expression of the membership
of the populist party and not of ' that
portion of it which holds the offices. It
is the membership that makes the office
holding possible. It is the thousands of
unselfish workers scattered all. over the
state men who never held office and
never expect to hojd office that makes
any reform possible. ' When these men
come to a 6tate convention they should
take matters into their own hands, elect
the officers of the convention, appoint
its committees and make its platform.
The office holders are the servants of
these men, and upon their work the
convention will pass judgment. : What
decency is there in appointing a lot of
office, holders upon the commtitee upon
resolutions and have them bring in for
adoption a platform commending their
own work: The workers in the populist
party want none of that, and if the men
who have been writing letters to this
editor have the courage of their con
victions there will be neri'4 oi it -in, our
conventions this year. . ' -
The convention, should . give office
holders a full opportunity to express
their opinions, in . fact, in . many cases
should seek their adviceand counsel
but they should keep in the back ground
If they have not the good judgment to
do so themselves and: of their own
motion, then they should be made to
do it. Of course the office holder is just
as honest, just as much, and in fact,
more interested in the success of the
party than ' the ordinary farmer, but he
is apt to be bverzealous and injure the
cause instead of assisting it. He should
know' enough to keep in the back ground
at conventions, and if he does not he
should be informed that it will be to his
interest' to do so. '"
. The party was formed and . grew to
success without the aid ,or consent of
any office holder, and these very estima
ble gentlemen should be reminded of
that fact once in a while and if they do
not heed the advice they should be made
to heed it.
The Kchuyler ljuiii gives some very
good advice to a few carping fusion edi
tors in this state which the Independent
hopes that they will read, ponder over
and then follow.
The Quill calls them
"tinhorn editors," we suppose because
they are always ' making a discordant
noise with their horns, to the annoyance
of everybody and the edification of none,
It is this everlasting, never ending carp
ing at the men whom we have elected to
office to which the Quill objects. It says:
"You cannot meet a partisan republi
can who trusts implicitly in the -republi
can press of the state who does not hold
in contempt the word ' "reform" as ap
plied to our fusion oraciais. And he will
startle you with a list of the. crimes
which he thinks the fusion officers, from
Holcomb down, have been guilty of
having committed. Now, is it the duty
of the fusion press to summarily convict
fy rt ri t' criess wtutitr
testimony of party-blind antagonists who
think no good thing is found outside of
the republican party? The Quill thinks
not." -
The thing that most disgusts this
writer is that if a populist editor endeav
ors to defend one of the men whom we
have elected, from the libelous charges
of the republican press, two or three of
these "tin horn editors" are sure to jump
on him in their next issue and declare
that he belongs tq "the state house ring"
or he is engaged in ''putting up a job,
or something of that kind.
The officers that we have elected and
sent to the state house to administer the
government of this state have given us
the best Government this s&te has ever.
had in every way, and these "tin horn"
editors will say so themselves when cor
nered. ' Yet week after week they take
up every republican slander that the
Hannaites can invent and roll it under
their tongues as if it were the sweetest
morsel they ever tasted. All of which
makes us very tired indeed.
The Washington correspondents whose
papers are opposed to imperialism have
a few things to learn and the sooner
they learn them the better. One of
them is that, statements like these made
on the floor of the House by Grosvenor
to the effect:. that we' are going to make
all we can out of the Philippines and
Porto Rico and are not going to apply
the doctrines of the declaration of inde
pendence and the constitution until we
see fit, should not be quoted and com
mented upon until they appear in the
Record. This writer learned that years
ago. He got caught the same way that
five or six shorthand men were ensnared
last week. They all had the words of
Grosvenor exactly the same," but they
never appeared in the Record. - v
That reminds us of a thing that hap
pened in the senate one day in 1894. A
distinguished senator all of a sudden
walked onto the floor and going up to
the reporters table, he leaned forward
with' both hands upon it and said: "Mr.
President, I am going to make a speech
and I want these reporters- to take it
down and I want it printed in the Rec
ord. This Congressional Record is get
ting to be a regular humbug.- A whole
lot that is.' said on this floor is never
printed at all. Now I am going to make
a speech and I want these reporters to.
take it down and print it just as I say it.
I am tired of this sort of humbug." .
About that time another senator
walked up to the protesting speaker,
whispered something in his ear and they
then left the chamber arm in arm and
neither of them appeared . until the, next
day. It is needless to say that that
speech, notwithstanding the protesta
tions of the distinguished senator, never
appeared in the Record. From all of
which it will appear ' that certain Wash
ington correspondents have still some
thing to learn. t, - .....
. ..... . , .;t . .
The editors of weekly newspapers in
this country better wake up or the first
thing they know they will find their oc
cupation gone.
A bill relating to second-class mail
matter, known as H. R. 6071, has been
introduced in the House of Represents
tives by Mr. Loud. The provisions of
this bill are most sweeping in character,
and calculated to seriously cripple the
circulation and growth of nearly all news
papers and periodicals. It prohibits the
mailing of sample copies at the pound
rate, thus depriving all publications of
one of the most valuable means not only
of extending their circulations, but of
securing new subscribers to take the
places of those who die or drop out for
various causes, and will therefore cause
the gsneral depletion of newspaper cir
culation by subscription. It defines sub
scribers as those "who voluntarily order
and pay, or agree to pay, for the same,'
under which definition a person whose
subscription has lapsed and has not been
renewed is not a .subscriber, and copies
of a periodical sent toother than advance-
paying subscribers could, be excluded.
This is a direct blow at the local country
There is no good and sufficient reason
why this bill should become a law, be
cause the annual postal deficit has been
steadily decreasing in recent , years and
will soon be entirely obliterated under
the present statute. The newspapers of
this country can kill this bill, as . they
have killed similar measures in former
sessions of Congress, if they will wake
up and go at it immediately, but if they
do not begin to rustle in short order, the
bill will be enacted. Then the printing
of newspapers will go into the . hands of
a great trust with abundance of capital
and the small concerns that enable thou
sands of men to make a living, will go to
counting ties as their predecessors have
in numberless other callings.
While editors of all shades of opinion
are interested, reform editors have not
only their living, but their principles at
stake. Let this bill become a law and
there will be no hope for the common
people except in a revolution.
A Mark Hanna assistant, published at
Kokomo, Indiana, says in speaking of
the national committee: "The fusionists
laid , a plan to slip quietly into the hall
from the back" way and - organize the
committee secretly." . Now that is good.
There is no back way to the representa
tive - hall where th&, committee met, it
being? in the east winff and second story
The bill that passed the house for the
government of Porto Rico contains a list
of officers and salaries that would s wamp
any little patch of ground the size, of
that island anywhere on earth. It seems
that if we are to have empire, we must
have imperial salaries also. No govern
ment on earthever provided for worse
oppression than is provided for in this
bill. It would make any honest Ameri
can who does not believe in gnndmg
down the poor for the benefit of an im
perial office holding class, .bh;sh to ' the
roots of his hair to look at it.
The following is the latter part of sec
tion 34 of that bill: ,';
The annual salaries of the officials ap
pointed by the president, and so to be
paid, shall be as follows: ?
The governor $8,000; in addition there
to he shall be entitled to the occupancy
of the buildings heretofore used by the
chief executive of Porto Rico, with the
furniture and ' effects therein, free of
rental. . .- V
The secretary $4,000.
The attorney-general $4,000.
The treasurer, $5,000.
The auditor, $4,000. , 1 .,
The commissioner of Ihe interior, $4,-
000. ,.. .. . ; ' - .
The commissioner of education, $3,000.
The chief justice of the supreme court,
$5,000... :
The associate justices of the . supreme
eourt (four each,) $4,500. '
The marshal of the supreme court,
$3,000. ...... .
The United States district judge,
The United States district attorney,
$4,000. . ,
The United States - district marshal,
Add that up and then blush for the
disgrace that this . imperial republican
congress has brought upon this nation.
That is worse oppression than Spain
ever inflicted upon those poor, down
trodden people. They cannot help them
selves. They cannot fight this great
nation. Their only hope is that the
God of hosts will hear their prayers.
There should be, a great big sign
painted and put over the platform of the
auditorium with these letters painted on
it: "No office holders need apply." And
the old farmers who come as ' delegates
should, - see to it that if they did, that
they got the "marble .heart," "cold
shoulder," or were handed out on the
toe of some plowman's boot. : .
When the republicans determined to
establish the gold , standard, they an
nounced their intention, by declaring for
bimetalism. When they resolved to car
ry out a policy of criminal aggression
they said that forcible annexation would
be a crime. When they decided to flood
the country wih bank money,- they
made a canvass for gold as the only mon-
... ' ; - " .-''' -. : -
There is a wondrous change in the at
titude of the British government toward
the Irish in the last few weeks. A few
years ago an 'Irishman1 was arrested if
found wearing a- bit of green .ribbon.
Now the Queen orders the Irish soldiers
to wear shamrocks onSt. Patrick's day.
There is fear of an Irish uprising. The
British government never does a just
deed except from ' fear or the hope of
The splendid management that Ben
Weber hasgiven to the Industrial School
at Geneva has put Fillmore county in
the fusion column, and a good majority
for the entire state and national ticket
may be expected from that county. Mr.
Weber's management has been a model.
It is an illustration of what may be ex
pected from a man who was a reformer
more than a score of years 'before there
was an office in' sight.
The decoy ducks that the republicans
have floated in the very muddy pools of
assistant . republicanism in this state
have never been much of a success at
decoying. They have never b'een of the
right; color to deceive the? eye of the old
farmer populists. They . tried Vander-
voort, Bill Deck, Stebbins and as a last
resort they have set out Clem' Deaver.
But he is worse off color than any of the
others and will be a total failure.
A friend writing to the editor of the
Independent from Ohio says that there
will be four or five reform parties in the
field next fall in that state, all of them
with platforms essentially the same and
all voting under different names for
different candidates. He wants to know
how any .reform can ever be effected in
that way "when plutocracy stands as a
solid cohort, all voting one ticket."
There is but one answer to ssch a ques
tion.- It will never come.
If the Boers should . triumph in their
present struggle it would mean the for
mation of a "United States of South
Africa." Stranger,, things have happened
than their final triumph would be. There
is something strangely alike in the spiri
behind Ethan Allen's "Surrender in the
name of Almighty God and the Conti
nental Congress" and Joubert's "The
English are Mighty but God is Al
mighty." May the God of battles be
with, them, and may they realize as we
have done, -their dream of Independence.
Long live the republics of South Africa.
Shame upon our own, that it has not the
If the Spanish writers at . the beginn
ing of the war had modified their state
ment just, a little and said that the re
publican party was a set "pigs" they
would not have been so very far wrong.
In those days Grosvener was not declar
ing that we were going to make as much
out of them as possible and apply the
constitution when we got ready. ;
The populist party of South Dakota
held a meeting of the state committee at
Mitchell last week. It was by far the
largest state committee meeting of the
party ever held in the state and the en
thusiasm was unbounded. They will
hold their "convention just one day before
the hational convention at Sioux Falls, a
town near by, and all attend in a body.
Hurrah for South Dakota!
Notwithstanding all of Senator Hoar's
fine speeches in defense of the Declara
tion of Independence, he will be found
supporting McKinley and - im perialism
with all theanergy he can muster next
all. Besides his other delusions he
imagines that the election of Bryan
would be a more complete destruction of
this republic than the overthrow of the
constitution and the defiance of the
doctrine that , all governments deprive
their just powers from theconsent of the
governed.' He is troubled with partisan
insanity. ,
Nicaragua canal, unfortified would be
a free gift of it to England in case we
ever came to war with that government.
She having the largest navy, could take
it and use it against us. But if the ca
nal was fortified, we could hold it and if
we could not force our ships through
her blocade, one thing is certain, she
could not get her ships through the ca
nal. The gift of the canal in case of war
with England, to that "most enlighten
ed nation," after we have built it with
our own money, is what that diplomatic
galoot, Hay, calls defending American
All the London papers poked fun at us
for the peace jubilees we held after we
had whipped the Spaniards and said we
had hysterics. When forty thousand
English troops after ten days of hard
fighting and tremendous losses, England
and Scotland had hysterics for three
days, and not satisfied with that they got
their old queen out she is 81 years old
-and paraded her up and down the
straets." Then they concluded to send
her over to Ireland, where she has not
bcn for nearly fifty years. The Irish
will treat the good old queen "well enough
but they will not change their opinion
concerning the British government..
One of the Porto Ricans knocked the
wind out of the ways and means com
mittee the other day by a short speech
that he made. When told that a fifteen
per cent tariff did not amount to much,
he submitted indisputable figures to
prove that in: one case a tariff , which
netted the government, $4,000,000, enab
led a trust to shove down in its pockets
$24,000,000. The tariff was not for rev
enue for the Porto Ricans even if it was
expended there, but for the sugar and
tobacco trusts. It was an argument in
tariff economics that the committee did
not have any reply to. '
Rosewater helps out Clem Deaver and
the "True Populist" after the following
fashion, in the editorial columns of the
Bee last Monday morning: "It must be
depressing for Omaha populists who size
up the returns of the city election in an
effort to discover what the populists are
to get out of the fusion program. Hav:
ing been sacrificed so often to the greed
of the democratic machine the exper
ience may not have the element of nov
elty, yet True Populists must be amazed
at the way their party has been dissi
pated by subjection to the democratic
quest for spoils."
The editor of the Independent is re
ceiving numerous notices and letters
from parties in the east announcing anti
imperialist meetings and asking for men
tion in this paper. They can save them
selves the trouble. They will get no no
tices until they have advanced far enough
to declare that they will under no cir
cumstances support the candidates of
the republican party in the next election.
We ars not so stupid as we were when
we used to hold non-partisan bimetallic
conferences and conventions. They
cheated Us that way once, and it was their
fault, but they will not cheat us again.
There is but one way to beat imperialism
and that is to fight Mark Hanna and
McKinley and work for W. J. Bryan.
These chaps are simply working to hold
voters to the republican party just as
they did when they attended, bimetallic
conventions. ' We've had enough of that
kind of business.
' The general attack made upon the ed
itor of the Independent and the redicu
lous whoppers that Clem Deaver and all
of the Wharton Barker papers are pub
lishing about him, makes him feel so
good that he raises his feet four feet high
at every step as he walks along the
streets of Lincoln. It makes him feel
young again, for it brings up the old times
when he first pitched . into this gang
twenty -fa ve years ago. That is the way
that the tools of plutocracy went for him
then. Keep it up, assistant republicans.
f-ve derive from it. Every man we . meet
a -sued
une or the plans to be p
- sr nrr a !
iuarx Joanna in tne next can
jaign is so
( way to
i courage
I ties, in all
jiidency to
I The very
fully developed that there is
further disguise it. It is tot
and aid the formation of p
the states that will have a
draw votes away from Bryan
extensive accounts sent out bf
', the asso-
ciated press of the meeting
cialists and social democracy
the so-Indian-aid
apolis, the other day, show wi
be given to the plan. When
1 4 populist
party numbered ten timef i as
voters as are in the party tha
at Indianapolis, the associate
A -a j
press re
aming its
set orders
ruseo to send a word com
meetings and actually issi
to its correspondents not to ret $ aft its vote
when giving election returns.
I Now here
is a little organization which
Xily claims
a few thousand registered!
given a report of extended if i, 7th in ev
ery daily in the United SUp d Why?
Because it is expected by bcoming this
organization, a few votes can )e drawn
away from Bryan. The Sta Journal
says so without equivocation! in the fol
lowing words: ? ,
' "The social democrats wilfi n )t . poll a
very heavy - vote next Not s if bet, but
they will draw -whatever stisagth they
have from the Bryanite wink ..,96." -
Wherever ijt is thought th .t jdtes can
be manipulated or restrainec from going
to Bryan by the encourager. 9 t of the
.Wharton Barker bolters froi l the popu
list party, that policy will . ? pursued.
The republican and socialis fjress are
everywhere giving false a ceo iiis . of "the
meeting of the populist na licfial com
mittee at Lincoln. This is v uit the In
dependent Herald, of Bert rid, Neb.,
has to say on the subject : v . f , '.
"It seems from further acc ikihts 6f the
meeting of the populist naUonal com Lincoln last week Cuip the an-ti-f
usionists were largely in t :e jmajority.
When they were turned d :m h by the
somewhat arbitrary action of Hie chair
man, they proceeded to orga ifoe another
meeting, electing new offii 3:rs for the
committee and calling a natii a al conven
tion to meet at Cincinnati. '?he other
convention will be held at i ioUx Falls,
S. D, Thus there will be ti TO J populist
organizations, although the ft aion wing
now belongs, to all intents and purposes,
to the democratic party." r !
. This paper has given fretfaont warn
ing to the populists in ' that! j action of
the state concerning the
Herald. They can now judj
for them
t . .. .
selves whether it pays to g:
in populist
support to a socialist paper.
Hanna knows he is in ver
groat dan-
ger in Ohio. His plan then
m to pre-
vent, in any way possible,
forces against the republica
party. If
such a union can be effected! the repub
lican party would be in a intlnority in
that state of something like! sixty thou
sand. 'Populism hardly has fx. organiza
tion there. Coxeyism, socialism, the
general idiocy of the men wto Igot con
trol of the party' organization land Col.
Dick's checks killed it. No t much to be
gained from thetfurther mattiroilation of
that crowd and Hanna has apt to work to
organize and aid the UrjLq ij Keform
movement, by which means jae thinks he
can pull off ten or twelwaj thousand
votes. "
One of the members of tee J national
committee from Kansas at 1 4 bjB recent
meeting publicly announced4 shat the
greatest danger to populist success in
that state was socialism. ' That is just
what the Independent has been warning
them against for the last four years. He
said the social labor party would have a
full ticket in the fietd from presidential
electors down txy road supervisors, and
they would fight the populist party with
great bitterness. The Topeka Advocate,
since it sold out to the Mark Hanna
crowd, has pretended to be a strictly ag
ricultural paper, but last week it gave
the socialists a great boost. So it seems
that Hanna will push the socialist party
in Kansas.
In other states the same general plan
will be followed. In Nebraska not much
damage can be done. The same trick
has been tried before. The Clem Dea-
Ver, Bill Dech Stebbins crowd are well
known. Dech polled, we believe, eleven
votes in his own county in his first great
bucking feat. It is very ' doubtful if
Clem Deaver can poll as many in his
own county. The foregoing is the kind
of work that Hanna will engage in. The
great issues of the campaign he will of
course have nothing to do with. t It i3
the tricks and schemes that will employ
his time. ' .
Populists should not put any faith in
the pretended revival of patriotism in
the republican party. It is all a sham.
They are playing the same old game that
they have played for the last twenty-five
years. They never give up tneir pre
tense that they were for bimetallism un
til this congress met and did not fully
do so then. They have even tacked a
bimetallic fraud onto the present gold
bill. Their claim that there is a division
among their leaders concerning the
trampling of the constitution under foot
and the establishment of despotism in
Porto Rico is a sham and a pretense.
There is no division among them. Every
one of them will be found supporting
McKinley and the colpnial system in the
next election.
Don't be fooled by them. They are
practicing the same pretense that kept
tens of thousands of men voting the re
publican ticket for twenty years because
they thought the republican party was
favorable to bimetallism. Even such ac
cute men as Teller was kept in the party
hrj t rrti",VTt H1893. .Now they
alrt of
are going - "to pretend" Mat a pa
them still believe-in the - declaration of
independence and will uphd d the f con
stitution. There is nothing in it.
only expect by that means t hold!
or voters who are only muUy ml
. . - .... . . i
with partisan insanity. Bery
them intend to support thu Mc'
colonial system. Every one of thefl
vote for it, just as they voted for the
bill and then they, like Bolliver will
turn round and say: "You needn't Vjuote
any speeches on us. We ha ve chalnged
our minds."
, . , NOTICE
Parties attending the stato oonve
who desire to pay their sub jcripti
the subscription of a friend a re req
urT'iuju, corner xath ana im s
I"". Tlrvf 4TV
w uuu aj tuc iuvud; iaj i 1.
SON on the street This la tNe
course that will avoid mista tes. Please
bear it in mind. Call at the offlifte where
the books are kept, make tl e payment
and you will get proper cri dit, If you
pay it to ANY PERSON agi nt o:i- other,
wise on the street he may i rget to re
port it to the office, may : fiirget xthe ad
dress, may forget the amount, mjay for
get the initials, may forget the name, or
as sometimes happens, may forget the
whole business. Either call at tjbhe office
and make the payment or t ike your
money home with you and sendi it in by
mail. Do not pay it to any persfon on the
street under any circumstances.
If a party Wants to carry am election
... - .
in an American city the opposing candi
date should not be depicted as va defaul
ter, a criminal, as a supporter of the
"reservation," or as obscene in J his lan
guage. Such a course as that f is sure to
result in his election There I has not
been a case where it has not sq resulted
in the last twenty years. Thece is noth
ing strange about it," either. The preach
ers and church people will vote their"
party ticket, no matter whe i is nomi
nated, and all the foul mouthted ' villains
in both parties will rally to such a can
didate. The people of Lincoln have not
forgotten Graham and his platform for a
wide open saloon and protection for the
reservation. Until' the partisan insanity
of the church people is overcome, tne re
will be no hope of reform i)u American
cities, we hope Umaha nasi learned r
lesson. "V - ' ' '
The following from Mr. Ignatius Don,
nelley's paper, the representative, may
explain somethings in the ponduct of
that distinguished gentlemed that have
greatly perplexed his old friends. The
article is signed by the initials E. A T.f
which are those of Mr. Twitehel, the as
sociate editor of the paper. V
"Mr. Donnelly has investigated . the
subject of spiritualism deeply, and has a
very interesting lecture which he deliv
ers on the subject, full of curious and
wonderful experiences. . He has had in
terviews with what purported to be the
spirits of Napoleon I., Lincoln, Garfield,
William Windom, Bismarck, John
Brown, Guiteau and a host of others.
He has detected them in many mistakes
and falsehoods. . He does not believe
their statements, but he is trying to find
out what produces them." - m
Mr. Donnelly has certainly been im
posed upon, for it is hardly possible that
ithe spirit of Lincoln would be caught
telling . falsehoods. Mr, Donnelley has
evidently; been under the guidance of the
wrong kind of jjspirits for the last three
years; . -H1:' : .
Since the meeting of the pbpJist na
committee, letters have been reoiLVfcd
by the editor of the Independent - W,
f erent states pledging their delegations
to vote for Mr Edmisten for chairman
of the national committee of the peo
ples party.. These letters have been
without solicitation from any one, but
are the judgment of thise men who were
at Lincoln andriw th result of his work
here,that the interest of the party will
best be secured if My Edmisten will ac
cept the office. Sevtial gentlemen have
also suggested that pe headquarters of
the party should
in Lincoln as the
most convenient ar
centrally located
point for directing.
e , battle, that is to
be fought
Some Nebraska
pulists have object
ed to Mr. Edmistn taking the national
chairmanship bemuse they want him fqr
state chairman. The Independent can
not see why ij should not hold both
places. In facf it believes the Nebraska
campaign . copp be fought with even
more effectivepss if he held both chair-
The populif party needs ah organizer
of Mr. Edmien's capacity very badly.
Heretofore fj have had - no organized
national caraign at all. Last time the
headquarter f were in Washington, as far
away as poAble to get from the fighting
forces in t' party. This time we want
them in th west where the populist vot
ers live. -. - . - ' - --
With Flmisten to plan and manage
the camp .gn, the peoples party will put
up a figthat will make the hair on
Mark anna's head stand on end, and
at the eid of it the republican party will
be in to same fix nationally, that it was
in Nb;aska after Edmisten 'organized
the fores in thil state. Boys, let us go
up to ioux Falls and make him nation-
al chsrman,
, Clb of Ave subscribers from now;
uuUJanuary 1,1801;-far $2.50.- Evry
bodsrcstle. .
I They
a lot
lme of
bi will
cns or