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December 7, 1899
Let the Time and
Place be Remembered
We start December by making our first display of Holiday Goods and we can assure you that our line of sensible Holiday Goods
are worthy of your most careful inspection. We shall offer bargains in these lines of Merchandise too, for that is our method of get
ting the big end of the business of Lincoln. Value for value we will sell you the same goods for les3 money or better goods for the
same money than any other store. For example, look over our line of House Coats and Bath Robes. Nothing like them has ever
been shown in our city. The charming color combinations, the rich trimmings and the handsome fabrics used in these garments
make of this line the strongest and best that we have ever seen, while the prices as we name them make each particular garment a
huge bargain in itself. We invite those who enjoy up-to-date Neckwear to glance down our 140 feet of showcases containing all the
advance styles and latest fads shown. There you will find 20th Century Stripes and Persian Bars truly gems from the Orient
made up in wide or narrow Four-in-hands, Puffs or Tecks; over 200 dozen of these beautiful Ties will go on sale at 50c4 Oxford
Mufflers will be a feature for the coming Holiday buying. They are comfortable, convenient and acceptable. We have them in all
styles, colors and qualities, starting as low as 25c and as high as $1.50. Another feature that should not be overlooked is the splen
did bargains to be had in our Glove department. Gloves and Mittens made by "Dent," Dempster & Place, besides other reliable
makes of fine Goods. We have them unlined for dress and street wear, but desire to call special attention to those which are in
tended for cold weather. They come either fleece, Jersey or silk lined, while some are lined with lambskin with a short fleece left
on the inner side. Prices for rightly made Gloves and Mittens vary, of course, as to quality, but our lines from 50c to $1.50 will be
found in every way satisfactory and the Armstrong guarantee goes with every pair.
' X These are the thin
to id not a young man in Nebraska that would object if on opening his Xmas 1
perhaps a half dozen Stripe or Plaid Hose, a half dozen E. & W. Cuffs, a bright
mgu or
silver, which are at
The average woman regards the selection of a gift for a gentleman as an arduous task. Let us say that we will stake our reputation
. TkT 1 1 il i 1,1 -1 . it : I,!,, V, . T A I, f 7n4- fnUUaa An
ilia .tYXuas uwa. lu uuu ti uauuwuic lauvy v cot ui lamiicoa uc-
tie and perhaps a half dozen Linen Handkerchief.
prized by them far more than trinkets of
r forerotten forever. Our goods are de-
V0;t, f,,r mnn if ia n Twirf nf nnr nsinpHH to Wn in touch with all the new ideas, everv "rakish" fad that appears on the market
Tirrill lzi cli Mm in nnr efrn-o rt winrlnw firvsf
We desire to urge upon every one the necessity of early Xmas buying. Merchandise is far more scarce than money and when we urge you to make your selections early
' we do it without a selfish motive. The selections will be better and the prices will be lower than the same goods cnn be duplicated for later on.
gs mat men ouy ror inemseives utmost every uny m iuc jcai auu b ui ic
Kof rf tin nrnfiniil fnliip psiMilv lost and more often looked at. lam awavan
Underuear Bargains
UTIf you buy your Underwear elsewhere you may get just as good
goods an if you bought of us but you Burely will py more for the same
thing. We actually save you one profit even in thU staple department and
we can but feel that it in your duty to give oh your whole businesss in
thin line. ""S3
At 34c Per Garment
At 39c Per Garment
Men's Heavy Fleeced Shirts
and Drawer, worth ISOc.
Shirts and Drawers.
0-Worth GOc.
At 50c Per Garment wSfS sK
and Drawers, worth 75c.
At 50c Per Garment SS'cSS
Hair Shirts nnd Drawers, easilv worth !;jc.
Men's Camels Hair Natural Gray and extra tine, double fleeced, Shirts and
Drawers. The kind that w Hold everywhere for f 1.00.
At $1.00 Per Garment
of Camels Hair, Natural Gray, Ribbed and Fleeced Shirts and Drawers.
These goods practically represent the best lines manufactured and are sold
in nearly every store in the land at $1.25 and 11.50.
Fancy Vests
They are quite the right thing, a fancy, double breastod vest of bright
coloring. We carry perhaps the most complete line in the West. Our
business has been exceedingly large, which ha been occasioned by the
very low prices we have named.
hirt Bargains
This department is one of the strongest in our house. We sell, per
haps, one-half of all the men's shirts sold in Lincoln. The reason for this
great business is that we take more pains in the selections, and pay more
money to get the correct tailoring done, and above all we save you money
every time.
200 dozen men's white unlandried shirts made with double
front and back.Shirts are a guaranteed 40c value.
rij. Our Reputation unlaundricd shirt for men equal in every
wUw respect to the 11.00 kind. Re enforced front and back,
gussets in sleeves and tail, pure linen bosom and wrist-
At 39c
At 50c
Men's bosom shirts, all colored, worth COc.
Men's bosom shirts, some all colored, some with colored
bosoms and white lodies, splendid 75c values.
7Kft Men's all colored bosom shirts, some have two separate
I uu collars, others are without collars, to be worn with white
ones. They are good $1.00 values.
Aril A nn Are shown Monarch, Manhattan, Wilson Bros, and
-1 VliUU many other fine makes ofshirts at this price, either in
all white, all colored or white body with colored bosom.
In this line there are 500 dozen shirts to select from, and they are by far
the best assorted as to pattern that you can rind. True values up to $1.50.
Heavy Shirts
40 stylos Men's and Young Men's fancy
dou bio-breasted vests worth $1100, go this
month at only
TO styles Men's and Young Men's extra
fine silk vests. . Come single and double CO OR
breasted wwitw
AT $1.98
At 3.25
At $3.50, $3.75 and $5
We are showing hundreds of the famous "Vest Two." They are
single breasted on Jone side and double-breasted on the other.
- You get two rest in one.
Buys a good work shirt of heavy Jersey or substantial cotton,
worth 50c.
Buys Noxall shirts, or if you like a heavy blue flannel or Jersey
shirt, any and all worth 00c to 75c.
Burs heavy flannel or extra heavy fleeced Jersey shirte worth
Buys a fine quality of blue or tan all wool flannel shirts or pure
wool fleeced Jersey. These are easily worth $1.25 to $1.50.
Bups single or double breasted all wool shirts, make, cut and
tit equal to the 2.00 kind.
are faultless in every detail.
nel shirts, made of pure soft lamb's wool.
The tailoring and tit of these garments
Men's cot ton Sweaters Kflft
worth GOu go at tJUli
Men's 80 per ct wool Sweat 7Kfl
er.4, worth $1.00 go at ... . I UU
Boy's Sweaters go at 40c C I flfl
50c, 75c, worth $ltUU
Men's fine all wool
Sweaters worth $1.50
Men's extra fine Sweat
ers worth $2.00 go at. .
Oxford Mufflers
fifThe most convenient muffler made, always in shape, always ready;
and nothing more acceptable as a gift. Our line is by far the largest to be
found while the prices we name will show you a splendid saving.
20 dozen Oxford mufllers worth 50c go at 25ct
40 dozen Oxford mufflers worth 7oc go at 50c.
75 dozen Oxford mufflers worth $1.50 go at $1.00.
Neck Wear
At 25c 200 dozen full shaped puff ties worth 50c.
At 25c 100 dozen tuck or four-in-hand ties worth 40c.
At 50C 200 dozen extra fine silk ties, either in tuck, puff or flowing
end four-in-hands. Every tie in the lot is worth 75c.
Glove and Mitten Bargains
15c Buys 25c Buys
MEN'S UNLINED Mens or bovs heavy lined work
LEATHER GLOVES. gloves or mittens worth easily 35c.
At 50c At 50c and 75c
You may have the choice of over We are showing 20 styles of men's
50 doz gloves & mitts, either lined and boys lined kid gloves and
or unlined that are good 75j value mittens which are worth more.
At and &125 Mens finest dress gloves or mittens in lined
f i uu or unlined kid or Buck. Also o big line
of fur goods.
Cap Bargains
25c Buys
Boy's or Men's all wool cloth caps
worth 40c.
50c Buys
Men or Boy's fine Jersey caps that
would be cheap at 75c.
50c Buys
Men's or Boy's plush caps all
styles worth 75c.
19c Buys
A special lot of Boys cloth caps
which would ordinarily bring 35c.
41 "RlTV Fino a" mh caps for men. They are truly bar-
Little Bargains
5c Buys 2c Buys 3c Buys
Japinet handker- Turkey red hand- Linen cambric
chiefs. kerchiefs. ' handkerchiefs.
lOcBuys- 8c Buys 15c Buys
Fine initial hand- Boys Mens silk overshot
derchiefs. suspenders. suspenders.
7c Buys lie Buys 8 1 -3c Buys
All linen collars all Linen cufTs all Boys long
styles. Ktyles. hwe-
25c Buys 12 t-2c Buys 5c Buys
Laree size puff Menu wool socks Mens black ortan solid
ties., worth 40c worth 20c. ) color socks worth 10c.
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