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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated
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Aa Appeal to tke Frleada ef Oood Crovsrn
aat of eU BUf bf the Fopullrt
fltata OoMntlttM.
Thesampaigu of 1899 is now on.
Three great conventions of delegates,
representing the three great parties
which bave fought shoulder to shoulder
since 1896 for good government, met
wcently in Omaha and selected their
standard bearers for the political battle
w hich will rage from now until the 7tb
day of November. More harmonious
conventions of tbe reform forces were
never held on Nebraska soil, and the
practical unanimity of opinion expressed
by the delegates as to who these standard-bearers
should be, is a marked
tribute to their worth, integrity and
i. oVtitirv . . .
. t ., tia iMivpd regarding the
imnnrtflnce of the coming election in
u...k. tta rcnlin will be felt for
years not only in this state, but in L the
ftnnwfilL Nebraek'aisthe storm-
m. t n;tlwil antirit.V and Will be
ceuivr ui p w -
anh nntil after the election to the pres.
idencyofthat peerless statesman, Wil
Ham Jennings Bryan, in 1900. All eyes
are turaed toward Nebraska." An over
whelming victory for the fusion forces
means glad tidings of great joy to the
friends of good government in other
states; and It strikes terror to the hearts
of the advocates of imperialism, mima-
rism, moLopolies and trusts. It means
a victory for that grand old document,
whose undying truths should bestamped
indelibly uoon the memory of every
liberty-loving American citixen. .It
means that the constitution of the
United States of America shall be re
rMtaA it manna eventnal triumph of
VvvW v -
the principle, "equal rights to all, - spec
ial privileges to none." And it means
or Nebraska an uutrammeled supreme
court.' and a seat of learning of increased
usefulness to the aspirisg, intelligent
jouth of the state, which will be a source
OI 108 pnae io buk.
a . . 1. L. ..11
; Hm, Unn man underestimate the
imnnrtanee of the election this fall,
cither irom tne yiew-puirm oi iiiwcm in
sults or future en ct Keitner iec any
frutnrf of irood government overlook the
' importance tmrrrrtBr'floirood ertisen
CVer WlltUliy DPglOlS W wrcino uin
sovereign right and duty to vote sins
of omission are fully as grave at times
jla tins of commission. DO NOT FAIL
Let us consider the situation in Ne
braska. ' Arrayed on one baud are the
finata who ebout against "dishonest
money" and "repudiation" in one Dream
And in the next clamor for an interna
tional agreement whereby all countries
mav have "diBhonest money" ana re
pndiation." Who cry for a money
'good In the markets of the world," and
anrotective tariff to prevent this money
imm heinar lined ant where except at
hnm Whose national policies and
foHttprinir care have resulted in the crea
tion of the most gigantic combinations
of capital, commouly Known as trusts,
whoaannprat ions are already a menace
to our republic and bave become one ol
tha most difficult and perplexing prob
lems ever presented to our statesmen for
solution. Who, against tne vigorous
protests of the tru -t and combines,
very reluctantly responded to over
whelming public opinion and began a
righteous war in the interests of suffer
ing humanity, to stay the hand of a
merciless tyrant; then, when success had
attended our arms on every hand, at
the behest of thess same trusts, and
' combines, paid the tyrant $20,000,000
for a quit claim deed to a country and
its people who tor many years had been
stranding against this self-same tyrant
in an earnest effort to enjoy the bless
ings of liberty, and bave now converted
a war began in righeeousDess to one of
conquest and sat jagation. Who once
upon a time, when good men and true
were in control, championed an amend
ment to the constitution providing that
"neither slavery nor involuntary servi
tude, except as a nunisbment for crime
shall exist within the United
8tates. or any place subject to their
iuriediction:" and who now. under the
guidance of men hostile to free institu
tions, bave recently perfected a treaty
with the sultan of tbe Snlu inlands,
whereby he acknowledges ths sovereign
ty of tbs United States, agrees to fly the
stars and stripes wherever be goes, and
is placed upon ths pay-roll of tbs United
States at 10.000 per annum for the
support ol bis harem of twelve wives.
Slavery is prevalent in tbe 80!u islands;
yet the republican administration, re
gardless of tbe Thirteenth Amendment,
recognises ths institution of-slavery
there by stipulating with tbe sultan
that slaves shall be allowed to purchase
their freedom at tbs usual market price!
Can any self-respecting follower of tbe
Great Emancipator allow himself to be
thus dranged into ths mire by the co
horts ol Mark Hanna?
This is a brief statement ot undisputed
facts regarding ths republican party
natiouallv. In Nebraska its record is no
better. Ths excu tire department, no
der republican rnle, was conducted with
little regard for ths people, always ex
trsvagsnt in expenditure of tbe people's
money and often downright dishonest.
Tbe legislature, whenever safely repub
I lean, could always be relied upon to
enact tbs rabkest claes legislation, and
to ekill'ully administer a death blow to
any measure which might provs in the
least Inlniickl to the iaterets of quasi,
public corporations etijijing special
that would accrue to a great majority
of the DeoDle. And the supreme court-
ever a republican body in majority at
least has never failed in recen yean,
on close questions, to stand against the
people and for the great corporations.
There are a few bright spots in the pic
ture, however; there have been one or
two republican supreme jiagm m u
past who stood for justice to all; but the
republican juggernaut was dragged over
them and they were relegated to the
rear. Laws have been d dared uncon
stitutional by this republican supreme
court on the most hair-splitting and
trivial technicalities, betause certain
onut rnrnni-dtinna willed it. . And the
court has so warped and twisted its
interpretation of the laws and reversed
its own decisions upon the slightest pre
text to fix the case at nana, mat ouwue
of the etnte, the Nebraska reports are
regarded as worthy of but scant conoid
eration and of little weight as authority
on any important point ol law.
Such Is, britny, asxeicn oi ou imnjr
in the coming election. Can yon, repub
lican voter, blindly f llow tne ieaa oi
corrupt or incompetent men and allow
them to do your political iniuniuKt m
old party of Abraham Lincoln received
' . . . it . i i i una
a staggering Diow at an. uuma iu
and the enemies of free government have
completely killed it in 1899. There is
now no repnoucan party rcwv mo
silver republican party but there is a
tnonarchial purty, witu murs nauim
nn.misp- Aa vnn care to train with it?
Arrayed on the other side stand three
allied armies. All have a common od-
i-ct. but each has its distinxniHoing
features. There is no disagreement upon
th on, and vital Questions. ah oe-
liava that "sovernments derive their
frnra the conBPDt of the ito
urn oH." All honor and revere the Decla
ration ol Independence, ttieuonsiimrion
and ths Fla. All believe in -equal
rights to all and special ptiviieges to
none." All are true repuoncwuB,
they favor "a republican form of gov
ern ineDt." All are true demtMsrate be
cause they believe in "a form of govern
ment in which the supreme poww- m
lodged in the bands ot the people collec
tively." And all are true populists, be
thv llinvein "a novertment of
th twrnilfl. bv the oeoole, for the
people.". . , '
The magnificent record of Silas A.
Holcomb aowals to every tbinkin
wu-v - - - -1 ar - -
man. His rigid adherence to strict
Lnnnnmi. vet not Dareimony, in all de-
nnptments under bis control while gov
nnr' hia nonaervatism and emineut
fairness in every acr, both pnb ic and
nrivate: and above all, his honesty and
undoubted legal ability combine to
mark bim as an idal nin for a seat on
the supreme bench. His noiniuation,
mmimr aa it did in three conventions on
the first ballot, Is suffkiwit to show the
high esteem with which he is regarded
ho on infoiiiirpiit DeoDle. Standinir. as
he does, for the grand truths upon
which our republic rests, a man of the
a. fr and to tne peooie. ois emo
tion is an assured fact; yet we appeal to
orv Invar of truthaud fustioe to turn
ont. at the polls on tbe 7tb of November
and make his majority greater than that
of 1896 an overwhelming rebuke to the
party which has gone date on coinraer
aioiiam militariam and imnerial'sm.
rho convention did a noble work in
naming J. L. Teeters and E lson Rich as
nnminuM tor raurent of the state uuiver-
l Kn hatter selection could have
been made. Both gentlemen are emi
nomii flttad for the oosition. Mr.
Twora ia a nrominent business man of
i a oradnate of the Iowa univer
sity, and Mr. Rich, a lawyer of good
,.ruoti in Omaha, a graduate ol our
state university; aod both are well ao
auainted with tbe need of a great edu-
al inatitution. Both of tbem are
Vaoni aliva to the importance of local
inirn thalriaing generation a hearty
nniw i ation oi tne eternal priDi-mm ui
irht and trnth. a loveof country and
mi inatitntions. Both are earnest ad
vnnatea of industrial education and tney
tin infnaa anonorh new blood into tne
hnard nt raaants to make It an ideal
body one which will sealously guard
verv interest of this great institution
nt learn in ir.
Arise and gird on your armor, ne
vigilant, courageous and strong, ue
Americans patriotic, liberty-loving
Americans even at tlie risk of being
called "old fah'oned." Bestir yonr-
selves. Tbe enemies of our republic are
wiaa aa serDents. but the right snail
prevail. T -
E. W. Nelson, (Chairman.
Hcraarv. - :
State Central Committee, People's Inde
pendent Party of a. braeka.
Lincoln, Nebraska, September 2, 1899,
It is not very remarkable that our re
publican friends are so chummy with the
Britisher, and would like an alliance.
Rnth nations are engaged in ths ssms
nrnfaaaion iat at present a sort of oa-
tlnnal briirandage. steatiug tenltory be
longing to some other people. The
English are about to commence a war to
eon oner and annihilate tbe Dsich reimh-
lln in Africa. Everybody knows what
our job is and we hope England will at
leant Have as nine a juo as we arooaTiug.
llntchinson Ussette.
Tbe hottest day of the year and ths
hottest ever recorded in the month of
8'ptetnber at the university weather
station was the record of last Tuesday,
Reittember 5. The university record is
unually several degrees lower than the
record of tbe ordinary thermometer
ebon town. I showed 101 degrees at
8:1& Tuesday afternoon and ths mean
teniperatur for th" - whs 89 degrees
which was 20 d gree K)ve tbe normal.
The maximum of the day fetore was 08
DartagTkoss Days tho City WIU FroMat
a BtraatFalr, Frao Exhibits : ,
aad rros Sbows. : , . t
' Lincoln is going to make up and more
than make up for the suspension ot the
state fair. The city will offer something
that is far superior to any state fair
ever held. It is a street fair where thsre
will be no charge for admittance and
everything will be free to all. , Low rail
road rates will be given so that it will
be an easy matter to reach the city
and when once here all the rest
is free. From September 18 to Septem
ber 23 the people are invited to come
and enjoy the street fair and ee the
To begin with, there will be the agri
cultural exhibit, the, cattle; bog and
horse exhibit, the dairy, bee and fine art
exhibit. One ot them will be on the gov
ernment square, one on the market
square and one in spacious brick blocks
near at hand. The four!concert braes
bands of the state will furnish the most
exa nisi te music The streets will be
ioed for twelve blocks with artistio pa
villous and booths where the mercantile
exhibition will be made.
There will be a civic parade, a bicycle
parade and to close with a Mardl Gras
carnival. ,
At the intersections of tbe streets there
will be built huge platforms upon which
will be enacted all sorts ot programs.
Several ot the best troops traveling have
been engaged to perform for tbe enter.
tainment of the , multitudes all tree
There will be acrobats, bicycle trick rid.
ers, iaggiing, wire rope penormances
. . a .
and balloon ascensions every day. ;
One of the greatest attractions will be
the pectacular lights that will be shows
all over the city every night together
ith tbe elaborate fire works. It will
pay anyone to take a journey to see
either of thew. . '
There will be no games of chance or in
decent shows allowed auy where within
the limits of the city. An effort will be
made to see if tbe people do not like de
cency and honesty better than the meth
ods that bave prevailed at so many fairs
and shows otaie years. Ton wont have
to pay fifty cents to get in and another
twenty-five or fifty cents for everything
that you look at, and there will be no
"sure thing," gambling devices to rake
in tbe the money of tbe unsophisticated.
Let it be repeated: "No gambling will be
aRowed." The Southwestern racing
association will hold a meeting during
the week but tbe Street Fair association
has no interest in it Those who want
to go and see tbe horse racing can do so.
There will be other shows besides those
that- have been enumerated that will
charge admittance, but they are under
contract to submit to tbe closest inspec
tion and will be closed instantly if tbey
undertake to put up any ooocbee coochee
dances or anything of that sort. This
is a Lincoln and not an Omaha affair.
Tbs same premiums will be paid as at
the county fair when it was held behind a
high board fence, and everybody had to
pay fifty cents to get in. From the en
tries already made it is probable that
there will be a larger exhibit of agricult
ural products, horses, cattle and hogs
than was ever seen in this county before.
That will also be true, of agricultural
machinery. '
The right track has been struck at last
and there is no doubt that an enormous
attendance will prove it.
Every one will remember tbe news boy,
George Cavanaugh. who followed tde
army in Cuba, delivering his paper every
day as regularly as he bad formerly
done on his route in Chicago, and bow
he found a wounded doctor lying help
less in ths bruh and carried him on his
pouyback to ths hospital. Us Is now
In tbe Philippines delivering bis papers
as he' did in Cuba to tbe soldiers along
tbs firing tins and at their regular posts.
He has written a letter to bis paper
which contains mors real news than
Otis will let get out in a month. It
contains just such facts and figures aa
interests the people of this censored
republic His letter, published in the
Chicago Record of September 1st is as
Manila, July 10. Besides vWtlngall
of tbe hospitals In and .about M inila
have traveled over l be entire territory
beld by tbe American troops. Ibis ex
tends nearly thirty-nine miles to tbe
north and twenty to the south.
Over one-sixth of tbe 90,000 Ameri
can soldiers bers are In tbe hospitals
In addition to these a great many of th
men in tbs field arenufit tor duty. Ou
one occasion while 1 was at the frout
company ol tbs 01st Iowa volunteers
was ordered out lor guard duty. Only
twenty.lour men ol the eighty membera
ol the company were able to leave quar
ters Oi tbe tweuty-lour six bad to be
relieved before tbe night was over. Of
course, this was
an exceptional case,
bat it shows
terrible condition
oar troops. '" , ;
Tbs long campaign seems to uare en
tirely exhausted our men. The insur
gents bavs wrought much more barm
by their running tactics than tney ooaia
have done by making stands and pour
log Mauser bullets into tbe American
ranks. , It is harder work to cba-w tbe
insurgents than to fight them. So far
aa 1 can observe tbe insurgents were as
strong as they were, when hostilities
broke out. All the Americans bave to
bow for the hundreds killed and thou
sands wounded area tew insignificant
towns and thirty-nine miles of railroad.
Ths sickness will continue to Increase be
cause our men are lorcea to remain in
tbe trenches to keep tbe Insurgents, woo
are growing very bold, from attaosing
the towns. Tne other day I found 8
626 patients in seven hospitals whieb I
visited. They were distributed as fol
io wet
FlntrMrrr, Manila......
S-ound rtrrw, Manila.... JJ
Third mwrT. Manila.. 'f'JJ
Pint dlTlaltiii, Han Karnando .
Haoc-ad dlTlnlon I No, 1, I mat , liU
Maenad dlrlalos (So. ), I'lnaa
Fourth division, Corragldor Inland....
Wai ......... . . ......... ............. ..iif-s
Mmvof the regimental hospitals iu
the field are filled to ovei flowing. There
are the hospitals on thediffxrent island,
so that I believe one would be safe iu
saying that fully one-sixth of tbe army
is onut for service. unrai tins keeps
a dose watch of the reports ot sickness
which are sent out from here. None ol
his officers is allowed to talk about that
phase of soUiier life In the Philippine.
The Philadelphia Ledger, one of the
oldest and staunches t republican papers
in tbe state of Pennsylvania, and one
thie"; State Journal would hardly call a
copperhead, or little American," , has no
more love for this McKinley war than
thepopshave. It says:
A report which Incks official confirma
tion, comes Irom Washington that tbe
army is to be increaaed to a total of
100,000 men under arms. This Increase
of enlisted mes. though, following close
upon tbe heels ol the Brussels peaoe con
gress, was not a consequence of that
conference; it is, on the contrary, a di
rect and, it may be said, aa inevitable
seqiienceot tbe national administration's
policy ot "inanitest dentiny," or expan
sion. This policy, as it baa been daily
illttatrated, does not mean alone the ex
pansion of territory; it mean, among a
tjvJy number of other thing- new and
HCstaa army ot 100,000 effectives, a
navy of many and formidable snipe; u
means tbe expansion of tbe lists of dead
and wounded, tbe expaneion of taxation
war taxes at a time when any
war authorised by . congress, without
hioh authorisation no war is justified,
cannot be said to constitutionally exist,
and of tbe expansion of tbe cost of all
necessaries of life. Thus, It will be per-
Lived, the price of the policy of expan
sion is high and with eacn new oay it ie
certain to be higher. To create and
maintain vast armies afield, to construct,
and keep afloat great fighting ships, re-
aire enormous revenues, all of wmcn
must neceesanly be furniHiied by the
people. Not only are the Spanieh war
axes still on montns alter peare was de
clared, but tbey must be expanded in-
e finitely in order to keep pace witn tne
policy of expansion.
Arri mo TUP CHI ni PRC
Pf tll I VII I Ilk UVkllkllW
Tha O. A. B , th Flrat Nabra-ka, ths Ea-
aampmeat ot tbe Stats Militia.
General Barry has issued orders for
the annual encampment of tbe state
militia at Lincoln park. Tbey will be
gin assembling next Saturday. On Sun
day there will be religious services at
which Rev. Mr. Jennings will preach.
Tbe 0. A. R. and the First Nebraska
will assemble on the etate fair grounds.
Tbs members of the First Nebraska will
be furnished transportation from and to
their homos and subsi'tence while in tbe
city. - Tbey are requested to bring their
blanket rolls. Tents will be furnished
free. There will be a banquet given to
the officers ot tbs First Nebraska on
September 13 lb, to every one of whom
the following invitation has been sent:
Lincoln, Neb, Sp., 2, 1899.-Sir: I
have the honor to inform you that ths
officers comprising tbe Second and Third
Rtgiment, Nebraska volunteers and
froop K" o I U. o. Volonteer Cavalry,
and tbe officera ol the .Nebraska Na
tional Guard, bave authorised me to in
vite .vou to be pieaeot as a guest at the
banquet to begl en at th Lind.ll bote),
Lincoln, Nebraska, Wednesday evening
rtenteinber 13tb, at 9 o'clock p. m , to
the offim r of the iirst Regiment Ne
braska Volunteers.
Please I norm me by return mail of
your acceptance, o that we amy know
tbe number i invited guests mat ws
may reasonably expeet. to l present on
the occasion. Very ReVy Toora,
P. II. Barry,
Adintant (Jeneral.
' Ll
Tbs following amounts havs been re
eeived at this office io response to the
appeal ot tbe populist state committee
for funds to psy the expenses of ths
no no mg campaign: '
II. M. Mathew, Loup City.............. f I 00
W. Z'ircher, M iomxn , ea'estee see .25
Oristian Htratter, Elk Creek..
Wm. Dt Howard, Albion 1 00
News of the Yeeli
Every source of information in regard
to enlistments in the ten new regiments
that McKinley ordered for the war in the
Philippines has been exhausted all the
great dailies have been carefully soanned
but not a thing could be learned upon
the subject At last one of them pub
listed the following statement which
gives the enlistments np to last Monday
night:.; - '--vn f !-
nlnnt. . Total Unalmmt. Total
. nt
.. M
44th 1ft
tilth ....1S
4l'h 101
47th 0
Notwithstanding that showing ths lm
perlallsts continue to assertthat Otis will
have 60.000 men armed and equipped
for the field by the first ot November.
Bow is he going to get the men? Where
are they to come from? The paper that
printed tbe above statement said that I
most of these men had been secured by
the persuasion, of tbe volunteer officers
that had been appointed.
There is not a particls of doubt that
the recent statement of the treasury as
published In the daily papers have been
doctored so as tofsuit tbe exigencies ol
the present campaign. It Is not ths first
time that the officials ot the treasury de-
partment have engaged in that sort of
dirty businees. One time when Allen was
In ths senate a statement was'mads that
the circulation had increased largely
during the month, millions more than
tbe amount of gold that bad been coined
and no silver bad been coined and no
oaoer money Issued. Besides that there
bad been a large amount of gold coin ex
ported. Senator Allen could not see how
how that could be and bad a resolution
passed by ths senate asking tor an ex
planation. In reply tbe secretary sent a
sheet about two by three feet in sise,
covered with figures. The best account
ant in Washinton could not make head
or tail ot it except the lastline which said
therefore tho currency in circulation has
increased so many millions.
This is the only government in the
world that ever disgraced itself by such
methods. Anyone at all acquainted with
the financial affairs of the government
knows that with tbe tremendous cost of
fighting a war 10,000 miles from home,
with the decrease ot Imports under the
present high tariff, with the maintenance
of troops in Porto Rico and Cuba and
all the tremendous expenditures author-
ized by the last congress, we are abound
to be many millions on the wrong side of
the ledger at the elose ot the fiscal year.
A statement that the income-of the gov
ernment is very ranch greater than its
outgoes, is false and every man of sense
knows that it is false. Even the goldbug
editors haven't had the courage to make
any remarks about it It was made for
ue on the stump and not to be too pub-
Udy talked about
Tbs bankers bave held their annual
pow wow, returned home and are flood
ing the coditry papers with copies ot
tbe speeches that tbey delivered and the
resolutions that they passed. Enough to
fill every column of the Independent has
been received at this office. Their de
mands are pot forth in the following
manner which is contained It tbe speech
of William a Corn well, president of the
City National bank of Buffalo.
"1. To Establish the Gold Standard
by Law.
"2. To Cancel or Impound the Green
"8. To Retire Bond Secured Bank
Votes and Substitute, Properly Safe
guarded Bank Notes against Assets.
"There ars other details Important
but not immediately essential."
Than' Mr. Cornwall, after atiotinff some
recent assurances from
M.-sTinlflT aava-
"Gentlemed the President has not
changed his mind. Progress has been
slow but effort has been wise and now at
the supreme moment I am ears tbat ws
will have the President with na, and that
this winter there will be expressed in
action the sound sentiment and earnest
resolvs which bis words that I have read
to you Itbply."
We now know what we may look for
from the next session of oouzjess. Ths
greenbacks are to be retired, bank
paper unsecured by government bonds,
is to replace tbem. Corn well says that
tbe president Is with them. Ue is tor
impounding or burning up the green-
banks. He is for the gold standard and
bank currency. He ran on a bimetallic
platform and pbdged himsell to do all
bs could to get foreign nations to agree
to bimetallism. He made a speech from
his front porch in which hs said be was
against the destruction of the
backs. Now he is against all those
things. That's the sort of scoundrel
that McKinley is. " .
Ths growth ot bimetallism in the New
England States, to which the Indepen
dent has called attention several times, '
taking on new energy. Governor Alt
geld paid m visit to Rhode Island last
week and was received with overwhelm
ing, ovations everywhere. Bimetallic
clubs are being organised all over New
England. They ' need some western '
speaker there. They are just beginning
to investigate the question and some of
the speeches made daring the last lew
weeks by their local orators need a good
deal ot emendation.
General Alger has been a prominent
figure at all national reunions ol the G,
A. R. for several years, bat this year be
announces that he will not go near the
What's the matter with AlgerT
Labor day was more generally ob
served this year than ever before. In
all the large cities immense parades were
the order of tbe day. Tbe tenor of tne
speeches showed that the wage worksrs
will not be so universally ' need by tba
bosses as they hare been in - the past.
Partisan prejudices are losing their hold
0pon them. Most of the speakers who
were Invited to make addresses were
prominent reformers aad free sliver men.
All tbe gold bug papers published die-
patches last week announcing that
Aguinaldo bad been assassinated, When
the truth came out It was that bis wlfs
bad presented him with a son. So there
Is one more "rebel" tor Otis to okas in
stead ol being one less.
One of the things that Alger did while
secretary of war was to give tbt West
ern Union a monopoly of all the tele
graph and cable business in the island
of Cuba and between the Island and the
United States. The brilliant Washing
ton correspondents never had a word to
say about it The Postal company has
succeeded in knocking the thing oat and .
of course it could.not be kept secret any
The Dreyfus case continues to occupy
columns in all the papers of the whole
world. Tbe same sort of gossip baa
been indulged in by the witnesses for the
prosecution during the week as during
tbe former weeks of the trial. Tbe trial
is expected to eome to a close daring
this week. There is so much fear of riots
and bloodshed when the verdict is given,
the French government has filled tbe
town with troops and policemen. The
whole world, excepting the consplra-
tors among tbe French generals, their
subordinate and tbe Jew baiters be
lieve that Dreyfus is innocent.
Hon. W.J. Bryan will speak at the
following places:
O'Neill, September 18, afternoon.
Laurel, September 19, afternoon; Har-
tington, evening.
Tekamah, September 20, afternoon;
Blair, evening.
North .Bend, September 21, afternoon;
Wahoo, evening.
Tork, September 22, afternoon; Auro
ra, evening.
Papilllon, September 27, afternoon;
Plattsmontb. evening
Oueva, September cb, afternoon; He
bron, evening.
Nelson, September 29, tlay center,
W ilber, September au, aicsrnoon; t Air-
bury, evening.
If arrangements can Im -. made w.ta
railroads lor short stops, bs will speak
at Plainview, Osmond and Randolph on
September 19, on ba way Irom O'Neill
I i.f fefquiv., - - ,
Pender and Lyons on September 20, on
bts way irom uamngton to leaamao,
tbs local people will be expected to make
these arrangements. Hs will also speak
at Grand Inland, Seward and David City
between 22d and 27tb, the exact dates
will be given in a lew days. .
Hon. J. H. Dtvis and Col. F. D Eager
will speak at the following plae k
West I'oint, Bpremoer iu, erasing.
Stanton, September 18, afternoon. -Soringvtew,
September 19, afternoon.
Long Pine, September 2o. afternoon.
Valentin, September 21, afternoon.
Gordon, September 22, afternoon.
Hay Springs, September 22, evening. '
Chadron, September 2-1, afternoon. '
L'rawlord, September 23, afternoon.
Hemingtord, September 2U, afternoon.
Alliance, September 20, evening.
Broken Bow, September 27, after
noon.. Ravenna, September 29, afternoon.
Milldale, September 29, afternoon.
Sumner, September 80, afternoonr
Suhlng, October 2, afternoon. '
Burwt II, October 8, afternoon.
Ord, Oo'nbr 4, afternoon. ,
Swtia, Odtober 4, evening. , . ,
Greeley Center, October ft, aitaraoom.