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June 29, 1899
Th administration baa decided to ad
mil tbe Filipino detained at Ban Fran-
oiaoo. Tbey will b required to Rive a
bond for tbeir return to to tbe Philip
pine when their theatrical tour wa
concluded. Tnrounnoui; in controversy
nmor thai arimi aaiou tbev have been
treated a foreigner. Yet we are told
that the Filipinos are reucis, unoa mors
nnlil nub. 'lldW riltl ft frirfittlier be
a rebel?" Claea In imperialism plea
Rob Fllxlmmon got ' 135,000 and
ftpaln got 10,000,000 for getting
licked. Verily, every dog has its day,
and this seems to be the day of tbe un
der dog. Pawn Press.
If President McKlnley fears that bis
own popularity Is not sufficient to at
tract great crowd of people to cheer
him and thai nroducea irood effect noon
tbe Oblo campaign, why don't be take
Alger and Eajran along with blm, or
ham 1 won and Kbafter. Pewey ought to
b allowed a little time to runt before
being thrust before the people aa a caw
palgn attraction. national waicn
Dr. II. B, Cnininlnge was in the city
laat week attending tbe etate committee
meeting. He niaae a pleasant can U on
tbe Independent, and incidentally re
marked that it wae the beet paper pub
lished in tbe etate of Nebraska,
Tbe wrecking of tbe agrteultarul ' col
lege by Cy Leland and ble gang of apoifw
men ie going merrily on and if tbe court
do not reetraln them, tbe Institution
which baa taken such high rank In so
abort a time under its able management
will be reduced to the low level which It
occupied when heretofore under republi
can control, The new board appointed
by OoVernor Htanley, Hut named by tbe
boaa of Doniphan county baa perempto
rily, and without aligning any cause,
removed President Will, Professor He
mis, Parsons, Ward and 1'b I ops, al
though all of thee distinguished educa
tor! and several more bold legal con
tract for tbelr employment for a period
terminating June 80, 181)1,. Thea con
tracts were made some time last winter
long before there was any rousonfto ex
pect that the gang of political plunderer
would make the agricultural college a
part of their apoll, Himpeon'a Uayouet.
In connection with the present unboly
war of conquest and apoliatiatlon,
waged in tbe name of progress and
Christianity by the "present admlnistra
tion against tb Filipino. ' who are
fighting for tbeir liberties, there bare
been Introduce! so inn startling and un
wonted a s of English word.
First ol these i the word "rebel." The
headline of tbe censored dispatches u
thi word almost invariably, Now a
f "rebel'4 (according to tne (Jeutury dic
tionary) ia "one who makes war upon
the government of hi country from po
litical motives," and the Filipinos are
no more rebel In endeavoring to ree
our invading armies than would be tbe
inhabitants of Mexico or Turkey or
France if we should muke a similar van
dal delicto t upon their countriea.
"Ueuevoleut assimilation" is another
euphemism wbioh, In view of the number
pi dead and amount of loot recorded in
the public and private account of the
progress of our armie, i full of ''grim
Irony, lti best defined for commou
appreciation by aubstitntiag tbe word
"murderoua" for 'beucvolent" and
"theft" lor "assimilation." Hut then
those engaged in nefarious practices nl
waya like to have their guilt conceded
by pbraseologv. 80 tbe Influential
shoplifter ia a "kleptomaniac," aud tbe
wealthy gambler a "speculator." Say
tbe hottest Pistol: " 'Couvey,' the wh It
, call; 'atealt' fob; a flo for tbe phraael"
la like manner tbe "white man's bur
den" of Kipling baa beeu used aa rx
firming a duty si the white maa to
' 'carry tbe Meaning of civilnatioa and
tbrlatlatilty to tb Filipinos if w have
to kill half of them In order to do it," aa
one f tbe military advocate ol iuipr
ialism ha expressed it.
More recent teudeucUa In the Imperial
istic teruiluolgy relate to the division
of opinion at home In regard to the
Pbllmpine iuvasion. Thi who oppose
the continuant of war Bad thamavlva
branded a "traitors" br tb ImpwUI
Wtie tireas, while tboaa who favor further
bSoodoheil are rinkd a "royn'ma, In
oa view of II the jattar ia not a bad
rharartfiitteu. la our oaa 11. volu
ntary war Ihuna who stood lor the Ul
viea right ol titfortf 111. to rule ibie land
ealldtbuierlea"iiy allele and were
kMtteatla lhir drasaetaiioa ol lbs
diMlria (4 the iuat p tb giv
raei" a the beattoi tt v-timuiJ
imam. Thaaa "biyatiai" ol tl'J hat
tha sshm argaoMiMl agaiuat tha t'iltit
patriot ths lojaltuU 4 UM
aedagaiaat the Aawttea 'l(wl ol
that day, whe were 1m dn-Ur4 l be
laewpaUa ol ssll giaf m1 aad sare
t Um is 10 aaarvhy II iMr "traia
ahW U toa" Mtnel king 0f
aeald aucvMal, fcal Pomim.
U foareJiiorUI laat ! pppMai;
ta vWlka ol la;ef la tMM, t a
that ' tl taaai rMit4a toe it
uiisaa4 siUi-hkmi 4 Ida iimi m4
aelviMNkie the l'i4ta ol e h lt w
r la m'-i wMwaWtiuJsttva, etwaiivo,
ad ltdMal, std the tawjvra era ths
t a, asftl ha hw ail at; bh.,
I0,C:d Tl;l Vr;t-cr.:i
w-t rr f r-v
A .. . J . I
a farmer, but I have taken enough in
terest in politics to learn that any
which discriminate in favor of one oc
cupation and against another a a qual
ification tor holding oftlise, wuieti arou-
and foster rivalry, s'rife, aud enmity
between those of different occupation
withlo tbe name political party, Is not a
polioy likely to result in tne success 01
Muuh Durtv nor the triumphs of lis priu-
duals, It would be a clear cuse of a
house divided againet iteelf and it could
not atand. Aa well might you require a
religioua teat as a qualification lor ounce
holding, which I am told 1 prohibited
by our constitution. I am , also well
aatieflad thut lawyera are no mora re
sponalble for and have no more power
to use airalnat tbe trust than editor, I
do not think It ia tbe duty of lawyera to
aeeuoie the task of suppressing thi gi
gantic evil any more than that of gamb
ling, the social evil, or any oiber of tile
long list of crime and offeuiei enumer
ated in our atatut book.
The failure to wipe out the trust is
not due to tbe refusal of lawyer to
p.osecute them, but because tbe court
in most instances decide in favor of the
trust. And who is responsible for tne
courts? 1 believe editor have very
much more to do with determining who
hall be judge than tbe lawyer, Edit
or make and mould public opinion aud
educate the people largely in political
matter, then the people elect a presi
dent who appoint the judge of United
Mtnte courts, and It i to these that tbe
trust, combines, aud corpora t lorn turn
wheu prosecuted and from whom they
receive protection. , '
Tb logic of your editoiial would de
prive you editor of tb support of our
ourty until you change the administra
tion evud It court by changing public
Although you advocate it, I cannot
seriously lliiiik you would nave u elect
a farmer to the supreme bench this fall
and tliu out Kansas Kansas, aud I am
forced to the conclusion tbat your
article had wjiecial reference to thi con
gressional district. This ' view I
atrengthed by tbe article In tblm week's
paper entitled "The Hixth District,"
which ia signed apparently by one of
tbe numerous members of tb Johnson
family, but having no date or bin b
place attached, we can reasonably Infer
wa written In Lincoln.
1 do not think it wise for the leading
populist paper of tb state, receiving Its
support 11 om tb party, to taka sides
between loyal, capable candidates before
nomination, much less to stir up feeling
agaiust the members of any occupation
I do not bear tbo farmers of this part
of Nebraska complaining of their treat
ment by tbe party ia the matter of the
distribution of tbe officii. During tbe
first six of tb post eitrbt year tin di
trict wa represented in cougress by O,
if. Kern, a capable farmer, and th past
two year by Judge Urecue, an earnest,
eloquent advocule of the people' cause.
Of tue state official family the governor,
treasurer, secretary of state, auditor of
public accounts, and commissioner of
public land 'and building, are all
farmers, yet tbe doctor, editors, min
ister, merchants, mechanic, and other
laborer are not demanding that tbeir
particular vocations be given represen
tation before any more farmer shall be
elected, and If aiicb a scramble should
begin 1 pity the cause of tbe ieople.
It is true that in proportion to their
number there are more lawyera ia con
gress tbau Iroui tbe other profession or
vocatioua. One very strong reuaon for
tins is thut lawyers, in their experience
la tbe trial of many cases, nearly all of
which grow out of difference on account
of busluee in various line, are coin
lulled to familiarize themselves with the
detuilMol tbe business Involved In order
to enable them to present tbelr aide qf
ths ctMt properly to the court or jury
aud tbey thus acquire a practical knowl
edge of the wants and working of all
classee of bueinee, and are tberufore
competent to represent all clasMos. 'An
other reatou 1 that in proportion to
their number the lawyereuo the greater
sbnreof the campaigning. Tboir pro
fessional duties fit tliutn for this class of
work, aud It afford them aa excellent
opportunity to become acquainted
throughout their district and tney are
therefore puthed to tbe Iront.
Now, Mr. Editor, tbe margin in favor
of th reform force I not very great in
Nebraska, and we should make pruotical
and Intelligent nomination for all
office to b filled this fall it we expect
to succeed. The chanc for success will
not be enhanced by engendering friction
and antagonism between bueine voca
tion. lt us stick to our motto of
"equal right to all andapeoial privileges
to none." Let n nominate tb uno
who, if elected, will be moat useful to
our cause regard lee of their occupation,
ana inenmaka strong pull together
to elect them. Youratrulv,
L'has, W. Pahkkii,
Chairman Can, Com. Logan t'ouuty.
(Tb article complained of was pub-
lUhwdsom timssluca, but if W were to
diaeuM tb subject agala w would
ay aoa found both tha editor and th
! Thalaa-riir haro mad th
law aud th editor bars defended them
hits they wr doing It, II would
take up both pndawilous and ruaat thaw
to a dua brota. Of ewura thi dors
not apply la all lawyer cr all editor.
Uut th majority of both prohwsloa
avtwa la tha earvlea ol platwracy
tor tha last thirty laara, Thar aav
wutkedj tW pay rnrdUs ul th later
at at th eoaairy, A tot ol farmer
hv haa la the earn sort wt bieai
!hy awake th tieuae, hoaeVef, that
they did u ku aay Utur, mkkk th
laayeta and ediuir raa't, Th td
that aa Ueif hat4 tal t4 la ofa-w
t n4aka, and a hardly tbiak eAh
a thlaat aa a4f oaatadj ia thi paper (as
havaa't liat la Utuk uve the pi aad
mm), Kk alt !, thaaaiy alttir
I a, tha aitoraey gaafwl aad a tu
tor oltkw hat haaa rwsfv4 aw theai
h thaoaetititaa,)laa Mal the
lawt ati la th laU taaat gi ta dia
tnra Th tatte da tU aa tyj.
Wallet 4ohaua, t iftk U) MU,
lUwem toy tui aaai el Bst alia Mn
Jtthaaut, haeaaaat isay laat a hi aa
m tha iWeaiual pofajittt
ol WO uif
Why do the religion weekly paper
npbold McKluley'a course in the Philip
pines? Have they all gone blind ornate
tbey trying to cover up lit mistake?
Woa everaucb ailly taffy od before?
What most tbe reader of their paper
tblnk of such tuT, or i It gold that
blind tb eye, or are tbey trying to
build op tbe rotten old party tbat is fast
going to decay? It weuis so. Tbor I
an old saying tbat when a man got old
be get childish. They should pray, not
for a prophet nor a Joebua, but a few
more patriot and statesmen. They are
needed much at present,
Wby do the rich flock to MoKluley?
Wbatare they afraid ol? ! Are they
afraid of the demo-pops or Hilly Bryan?
Ail honest man make them huider.
They will b very sick if 1 am not much
mletaken before thi war end.
The republican have taught tbi ris
ing generation how to make money,
and don't you forget it. Tbey know
bow to be banker, organize trust and
corporation and how to get bond.
Farmer bow do yon like It? Bom of
you voted for it. You will get your
bar of ttmtttxc topay and tbed you
will bowl for MuKlnley, and also for the
county republican ticket thi fall. .
An old politician said: "We republi
can will bay a walkaway thi full. The
farmer will stay at horns like they did
laat full." Will the farmer do It? By
you not turning out last fall you caused
the defeat of on of the greatest patriot
tbiecouatry ever produced, a man of
tbe people, for tbe ople, and by the
people, It wo an evil day to you farm
er when Ben a tor Allen wa defeated.
The republican farmer will regret it by
and by.
Wby should a mau like Beuator Allen
who wan a friend to the farmer, tbe la
borer and soldier, be defeated by tbem
and their enemy put in power la bU
plnce7 '
The republican think they bav a
walkaway this fall? Will you Bryan
men be fooled thi fall? Ttier 1 no
doubt tbat there are omo tilver men
who are not a good a tbey ought to
bo. regular swuniwrs, aud always come
out at tb tail end which tbey deserve.
Watch tbem closely. Bettor have a re
publican than a traitor. If tbe reform
force combine and are true to one an
other,;notliing can boat them. Every
county can be carried, even Lancaster
and Cass. Will tbe Hryn men try to
redeem tholr past and turn out to the
poll and not slop at borne. That'
where we get left? A Dkmociut,
for young Mothers
Wbocan understand tha scop and
variety of a mother' duties? Hbe must
hura a knnwlndira of thanhvaicul refill Ire-
.. t. A 1.1. I.n4
-1 t v . I
and clothing and the training of hi '
. . sifi. I
moral and ethical natnro. Whether you ;
hav a good baby or a bad one, depend
very much opon the first few mouths of
bis life for bablt formed then are , not
easily broken. If you begin by rocking
bim to sleep, be will expect yoa to con
tinue to do so, and no matter bow busy
yoa may b, the chances are that be will
make it o unpleasant for you that you
will be glad to drop everything and take
him, Kabady I given hi own little
bed from the first, and placed there
whether sleeping or not, it I surprising
bow comfortably aud sweetly he will be
without the aid of singing, rocking or
other unnecessary care. The best mat
tress for tbi bed ia mode of hair, and
tbo feather pillow should be sinull and
fiat. The beet covering i a email
woolen blanket of which several should
be provided, mo tbe bed can ba kept ueat
and clean. Arrange bis bed ho thert will
be no wrinkles or lump to make bim un
Tbe baby bath is an Importantcvont
in hi existence, aud should be given
once a day. Heat the water until it U
a warm n new milk and bath him
quickly. It will not be ncesry to use
soap every day. Wipe bim dry with soft
lioeu and nave his clothing ready to put
on a oon a hi bath I finished.
The mneher milk ha always been
considered the best food for the hahy,
and if It Is of good quality and sufll ;ient
(inanity, no better diet can be devised.
But ther are thousand ol mothers all
over the country who, like myself, can
not nurse their babkw, aad lactatedfood
la an excellent substitute, 1 srwak from
experience, having ralsad three fitt,
ueal Hi y bauiea upon IU low's milk la
never safe, eeiiecially il yoa live ia ths
eity aud mat depend npoa the dairy
wagon lor your supply, loryou cannot
bo sure ttc cow ara hsalthy, noe tha
food they eat and tha water tbey drink
an what they ought lobe, I always
orepor th loo I myself mid prepare
just what U Bvaary fur a meal ai oa
tuna. After th baby is fad. th bottt
la ringed out, tha rubber turned wrong
aiita out aad thoroughly rWaaad with a
Mill bruab. There la thsa no danger ol
acidity la th tevtl. IM ant a tt-
t aay longer Ibaa I fciMrv. ehtl.f
aa aMia ba taught to drink from a sup,
wbk n m mi Mavb eaeter to lt iHa.
Atthvaga of aaoatha, a lit! heal
broth, wall fooled raw, rayo aad bar lay
gru4 araglvat aliitioa t atatad
hMht, bat vary iitli ol aneh .m4 wiaat
ba givaa at a Uom ualit ha bavoiiaaa er
iaioud to it. Da Uri ikal ba
aada aaler aa well a ool, hit tha luiW
woaih gai vary drr aad hot, aad a
dnuk nf walaf will of la q W a raallaaa
thiM wUa atthlitg sUa will.
lUby ' uta ar aot maia l.ieg
aad heavy a they wave a taw year aa.
tiarlag Iba amr a skirl thiriy laaa
a WtNiih, aa I atadw id tha laasl, ulla
aaajai la kaaaaaary l a haly kiaa tkaa
Ihraa fmth m4 tlr kt U wora a
atio ata ia aol ha kaUaard iiaaaal
iK isat ka oauaah ta raay h ta tut
trtat ul a aat paraaaat. las mtlac
tal way N aa Ja aa baadaMaM aa
deairaj. taiaa aalk la whit ur dxiieal
aVrHaiM'l allh W. ssah a haad
vat robsv aad a II rqmr a iuek
lag, at vary auajKa'taUa tiKa lint oaa,
Hiia tiati.
Bdltot taslesHHllt
I hav read tha Wile 4 II. Wait la
oaf last weak' papa. It iaeya4 say
tatavaat la law Wuk etUlWd llaaay
Chart. I want to ay about that book
that I never could get at tbe money
question to understand It to euit me un
til I read that book on the subject of
money. I bad read all that 1 could get
bold of but the little bood Money Chart
straightened it all out clear. I think it
Is worth more than all other books on
theenbjnct. If everybody, would read
Money Chart the populist party would
grow fnet and strong. -
0. W.Wot.r.
Alva, Neb., Jun 24.
Editor Independent: ? '.
Find Inclosed $1 to apply on my ub
scriptiou to the Independent, I tblnk
tbat It get better alt tb time. ".
What mean the holding of the atat
convention in the extreme eastern part
of tbe state? A a rule our people In
the wet are poor and not able to pay
railroad fare acros the atate, conaa
queutly will not be represented at tha
convention, and I fear will not b fully
represented at til poll. It they ar
deprived of having a vole la naming
candidates thy will luck interest in the
election. "Equal right to all and ape
cial privilege to nine" w&aouca the
foundation of our faith, Doe that car
dinal principle hold gooJ in compelling
tbi poor people of tbe west to pay rail
road far auroa the atate for what?
Torobapagiinattbe bam of Omaha.
The g.o.p. ha obeind aud discrimin
ated agalott our puophi in tb we (era
part ol th state ever elnrj tbe fact de
veloped that hern wat tb UfMtlog plti
and stronghold of the "oilarnity howler"
and "orctiUt," but) weexpecoed better
thing of reformers.
To mt knowledaM ws have no cindi
dtt, bat want to Ml that tbe eaadi-
date rivno l by our convention ar our
candid tw in th fallen num.
Cambridge, Nab.
Toe alitor of tbe Independent wln
favjrof locating the , atate convention
in tb wntern part of tha atat, but
when the comvitte cam to Llaoila
some of th mtmbtira carat pretty near
winaing blm over to favor Ouuba. II
must b4 oonfiwael that tby preentd
some pretty gi)0l ail logical aru-
meat. Am)ag them wa that very low
rate could belobtaiae I 00 accounted
the Om tha exposition, and that a great
many of th western rasa were la favor
of it because tbey. could attend tbe ex
poiition and tha convention at th nam
timh Ttt,,r9w4,rB';itteDjnoat
' m)in'j)r fro n t'H whc wjre
going to Oinibt
In favor of
m www -
IUUM av Tvajsvaa iuv jyugiiu avawwawwaiav
fl(J(J wjth tMt conntry la whiek
tm bot to establish for all snccaal-
ing generation tb priceless blessing of
Victoria, by tb grace of God,
queen," etc., cannot veto a measnr
passed by parliament Tb president
litis, and nee, tbe power to veto acta of
Monopoliea are illegal in England,
tier monopolies control the eiecntlva,
legislative and judicial . branches of
An English jndge cannot be bought
at any price. .
In America, judges and jnrie ar
bonght at almost any pirce. '
Tbo Bank of England issues 16, 000,
000 more notes than it has gold, al
though the notes promise redemption in
America i robbed of fl. 500.000 daily
through tbe gold standard forced oa
(ree America by monarchical England.
J. A. Kingborn-Jonos in Arena.
('ring for ll la Morals.,
Mrs. Prys "Then you are not going
yto move Into another flat, after ail.
Mrs. Wlse"No; my husband, who al
way put down the carpet, was con
verted lately, and I don't want to see
th good man backslid." Judge.
la C ipi I' g t n of dart's and bearta,
Of bll4M and of kUiea, '
It take a Mi to mk a bit, 31
Al hM h hit1! Mm.
L A. W. UulletinT
fa r I. J. t. ail 4. th. Kkhara lin
ill all iokt to biiat atttiou within
3 I ia at h fti or th r jua 1 trip.
It lura limit J &. Jk mi
uuiiLmroi muru-ciiKir tick
Taka ad vaalag of th low rata- la
far pi -i I J OO lor th roa I trip t t II u
trull, w to) is lUrlmfUia ruata ha
nnlli Ih 'UJ aatiu4 ul ti Chna
tiaa eadavjr aal gt at aboal
bail aul 00 it,
Jlv 8. l.aalSi ae tha dl nl ealo,
tWlha, le'hal aad laoraiiua aHl
Mtara luHila,aida trp Iroia Iihmii,
I,, ta Im bat at aa IMHiagtoa
H )! IWkat iirflja. (I, W, .iai v.
i r. T. A.
Halaamt rata ta Oatah ailliilf
frwat Mata oa th lUriiagtoa It aa
wiihlw IVIaaiWavd thalalty dariaa) lha
aura Kai4 id tha lira Aaata
KitMiaiiHia. ahi aw Jly aat
ilwIMW 11.
Tfefwwilt Im threw 4ilral Had ad
l,a lu Tatar, whka wdt tta I4
at 4 af td dwU tha aaw-aat
tat aa Dt iVasra, tha rata tW whWh
ill Its aa tar M tha rmaaJj lHf
I pa aaat mi mI Taaaaiaja,
l:aaM Taaata. whwlj will ha
a aU tUlardav aad h Kaadty tfi
da la Oeaaha Us I tai a 4Hm
lr lv lha ron4 trip,
), 'a4i,
a. r. a, osasJms .!.
Kites to PnaU a Stataa.
When the statue of Benjamin. Frank:
lin in front of the Philadelphia post
office la unveiled numerous kite of
huge size will be attach :d to tho can
vaa covering of tbe statu and through
tbe agency of theee kite and by
mean of intricate electrical' appliance
the statu will be unveiled without
any apparent human or mechanical as
sistance. Justus C. Strawbridge, who
bean tbe entire cost of th statue,
117,200, aad will present It to th city,
conceived tha idea several year ago
at a dinner, after listening to a
speech in which It was pointed out
that there was no memorial bronx to
Franklin In that city. ;
: falaonry a Costly Hobbv. ,
Falconry, which ha now been taken
up by tb young ducbefs of Marlbor
ough and by several other women of
wealth and distinction, both' in Eng
land and oo th continent, is a very
costly hobby, even the most ordinary
bawks used for falconry costing as
much as 1000 apiece. , They requir
most careful attention and it is difficult
to get men qualified to take charge of
tbem under a salary of 1,000 a year,
It is tb most scientific and difficult
of all sports and differs n t's from
th others tbat It can b followed la
on form or another all the . year
' Jewel ol Miss Vp-to-Data, , ,
On need only to take a passing
glanc into th Jewel box of tb up-to-date
girl to see tbat her Jewelry forms
no small part of tha beautiful belong
ings of her wardrobe. For morning
and afternoon wear there are beautiful
rtickpin of tvery Imaginable shape,
wrought In every coacelvabl malarial.
Where on can, however afford to bav
th stones correspond In color with
th object which th pin is lntende1
to represent the result is doubly 'ef
fect! v. r
Tliey Mkad Bad.
Th catbird has an ev for color, and
If there is a piece of red flannel lying
around anywhere they can get at you
will see tbem pounce upon ft' with an
eagerness that is comical. No matter
bow big tb piece U, if they can man
age it at all tbey will do'ubl it and
twist it until they get it Into such a
shape tbat tbey can fly away with it
to lin a pretty nest for tb baby cat
birds. W ' ,' Ilallatonas.
'The organism of hailstones hav
t.;en Investigated on two occasion by
F, C, Harrison, a Canadian bacteriol
ogist, who ba found numerous bac
teria and molds, Including a bacillus
and a coccus hitherto undeacrlhed. Tb
character of th germ confirm Uuj
wld's theory tbat surface water is car
ried up by storms and frozen, pro
ducing hall.
What Thar Weed, '
"I want to' tell you, my deah breth
ren," said Deacon Johnslng to his flock
at prayer meeting, "dat In dene days of
chalnless bikes, (lossless kerrldges, an'
sicb, dat what we, need fo' d glorifica
tion of da cullud1 folkses am chicken
lens coops, razzerless pah ties, melon
less'patches, an' crapiess games. Does
yo' follow me?"--Harper's Dazar.
I That Haa III(li r:noub.
1 Father What! another dressmak
er's bill? My dear glrly, you should
fix your mind on something higher
than dress. Daughter So I have, pa
pa. I've got my mind fixed on a love
of a hat In a downtown milliner's win
dow, and just think, It's only 110.38.
You'll get it for me, won't you, papa,
Tarrlbla Anger of Woman.
Th woman wa furious. "Do I hat
her?" ah shrieked. "Do I bate her?
At thla moment 1 felt as if I could
pasa ber house without looking Into
ber front window to sea If she had any
new things In her pariorf" Anger with
a woman ia terrible. Detroit Journal
Meat YalaaMa Amerlraa Cula, ,
In tbe rstimatloa of coin ro.iectors
the most valuable of all th American
eolna today ta th perfect sliver dol
lar of 101. Tb highest auction prtr
Is f 1,000. and there Is a recorii of f 1,200
having been paid for on at a pri
vate sal. .
Waaaaa takaawa Ikara.
Thar is a monantery at Hi. Ilonorat.
oa aa Island near t'nii. I'rtnc.
which haa tkUtsd sine I fu irth ra
lury. tHirtng th fmrtn ranturl
tar It ws built no woina ha vt
bea allowed to ntr it walla
taaapla t alvalallwa.
Msoinu- lieaata, bow tusaf !tar
hat your aw pUruuia?
haa oa. mmuni. II triad la fai
by llaa that h h4 laa hlf lUra.
hat b dtda I know that had tiadlad
A Waaaaa't Hatvata.
"Why dtl jrua i(f tir shuselai
hag allh waal farf l aoi ,
11 ta alih ttkavt hishaav rt.bhar H
a ver li hi alfhiitf uut
ala"-riMU I'lsta twalar.
tVMatwa . lata.
Tb tttpwtaiMta ! ttMia U a
af i4 aa4 !. Th a!Ha
af Saw Tmh I a ! rii J
laaaaea-Ncw Ywh IVsaatsrcUl At
4MiaM I ,
ArtiliUt llki W r la
ia rirn ri u. t in y
Mad In Ih rlat. Wh wart 1
th hfilUat af thai Vm, 1
" ' or '.
(Charter No. 518 ) V
At Hallam, ia the atate of Nebraska,
at tbe close of business Juue 19, 1800:
v- aKsoirucics. . '
I.nKDi and illaaoaata : 4,M.44
Banklosnuoaa furaltsr ! . .
flstorsa 1,800.00
Carwiit aipaoaas and taxes
paid , !
Psalroia Natlosal, Mtata aud . ....
irlvata Hnoia asd llankera , 1MI0.4N
faah onrrnijf, ,.,.,,.,I,8M).(W
M(klU(lliU , 117 . ,
Ouiitcoia ... l,?e o
Tal at ab oa baud ...j. I.39M7
ToUJ , ,$1,IS.TI
" utBtums.
Capital utocipalU la ,,.,S,0M.l)0
Uaillvldad prusia..,,, w w
Inillrldual (JapodlU ul))ot to
rbaek MI07T
l)(iniai)(prHrtoaiao((i(ioie l.luOtMl
lima wrtlSuauwi of dvpoalt,,.. ,te.00 11,66,77
Total, ,,.,..,..."...,., ilv,IW0.78
Stat of Nahraaka, 'utility of Lsscaatar, MM,
I, Jobs t. Mayar, Oitiblr, of tbe alxiva samad
bank, do aolaailf awaar that tk bov utata-
mvst la trtia to tlia beat 01 mf koowuiok asa
SttMtl John , Hint, fllraetor, Uarbard Kip.
p.o, liw,r, RubwrlliiMl asil iwnru to bafor
ma tbl SHItb Say of Jnna, IWW.
( Maal ; O. II, kIjiiaak, notary r s,
My aomnilaalon aspire April t, Met,
Rooms 42-43-44,
A full set of teeth ........5 to 10
Urlrfge teeth, jier tooth and
crown,,.,..,., ...... 0 101 o
We administer ge,
Dr. IDsF.Siixis
Cures without
Pain One of the bctt
' ' feature! of the
MMSigg Pile Cure.'
Tb Rlgg Pit Cur cure all forma ol
Pils without on particle of pain. Thla
desirable point if not obtained by th
ns of Injurious opiate, which simply
paralyse and deado tb norvo of tb
porta and mak matter worst in tha
org run, bat it la don solely by it r
markabl ballng and soothing affects,
and wbll it tbo give immediate rllef,
at tb aro tin,, tb dlseas is sot
merely cbeckd bat a radical cor is rap
idly accomplished.
Tb point w want to mak dear la
that all this la don without a partial
of pain. Tbi fact is on great rtaaoa
wby tb Il'gg Pit Cur Is so popular.
Price 60 cont per box.
Lincoln, Neb.
Under Fuuk Oira House, Nortbt
Cor. 12tb and 0 Hta. .
Koom 17, 18, ,1, Barr 11,,-ftl,. MaK
Bit Phonos eos son. miwuui,ni6ii
Are You GoiDfl; to Los Angeles ,
Only 152,00 for round trio vlaOreat
Rock Island Itoute. Tbe Kansas and
Oklahoma delegations bav decided to
start on Tbursdav, July 0th. Train
leaves Lincoln 3;.'l( p. m. arriving at
Colorado Hprlngs 7:35 a. m. Friday.
One day will be apentin thla beautiful
city. The rout of tbi personally con-
dueled excurslou I via ureal UocK
Islaud Itoute, Itoyal (lorge, Tennease
Pass. Canon of the Grande, Ulenwood
Bprlng and Halt Lek City, wher w re.
main Hunday. Person anticipating
thi trip should make their application
for aloeping rar reacrvation early aa
poaaible. Pullman's latest duaigned
tourist leeDlna curs have been assigned
for thla busiaeee. Only 15 00 for double
lower berth to Ui AiiK' iw, t al. Double
berth will araoinodat two peraona. For
further Information writ K, V. Thomp
sou, A. 0. I. A T. ! , Tojieka, Kaaaaa,
who will aend yon a guio and onvenir
ol the trio.
A f hanco
oms money
by i!rnH'inii m l
oul rrtl,
atkinif lor
Ceulotfu tnvt Prlcet.
Coot) itndrtl new Org4fi
$4 ant up,
nir.KiiuiKo. innt
nosl onus: