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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated ' .'
k VOL. XI. v ; LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, THURSDAY JUNE 99'-'i899- ' " '" : ": '. " v ' ''-NO.--
1 " ' ' - v - -
Va4 HtllnUr th Halted States
eminent Baas Behind 9300,000)000
la om Tear.
f The Chicago Record, a scab paper, It
od the News beiog the only two nab
dailies la the city, keep one of the moet
accomplished, skillful, expert aod adroit
liar in the anion in lu service at Wash
ington. Not long since be wrote up an
aoooont of the wonderful revenue pro-
booing qualities of tbe Dingley bill.
That etory was copied into all tbe great
cold bug dailies and now tbe mullet
beads all firmly believe Ibat tbe Dingley
bill Is tbe salvation of the country. On
last Friday the associated Press sent
out a statement of tbe condition of tbe
revenues that the. Record stuck away in
the moet inconspicuous place In the
paper. It was as follows:
"Wanhinirton. I). C. June 21,-It Is
regarded as a conservative estimate
that the treasury deficit for tbe fiscal
year 1890, which closes ton days beuoe,
will be lees than ILOO.OOO.OUU. Already
the receipts lor the year aggregate over
1498,800,000, barely .$100,000,000
more witb ten days, , judging
from past years, of heavy receipts yet
to be accounted for. Up to this date
the customs receipts amount to over
1200.400.000: from internal revenue
4263,550,000 was realised, and from
mieoellaneous sources there was received
30,600,000. The total receipt from
,all sources last year amounted to f 405,.
4)21,8R, while tbe expenditures aagre
gated 9448,808,082, leaving a deficit of
From tbe closest calculation that can
now be made, tbe war revenue act, which
with tbe exception of a few items, went
into effect July 1, 1808, will realize for
the year a llttlejees than 1100,000,000.
Tbe expenditure up to this time aggre
gate about f 600,000,000. 01 this
amount 1228.000,000 wiia paid out on
requisitions from tbe war department,
J 04,000,000 on account of the navy,
189,000,000 on account of pensions
and nearly $40,000,000 on account of
interest on tbe public debt; 912.676,000
was paid to tbe Indians and 9117,290,.
400 waa disbursed on civil and mieoella
neous account. On account of tbe war
witb Spain and the Filipinos the expen
ditures this year are estimated at 9280,
000,000." v
It will be noticed that there Is one
little Item that the Associated Press
jailed to mention. It Is only a small
item of 9200,000,000, but It ought to
bave been mentioned. McKinley sold
and put into tbe genoral fund 9300,000,.
HM). of bonds! Add that to 9100,000,.
OOO &aflelt and some idea may be ob
tained olf where e are at." Tbe Ding
ley bill basVoduoed 9200,400,000 of
revenue and or expenses bave been
more than 9000,000,0001
It will be well to note thefuct that
the government Is paying 940,000,000
a year for interest. Since McKinley
came into office tbe annual Interest
charges against the United States have
been increased 90,000,000 and we bave
an actual deficiency of 1300,000,000 In
one yearl There is financiering for youl
What does all this mean? It means
another issue of bonds and another Q,
000,000, added to the Interest charges
that the people will have to pay.
There has never been a time since the
foundation of tbe government was laid
that tbe money question was of such
vast importance to tbe American people
as it Is today. Talk about the silver
question being deeI! Call upon us to
aorrenderl We answer in tbe words of
Fa.'l Jones when the British captain
wanted bim to haul down bis flag; "We
bavn't begun to fight yet,"
la commenting upon this state of
affairs tbe State Journal remark as
"Tbe balancing of IJoole Barn's books
for tbe second year of the Dnngley reve
nue act has complete! oixwt t belabored
calculations o tbe democrats and allied
Iretie-rs anJ Ihr revenue from the act
baa produced a comfortable surplus
over tbe ordinary eipeuen uf lbs treas
ury." Is it any wonder I that the meuwho
rely upon the Journal for tbV Informa
tion are notoriously tbe atoet. ignorant
at In the ett of Nebraska? Can any
one be much surprised that the mullet
bead throng lb street of Macula and
every here that tbat paper circulates?
to Tar fartl wiu IUM te la
O Ae. tlM. M
Tbe three part, the dim-raU, Us
pp:tts aI Ikv tl?t repaMieaaa, will
bald tk4r slat umit at Otaaka
a tU same day, Awgt SI. and las
oatatlttM tfflvi are ltrM t
tbeai Im that lime aa4 14 Tlta
WW4 by tbe tbrea eiata ceatral mm
cU!4 lal TbrUy,
TbesoejMtUieea ae a.tMf, tbe
diniiala al lbs state Imm w Ike ata
V eaaailer, tbe rrlta aad aMvet r
aakM at U I -! kuM, Tkere
aa a allM4aa tbaa weaal 4
tie eMMMaaip 4 tbe MaiMiiiM M4 a
number of active party workers not
members were present from out in tne
The democratic committee In the ab
sence of Chairman Dablman waa presid
ed over by J. J. O'Connor of Douglas,
Tbe Democrats voted for Omaba aa tbe
place of holding tbe conventions and
suggested tbat September 6 would be an
aooeptab'a time.
W. II. Thompson is recommended by
the stata central committee for chairman
of tbe democratic convention.
Tbe populist committee waa presided
over by Chairman Oaffln, and tbe silver
rspuDiicans oy unairman J. n, JLyman.
The DODUlist committee voted for Orand
tsland and tbe silver republicans for
Llnooln aa the olaoe for holding tbe con
ventloua. Conference committees ' were
appointed and tbe result of this confer
ence was that all three agreed to the sel
ection of Omaha as tbe place and Aug
ust 22 as tbe time. The time first fav
ored by tbe populists was August 15,
and tbe time finally agreed upon waa In
enecc a compromise.
After the business of locating and tlx
Ing times for tbe conventions, the mem
bers of tbe three committees met touetb
er on the Invitation of the populists aod
Chairman Oaffln called Lieutenant Gov
ernor Gilbert to preside oyer tbe joint
meeting, i ne latter in tailing tne cnair,
acknowledged tbe recognition of the sli
ver republicans In bis Dersoo aui said
that they should be called anti-rvuubli
cans, as tbey bad burned tbeir bridges
Dentna tnsm. ,
The three oommlttees wer addressed
by Mr. Bryan and W. If. Iiarvey on the
political conditions and outlook,
Thursday night tbe Funk opera bouse
was filled with an audience made up of
memoers oi tne tnree committees, orom.
inent (unionists from over tbe state, and
oltleens of Llnooln and Lancaster, county
ta bear Coin Harvey's lecture on "Law
ana uvinxauon."
Tbe Independent wants to give a word
of warning to reformers, Tbe next pros
identfal campaign which is now on aod
will continue to grow bot and hotter
until November 1890, is bound to be
one of great bitterness. Tbe success of
Dryan means a great change in tbe his
tory of tbe world and economic condi
tfons, not in this country only, but
over the whole clvllliod world. Flu too.
racy will make a gbt for life and there
will be no conscience in the figlit. Be
careful about giving credence to reports
of divisions among reformers. Tbe plu
tocratic press will make tbe most of
them There will be differences of opln
Ion among tbem as .there always is
among earnest men. There bave been
such differences in tbe past. Bat tbey
will stand by tbe cause, This game has
already been begun by tbe circulation of
storius to the fffiict that Holcomb, Ed
m let en and Gaffln are at swords points.
There Is not a word of truth In it. If
there has been any misunderstandings.
tbey have all been settled and this trio
of Ighters will (all stand shoulder to
sbouldor In the coming battle, fighting
side by side.
The presence of John M. Thaver at
Tekamah recently, reminds us of a irood
Joke on bim a few years ago. lie is a
grand old man in some respect but In
otbere he is narrow minded. It was
when be was governor and Col. , Warner
was U, 8. Indian agent tor tbe Omaha
and Winnebago Indians. Tbe Indians
bad been mode citizens and tbey thought
it was lota of fun to vote. eeDeciallv
those who sold their vote for 92, but
wbea tbe assessor went around to nesem
their personal property tbe fun ' all die-
appeared and a deifgatlon went down
to Lincoln to protest to the o-overnor
against paying taxes. Governor Thay
er thought this waa a good chance to
pay on an old political score, so be told
the Indians to go borne and tell Col.
Vsrnr to soak bis bead, tbat they wr
not eitiseus and could not b taxed. To
this Col. Warner made a ecborvhlng re
ply, stating that evry wiLuulUiy uugbt
to know about the paeaageof the Dawes
bill, let alone the governor of a great
state like Nebraska. Thayer wrote aa
nHilogy, pleading ignorauee of tbe pa.
HUM III I KA bill. it II I ll Wl. ttmmm knn.iil.
ating to go to the ladiaae and plead br
oraw ui iM-gri taiaer ai Mneoln."
ll took a loan lima la Mtrmt tha -..
age dune by tfcU ptoa of igantaae. We
aav ine governor a Mtr of apology ia
our " ma Ihjim U Kit (..
dalai.- Ijoee Mirror.
The marrtag at Mia XlrrtU L rtkreva
olihltwiy to Dr. Frank tl
HI, little, waa ebbrat4 o la eve
legal Ik list at tk r4d of Mr.
and lira. J. It ftkm eoraee f lgth
aad M,
Tk arid ha aa aaaaaall UM i.
tl Irwath, ( Uy aina tk reform
atrwa, le sloatrpW i Mr.
Hrf n't a as oanaatd
aad tttihhartMt a hm
fkersdatta thai amaorafeU .
paiga, la briy Uu4-epNt but
ul w taker a ill kJl. k u l..
m aM la rif Ul.
RltMMaiaaiaalm .1 k-
getlicj y BMsfcawf sbrta, ,
. mmmammmmmm
thm Political Rolanc KoatbJjr thews That
the Whole Scheme Is a Ftnt-OlaM
''' Fraud,
Then is a very able article In Apple-
ton's Popular Science Monthly by Rus
soil Smith, entitled tbe Philippine Islands
and American Capital. Mr. Smith says;
That the Philippine Islands are of
vaiue as a place lor investment is an uu
explained generalization that is now
being used to tempt business men. Tbe
Idea tbat the Phlllpplnee are of immense
importance to us as a new neia lor our
industrial developments, depends upon
two assumptions! "First, that ws need
to go beyond the bounds of the United
States.) Second, tbat the Philippines
offer the best available field for tbe satis
faction of tbat need.
As to tbe first assumption no one ever
thought of it until we beard tbe boom of
uewey's guns. Uefore tbe battle of Ma
nilla a suggestion tbat we should take
tbe Philippines and RECEIVE 920,000,.
000 as a bonus we would have deemed
The idea has crept into some minds
mat we need more land to develop, and
tbat we must find it in tbe eastern hem
isphere. Examination of tbe internal
oonditlon of tbe United States does not
Indicate such need. Our exoortsarean
index to our condition. In 1872 ws ex
ported merchandise to the value of
avio nnn nnn, i i ana .u. i..
swelled to 91,230.000,000, an Increase
oi 00 per cent no European nation
has shown such Drosresa despite their
colonial empires, tbeir armies and navies,
tbeir chartered companies, their, spheres
oi innuence ano ail tnetr eiaoorate para
phernalia, we competing witb tbem in
their own markets. We bave persued a
policy opposite to theirs and are out
stripping tbem in tbe race for a share of
tne world's trade. It is not compatible
witb Industrial wisdom to change and
adopt the policy of our less successful
rivals just as,tbe success of our own pol
icy is being fully, demonstrated.
There is no reason why the progress
of tbe United States should be checked.
England has demonstrated the fact tbat
tbe nation tbat has tbe Iron and coal is
tbe commercial mistress of tbe world.
Tbe United States Is continuing and will
continue tbat demonstration. England
nas less tnan uuu square miles of much
need coal lands and she sets her iron
ore from Spain. We bave over 200,000
square mil of untouched coal land;
l ine last United States census outs coal
lands at something more than 225,000
square miles,) and an almost continuous
Ded oi iron ore, reaching from lake On
tario to Alabama. Besides this great
ore bed is tbe Appalachian coal field.
Witb coal mines In evenr state between
New York and Alabama and there are
mountains of Iron ore in Missouri and
Michigan. Tbat gives tbe United States
steel, and machinery. Iron and coai
are tbe basis of all manufacturing Indus
ery and continued attention to them
will BTlve ns control of the trade of the
world. There are many lines of Internal
developement tbat are hardly yet bognn.
Irrigation Is an example of this. Tbe
report of John W. Noble, secretary of
the interior in 1891, said: "120,000,
000 acres tbat are now desert may be
redeemed by irrigation so aa to produce
cereals, fruits and garden products pos
sible in the climate where the lands are
located." This Is an era nearly twice as
large as tbe Philippine ialands and is
open to the American settler, while there
is an indication that the Philippines
may be inacceseable on account of tbeir
climate. Moreover tbey are four times
aa densely populated aa tbe United
Mr. Irwin has said: "Tbat to capital
seeking investment in a large way, Irri
gation enterprises in tne west offer a
most solid, lucrative and temptlog field."
Secretary Noble said: "No one can now
oompute tbe money value that will con
centrate In these reservoir and canals
and ditches, carrying water to the flolds
of the hnebandman and upon which tbe
people must depend for belr prosperity."
The whole article ia based noon tbe
strongest reasoning. It completely de
molishes the claims that Ws need tbe
Philippines for tbe investment of Auwri-
oaa capital. Thousands of enterprise
arc asking for capital in these Ualtml
8 (a tee tbat proinla far Utter and more
wtan returns tbaa anytblBa iw M
be found ia tbe Philippine. Thaol,l-t
of this war Is not to al a id to l...
vest Amerloaa capital, bat to vet a uUm
where a few thousand office holders oaa
go and draw big salarUsv Tb it la all
there Is to lu
Of all mea la tbe Fait! KtaU at the
prettt mouieat, probably Joba Uarretl,
toratar railed fttatea atiaaiis a Hiaw,
Is Iks oa b qaabfUl by pmoaal
ba!!r to 4mnm lb PktlipNa .
atioa, Mr, Harrelt bas spsai the past
lvyrlatk kreaet. Mon
tbe paaib war ke kad trarM over a
large prtka uf Laioa and bad tUiud
tk ktlasj tt tkv Pkiiippia grtspa,
Tks lotlolag U Ihm, m mkm
sk by Mr. Varratt It I mk frat a4
vaaabiaaf tUUevkw 4 Kevte
kf Jalyi
Tkgvrsw kbb arglM.
by Agaiaaido al t avlt 4 ewatiaued
rM ai Kakar aad lalat Maluhw
vidiiMaMTk ila,tat.
tatr lbaa He auat antwa ento
bad arytaally MtpwlsU, tte tk Mktau
Uaii4.iaa vosgm tul aw k
would compare in behavior, manner.
dress and education witb the average
men of tne better classes ol other Asiatic
nations, possibly Including the Japanese.
These men, whose sessions I repeatedly
attended, conducted themselves with
great decorum and showed a knowledge
oi debate and parliamentary law tbat
would not compare unfavorably with
the Japanese parliament. Tbe execu
tive portion oi the government was
made up of a ministry of bright men
who seemed to understand their res mo
tive positions. Each general division
waa subdivided witb reference to praotl
oal work. There was a large foroe of
under secretaries and clerks, who ap
peared to be kept very busy with rou
tine labor.
The army, however, of Agulnaldo was
tne marvel oi his enlevements, us
bad over 20 regiments of comparatively
well-organised well-drilled, and well
dressed soldiers, carrying modern rifles
and ammunition. I saw many of these
regiments executing not only regimental
but battalion and company drill with a
precision tnat astonished me. uertainiy
as far as dress was consented tbe com
parison witb the uniform of our soldiers
waa favorable to tbe Filipinos. Tbey
were oflioered laritolv. except In the
blgber positions, with young men who
wore ambitious to win honors and were
not morely snow flghtors. The people
in all tbe different towns took areat
pride In this army. Nearly every family
bad a father, son. or cousin In it. Wher
ever tbey weot tbey roused enthusiasm
tor tne niiplno cause, ine impression
made upon the inhabitants of tbe In
terior by such displays can be readllv
appreciated. Agulnaldo and bis princf.
pal lieutenants also mads frequent visits
to tbs principal towns and were received
with the same earnestness that ws show
in greeting a successful president.
Along with tbe army there was a Red
Cross association, at the bead of which
were Aguloaldo's mother and wife.
There were quartermaster and commis
sariat departments which ware well
quipped, in view of tbe lack of experi
ence of the men In charge. The Ameri
can who thinks for a moment tbat we
were or have been flirbtinir a dlsonran-
Iced foroe labors under great error. It
would be difficult to Imagine the aim
ol any European country being in better
shape to flgntus than tbat of Agulnaldo
at the time of tbe outbreak on February
4, witb the conditions of climate and
country favoring tbem.
Tb Senator Sayt That the gtat Jonraal
rabllahed stuff That It Knew tab Ltos
A writer In one of the roagaclnef says
tbat tbe conscience of a newspaper is
reflected in IM editorial columns. Tbat
being tbe case, it bas set some men to
gueesing what kind of a conscience tbe
State Journal baa. Some say that It
bas an India rubber conscience, some
tbat it is boiler plat and some that; It
baa none at all. It is probable tbat tbe
latter guess is the correct one. The
articles tbat It hat recently published
about Senator Allen go a long way to
ward demonstrating that It haa no con
science. Tbe constant publication of
falsehoods, at lust Incited tbe Seuator
to make a reply In which he rotted tbat
outfit to a dun brown. He sent tbe let
ter to the Journal, but as far a this
writer knows it was never allowed to see
tbe light lu its columns. A copy of It
was given tbe Madison Star aud from
tbat paper we clip it.
Hon. C. A. Gere, Editor Nebraska
State Journal, Lincoln, Neb. Dear Sir:
I haveuet been shown a Journal of the
10th Inst, containing a leading editorial
entitled "A 'Windy' Land Grab," in
which, among other thing, It ia said
that "tbe Broken Bow land office
noticed tbat ex Senator William V. Allen
was entering two or thive quarter sec
tions ol land pr day in tbat district un
der tbe provisions of the reservoir act."
The editorial discusses tbe wrongful
ness of suob a transaction and animad
verts upon it in . anything but compli.
mentary terms.
Tou also publish! a statement a few
days ago to the effect tbat I bad been
employed aa attorney for Sheriff Parget
of Daaoa county, ana was to defend bim
In tbs Moral court aa-ainst aa indict
meat nailer Keetion 5455 ol the revised
statutes of lb United State. I did not
aU our attoutiua I Ut UUity ol tUm
statement, because I bad previously
denied It la a letter to the Omaba Urn,
tb coaU-nt of wbicb I etppoevd you
knew at tb tin of your own public
tlua; but I ! not now permit either
ol theae states! to go aaoballenged
layourowa olumaa, if you ar lair
inoagb to wi to pablutb tbi deaial.
The oaty land holding 1 have, aside
from my law In ihi etty, ar ia Aal
kp and Mrt4loa count al a ball
Uteres! la a quartet eevtioa ia blaaa.
These lead purchased ol private
parti sow yer ego, and arv. antor
tuaately, eb)et to sua tudbtda.
I bav every r to Mlere thai la
wrtlerol lb editwriai, la which I sail
your alUatloa. kaew al lb tlm of lis
trudwtwta.ihal tbr wa awl a aria
ill of trtb la it, aad Ikal II waeeu
stated b aada4ty a4 publia4 far
la sole par p mb i ipreta pua Ike
luiadt of I" k du not prolty
kaow eae aad who do awl katae
trail, thai I am eaaw t a kad ee
la edf ta reeat v4r art la VmUtt
Im la las law. Tk atltiaeml aiu aaj a,
"tk ll eeaaloe ba bmm bia laat
k kavw what was bt bv iMtg al.
rdy oa b ow lail Iruta amy to
lou aari uadev lb a i at.4 ao
watMa euMM lH,lhw u ( al !
twNtaioa kerilag lur be a beif't
bad Nrtkvi r. " kalaee lb art wtil ral'
gtt ai body a vested riflkl of Mreaaa-
a l a prubiHMatireJ, Us I tbe
.I a wtlh wkkb tbia dietltek4
I a. l.. W. , .
et aaav-iA BSBxBaBl mmmmmmmmmmMWmmM9mWmm
is gatbsrlng to himself all tbs govern'
ment lands In the Broken Bow district
bas certainly surprised and even alarmed
the natives;" and you add, "there Is a
portenttous ben on, or 'windy' is a
I have nothing to say of your seem'
Ingly unbroken habit of referring to me
In a disparaging and sneering manner,
If that practice accords witb tbe ethics
of Journalism, and satisfies your sense of
lairness due a oltlxen or the state, you
are at liberty to continue it; but when
you charge me with entering lands under
tne reservoir, or any other act of con
grass, I feel at perfect liberty to ask yon
to maks a correction and to publish my
denial In as oonspiolous a place In your
paper, and give It aa wide circulation as
you have given the falsehood. Let me
say to you, In as broad and unqualified
language aa I am capable of using, tbat
I bave not entered and do not own a
fool of government land, nor bave I
boon concerned, through the member
ship of otbers,in entering or owning gov.
eminent land, or any interest tuenin.
and tbe statement that 1 have entered
or am entering government land lea
mere notion, set afloat by yon, a I be-
neve, tor the purpose ol injuring me in
the estimation of those who do not know
the truth, by causing them to believe
was i am engaged in a quosuonapie
ltespeetlog your statement tbat. while
occupying a position on the bench, 1
have been employed to defend Sheriff
t'argen. l have to say tbat It is squally
falss and I believe equally mendacious,
Nothing bas been aald or dona tbat
would give rise to evsn a suspicion of
tbat kind. Tbert lias never been any
communication between the sheriff and
myself. I have not been asked to dufend
bim, nor navs I volunteered to do so. I
know quite aa well as vu or any other
editor possibly could know, that I bave
no right to defend bim, and that to do
so would be a violation of my duty and
the propriety ol the office l occupy. Tbs
truth ol tbs matter is tbat a few weeks
ago, In exchanging for like services in
Antelope Ofiuuty, l held a term til court
for Judge Wet lover at Cbodron. I there
lound two soldiers of tbe regular army
indicted and In Jail charged with break
ing and entering a dwelling in tbe day
time in violation to the statute, Tbey
were tried to a Jury convicted and son
tenced to the penitentiary for one year,
and tbey are now serving tbeir sen
tences. Tbat was tbs beginning and
the ending of toy connection with the
enss, with the 'single exception tbat I
Issued a citation for, Luogborn, the ad
jutant of the post, for contempt in inter
fering with the lurisdlction of tbs court
over tbe prisoner by trying to Intimi
date tbe sheriff into a violation of bis
duty, to release them before tbey had
been tried: but Langborn left tbe state
before service of the citation could be
be bad upon biro. I venture to remark
tbat there is not a Jurist or lawyer In
tbe state, whose legal opinion Is of any
value, who will not say to yon unhesi
tatingly tbat Lbad Jurisdiction ovsr tbs
subject matter of tbat transaction, and
tbat tbs citation was properly issued.
Now, on tbe strength of this simple fact,
without knowing tbe truth or making
tbe slightest Inquiry respecting it, you
publish In yeur paiier and send broad-
oast tbe statement that, in violation of
my duty as a Judge of tbs district court,
1 appeared, or am to appear, as couueel
for the sheriff, and defend him In tbe fed
eral court. I believe that I am not go
ing too far when 1 cay you knew the
statement was untrue, as you also knew
tbe statement that i was entering gov
ernment lands in ths Broken Bow dis
trict!, or elsewhere, wo untrue.
Heretofore I have not supposed It
possible tbat your partisanship was so)
strong as to leaa you to intentionally
mlrrepresent one whom you might dls
liks personally, or whoea political opin
ions are distasteful to you but it would
seem that you aeixs apon the slightsst
pretext to mUreprfsent ma beforstbs
people of this star. I am at loss to
understand bow, as ths editor of public
Journal having a general circulation In
I be state, and outside too, you feel at
liberty to publish these false etateuieut
concerning me. You know thatfmy rea
idenoe isolates ma to some extent, tbat I
have no organ to represent ny views or
to explain tb truth, or to contradict
ths statements yon make about me, and
therefore I suppos you fel at libertv to
pulilUh and put la circulation any tb lug
that, may come into your mind, or Into
the minds of those who writ tne Jour
nal's edlioriale. regard) of tbeir truth
folaity, Kab tlabl ere, f
eouree, scattered through tbe stats re-
ullcaa pre, ar aevwr contradicted
v rou or them, aad am permitied lo
eiteatly do their deadly work. Yoa mm
lo b twrleetly willing, ia oroef to ae-
eomplUb yoir Mititat eade, tbat 1
should b regarded by my Ml eitiieae
a poaw, by no sea ul the Btaee ol
thlngi or i.l Ik proprietej of libs
You evea earry Ibl attack lo tk extent
ol wakla 0paragiBgly ofmyprofe.
aiunal MpaaJty and qJiaalka,
The editor iaetiief 4 ta Journal aad
myself served sad tk aaaat gear at or
ibaaathird ula eaiary . h ik
eipreae pur woe that w. la eoejaio
with war billow rttise, aitgtt aavt a
aalte4oatry ia kab every maa,
aad child shoaUlb permltied,
Ithtiwl atuieatalkat. ta huUI cb Mia-
eiil of gov! a fttlgkl I laess
se prvpee, ao loag a lky y tebk4 sW
iiik tti is iasiiaMtui taw ti IM
Uad. Aad , he t Ibe trv
oltkatngM, t kept la disagre i'k
yo teopectiBg paw holwie a4 paUt
alair aad do t traia aa4 la sas
fMlttMNkl baf with ya, ant lob
eke advasueg of la lb eoUax al
yoar pap, aMHJai, h4 t rtl
sul vf rate aa aaatb, aaad
eM Mas, aad taHi asianiaated.
I ak fit ia ratra aad aW to
glv ist wltef as ut,w a plea
a yoaraduurtal pasw t bav gtt
Ib4elleat t ! I kat rlt4
oar slteMtkta, Very MM-laity,
Hews of the VcjS
Tbs First did not start borne on tba
22d aa waa promised, but a cablegram
cams tbs first of tbs week saying tbat
they were going aboard ship. No notice
that the ship bas sailed bas been re
ceived. Tba conditions in tha Phillnnln i
to be worse than ever. Otis only claims
tbat ba controls strip of territory
about fifteen miles aids around Manila
and of codrss tbat strip, which ba beta
fought over two or three timet, produces
nothing to sustain tbs people, Otis baa
been sharply criticised because be baa
not asked for mors troops. It must
however be taken Into consideration
tbat tba supplies, not only for tba army
but for tba 150,000 inhabitant of
Manila must be brought six or aavsa
thouiaud miles and tba question of sub
sistence Is a very gravs oos Indeed. Bo
pressing ba tbls become, tbat tbe laat
telegrams from Otis states tbat b baa
been forced to opto many porta to trais
notwithstanding tbat tb Insurant!
will greatly profit by It.
It would ba tbs height of folly to wtz i
mora troops to tbs Pblllpplass ut:i r " .
slstonos bad been provided fir then : 1
tba Inhabitants. Tbat thing will pr:ri
a berculenlau affair. Wa would U- t3
have some Imperialistic eiitor tell bow
tb thing is to be done, Tbs peopl cf
Manila are on ths verge of starvation tey
Ar wa to make It a reoonosndo erp,
by the aide of which the work of f7c?!cr
lo Cuba would be as a flea to aa eJfjrt- -'.?
Tbe question grows bigger svxry i:y.
Tb Inbabitnata of tbIar c!ty cf
Manila mutt bo fed. There la no q:ua
tlon about tbat, Tbey eaa obtain noth
ing from tbe island, for Agulnaldo con
trols all ol It exoept a narrow strip rtzbt
around tbs city and from which bo sup
plies can be obtained. Must tbe govern
ment feed these 160,000 people for aa
Indefinite time and tbe taxpayers foot
tbe bills? Think of tb eost of It too
when supplies must be brocbt 7,C00
Senator Foraksr cart tbat tbe tswe
from tbe Philippines la not all gives out,
No wonder It 1 not. Not a word waa
ever given out about supplying tbe ally
of Manila, yet any maa who will stop
to think for a moment will are tbat tbat
Is a very serious question. It la prob
able tbat It waa tbat phase of
tb question tbat Oeneral Milra
referred when be said tbat tbs situ
ation waa very serious over there.
A cabinet council Is announced to take
into consideration this matter. It is
also announced that tbe question of
suppressing the Imperialists in thie
country is to be considered. If tbey
conclude to bang ue all, tbey ought to
begin witb Senator Hoar, Carnegie and
Prof. Laugblin. After tneyare swung
off the rest of us can die with some eat
isfactton. '
To sum up the whole matter; Tbe
statement ol General Miles Is true, Tb
situation la the Philippines la very
Tbe Indiana democracy had better
dump Bam Moras pretty quick. Tb
longer be I allowed to go about that
tlato under the nam of democrat tba
worse it will be for democracy. Mia laat
claim la tbat be I a better democrat
than those who voted tbe ticket at tb
last slectloa.
According to tb official record 4
Madlaoa eouaty, elaee 1890, tker kaa
ba oa divorce for every ta autrrlx
MarriagssM to U alaa-ttatha ol a
ucoe ap tker.
Paul Yaadetvoorl ha turned aa la
ladt aad has rtv4 a eotapiisaeat.
ary ieiuv from Mekiabty, so tb ppra
say. lit soa, who waa appott4toa
Uealeaaaey la tb regular array, waa as
mack like kU dad tbat b eoald act m
tb etamlaailua aad wa rvjtd.
ilvtoa ha skjrd tk auiltb l
Iketlty dallWtiu. Ik Ubo s
k pal p w, t, joas a tbir cr2
data, Tk gold bag voadOata r;t
haovbed Wr eat a tb hot,
Illsa wsariUe4 aoata wctatc,
Tk I'Mvaara AdroeaK f4 Teta, K
aeAb4lat wa. Ma dU tito
gtia Kttt tzi tot tti c :J
beot-Foat Icra tl
I 1