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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO, 6
, The . Full Story of the Monopoly
" Assault on the KaDsas Ag-,
' 1 ricultural College. ,
Successful Professors Discharged
Because They Taught Eco
Qomio Truth. 1
l'tttr I'olHliwl I'lNttilr I'olltio,,
(Th full tory of the removal of five
profoassor from Kansas Agricultural
College at Manhattan, Kami., throws
' o much light 00 tb present iffortlo
this country to shut the teaching of
professional political economy from the
people, and especially from the scholar
of higher education, that we print be
low the letter addressed to Governor
Stanly by Carl Vrooman, tbe only re
maining populist regent on tb board.
In Kaneu th regent are appointed by
the governor instead of being elected by
tba peopl. When Governor Stanly
(republican) came Into power tbl year
he removed two of the populist mem
ber of the board and appointed repub
'beau In their ateftd. This gave the re
publican a maiorlty on the board, ani
they discharged President Will and four
other professor. The letter of Regent
Vrooman telle the reet of the etory.
When It ie coneidered that professor
who teoah tbe free Investigation of eoclal
and political questions have been dis
charged from loading - college all over
tbe land where rich wen bod given en
dowment, tbl latest effort to shut off
ad vanced economic truth from a hearing
in wee tern etato t schools ought to rouee
the people. Simultaneously with the
organisation of tbe greatest combina
tion of capital tbe world ba ever een
the spirit of monopoly strike a deadly
blow at freedom of thought in one of
1 western free acboola. Will the people
ever rise to drive from tbe Jand tbi
brutal rule of money, hypocrisy, and
darknea. Below we give the etory a
' told by Begent Vrooman.
' "During thLewelllugadmlnltiation
tbe populist bad the power to reorgan
ice tbe agricultural college, tbe normal
school, and the elate uni versify, to "fire"
every republican, official and profeaaor
and fill their place witb populist. Did
tbey do thU? No. Tney did not die
charge a eingle republican, and they em
ployed ouly one populist to till a va
cancy. This moderation I the more
remarkable when you remember that in
every college In tbe etate populists and
populism were booted at and subjected
to open ridiculs.
"Again, in 1B00, during the ledy ad
nilniHtratiou, the populiet bad full
power to turn every college in tbe state
into a iKtpuliMt "kindergurteu," and to
five lat job to hundred of "hungry re.
formers. Did they do tbl? la not
one single Instauoe. Id I true tbey re
organised the agricultural college, It
for a moment you will clear your mind
of tbe willful and inallcioue nilerepreatm
tatious of your party press I will tell
you exactly bow tbie reorganisation was
carried oa. Fully one hull of the new
professors engaged were republioaus,and
a large majority of ibe old profeesors
retained were republican. It U true
that come populate, democrats, lude
pandeuts, and mugwump also were en
fragid. Tnu todav, for the ft re I tune
u It bMory, th college I oa a truly
nun partisou basis, ail parties being
Miirnutuiiiil. In lortnt-r tl.uea. v
all I tie Were retublMaue. That
U th "nou part Nan" regiuie which tbe
republican want revived. That I
what tby mean when ibey demand that
tee MMMIMtfcin ba lake "oak ol mU
"A little laeldenl which llluatrat" thi
point I thi reeeat aetioa ol tbe republt.
ea tvneat, who rtnndd aa tavltatioa
toruially make li llou. W, J, llryaa and
lormaliy aneepted ry kim to deliver the
etiHtajwiMwineal addreaa, aa Ibegmaad
tbatk mi proiniueitldauua-rat, I th
IHipuUt rsotgaauailo, oa th other
iaei, prtihwMtre wf eeaagl etrMlf
oa lUr duMilal lill,iiou, with
atm4eivl aa rlMa tu Iboir iHitkia,
I have Im dtwaaieat In ft 1
INI of dk ol tntilar Wtiera artt
tby I'reakleat Hill, and pneluemt
a vtUkar Ufr lb eo-aUiM
1 will jte naa oe I'oiluw
! I a Witer la IUa llul-Maa, di4
Umt II, lwl.
"M biia tlaaa Iowa kx a waal )
Iefd4 altrauoa I aaa .t, v A
tiU at.tittijr hikI. rtwiUMa, .
kMa4 ae with .. MtieM Ifcat
a erMltJati, aluM aaaiaa, I lkna w Iwita Wot r t-t,
atar U MpMM! I dMH4 apoa tM
IhmiM at it euwiej aMwie, arM
wiia m 'iea4oM iaa-i fti4,' tut
ta tmm v4 vti,rtad a verioia t hair
la la aaity, IN af . leal
ttNl lawk tuaal aii' m$k la
Hal la i ...Ual aa totair. a
re aaiwaal li) k lefty Wae Ikat be
im4 a tiabl that tb aa (
tmht w taaa ia, loo, lal aa twlwl
'leal a Ike V bwtHia Ik !
' euh oi tb kia4 ol laiaa tb
14 raj fca t iaw I aw, l nums
aaabm la eay, at aa I Ww thai
many, if any, of tbe member are nre
pured to yield to euch preeeure, How
ever, it In well enough to be prepared for
the woret that may come. My own
conviction, and I believe iu tbl you
fully Bgre witb me, I that no greatrr
dangur can powdbly threaten the new
ad niliiie! ration than exactly thiort of
thing. The cotuwrvntlve pren, from
New York tt t'ulifornlu, leengernnd
waiting for the chance to confirm tlmir
charge, and to prove that the overturn
hore ha been denignud simply and eoluly
to make room for Mpoiieiien; and if they
can prove it clearly and X'ciflcully io
prrli up a lnglo cuee, wo will be weak
ened Irreparably.
"You, I know, will land like a rock
aguiimt everything of tbi kind. I men
tion It, however, ulnce tbi epleodeof
jeti?rduy rriont clearly reveal the plrit
of CJ-rlnlu people who are pleawid to poee
a 'reformer. "
Auothor httorlrom President Will to
John Wiley. Seattle, Waeh.. of the eame
dale, iu reoly to the offur of a profiweor-
elilp, begin by nuking him to keep the
o(fropeu a little longer nd eiiua a
"In one week onr board meet to fill
the vucancie In thi iiiNtitution, Dark
hint are dropped occnMionally to the
effect that political 'preMNUre will be
brouebt to bear noou the board to com
pel tbem to make political appoint
ment and make thl Jnatl tu tion a prey
to ei)oilemn. I have great faith In the
wlMdom and courage of our board and
believe tbey will RncceMfully reeiMt ucb
preMure, Nevcrtbeleee, ebould they
yield I Mhould feel compelled to resign,
for l could not conclentlouiy be a par
tv to auch a Drocoedinir. Aaide Iroin
tliii above feature, which I truat exiMt
only in idle talk, tbe outlook here for
broad, progreive work I excellent."
'yy' ae a republlean replied to thee
etotement tbe other day, "it didn't
matter to you about the politic of a
teacher of matbernatica, but you took
good care that alt tbe prof-or of
economic believed in tbe free eilver
heresy and your oclulitlc vagarle.
Tbi likewiee wa proven in tbe evidence
to be a direct fabrication. rrofeaor
Demi ten tided that be bad written I'ro
feeeor Will before accentiug the proffered
poMltion, that be did not believe in tbe
populieiic poaitiou on tbe ellver quee
tfon, that hi view coincided witb thoee
of tbe republican party, and that f re-
fduut Will wired back, "guarantee you
four year and no muzzle."
1'rofuHMor i'arona bold view on
finance that are not In accord with the
platform of any political party, l'reei
dent Will, then, remain aa only one out
ol the tbree profeKor of economic wbo
believe in the "free ailver hereey."
Complaint ba been made vocileroualy
and witb endleea iteration that the
teaching of agriculture ba been neglect
ed to make way tor economic and poll
tic. Firat ofall let m state that the
coarse io economics ba been enlarged.
Tbe board of resent believed that every
American sovereign should be taught
tbe fundamental principle ol the ul
ecce of government It believed that
with proper educational facilities even
farmere and workingmen can ender-
taud tbe great b)ue of the day, and
that tbey can and Hbould vote their own
bout.t couviutioue, but the atatement
that agriculture wa neglected, even in
tliu iutereat of an iutelligont citizxneblp,
i a baeelee and mulicion fuleincatioii.
Two year ago tbe agricultural college
of only two etate in tbe union tHUKht
fewer hour of agriculture than did that
of Kanaa. Under tbe populiet regime
we have lucreiwed thn number of hour
of sgriculjar from 185 to 42-1, making
aa mcreane of over 'JUO perceuaod
reaching at a bouud third place In the
lint ol collegia,
The fact that socialiaui i mentioned
la our college catalogue ha thrown
aome piou tout iuto convulaion.
Hucb byaUric are tbere-ultol h pou
derou and profound ignorance of edu
cational tuatlera. I have not been able
to tied a alugle firet-claa univraityin
tbe world that doe not luclude in it
eourae of tudy tbe theorieaof aocittlUm.
Following are a few quotationa from
leadiug uuiver.ity catalogue Indicating
tiie oourae hIvnu:
Columbia Uulveralty Pag T4. "Koo
nomioa II. 1'oiiiiuuuiaiie andatwialitMi
tnetiriaa, Icturt and private read
laa." Ilarvartl Uaiveraity-I'agadS'J. "Vah.
nouiic 14. "Kottialiaia and coiuuiuulain.
Iliatory and literatura."
i'rluwlou "touoiiik' 0. Aa biatorl
eal and critical analy l the prmclpnl
ttivoriMt ot social recoaatruutioa from
the early Utopia to lh variou loriu
ol modera auan hy and aoeiliau."
Oinu Mial t'aivvraily sad Agtkul
taral t'oiWge, Jauiea II. Caattald, preaW
deal, la greateal adacator kaaaaaever
bad, who wa bounded oat oMbui
by tea rtpublnaa ra lor hi aoeallwl
"lMllllal beraaeai '-"lUHtaoaiMM 0. A
erilKwl atady ol atMHaUai Iroiulhabta
tttrwti aal reoaoaiM ataadailat.
Miai leivaraity aad Agrtvullaral
Coltega ol Vmot'ag ,,tw
hiiMMMi I. ruwial taaorwa, ,iamtaa
ion ol tarioaa aiil at beta. I'Utt.'
Ht ul.iie, i Mr.' Im H-aaMwa, A
tlaa'atlvilaa Ul, Mora a I'topia, kll-
eta Hhmitm; toaita, riair, KilJ,
tlampioaMt r ottiltva, U.tMaaa luj
Weiivuttt-t 0MtmaateM-Jt'taiiaHi.
H Miliar aaotattoaa aal4 If taki
Irwai Ik ralalt ol alu'iwt n
srMi aaivataity M ta w.i4 Ta
iMwlKMi 4 adalif Mrd mmnlmm
Im ika m Mat o a. a M ia
Ik pfiwiyl t4 auaialkaaa, aal ao adi
mhm aiaa taa lnwr h, f k I jt
hialatara aad tk aaula ajiaal
at riita Im aVaf ikta, tu r ii
lad aa tieaoaaa, rateaia ktkf
avhjafki ilwitlaaihaj, lat
raUr a.rvaMa .! U aaaait
aad yaotwM. Ik i4aatM si Ua
aiaaiiil ! bat bvr ai
IlkHf oraeia, maiMa w rwaik k4
atahaliaut, la oa ol Ika ka ltlofr
aataa ta artaua.aa, ll lia a4
IkaMHa M Ww veai4 tw lk eta-
K'Maliaaad aa Mulb faga.)
Mr. Bryan ba received a mnrblo but
of her husband, preeented to hor by the
democrats of tbe Dietrlot of Columbia.
It lathe work of one of the moetcele
brated Italian artlut. It is not only t
perfect likeiH-K but every line of it I o
exquieitely done that it will rank along
with the very biHt art work Iu this
country. 'Along with . it came the fol
lowing letter of prwentalion:
Wahiiinotok, D. C, June 5, 18S)i.
Mr. Wiillam Jeiiijing Dryau, lAu
coin. Nebraska In behulf of the demo
crat of t he Diatrict of Columbia It be
come tbo pleuNaut duty of the under-
signed committee to preaenf. to you on
your birthday, June 17, 189, ft marble
buat ol your emliieut and guiad nu
band, Hon. William Jenuing liryuii
the work of the fumou sculptor, CheV'
aller Treutanove.
The high regard and eeteem in which
Mr. lirvuu i held by tbe democrat ot
the Diatrictofkluinblil prompted tliein
to eeek thi mean of conveying in uu
enduring form a ellgbtexpraaMion of tbe
eame. It I presented to you to uuorn
the home wherein, through your woman
ly devotion to the lofty ideal ol our re
public, your gifted buaband find
strength and encouragement to fight the
battle oi the plain people.
Iu giving voice to the sentiment of
the democrat of the District of L'oluin
biu, we are oonaciou of the fact that we
r. Ikct the seutiineuts of the democrat
of the nation, who appreciate theuobil
Ity of character with which you are for'
tuuately endowed, that enable you to
seek your own greatest good In your
country' greateat triumph, that of
maintaining in all their integrity the In
stitution fouuded by the father, the
eoruuretooe of which is tbe right of
The home wherein rellgiou and tm
trlotlm barmonioualy blend - are tbe
numeric of God's meeeengers. It ia
only from such borne that men go forth
with unclouded vialons and unfaltering
resolves to a work of uplifting mankind.
Mr, Dryan's lifework tent I flea to the
character of hi borne and endear her
who preide thereto to all lover of lib
erty. Tbe constant benediction of wife
and home are evidenced in the work of
your distinguiahed buaband, from whoae
lipa flow word of burning eloquence
that thrill with beaven-boru teal and
fervor tbe bearta of bi countrymen, and
kindle in tbem tbe fire of nope and res
olution. Ws ak you to accept tbl elitrbt to
ken of our regard witb the sincere nope
that It will not ouly be a source ef joy to
you, but to your children and your
children children for endless genera
tions. . '
Gold is tbe dust that blinds the eyes,
Truat not the man who aeks you to be-
Ihvetbat the republican party is all
pure and that there are no specks on it,
The republican party ha aface for every
day of the week and two of a Sunday.
Hypocrisy, self-exteem, and diaimulation
have been uned to fool the people too
long. Money by the million, and all
for what, to keep the old falee party in
power, backed by the bishop and mln
iatry. All for wbai? Ilcaue the boud
bolder and tbe monled men are flocking
into that party. That I their only
refuge and ouly party where they can
get wbat tbey want. Behold the truat
aud corporation and a boat of combi
nation too many to mention. Tbev all
ride rough shod over the laws. Wbat
do they care for laws? Their money will
earry tbem through. The merchant
and amall manufacturer will one day
bav their eye opened. it I about
time or they will aoon l swallowed up
by tbe truu and com blue. You who
voted for Me Klu'ey in look after the
aeopki'a riii Ma, did ha meaa your ritrota
or thoa of th monled man. That ia
what make bint a great atateaman and
en popular with the rich aud eh-rgy,
Ibey all lika Ih almighty dollar and a
fat labia to be kept up by the farmere by
their bard toil. Tbl war ia m groat cal-
amity to Ibia country. What with tbe
tftrref Htd tb Wilt tM
great for u faraiar to Uar and what
will wa gain Iu the and. Hal till lb
bondholder crie sad the miaoruy aav
"if all rigkt." Wall tbey ought tr be
Ik one to ahouhtar Ika maaketa aad do
tha Bakiiii aa'l thea Ikrr woul I ba a
dift raut erv, What siual tm lb son
actcol MeKbilrv slaca ba woa hl
rebel badgw In lleorgt but a inter, IM
be do It to kl Ik pwopla or to iuak
bimaali M"tUr, lookiag for aaoinar
taf im III olttea.
A a Hia a4 a lantwr I Ua.k aiaia
tka a cwirary Iu nar r
paMtaaa taat kifcg l wa kad lml i
U iititw d'wuiaa aa aould al kav
o lato thla NtublU; aja I a 'I l.f what?
I u III Ika anflvra ol Ika rwk. II Wa koM
Ik 'kdpiaa It wtU h a kaiiW til Ika
taipai'ri4,lkiouairr, aad a U.
wMiiliMi dwir iatu (,ur
hm k( aad sulkiag ia rlara. ia
fct a r...kl, aur aaa I a Joahtta, aof
aa gra tantdar, Mr Kdllar, kt I
ka if Ha s- sm aku S nt ret.aa'h
aa ad ia IkM teat l aar Um4 Of
tky aoald at f tS Mt kiawy .
)tm'9 lkra ta k4oak kt Ikal
Ika Wi'ikkM ai aa kav a'l fkai aal
wa ! daamtti IkM wmmi sad it
Ika M lnf loo. U. l,to, ,k
kt w ar oaa kf nad anai'41 tk
rak Waa part aa4k eai. ul lodaji.
Uriy aatHrtdl tta l.ia.d wa
aa la Ha saipJa an. l aaa bna la
kaad ltk ka o.r tat l tukl
t-i kak a.iHia. tkai aaktdf wat
Ika naif Uaii t ika ii'ia.x a tat
ka kiw M Ikat tk'l am dwtag mi
have done, fighting for their liborty.
Well, the republican party ha gone In
for a fight and an unequal one for you
will roon swallow the Philippine up.
Several of the larger firm in Mauiia
have replaced theia native labor with
('liliiuim naaltiafouiid that the latter
are cheaper, so you eethat th"? are cut
ting down wages already. What wil
tliey do' when tliuy have conquered the
country. To the poor bent hen cheap
lauor I worse than wlavery.u
Fakmkb John,
If the govern men t would put a fixed
price ou all product of the farm, tnlnia
and factoriea, the bull and bear would
hive to quit gambling in grain and no
one would be Injured who works for
living. Ye, I say set a price on labor
too. I have been reading of 20,000,000
starving KuaNlan and 2,000,000 llil
neee. Surely the demand (or wheat
should have sent II up to two dollar
prrbUHhc! but tho Mtarvlng people
nave no money. Now if w should loan
onr crop thi yiar it would bo our time
to starve next lor we have no money
I raiae wheat enough on my farm every
year to feed four or five famllieM, but at
end of the year it I all goue and 1 go in
debt to tbe miller lor a few sack of flour
until I can thresh. I raiae hog enough
to supply a many families in pork bat
bave to sell them so cheap that it don't
pay for the corn they eat and I can't
nave as much pork a 1 want and pay
expense. An agent took dinner with
me one day. We bad just killed a small
bog and let a neighbor bave half and
divided with auother Doighbor. The
agent remarked that wa the first farmer
be bad met with who bad meat on their
tables and meat wa so cheap too.
said that whs tbe trouble, whet bogs
were cheap It took all to pay our debt
and we had none for ourselves but when
it wa dear we could pay debt and bave
a living beside. Tbe same. with beef. 1
believe I have raised nearly 500 bead of
cattle since I bave lived in this stats but
iti a seldom that I can afford to bay as
much beef aa 1 would like. It I a luxury
that few farmer can afford and I know
tljat w are in no wise able to withstand
a famine. Kngland, with her money,
could live if ail the rest of the world
starved for she keep a good supply and
gets it cheap. Our railroad only charge
accent to New York for wheat for ex
port. Wheat at, Chicago is 77V here the
miller take off 20c freight and we get
fifbtiot ball the dltance to New York.
I give A man f 15 pr month.'" That I
nearly 110 buabela of wheat per month
which would bread bis family for one
year, Dut the miner take ia bushel for
grinding. Obi we moat get back to
good old Pharaoh's time wbeo tbe king
provided for bi people. The cxar of
Russia. God bleas him, has tbe riirbt
kind of judgment and is doing all be can
to open op a wheat country and provide
tor ni people u ne could disarm and set
bi men to work. When I look at those
cadets and know that my boy rnuat
work 14 hour a day to support them. I
say tbe devil take the president
it is a bard matter to get old fogy re
publicans to listen to a speech Irom a
It has long been their policy if a speak
er came here to speak for women to
crowd fu, then begin to leave, getting np
one or two at a time so a to create tbe
moat possible disturbance and thereby
crowd ont voter wbo might be in-
fiuenoed. .
Now if I were a speaker I would play
them a game. Why would it not be a
good plan to bave some good pop
speakers go and sjieak a a republican
so tbey would turn ont, then tell tbem
juat tbe kind of a financial policy we
Nip are in favor of and givo the pops a
cbatica to aak question; have that un
derstood, Ia that way their secret schem
ing imlicy could be brought to light and
an boneat man would deeert the g. o, p.
and a lot of good eould be don In that
way. II it don't took fair it I fair.
I thiuk if tb poor bard working poo
l get our i-beup wheat It would not
inrt our bwling so but to maks million-
aire out of cheap wheat to ue their III-
gotten gains to oppreaa u or like Car
neiiM or Aator, go to hugland witb It or
lurid palace in ciliea to ba roMeuiod by
Hrea witb it iaalead of Improving the
country, don'l suit nat all. I at that
th railroid carry wheat lr export at
a Im fgttre ttinn r hotnacwiaumptbrn,
and tb tariff help tbem i tell all kind
of farm maoiiiuary at a mueb le agar
Ibea wa pay lor lb aama o ibey can
compel with aa Kagiaad rontrola our
rHrod through IVrpolal Morgaa an
liviwki kav Iu I low oa araia In t!uo"
laud whil laborer ! pay doubla
and wa pay doubla Irrigbt on all our
Uri Amrtaa atataainaaakla.
How hive hr 1 44 I kava Iknuakl
about thl vr aia v aa oi l banker eaiaa
Iu iak at war srfcoolknaaa, II wa a
rttiblaa aad ae il tlvr aaaenalia
wed ii ba etilae. Ikat it wouM beanwa
orikbaatts la mad bat lav
for Im nourln b-d k eai I w had In katp
Ika satioa arrrd t an.! 1 1 aaaUa a to
Immiw ttauuny mJ tiiM to davatop war
grwal wtf fvaaiaie.
II aava aavoa f.Ualna In mi
iiaealuMia aad a an oa mni4m. I
k kia il ka d"l wl Iklak II ol,
k a giud isiug t i a t oar a.iHt,iMsi
.i n In a.k la Ika Maa aa. gat
wal aa oli golj or ivr, ea n, aad
leaf M'k wkat aa bad atnalt W r
rua4 ad Wl larar Ma ki
aid aa. It aal U paid la gJ4 abiaa,
aa w mi4 4 arf weal br Ik ivb
at- ol px)ia(f it lasttta ak aulctii
aua tti , I kal oal4 ba rp-
iaiMit ka sel.
Wkv wv4 II U wva I i a If wa af
aa riag In MllMk, a Ik bral
ra-t? li! Ikt.tit ki wi auk
kie bw oa Ika Uwp aa I Ika rfk-a,
ua ia.t4 11 rata ism ,
What the Boys in the Philippines
Write Homo About Shooting
Filipinos in Rico Swamps. :
The Servicd Required of Thorn Al
most Break sTheir HoartsOld ;
Men and W;raon Wounded.
KnIUtail for fleftar l'unme,
The Dakota Hurallst publishes ex
tracts from a mi rubor of unccne.ored let
ters from soldiers of that sUte wbo are
serving In the -Philippines, from which
the following extracts are printed:
Dick Illrkhoven, of tba. Bouth Dakota
regiment from Matoloa write a friend In
Walworth county In a letter published
in tb Hanger News June 1 In which be
aays: , ' . - ' ;
"George I think it is shame tbe way we
are killing off the poor nigger wbo
are fighting for a juat cause, Tbqy are
fighting for liberty and t don't blame
tbem a bit for fighting.
"This trouble with tbe Filipino could
very easily have been avoided. Tbey
have been fighting for liberty for the
past ten year and on th 13th day of
lost August when, tbey helped Dewy
whip tbe Spaniard tbey bad no idea tb
American wruld grab their little Uland
and that tbey would not, be allowed to
float tbelr own flag. Tbey are Just a
proud of their flag aa wa are of our.
Tbelr flag look very pretty a It ia red,
white, and blue with tbree atar and tb
rising un on it, Tbey are fighting for
a just cause and are not going Jo give
op right away,"
. "Tiling THKV ABE ttlOIIT,"
Ormon Asbon, with tbe Month Dakota
boy, writes hi father at Howard. "1
feel sorry for these poor davil. Tney
tMak that tbey art right. ,
Trlvata Ksndcmon writ the Fland
rean Herald, in a letter published June:
"Tbe South Dakota regiment wa on
firing Una all th time from Ibe first flgbt
we bad until we reached Malolos, about
ten battle, and we bad our old spring
field' while there was a lot of regulara
behind us with modern rifles. It looked
kind of rediculou and mora so, becaus
there are 15,000 Krag boxed up In
Wall city, but of course we tnuat either
keep our months shot or else say that
our government and army officials are
the wisest and most Just mon that ever
lived. But I must) say a word abont
tbe country here before I close. Most of
us boys carried tne idea mat the coun
try around Manila was aa good a any
in tbe island and that tbe people In and
around tbe city were the moat Intelli
gent and civilized of tbe Filipinos, Our
trip, however, convinced h that every,
thing was the opposite. The further we
got away from Manila the nicer the
country . was and better cultivated,
everything looking more emitted, Wei
seldom went throuitn a noue wunout
findinif more cr lens reading matter
there which tends to prove that a good
share of tbem can read. A great many
of tbe farm house are surrounded with
nice irarden lull of vegstattle and
banana and other fruit ther. There ws
plenty ol rice, wherever we went. I do
not believe that ther I a ople any
where living In a tropical climate, who
are more intauigeot and inuuitnou
than th Filipino and It almoat break
. i.i : a . i
our bearta that w bar to Dgbt tbem.
"I waa oer aud bad a chat wit aom
Nebraska lad last night. Lit of tbain
ay;tby will not go another tep II
tbv era ordered to advauiw. They en
listed for a better purpnew than io be
oed aa murtbrieg tools, rbey also
agread oa tba out a 4 U.aJlfelaiy owim
aiiaaioaad ottloer's pav bad bar only a
httla abov tba private thara would
aavarkava baaa a shot fired oa thaaa
Ulaada. They aln thought that tb
war would not last very long U amy
Aaiaf tca volar eould ouly ba bera and
what aa, Tlr wuat kav bars
about tMi tkJU liiuat ataa, wonwa
aadcblldraa fltMg lika lot of scaratj
rabMuia Inmtol a. Wbea I eataa up
I l araf kairad ioa aa l woia-
eN woaadad, 1 apHiaa Ibey waraaa-
aUakukrawaii ul t r-l. Ikaraior
ot aiikm raag ot oar bmUi. Tb
I'liliiluil koM ar luolatlaa l hnaol
IkalM buraad. Tb Old lud
galaal II oaiw, bsl 1 ar saw II a
taa wi tosiMatamstn,
Prtval IkarUai K. Mate arltth
tarakall (Miaal atr a lolUiwa;
I kw la iekii la lk wotll an
add igkt kaa a dwfatt eaaiak
la4 k Im Sight M Iwtoca waveyaa.
ika altar o v?ttwt Ika lmal
Ik wiU akaltarad ail a)llri aad
f 9 arlW wl !; a(Mo(al Iroai lb
aar4 aditxw. A aafa.a la a aUf
waa btta4ii Juka im ioiii witba
baa4 mi, akdiaaoikar ir-a iu aeor
Id lb ba4 ol a efcevaw frxta groap
i4 tka kuiy IWHlilf . Wdai kxa skak
kra WgarHi t4 Ik aikl tbr
aotkumiatka kfk, Uvea ika,.
kasatoaal k4 ba lriita) ol tkwir
rat i lag a. "Ik vr g bad baaa
lurw hfuaji tba CMif btb aa4 aatvhl
M bi4da lravars,"
Dick Mill write from Manila In a let
ter published last week in the Howard
"I hope they will let us go home when -they
(tbe regulars) get here, as tbey
suid tbey Intended to do, but I hardly
think we'll leave here for some time, as
the United Htates seems bunt on holding
the Islands Io suite of all the kicking the
native do. 1
"IsuppoHH you know, by thi time
that 1 am an anti expansionist."
Major Howard writea, in n letter pub
lished last week In the Aberdeen .News,
that only 400 men fit for duty are left
for the regiment, , Captain Engleeby
a rile the Watertown Ktiuiteekiaa of (
lust wwk that only ten men are left in
aomyaiiII lit for duty. The correa
pondent of Flandreait Herald writing
from the trenches iif ('alum pit in letter
pnbliebeiynar week says only! 8 men
are left for duty in company I.
Nimposkb UI'ON. '
Private John I). May writes hi broth
in law in a letter published laat week in
the Chamberlain Democrat:
"Hefora the war started onr regiment
bad eight hundred and fifty men, Now -we
kav two hundred and seventy ou
the firing line and one company "A," iu .
Manila doing guard duty. They faav
about fifty men there, so yoTe that ,
we have only abont three hundred men ;
left on duty now, There ia no doubt
the volunteers are Imposed upon for .
there are regular here wbo bave ea
little or no fighting at all. I do not
think (Jen. Otis can keep tba volunteer
bera much longer,"
Private Cha. II. Wyland, company 0,
First Washington, writes his sister in a
letter published in tbe Portland Ore
gonlan: ' '
"Tbi war is aome thing torribl. Ypi
ses sight you can hardly believe, and a
III i hardly worth a tbovbt, 1 bavt
eeo a shell from our anA-err atrliaw
bunch of Fillpiuoa, and then tbnt?y
would go seatterlug through th air,
legs, arm and bead, all dUcooaetoi.
And such sights actually moke onr boy
laugh and yell: 'Tbatabot wa pMkebl
A white man seems to forget that be i
human." ,
Ayr, Neb., Jun J 5.-1 believt thai tba
time ba arrlvrd forth peoptotodiaeuaa
a plan whereby w can gt oifc tba
votei ou general election day.
Wa And that aa ami paopl wl'.l torn
out this year to tbepoll to vota, oayba
next yaar a great roanj will "ftf t
home. A long as tbl xlU bo on will
be abl tojudg whetheramajority rales,
Whil I do not believe Io a oompalacry
sleotlon law, I do beller there eboald ba
such a law snaeted by tk wnt isjUsta-
tura which I would ealh Totlog tax,
aay 93 ou avery peraon over 31 year pa
tbe eame principle aa a poll tax that la,
wben tbe assessor com aroana was i
be his dutv to assess every person over
21 years or liable to become 21 yeara.
before tb next general election $3 vot
ing tax, and when be goes to tbe poll
and has cast his vote that the election
board I to glv him a receipt for t.1. By
presenting thl receipt to the tax col
lector or county treasurer whenever tba
time come to collect thereby liquidating
tbat debt. Those who failed to vot will
bav to pay tb f 3 voting tax. ma
money I to go into th geueral fund of
ench township or ward, a it may ba.
Than ma.ka nrovialOB for tllO tbat ai
sick or have moved away, were unabl
to cast their vote, that tbey can go be
fore any Justice of tb peace, eountv or
township clerk, giv oath to tbat effect
under those circumstance, not liable for
aases meat, but there shall ba no lea
ohargad lor same.
If auch a law ia enacted ther will ba
no more hauling people to tb elaction
(Kill. Farmers will not stay away from
lb poll busking corn or doing way
other kind of work. No amnloy? eaa
eoax any employ to stay at noma when
be know tbat he eaa make nor by
easting bl vota and gat receipt lor P.
You will ant bear isopk eat. Ml bav
not the tlat to go." Yoa will find that
a m ka hatter law aad ever per
son will bavs hi duly to pw form.
Tb Nabraaka Udepeadaat U 10 U
eommaod-4 fo It outapokta, ftarieaa,
aad hottest advocacy of lb ea of tba
Il U a power for good la tba weal aad
sboald la read by evvry tiiaad ol btaiaa
frsadoa aad boasat goveraataat.
Tb plakorrwtla kjndiaa4 MrKlaWy
pra ia workiag uvarliaia la Utlag to
d baai'h, torrapt aud mtaWad Ika wlada
ol Ika MHitd baaaa l teniae) lb daly
of vrry iiihi wkur-g4ia kktaoaatry
abov party tu do ail ia bi poaar la r
4 kaaUttt Ika aaMMa vl oar
suatrf aa4 ft was-it a4 tb par
bii a ta Ka daa k ab aad a
aad hwt iy saptairt 4 ad aan'tl papaya
M tka alra4 ld ""t'al.
A tun Fikwsa,
Vtm riiRVIi'TUKY,
Tba foartat wvai lit In w it sow
ll taUua 4 rtai tore at lb a
proelita4 fall kUa, tall k aoa.
laatMa al Ik sawa ttata aad law aa
4MaH oilsr tba aaa-r 4 ika
aoavaalMM, IUawiby Ikat ual
tkroMtb ,i4aia katanoaf aad Maa
asi to va ariel-a M wlw f tw
attataadiag laa saia4 lato !
tiestk owta,