The Nebraska independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1896-1902, May 25, 1899, Image 7

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May 25, 1899
VAtnr Tndr endaatl
1 have been reading quite a Rood deal
about imperialism and bare had nothing
to say against the administration hith
erto, but It seems that It is mj time now.
I am glad that yon have asked the far
v. net rinln VrtH arfit the IndeDeudent.
because that gives me a charice. Mj
hands are a little stiff after holding the
plow all the week, to handle the type
writer, but nevertheless 1 am going to
say something about theadminlstratlon.
1 noticed in yoar paper that McKlnley
ordered that certain mall should be re
moved from the United States malls
at San Francisco. Edward Atkinson,
theantl lmperlBllstlo loader, of Boston,
Is the man on whose rights the president
has Infringed.
It would seem that jnstlce had a pecu
liar cause to fight if It had to fight it
under cover of darkness. It has been
my idea, slncel have bad the opporunity
to study the science of government and
the nature and philosophy of law, that
MDU BEHIND. It Is not a thing that
needs hiding. Take the very opposite of
justice, and that is the thing that must
be hidden for Its safety. Justice never
needs a cover and the man that tries to
cover justice does justice that much
lianm. MkKIhIuV I trvllltf tO COVer bis
MM IBM. aU a J u u w ve a " W '
cause. If It be right that the Filipino
, be conquered, wnj should It bo hidden
3 'from the eyes of the people? There must
be something wrong, ftud If It be the cor
rect thing for McKlnley to subdue the
Filipino, then he is ooing justice u gruav
wrong In trying to lay a blanket oyer
bis acts that they may be concealed
from the American people. - , .
- When we come to disturb the United
' , States mulls for the advancement of a
cause, then we are doing a thing that 1 Is
entirely out of the line of Justice. The
freedom of speech Is guaranteed to every
citizen of the United mates. The cou
stitution of the United Htates says:
"Congress shall make no law resecting
an OMiftliiMhm(int of rulluion. or prohib
iting the free exercise thereof; or abridg
ing the freedom of specb, or of the pre
or of the right of the people peaceably
I to assemble and to petition the govern
ment for a redress of grievances."
Anv twrmnn of ordinary inteilitfmce
can see that the constitution gives every
person a right to express himself regard
ing the government or the administra
tion. Certainly a man cannot be held as
' a traitor in saying a thing against the
isapremoey of the government. It was
Thomas Jefferson who sola mat wneu
this government should become of no
benefit to the people, the people should
have the right to ditsolve it and build
another in its place. Uere be was telling
what might be done against the
upremacyof the government; so we
could hardly consider that Mr. Atkinson
is a traitor as the attorney general
consldere him. Atkinson is not saying
anything against the government; be is
1 . 1 at 1. u .,4 1 a a
ne is oniy spoaxing again m wm
ttl tha nreelrfntit. H'fflirdinff the DOsitlOO
of the president as to the supremacy of
' V the government. A man's words do not
x wake him a traitor under the const! tu.
.Umi kl. tU .Mil t.eaaann. It
Atkinson was a traitor, Jefferson was a
traitor. Yon cannot judge a man by
what be says, you judge blm by bis
deeds. It was tbe Intention of tbe
founders of tbe government that a nan
should have tbe right to express himself
freely regarding the government That
was one of the things that caused tbe
decay of tbe monarchy. Many a man
bas lost his bsad because of saying a
thing against ble government. What
was it in tbe time of the revolution?
Was It not the case that tbe printing
preea of the colonies was subjected to
tyranny? This was the very object of
the British government, to destroy tbe
press and its influence. Tbe colonies
were greatly wronged in this respect and
that is tbe reason that we have that
part of tbe constitution which defends
the righ t of t he press. How long would
the ltussian government stand if Its
people were guaranteed tbe right that
tbe constitution guarantees to us? It
would stand but a short time. Tbe
Russian people would not become as
wise as a pop until tbe yoke would be
shaken off. McKiuley has overreached
bis authority. Walt Johnson.
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Editor Independent!
At a meeting of the Imperialists at
Chlcngolntbe auditorium on tbe 7th
lost, among other things the resolutions
adopted stated that "on tbe 4th of Feb
ruary last an Insurgent force assailed
our arm in Us owa fortifications and
eacanipments under eorer ol darkness,
and by this act of agvrwMiou iuaagur
atsd hostilities, and that the govern
ment of tbs Fatted Htelee has auuabt lu
rer rear Wed,
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2RM MIOICAL CO. SIS K. 4 St, Claataaall,
every honorable way to secure cessation
of hostilities." '
General Beeves, who has been in the
Philippines, and who is a brave ana gal
lant officer, made tbe following state
ment In regard to the opening of nostu
"On Hunday, February 5th, the day
after tbe flatbtinir beuan, General Torres,
of the Insurgents, came through our
lines under a flag of truce and bod a per
sonal Interview with Uenerai utis in
which, soeakinor tor Affulnnldo. he de,
dared that the fighting had been begun
accidentally and was not authorised by
Aguioaldo; that Agnlnaldo wished to
have it stopped, and that to bring about
a conclusion of hostilities be proposed
the esta blishment of a neutral tone be
tween the two armies of any width that
would be agreeable to General Otis, so
that during the pence negotiations there
might be no further danger of conflicts
between the two armies. To these rep
resentations of General Torres, General
Otis sternly replied that the fighting
having once begun, must go on to tbe
grim end."
General Reeves Knows what be Is
talking about, as be was an eye witness
to this affair, and no doubt the Ameri
can people will place more confidence
and reliance in bis statement than tbey
will in the resolutions , adopted by the
pio-bltersaiid hypocritical ministers who
desecrated the Habbath by aiding In the
pitsenge of the resolutions at the Chica
go meeting, ,
Another pertinent question In connec
tion with this Chicago meeting: It took
a substantial sum of money to pay for
tbe use of so expensive a building as the
auditorium. It tins been said that this
mpuey was furnished largely bv mem
bers of the trust, by packers of rotten
beef and syndicates who are using the
government for private train. The In
dependent would perform a valuable
service to the country iy securing the
names of those who furnished the money
used by the imperialists at uneago.
John G. Mahkh,
Children, Neb., May 18, 18'JU, ,
Editor Independent!
la the Independent of April 27th you
you said: "Why anyone should want
to take a republican paper is beyond
comprehension," Hnd quote tbe follow
Ing taken from tbeHtate Journal of
April 22d. "The pessimistic pops who
have been figuring as prophets of evil
ever since their friend Agnlnaldo under
took to break through our picket line at
night to loot Manila and murder tbe
foreigners there are much taken back by
tbe late advice from tbe 1'bilipplnes.
Tb'dr prediction that tbe Tagale would
carry on a guerilla warfare on the moun
tains for a generation were founded on
quicksand." In answer to yoar ques
tion I will say I take a republican paper
because to be forewarned is to be for
armed. To tbe charge that I am tbe
friend of Aguinaldo I plead guilty. I
am tbe friend of every human being. To
tbe charge that I hope for a prolonged
gnarilla warfare I am innoeent and so Is
every popniist. The Journal In Its charge
conviete iteself and its party of being
tbe enemy of Aguinaldo and self govern
ment for tbe Filipinos. If for them why
not for tbe niaaeee at borne? Tbepitl
ble excuse that we are protecting for
eigners is simply declaring that the war
with Hpaln waa nnjusr. If foreigners
were unsafe then Hpaln was doing all
she could to protect tbem and If unable
we should have helped her, I supposed
we were according tbem the same rights
we demanded 123 years agoof tbe world,
i. e. a voice in our government.
( want to scold a little bit again.
What is the nse of our making any fight
on either tbe socalled middle-of-the- road
Eop or the socialist? Our enemy is tbe
ank of Issue advocate. He keeps those
little fellows to draw our fire the same
as tbe old frontiersman would sbow his
bat on the end of his rain rod to draw
tbe fire of bis opponent. Again the earn
crowd are willing to get up an Imperial
ist and anti-Imperialist party and they
don't care which side beats only so tbey
run down the white metal and the green
back. The poor old State Journal Is
excusable fur any thing it tnav say on tbe
ground of Ignorance. It don't know
enough to siwll "oue," it always spells
it"wuu." ltthiuks it Is smart in de
claring proeperity is here and here to
stay, Our present prosierlty reminds
me of oue of those China imitation eggs.
There Is not a thiug In them but they
are alright to fool an old hen.
Ilopiug government issns of mousy
success, I am (Jeuuuk Watkins,
Editor Independent!
Will you kindly give me a little epoee
while 1 glre your patrons my views on
our faruivre national congress aad if I
don't st it right 1 wish you would set
iHet KbMaMst h-aiksl siiM.
czcinzxn exes.
me right, If I understand it right each
state has a certain number of delegates
appointed by tbe governor. These dele
gates in all probability ride on a pass.
Last year the governors of tbe different
states appointed Ave hundred associate
delegates for each state. As soon as
these delegates received their appoint
ments they began to receive letters from
tbe managers of all railroad companies
whose road ran in the direction of the
place of meeting. Now I don't know all
the regular delegates but I do know
some of tbe leading delegates from Iowa
and tbey are of that class of farmers wbo
farm the farmers and two of them notor
ious rail road cappers. You will notice
they always meet as far from home , as
poseiule to get tbe long haul two years
ago I think it was they met at Minneap
olis, last year at Fort Worth, Texas,
next yenr tbey meet In Boston, perhaps
next at Heattle, Hay, I imagine there
will be some pretty smooth farmers at
Boston. Just think ot it. flve nunared
farmers wives taklnir their men to town
and running tbem through a barber
shop and bath tub then through a Jew
clothing store then down to tits bank 40
see if they can get f 100 or $150 as tbe
case may be to put them ttirougu in
good )apeperhur have to give a lien
on the next croo and tbe last inrscy eow
and of course the good wife Would have
to remain at home to look alter the
pigs end all other matters pertaining to
home duties. Last year some oi ine noi
egates talked to the farmers about clean
Ing their grain thought to
clean the grain before marketing. Of
course that was tbe first Intimation they
had had that that was the thin a to do.
Another said be thought It would be
a good thing to employ a little army of
men to take tbe mall out to the farmers,
I think they called it free rural postal
delivery or something of that kind, Now
there is no one who knows better than I
that we old grangers love to be remem
bered by the governor of a great state
like Nebraska, we know too mat mere
is not fat pieces for all hence we feel
satisfied with a lean place. Of course we
frame these papers having the great
seal of tbe state on and tbey show np
fairly well. Home of our less fortunate
neighbors look upon us as quite noted
personages, and in fact, 1 have thought
they sometimes envy us, 1 have never
taken time to estimate the cost to Ave
hundred delegates but at a rough esti
mate I think it would be enough to run
a popocrat or demopop state campaign
lu good shaoe. bonce my otan would be
to just let the regular delegates run the
congress nnd lop on the uve nuuureo
associates. 1 may be a tittle on the old
fogy order but that Is the way 1 feel
about it. How do you feel?
Wlnslde, fieb.
The editor of tbe Independent feels
just the same way. He once reported
for a dally paper the doings of one of
these farmer congresses. The commit
tee on resolutions was composed of
eleven members, Nine of tbose farmers
on that committee wore national bank
ers. He eo stated in bis report, but tbe
managing editor struck that line out.
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Tbs Beat Object of Oovarsmsat Tb la-
dnatrlal Baaolntlon,
At this time in the history of our
country it ought not to be necessary to
discuss this question. It Is more tban
100 years since the entire cltitenshlp of
our country, then much lee tban now,
possessed an enlightened conviction of
tbe desirability and pressing necessity
of rule by all the people. When our con
stitution wo adopted our forefathers
confidently believed that democratic
government, rule by tbe people, waa en
tirely possible under the representative
form of government. At that time the
world b,d eu no example of rule by
the popular vote, where each oitlin
spoke directly In public affairs, except In,
the Agor of Hparta and Athens and In
the forum of ancient Home, Thar tbe
voice, of a I Itlsen speaking directly by a
majority vote, wo the tuprewelaw; and
eitltensblp carrying with It the right to
vots, was justly valued very highly.
But whea our government was estab
llahrd upon a ettlBship, widuly seat
tersd over a new aud sparsvly sltM
territory, tbe Ortolan Agora and Bonis
Forain iweuted lwirsekl and out of
tbe titration. The hearts and brenals ot
lbs iMttrlote ol th revolution, who had
iut the ehalns Ibat bound ne lo the
atolht eouatry were BIUhI wllb high
purMN to build a government Nstlug
upo aad operated by lb governed,
t illed lib lrloiUI tlllll"la, l.
lug their eouatry ! bora on I ol tHs
ntikiy thrta of a Moody revolution,
Ikry tllf that taroMKh tbs rrprv
tstattT ratem H tbir Mtrlotej pur
mmh would Im avoni pi tatted,
fetNM Ur nets wwii feared Hto
railing Ikltaeae of llhaud thsa
rvwl ? ol eeiftati ambition; bat lbs
kwlteal Molted l Iks Ht rMiet
tailed tl loreee (he firta-M tolallf
ttrtnkml eosdttlON fif Sell gumHHkt la
l b r fMiildrd l'n rim1 riarl,ki
That ad hie erw treated 'qual Ulore
til,aft4 that gitsnMMt thru
their t oe1 front ttxaeoaitaat id bo
torai Th "divias tiht tt ki"
ilielinrllf tutllrl. I pis
I Here, if the Ml that lbs "Uivias n,hl"
lu rals rird la tbs stt4 abr
awosg twea.
And here, npon this proposition, "bang
all the law and tbe prophets:" There Is
but one place to look lor the "divine
right" or any right among twn, to rule
and that is to the people, l oo much
emphasis cannot be placed upon this
Hut do I need to argue It? Is (here a
fairly intelligent voter of any party In
the United Htates who will deny It?
ntrange as it may seem, unfortunately
there are many who deny it. Not, bow
ever, so mtich by word of mouth as by
tbeir conduct. Yet the old self-sufficient
satanio idea that tbs few are wiser, purer
and more honest and therefore more to
be trusted In governmental affaire than
the many Is still possessed by some
voters. Asa general thing men wbo
fioesess this Intolerable idea look upon
heir weaker neighbors as their prey, If
only they can get tbeir grip of greed
upon them. Hucli men are still domi
nated by the beastly Instinct of tbs
porcine and feline. They deny that their
weaker neighbor ha right which they
are bound to respect.
Their idea of government is suah an
one as will help them most by giving to
tbe strong special privileges so they
may the more easily plunder their
weaker neighbor. And right here we dis
cover tbe reason wby government ought
to rest upon the conseutof the governed.
Give as In this country a government by
less than a majority, ns by an aristoc
racy, or plutocracy as at present, and
that government will surely belf the few
and the strong at tbe expense of the
many and tbe weak, lucre need be no
doubt of tbls proposition.
And it Is herein that our patriot fath
ers did not build as wisely a they sup
posed they were building, As admin
istered by them our government was so
representative that each citizen bad a
voice lu It throng n his loyal, ftlthttil
and patriotic representative, If the
same high sense of honor and patriot
ism as actuated thnm, hod continued to
this day to actuate the servants (so-
called) of the people,' our country would
not have drilled upon the rocks of whicti
government by the people has been
nopeiessiy wrecked,
lint it was impossible to maintain
government by the people under the rep
resentative system, ,
w. It, JMNII,
Kearney, Neb,
Trsla Wreaked hf a Vw
Di Soto, Mo,, May 23, The engine
of the Iron Mountain & Houtlisrn Tex
as express, which left Hi, Iouls at 9
o'clock yesterday afternoon, sir unit a
eow at Tip Top, Ma, on Jlogsn s
mountain, a few miles from here, at
o'olock lastsvening, and jumped th
track, turning completely over, Fire
man Fred Parker was killed and En
gineer H, F, Walter severely injured,
but not fatally, The abrupt stopping
of th train caused several of the pas
sengers to sustain bruises, but no oue
was badly Injured.
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at retail WESTEKM
324 South 12th, Lincoln,
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Atm 9 CAR 9, noCCUCK CO, Ino.) Chloasvt I'l
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Kwibanye baiib, Sew Verb I of Soy railroad or
lw'fMl il, .
Write for I'" iwulal "teen, plana
Mean, C. are MeraeekM rrtleMa,.
dark area
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toetlk aMa aad baab eartalaa, rtaraj
maa. ear BaafMa at . aad
iw a.nint oua
A chance '
to save
some money
by dropping me a
postal card,
asking tor
Catalogue and Trices.
Good standard new Organ
$45 and up.
ARTHUR BETZ, 212 So. IllhSt
Lincoln. Ksbrasks.
e. al.
aaaaaa. end
St as, a.ia lei
alb l bli I,
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